The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, February 27, 1889, Image 2

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. .egh. F e ' F e XtiT 'Sr , . • Ing Ileakku. Ilmtua wHOL4AL.J'1.: AND R l.ľAiL healer Ia 4:36-irez•sa rerecexrinsimmAni, Flour, úaIůr XVI M e r 1 . 11...ehlerl NC} POW D Cesarone eee.xLci. imx.annee. Bootie lanerShore, Retie and Cana. Salk Illeardllterehderfa. Ribbons, Pratairy Dietderam, etc. Reert.nM VON MiN192 lohl.1-13FLN. AND RAJLIVJAD Con- TRAD1'0119 KIP? IN SVY711 IN LAR1E • QuAXT17119 seta's ferre Vim Tea talat la Satidlets - ii. p araos 330r1..DEat 1-)1E217C1 trl'OIFLF: Anything you need in the line of DRUG& , PITENT IEDI4 INEs. PAINTS. yen, ham Lute InteIrt. ete'l febue.t. Crean. A fel line of G•ssitifies AND. GIZAStel In stock. Maly different Mitten.' of .1116. La Xâr e ALP' E 'Ft Ir Week, which will kio ».1.1 at Helene loses, I'M' and me the latest de-ogrer. PARCHICI & MORRIS. Poodownwas TUE MoNTA.N A e la: N NO IlEA.NIPO BA.AII The Ntli IND ?tea tU, ›linET LINE Between Helena. Wieled. Ftdkler. Butte. Maryreille, St. Paul, MuutroPokw. choYalt». and Ml point* East. Now °pea for Paiweager Tr . sifile - scith Said Through Trara,, Daily be-tweet» BUTTE HELEN.' mrx, Si-_ PAUL. *. ?aim Smug Qtrs. t.r Iligulciat Inv Naas. frtoneete Cara hr Seted-à1 ?untrue. The attention of the People of Jefferesin dainty is especially called to the fad that by the 'Montana Central railroad they can readt Helena h. -- fore mews each day, have nearly -et h.airsi for the transaction of their buoinrds in the city. and «m the way Ismie in the evening can get a tine .ipa -r in Ow magnificent dining coaches of Old t y . Brnnrc to answer the call -of the prorter meagre, la New Reedy ha the Dimling Cart\ ternallart, aid Courtesy fer All Oatr Patrons. Pothering e the time of arrival anti departure or frame. at Helena on the new schedule, taking effect Deedr lu. Icit: rustas 411111VE AT nrEENA. • ' ▪ Paul Atlantic Ex. from Butte and the month. tl.Ha m. Net 3-31untana P.\. LI,' Expiro' trou' St. Paul and the 'earn_ 590 p. in- s. 2-hirieria and Butte Express fruit. Butte and the south. RCS p. in. No. rt-Nlarymille Experto. MAO a_ ni. Naar». DEPART IRON HELENA. No. a -M, Pant Atlantic Express. for SC Paul and the east. ILA a. m. - No- 1 -Montana Pacific Experre, for Butte and the email'. S. la P- u,. --- No. I -Helena and Butte Express. for Butte and the meth, e,m. a_ ru. Z. a-Nlarrevilie Esperse, 3.40 p. in, 'Tiina Nie. 1 and 4 connect at Butte with Union Posit& and essrry Cnion Pacide Pocatello ',deeper be- tweew Helena anil Butte. For further information call on or adder's Roy agent of the eona parry. or P. r. SHELBY, General Manuager. M. P. BEeros . Tree. Paw.. Agl, Helena, THE AGE - - BOULDER. MONT. WEDNENDAT, Ph - Bat - ART 27, 1889. tuna,' and WashingtOn, and on Feb- ruary 22d. a day to be held in reinem- ; brawl. by all Ainerieens 'and especi- ally so ill tle• future by all Montaneins, President ( leveland approved the bill and it became the law. The boon of statehood is at last in the grasp of' the people of Mentana„ and within the ! year the people tvill have the er-ivileg;• Of staying who shall rule orer them. ; No longer will Montana he a depend- ency of the general. government hut an equal in the sisterhoml of States. It' is a condition which all good citi- zens N's ill be glad to .weleonus 'even though thereby the Wilkes and re- sponsibilities of citizenship are in- creased. The exact tere e ss ' of the bill are net fully known, but it provides for a Constitutional Conyeetien to be eléb. ted in May atei whiell will convene on - the Fourth of July. At the same 'time that thin menibuts: of this (loll- vention are - erected, the pople of Montana will vote, upon the question or 'the -adoption or rejeetion of the Constitution drafted by the Conven- tion of li' the people again adopt that Constitution by a majority vote, the new Convention will simply amend the Constitutima in-aceirdanee with the terms of the admission bill. If the Constitutioe rejected, the Convention will then forma new one. Whether the old Constitution isadopts ed OT Ilt`\ 0IW fol'Illed, the people' will again 'vote on the adoption or rejection of the Constitution submit- ted, and if it is adopted it will be submitted to the President and if in accordance with the Conetitntion of the United States and the terms of the admissicin bill, he will admit the State B01.\ LDEI.. capital of Montana. would sound. Well. Cannot our 3,000 voters, persuade the balance of the- Territory that it would be for their interest to have the capital here? STATEHOOD. Last weekihe Senate and House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States agreed upon a bill adm , ••:rss '• !\s» rei''' the States of North Dakett,Sotith Dakota. Mon - into the Union by proclamation. A the time the Constitution is submitted the second time to the vole of the people, a full rester of State officers, as provided, for in that Coestitut Î tilt, may be elected, - as well as a State Legislature and a meruls•r of Congress. The Legislature may meet and elect two United States Senators. so that . the latter may tike their seats when Congress convenes on the first Mon- day of Deeember next. ing of blantebooks'and stationery fri- tirely ; the hands of the Count'S- Com- misaione éxcept that they are re- quired to appoint a purchasing agent to get all the supplies needed which .-onies under the head . of blanks. blank books, and stationery. The maximum rates for these articles are reduced, sidle the advertising. rates remain t lie same, though a change is made in the form of measure which may slight- ly increase the rate. • The bill of J0114•5. of Missmilacouns ty, inereasiiig li4M ofJustice of the Peace, hais passed both houses and.i will doübtlesa reeeive the approval of the, 4 ;overnor next week. Jones has also secured the passage of another bill iutrodueed by him %Olivia makes it a misdemeanor for a minor to visit a liquor or dainbling saloott,' and pre- scribes a punishmest of fine or im- prisonment in the (smuts- jail or both. The bill -passed through, the 9.nincil by a voteWeven to five. HoMian. o •allatin, lia -tela, of Park. Kennedy of .1e•tferson, Thomiust ell. Of Deer Lodge. and President Cole. of Lewis and Clarke, voting in the negative. The Miss of sending 'boys to jail or even fining them for visiting these place» which are licensed by law and which are visited perhaps by the fathers of the boys, is so preposterous i diot it seems probable that the Governor will veto the measure. The hill providing for the new text- books to be used in the public schools of the Territory. 1i uai practically the recommendation oi the text -book com- mission aud of the jouit committee of the two houses '-'ou education. has passed the. et:mm.1i. The' 'books en-. dorsed and the prices at which they t ire to be furnished are as f011Ows; Retail Introderc- Et - change nice. tion Pent., McGittreyie Heviced Ec- lectic Eirst }trader . .. . s-ed Do. Stectrind Reader ... . . , .35 Third Reader ....... • .. - st DU. Fourth Resider_ \ I).., FIS\ Reader. ........ Fish's Aritliniet:e. No. I . \ •• .7ti Barnes's Flementary Oc- oitrabilY 114, Cunt plete Get ‚graph) iturnes's short Studies in English. pan L Do. Pan - ti .45 Ilarver's Pe -ended Enriath The latest telegratalic dispatches iy that the members of the begot- nar\cem.litt«tr-' 4 -.'ne-s 1 -- 21 Do. Primary U.s.11i.tury- .79 lature are to be elected at a separate f li t s-. Ile; t itli Primer_ election from the State officers, but Ph Y\'\'\\ for Young this is probably a mistake. If true, however, it will give - the Territory three different elections in the next eight months, which will certainly be a surfeit. The Constitutionat - \Convention is to .consist., of . seventy-fiv'e members elected in bundles of three, and each elector can vote for but two, so that the minority is sure to be represented in force. The Governor, Chief Jus- tice, and Secretary of the Territory will apportion the Territory for the Con- stitutional Convention. Under the old Constitution, the first Legislature is to consist ,of the same number of members elected from the same dis- tricts as the Territorial Legislature. The first Legislative Assembly is to make an apportionment so that - twenty -one Senatorw and forty-five Representatives will be elected. , THE LMISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. IIELiNA, Feb. 22-- 7 Kennedyls bill providing for the Australian system of voting was reported to the Council yesterday by the Comittee on Elections without recommendation. After be- ing bebi in committee nearly a month, the prospect of it'ie passage are not very favorable, foe lack of -time if fou - no other reason. The Republicans who have brought this about will prob- . ably some day have cause to regret their position on this question. The bill to regulate corporations, in by Tionnpson of Silver Bow. in the interest of small stockholders, is. intwaa anticipitted, having a hard row ! to hoe. Its success is a matter of ex - tonne doubt, though the professions of desire fim the bill are by no means scarce. Collins's printieg bill has passed the Council. It places the letting of , the public pi - jilting and of the -OCA Y ItEA DER OF TH.E Tom Knight and 4. F. Allen Isere among the Wicket people who visited Helena during the past week_ Mis'. Kellogis.wife of Judge Kellogg. -e 1 - 2 ? 2 Le'trieti 2 :k iniririEeCel - 3T T heilhaot and richly illuatrated monthly periodical. and their daughter Mollie, arris - el on - THE BEST l i i NIS T T RE Or wo W ate ....11 MONTHLY Saturday morning by , the N. P.. after as the onty magazine devoted exclusively to about kii .11 months' absence on a visit . 1rin» • hutory arid the literature, antiquities. and Curiosities to Michigan, their old home. We are e hisse s that covers the vehMe American It esaultneted in a aptrited and ImPulat manner. ami tr. prinaed with wieli care and Made that it a pleasure glad to welcome then again. to Ur* ¡LI elegant peges. The wife or WM. Bartle presented b a zt o i . r , i e i I c luitiet i tizi li e no u r ...‘ a ire rtic tt o ic aee tiegta iiii i d s hun with a young son on the 21st ssiss, and dig staying much is nose that it. con- , ‚enta are in .ffamnig with its artistic inake-up. Its HISL. ' 'Mother and child are doing us mete reefix but tell,. exaetly what it Se-Ameridut history. - *---- The Ocridell, San Fruteirou, well. ie wife .of C. Citnningliam hatt reciepeuanb the well-elmaen libeary, whether sag.b.'w or more mir ii.' and appropriate been very ,sick rot; the last two weeks. Lce r the n„ enitivezd borne alid the situdy-table. unegnitnde in thr 'e r i m u li2r ur a w m tr i thi b a ni m ri tt e* goiLc m e n trt Slue is under the care of Dr. Bullard. pet -7rv i4 edn alth is t Isionina l treare l Z . r an ar i en t g or ee Mrs, Harry Bartell is still verV sick. d. , - No magazine 011 the whole lint is better worth the We hope soon to see her aronn tt eystc. measured 17 the antottnt of We would say with the eorresponq n e Y get rum tileirPnee8.- ,i;;1 . „ . 1 stu .. ,, e 3u. à f se d,.. di . ‘ , - n e t r , liitle i tt l m e r llettl î t.: of paper., dent of Radersburg that our thanks - render. atol riot too light for real ( N .I.I a lt Itt o e.\- he .N li ete Y att; are still due to Hon. MIR Kenried ' Kennedy Truhr.T. t'The 4 ati . f zi -al magazine ever publiithed• in for copies of Council and house bills. Araerielr- * and. 'we would endorse th .es remark -- As glass. priorlese n ne t t s; i t:re_ .\' lf . \1 1 ss em ia le ; that , it r_fu\ strikes . us na t c h nn a i t e_aaid -Ken_ we. nedy irridtisuBsciaprioel,e is a temo d• i H a imt ' o e ry \ . nJ 'L e tr iesl ize. r i opr e k;W tecieete. .. t 74 ‚ .. \sgazire \ A eti‘ ye n 1 : e irt nr . d- him .É ese(..oe- Wll', seeing that - PritAtishod, 7-1:i 'Urn:id Nc - a N le.NV errs:. Y' some people and papers have been condemning him in reference to the gambling bill. We would Say if the w , , Council is going to stop gambling let L (-)FFICE; AND CHEMIC'AL LABORATORY them stop it in all its phases and not a part of it. It looks ridiculous to - 3\. 'P. rcs's;r3a, permit faro. which is doing the great- FIELEN.t, . est harm to wife and children and Gold and st-brii. II t „ - ziwe prohibit the \sure thine game_ Thu' ss...s,goidaitdieed '„n ntimonv se to 6 f0 is the point to -le looked at and we- so 5 00 5 On WM FILM stand bY. our Council member: s a\-- - 1 50 Iron 150 1 . 'ria.',.'. neperiodiud inexistence more absolutely HELENA ADVEIZTISEMENTS. . MONTANA. also our member in the Ht•use. It has been very cold at this plat, l'imm during the past few days. the inerenn Isss- ssa. sszstesss-ss being twenty-teo to twenty-five belos zero ' is etill-uppermost with our l G- S - Iii\T 1:1 itTObpeCtOTS who are in from the moan - tains to get Pr°visitnis for the ei n nit M. 1 „ is.• nest le the Mitlicet. B month. f Sold on Eiti , y Terms. FISII CREEK NOTES. OPPICResqffer. 43, North Warren at., !Special Coerespondeae. of TM\ Flbli CREEK. Felt. 25. -The get -angst - is fine and everybody is harpy. ,- eu° Alex'. Tuttle .left here for his house rt. C ERO. ' • in Judith Basin a few days sines.. IN so The spirit of Our senunnetisy is 51: vest:Fes As present somewhat ae, te till over a ' I ' \\' t - ; 7 ' railroad which it to be hoped Otto - Minors Supplied. \ le Win get. as Butte City is our nearest market. _sr xio.° , . OH . rktiOnt, . * Vrhiélt for the list five months.. bast been Tinder the tinurefni- ment of C. P. Reedt.r. closed last Fri- --srrsAst day. Ile is ardently devoted to-Fsii Creek -and regrets to leave so good a people. 'The social' event of the season wes, a ball and kupper given at the resi- dence of James J. Winslow last Friday evening. The occasion being Willard Winshrev's birthday. A blizzard was promptly on hand in the morning ofsaid day which drove the mercury to ten below. But bliz- zard or no blizzard when there is a pirty at J. J. Winslow's the young people who are invited will be there. The crowd began to ether about 7:30 and ere the hour of nine had rol- led around eight happy couples were • tripping the light fantastic in a spaL j cious mint specially prepared for the occasion. At 12 o'clock supper was l announced, the viands consisting of \ everything that can be had around and about the premises tif a weli-tos: do rancher. Among those who did L ample Justice' to not. strong eriffete. ' i . „ chicken.. cake. pies. and pickles, I ..‘II People Steele\' Hy g ienic Pttya.,, 1, 1.110 Spencerian ineiry-Boolut common -echoed scrim .10 .15 Do.bhort Course a'sd Tree ing * Oa .45 Eclectic Complete Rook - keeping • es au Do. Bookkeeping Blank*, per set .60 .13 !..tO igell'sraphreDrawing Book,*' ..15 Lovell's Civics for 'Young People .:I0 .40 NEWS FROM WICKES. .10 r - 1Special Correspondence of Ter AGE.] Wictins, Feb. 22. -Mrs. Owen, the ' temperance speaker. gave another ad- dress at this place ou Sunday last, the I services being largely attended. An elder from the Latter -Day Saints» or the Mormon Church - . Salt Lake, by the name of Clapp, has been address- ing meetings at the A. O. U. W. hall dureg the past week. in furtherance of the above Church's Was. Eureka Lodge, I. O. G. T., is um - - - ing forward with rapid strides, there - :laving been ten new members initiat- ed in the past two Weeks, and about twelve more being ready' for the next meeting. The Lodge is prepared to receive all who areWilling to give up t heir drinking and will come and abide by the teaclhing,s and principles of the order. Aside from the closing of the school there was nothing going on at this place to indicate that the 22d of Feb-:• unary had arrived, not even a dance: but the fart of .lontana being - admit- , ted to the sisterhood \Of States was enough to make us feel We were alitYe• Mies b. Green. a Mielugau. ar- rived here last week and intends to make this 'her future home. We bid luer welcome.. Mrs. Mat -y Johnson left the past week to abide at East Helena in future. ' Mrs. Frank- Kempsey. E. R. Dean. was a -blue eyt:d angel - and your , correspondent. After supper dancing \. was again resumed anticontineued untill seven in - the morning : this waS a; pleasunt affair and wall - mug be re- membered. The following ladies and gentlemen were present: Misuses Rena Gorden. Alice, Nettie and Sarah Sherry. Sadie and I.irzie Beall. Anna Butt, Mare and Meda Bruffey. Melli\ Stark and Carrie Winslow: Messrs. Julian. Joe and Mat Stark. George McGinnis. T. R. Butt: Ivan Botei'. Lee MeBrode. Wm, Beall. Tom Carr, Geo, Kinder. Willie Gordon. C. P. Reeder and George I.aPort. ONE WI10 roes -air Iwo. TO THE YOUNG FoILKS. A na . osicafis to be organized at the home of Mrs. T. A. Wickets on Fri- day evening next at seven doe*. fur the benefit of beginners in music. • No one is expected who has not pre- pared either a song or instrumental music on piano, guitar. organ. french harp- eornet, flute or violin. All of our young people who'''are williug to take part in the musical programme of the evening rnarc invited. hereby, whether ! from the town or: country no thriller mention being necessary. It is hoped that the chit - diet) of our _comninnity will thus _be encouraged' in the tautly of musk during the eontiog Simmer. BROMNS BLOCK - - - - HELEN& _A__ O. smsirou - , Manager. IIELENA, M. T_ Mcivracra AGENT>. ii - ctt IMPROVED STS_L_M PUMPS, ATM COlifstaN SEWS • WRJLIts.Hi IRON WHIRR. N'tro Caps, Fuse. Etc. 4 -tr.s.r...s.r : I rt.t.N A, M. T. • THOJIAS ('RISE SAViNGS BANS. ( incorporated Untif:r the Laws of Moninnia. P.M', TN CA PITA T.. tsi'co,Qc,Q. 111031A14 CRUsE ,.. President re. CARTER Vice -President, C. L. DAIILER Treasurer. FI, .1, CARTE:R., 4ecrelary. Allows six per rent. interest on Savings Deporits, tortspounskilJanuary and July. ' Traricacts a general banking businetic, draws ex- change...I the principal cities cf the United State'' aunt Europe. isake..lo,nus on County flIld City bomb. and rezi estate mortanstes. ' • HELENA DISINLiti COLLEGE NSIRÙAL TRAININO SCHOOL. ---•ENTA•ebinr.D 1 7- 1.1: Teem reprint Si ptember 3, 1Ssg. Nisei School Prom October t April Brandies . Taught M Business Department: • Bee)ilk r . rit i ti ne ,:,:iW et ., ( *n or n a Ll eri *e m b air i r Coi ( n .mn inercia ni ér r e C l ar- Law' re-Ir.:wiener, Honking, Aetual }M- aim -as Pradier. Ete. sirr:LA NDS.A ND TYl'EWILITINO- Al; Made Specialties In thiaeollege. aemle;thansi 1E1,4rue/ion Caren by 3Iitil. - etti .NORItLA L I / Erit RT M ENT Imparts thorough rfrill in all the ordinary English, Ate\ offers tbe beef 1;001 . 0(410o in (ler - ado. lereerk. E ntinanel the Higher fatlictitaties. English - b ‘ r.c.m•hr, .• W iped along to enter Isigher • . an'elasmeti. • e Lodi,. Admitted to all Piepartments. - ‘a ART * I 'Er.% term sr.ers Offer ter ).emei,e....-à)Cve, in Architectural and ciayors Dn'. OrinLatental Penmanship., Paint-- Mtg. Elk ' enter at any A41\. an ( ''e lT i 'T nw : f : t : ' 1Ul ' 1)„N. President, . F Ileleria. Montana. •.„: peed foilttrearnted1\irctilar.. liVEIRTVE 1 , 1 THE V•E-II resell every .ebewordiAtriet In Jefferson q.....nany

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 27 Feb. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.