The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, April 10, 1889, Image 1

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• , es • _ , ....••••••••••• ' / 1i7 WC). .11,. . pe - 331crae.11. , en-,, 7ilacsza.taaaaaa gleterrl «W'. Wocilaeplibteme7\. •db.reril. Mai MOOD- Zeiror 'Ilteeear. )..eb-CCEE, CC:011.*Ir cob I ) ' Wholemale and Retail DZALIRA IX 01-T1.0011111.1300111, Hats and Cape, Boots and Shnee, GrElerre FT7RNIIItNG aciopee, AStI FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDei. • act F1L \Iir\ C31- C.) 0 X:, fie AND C L 0 3' H I 14 a -Ilisam.memillglegumadisg4e_tr large and varied • stock at a Full and Fine Ansortment Of these lines of goods will hereafter be fouina our shelves. -)o(--- Angara Foa Cilealircsricalar 3Pecospere1ez - NIV'ORKS. do II erculeos, CAPS, Ranch BLASTING, AND Sport ing. -)04- • Butter and Wage ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE . • FUSE Are made • specialty by this house. Ilighest market priee paid for RUTTER EGGS. AND ALI. MODE Or COUNTRY PRODUCE ‚1 FOWF PIPA.Trir ac CO.. alum _ Fruits. Confectionery, Nuts,, Tobaccos and Cigars and Xotions . of Various Kinds. ALL Vnairruss or Gerrit Ciamtnincs. Farmi AS» wits. or Karr IN Taos: Scamon... IT Will. NE THE .415 To Kane Tassa Fame AND Ix erryloUrIn 41:AX- rirv ro St•rrt.v ALL DiklIANON: . Scheel Books, School Books, Scheel Books Kept einstantfy hand, this being the Boulder Agency for the authorized TERRITORIAL TEXT -BOOKS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS L• ‚• (`)NTRACT011- ‚Ni) BUILDF.ItS. y N. MrKENZIK, ft.) • ().:•(*TRAG:roft.. AND BUIE, pelt, Boulder, Montana. FATIMATES GIVEN ON ALL KINDS OF WORK =a - HOTELS. .. J3OULDER isoT mamma AND HOTEL. WM. nurrrna, Paorairroa. +hem Els'illies have most Ntroliadertial Curative Properties' In all forum of Pt.12.csursaa,t rZircs,-utl=sleibas ASD M. Lead Poisoning and General Debility. -40(- The Springs is a MOST PLEASANT RHtORF For thosewho are overworked and weary and who desire a few Fifty.' relief ben toil and bun - noes anil want a few days' recreation. Titre is always the Best of timbal lusodure and tithe are row te III Patron of the Hotel. HACK TO AND FROM ALL TRAINS GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL, • C. W. BARGER., Proprietor, BOULDER, - - - - MONTANA. The Lupin Istri in balmy. Tits Only Thae-stery Betel to ta My. Conducted throughout nu etricaly tirst-chiss business priniiiplee. ilies•urLg Roos ON TRI FIRST r•Loos. - RR The Grand Central Hotel her recently been thoroughly repaired, refitted. and re- furnished. and patmns eau he assured of most com- fortable quar- ter.. The table will will always be the teet the market affords The best of attention and prompt werviey en to all ;melee. Come and we will de you good. CIL rOL,Mall Tv two Fllöld ALL TR • ILL. QUARTZ LOCATIONS. (corn 1St' ED FROM LAirr %AKER. I The following quartz 'locations in Jefferson county were recorded in the office of the bounty Clerk and Re- corder, dur4ig - the month of Jan- uary,.1889: ..- Bouldereity- lode, one mile west of Boulder, relocation. •of Logan , lode, located December 31st, by Louis 'Plan:ton and Wm. Butler. - Annie Laurie lode, Cataract mining, district, in Rock guleh, located Janu- cated January lat, by S. W. Walter and 8. E. Strickland. Parkvietv lode, Pipestone Park, lo- cated January . 1st, by A. McBride and S. W. Walter. Ecllpee, Blacksheep, and Brazil lodes, Beeistraight • mining district, located January 1st, by Wm. Huzelton, Mrs. Annie E. Walker, and 8. E. Strlek; land. Original lode, Little Pipestone min- ing district, located January 1st, by Richard Berryman. Nifty lode 1 Whitetail unorganized' Mor ngslar lode, Colorado- mining by James P. Gilbert!ion and James district, located January 1st,. by Win. wini amson , - M. Montgomery and John Montgom- Redcoat lode, on and one-half miles cry. . • t southwest' of Boulder, located Jean - Midnight lode, Colorado mining di:- ary 1st, by Louis Planron and Henry trict, ou divide betweeu south fork Bowman. of Clancey creek and Cutler gulch, Bigfloal lode, half a mile south from located January 1st, by Philip Gruner South Crow creek, located October. and W111. McFee. , 20th, 1888, by 'Joseph Robinson, A - Ercebtior lode, Catamet mining dis- thur May, Mathews Adams, J. N. trict, three miles from Basin, located Collins, and G. N. Boyer. January 1st, by John L. Neenan. B. Foxroei lode, Little Pipestone min - McDevitt, John Doyle, and Alex ing district, located October 12th, McPhail. 1888; by Thomas P. Byrne and An- Oeeidental lode, Cataract. mining dis- drew Doyle. trict, two .miles northeast of Basin, »Up« Fide, Elkhorn mining dis- located January 1st, by. C. M. Dun - 1 trict, adjoining the Sophie mine, lo- woody and Cou Sullivan. cated January 2d, by W. --E. Richard - Potosi lode, ideated January 1st, by son, A. J. Bullock, James Hogan, and Albert S. Congdon. Wm. Hill. Starlight lode, Big Pipestone minim! W C B lode, Cataract mining dis - district, five miles northwest from trict, located January, 1st, by W. C. Pipestone Springs, located January Buskett. 1st, by Howard H. Becker, John R. Ray, ahd D. C. Davenport. . • December' 25th, 1888, by Charles Mollie lode, three miles southeast of Hoskins, Thomas' Mayne, James J, J. E. Jacobs, Chai. Flagg, J. P. Burp, Woodville, located January 1st, by Mayne, and W. C. Williams. 'A.' Pincus, Green Majors, John H. A. E. Lind, Jóba. Und, W. W. Will- Dora and Ward° .iodes, Beaver Curtis, and I. Pincus. terns, and John Duffy. Creek mining district:, `rowed Jantw Honiestaktbetie lode, Homestake mia- Blaekd lode, three miles south- ary -- 3d, by W. S. - Dodge and \‚in. ing diatrjet,, ¡neap(' January lst, by east of Woodville, aud Bertie lode, Filson. Chas. Flagg,..J. P. Earp, J. E. Jacobs. three miles sonth of Woodville, Redbreast lode, Colorado mining dis. I. Pincus, J. H. Curtis, Green Major. cated,January 1st, by A. E. Lind. trict, relocation, located January 1st, and A. Pincue. • Star lode, Dogtown mining district, by Jacob and Fred Kauf. located January let, by J. H. Guthrie Madison lode, Cataract milling die - and E. Thomas. trict, four miles easterly from Basin, Eciipee lodo, Dogtown'iMining located January 5th, by A. Calvin trict, located .January lst,. by J. II. and Jas. McCormick. Redeloud lode, on Mind' hill, located - - stake mining district,located January I • 1st, by David Black, Peter Brown, e and Robert Cramer. jimbtudte and Prairiebelle.lodes, Big- , foot mining district, located `January '1th, by, Chat: E. Perrino, J. N. Cha- pin, Henry Mounts, and Peter A. Morrison. Rhodeisland and Saintlawrence lodes, on divide between Jackson and Clark's creeks, located January bit, by Dlivid S. Cramer. Saiutpaul lode, on divide between - ' Clattery and_ Cataract, creeks, and -al divide -- coy creek . and Quartz gulch, located' .January 1st, by Edward W. Goudy. Montechrieto lode, on divide between Quartz gulch and Clancey creek, lo- cated January 1st, by Edward W. Goudy. Emitlynn lode, on divide between Qulirtz gulch aud Clancey creek, lo- cated January 1st, by Edward W. toudy and Thorne( G. Merrill. Vermont • lode, 'on, divide between Clark's and Jackson creeks, Traàbie lode, opposite mouth of Clark's creek, Antwerp lode, three -fourths mile east of Montana City, and Lamm r lode, three -fifth miles from Montana City, located January let,. Cramer. Snowbird lode, Hornestake mining district, located January 1st, by J. E. Jactrbs, J. P. Earp,, H. M. Hutchin- sim, A. Pincus, John H. Curtis. Green Majors and I. Pincus. A imieroyntoa lode, - Homesta,ke min- ing district, located January let, by eatieri ea lode, Hoinestakè mining district, loœteg January 1st, by I. Pincut;-.0.. Pincus, Charles Flagg, J. E. Jacobs, and Win. P. Bentley. Orphanyirl lode, Honiestake mining Guthrie, E. Thomas, and P. F. Riley. - Lookout lode, one and one-half miles district, located by A. Pinette, II. M. Dupage lode, Elkhorn mining dis- southeast of Basin, and -Dimon .10do, Ilutehinson,l. Pincus, J.T. Sharp, J. trict, three miles easterly of Elkhorn, half a mile northerly. from „Basin, W. Pattie; and, J. E. Jacobs. Granitemountain lode, Honiestake and everything usually kept. in a Stabelass mining, district, located January 1st, establishment of thin kind. . located December 27th, 1888, by Gee. Benjamin. Sentinel and Selfeupporter lodes, on Boomerang gulch, four miles north- west of Boulder, located Unitary 2d, by Geo. Benjamin. Copperween lode, Cedar Plains min- ing district, five miles westerly of Ra- dersbürg, located January 1st, by Jas. FIourston, John Rothfiís, and Wm. Langford. Copperglance lode, one mile north of Trail Springs, located January 1st, by James Ilourston, John Rothfus, and Wm. Langford. Cataract mining district, located Jan- uary 3d, by Peter Murray and Jas. McCormick. Sutinyside lode, Little Pipestone mining district, located January let, by W. Gallick. katiemay lode, Little Pipestone min- ing district, located January let, by D. A. Morrison, F. T. McBrides•and Geo. It:Casey. Harrison lode, Dogtown milling dis- trict, located January 1st, by *Joseph Robinson, Mathew Adams, A. N. Yoder, Arthur May, and J. J. McKay. Aleis lode, three miles north' from Bluebell lode, near Trail Springs, MeIntyre's ranch, located January located January 1st, by Jas. Hour- 1st, by R. S. Kelley and D. G. Warner. ston, John Rothfus, and Win. Lang- Pa/epee Icicle, Cataract mining dis' ford. trict, two miles from Resin, located Blaekeagle lode, four miles north of January 1st, by C. S. Burnett and Radersburg, located January 1st, by Wm. Morrow. John A. Sitton. mine, adjoining Amazon lode, Ellai ode, Elkhorn mining district, Boulder mining district, located Jan - one mile northeasterly from the Holier nary 7th, by Wm. T. Sweet and I. N. mine, located, January 1st, by John Btick. Weir and Sarah Harrington. Blacksmith lode, Elkhorn mining Sherbfook and Northumberland lodes, district, adjoining the Moreau mine, at head of north fork 'of Clancey 'located January , Ist, by John Iledier creek, Norton lode, half a asile south-. and Ed O'Donnell. west from, upper reservoir, in Lump • Midiaddesill lede, half 'a mile north by R. J. Guthrie, Mrs. E. J. Guthrie, gulch, Lancaster lode, halt • a milc of Boulder Chief mine, located .janu_ and Henry Guthrie. south from upper reservoir in LUmp, ary let, by Benjamin Sullivan. , Anaconda lode, eight miles south of gulch, located January Isti, by' Frank J. G. Blaine and General Shernian Elkhorn and thirteen miles east of Farmer. lodes, Beaver Creek mining district, Boulder, located January .9th, by E. Magninnboutnn lode, at headwaters located January let, by E. H. Hazel- Thom\ and R. J. Guthrie. of Clancey creek, located January 1st, ton and John S. Harris. Bénharrieon, lode, located January by Herbert A. Buchanan. • I • Lonetree lode; Beaver Creek mining 11th, by. Alfred H. Grose and Archie Blackbird and Proeperlor lodes, Cata- I district, rocated January 1st, by E. O.RMcIntyre. ract mining' district, one and_one-lialf H. Ilazelton and E. C. Albright. a _ • ow lode, Colorado - mining district, piles northeasterly from Basin, locat- Mayflower and Pilgrim lodes, Clark's ed t leit an d e w e a r ;era let, of Spring creek, beat- miles Isaac Ross. cd January 1st, by James and Patrick Creek mining district, located Janu- ikeniena ‘ 1 ° . de , Big Pipestone mining Walls. • ary 4th, by David, S. Cramer. district, located January let, by. Soutik•ide lode, Pipestone Park, lo I Kuhinur and (io/4nela lodes, Home- Alonzo Smith' - ktnen.m. as 0:i st , ON I•Al.E kd ,•1 by : A. Pincus, I. Pincus . ,, Chas : Flagg, Sarah Knox, and J. E. Jacobs. Allie I lode, Elkhorn mining district., three -fourths mile south of the Holier mine, located January let, by James Dunlap. kanawhabelle lode, on Mount Pisgah, between Big and Little Boulder, for- merly known as Hidden Treasure,10- eated January 5th, by Meyer Genz- berger, J. R. B. Coou, and John H. Forbes. Mascot lode, Cataract mining dis- trict, located January 1st, by John H. Forbes. Feveriehhornet lode, Whitetail «bor. ganized mining district, one and one- fourth mile southeasterly from Bigfoot mine, located January 1st, by Peter A. Morrison. Vermillion lode, lccated January 1st, by E. Ryan and Win. Rogers. •Whitelop lode, one mile ‚north of Clancey, located January 1st, ,,,by :Henry Eking and Wm. Desjardin. Jaybirà lode, eight miles southwest of Radersburg, located January 1st, Groesbeck Ss Ntunpktu Meth. Male street, Ft' it N IT U It I.; 1,10(>1. II. IIT_TI•Tel‘ (DC». Inn e opened iii BOULDER. MONTANA, in the old • • thus, Coi\ k t'o. Buttana.t, it lite north mid of Main street, oil the owe nick.. • line line .if Ir 1:7 el, 2W • Me mr rt. and 'also a complete stork of _ CROCKERY. OLAsswABS, TI NW ARR. AND • mines-rwairiastwo nontwor ALL Am. •wD Du not buy any more hinuic-funitehing rods -Until e _you hat,'xm e new examined th stock at where yaLll Olin buy a eingle plan\ Ura (\La - 1111101.1.iiilitt. This isms ad- •niatage which the pew. • pie of Itooloter will Appro- . . IT DE rer .A.IC I 1NT 0% MS. HUNT will eArry a full line of I.INDERTAK- No GOODS, asul having had minds experience in this bnatieh of Instillers* lie ia prepared to ¡rubricate. •oti•fsetion (. • ia. *s.7(711CITMIDEC4'.D. has pat opened up whit a new and compile itook of - FURNITURE and HOU8S-PURNISHING GOODS, • consisting in part olitiriraplote esittoti t and BEDROOM SETS, 81'RINGIMAT-,:. TRESSES etc. • ; • • LUMBER MERCHANTS. BOULDER PLANING MILL Sash and Dour Manufactory, ENOCIi HODSON, : PROPRIETOR, 11110CLDF.R, MONTANA. theiloulder Plantar mill le now In constant epee ation and preptued to (umiak ovary doieription of , Etealicliettg noleate•rieal in any quantity and on Abort notice. (,;on tractor and Builders will cave time and money by maki ng their purchases in Boulder. I also carry in stOek and sun, prepared to stipply Mining Timbers. Bridge and Dimension Timber*, Lath, Shingles. And every description of coustr - tattlon An Inspection of my stook and prima a respeettnii, solleted. • urt..t. AND OFFICE AT RAILROAD DEPOTS. BOIILDER . LUMBER YARD. SASH, DOORS, MOULDING'S, CEDAR Shingles, and all kinds of Finishing Lum- ber, Building and Tar Paper, constantly on band. Yard opposite the Court -House. Convenient for teams. Ake, plans fur- nished for houses, bridges, etc., and con- tracting and building of same GROESSECE It SIMPKINS, RADERSBURG POSTOFFICE STORE. GI-. MI. PC:04::»X..., DEALER IN Drugs. cigars, Stationery, Books. Cut lory and Notions. Also the finest and aasorlaient Of Birthday Ind Other Punta and Taney Goods Gourley ever tii the tow o .„ t • , •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 10 April 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.