The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, February 13, 1889, Image 1

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E 'Pol. 1. rQ. 48. o xi 1 z. Mc\ 2:1 t c• Inv t ory, c1_ cI es y. I. r' es s. - 3r 1. 10138. 31Leeea. \Irtaifse. woos, cc:mow so co., tLimiteda Wholesale and Retail DUALS» IN ClItaill.C,C 1 3111111.X11111 1 111 1 , Hats and Cape, Boots and Shoes, • •Gicimrres' rrunxisirrisio; Goons, • AND FANCY MYPIONS OF ALL KINDS. —joj- 3 1 *. Cil- CI JID - OS AND C L O •r• It I N Rave recently been added to our large and varied stock and 0. Pull and Fine, Assortment Of isea'e inim or will hei .J* Sound on CAPS, our 'thrives. AliENTii Fos lecelecrclior WORKS. BLASTING, AND Ranch \nutter und Enrage -AND- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a specialty by this house. . -to: - Highest market price paid for Barr». BOOS, AND ALL Knipe OOOUSTRT PRODUCE Sporting. FILMIC • - - - ¡I icortc-i-P: ineAreim. IMIM • AL IN Fruits, Confeetionery. Sins, Tobacersi and Cigars and Notions of Various Kinds. • • Vazorries or mums Cam -rums. Fltl'ITN AND SCRILIPOI airs. ng KEST IN Time ftr.tmoNs. le WILL «rum Alm ro Err,. TII»E nerlell AND IN QUAN- Trry To Sammy ALI. DENA:ow. Scheel Beek% Scheel Boole% School Books Rept constantly on band. this !wing the \Madder Arren( - Y tor the authorized TERRITORIAL Milli -BOOKS POR PUBLIC SCHOOLS (*ON\TRA1 - Ti )11S AND BF 1 1.1)1 -„Its. _ J. S. MrKaszsa. Finsa Mee.owsa. Ar. lerGOW AN, c o Ft c o Ft • A. N 18 , :ir I I.. D 111 R S, Boulder, Montana. IDITIMATES GIVEN ON . ALL RINDS OF WORK 1.10TELS. 130VILDER HOT SPRINGS AND HOTEL. WM. TROTTER, Puoricirrog. These Springs have moat Wonderftil Curative Proptirtieas III all fonts* of , • vit Xtkaertasraebtico ' AND!\ Lead Poisoning and General The Springs is a MOST PLEASANT RESORT For thee who are overworked rend weary and who desire a few days' relief from toil and laud - nee., and, wont a re‘r days recreation. . floe o always as Bat of Medical Ittendanoe and Baits ar r Frio Lil Patrons of as Hotd. HACK TO AND FROM ALL TRAINS GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL. C. W. BARGER, Proprietor, BOULDER, - - - - MONTANA. —101— TM Largest led is tie City. De Only fluse-sery Hotel in th City. Conducted throughout on strictly find-class husinere ad - SAMPLE ROOM ON TRI Fnurr noon - tits The Grand Central Hotel has recently been thoroughly repaired, refitted. and re- furnished, and parrons can be moored of noted com- fortable quar- ter!. The table will will alwritst he the best the market affords. The Itt•st of attention and prompt service given to all germ», Come and we wilido , you good. C•PUUARgil Ta, Arm FROM ' Ai.a, TRAMS THE LEuist.AnvE As›EmBLY, HELENA, Feb. 6.—The work of the law - - makers is going ajong steadily, though there is still little visible to the nakiad eye. Only one bill , has gone to the Governor, as yet. It is a' bill providing for the 'survey of the boundary line or part of the lines of the west aide counties. It was hand- ed to the Governor to -day ;and will d,oubtless receive his approval. The Council bill admitting women to piy- tice law in the courts of the Territory . has also passed both houses 'and will probably reach the Goveenor tenor - row— ' • Thompson, of Deer Lodge, to -day reported his bill for defining the east- ern boundary of Deer Lodge coun- ty with the recoinmendatien that it be referred to the Committee on Tow us and -Counties. The - report was made with the concurrence 'of the member from Jefferson county, and the bill was referred tut reconunended. There are several other propositions to reârrange county lines, but, the in- dications at present are that the Council will distipprove of all of them. Still, there is no telling what may come up in the future. Haskell, of Dawson, has introduced in the House an excellent measure providing for a Territorial Board of Equalization. Suöhra Board has been sadly needed in the past and the de- mand for it increases each year. Mr. Haskell's bill provides that the Board shall consist of four members appoint- ed by the Governor, one 'from each judicial district, and the Attorney- General, the latter being chairman. .The Board Isbell prescribe ruleafitr their own govetiuticitt - and the gov- ernment of the Boards of County Commissioners .; when sitting as a - Beard of Equalization. At the Sep- tember meeting the Board shall equa:- ize the value of taxable property of the Territory. The Board or its in- dividual members may visit the vari- ettS counties of the Territory for the purpose of learning the value of the taxable property thereof, and must report; annually to the \Governor the acreage of welt county, amount asses- sed per acre, value of town and city lots, the character of personal ‚prop- erty, etc. Power is given the Board to add to or deduct from the valua- tion of all property except money. At the September meeting the rate of Territorial taxation »hall be fixed. The salary of each member is $600, except the Attorney -General, who re- ; ceives $300. Actual and 'necessary traveling expenses -are allowed in a , sum not .to exceed $600 each. A clerk is allowed, who is to draw a sal- arY of 4,200: -- The ante fol. the - per - romance of any act required by the bill may be extended for a period of thirty days by the ;Board'. The act retjuires that the Board shall fix such I a rate of Territorial taxation for the fis- I cal years of 1889 and 1890 as will raise ! for those years $190,000 for the gen- or incomplete list has been returned. The House bounty bill is hanging fire in the Council. The stock men are anxious about it and are afraid to press the measure for fear of defeat. The members desiring a bounty on the grass -destroying animals ltre not very confident of stnx,eat; and are con- sequently not urgitig immediateaction. The members who * tire not very fator - able to any bounty are afraid of a hard Mght on the question and fear that the fate of - other measures may be affected be the vote ofahe bill and are thtareforé willing to put off its consideration as long as possible. The result is that the absence of one member is a sufficient catUté for the - postponement of consideration.' Kennedy has introduced in the • Council a bill concerning the roads and highways of the Territory. The basis is the old road law with divers amendments. Among the 'changes are the following: Thu special tax is re- duced to $2, the election of super- visors by the disteiets ia -provided for, the control of the commisSioners - over the expenditures in road. districts is made stronger. the powers of the supervisor- in the collection or the special tax is made. greater, a petition for the opening, altering, or. vacating of a road must be signed by at least ten; resident» along the line of the Jose° lode, Boulder district, record - road or in the vicinity, the notices re- cd December Stb. by .1. 11. l'Inyter, C. quired by the present law must be G. Price, Geo. P. Brown, and Jantes published in a newspaper instead of J. Hogan. posted, and requiring that thé entire Union Flag lode, Big Pipeetone dis- proccediligs be recorded in a book es- trict, six miles south east of Pipestone peéially prepared and kept for that springs, recorded December 8th, by A. purpose. The bill embraces the whole B. Lambott M M Schultz, B. O. road law, the purpose of the introdue- O'Hara, and A. E. O'Hara. er being to permit of amendments to Little lisppoone lode, Colorado district, any section by the two houses and if located October 22d, by Geo. W. Scott; the bill becomes a law, to have the Christina Culver, and Frank C. road law all together, so that persons Whetstone. . looking up the road law will not bei Voltaire lode, Big Pipemtone distric t. obliged to look through the enact- 'located November 17th, by A. B. ments of different sessions as'well as Lamirtt, M. M. Shultz, B. A. O'Hara, through the compiled law. Any mug- and A. E. O'Hara. gestions as to necessary amendments Missouri, tive miles west of Bedford, to thé road law will be heartily wel- located December 5th, by Joseph corned by any of the . membem of - the Semenee, Joseph Mares, and Frank Lei.páďature. ; , Mares enne d y h as commence d i n tro d nc _ Charles Diekens lode, Colorado dis - ing the petitions for the enactment of trict, located December . 10th, by J. the Australian system of voting. They W. Russell. have been very numerously signed Syndiruk lode, Fourth of July and by the very best class of citizens, district, located Decentber 8th, by and if the bill covering the points Lyman A. Moore. , asked for is defeated, it will be because Mineral Hill lode, Upper Indian the politicians are against , the meaa- Creek; loeated . Ik.cember 8th, by J. S. tire and not the people: The Journal Ross, Edgar Mengnties, W. 1'. Ross, of this city expressed its -opposition Jake Ross asuPW. L. W. Laughlin. to the idea because it would prevent Thuinkr Mountain lode, Thunder the managers ,of the party keeping Mountain district, located December the boys in,, line—thé very evil at 101h, •i by Frank Knott and I'. A. which the bill is aimed. It is prob- Comer. - . - sa. able that in this case the people will (let's -land lode, Cataract district, prove stronger than the politichm u:- IneatUd December 10th, A. W. Brouee, Little Daisy lode, located December 11th, by K. M. Walters. Great iehorii lode Cataract . . The following quartz locations in located Deeember 6th, by Thomas Donnelly. ta eral , fund, $5,000 for stock inspector and detective fund, 8500 for sheePi, inspectör and detective fund. Cou»-' ty . clerks are required before the third: Monday in September to send a state- ment showing the value of property of all kinds in their respective coun- ties. Assessors must on or before the first Monday in September send the . ' Board a statement showing the totals 'of the several kinds of personal prop- erty, the number of livöstock, bushels of grain, tons of hay, area of land, ! etc.,. entered on their lists for taxation. County Commissioners sitting as a Board of Equalization are required to meet on or before the first_ifsIondaL in September. The Territord may direct assessors to assess taxable ; property that has escaped assessment I and to raise the amount when a fatIMe . QUARTZ LOCATIONS. Jefferson coupty we're recorded in the office of the County Clerk and Re- corder, during the mouth of Decem- ber, 1888: -Yak lode, Boulder district, record- ed December 1st. by Jbhn Johnson and John Goldberg. Cora Comton lode, Beaver Creek diS- triet, recorded December 3d, by Fred Radbourn, John Hansen, and Charles Grenson., • »die Held lode, Beaver Creek dis - tria, recorded December 3d, by Fred Radbourn, John Hansen, and Chas. Grenson. 1Vhite Hear • lode, recorded Decem- ber 3d, by O. T. H. Allen and Lewis H. Briaby,...• The aroebel lode, one and one half miles from Wickes, recorded Decem- ber 5th, by E. L. Schoenberg. • l'airrieto lode, Bahl. Mountain, dis- trict, located December fOth, bYChas. Anderson, John Cross, Chester Sher- wood, and John Rissem. (hint lode, Big Pipestone district, recorded December 5th; by * Howard H. Beckei , , John B. Ray, and David C. Davenport. Kangaroo lode, Cataract district, one mile south of Basin, recorded De- cember . 5th. by .Michael '; t rroll and Arthur E. Bryan. Only Chance lode, Cede? Plains dis- trict. recorded December 7th, by J. J. Scott. Major Budd Extension 1::timi lode, t rev fogs -the utiles east of Woodville, ra• corded December 6th, lay Major Budd Gold and Silver Mining Company 1.) Chita. F. Smith. Meer ',Star Elk/tern lode, wear Elk- , horn. recorded December' 7th, by Os- car Nilson. Ingersoll lode, Big l'ilaestulte district. six 'titiles north of Pipestone springs, recorded )eeent ber 7th, by Win. II. Led; t!Ints. R. Hawley, John Boob, and A. B.. Iniabott. Hypathia lode, Big Pipestone dis- trict, six miles north -of Pipeatone springs. recorded December 7th, by Clifford Bobier. Emil Dermul, Chas. R. Hawley, and Geo. Boob. Adverse lode, Cedar Plains' district, one mile south of Radersburg, record- ed Deeen!ber 8th, by Jantes L. Wood and John Neville. Fair Play lode, Big ›Pipestone die- trict. located 'November 28th, by A. B. Latebott and Mrs. L. A..taunbott. The Christmas aiff lode, located December 15th, by James Thompson. All the stock remaining in the treasury, amotrnting to 40,000 shares, of the Boulder Chief Mining Company, was sold last week tonouie Butte par-, ties' The, priee paid could net be as- certained. The Boulder Chef mine is reported as looking very fine and . the inattagement are preparing to make regular shipments of ore to the smelter. The figure 9 will stand in the date line of the year for a long time to come. It will be one hundred and eleven years from 'the present time before it gees out of a date line. Not a person now living will probably ever ace the end of it. RAILROADS. TM' at, Pant, Mtisir.,1inits di Illsattelre to TUC I >t yeti', and I - lowlier Lit!\. Tu Prinetpul Pointe In 1, I i ts at o .• I itkot a, Ildrorsteart.ea. Aim) to mtT AND MINNEAPol.IS For all pointa • SOUTH ..tfo EAST. •--M-- 11111 ONLY LINE SUNNIS , ' TO THE Thar (irei rum of Yocum. I.1 s. 11E1 FNA, ANI , BUTTE Their \114is Eameme - 1›.• ma In nrrviee November IInb, with a train equipment •seelled, furnishing aplendid Day ,Voisehe... > 4 l...1ters, Foie 'Sonhai Sleepers, anal Superb care of latest deed gia, •• nitiltidtaslentsiflos liteolt.••• Trl Pogt•t Sound Pointe Affords chem ter rote* than eta roe 'Aber. Fan ties 4 . 01d141.1T. IM ergot% Arrairrion Me.4fIlatt,T3DoThis Company has foi sate in 811n- 2,0U0.0141arrtu Eatellent Farming. Grming. mist 'nubby,' Lands, al VI•I'V loW 1111gi ffll favor- able tt•rms. For Mum. I Wilt fill „‚(‚r ouirtirr .4 ruur tias ii th -k-t agent or J. BourtwAtiegit, Land rout's'. A 3oltavell.„ V. P. i t fi. M. • - - 311.41.1110T F. 1, Warrszr, P T. A., St. Paul, Mitt'. M. ASAIXANVRII, G. T. M. 11.0 TOE patx I.A.ciiric - c Rat Irmaet '1'1b.11, 7ZR11:1. 1 RR fg Clear - rliczo , tatee N (insist Short 1•Ifte to .1 4 :81.80 I. I'll 1 1.1 230 emalltos The Slentleet „mite to • CHICAGO AND ALL poINTS EAST. And the only THROUGH CAR LINE lay Rau. i.a,ck liar. Through Can, Pulknan Palms Stem NoRTIIHILN PACIFIC TIME TAIII.E. The follorring is the time tit the arrival, and de. part tires of trunia MI the Northern Paudfle at Ifeilena hy the latest schedule which took effect Nov, lith: Anneal. a/ N... I -Through We*-houad ‚ladled 4:00 p Nu. 2 -Through t I Limited 6:25 p to \ fi-Statte. Minensala, and Helena Expeem.- I2:010 \ ini-Marytit ilk Passenger \ 10:10 a nt \ Atssaiimodation p' \ 17-Witkoa. iluuhdscr. mist Calvin Peas 2:45p at • DSPMurtnilla IRON n•LIMA. N'o. l -Through West -hound ‚dinned 4.13 p an \ 2 -Through Feat -hound Limited. 6:40 pm \ 7-Ifelenikliatte.and Itinerant Express -A:00' m 4 .: 9-Mae:ilea - Ult. rtmen t rr.... ‚Sopa \ 19-Itiniint Aecommudation ifildent \ le -Wickes, Boulder, end ( alvin l'am 8:0Un in ' A. L. STOKES, General Agent, C. N. FEE, Helens, Montana. -Sien. Pam. anui Tieket Agent, St. Paul. -- UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY, T1rE'OVERLAND ROUTE ma AIA. POINT* EAST, WsalliT• Making close connection* at Connell woe, M. Joiteph, Leavenworth and Kittens City with all trains for the East and South. Also the Shortest line to all California Points. Through tickets te all poli li' in the Paned Stale*, . esnadfi mild Europe!. For ft.II information call os or address A F. Vitartg, Tray Pam Agent, 24 North Main Street, Helena. J. A. Laws., General Agent, Batt*, Montana, 1 S. Tratirroi. G. P. and T. A., Omaha. Nebneka • 1

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 13 Feb. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.