The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, January 23, 1889, Image 1

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4WWWWWWWIe - It. re tile«, CAPS, 17(.1. 1. Recs. 4.13. 33c>sa1clear, Micass.ta», Terri Score. oclisessectssy. fressausary RiBee• _ gist E»... 13 -41-4 \ar , ceartirine, C., THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. HELENA, Jan: I7.—The legislature lias not accomplished a greet amount of work that shows as yet, but the I organization and Preparation for the proper work of a legislature has been completed more quickly and to better parpome than is tissai. The only pub- lic business so far considered was a resolution of thanks to Delegate Toole for his strong words in Congress in I favor of home -rule and Statehood, supplemented by some statistics which large and varied --- wonitl-shew-the capacity of theLTerri- tory for Statehood. This resolution was passed by the Council but the House sat down on it very hard, the pepublican4, apparently suspicioning a \nigger in the . woodpile.\ To -day the Council passed a joint memorial to Congress protesting against the ad- mission of Utah' as a State: It was Sporting. rather unnecessary piece of work but will do 110 particular, harm, perhaps, though some of the Congressmen.mrey say that if the Territories are going to play the dog in the manger - , none of them shall be admitted. At pres- ent the memorial is hung up in special committee in the House. The :standing co if tees' in both houses were appointed toielay. The folloWing are the Council committees: Ways and Means—Thompson of Silver Bow, Hatch, Collins. Judiciary—Brown, Thompson of 4:Wee-Lodge, Middleton. Internal Improvemente—Kennedy, Olds, Hoffman. . . Federal Relations—Bickford, Midd- leton, Brown. Education and Labor—Hoffman, Thompson of Deer Lodge, Bickford: Towns and Ge'iunties—Middleton, Hatch, Olds. Public Lands—Thompson of Silver Bow, Bickford. Conrad. Incorpora t ions—Olds, Conrad, Col-. Agriculture and Manufactures— >own, Hoffman, Hatch. Elections — Thompson of Deer Lodge, Collins, - Thompson of Mee's- Row., Mines and Minerals—Olds, Brown, Kennedy. 1m migaton — Hoffman, Brown, Collins. Roads and Highways — Hatch. Middleton, Thompson of Silver Bow. Military A Ifitirs—K en n edy , • OMB, Middleton. Grazing and Stock Raising—Con- rad, Bickford, Hatch. Territorial Affairs—Hatch, Kenne- dy, Thompson of Silver Bow. Printing—Collins, Thompson • Of : Wholesale and Retail DRALER1 IN 431-111.00MIWILI3131ES. Hate and Cape. Boots and Shoes. CIENer3' FURNISHING - 0-00Ted, AND Pettit NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. - 3ZP Cil» CM» CS 3D On AND (. L 0 .1 . ii Wave reeentiy been added to our stock anaa - Full and lino Assortment Of those lines of geode will hereafter be found on our shelve*. —)04— Folt N COmairorztlls» , Xeicevcrci.e•r . Wort - us. BLASTIN1i, AND FUSE • • litannIt Butter an Eggs -AND- ALL ARTICLICS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a apeeialty by this house. Highest tuarket prier pied for Rama Ilene AND ALL K iNns or °owner PRODUCB G icouGy: DRAM IN Pratt& Confectionery, Nuts, Tobacoos and Clasen and Notintue ot Various Rinds. Vsairriza or Gams (;nocrnivs. Varna AN) BILHIWIN WILL St KETT IN 'TIMID IT WILL BR TITV. API TO RELY THYSE Parma ern IN firvricirrer (exit - veer To Surrs.v ALL IHDAANDs. -4; Iledtwal 111110iLlt, lieheel Bookie, School Hooke Kept eoneantly en hand, this being the BGolder Agent-, for the authorized TItRAITORIAL ?BET -BOONS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS s . CONTRACTORS ‚Ni) BUILDERS. _ ). N. McKsionn. Famck eKBT47.lE Me4:0W A N , NT Tt ACTOR A NI) 11t7In1 1c.rts. Boulder. Montana. 111114T1)4TIM GIVEN ON ALL KINDS OF W0Filf BOIIII•ONEL HOT SPRINGS AND HOTEL WM. TROTTER. Peorgirroit. Those Springs have «et Wonderful Curative , ' Prope • rties In all forms a IFtleouszkattice erx-c», AND IN Lead Poisoning and General Debility. The Springs in a 111 (1ST - \PLE A.F.; A NU\ rent-301er- For those who are overworked and weary and who- decdre a few days' relief (mm toil anti hued- newa and want a few days' recreation bon u always the Bat of Mahal instance and Baths are Fro to ID Patrons of the Beg. HACK TO AND non ALL TRAINS GRAND ONNTRAL HOTEL, *ex. • C. W. BARGER, Proprietor, 1110VLDEls, - - - NIONTAN.t. —M— lb. Lame Lei ia Us City. The Only Tbreo-nory Betel in the City. Conducted throughout on strictly first -dais «nine» principles. aeSatirl.,11 ROOS ON TF13 FIRST FLOOR . 105 The Grand r7entral Hotel hnn yercntly been thoroughly repaired. refitted. and re- furnished, and patrons 'un be smeared of mood com- fortable quar- ters. The table will will always he the beet the market affords. The best of attention and prompt service gi‘ to all Korea ('orne and we will do yens good. CANNiAwsz To AND Att, TRAMP. 1V Oh Will, BE. T.%1CFc4 IN PAVMEter FON , su o bscriptin to Ton ‚'II:. ltring in a load or ' IIIN It' \Jeer Lodge, Olds. Engrossment—Thompsonf Deer Lodge, Kennedy, Conrad. Joint Committee on Enrollment:— Kennedy, Thompson of Silver Bow. The selection of the vommittees seems -to havebeen made with excellent judgment and very fairly by.Preeident Cole. • Jefferson county's representa- tive it will be seen hae - received three chairmanships_, two of which are quite important and the third may prove of considerable importance. He also has been given a place on three other im- portant / committees, and will evident- ly have a good deal of work to do thie session. The member feels much gratified at the recognition thus FAST TIME. 'Whitney, Rea. Willis t Hunt, Blakely Agriculture, Manhfactures and Stockgiowing—Johu+, Jones, Sax- ton, Gillette, Waite. Education, Labor 4nd Federal Re lations—Murray, • Mitere, Pick man. Cofigdon, Flowers. Military Affairs—Swiggett, Comfort Pickman, Blakely. Mines and Minerals—Itoberts, Com- fort, Moore. Swiggett, Carver. Towns, Counties and Highways— • Garrett, Jones, Comfort, Roberts, Flowers. Ini;orporations--CarveLlilakely, Joslyn, Jones, Davis. - PrintingHCongdoa. Waite, Davis, Johnson, Rea. Engrossment—Piekman, Whitney. Willis, Moore. Garrett. Jeint Committee on Enrollment— , Gillette, Rea, Saxton. einall number of cemmittees and the larger number of members in the House prevents the Speaker show- ing recognition to particular members as much perhapirns he would desire, but it will be siam that Jefferson min- ty's 'representative get two chairman- ships and placed ou two other mint- mittees: - In the Council to -day Mr. 0. A. Bennett, f Missoula, initiated a con- tearfor th seat now occupied by Mr. - Bickford. J The matter lies been re- ferred to the committee on elections. A careful reading' of the affidavits presented by 'Mr. Kennett in support of his pretensions does not impress one very favorably . and it is hardly probably that Mr. Bickford will he unseated. Jefferson county wag considerably favored in the OrganilatioM of the Legislature, am well as in the ferma- : tion of the committees. The Council made George-W. Stott, of Jefferson eity, its watchman, and the House chose DeFoe Merriman, also of Jef- femur City,. for ,its page. Both are giving satisfaction in their respective positione. ALPINE MINING COMPANY. Montane Mining Review. Helena.; • The properties of MS company are located in the Cataract district. Jeffer- son county, in what is generally known as the Three Buttes, and com- peise the Granite, Alpine and other ,The company at present is confining its attention mostly to the Granite lode, on which a tunnel is ilow being run, seventy -tive feet of which is already completed. Some i)re has been struck in the progress of this work. and - as depthl. is attained ; the vein shows decided improvements, ' the indications being that a very few feet more will disclose a good body of ore. It is intended to run the tunnel on the Granite for a distance of 200 _ I feet, after the completion of which a tunnel' will be run on the Alpine lode for a distance of 100 feet, and as the latter is considered the best lode of the group, some big results will be looked for when this tunnel is started.. • A large body of carbonate and lead ; ore is known to exist within the limits of these daims, and there is good reason to believe that some'. of , them will prove big producers of sil- , 1 bestowed on himself and Jefferson' county and will try and merit the con- fidence reposed, in him by the Presi- dent. The house has, unwisely as is deem - - ed by many . experienced legislators,. cut the number of its committees down to twelve and these as named to day are as follows: Ways and , Means--Joslyti, Saxton, Murray, Haskell. . ; ' Judiciary—Hide, Murray - , Haskell. Elect ions and, Terdt oria 1 A ffairi.. [Mining and Scientific Prem.] A railroad is being constructed in Baltimore, the speed upon which is expected to be 300 miles an hour. It is not' for passengers, however, but fin• parcels. The care will be driven by electricity through a tube two feet in diameter, and are expected to be ; perfectly under the control of the ' operator. If the experimental line, now in process of building. should be a sineess, a line will be built, prob- ably, between Baltimore mid Wash- ington. • LITERARY NUGGETS. tliatheSeheor Tea Aug.] Truly, richer than all rhimo, better then the bee a Sala. Wisdom ia unhouebi , heath her agatu. • secure -erne* Won, none --Edwin .1 mold. ODIT lfirld youth itt of no, value. for we are never conecioue of it until after it is gone.—/Leiefhorne. Are we not brothers? So man and man - , But clay and clay differs in dignity. Whom duet is both -latikrapearr. There is a vast differenée in one's respect for the until who has made himself and the man who has only RA I ERUA tas. TIM St. Paul, Minneapolis de Manitoba O THe Direta mad Popular Lime Prineliel Pointe In Minnesota, Dukot Dec:swat atria - Also to sr PAUL •st. 1111s,41..1P01.11e For ell winos SOCTil D F. A ST ---101 PHI ONLY LINE potniaeu ro née Nine Cron Mae el Maim snadi - i his money.— tu OC 1711E4vr - - Txrde If love were (oldie». mesa were Gods; 'tia that Does enunterbehatee travail, danger. pain,- Illeaveu'a exprelient to *take Mortals tsar • . ¡gm, and ‚heat them of lhe peaceful rove. -Young. A woman may be loved for three things: for h superior intellect --a love serious hut or her beauty —a love vulgar and 'brief; for the qualities of her, heart—a love lasting but monotonoud—Anon. ris stirring as the time; he fire with fire: Threaten the threatener, end outface the brow Of bragging horror; so shall inferior eyes, That borrow their belong ra from the great, grow great by your example, and put WI The dauntless spirit of resolution re. Who 'cantell whether learning ina not even weaken invention in a man that has great advantages &inn Witten. and birth; whether the we — rgliT sod number of so many men's thoughts and notiona may not muppreis - his own, or hinder the motion and -agita- tion of them, from which all invention arises; as heaping 'on wood, or too many sticks, or too chime together. suppresses and sometimes extinguish- es a little spark that would otherwise lil*e grown pp to a noble flame.—er Iifn. Temple. E1k'iIORN MINES. [Correspondence helena Itexurd.1 Another one of the valuable prop- erties in Elkhorn las been bonded to Butte men, riz the •44.renburg which is like the Moreaw a very valuable copper lode which has Jai(' idle for several years until J. B. Leshut took a 'hold of it and got Pat Savage of Butte and some others interested in the proposition, and the property is now bonded for $40,000' and the .par- ties interested on both side.s think that they- have done . well. I understand that . development work on the ledge will be pushed vig-. orously as seem as the company can get things in running, order, and by the. appearance 'of the dumps, I should think that they will have as* big a thing as there is outside of Be t te. And by the way things are looking now I would not be at all surprimed if the present insignificant camp of Elk- horn would not become • in the near future, a formidable, rival to the great silver copper camp úr the West Side. Lyman Rovily has taken charge of the Puitetone and expects to 'make a big mine out of it. He starts rn to- morrow drifting on the vein, and ex- pects to make it one of the great producers of the camp in a short time, as the greater part of the work that has been done outside of thé course of the vein, and as the vein is in a contact or State and dolimite line, the ore is in bunchee alongthe course of the vein. The ‚)fountain Vicie people are also going to work on their property, and expect great things of' their mine when they tap the ledge from their. tunnel. This is one of the best sur - For rot information can on or seisms, face prospects in camp. they having ; ore that assays froin fifty to seventy -1 five ounces • in silver, and averages Sixty percent read. That the future of Elkhorn is as - mired and that it is destined to become ; a great, mining camp in the near fitters., there eau be but littliddibt. ItRI.EN A. MII' Their \kluerrxax rune\ a end u servies November Pith, with a train ispeepueent unclerlied. fi shine splendid Dry coaches. Hlrepteu, Fr Colonist Sleepers, „net slope, le Dining Uwe' ef 'lease design \Munituba-Puoitau lotto\ piglet Sr.itn.I PoUrati Afford* elscuper rate, thou oi rmy tame. FAIIT Vot 'tricot's ATITUDITHII lta,a,11473:)..1111a ('ompeuby Iwo for mole in Ein• 2,unt),000 sew« a Excellent I sousing. tintaing. Alk.1 Thnbee Lenda, at very low priest and on bene. ‚\le For Map% and general 'aftermath,* Militia) of rem. own ticket agent or • J. IlnOR WALTZ'', P. I. ws mum. {And t'oeit'e r. a T. A.. St. l'aul. Xing t. 5l.avstL. e 5. Alare/INDZIE v. P. It 0. M. o T. Se C x I CIO MI.Ek.113\1\ NORT1111:14N VAC1F1(' THE Thin 7J11.1:Lizsg C. - Jets- 21.c»xstis AND rein» 'Short Linn to 11:ateetern DOC* nalloas The Mimi -too Iteeete CHICAGO AND ALI. 14)1N EAST. And time only THROUGLI CAR LINI3 lee I Ptak tons Throtigi fen, Pelhon Pieta Sego% NORTHERN PACIFIC TIME TAIIILIt. The following is the time of be arrivals and de. peewee of trains on the Northern Peelfle e Helena I,, the latest liebedule which took elitel Nov, ath ART/Tula •T Mt.» • • - No. l--Throtigh West -bound LIMITed 4'\ pea No. 2 -Through Eset -bound Limited fe re p tu \ it-Battile, lillinsoule, and Helena Expreste....12.te ne . - 10-Mannotrille Prometeger lo 10 a na \*.e)--Itionini Arco .... le owlet ton 5(t' pm - r—Wickee. Boulder. and Calvin Piape.. . :4 es p w 1 , 81./.1ITTINII, TWAY No. I -Through West -hound Limited à lip ro 2 -Through Etna -bound Limited t; to pm \ 7-lielemallutteaand LI If . (0) n) 9-Mar r oville ....... . 5 On p m \ 13. -RI A.41 . 4 ‚dation e I rts \ Boulder, and I Alvin Pee - .5 In a m A. L. STOKEN.fieneral Agent, ¡U.S. FEE, Helena, Montana. Ord. Pies. and Ticket Agent, Pet. Paul. • (J NION PACIFIC RAILWAY. • I T II E 0.%* E It I. A NI) ROT.' TE YOK AlÁ, rorvia EAST, SO\•TH AND NA Making close eonnections at Comeell Blurb, St. Joseph, 1,cavenwortle and Kansas City all trams for the Féted and South. Also the !Shorten lir,o tO all California Pointe. Through lie -bela tee all points in the Coiled SIM**, Cansei. and Eukope. .1 E Vrant, 'Cr.'.' Pi4P4. AgTrnl, 24 North Main Street, Helena. J. A. LENTIP, General Agent, Is Butte, Moues«. J S. Trnartrs. G. F. and T A , Omaha. Nebraska.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 23 Jan. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.