The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, February 06, 1889, Image 1

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4 1. MITE \lecz.1. 2.. Mal'cro. -47. /NrImxteartee. M\4:31-1 — thextry O. 1.080. ** Meer \ir oats-. cmc»rt ir , e ,„ Wholesale and Retail • DILAiLlial IX 01 , 1FILC,C231113EI.X31311. Katie and Caps, Boots and Shoes, C3-ICIIVES• leUR,NINEEINCr GOODS,. AND FANCY NOTIONS OF • ALL KINDS. --;o:— • 13 1' \Ir Or ,CP Oil AXD O T II I N Cr remedy been added to our large and varied nitwit and a and fine ..kennrtrrrent-- Of these lines of guodde will hereafter be found ou our ulwlves. Atierra Foe Clealiforithiaa, Fcwclor Ilercotles, CAPS, BLASTING, AND Sporting. BEIM . }hitter and Ieggs —AND -- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a specialty by this home. Highest market priee.paid for Burrra 1§MOS. Aim ALL KnmeorCourraTPOODUCI 1 1Ę:01 C.C.:, ‚X DMUS IN Fruits. ConferelanerN,•, Ted - memo awl Cigars and Notions of Various Kinds. ALI. Vsatertra or Gaorx Georpora. Varna A:ro Braient.. will, DE Kr_rr is Tunis Srsooss. IT WILL Ind TUE Ate To KEEP THAIO; Yuen AMA IN SCEIVIclEICT QUAX- TITV TO elli•PI.V AU. Sc 1 lboadie . u School Nooks, School Hooks Kept constantl on hand, this being the Boulder Age ey for the aUdInrited , ea. TERRITORIAL TEXT,- BOOKS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS f 'ONTRACTORS AND J. M. MrKimettr_ FLANK Ilt‘tOWAN. - 3i cKENZIE MeGOWAN, CONT A.C1rOlt8 131.7II.DRES, Boulder, Montane. PeTIMATIFB GIVEN ON AIA. KINIes OF WORK HOTELS. 13otrx. ma Hoe SPRINGS AND HOTEL» WM. TROTTER. Putiritiefolt. These Springs hate in•s.t 'Wonderful Curative Propert (vs In all tonne of Ink.oxamiatici ° I • x - cs - aalcalcies AND IN Load Poisoning and General Debility. The Springa II a MORT PLEIARA.NT R.1.:4 4 01.21' For there who are overworked and weary and who desire a few days' relief from toil auil laud - nee and want a few dupe recreation. Teri Is always the Best of lethal landaus lie late are Pre ts All Patrons of the Botot. Bum To a» PROS ALL. TRAINS. GRAND CENTRAL 'HOTEL. C. W. BARGER, Pmprietor. BOULDER, - - - - MONTANA. The Largest Boni it the City. Th e Only Three-etery Betel ia Welty. Conducted throughout on nrietly find -elms business principles. AlleSAIIPLE Room ON TRI FIRST noes -ái The Grand Central Hotel halo recently been thorinighly repaired. refitted, and re- ' furnished, and patrono eon tw assured of most com- fortable quar- sera. The table will will tawny* be the beet the market affords. The beet nr &Bedtime and prompt armie'e given to all guests.' Come EA we will do you gi sod. C'.'». T. ARP PROW ALL TRIM., THE LEGISLATIVE HELENA, Jan. 3L—The work of the Legislative Assembly is in splendid trim and though there is no indication at present of the passage of many laws. there is every promise that the meas- ures twining before the representa- tivee 'of the people will rkeeive the most thoughtful consideration and nothing be done except such as seems to be for the beet interests of the whole Territory. • The House has passed a bounty law which eves for bears and mountain. lions $2 each, for wolves and coyotes $1.25 each, end for wild -eats and similar stock -destroying animals fifty cents each. An effort was made to in- clude a provision to pay a small bounty for the animals of which the farmers complain to some extent, but this was unsuccessful. The stock - inca 'were SO fearful of the bill meeting With defeat that they did ma even aare to let it be properly - engroteed, and the Coneeil, when the bill eune the measure, though there may be some slight amendment. It is possible that the bounty for coyotes may be somewhat reduced. It. is also possible that an amendment may be presented requiring the counties to bear half the expenditure. The gambling bill has occupied' a 'large share of public atten- tion in the past week. hunt's bill, which simply condense certain forms of gambling and permits others, is not very satisfactory to anybody. but i is being vigorously piedirt1 on the firotead that. it is the most that. can be asked for at present. In fact, the peo- ple of Helena, as à mass, do not want to stop gambling, but they want' the gambling to go ou in an aristocratic way, which Hunt's bill permits. It seems likely that the ntest will re- sult in a law prohibitory of all gameis and - Which will - not - be enforced. ----- Kennedy's bill providing that Coun ty Attorneys should,appear in behalf of ethe Territory in divorce cases where default was made by the de- fendant, was laid on the table in the the Judiciary Committee of that body holding that the bill was defective, in some of its proyisions. The Committee made no effort to re- vise or correct the bill, though admit- ting the virtue of the idea presented, and in the detrate on the question Kennedy took occasion to give the legal profession a scoring for complain- ing of the faults in the Jaws without • attempting to correct* them atiless well paid for such services. The Judiciary Committee, through its ; Chairman, Brown, of Beaverhead, held that it was not the duty Of the committee to perfect and correct bills corn.—Pape. coming under its supervision. but • In men. We various ruling passions find. Kennedy showed that every other, l „ „,„,„„ . ,,,..„.\ ( „„ Iii y iduhe kind : etemmittee undertook that work and 4 , Those, only lizedo they hod or last obey. • Theltons„¡SpIresure a,ed the °roof sway. . - 7 — that this may provean exception. It will save the eounties the expense of repeatedly appointing experts to ex- amine the books and accounts of county . ollicers and will really he a saving to the. Territory and be more effectual in accomplishing the desired end. The contested election ease has not Yet been settled. The \sure -thing\ gang which 'seems to be in control Of the Republican party in the Territory At present seems determined on oust- ing Mr. Bickford, whether or :no, not so Much because they desire I. itTz LocATioNs. The following quartz locations in Jefferson county were recorded iii the °Mee of the County . Clerk and Re- t•ttrder, during the month Of Novem- ber, 1888: - Goidrn !Fret lode, eight miles north- east of Woodville. located - October 31st, by • Edward hicks, Pat Kirley.. and S. R. Leek. Iron Sides lode, eight miles itorth- east of Woodville, located October 31st, by Edward Hicks, Pat .K Why, anti S. R. Leek. F -beettase --- 1 / a u , sei»Fliyiede, thus...awl a 1 ..) 1 1 . iate A T IFAU\ . they want another' Republican in the Mil& west • Of „Pipestone Sprite, lo- it E I. I: N t tutted October 26th, by Carey Walt - hall, William - Stackhouse, and Chas. ft A II I. it OADs _ Council whom they think they can control and then they can \tell Kennedy to go to Hades.\ They seem to have some *games on foot in SI. Point IlloUvroy • la TIM I)< ru-ut' and Popular I.ine T.. Primeval Puebla' se Ni e Is n .. t ir, I) a k or t a. IldEcazatabaaaa. Aloe to teT PAUL *so MINNE %Pot IS rof all pa$11.1* .:OUTR .at, EAST ma ONLY LINE ammonia ro nut Tiro Gem Cie, Muni» Ill'TTE P. Ferrell. Their -Most o s • Eames. - will he poi in worviee Nanciisher bah. a oh a Dam ryincaneicl ticcecnorlied. Martha W. lode Miet . gu lvh, lova t- 11 11 \.. 8 ._inti «td-p.ild I'.. I...Ass. ,tNds•s m•-•-e•-e.. t Il lel e' runattal nee.rimer. and superb an which they cannot count on Kennedy's . ed Sî•pteutber 1011', by J. t '. Spangler ' «k•mas support. They, however, size up the and Win. W. Reeves. ••Mliiiiftrioa-i'al.•ttit• U.iiiiIi•\ Council entirely wrong if they think Frank A. lode, Miller gitifh. loeated .... Kennedy is the only Republican .1tigust 20th, by J. c. spangle, -and en a ..i Potato member in that body, who believeain Wm. W..Ifeeties. . • . Afford. eloespee rut,. than rue any uglier. fair and square dealing. They will l'otima lode, Mil!or gulch. four aml ' t..-g Toot, before:thé bödv to -day, refused to _ find there are severa,l gentlemen in a half Miles south of l'Itteer, loealvd the Co` uneil who cannot be bulldozed October 27th, by IMichael.Gleason tuttl sider it in the shape in Which it came r_ a _ d skzerso-1 I-. .....,,,..,,,, 1,,,s for sale In Mtn - and sent it back. to the House for y e° doing à wrong for either party. Frank H. Fowles. , ,„ ....d..: .M. MU ..• ' , re .. . .1 I oi lirdil Fannon; limiting. lode, miner guieii, i it i. ; - miles a...a.. ai ...., kor pn a .. r......- Kennedy's bill for electoral reform Pelican proper en -ment The 'bounties is Still in the hands of the committee south of Flatlet., located t setober 2nlii, y„,. and g'iee' l n , f ,,n,,,, n ,.. „.,,, nn .. 4 „ nu . provided for ' seem to be so moderate usios tieleet aired or ' - on elections. What its fate will be is by Michael Gleason and Frank II, that the Council Will doubtless pass J. lionetwsenui. uncertain. There is an element among Fowles. 1.dimul MAW, O. P /c T. J1 . St Patel, Mums; ' . lA iil h Aurnanous. Rele lode, located November 5th, : ll Asv- is. 0 T. III by David J. Riffle. _ , _ .. lientolit Iode, ' (olor -.ido diátrict, ( ; C.» 11411Jeur three - miles southwest. of I iregory , lo- st,tretterca cated Novi:miter 8111. by k'rank F'ish, the Republiduts which will oppose the • measure, and which has ale° determin- ed on forcing through both houses a registration bill practically the saute as defeated at the last session. By shrewd matt ipula tion this element have secured the services of one gen- tleman who ittoppotied to them and to their manner . of wocking to father the bill, but it is probable his eyes will be opened before he gets too far, and - only - a . registration bill having real merit will be introduced. The Council bill authorizing the County Commiss' ionem to levy a one mill tax for a bridge fund, has passed the Council and has a good show for like success in the House. The member from Jefferson voted against . it, as did the gentlemen from - Cascade and Choteau, Siver Bow, and Deer Lodge. be did not see why the Judiciary, Committee should be an exception. A peculiar feature of the debate was the stateraent of Brown that the bill had been submitted - 10 several mem- bers of the Supreme Court of the Territory, and thèyhad all pronounc- ed against the bill. It has-been sug- gested that the Supreme Court be added to the Judiciary Comiaittee for the benefit of the Territety at large. LITERARY NUGGETS. {Gatbered for•THS AGE.] Were 1 so tall to reach the pole. 04110 Or grasp the . with my \pan ‚met he winnowed l\toy eund: The mind's the iitandard of the man. -wall,. Many men are philosophers. What is a philosopher? A fool who tor- ments himself during life that he may be spoken of when dead.-- D'Alembert. Decide not rashly. The decision PIMP 'an never bee recalled. The god* implore not. Plead not, ‚solicit not; they only offer Choice and occasion, Which once being paased, Return no more. --tosamme. A king may be a fool, a thing of straw; but if he serves to frighten' our enemies and secure our proper- ty, it is well enough; a scare -crow is a thing of straw, but it protects the Joseph Berta, and Louis Paia. - Minnie ha kt hale, located 'August 5th, by John C. Woix1ruff and Henry Gilbert. Barbary lodNocated Ortober 24th. by John C. Woodruff arid Henry Gilbert. Mountain Treasure hide, Elkhorn dis- trict, four milers fisetti Elkhorn, Wait- ed October 21st, by P: F. Hickey and A. II. Iluseby. • Old Jim lode, three miles from Whitehall, located November 1st, by James Nrtsent and H. C. Collins. Tim' 'leap Sea lode, located Novem- ber 9th, by job» Kellett. I East Helend lode, located October 28th, by David .1: Riffle. , Wolrerine lode Biralder . dstriet lo- cated 'October 31st, by C. G. Pierce, J. N. Barker, and C'. E. Snedi•kar. (Wile Iode, t.'e.taract district, local - .d November 12th, by W. R. Gibbings, Pierre Duryer, and henry Fisher. Ba -tic lode, three and a half toiles west of Boulder, located November let, by Jennie Thomas, W. N. Ten F:yelt, and Susannah A. Mattson. Empire lode, Beaver Creek district. located Növember 15th, by George Vicloiia lode, Big Pipe Stone district, five miles, from Pipe Stone springs, lo - (seed October 16th., by B. F. O'Ilara, bilbert Bergen, Peter Benjamin. . fintromet.ox more» mule,) • JEFFERSON COUNTY MINKS. t 'in irrese . a XT71317110111 114 TIIE lera of I'M', el( • lia i 1 roatti Ta 7:111.3alwaig Clear 11.caaat ea AND' reat Lao.. ho, F..narsterta (It lea. 12120 ricallaeu n)cnnent Ihecte e •afide AND ALL Pot NT$ EAST. And the mely THROUGH CAR LINE le* /alai Ma t.a. reset Gin, Issalasa taire t learra PlIctrIc TIME TABLE • The holhowitc*e,. Ihe Dune or the »royals and pall unn .M4 Sonhem% Posen.. et Ileiens Icy the batmen -hi -dull • ha le toga etTell No.. tile •P.r. MAMA No. I -Thriando 11-diésiirill lidinp re N,', 1 -Through Emete.und Liononst t *fr . \ pm l ' \-Ammar Mieguada, and Helena F-Apnow..11-. Ili JO In --Marvin Mr Panurogprf . Jo IO di in - 31-lininni Adesupionodallion JI K 151 p no •• 17 -Wickes. Houldet. and f »Ism Pam it-Np m pre 7•4. I -Through West -home Linnied ' 1 15pm • 2,_Tinough Egap\-tePted sled \A i . \Dr0. a 1 •'. 7-Heletsa Butts -and iieacrsIa Expernn_ROOn en ••s. B ffl id nr, and « al. an Pen. jkle adOr p ca m ju A. L. STOKE*. (Worrell Ascot lielecia.weenake. • Gem Pan IIII04TWIL4 Agent. M. Pool. UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY. T c. E It ANDRO I' T lieu ALL rordlil SOVIrli AND \Irmal. -row belonging to the Alp tne group o ',ha's « doge connections at It's the queerest thing, when a man marries again, how sure he is to pick out such a different kind of a woman from his finit wife. I suppose they find out what they really do 'ant.--- . - Hrbfinfunt Jackson.. I hold It ever, Virtue and knowledge- were endowments. greater Than noblemen anil rio -he.; cardem heirs May the two latter darken and expend; But immortality atiends the former, vothas has introdu . oed. in the coun. ..i . Making a wan a God. dia bill creating the °Mee of Public He that wants good sense is un - Examiner. The idea, -is a good one, happy in having learning, for lie lutá but there are so many bills advocal.- thereby only more ways of exposing ing new office; that the Legislature himself; and he that has sense knows - xir000 WII.L IIF TAKEN IN PAYMIeNT FOR may in disgust sit down ott all of that learning is not knowledge, but • vv eitleeription tr; Tote Aiie. Bring: ite; howl or t t w in . However, it is fr . , b e hoped rather the art a usingi1. -2 -Steete• • • I Last week a strike was made in the [Montana Mining Review, Helena.] tunnel lxiing. run on one of the veins f mines located among the Three Buttes, in Cataract district, Jelfersoh county. A body of galena and carbonate ore was encountered, the find being made mite sooner than expected; the tun - net not having yet reached the point where the main ore body is known to exist. We learn that negotiatiotis are now pending having for an Abject a change in the manner. working the Rose mine, located in Cataract -district, Jefferson county. For the past several months operations on this property havelieen carried .aôn actively and extensively, but at present very little work ia be- ing- done. won. al Bluffs. Si, Joseph. Leavenworth and Eames City mill, all train, forth.. East and South , Also the Shortest line to all California Point*. Through tickets to all pointa M the United Matra, Canada and Europe. For full information call os or address A E VE_AZIE, Trav Pee Agent, 24 North Main Street Bele-na. J P, Lera. General Agent. Bette. Meantime. .11.B.Trert.. - rr. G P and T A.. Omaha. Nebraska so.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 06 Feb. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.