The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, February 27, 1889, Image 1

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érable i n t er e s t. i s re li a bly a .„... era e a continued without any steppage and that the Governor oui»- Metal the are increaeing the quantity to the c 1. o T -7.•T (\1 - Rave recently been added le our brie iüid varied would be ti I misunderstood ' and Tina Assortment Recentl the Northern Pa- • in prohibiting one form of gatabling P e r 'IV - g mien er„-but submitted e eom ity has i•lat-ed Olt our shelves. stork and a en re y misun if he METE AGE WC>. SC>. tzbitilciltenr. IhtEc>22.t rxitit it ci s -z - t tzsz - y. 101:7 ci. c is rt 3r. c,11› z - - tai et y - 27. JUGO. . . ' its st Wetor 1v3..C13Er. 4 0Cle•. TIM LEGISLATIVE .AEMBLY. Mrholeintle and Retail DIALER* IN Cirri.CIIIC:111111.211240/. Huts and Cape, ritootat and ' eflatite.t. Crierir'eS • IGI-00113e.z, AND tión, exéePting- h o wev e r . ram round- while ite average value affords a fair FANCY NOTIONS OF ALI :KINDS. t the -table poker sud Paris mutuaLand profit to the owners. Shipments were za first made last September and _have 1> ea. .7‘.• 1:31e CD) CO X) 113 the law will be wattled with cunrmou- Hum*, Feb. 22.—Ilie Governor has signed the gamblin.g bill. the game and fish warden bill. and lhe bounty bill, and they are now the htws of th - e I laud. The gambling bill goes into ef- I' feet next Monday and prohibits all ganten for money valuable cohkidera- bill under protest and because 4e present time. The preeent output is had vetoed it. He does not believe f•rút\ tnenty to twenty-three tons Of %brae lines uf weenier will- hereafter be (mid Mt a a d• li cetts i u h • \fi • • Ilene tales, —) 0 (— Ancent Pon - CteamaIrcermilab Pcsmeseeritemir BLASTING, tiport ing. CAP*, ALL Rat neh AND PVIIE —mot— }Slitter and 3.7.e.g.t -AND- AFtTICLES OP COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a apes -Miry by thus house. Highest market prier paid for AID 4 ruction pool. The process of enf ing his judgment to the -cry that the Ter- ritory could take but a step at a time in thin -matter. diorite ,greenstone , ot wall, and very favorable report upon the /lark porphry hanging mall: its average width is six feet with a dip of eighty- five degrees from the vertical. The pay streak is hot very large, 'et con- etant, from one‘to four feet in width. . n etfgh- g rade yet Wverai car loads haie yielded good returns their main line, two and one-half miles east of Placer, a switch and sid- ing for the better accommodation of The bounty law is as heretofore stated, giving e.. fer lions. bears. wolves and coyotes. and fifty cents for wildcats. It provides that the skins must be presented before the Prnbate , ed. notably. the well known free Aye Judge -of the county within one mouth and Erne 1 ,, aid . m> . both of ,which after being taken, and that officer and either the County Clerk or the Ceun- a r e b e in g wor k ed vi g urun s i Y - tv Treasurer be pis -scot and as- This old mining tamp. which has City of.11elena, en the second Moutlav From samples taken from different parts of the mine, Ji? ore gives . Vte following returns: Sample No. 1, taken from face of lower t Mind, concentrated 2 6-10 to Sample No. 2. galena taken from. faee of lower tumid, not concentrated Sample No. 3, from upraise in lower tunnel, concentrated 3 . 7-10 to one - 832.47. • Sample No. 4, fremdrift at 65 -feet level tif shaft (red oxide). etmeenton- ed fire to one -845.02. Making au average of are2.17. TERRITORIAL COUIM. siSt in \the punching of the holes in the ears. The Probate Judge to receive fifteen • cents per skin and the other offioer. tee teams per skin, for their service«. The law went into effect ois the 20th ina. The feature - of the fish and game warden bir aŕe as given in THE Atig last week: , Middelton*e hill prociding for the drawing of grand and trial juries is Berm* gees. ANY ALL Enron or COMITRY Pitorvr:3 having hard work to get thrtnugh the House. The features of the bill are ( .. l i r iecittc;:- T.; cc ... -- generally acknowledged' to he gond. DEALER DI hut the - member from Cdendive. envit ‘m nneeeti‘mnerN` Nuts, T`\nieene _ and Haskell. claims that it is too esprit- . - cigars And /or Various Kinds e i ve for his outiotr,sod he is therefor, , ALL VAR/CT/XI Gagmr Gmargattre. Furrts Aso oppOSIIIIg be nams exonsitiensbie Itratants wow. se Etter IN TIM' /4CANOIN, intluence he ha.s so far prevented the Wit.., muss Ain wo Erns Tun« the partnage of the bill and the result rurgit Atio serwitaser grAN. I - tom TO arerLy AIA. 111108ANINC ig that the alleged neceseities of one sk,tall eon ut v are the garner of prevent - *\Si Seem , aelleeell ileekaa*rb OOI ing the en:ix-tessera of a law which Kept tonstattaly oat bind this; bring the roomer ' nearly all the other counties want. since • Mr. T. M. Luther examined the second Monday in April and the ; Agency for Use authorized . The bill To regulate the Warlike of the above named Mine a rich body of second Monday in iktubt.r; in the TmuttÉnust7ziv-BOOK3IFORPUBLICSCHOOLS medicine in the Territory hag. passed galena ore has been struc.k. From county ni jegerion on time first Mon- lxith.Hou. - . • and will doubtless be- come a law. . It I.rnvidesfor the rz t . , wall to wall it is eleven feet.. three day in March and the first Mond t' in amination. of all physicians . xibn feet of which is first class shipping September; in the enmity of Beaver - practice in the Territory, It exempte ore which is being .saeked Jir ship- head on the third .Miniday tu March midwives from this examination. eio that some of the opponents of the measure need not worry about its cut- ting them out of a means of liven- • The s t r ike w a s m a d e i ll the 'ewer the count y. °f Silver Be', on the lint tunnel which is now in 565 feet. and 3londay in May and the first Monday which ,gives a depth under the apex in November; in the county of Derr of over .400 -feet. A *he has been Lodge, on the first Monday hi April mink , to a depth of 115, feet opposite and the first Monday in October; in . the month or this tunnel whet; water in the comity of Missoula on the The Ttaltswing is the time of the moral» Mel de- giaeriurea.\( trainee .a. Her :\...rthern Poritie level was reaithed. Tite water came second Monday in Mardi and the by the MOM whedule *lids took t No% , • in so fast that it taxkd therP , fifteen second Monday in September. ' horse power engine to its utmost to Intime third judicial district—lu time handle it. The ore before reaching county of Madison. on the first Mou- -eater level was red oxide of iron and day in March and the first Monday galena, but, the charateter of it has in September; in the county of Park, changed and it is now. a yellow . irOp l, on ,the fourth Monday in March and ore, running about . $25 in gold - per , the ruder' Monday. in >ienteinber; in ton. A survey has been made and the county of Custer. on the first Mon - it was found that a' tunnel could 'bet day in May and the first Monday in run by going down the gulch 175 feet November; in time county of Yellow- s° as to tap the vein at the Lantern of stone, on the second Monday in * April the shaft and by that means drain and the second Monday in October; the mine, and in fact the Mountain of in the county of Gallatin on the fourth all water, and thus have about 600 Monday in May and the fourth Mon - feet of stoping ground above it. Work day in November. on this tunnel has been commenced In the fourth judicial district—In and will be pushed forward as rapidly the county of Meagher, on the third as possible. By this tunnel the cost Monday in March and the third Mon - of working the mine will be greatly day in September; in the county of reduced as there will be no hoisting of ore or pumping of water. , Fergus, on the first Monday in\ April Th4 re is enough ore on t h e d ump and the first Monday in October; in and in sight in the mine, according the county of Dawson, on the third to the tneasuri inents of expert*. to run Monday in April And the fourth Mon- a fifty ton per day concentrator fn- day in October; in the county of Chot- twn years. At that rate. taking tile reeently seemed to have waked up in April anti the. second Monday in from a -Rip Van Winkle' . sleep. al- (h..toher of each year. most touches the outskirts of the city In the seeend judicial district at or Helena * and being so near- is wen the (!ity of Iker laxIge, on the first deserving the attention of . both pros- Monday in April and the first 'Nloudity ._ Pee n ' . and capitalist A l r ead y there ià Oettler of each year. • ins marked improvement along °ann.' — In the fourth judichil dietrite. at the foothills stretching from Beaver t \- City of Bozetnan. on the fourth Mon- . Indian creeks --old prospects are again day in May and the fourth Monday this mine, which is only one and one- half miles distant. Other - mines ia the viciuity will also be accomModat- , being Worked, new discoveries made •and claims located, while practical mining men With capital, following on the track of the prospector, are converting some of these prospecte in- to paying mines. THE PARK MINE. ' The courts sitting to hear and de- termine causes arising under the con- stitution anil laws of the United Slates are held in the several districts of Montana as follows: . • In rho first, judicial district, at the (\ONTRACT• IbItS SD MU )ERS. J. 14. NeKintant. .Faatta Melf.ESZIE 1111eGOIFAX, Conr•ret..a.c•rous 13 1(.7 I I. D Boulder, Montana. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON ALL . KINOS S yd. n The registration law bill was con- sidered in the Council yeeerday- and some ,excellent amendments !gee Among others is one increasing the »wither of election districts which the County commissioners ina' - mate in a county to twenty: The eonsokra- OF WORK tion of the bill was not completed. and it will probably not go to a finai vote before next Tuesday or Wegine, .§- 'day. There is no reason to change the opinion heretofore expressed that it will pass the Council by a unanimous vote. Htri - E1,\ 4 . (11.711.DElt tit* SMILING@ Ann novita.. WM. TROTTER Peorairroz. These Séerings have mom NV - ouch -rent Curative Properties In all (rain,. nf r1.11C31..1,12114ti.0 e l -e l - cyLo.1cOlcemus AND ON Lead PO1F011 irla and General Debility: The Spring. te PL'EAsA Nt' 12 - Et'« )121' For those who as -e ne - pra - nriend and ereary and who dfflire a few date' reln-f frnua tnie and 1.1.'4- PeAg and vraid a felr day,' recreation , Ties daisy& tat deem: Waimea ant lath an Tr« ta all Parma( tie Id& HACILTO AND raw' Am. 'muss GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL. r. W. BARGER. Proprietor. HOLMDEL - - - - HOIVFANA_ ---to;— Hs largest ia eq. _ fin tat} Thernary Ind ta tie C Coodoeted thmoirbont attietly inn -etas. h usineap principle'.. sant - Jutrys Room on ru Roos - 6 • The ('rand Central 14.144.1 has recently teen thoroughly repaired, wetted. and re- tarnialarel. and patrons oui he asoured of mus,' e'en - foldable quar- ter.. • The tattle will ciii rdwaye he the bee the market afford.. The heet of attention and prompt service Liven to all ttneota. Conte and Ire will du you good. Csitunaitaa To •oo Fame Au Tool,. ; MINES AT PLACER. ¡Montana MUM« Bzwies„ Eleimm Flazelton & Harris. operating at Placer, have taken up their bond and deed for the Agee Fri* mine, located in the Beaver Creek mining district. near Placer, and become the absolute owners of this property: also the General Cioater. which is contiguous and on the same vein. Ilse groUp in question comprisses seven china«, two of which. the Aron Frio and (*meter. are being developed by a :;force of twenty-five men and with very satis- factory results. The development con- sists of two shafts sunk on the vein, re- spectively sixty-five and ninety-five feet deep. From these shafts 365 feet of levels have been driven on the vein without encountering any barren st. Paul. ,R1Ininat•rnIt• • ttaiwItoba, Beltway - Ott Illireo;t :snit Popular Litt'. T., Pr - N.11,1i 1.‘,11.12. lb Akt fa e• r) It k (.7 t 11.0 to WI PAUL. AND MINN': For ali venal» ' SOUTH » D EAST not ONLY LINE stistinkt to era Hen Great *be tI leataaa IIIELEN Ain • fil\TTE Their ••Alosrtsa fixeszas - still he put DI servos. N....tiller loth. with • train equiputaut usorsooliwt, bbbb apt...64W toy . ....ehot. Vida«. Slor. pers. Freee'ola.niat stresser.. mid Superb lawn* Cars of latest eleesign. • , '• Ni unit' bluak-i • ott•iti, Itcreate••• Pinget snund Pointai Athena* chewier raw. ttmo rat any other. Floor Team content sn never» Arneweson 1.8.41Liti a lrlDhoThi. Compost> Ism for wale in Use- Fétrunne elraillen• and at ‚are) bl evt plirw-g, Anti ton („‚„e - „ „ir term. o gal. and iv -Isere botb.rniati..a Imennu of your o 1,crt agent ur .1 ik.oteatirs. 1..AVturraa-r, 1.aud U. P t 1'. A . l'an'. Ulan. A >Wrings.. e ALNA•NDIDA, V. P. & (I M. T. Id • - - - G c. 101.4%.11111T PLA THE . Now' , st scitt !I Fit *. 7alict 1 gin Cla.T. let csitateb AND Great E4tactrt Line to Irmtorrra Otitis». BOO zwaillemos The Shorting Route to ALL inners EAST. (\4 Ilse only THROUGH CAR LINE 'Montana Mining Redone. Helena ment. The balance of -t be vein eight feet) is tine concentrating ore. in November id year. • In the fourth judicial district, at the City' of Great Fall. on the lire Monday in' June and the first Monday in Deeembei of each year. 'The Territorial courts aro held in the several counties as follows. In the first judicial district—In the count)' of Lewis and Clarke, on and the third Monday in September. In the. second district'—'n ftgli f 3/1 . T. e - f eau, the first 3Ionday in May and ground. There 'are also two tunnels,Helena. given b e l ow , thi s m i ne i s the tiret Monday in November; in the one is being driven . to crime -cut the vein at an average depth from the surface of 250 feet: the other is being driven on the vein and is now in 370 feet anti will open up the mine lOn feet be/ow or a WEEinkU of 3 . 50 feet from the apex. The last mentioned • tunnel has been driven through an ore chute 175 feet in length and aver- aging two feet in width. , The gunnel is. now in a seeciall nee body. the ex- t . n.t of which has Did vet It . .elett deter- mined. There has been as yet no stoning of these ore ',tidies.. The lead is contact having a capable. nith a fifty ton concentrator. county ofenscade, on thé third Mon- ti giving returns of over 830.000 per day in May and the fourth Monday month. will be erected about in November. • seventy-five feet down the gulch from The next , term of holding court in 'the _mouth of the new tunnel. - and Beaverhead countris chmiged to. the thus the -ore can be placed iá the mill first Monday in April, 1889, instead For rui information call on or address> at a very small expense. . , of she third Monday in March; and Mr. T. M. Lutins -r ' , r1 mineralogist the time of holding court in Lewis * * and aferayer well known in this Terri- and Clarke,. 'county for the next term tory and for three yearn connected is changed from the second Monday with * the ; Priori, Loam« ,mine at in April. 1889, to the fourth Monday Marysville. and to whom is credited in April, IS,49. This 'order applies the successful working of the above only to the holding of the next term named mine when it was Sint taken , in said Counties and after said tern' hold of by capitalists, has Dinde a they shall be held as given above. • Lit. Ramn olusig gm, Throitli Cam hilean ha\ la.M!‘ ›.01ITIIER); PACIFIC TIME TABLE A/IMPALA •1' mr_m• No. I -Through Wee -hound I.intited ... N.J.1 -- Thrtsigh Fn...141.tund . ..... JIM p \ 11-11t.i1 . . and 15 egret» Li preas.-11240 ut \ wereger.... . ...-Ptle • us elation .. y n, •• Boulder, and g Pao a:45y et DAPAILTIJR/A POW4/1 IMILZAA No. I -Through Went -bound Limited - flipen \ 1.-Tina.ugle Eatiadristod Limited 41\ pet \ 7-Ilelena.litutte.tand Nimotila Laperan bilt a us \;'; ti-Euryswille Pasurnster tenpin \ 19--Rindni Ateranasedation .., &nano \ ts-tNickes; Boulder. and I nlrin Pel.: ems.» A. L, irroa I*5, General Agent. C.a, FEE, HeleaiL Montane, Oen. Pam. and Ticket Agent. ht. Paul. UNION PACIPIC RAILWAY T H E (t E R I. A IN I) it.orTz IOW ALI, re›INT» E A S T, S 0 S: T II A \CD W all'. listing elope ronneetione at Conned Mugs. Si Joseph, Leavenworth and E•n•a• City with all trains for the Emit and South. Alm the Shorten -line to all Caltfoenta Pointe. Through ticket . s to all pointa in the United Mates. C anada and Europe. A E Trait,, Trat Pare sigma, 'IA North Alain street. Helena. % General Agent. Enne, Mentana. .1 F. Tenzer - ye G. P. and 1' A Omaha. NebnIsta •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 27 Feb. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.