The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, January 30, 1889, Image 2

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ii Ain -thing you need nadir bur of. « Wr 2191. Cep wirermnr, Inca BLoct. Botadar, *oaten. NV IZPI...EriAL E AND 17I'Al../Ia • Dealer la Carrazacsetrie3taa, rer czetzr jran celAese 14z.i. r, ‚NO ses..iT . m.11.. « fr 1E1. JR1.AferI th I I) / I 4:Dear,» Cl 1 71 1.1ahltr-. Mcadat and ettot•.., Units Silk Mandllterelelefa, Ribbons, Pitney Notions, etc. Straname rot' ?innate Mn.t.tots. AND RAILROAD Curt- TRAOTOIU3 Karr at Smut IN LARGE QUANTITIES Ihririet rapt the mat BLOCI When Yon Conti to Boulder a peritonritzie Tag 130t11.131.R Dit 1 'I k DRUGS. PATENT VEIit.i ,s. , PAINTS Madre Van Lampa Chimneys. , we:ry, tsar% totems çarshee. A fali lint. of 1:51..A.121)11:N AND Ase4 Iii stock. Sixty different Patterns of .4ÉL.La L 1”\ In stock. which will be sold' at lb It it and Se « he latest designs. PARCHES & MORRIS p' or' rI THE MONTANA CEN'IIRJA.I. AND MANITOBA_ The NEW AND PoPULAR' SUÖR? TINE Between Helena Wiekei . , Boulder. Butte. ..thirysville,St. Paul; Mitmeapolis, t7hintgo, and all points East. Now own for Piunenger Traille with Solid Through ' Train. Daily between SUITE. HELENA. Sy. PAUL. Palm Sleeping Cars. Din.r,g Cars. lag -tailcoat Day Coalm. lad PredSleeping Can Per Second -ciao Passengers. The attention tif the People of Jefferson eminty rem -daily called to the faet that by the Itattitsta l'eutral railroad they can reach Helena ga- llon. main each day, have nearly six hours for the transaction of their business ht the city, and on the way home in the eve • g ten get a tine supper in the magniffeent dining essiehes of this Conapany. Be sure to answer the cadi of the porter: ',upper Is Now Bead, in the Dieting Corr Satiety. Comfort, and Courtesy for All Our Patrons. • Following is the time of arrival and departure of train* at Helena on the new schedule, taking effect 114ecenaber lit, IMP: 'MAUR. ARRIVE AT am.r.NA. No. 4 -St. Paul Atlantic Ex. from Butte and the south, II.Z a. no. No. 3 -Montai\' Pacific Exprtatit from St. Paul aud ate east, 3.00 p. no. No. 2 -helena and Butte Experts; from Butte'tanil tribute money fer the building up of that town. Some of the llegitord people Might like the bridge, - but as the Lo- cation of the bridge at 'that . point would have a tendeney to send all the Thnhder 31ountaii\s business to 'few ti - send. and Bedford eertainly would not like that. Again; a first class cent- bieatien need and iron bt•idge east be Wilt fora lima less sum than :310,600‚ and . unless a bid be given at from, $5, 1 t 00 to Si'soisi no contrail should be mailis — - people of Townsend, a n d Jefferson . of getting there? Nine months in the THEY LIKE THEIR Qt\.1RTERS. eounty can hardly be expeeted to elm - eau cross on the f e rrY ealL\ I • ing a delay off ' oft4. hour witielt cant- le...led with one dollar for tegyage makes it very expensive shipping. Noiv we will knit; at Townsend's inducements. Looking across the Mis- souri from Townsend yew eye meets a ¡ham of mountains kilown as tie - 'thunder range. which stretch for several miles' along the river bank. then slepe away on the Bs -tire's' side to a high dreary desert almost unit:- itabited, and on Crow Creek side or that nearest Toston. to a skit fie - tile vallY. It IF% bridge the river oppo - site the desi•rt that our eenniti:s . sioners qtgreg ti, pay front our already empt y a all the huit von;in g 1\) \ . eitiwr trest„ . y oito half vest ereetien or . house which are printed. anil any $5,1)00. Fer what purpose? To ' sat - 'fur. .1°(.1, will keep on fib' during , ••••ssion of the 1,t-gislatixe i•itiy.ens desirous Of examining these: measures are invited to eat! at the of - five and examine tlie file. The Jetfèr, son county inetnIx•yrs of the I,egislat- tire NVOtlial Di•e44144' send (\spies to constituents desiring . it will be used as a promenade en -Sun - So « ft•W t tpit ti t. printed , days and holidays, secluded with no that titis is 1)1 - let itsills impossible. ' fear of obtrusion . from passer» by. THE TOWNSEND Many a blushing Maiden will be wooed \A ta.x layer of Jelforson Comity - thus writes to Ow I lelena Rei•ord under date of Itadersburg. Jan '21;t11::- . -1 hog tiptlef! 111 YflittIlltIS to express the sentiments of some 1)1 0111' most pt•oitti- n6t rekitlents on the joint decision of the eOttiniis.sioners of 3lettglier and Jefferson counties regarding the erecs tion ufa bridge arross the :Missouri river. The points under consideration istY tut' selfish illterusdS 'if a few of the citizens of- Townsend and the only . nefit they winds -rive from it. will be the expenditure with them of the istrildhig lis r fettire -days and won. Fellow taxpayers I trust tiegt your intelligene will not allow s on to stand any,sueli racket. If the commissioners front Meagher county iH 1,1,1 consent to assist in building t his Igridge at Toston it will pay you one leeldred fold bctter \To build one yourselves, then to assist in building one at Townsend. • The only , argu- Ment they eau advanee ill their fayor is that it will enable tile ranehmen in their vicinity to haul their grain to • Ili Whet stirkers they lutist take us Jeffersonians so > be - to eentribute stis Ns) for their sole benefit, and then console ourselves with the prielnise that at $ome lilt tiro' period the\ %%Ili assist us tg, build one at Tosti 1.1:: ; ISLATI ASSEMBLY. 42e tlast ' Friday there was a rumor: around town that an attempt at jail breaking had been Made and on trees ing the rumor up it appears there was some truth in it. \VIten Sheriff Hal - ford with his able aids. Messrs. Gibbs and Ellis, made their regular search ot' the jail, McMahan, one of the prisoners. .called the sheriff's atten- lien to a board, a part of the window, (•;i,ilig. which. on trying, was fiamil to be lose and could bi easily displac- ed. back of * it was tt hole evidently Igaving been made by some of the former occupants who deriréd It seems that with a tool, however entilis a prisoner desiring freedom could have made his escape in tr very short time not to exceed an hour. That the existence of such W loophole was well known to the prisoners is véritied by their admission but each disclaims any work on it, which Is true beyond doubt, as no such work could have been - lone during Mr. Halford's terni, one of the rules whièh he made being that the prisoners should take their excercise of one hour in • the morning and one in the afternoon outside of their cells and then under the watehful eye of Mr. Ellis. Therefore it would have been tut impossibility for them to have done such work or even attemptedit. . In all probability it was done when Hart was an inmate and before the County Commissioners, at the request of Sheriff McDermott. placed a grated Wire sereen before the bars of the as beforelhat . it would have been very easy for a prisoner to dispose of the stone taken out by throwing it away between tlw bars and clear of' .She jail so it would not be noticed. Too much praise can not be given to the present management, when under their rules and watellfitluess„ a lli'itnit - „iś K VOr A RE' DER OF THE .) • .EK. xi/a. C, 21. Mr I ant ea ? A brilliant and richly illustrated b tidy periodical ' TLIE BEST IIIST(11tICA I. MONTHLY LS Tall WORLD. This is the mile magazine devote:71 exclusi rre. to history •• d tl • lit tif hisiory that cover. the whole American field. I) la emirtaietetl in at mpieited and popular Manner, arid printed with such *arrant' taste that it Ina pieliSuro to turn its elegant pages. \It is us beautiful u specimen of artistic taster and •leheacy BB ally one could well desire toi see in Ids home, and - it h§ saying Much to assert that its con- tents are in keeping with its artistic make-up. Ita name is not a mere prefix, but 0, -lia exactly what it, is -American history.\- The Oeeident, San Francine°. Tlicre is no periodical In exiaterice more absolutely indispensable to the well-chosen library. whether public or private. or snore desirable and appropriate fair the cultivated home and the 1.1tuly-table. There are few college,' or sehool lilyrsiriee of any inagaitiale in the country where tine inagnitIceset iaiujaazliuc IS not esteemed a necesait,y. and its file* arantareserved with eonsumniate care for reference. . \Na) magazine on the whole list is better worth the money that it eons: measured by the amount or solid instruetion that one rutty get tram their pages.\ -Northern Christian Aitrocale. \It is an admirably diversified collection of ~era,. not too heavy for the entertaimuent of thee - crags reader, anti not too light for real value.\-->ew York Tribune. \The best historical magoeine ever published in Anwrièa.\-rHatniltoit Collette Literary Monthly. \An almost priceless treasure of lore is the bound (a \n') must issued of the 'Magazine of Amer- ican History,' \-;-Neas York' * SUBSCRIPTION PRIeE. ilta.c.c. A YEAR. -1'talrltsdraed, 7-1 It /Irony/way, 1N - 1,;W YcHtis. HELENA ADVERTISEMENTS. . ANI) ICA I, LABORATORY r. G-011711111, itELENA, . MONTANA • Child and Silver el 50 Zhu. 13 ID Silver.goldandlead '2 00 Tin 15 1.ead 1 00 .1 iitai llllll y Copper 1 50 Arsenic Sitiou I 50 I nu' t titP rMIM 1NT o xne - 1mr,r cz•Izroct SEWING- MACI-IIT\TES Ii\' Best in the Market. Sold on Easy Tertns. CIPPPICE--No. 23, North Warren at., BROWN'S . BLOCK - - - HELENA .A... O. STMCDU - S, Manager. 11 . C. POWER &BRO. or seeking and desiring freedom 1.E.o.vas Ix , set - m ...NI:tet • .,e : v• H utt ing the needlessness of it. voluntarily weakness in tini jail exists, or pc . - Itaps t gives the knowledge of NO re a the prisontirs being happy . and con- tended under Dr. Ellis' system - of treating and dieting, voltintarily pre- : fer staying with him than risking themselves to the mercies and cold I•oinfort ot' tia' outside world.' Verily .. they may be right tor very few have . seek a large and 'generous heart as .Jerry. NEW • VESTIBULE TRAINS. A recent issue of the St. Paul Pit neer Pees,' nays: The first con.srgm - ment - of the Northern Pacific's new vestibuled cars has arrived in the city. It conshetwof five day coaches, and five more are now On ' the *ay from Pullman. where the new trains are 'being made. The oaches are first-class in every Particular. They are finished in solid woods, no veneer- ing being Used, luxuriantly furniehed, and contain toilet and drew -ling rooms similar to a Pullman. car. The walls etnein a layer of asbestosrand in the • 1ELENA, M. T. itedoree • >ha pattlife es. 310,. EAN .V;EN mat BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. - STEAM HOISTS— AND COMMON 'ENSIt WROUGHT IRON WHIMS. Sztfe.t y Nitro !' ovgler, Caps Fuse. Ete. STEAMBOAT : Iletamt. M. T. THE Tuouss CRUSE SAVINGS MANE. Incorporated Under the Laws of Dlotatitita- I' ‚Ti) IN ('Al'ITA Se1 C) , Ca C). THOMAS CRUSE , President T. H. CARTER Vice-Preaident,, C. E. D.‘111.Elt Tecasurer.. 'A 'MEP Secretary. Allows six per cent, interest on Savings Depoeits, in led January and July. Transaids a general banking business, draws ex -- double- floor is also a layer of the change on the principal 'Atka of the United States - same material. - The coaches form a itisl EuroPe• p:trt of the outfit now under construe- . win make limbs on County- and City bonds. Mid' the mouth. 6.'15 p. m. un ance in e vicinity o . tion for the equipment of all throtesh • r .sts. 6 -mat -pistils Express. 10.00 a. in. - It is rather doubtful whether the ei cal estate nbortirai,ws. I. TRAIIRI DEPART FROM HELENA. ' burg, near Testoit which is their only awenger trains with vestibuled ears, xi,. 4 -St. Paul Atlantic Express. tor St. Paul and Territorial Legislature will cmisent le-- - - -. tits east, 11.35 alit. shipping point, is one of the best Pay- • :so. a--moniana paces Exprem, foie Butte and the • to te0 to this extent in the protection including dining” cars and colonist latter place was decided on. t inr com- missioners are no doubt \learned tt nil intelligent. and must have misunder- stood their obligations when they gave tlwir consent to this transaction. At. Toston two ferry 1,4 eats are con- stantly running, when the season per - tints. m it It a ruptteity ot' 20,111/0 pOunds. At ToWlist‚titi a ferry boat, witlt 10,000 potunls. is kept running one gprarter of its time. Ilere, elitrieg the winter months, the ice is frozen sulligiently to allow the heaviest teams to cross. I learned &cilia reliable sett rye that the average croseige ti the ice does not exceed five teams per day : , and the spring and autumn months there are often several days in succession with - Out a single ttant -:erdiSing on their ferry. At Tostou, tilh Warm Springs,' a few miles further up the river. keep - a channel open all winter. thus pre- venting crossing on the ice. and until endangering crõssieg on a small boat. by which the mail is transfeued. Tle• richest valley in Jefferson county is that known as \Crow Creek; and - Spring Creek,\ which is situated directly opposite Tosten across Missouri river. This valley is thickly settled by ranch men and stoekgrowers, prominent among iv -honi are Mnssrs. linutley - and Clark; W,rhild, - A. Raht, Wm. Quinn and °titers too numerous to mention, all of whom pay into our treasury froin 8106 to 81,000 per annum in taxes. Theme ' in- dustries connected with the amount of - ores - and iron - which are found - In \ eh ' d th • \ f Rade mouth, Site p, d he th NT P No. 1-Helems and Butte Express, for Butte and the south. 5.2S a. in. No. 6-Misryiwille Express. 3.40 p. ma Train. No«. 3 and 41 connect at Butte with Union Pacific and carry Union Pacific l'ocatello sleeper be- tween Helena and Butte. For further information tall on or address any agent of this company', or P. P. SHELBY, General Manager. M. P. BENTON ha\. Pam. Awl, Helena. THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. WIWNICEIDAY, JANUARY 30, 1880. Ix ANoillt:R coLumN will be found communication to the Helena Record from a Radersburg correSpondeet in regard to a bridge over the Missouri river. THE Anti concurs with the writer that if but one bridge is to be built, its location should certainly be such as will best accommodate thé many settlers in the Crow Creek val- ley. Meagher Coupty would be as well satisfied with the location of the bridge at Tostou. except perhaps the mg elm on e N. .„riulway. J, Keating and the Testou*Snielting comr pany pay taxes on their mining prop- erty at Radersburg to the amount o 81,800. The mines employ about- 20 four -here teams hauling their ore to \'Ostia'. It was this mineral con- sideration that induced English cap- italists to :build ti 'smelter at Tostou whia has rim successfully for over , ..• _ two years and' given employment to over one hundred men 'It is for tbc interest of Meagher county as well as Jeffertion to have a bridge built there' They want our iron and ores with; which to run their omeiter and we want their smelter to enable us to find a ready market - for our ore, and the N, P. railway . by which to ship our produce and our stock, as well as ores which the Testen smelter , cannot . handle, mid where a ready market is ; found at Priekley Pear and G ra i , t Falls: What are the pre , ..4eut mean II suss A. Jan. 26. -Congdon. of Sil- ver Bow, has introduced in the Utilise a bill for the better protection of* gaim• and fiSh and for the appointment id a gante warden. The bill provides tin . the appointment of a game and fish wardén in eaell of the counties of the 'Territory. The duties of tile officer shall - be to inquire as to infraction:, ia . the game and fish laws of the Terri- tory and to proseco te i fraction s t here- of: Such officer is vested with all . the powers of a sheriff in making arrests anti prosecuting suma offenses. 1 .pon ' the ,sietition of twenty-five residents and tax -payers of any county it shall be the duty of the Countv Commis- sioners to appoint said. officer, who shall hold office not more than nine months in the year, the duration of the office to be fixed by the County Commissioners and the officer to be subject' to removal by the Board. Compensation is fixed at not to exceed,. 8100 nor less than .875 per month during the time' he May serve ' and that lie shall also receive. all sums allowed by law to informers in - ell prosecutions which he way proseeitte and in _which the fine andise_eest of prosechtion is eitilected. of game. The bouitty question is beginning to eveite sotte attention. The stock- men will ask for bounties on wolves, lions, bears. eoyotes. wildcats, and other stock - destroying animals. To get bounty on these, however. they will have to consent to a bounty on the smaller pests which, trouble the farmers more particularly. The eon - test over the que-stion promises to be • - q u i ite nteresting. N TFD A IIEN. [SmithVille fie..) News. .‘ matt who subscribed to The .1\ gr three months writes: \I want to pay f n• my subscription, but I'm It, little short of inoney; so I send a half' dozen eggs. Irvouirtnicum linden a sCttin * hen tles,01 hatch out enough ehickens to pa v for a year's subserip- , Gen:, Now, thus is a new way to pay , • debts; but if somebody wdl giw us a hen we \iiI try the experihent. sleepers. The material for pining vestibules on the dining cars is no* at the shops of the company at Nino. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. • . . At the regular meeting of ‚Boulder Star Lodge No 1, 1.0' G. T. the follow- ' ing ollicers were elected to serve for the ensuing term: C. T.-A. S. Kellogg. • V. T. -Mrs. Minnie Barton. I S. J. T. -'-Mrs. Emily Snow. II. Lovitt. - J. Ts -J. B. Saltou-' Evie Morris. ' Chap. --E. C. Finley.. M. -Frank hope. I. G. -Gee Holt,: 0. G.—P. B. Mills. The order is doing good work right along,, and has: a promising future. 111:1,EN , A liUSINEss ('ossEns AN!) NORMAL TRAININO SCHOOL. —11-rrAtti.tsitrai non.— Fall Tenn Opens September :1, PM. Night School From October,to April Branches Taught in Amines. Department: Bookkeeping. Pennuitimbip, Commercial Law, Anitti,iu lie ‚ (II . Commercial Cor b• - resp nee,iltittroking. Actual Bu- siness Praelice, Ete, SHORTHAND, AND TY PEWHITTNCi ,Ant made Specialties Hike College. litstructiosi Given by Mail.\ak szolissÁl. ItsissitTMeNT Imparts thorough drill in atl the' ordinary Englis11 - branehea. Also offers the hest instruution ill (ter- mini. French, Latin MBE the Higher Mat heraatica. , Students behind in Ow t necessary English brunette -u are helped Moog to enter higher clamor.. • Si) Ladies Admitted to afrbepartnierdit. - iila ART D.ERA HT M TS fear the b n est iducements in Architectural and Crayon Drawing. Ornamental Penmanship, Paint- ing, Eta% itiolitutietite ean enter lit any I ime. - ‘111 Address all Communications ti\ T `I.:j.\()I t e i.l . e tt i tZt e«i :: t ittat lee -Send for Illustrated f'irculani. _ . ThY ot officers - takes t in Vas reit'cli every piracy Sal Url'Ilit:% /eland 11,1, lei lui .1cfleram county ge

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