The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, March 06, 1889, Image 1

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A 4 MITE - 174C)1. I.« 1\1\ tit1. ^ - • lactxxiciltrnr. Moxi.tet 11.431:1ritC:brir. Wociriostart3r, Matirolet O. 1080. 1.340LCUEC, CDCP., Wholesale. and read ail nor.m.rmi IN CSIr 0 CI Met 13 I -late and ('apta, - Moon:4 and rélkees,, Cal•IEN ; US • 14`17 N I Nc;,- (so° Des, NI» FANCY NOTIONS oF ALL KINInt. AND -0 '1' 1-L N (ir eluve recently been aulded to our large and varied stock and it Ft111 and . Fine Ammrt.luettt _ Of llsese linen ««f geode will hereafter be foittuf on our «shelves. CialifoCiog -21.1gt lno ci mrctRiits. to-rtntleas„ CAPS, BLASTING, AND S- poet iii\. Itatind• Flutter and klugs -AND-• ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a specialty by that 11011!&e. r. Highest Mail:el mire paid for 13 , teini Boot. ADD . ALL KINO8 or Courra' PitorocE -PLACER L6CATIONS. The -follo•wing beat j 01 \ ' of placer daims in Jetterson county wet -e re- corded in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder during the months of Septembe, October, November, ; . and December, 1888: By Robert M. Bunnell and John L. Bunnell. twenty acres. one •and one half miles east of Tycoon creek, lo- cated September 18th. By Thomas Jordan, twenty titres, located Octobet• let. By Mary A. Edgerton, Nellie • E. thirty -seven 66-100 acres. granite quar- ry, lot No. 1 in section, 17, t-9 n. r 3 es • W. located December 12th. 1;y Wm. Hardison and Jas. Hall, forty acres granite quarry in section 17,1 n, r 3 w; est . t ed December 12th. By Jas. B. Ifillford, Dodley Hal- f3rd, Jas. H. Halford,and Daniel M. Halford, seventy acres in Lump gulch, in sections 4 and 5 0 t ti`u, r w, located iSetsunber 6th, By Edward Barnet , . and, Henry Brown, flirty acres in Boomerang gulch, located December 20th. • By C. M. -Dunwody, tmenty aeres, seven rudes sotillrertitrlirew south fork- tof Crafei4. gulch, ' I - Matted September 3d. By H. G. Mitchell, P. T. Brennan, Wm. II. Wright, and Thoe. Killala, twent;,- acres on Indian creek, a tribu- tary 'of the net -th - Boulder, located August 24th. By U. M. Jones. twenty acres stAme quarry, in section :36. t 7 e, r 1 e, lo- catètrfTeMber 18th.. By Joseph Hanna, twenty acres on Prickly 11 ( -ar creek, -t 7. n,, r 3 w, lo- cated.October 6th. By Isaac B. Cutler. Eliza J. Cutler, t 1NX /It (: 1.: 1 ' I.` V' *( DEALER 'TN • t«, Con feeti eey , Nut s, T«.1 oiceos. and Cigars and Notions ot Various kinds. . Ata. V A 1)117TINO ettrima oitorriars.tEncirs A NI) Ihteltire WILL DE Erin - IN it SF:Mai:Ns. IT W11I. fir. Tin,: Alm Krv.r Tar»; WU AND «a Streurrer %N J . Tir\ To >Wert.... ALI. In:\ am.- . ?Wheel Donau, Kept conintattitlY .1geney for the nilitn.rized TERRITORIAL TEXT -BOOKS FOR PUBLIC SCROOLE ( \)NTILNI'T , J. M. ›li KENZIE. . 1 N .0 1 . 01 . 1.oKes. - WICIENZIE Eci.SOW rt c s A N I) It l' I I I) 1 S Boulder, Man t O ESTIMATES GIVEN ON ALL KINTe4 OF WORK Il GTE 1 •BOULDER 110T SPItINGS AND HOTEL. TitoTTER. Panful r.root. Thew Springs have most 'Wonderful Curative l'rtopert jest III all form« or xtu.(31.1.232.ettio eriroxinsloaa @cheat Itiosolatt. Sri 1dlookt. WIll. N. Goodwin and Thomas on hand. thi« hang the Houkler Haney, twenty acres, ego. miles south- east of Woodville. on Big Pipestone creek, located September 2d. By Cyrus Brandon and J. D. 31CLennan, 'twenty acres ou Indian creek, located August 24th. By J. J. Holmes, twenty acres in Peter's guléh, - leeated September 29th. By Thotuati Kean, Sarah Reynolds, and Wen. Holt, sixty acres in Lump' gulch, located September l'Oth. By A. E. S9deison and W. Wright, twenty acres, one half unie from 'Bout - der river. on Dry gulch, located Oc- tober 11th.- By G. B. Hammer, tab,' acres on Galena- gulch, located October 13th. By E. Thomas, Ed Fosdie, Louis flanson, George Crider, and Hen r i's? Bownutn; 100 acres, fifteen miles southwest of Boulder, on vorth fork of Little Boulder river, located Oc- tober 12th. By Mathew Hogan, twenty acres on White Tail creek, located October 29th. _ By Thomas Halt ten acres near The Spring/. ia a Boulder ill section 32, t 6 n„r4 vr, lo- mosfr PLItlAt-421. - .Nrr npisona ‚ • cated Nevember 7th. D IN Lead Piafionaut. anct General Debuity. For Ihinott who an() overworked and weary and who demire a few day«.' relief from toil anti Mimi - nee«. and want a few daps' recreation. Edgerton, D.johnson, M. W. Johnson, John'' M.\ Smith, .1iteOb Smith, and -}lizabetle Smith. 140 acres, in section 36, t 7 n, r 1 e, lo- cated September 29th, By Louis J. Edgerton, Charles. B. Jacobs, E. D. Edgerton, D. A. Mon- fort, and Mary .1. Monfort. 100 acres, bisection 36, t 7 r 1 e, located sk,P- . tember 29th. By Mary A. Edgerton. Ndut E. Edgerton, Lillie D. Johnson, M. W. Johnson -, `John N. Smith. Elizabeth A. Smith, Jacob Smith, and Lou Turner, 160 to•res in section n, r 1 e, located September 29th. By Samuel B. Cormiek and James E. Banta, forty tierce on- Red Rock creek, located October 2.(1. • By Thomas E. Jordan, William Trautman, George Hopkins,' and F. Huger, eigtty acres, betvveen Indian creek and Big Boulder river, located October 4th. By II. W. Stevenson, Wm. W. Rein ig, A. P. Thomas. Grace A. Cow - O. C. Rinker. Mark Brayerton, Wm. Shuman, and John A. Kelider, 160 . acres in seetiim lit. t 9 r 3 w, located ( )etober 1 e h. • e,) Ily Thomas Hall, ten acres ite,ar Boulder in section 32, t en, r 4 w-, lo - ceded November 7th. CONFESSION OF JUDGMENT. Uwe io always Ust UM of Medial ‚milldams slid Baths are Free By Thonms Hall, twenty acres near 'says the prospects for a very active ST. 1..01« m iMainuota M g Review, Helene. I The- Heletm /adepenefent of Thursday contained the following de- scription of the situation of affairs in the mints; of the Si-. Louis district- as gleaned .frotn - conversation with Mr. W. IL Risk: William il., Risk,' One of the oldest settlers of the old -lime camp of St Louis, a hich was itt 1866-7 the scene of a stampede tu its placer mines, which t contributed many thousand dollars' worth t of gold dust, arrived in IN zmd Populo\ nine • Priadpal Puna. , Minn c. t , oak ot iiserizsaa.t en,saas. Aloo at mitre. AND MINNEAPOLIS For all pointa sOliTH Aso »AST • --tet--s- re ONLY LINE autism r Skrso Groat ens thin- has been paid to qteirtz alining, though of late seine active work iii being done itt this respects with %Mid prospeets that St. Louis will soon be among the bullion producers. Placer milting still carried on all the year around. Among the quartz' mines being developed the \Park mine is bt- ' ing worked on the Most extensive scale. A shaft was put down itt this mine on the upper tunnel. but the water became so strong that the fail- ities for handling it were inadeqyate, and work in the ithaft..wati - ittOPlittd. an d .. 2b ar i es s i xt ,,. acres , Attention is now -being directed to the Jackson creek, loeated August 31st. By Daniel R. Fox, twentj , aeres, located August; 31st. • • By Franklin R. Wallace, Mary L. Wallace, Albert M. Thornburgh. M. S. Bolles. Helen A. Bolles, Richard. A . Bolles, Waring 1'. Carrington, and Mary K. Bolles, 16 4 ) act -es in section 8, t 9 n, r 3w, loeated November 27th. By Franklin R. Wallace, Mary L. Wallace. Albert Ni.. -Thornburgh, Mr S. Bolles, Helen Waring P. Carringtou, Richard F. Bolles. Mary K. Bolles, 160 -acre* in sections 17 and 18, t 9 n, r 3 W, Itteated November 27th; and 159.71-100 acres in section 30, t 9 n, r 3 w, located November 13th; and 160 acres in section 2, t 9 n. r 3 w, located December 1st. • By M. 14olles, H. Anderson. Mary K. Anderson, Chas. S.4Ilaire, Franklin R. Wallace 1 M Thorn- burgh ; M. S. Bolles, anil Richard F'. Bolles, 160 acres in section 2, • t 9 n, r .i 1v. located December 1st. . By Michael S. Bolles, R. F. Bolles, C. „IL Anderson. Franklin R. Wallace. and Albert M. Thornburgh, 100 acres opening of a third tunnel in Which it is hoped to drain the water and cross - eut the lead which the owners think they have. A small streak of good looking oie lias been found, in one of the three tunnels. several tons of which were shipped to Helena. Mr. Risk thinks the 'prospect may some (lay det;e1op into a mine. While he does not sav so, the conclusion Is reached that he think» the reported statements about the extenSiYe Shoe - ing of the iiirk mine have peen ispuken of by some over-enthusiastie peretons. The 'Gold Dud. which lies north of ine Park mine Some distitnee, is being worked by O., H. Allen anil M. W. Johnson, the owners. It is developed by a tunnel in which they claim to have two and a half feet of good pay- ing galena. ,So fitr two carloads have l i ven shipped idol:rent- Falls with gotta results. The owners say the mine Is paying its unit wily. • • The .1 Bon , • owned by a Pittsburg company, of which Tom Reese' is the head, is being worked on a small scale. This is Lite oldest mine in the ramp, AND 111JTTF. Their \Mot« TANA will ho put in Nervier Noveinher littla, with a India equipment uneseelled; fitratimhing materials' Ikay toadies:1'0sec Steepen., Free Colonist •Sleepen., /Superb [hating Caws of latait «leagn. •':%Itotritolut-i'sacktio 100%' Iii'' TO - Patel Sound Points Alftwato \keeper tahu than was any other. ' Karr Tin,' )NI t armors Arrowroot , ' f ZeJillk ; rejrkenTltp. f 'ompany ham fear mule in Unl- oad 'radar Land' fer‘'1..eprieeis end_on favor - ‚arena 1.,filin,t(10 aweee, Ls,rel lent Form'. ig. Ono:trig, able term... t • For Map.« and general information inquire ad your «. ticket agent .1 IhiuK WALTER. F. I. Woorrostr, lend (*ain't% e T A . Paul. MIMI. A 'MANeLl.. D )4 A LEXAND101, V P. de 0. T. M. (;CP 211 AL OMIT 314 THE N() liTIF lisa (leaned. Mho 3Piaitiaits Casa* let outer AND Great Short t 1 , :nowterrrt. Salt9C:a The Sliurirmt CIIIVAOG AND ALL POIN'IS EA kl . V. And the only THROUGH CAR LINE Low Rates. flomit tans, Throart , tali, Mine. Waco Somers. ---:««:- X1.1ItTlIERN PACIFIC , TIME TABLE. failowiti ia Ilse tinif of the un valu and 'iv - in section t r 3 w, located De. w r i ng b een wo sk e d ef t ..,. n years ago. Immune« sr traiu,.. 'on the Northern e.,att• at storm. Iy fhe hat‘oldiclacrlele laic took elect Nov, ilth, There 'is a sixteen stamp i6i11 on the cember 1st. THE nuNLEFT11. IM..n to no Mining Review , !Mena. j Mose Manuel has disclosed a new body of --itre in this mine and ship- ments to Rimini will commence. The cave which lately occurred in one of the levels of the mine has been over- come, and the new strike 'en* inade, we understand, while clearing out the debris. - The snow on the divide near the Dualeith is about three fee deep on the - level, and in the open parks has drifted pretty badly. Considerable work is going on in several mines in the neighborhood -of the Du . aka. Boulder in section 32, t 6 u. r 4 w. lo- c ated November 26th. • Samuel Scpwab and Edward 1. Zim- By .1. H. Evans and Katie M. merman r8. the Major Budd Gold awl • act -es near it 1 I • (Montane Mining Review, Helena.1 N Silver Mining Company, confession of' judgment, is the title of a case file( BOULDER. - - - - MONTANA. bet- 29th. . J. Sehaffer, .1. 14,--Stranalem, The larrat Hotel is no Gay. • • (buy c „ . ,. . and Ernest Hahn-. twenty-five acres is for $30,36‘.05, of which judgment amount S23,275/.1-46 its •due Messrs. Condueted throughout on\mtrielly find -aka. in section 10, t 9 n, r 3 w, located - November 5th. Schwab and Ziterriertnan individually. Imminemm principlem. B t wen t , and $7,092.19 . oney loaned. ad- vanced and expe!nded and paid out by themfor • p. y. \ judg- ment is signed by the vice-president and secretary of the company. lii Patrons of the Haul. RACE TO AND FROM ALL TRAINS _ GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL. C. \V. BARGER, Pram : tetra% • titan 32. t ti n, r 4 w, located ovem - 1 in the' distriet court Tuesday. The ' , --aii- earSAVE.11 ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR: \OS The Grand central Hotel ham reeently heen thoroughlf repaired. refitted, and re- furnimhal. and patron«. fOII • alimured of num.' emu- fortuble guar - The futile Till • owner by pitrchame, lust ‘veeic of tle, The vein is three feet wide. l'wo term. , ground which lets itt its time turned out a large quantity.of bullion. It is expected that a good (feat of win -k will 'be done this year. as' the present force are putting. the mine in shape for active development. The Bucker, owned by George Harper, S. M. Silver and Tent Dean, a mile east of the Park Mine, has a foot of solid galena, in the'- tunnel which_ is in about sixty-five feet. It is being steadily developed. , The lion .11a4k, the deepest mine in the, place, having a 192 -foot shaft, which hats been idle some time owing ‘ to some diffieuity between the owners, I. will soon be workedagain: Mr. Risk seasons - in quartz mining is encourag- ing. He believes the quartz is there. but it is down deeper than the present workings in the camp. • THE GARFIELD LODE: • , 'Montana Mining Review, Helena The GarfifId lode, Cataract district, is owned by Capt. S. A. Swiggett. Petersen, P. Torley, and - Nets Olson. , The vein is eighteen inches. wide and is solid galena. An assay of th'e ore ¡Went 13C ounces silver and tifty-one per'eent lead. The shaft is now down fifty feet. They also own an extension section 3. t !Le, r w; located Decent- Mr. Thomas Moran became the ' with. a shaft, on it forty feet deep. ber 7t6. ' will ulwoym t iv heot BV Sn'Pet and Wm. Berkins . ot &thalami and prompteervaren • . corner lot ef land -in the -Dougherty stnall car loads of ore have been ship- -- tlw market Thé two, twenty leres, - Boulder mining district, to Ha Is ms. • si : locateu pm...inner an. r-bleek . on Main tetroct, the ‚«w' 'ice'.- pet! to Wiekes and netted 575 per ton, , I LIZGA Da. ru N. SS. Pant, MIssiseapolta Monattobst • _ . tilt\' 3 acres ar head of 'Jackson creek, located No: venther 27th. ' By John. ,Anderson and, Harrison Ashbury, thirty-three 55-100 acres -in ChALEUAROI T5 ‚i.e PM., Au Hy Witt. Harrison amid Jas. Hall, (ion being $.27,1). from the extension. 41«lliVe.t• AT mriasa No. I -Through IKest.lrotind I.Inthital , Coop in No. 2 --Through Esamt-tartitert Litilited...:.....i...d:23 pear \ ti -Butte. Mipeoulo,ond Ilt•h•nu Ex pream...12:06 no \ Ité-Marysville Paammenger 10:10 an, • - le -Bimini Aceotinaitslial ion SAS p no .\ 17 -Wickes. Boulder. Mid Calvin Pou.',.. 3:43 p us tigoAirraitluo room 113LIIMAI NO. 1-Thenegb Wemt-hound Limited. 4 I p On - I ota, Pitmownger %-on pm \ Itt-Itimint Aircommodation 8•15em tm-.Wickca, Bimider, and Cal V in POSS..... -.14:1)0 a Kb A.. L. STOKES, (amend Agent, er.E. ileirnu. Montana. Gen. and Ticket Agent, At. Faul. - - CNION PACIFIC RAILWAY THEnv\; t, A 1, D 1 - T FOR ALL rieivi EAST. 110\TH NO WakiliT. Making close ermnertlons at Connell ruffs. Ott 11. Leevenrcorth and Kansas City with all trains for die Fula and South. Akio the Shortitet line to tilleklitionsia Pointe.' Through tacketa loan point« in the ended Mate., Canada and Europe. i r Per e.n information call nu OT adirircos A. E. VEAZIF , Tray PAN.. Agent, 24 North Main Street, Helena. « ▪ .1 A. 1.1;a -na, Genera/ Agent, Butte, Moats la . 4 . J. TESBEIIP, Ci P. and T. A., °maim. Nebraska ••'•`•••..7\.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 06 March 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.