The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, January 30, 1889, Image 1

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Ir %Vim. ur:Tne am TO Ki:EP THEsi: 'Fprait AND In sers-s-reer Ten- To Sierrv ALI. Dana:sm.. S. hoot Books, school Stemalos, Seltooll liksaka Kept constantly yn haii.l. (hi* heitile the ' 1301IlliCT Agency for iiissistisseisa TattarromasTaxe-socatsroaPilBLICeO1100L , iNT/1.4 'TORS AND fir istemse. J s.-MeKtxzw._ Pease. MI : uwAx. l o trliCENZli1C It Mt GOWAN, O 1.‘i 'UL I D ttx , Boulder. Montana. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON AM. IONDet OF wong HOTELS. r ULDSZI. HOT SrallieS WU TROTTER. Paoriturrott. Tbese timings hare nanst \AVunderPutl Curative. Prripert iess lb all Onus ut eleir,craalcolcoae ANIt IN Lead Poi, i age and General DeWitt THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. HELE.NA, Jan. 24.—Both branches of the Legislative Assembly are hard at work, though as none of the work has' been 'completed it does net make much of a show as yet. The House toschty is putting in a good deal of time on Hunt's bill prohibiting \sure -thing\ gambling, an effort being made to pro- hibit - gambling of all kinds. It is ques- tionable whether a measure as broad in its provisions as the latter can be enacted. The general .eentitnent is that Hunt's _ fiiry — Fh - t reas the demands of the•tinie. lf, hoVY- ever impracticable features are attach - to it, the ,result will be no law at all on the subject. •Haskell, of Glendive, has introduis ed in the House a bill permitting the transfer of special funds to the general fund in -county treasuries. As. the opposite principle has been fought for in several Legis- latures and was accomplished at the last extra session, it hardly prabiv ble the bill will pass'. 'Too eaieli tax can be collected for general ,purposes by that plan, and thePeople generally ask that the taxes be devoted to spe- cific purposes. • Thompeett i of Deer • Lodge, in • the Council' and Pickman, of Beaverliead; in the House, have introduced bilk; to regulate . the practice of medicine in the Territory. No opposition / to the idea has been developed, so far, bet that is not saying there will be none. The- quacks keep still at times, but - they are generally on . the watch. /kennedy's . bill providing' for the Australian 'system of voting lies been !elided and goes to the election com- mittee for consideration. The »root, the morning Republican daily of Hel- ena, seems to be doing what it can to bring the bill ‚into disrepute, appar- ently because it was introduced by Kennedy, but the members of the Leg- islature are not likely to be . affeeted thereby. The chances are favorable for the, bill. Moore, of Deer Lodge, has given notice of his intention to introthice a registration law. What its features will be is as yet unknown,. • Certainly a bilrid some kind will be paase.d and it is likely to be one satisfactory to all \parts of the Territory. Kennedy has given notice that be AND will introduce a bill amending, the road law. Among other amendments which he proposes will lw loi reduc- tion of the special tax to $2. the elec- tion of supervisors, and the reiluiring of numerous signature.s to petitions for new roads or change in roads. Ile The Springs is a atesser _ A N For tinier who are overworked ami wean,' and who desire a few davit' relief (roto toil and busi- ness sad vfaat a few days recreation. —::- etireiialways tie ef astral et.schse azd Etna tr , Ad hums of des in\. HACK TO AND EROS Am. 'hum GRAM) CieliTRAL BOTICL. C. HAIRIER. Proprietor. BOVI.DER, - - - 'MONTANA, —\Ad— be Lima Rai ia ike city. TkeAnly Iliar-strey lied La the City. Conducted throughout ye. strielly • Inteinasei principle., 8AMPLi ROOM ON TF12 FTRST FLOOR \eall The Grand CenIntl Hotel har• reenriti - been thorenglaly repair, d„ refitted. Magi re- • • furnielied. and pairerhq can . iurnired of nine( COM- fortable «mar ; tem. The table will s will alwaye tile WO the market afToniA. The heel of attention and prompt serviee given In all guests. Pogue end we will do you good. CaRahoace AIL TRAM*. is of hearing from, any per- son having view on this matter or Who can reeotnmend further amend - menta. the salary to Probate Judges. It is duced a bill changing that section of TELE G ii_trinuts , the law providing for' the separate - trial of persons indicted together so that a separate trial shall only be granted when in theJopinion of the I presiding judge it is necessary in the interests of justice. The Council went into emeittee of the whole on the bill of Thompson, of Silver Bow, creating a, Beard ' of In- spectora to examine engineers and in- spect steam boilers. There neenis If the Legislative Assembly Weer- , b e an urgent „ madly far something porate all the governor's recemmend , of the kind, but the bill introduced so a m t i i lTr al a , o nd ii m \ E l g u e : § d t s. iol fl in d t t \ tr i b a i g lk th i e t combines various duties that will Hnext sixty days. • It is said, how - be difficult to render it -satisfactory cser, that hod' Houses are composed to all the menthe's; of the Legislatare. of sober, earnest, capable men, who will not ‚permit the- interests of the The CO . uncil spisit an . hour and a half Territera to suffer at their hands, on it this morning and then had to Thin . be i ng the people will expect — • w000 WILL SF. TAKE,' IN PAVÎt r EsT, FOR quit work %'hen the first see,tion oilly,.;,e io a wor k by theid.-- . --ileitkoi two now. eithseription to Tar Aug.. fking in a loud or had been made satisfactory. :At that ,Preiso. _NIT.. Bennett, ts certainly • Jostle , ' 1 0 it.S full rapacity is said to be short- . grottml by tliii pestponentent. ..%..-. 1 \-Thr.oughWr«...cbiaand I.m. A o d 4 lalp en Tin! Sehtt01 ext -1)I)ol; • t. f • te . NO 2 -- Thr•AMb Eard-iyounml 1.diau.-.1 6.:ZS p tit , cominission ^ - - a-Keette. Miresuale. and Ile:eon Expiry-m 12Mb m Negotiati‘ens have been pest(' i rig for . - ia - marrryin-P.-..nrer - .10:10 a in appoilite(1 at the special dessit)ti of the rate the bill will be on hand a week or two. Candidates . for Territorial °aims el., not seem to be verysnumemia, the natural inference being that the pres- ent officers will be renominated. The only officer apparently in doubt is that of Superintendent of Common seheohs The incumbent, A. (7. Logsn, is of Course it candidate for remeninatitm. \hile '3. 'Mahoney, Onnity Super- intendent of Madison county. and .14,Ini H. Meyers. leineipal of the Des!. Ledge public schools. arein the field for the eu, It is rep ,rtelLaisetlia t 11.1iss Turul»', who is in charge of» the Episcopal parish school in Helena,. is an applicant for the place. The Governor sent to the Counoil this morning the nomination of W. E. Cullen for Attorney (feneral. however; is Only for Ow rest of the terni. which closes with the last day of the treseat session Of the Legis- lative Assembly. Mr. Cullen was appointed to the position on the last day of Ian, but as the Council has not been. in n.1481011 Ive that date lit , has never been confirmed. Ile has. however, .x.•rfOrnied all the duties or tue office and truated to the Legislat- ure providing for Ids salary. - It is probable he will be treated justly in the triat,ter, - It begins to look as 'though the Re- publican membere of the Council are goint to %demand a division of the Territorial offices with the Demoerats or reject all the Governer% nomina- tions. Some seem to think they have the right to cast the (sit - inanely of re- jection upon honest and upright solely for the sake of a few petty Of- fices. Almitt OW only preeedeitt for such action is the course of the I nited States Senate at the thee of tlw tion of President Johnson Ibne Republiean ranks. The senate at that time, however, had an eseuse in the inflamed passions of men resi It ; lag from the war of the Rebellitsaawl in 1111. helleSt thé part of many men that President Johnson would be as great a traitor to his country as he seemed to have been to hies party. I. The contested election ease has not lieen disposed of. Apparently 110(11 - ing lias been done in the matter. aud while there are still rumors of a hard fight over the question. (iie contestant. • • 1.egimhtture'iri ISs7 consistingof Ter- the past ten days or 14,1 for the sille or (.1 on ritorial Superintendent A. C. Logan. f...rertflierr. General Agent, Spélii•F.( • ;Feeil e S l'1•111(11tarA t ;Tallilliar, summer 'tile Jay Gould company t• Fey Hellenic Menstasea. to -h. Pam and Ticket Agent, re. Prot. 11arvey's H' 'j.. Grammar. :Ind secured a bond on it for Siaisitss For th e O a \ . \f. some PM:4(M . which we (senile es plain. uNION PACIFIC RAILWAY paneroft's I:enders. Harp l.'s ;eels- • : t A. bill is in preparation reetorine- ' C 'wittier of these bonds were taken up. •P\:7;ler1 mg. eau,. R. II. Ilowey, Heletia, and II. ' in „lin li a good strike is said to have s„ i -TI West -bound Limited . leyers,` ot' lieer Lodge, lidS reeeni- mended the sliii.titlition) the public leen made last wt•ek. About It V AIT \ P • .-Ilclets..1Sulle.diml laccotitaa 9-Alharroille ra -s. liger ago - tins property was bonded by the iii„ Jess pan schools of Met_Inifey'r; Revi>wd Itead- W - ickes Smelter Cianpany, and last \ ktee.,113.ouldrr„ and \ah - ii' ni ers. t;sograpliies. Shoup's tap ess. ›avinton iraminties, and I • • • •-••••••••••.•••••.- [Mining and Scientific Precs.1 Telegraph operators, it seems. are dt•veloping a disease of their own, one or two cases recently occurred abroad, in 'which the finger -nails drop- ped off one after another. The affec- tion is supposed to be d•tie to the constant hammering _ and pushing with the fingeaends. required by the working of the telegraph instrument, and until recent' • th • h t initie as a - tobinson's Ara toilettes. The reemn- probable other fee and salary bills mendations of the commission will tracted but little attention. The lib!r will be brought before the Assembly. doubtless receive. the endorsement of Bird is a silver-lead mine,and,tiotwith- , Brown, of Beaverhead, lias intro_ the Legislative ,‘sseua i bly. , standing its somewhat inglorious ca- )'cer. is pronounced by many to be an I excellent property. The 'snow in Eureka gitleh, l and along down the Basin, is now very\ deep. During . the past ten days there ,has hardly been' twenty-four consecutive hours during which snow has not fallen, and as the - firrit snow that last fall is still on thegrourrd. , the chances are that. together with the héavy snow falls. in thé spring.. to the placer miners of . Basin gulch should experience no lack of water next summer to 'operateall the giants F or\' in e •\ 1 \\'''''\' - '\ ' the Bio , Bird mine, located at Wickes, LITERARY Nuccr:Ts. [Gathered for THE Ass> They Mr elmea dare not Ise In the right with Iwo ur three It is' alder to affront some people than to oblige them; fiir the better a man deserves.. the wors,e they ill tamak of Iiim.--Sessea. • Beat -ebb liorreadiett atidde hound. Itu* we build the ladder by ahrela fly . 'From the burly earth tu the vaulted slirs. , And we niotaait ite sunantit name' Is> romot I bet! ee '4.1 If 'stall were to sel ()tit Iby ealriag, everyt lti Rig by its righl, nano., he would . be knocked doa' .before he got to the etwrii7 :- ..r erirte That her deuced I b.l.los arearthingasensil. aosurtlitug undefiled. Some pledge 'mad keepsake id her higher crane. And, like the diamond in lhe d.sek. retain» quessehlers gleam of the icl.ritie.F - Lome. liow M. IPatal. 111111auseepolia Railway .• I s . IPtis•et It I'tipular 1,inde Ty Cron -quid Ponats la NI a II ta t• J) It k t o, 'WIC) tza Mo lu Sr 4..0 i. A•i• Al/NNI. (l'ail.\ Pot l'otite ' , OUTH Ana E . AST nut ONLY LINE aunt» yo Ilawi item !dad Bekaa leatisir'r Their \Mu EX eitiors - dl put ki warrior ' Nos. -usher ao , 1 h. «t.. team apripment tabraarik.d. forss.ionor Imy Combo., alrepers, Frei. col'oned Pimpen. and Maperh Diming taro id latices demigti Whit we are in the eompany of It...tate\ nail, we ought to be ifintlel, raw ions of talking too iiiiteh. lest we lest. tw,, things, their purl opinion aliii our ('\til itogrovement; for what Fier Titer, ..suroa-v lkitatTanta ArrIcienng we have to sa ive know, but what they have te sa . ‘ we *know nut.— • ii. sadie we elvailioia d' \I' se _ Intesittert lug wish. tre- drink «hataidafici.:: Naked we ,Y0111.112....port eking freo..1... - For Mime and general infiemielion 13.114.11 . 1re soď your Who grid t.. «re ty:telk. tylltUre ti mead or , Pulelord to heaedii. . .1 thing v. Alexia. _ .2:sieges 141ismor - ' L . :»4 The science (if legislation in like f; that or mettieioe One . respert: it iS t 1 430 Mr1.43L.EIPT far plore easy to tint what will ‘ 11 j tt• .. ut what 'will do ' Now glumly pride eorrupla the 'Minh age, And the streete Same with glaring equipage; :The rnekir% *subentry iirsoleney rides, With totes atoll araire on hie chariot soda% In Raney slate the griping hrofter Mu,\ And laughs al ineistialy and trudging wile. t Leisure and solitude are the best effe c t or beca mot her of thought. Both are avoided lay - most nela men. who seek emitpany and biteriaeL,m, winch are signs of being weary of 11'1.111-.1\ é•s. T m i d , . • Jul EnsoN on - NTr ;Montana M ifelesia,1 a I/tiring the past tw‘i weeks but two atiteks of tlie Wiekts4 stuelter have mantises so IF lc T1311; TAMA.: 'seen tewratitni. The sinelter does „ folliArioquia lbw time ut armada awl de for Orr. t 1113 principal partutee ed . triune ma die Northern Pawthe Helena ley the latest seetssedule hwii tools. egret tali. reason assigneo for its not running peeler sound POtnta Meada elaraprr fides thsa eia any eery. 1„guetaierialinalani Annie/ay Ma foe ink- in Min- n...sae 2.(441110 one of Esestieut ruralist. ¡remise. rod Thither Lasie. at ter) low puree and OlY faa or. able berme. 1( I. Warrant. 4S t4. Skim - a S..% LIMANDED, • I. T. - VIA TIFF. Ni /Writ Milt X VIC liailruiad. e rltao 1.'\IrLitts.ig Car Route AND ; 'coat, isla..1.1 I., I.:orates-et ( 'at h... ROC) miles 1 ha- PM.ottem firmer Di 111 , Alot AND !DINTS Aral tbe only THROUGH CAR LINE thark rat Ihniginits. • _Patina& Pease Napes alumnus eisT asna a I, It I. A N le ROUTE 1 - .01 ALL MI 5111 1.'%T, att - TII AND WranT. they care to handle. Luckily the, placer miners in • that section are well prepared with extensive reservoirs in which to each and store the surPlue water in the spring. so that their gold washing season will next year be several weeks longer than usual... • Malang ' dare ryollfleirtiforb. at Conned lithaffq, ..1noeph, Leateenworth and Ka/1MA City with all tram* for the • Emil and South. Al.'. the Shortest hoe to all ealiforn ia f ( oinia. Throokh ticket, to all points in the United State., Canada nod Enrol\ A. E. Vetztr. Truly. Pare. Agent, 24 North Main Street, nelena. .1 A Lewis, General Agent. Itutbs. Montana. (i. P. and T. A.. '('moha. Nebraela

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 30 Jan. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.