The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, February 20, 1889, Image 1

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AGE boa. J.29Qc•. 9. Et•zit.xici•Dr, IVEI:Dzataisuat erow2-1 . X71i7e3c - Izt (maudlin y 7e4:31_irtateni - 3r 20. 1000. 1110 3Poor Iratitiur• 1111.4,384 GOCI•311FL7r inu e d,, C30., Wholorsale and Retail DRAMA IS CikietfCt072PLIIII21,, Halo and Cap.', à ElleHlotal and lelkomeno. 021yrer FĽiLNIIILNG GOOT:thi. Ann FANCY sortose UF ALL EINDhl. —:o:— c •:ZIP ÁSD CLOTHING THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. ed the bill originating in that body which admitted women to the right to practice law,. the hill which probib- . ; its County Commissioners employing additional counsel except with the consent 'id the County Attorney or by direction. Of the Judge of the District Court, and the bill which permits y e and justices of the peace to act as police ' Thieve recentl bona added tar oar larg varied • Meat end a iiillgistiutes under certain 'circum- month fur its care, and at the end of' 1•:1 N E PROSPECTS. the year, if it bas , not been claimed, HeimA, Feb. 13.—The Governor it will be sold and the pro lai go :NtouttàDit :dining Matra . Helena sent a message to the Council to -day into the school fund. One of the mines in the Basin couu- informing that body that he had sign- Thompson, of Silver Row, has lie try which is doing Inure to deYelop: that locality • than any other is 'the.' Little Alma, whose owners have been M Î It SIC «,• . Dakota. , AIM and Thu, Aneo,,,,, iii' the *Of thaortinsa good, will hereafter be found uâ wile for the siirvey of. part of the boundary lines of the west -side counties, constitute the complete work of the first month of the eegislative ‚session. The next month will, , bow- ever, show a better record. • The House to -day by an almost -unanimous vote, two members being 'absent aud the rest voting in the af- firmative, passed the Moore registra- tion bill. It has, however, been very greatly modified and is a shadow of its former self, having been thorough- ly overhauled and amended in the House and is now a very fair measure, though still susceptible of improve- ment. : It is probable that the Coun- cil will make what amendments may • gem necessary and pass the bill with almost tdie same unanimity that took it through the House. 'If to this meas- ure is added the Australian system of conducting elections, Montana ought not to have any reuse for complaint in the future in the matter of getting a fair expression from the people on any question or ticket submitted to them. • ' Bickford has -introdueed in the Council a bill somewhat changing the jury -exemption law. He provides that postmasters, priests an din inist...,.rs, attortieys, physicians, and editors, county, township, and Territorial of ficers \shall be exempt, and also any person who shall have served on any regular panel of a trial jory fur the term next preceding the one at which be appears as a juror. The exemption of firemen is dropped from the law. The bill has been favorably reported by - the judiciary committee. Brown introduced in the Council a bill repe.aling‚he law concerning dec- laratioirof-&.ettpancy on unstirveyed government land, but the members of that body eat down on it to -day and cue eheivee. Aniurn Fur Claallircaraliaa ZetzswirClaer- ve0R148. Sportigii. CAPS, BLASTING. ÁSD FUSE BiAneh Butter .. and WICC. 4 -Aso- ALL ARTICLBS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are nude a apeetaler by data bona*, --;1):- Hitebieed market prier paid for . ' Balm ' Itsall. satt Âx.i Evan or Courant Psootru — . 1 /MUG PFAFF' sr Co.. MALES OF , Fruits. C.onfeetionery. - Nuts, Tobareoe and ; Cigars and.Notione ot Various Kinds. Vaaurriza or Garai« - Gaorrinee: Farrre aan Banana Irts.t. se eery . la Tuna Semen's_ iv *ea. saves J•ns Emir THIDtE Fame nee se firritrilletT QUAN- •rtirs to arretv ALL DEI4Alltol. %aural eettoat Books, School [looks Kept easetantl• on hand. th:- being the Boulder y for th..- authorized TSARIT'OFIAL Ygrr-Baca.s FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS Cg - INTIZAt 131 - 11.1tElf.s. AB. Nielienzar_ rtuzia Meizlownn. 'IS [ 'ILEUM da, MetilOW AN, CON.TRAir TORS AN!)BU! 1. II F. S Boulder. Montana. ESTIMATES GIVEN OX ALL KINDS OF WORK 13OULDILIt HOT SPRINGS AND HOTEL. 1111.11. TROTTER. Pitoriurriga.' There Springs have moat Wunderful Curative P . r.r>pertien In all forms or Fills.colAzia..ra.tic , x - tra c, AND IS Lead Poisoning and General Debility. The Spring. ia a ›i0ST P1,17..A.S..%..:Nrr 1 - Z F.SOR'I' For «boor who are overworked and weary and who draire a few days' relief from toil and Inuri- neon mad treat anew days' recreation. —:o:— There la always the lar 4 IsiJa it4 sad late an fret to AZ Tan« al do hail HACK T3 AND FROM ALL Titan's GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL. C. W. RA ROF.H. Proprietor, BOULDER. - - - MONTANA. lame lee in the day. Nay Ilneetury bed is tia City. 'onduereet roughotet au etrietly tinat:einea rep priatip•es. Jr•r- Sa.irms Roca ON T113 FIRST FLOCS - ha The (‚rand Central Hotel ha, recently been thoroughlw repaired. nrfitted. and re- funinheel...twl patrons ran he an.ured .4 moat reran- ., fortable rear - Tar table will will alone. be the heat the mai-kel afford... The beet of attention and prompt nervier given. 10 all gurata (\Soe and Ire will do yon,good. CasAlare... Tto FIR.. A, TR • :NJ troduced a bill r•3quiring_corporations to declare dividends when the profits exceed a certain percent, of the capi- tal; also requiring that the company furnish on demand of any of the stockholders a statement of the aft of the -company and to keep the ra- ords and other bçaikb in an °Mee in the Territory and open to inspection running a tunnel for the 'past three months, which has now reached au ' extreme length of Us) feet, in which we expect to hear every day that free smelting ore of a good quality has been encountered. So confident are the owners that they will uncover an of stockholders. The bill is in the extensive ;body of ore « bere ;that they slöckholderS and is have constructed during the winter likely to meet with opposition before about three miles of* a fair Wagon road • it gets - through the two houses, and made other preparations tu emu- . Middleton's bills coucerniag the, drawing of jtirors, which have passed the Council, seem likely to receive handled on the snow over the read f - avorable consideration at the hands from Eureka creek to the of the House. His attachment law, about half a mile west of the DUO kith , however, was knocked higher than a kite in that body, the merchants of Helena 'making a raid on the mem- bers against it. The members of the joint committee having under consideration the bills to regulate the practice ; of médieine in the Territory, found themselves placed ia an unplea.sant postition through the jealousy of physicians from whencs• it, is down hill to the rail- ; way to Rimini. Ores from this viciuity': will, however, be shipped down the 1b1.;saatdateatrA. • i• rAt - t. mu. MIN NI.APOI.1.% Fore all putut• SOUTH ••• EAST rut ONLY LINZ ammo »Jot Iher Gene Rue leiles, tattlAT FALLS,' • IIILLENA. • arrnt Then ''Illnittigetà Farina. - .1U he pot in INerVIVe November high. 'aiti a 'nun equipment unexondlod. rarabadag qdPedid ik re.hribre, re lad e etlerpetu, r 1filtor1rea. and trouped. Inning Cars of late* dasaga. \ Manitoba- Pateiti, &tun tir'• Basin creek via -Basin City as soon as Fmn about two miles of an easy wagon road can ; be made above the Penn - oaspaay hie for sale in Mtn - Placer comietny's diggings. is...L.2.00,mM WIMP of Eioll•agt Fuming, timing. Si t h,. ( b rit \ of placer ,.... b e e rzobre Lando. VIM, !ova miJ um favor - washing last LW Messrs. Winter Bros - John licher, and Batter have turned and cut their way out of the trouble their attention to their quartz claims, by drawing up a bill of their own several in »timber, on all of which which will be presented to the House there is more or less developunnst. to -morrow. ' It is - probable that the On the Morning St re and others only bill will receive favorable eonsidera- sufficient worrwas dune to represent, tion at the hands of both branches. the indications on the Robert • Bans' The nomination of Hon. W. E. and Muntaita being sufficient to excite ! Cullen for the position of Attorney- within their breasts a desire to know General was confirmed by the Conn- what the pros . peel. coutained. The tau - cil it week or two ago. The Gover- Del un these 'last named prospects is nor and Mr. Cullen regard the* term now in 163 feet. Ore was first struck ! of office as expiring•with the last day at seventy feet from *gram roots, a of the present session of the Legis- sample of which asse . .11 $31 in gold, lature, but there is a difference of ; 14t s ounces in silver and 63 percent ; opinion on this point, some holding ! lead. The pay streak of solid galena, that the term extends for two years of a very fine free smelting quality, is from the date of appointment, whir in Mr. Cullen's caw was Dec. 31, 1887. To -day time Council in executive Ses- sion rejected the nomination of Her- bert Halloway to be Territorial Veterinary Surgeon, which nomination was sent in by the Governor 11, few days ago. The rejection will make the cattlemen rustle to find another now about one foot in width. At the' ..ady Leith ore of a spleqdid quality is being taken out, though only two men are at present engaged ia the work. This mine is owned by a stock ceun pally, and has bacit pronoutteed by ex- perts to be a most excellent property. It is stocked for $1.000,000 and there are now 149,000 shares in the treasury. man who will be satisfactory to them. Thé stockholders 0>the company in- The r•«11« , stit, lit' '‚f the ames), sad de> C,ollins's bill for the creation of the elude Mr. and Mrs. Leith, the origi- puttor., of trading ra. he Northern Patine id Helena I,' the latest or \adult. h took effect Nor, Me office of Public Examiner seems to nu ' loc a t ors , C o l. s an d ers . May ‚a..'. -'Lill ALT MIMI be in a very quiescent state. The ; Bros., Joseph ; O'Neill, James Blake, N.. 1—rirongt Wee 4onind Larded.. p committee having it in charge must I,. F. LaCroix, John Pelitzer, and its further consideration is indefinite- be fond of it to the extent. of not let- other wc.11 known mining tnen. Con- - Ir • ---------- • \Ih.o u s. \ ni M \ Ar11,81.111e.e6i6081. • 10—Marvaville ly postponed. -^ menee the shipments of ore. 'Ile pro- duct of this „property can be 'wily tinir any one else have a chance at its siderabie wor k has b een ( l one on th e Thompson's bill to annex a strip of consideration. ! property. which in partially developed Jefferson county to Deer Lodge is still in the hands of the Committee on Towns and Manties. There was some effort - made . yesterday to have the matter discussed before the Com- mittee, but other work interfered and nothing *as done. Jerry Collins has introduced a new printing law. It reduces the prices for blank books and other work of that character, changes the form of payment for advertising from the folio of one hundred words to the square of two hundred and fifty ems, and provides that the Board of County Commissioners shall appoint one of their number or one of the other county officers as a purchasing agent to buy ail the blank books and other stationery needed by the county. Bickford has introduced an estray law, but as such bills never get through the, Legislature, it is hardly worth while to consider this. It provides that no person shall take up an estray except in the. county where he is a householder and when the estray animal is in the vicinity of his resi- t . detfee. Within five days a written descriptioa of the animal must lx. 1 sent to tbe County Clerk. The ani- Mal can be kept one year, the party , taking it up to receive fifty cents a It understood this evening that • by trunitélà, one of them 210 feet long Mr. Bennett bas given up the contest ; and the other about 100 feet in lengths; for Mr. Bickford's seat in the Council. and two shafts, one ninety and the It is reliably stated that the contes- other forty feet deep, besides several ; tant has sent a letter for publication levels from 'each of the shafts, hi all which is full of reflections on the Re- of which good ore has been found. 'publican members of he Coungil and The mine has been traced through its ; equally full of poor spelling and bad ; f u ll l oca tio n . grammar. Í Adjoining and to . the east of the Roberts has introduced in the House • Lady Leith Mr. Frank Fulton has lo- a bill creating the office of Inspector eated the Little Mary, on which there ; of Mines for the Territory. It is quite is development by tunnel 118 feet long. severe in its restrictions' and require- Mr. Fulton also owns seVeral other lo- ments, and the chalices are that it will cations on the same mountain, all of be radically amended before it be- ; which are 'more or less . ; developed, and comes.% law. It is rather questionable.- has taken ont some very fine' sliver - indeed, whether it will b ecome a law lead and Carbonate ore. Mr. Fulton has at all, for ; mine -owners are very much been hard at work on his lodes all opposed as a tule to the interference winter' getting them into shape, and of the public ou any -ground and the has unbounded faith in the camp, ex - experience of other communities is pecting tofu* it get to the front as one that the miners -'only secure such of the best in Montana. measures after lo 4 ng and strenuous Wilkinson R Glover are busily en- - ' efforts. Montana capitalists are much gaged in sinking their shaft, which is that like the same class in other sec- now down something like one hundred tions and they have influence to feet. After completion of the shaft a prevent the passage of any bills which cross -cut will be run to eut the lode, whe ore of a very high grade will aro too protective for the miner. - Lynch law is a bIot upon American no d ubt, be found. . civilization, a proclamation to the : , The Nation should take care of its world by communities that submit to it that they are i nca p a bl e of self -goy- ex,Presidents by giving them liberal ernment.— pensions (baring li i fe. : --Sag.Lake RA ILIUM OK SI. Paul, alimaigrapetta t Maamosia tar Der , r4. ‘ ailed Paapular Line To Prineinei Petals I. Puget Sound Pointe eheoper ran. theft eat say other. oniore Out irrant,. A rretenos Fur Mitagand ghimaral taltortual sou Swett re of your ou -s tidied await J Buudgiratmin. F. I. Mummer. Lard Coree. U. r AT. A.. as. Paul. !lion A. biliumet.. - V. P. di 0. W. (if r Cla 311.411,.1111PW' le M ALICIAM», 0. T.5. „ ma RIX 01111,1 . 1CRell PACIFIC Railroad. 'I'1i.,7:11 irk 1 xi é c7 'r AND ••••••t tabort 1.41sio t.Illomodars Sao miloom r4sort5'5 Itaualr t» CHICAGO ANO ALI. POINTS EAST. And lb.' only THROUGH CAR LINE Le lam. find tan Beep tan Palms Paler Iheere. - NORTHERN PACIFIC TIRE TABLE. \ 17 —W kirea. Boulder. and Valeta m lee • 1MM» MIA. p WRI . --- -- - .f te pm \ 7 —Iirlena.lkitlgr.auedl Manuals Kapreas.._6:01) . nt ramader m \ Arerautnodulthaa— - a mn «i'—Rieke. boulder, sad ek rana„....hdO a at A. IL. ATOMICS. Ossaral Surat C. S. M. Nuatoao. Gen. Pais ad ?ate mootM. Pia& UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY THE «.«VF.RI.A XL« ROUTE Irse ALL POINT* ¡CAST, ItOr:TH AND Wall. Malting elope rent...Manna at Conned MM. Rt. Jexar ph letsit enurorth and Karma City all Iran., for the Lam and booth. At\ the fihoest line to all California Potato. Through ticket. to all points in the Called Mates. (\anode and Europe • Fie f...11 Inform meson call rue or *dams, A E Vr.Aztv. True. Paw. Agent, 24 North Nana Rhea,. ihdette. J A 11..caia, General Agent. Mate, Illaataas. Trani - rem I' and T A., «anoint. Nebnialka

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 20 Feb. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.