The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, April 17, 1889, Image 1

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J e .‘ p . 1 1 1-1E AG Ë. 1i7 cal. S. 1\T . irtors•lt.ciry. \Wc , (Itic)Incirt3r• latio• CO. a Wholesale , taxtd, Retail OIL/MX» IN ClkietC»10111191..XIDiaiii Hata and Caps. Moots and Sktgea. erfeirlstP FITUND3IIING- Gloorn4, FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. —to:— qr C> • C) X> 1131 AND C LOTHIN(4 Have recently been added to our large and varied istock and Full -gent . Fine Assorment +Of there lines of gcoda will Immidter he found op our shelves. Annerei FOR CLealiecterri.l.eaI'vvcIez WORK.S. Freroulesa, BLASTING, AND 4. ALL ARTICLIS OP' COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made à Specialty by this house. Highest market price Paid for BUTTIIR Boas. AND ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Sporting. FUSE Itanch }latter and Eggs -AND-- II OT ‘717Il\TZ>ONIC111. Rou LI).- It. MONTANA. C . nder the new roanagentent the W I N Deldl Is the CELT PHUT CLAM HOTEL iii Itoulder. TIIE • finest table • h. set at the wiNtisos and embraces all the substuntials to be f.Aind in tlw market.. ri.ssi well furnished, and haying ino4 comfortable beds. J01 -11•T PROPRIETOR - i1 OULDER ROT SPRINGS AND HOTEL. WM. TROTTER. PaornisToa. These Springs have most W\‹.nderall Curative, Prop . erticsei In all tonne of Rita c.xxxiazeticti x-crualoticteate AND IN Lead Poisoning and General - Debility. The Springs ia a MOST Pl..1 1 :A.ENT itnsoier Fur those who are overworked and weary and who desire a few days' relief from toil and busi- ness and want a few days' recreation. _s ot _ tbarais ahem Um Beat of Medical Insides» and Ratin are Free t. til Petrone of tlio HAM TO AND FROM ALL TRAINS . GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL,. C. W. HAII.GEH, Proprietor. BOIJLDER, - - - - MONTANA. Lama Real ii the Qty. Tie Only Thrse-aery Hotel in.tho City. Conducted throngi I on strictly first-class business principles. L L eS A M PL ROOM ON THE FIRST 1100g. 5* The Grand Ventral Hotel has recently been thoroughly repaired. refitted, and re- furnished, and patems can be assured of most com- fortable quar- ters. The table will will always be tiut best the market airordn. The hest of attention and prompt service givan to all guests. Come and we %ill de you good. CAIUMIANII To Mel; POOM ALI. TIIM1.1T. ASTERN Tick EV. Buy your Eastern ticket' at -the Montana ('entrei driwà. boulder. Thitele sold at lielemi nines. Pa- eidet...n4 tickets elso on sale. Q A RTZ LOCATIO N S. lcoNCLUDED FRoN I.Aild: Went. l The following quartz locations in Jefferson county were recorded in the office of the County Clerk and Re- corder, during the, month of Jan- uary, 1889: , Lerntick lode, 'Whitetail mining dis- trict, three and one-half miles south- erly from - the Bigfoot mine. located January 1st, by John Anderson. .Robroy lode, Whitetail mining .dis- trict, three Miles southwesterly from Bigfoot mine, located January 1st, by John Anderson. • • . ' Riverside lodo, Cataract Mining dis - 'filet, relocation of Mastodon mine, lo - ;rated Jaimary 2d, by John - H. Forbes. Seauenklode, Cataract mining dis- trict, -relocation of Mountain View mine, located January 1st, by Thomas Joyes and John H. Forbes. . Joaquin lode, Cedar Plainm mining district, one and one-half miles West of Radershurg, located January 6th. by Jas. kitto. Suingernando lode,' Colorado mining district, relocation of Clattery lode, lo- cated January 1st.' by Wm. Dittman and A. keppner. Stanpnholter lode, Dogtown mining district. located January 1st. by John McAudiffe and Charles MeAuelitTe. ' Keno-lnde, Holdfast mining district. located January 1st, by Chas. MeAu- cliffe, J. J.* Bniughall, . and W. J. Mc.% udi We. Bendiyo lode. Little Pipestone min- ing district. located January 4th, by John Patton and Noah ViJandy. Buckeye Quern lode, Little Pipestone mining district, located Jaanary 4th, r tix T. A. McCall. J. A. Walker. E. J. Hughes, and F. Ehrig. ' Sophiartrott lode. Little_ Pipestone ri minirg district. located January . 1St, I by E. J. Hughes and F. Ehrig. Buckeye lode, Elkhorn milling dis- triet, half a 'mile southeast of Elk- horn., located January 1st. by John Price and Thos. W. Moore. . Charter Oak lode, one mile small . ' of Bonanza Chief mine, located January I le. by Frank W. Allen and Jesse B. , Garver. - . Modoe lode. Hol d fast ' Mining dis- trict. located January 15th, by John M. Rallssuld Z. T. Vinson. ' Homestake lode, Dogtown mining district, located January 5th, by J. Mitchell, H. Lichtendahl, and 'E. Thomas. . T fitirman lode, Basin Mining 'tHs- trict, on west slope of Bald Moun- tain, located \October 10th, 1888, hy W. F. Cummins and e. H. Carrow. Shasta lode, Holdfast mining dis- triet three miles northwest from Summit lode, located Jannary 15th, by John M. Ralls and Z. r Vinson. Coxes/hi lode, Lump Gulch mining district. located January 1st, 'by J. W. Holt and D. o. -Holt. , Hiddentreteure lode, Tompson Min- ing district, located January 10th. by Wm. M. Carpenter . and Geo. E. Car- . penter. Maley lode, two miles southwest of Come‚ mine, and Lintnailode, at' mouth of High Ore gulch, Cataract mining district, located January. 1st, by Gee. Platt and A. McConnell. ' . ' Knobhillfraction lode, west side of b'/A. B. Lambott, Chas. R. Haw- ley, Victor Huffman, and John H. Hazelton. • Helena lode, Big Pipestone mining distrjct six miles northerly from . Pipestose Springs; located January 2d, by B. F. O'Hara. • Bellutont,. Dan, -Ilkley, Littlejoe. and Buekeye lodes, Bigfoot wining district, located January 16th} by Joseph Dupuis. Diamondhikk lode, Holdfast mining district, just south of . Dogtown (stew, located ' January 1st, by Geo. M. Barry, Patrick Wickham, and Robert McGowan. • Dotera lode, 11.41dfaht mining dim . - trict, one mile south of Cottonwood Spring, located January 1st, by Thos.' McGowan and Robert McGowan.' Maud S lode, Holdfast mining dis- trict, near Dogt(hvn ramp, located January 1st by Robert McGowan, Geo. Cowan, Patrick Wickham, John McDermott, and Geo. Barry. from Matt Smith's ranch, located L.WE. 33C,'IrClel die CDC,. . January 29th, by C. IV.Goodrich aud Ms:sail *A ear. t mesa te. ' J. II. Nelson, .. Girsgarrioelt lode, Indian Creek win- 'ing'district, one and one-half miles 0 1 ? Cs 9 • k from Powdeilorn Mountain, and Re- (l e fonn lode, one mile southerly from cklr Pewderhotn Mountain, located Janu- ary 21st, by E. Sutor, J. Wilson, and 9 Chas. Eckhardt. Datruthe lode, Elkhorn mining dis- trict. 1200 f' et. from Elkhorn Mining Corpany's Mill, relocation of Coppe-g/wice lode. located January 6th. by Thee. Edwards, Wm. Chas. White, Jos. Brown, and John Hock.. LITERARY NUGGETS. :tiatIsered for Total . Sweet for him who was faithful, and feared the face of his God, Arc the gardens of joy preparing in the gates of the golden abode: Therein are the shy -faced maidens, refraining their night -black eyes, From any nave that glad lover whose joy is their Paradise: From any but that glad lover, that happy lord for Reuben lode, five miles northerly whom Their tttttt ir -mui rain kisses, their lips of ruby from Ruclersburg, and ./ C lode, five and one-half utiles northerly 111.10111. • -est.-me fir Pidh. from Radersburg, Mountain mining Tliegood husband keeps his wife in district, located January. 1st, by B. the wholesome ignorance of unneces- . H.. Skinner and Al Hossfeldt Bars' seerets. • They. will not be starved Jrwelr). (' il. L: lode, Big Pipestone mill- ing district, six wiles northerly from Pipestone Springs, located .Éinuary 12th, by A. B. Lainhott; Allen Duffy, John Hazelton, and Frank Peters. entrut lode. Boulder milling dis- trict, located January 1st, by C, G. Price. Hansibai lode, Fourth of July district, one mile southerly from Woodville, located December 28th. 1888, by Herman H. llorsteatud Aqui- line Delmoe. 4 Blarkbird lode, Colorado mining dis- trict, on east side of Minait liiH, locat- ed January 1st. by Albert Lohrer. Pride of the West lode, Little' Pipe - stone mining district, located Jaen- ary 1st, by Nat . Preston, D. A. Morrison; asid John Perculater lode, Little \Pipestone mining district, locate(' January -1st... by Nathaniel Preston and Mike OTkinnell. Lodboy lode, Boulder mining dis- trict, adjoining New York mine, locat- ed January 8th, by Thos.' Cain. Lantedeer lode between Slim Sam 4 7 •qi di I t.. Ae> 1 O ( s ' FRED PON ELL, liXT.A.Ir ZIIVILLI..7rK ID IX J EVTlilnuizz A dealer fit with the - ignorance, who might be sur- st.o.tiory, feited with the knowledge of weighty counsels, too heavy for the weaker sex to bear. He knows little who will tell his wife all he knows.—Steele. If aught good thou minst not say Of thy brother, foe or friend,' é Ibis' then the filen w t ay, List in wont thou should,' offend. Men of genius are often du1 \ 1 ; ri \ t ' d inert in society; as the bla;ing inetooé, , when it descends to earth, is only it, ntoné.—Litngfellow. The generous heart I Should acorn a pleasure, winch gives °then pain. - --T-'Thorns',.,Every . ship that comes to America got its chart from ColunibuS. Every ¡novel is a debtor to Homer. Every carpenter wh',. shaves with a foreplane borrows the genii's of a forgotten in- ventor.—ERI\Wil. Have nuire thane thou showiest. Spank less than thou torment, I.ehrl less Ulan Iluai tenet, raore I littri thou troweat. Set leis. than thou 'dehisce*. There ir this differenee between but he that thinks himself the wisest, January. 1st,' by C. 0. Hallbeek, B. Lethlean, and B. Moris. is generally the greatest fool.— Cohen. .8preaileagle, Badyei-, Mirror, and By their own upward deeds men l go downward, by them men Chief of Pipestone lodes, Big Pipestone Like tt r ediggers of a well and like the builders of • mining diattict, located JantiarYt 21st, 1 i ii. by T. N. Mcéall, Justice Rosenstock. ' and Thos. Pierce. Daisy lode, Cataract mining district. one fourth 'mile north of Basin, local - E. J. cd January . ' hit; by' Henry Joyner This mine, lying about fouir miles CARTER'... and Joseph Gagnon. southwest of Wickes. in Jefferson . Beaihur lode, Cataract mining dis- ' county, is ownedby Mrs. Belle Muls- trict, two miles -westerly front mouth hagen, and superintended by Mr. W. Aug'''. sin per c e nt• int•ree oft ha% ¡Hi* DePOSite. of Overland gulch. located January : L. Lee. Under his management and ecd \P\\ nd \ LIA tttt \ r Y und 3 \ 1 >' . 17th, by E. R. Dean, John Bassett, direction the ruine has sinee the 19th T ransacts a general banking bua , draws ex• and Geo. Sweda. .of November declared a handsome change on th.. principal cities of the Untied kitetee Paystreakiode, Colorado milling dis- dividend for its owner. At the . pres- • ni , dE ,,,, ope. trict. one - fourth mile easterly f rom ' tint time there is a three-foot body of , Will make loans on (Minty and (uy bonds, rod Wickes smelter, located January 1st. high grade ore in stope above the 140- ,.... 1 .,, aie num.., - 1 . 3 -7- Daniel Kelleher. awl J. M. foot level; and about $11.000 worth of _ _ __ , ..._ , Wawastocit McLaughlin. ore on the dump ready to ship as fast as A, 1 \ 12 \ 1 \ • -.--ENCYcLoPiRinA IFIUTA N NICA— M a ud 8 l o de, C o l o rado 'Mi n i ng ( E s _ teams can take it away. At the same :rim, one half mile southeasterly 'tint . » they are pushing work as fast as TwrNTy-Fenns Vol ru ure:e n : IrP ill m .v ie n T MI te this lt ry i . p w ar r N s •e T l y o . f r t w h o e um. W. havenow res:dy for delivery' frOM junction of Cataract ;lid Snow- poasible on the 1100 -foot tunn'el to High Ore gulch, and Sitrerdollar lode, 'drift creeks, located January 1st, by tap the lead underneath the discov- ap .... a . ' QC) iptaar 170111.1titesee : east side of High Ore gulch, Cataract Geo. Stroebei and L. V. Swiggett... : cry, at a depth Of 35() to 400 foe(. DELIVERED MEE! ! f mining district, located January 1st, whaM,phant lode, one m il e eas t o f They have about 380 feet yet to com- 1 , r ,. se N HALF TSZ Pares Of the original. which by John T. Filcher, W. W. Rowell, Lowland creek, located January 23d, pieta the tunnel to that point, with r rePr:duceatinajuAteenitteE by eteroiee,ciate and Chas. W. Nevels. ` • by F. W.' H. Fisher, Ferdinand Bai- very encouraging prospects in sight, edition. andalso the authorized publishers of the i Thornaspaise lode, Six miles norther- lut, and Joseph ; s howng gray copper, etc., and expect Lavalette. AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT - ly from Pipestone Springs, and Newera - Minnesota lode, five, miles southeast from present indications to come on To the EneyeloPeedla Britannic*, in Flee Vote ill . 118.00 Pea Vœ..rms, Endorsed by the highest authwitiai in the United Sitate, . — eirA Redeem ern CA YVAIIIWIIIII.lie f• --Indian Wisdom, Not tons, Tobasce and Op». PoSTOFFICE STOlt E. ItorLDIM. HELENA ADVERTISE:EOM. TJTAR AeteiA t iir1r10111. AND CHEMICAL LASOlta'PORT a-. • x • . ci-crsra. H E LEN A , , , : 100107410 A. Bold and Silver 50 7.1110.444....,. (It Tin Silver, mad and lewd 2 On 4 00 Lead I ul Antimony ......... 0 i ler ci p t er t SO . 80 Arsenic iron 155 1%0 POWER ik BRO . IIELENA, M. T. t)RAi,t,as IN Minirrg Marl • gry and Miners' Supplies. %LINTS NA F:(:v.wts roa BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. —IMAM HOISTS— AND COMMON States WROUGHT Igoe Witnui Safest y Nitro Powder, Cape, Fuele.,Mtei BLOCX. : WILMA, M. T. THE iiionaa taunt SAVINGS UM Or HELENA. • Iseerporated Cadet the Lows of Mosittuata. PA ID IN CAPITAL. di C0 C1 t> . lode, five miles northerly from Pipe - stone Springs, Big Pipestone mining district, hic,ated January 2d, by A. B. Lambott, Chas. R. Hawley, Victor Huffman, and Frank Peters. Freelholiyht lode, Big Pipestone min- ing district, six miles northerly from Pipestone Springs, located January • happiness and wisdom: He that thinks himself the happiest mau, really is so; gulch and South Crow. creek, located of Helena, located January 12th, by W. J. Anson. Edna lode, Colorado mining district, adjoining the Peiyan mine, located January 22d, by W. L. Lee and R. H. Green. , Nutmeg lode, Boulder milling dis- trict. thtee-tourths mile southerly THE BLUEBIRD MINE. (Helena Journal.1 to a body of ore at any time. The ! owner haying found the mine in a very bad condition and having brought it to its present state of de- ' velopment. deserves a \great deal of credit and is to be congratulated on securing ao efficient a superintendent as Mr. ‚Lee. THOMAS CRUSE, . —President T. II. CANTER Vs\- President, V. I.. DAHLER 'Treasurer, Neeretary, Tea HPNNT G. Attics Co Nett YORE J. R. CASSELBERRY, Manager, 1213 Washington Si,. Chicago. Ill, 1111rOOD WILL RE TAKEN IN PAYM1RsT IdOR subecript icarto Tug Aos. Bring'ida load or , two now •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 17 April 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.