The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, April 24, 1889, Image 1

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'‘ . .Trz.l. 2.1•Tcs. Q. lacatilciettr. Mnitc.lateam:Ano e rcirx - 1 tory, ‘MiTivecliAc‚enclaty. 41.. ii 1 24., 1ni30. 1346.4vs, acs., Wiirderiale »tract ltedail torALTer IN CEriRLCD03111FLIERIMI. Huts and Cape. and Shoes., Glettirrte FURNIS ' IIINGr GOODS, AHD FANCY NOTIONS OF ALI. KINDS. -:o: - X' 'IT GIP CI> JEle AND CLOT 1 - 1 I N Have recently been added eo our large and varied _ - . Pull and Fine Assortment Of these lima of geode will hereafter be found on our dative& Anaarrs Voa «Darelifcatrirxida lecscstrclonw WORKS. Hercules, CAPS, BLASTING, QUARTZ LOCATIONS. • rnary -4th. by Charles 'Turner, Earl for it and by giving it their ad‘ - -ertis- Turner, and Geo. Strobel. Carbon* lode, Cedar Plains mining • ing patronage. ::é There never was a brighter promise district, four miles southwest of Ra- for the milling interests of Jeffereon dereburg, located January 30th, by county0hatf now. • •Everywhere there J. B. Lathlain, M. Freeman, M. J. is noticeable activity, while the rail - Cavanaugh, and Oscar Sparta. roads to be build this year - will bring Lady C lode, McClellan mining dis- close to market several good districts trict, located February 4th, by E. H. in which work has been lagging on Townsend, J. W. Anderson, and liar- I account of the cost of transportation. ry McFarland. tbe Minait mine, near Wickes, is Pearl lode, Colorado mining district, shipping about twenty'-'five tons of ore two miles west of Wickes, located I daily to the ,Great Falls smelter and January 7th, by Chas. Z. Pond. and east of Prairie ... el . located nor lode,,on.New_World hill it is yielding handsomely. The prop- • ..:.agota1 • one and wil,b_n_ake January 1st, by if. J. Whalin.- k f Wickes, t il th f Fone-our me northwest oces, • t several fortunes. A deal-' for die' Brady lode, Cataract miningdistriet, located February 1st, by John W. , three miles east of Basin, located 1 Russell and Chas. Heuer. mine lies been under way for some month' but ft is not yet completed, January 20th, by John C. Band. 1 Blaekatar lode, Cedar Plains Mining 'though it is undersünod that E. L•. • , Northfork of the Little Bindder lode, district, one and one-half miles west seb„bebberg, a m i n i ng operator, has one mile south of McDermott's placer diggings, on Little Boulder river, lo- cated January 29th, by C. Haggerty, John G. Stanton, and Frank Carson. Montana lode, on Shoofly Mountain, AHD located January 21st, by Thomas Morgan, A. M. Williams, and Reece Morgan. Unclemm lode, on Clancey creek, lo- cated January 1st, by Daniel G. Wolf. • Little Charlotte lode, on Shoofly Mountain, located January 21st, by Reece Roberts, A. M. Williams, - iind Ifigh•-e ntarket pi -ire paid for Sp?rting. FUSE Ititneh But ter and \Cage -AND- ALI, ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Art- made a speedialty by ‚Ms house - :: 0 - The following quartz locations in Jefferson county were recorded in the office of the County Clerk and Re- corder, during the month of February, 1889: D•curiurer lode, two miles up Dutch - Men creek from Prickly Pear creek, located January 19th, by, « W. H. Ma- honey. Christ eteobeon, and John ‚Vals. Turome lode;Wonntrtin mining dis- trict three -fourths mile from St. Louis. • Thomas Morgan. 13 :TTIR EGGS. AND KINDS -0T Col11\HT Ple)MIS Eceningdar lode, adjoining the Hunt- bolt claim, located January 1st, by A. Prescott, Frank Gage, and Leopold Doblet. Southunion lode, Elkhorn. mining district, located January . 29th, by Al- fred Seaman. James M. Letcher, and Evan Reedman. Mougarie lode, Colorado mining • dis- trict, three miles south of Gregory, located February 11th, by Dominick 13erto. Yellowjaeket lode. Cedar Plains min- ing district, on north slope cf John- ny's gulch, located February 0 - th, by W. II: Daykin and F. W. E. Schmitz. • Sittinybull lode, Mountain mining district, 500- feet north of Jawbone mill, located February 4th, by Owen Gilloogly, Oscar Sparta, C. Colberg, and P. A. Comers. Yellonjarket lode, near Big Indian gulch, located January 18th. by lien-, ry Kniphals, Harrison Foncannon, and D. M. Dick. Goldennele lode, Elkhorn mining district, three miles northerly from Elkhorn and at foot of Bald Moun- tain, located February 11th, by Ed- ward Derrie. by Joseph Hubert and Joseph Baker. Ileleher lode, Elkhorn mining dis- Fredbullock lode, Cedar Plains min- t rict, three -fourths mile south of ing district, one and one-half miles town, located January 28th, by Susan E. Lesetler and Minerva Courtney. Eramay lode, Cataract mining dis- trict, located February 21st, by John Sheahan. Copperfield lode, in Bear gulch, lo- cated February 21st,-by W. .Winkel- man, A. T. Axe, and Albert 4 . xe. Lucretia lode, south side of Johnny's gulch, logetted February 21st, by John Ritchart, Hattie Ritehart, and G. W. Zimmerman. HOTELS. L8. B: UONTAN.A. 1 - utter the new tnanairrment the is the CRLT FIRST CLASS HCTE:, lu 1- Art at the wistseat and olstahraces all the suh,Aantials In be Could in the market nstal r•norns well furnished, and hasmg met caminfortable beds. J01 - 11\1\ PROPRIETOR iloriamsMO ariaixon AND WM TROTTER. Paoranrrna, These Springs have were Ultrative• PrespertieMi III all forms of i n t.lieexameatici Tx - csultalento AND IN Lee? Poisoning and General Debility. - '0. - The Springs is a NI.0€411. * PLE:A.13.AINIT Resoirr Fer lone whe are overwerkl aid weary and -who desire a few & w e relis' front toil and laud - DOW and want &towlines' recreation, tier a always tat led of tidied IttmbateaM tun are Fr,. a haws din laid HAGS TO AND PROM ALL Taincs. GRAND CENTRAL wen. C. W. BA WIER; Proprietor. MULDER, - - - - Mol'er.t NA. TM Latina laud ut the Coy. Ti. (sly nne-ony sad n the City. Conducted throughout on stnctly firti-CIMIM 11111.1111i.e. prinetples. -to/ *SAM PLI ROOM 011 Till FIRST FLOOR The Grand Central Hotel ha, recently hecn thoroughly repanssi. refitted. and re- furnished. and patmns ean lu assured of moat amn- fortable guar- • ter.. The table will will ;theses he the best the inarket niford.. The best of Attention and prompt ,erviee given to all guests. l'ome and we will do you good. CA*11.111011 TO ' AND P.-. A TRAMS. of Radersburg, located January 28th, by David S. Zimmersuari and Wm. Wylander. recently gone to New York to make a sale to a New York and London syndicate for $640,000. This :sum is Pinetree, Gem, Carbonate, and Minerva a falling OR' from the price first asked Iodes, Cardwell mining district, three -8750,000. A sale of the property and One-half miles east of Whitehall, wou ld be a . le , o a t hi ng as i t wou ld located February 5th, by A. H. lied - ley. • Greetkope lode, three Miles east of Helena, located February 13th, by Leopold Dobler and Frank E. Gage. annual meeting of the Elkhorn Min - habellamay lode, at mouth of But- ing Company held in Helena last 1 cherknife gulch, located February week: The Elkhorn mining Cool _ 16th, by Adam F. Kleese. • pttny held its annual meeting TV* Dardayielle lode, 'Cataract mining day and elected directors for the district, one and one-half miles from ensuing year. They are: A. M. Holter, Basin, located February 12th, by ' president; C. J. Kinna, vice-president; John F. Smith and Pierre Duryee. JohnShober, treasurer; C. L. Vawter, Amazon, Alpha, and Orient lodes, secretary, and M. M. Holler. A re - five miles southeast of Helena, locat- port fruiu the Holler mine says that ed January 29th, by Anson. the property is looking -better than it Liberty lode, Bouldet Mining dis - ever did, and there is a great deal of strict, half mile southeasterly from Wm. Butler's residence,' located Feb-7 seere ore in sightof a rich aterage grade. ry Vawter sap; the ore will ruary 20th, by Win. Butler. . I run fifty ounces silver to the ton, the Lion lode, Cataract mining district, cost of milling and milling being on north side of Galena inlets, beat- about half. The proposition was dis- ed February 5th, Geo. H. Moutgotn- cussed, but not acted upon, to erect cry, G. F. Kellogg, and Jas. Burk. I an additional quartz mill of thirty Ivanhoe lode, Little Pipestone dis- trict, one mile north of Grace P. O., located February 21st, by D. A. Mor- ntson, Geo. H. Casey, and F. T. McBride. Maryandminna lode, Colorado min- ing district, three miles east of Wickes, located February 25th, by Thomas new Boyce, Matti Helis, and Charles Mat - The son. • Lucklone lode, near Elk Park station, located February 25th, by Charles J. Lowe. ... M. 1211D'Ir CUE. elb 04D. . 13cs 2h£ coma tanwAss. 9 4 ?. 4 , .tt Fas:o POW ELL, 10,74%.1CCJI:XMOK.A.MICIMEMOL • an JEW 3E LE12.. deader ia Jewelry, Beationie ui ry, . s Tahoe'. sad tillutinar POSTriFFICE erroar somriza. Ase-' HELENA ADVIRIFITHEIFICHTS. UTAH. . ANT) cionastical. Ia a01111014311tY ar. or. Cille1017111. : and Silver Il So 7.ow nilver,geid amilmeal Tat Tu. ' CD Lead ID entemaa t'opper Sillon s m Irma ..-- ID 9 1 C POWER BRO • A IPE 4 I .111144 77I Mining Machinery rind liF.L.Itli•. II T. Nlisas•ee' Stroppliern. stamps. At present a twenty-five uto.T..• roe stamp mill is working, but late devel- BLARES IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. opments are such that increased faícili- ROIST9 -- ties for treating ore will pay. Whether Aim amnion »Nei wa000sT bon wanes the company will decide tot -put up Saferty Nit ro Powder. Caps Flaw Etc. this new mill- will be known very , soots, as it is being ¡seriously consider- enitAleleiAT 131\11* ed. and if they do it will give life to the town of Elkhorn. probable cost would he 8150,000. LITERA t NI:04E1'k [Gathered for TSB Aos.1 Min/meta lode, one-fourth mile from Man who liver to die, dint to live well, -Bison creek. located February 18th, westerly from Radersburg, lbeated February 18th, by A. Morgan. Goodbye lode, two and one-half miles northwest of Huntley & Clarke's sheep corral, located February 14th„ . by Chias. Eberly and Gustav Ander- son. Frantiefolzmn lode, located February 27th, by Daniel D. Merrill and Ed- ward O'Rourke. Sabi/pan/ lode, located February 24th, by Daniel D. Merrill. Mimouri lode, located February 13th, : Edehreim lode, amended location, by R. M. Brunnell and' Geo. Jewett. located Febrtiarv 27th, by Edelweiss Harold lode, on Dutchman creek, a Mining Company, by Thomas G. Trust not too much to an enchant • , -KNcYcléor , Eput surramilcÁ- - tributary of the Prickley Pear, bat-, Merrill agent. F'oret-r a Easeser. ed February 25th, by John Lind- Twr.-ryaroua vow.« aolapilatie ibla Surer/ marvel of the age. We have eon reedy ger drtivery MINING NEWS. Tv/Eery-Two Volumed. at strom. ; 1$111.CbC. rtew 17columes I Si/very-beg lode,' on Maupin creek. • By right or wrong. lead to a thorough development of the mine. The following is the account given by -,the Helena Independent of the : : al. T. ramoutss MUM SAVINGSMAIM 1 - 1XLICItrst. . ' tainerpasnood VS'le Mal* et Ilianassrea. PAID IN CA.PrTAIr I. O 0 0 . THOMAS . carom .T. H. CARTER. C. L. DAIMLER Trawillaid . Viee-Powadaal. Twosomes«. - Neennary. Allows an per rent ‚„ta -rue on Savings Deguratlar ; eomporindeit January mid July Truman. • general !waking bier, draw, es - change on the pnricitial ctn., e' the tubed Maim 1r am! Europe. Will retake leans on County an' ben, end real rotate mortgagee. i The Bluebird mine, near Wie, is located February 11th, by R. M . , kteit ¡shipping several carloads of ore•week- ' BrUntiell and Geo. Jewett., • Benjaminharriftonerieution Iode, Colo- 1Y and the lead continues to give ing thee.- Virgil. As garment draws the garment's hem. Men their fortunes bring with them. or gond' gee to the strong- Sot( he guide his ways by bhuneleaationi And earnest will to hinder not but help, Alt things both great and ‚mall which sutTer life. -Light of Asia. We must discard alike the idea 6f a divine origin for government, and the theoretical social compact, and ac- knowledge rightful authority in the physical power of tac stronger to sub- ject the weaker to his will, before we can accede to. 'the doctrine that the greater number of voters is necessari- ly to bold absolute\ sway, or that the voice of: the pegple is always to be accepted as the voice& Deity. -Cooley. The great man down, you mark, hie favorite Mee; The poor advanced. makes friends of enemies. And hitherto both love on fortune tend: For who not need*, shall never lark friend; And who in want a hollow friend dotb try. Directly menus him his enemy.' -.SAakespenre. - Line - ram • Philosophy does not regard pedi- Eadorsed by the heart ambiaitie• bi the I ... Loitjaq lode, Colopritio paining da,.. and Bluebird, and he hopes to strike : • Is charity covers a 'multitude of I clothed Mates - , sins before God, so does politeness : es -A Swarm\ rem Catornailian.1011 l trict. one and one-half miles north- i it rich. - 1 west of Corbin, located January 2d, ! Mining men should remember that' before men ' -Grerille ' by John Klein and Geo. Mueller jr. , THE AGE is devoting much attention not due to death: • I EASTERN THAI:TS/ Hier your Eadern tickets at the Montana heatild ' ' • . ‘Silrerwing lode, Colorado Mining dis- to their interests and they should re- When hia hour heir emote, agrane-blade bath a point ! F \ ST. pun. To eonamesmiTirrant to .to', big Meath. I .ollare rra Manotrara .1- r . Boulder. Tieke\ said at ilei\»\‘\\. r e triet, on Claneev creek located Feb- turn the compliment by subscribing e l eCoed ticket, el , ,,, ee ...1,... - Indi , .. tri , ilret I BaiDetter. Idler mile m Ages:atom 'fflraewatwiscat DELIVF.arlia rasE• • • e LIDA\' THAN HALT THE rims of Orr original. which we w .p rw d a , It , FArleillifLift by war wrw el ettam: proem. and at about half the prkir et Noe Pre redo mining district, one-half mile' prtpaise of still better things: .grec. She did not receive Plato asa edhi s zn re iiiiso tb..ut ., the south of Alta mine, located January ; Diedrich Ansinow has gone to noble, but she made him so.-Senem, i AMERICAN -srrtLEIIN T Of every noble work the »Sent part is beat , 22d, b -Wilson and John M. Wickes and will proceed to open his Of a ll aa p reat t aa . th a t w hi c h man e b e „ . i l'' , tit? l'..nfTvlopredia Iiirhawaica. fa Five Viacom ad Pilo Pan Vot.tita.. Richardson. ' Hope lode, located near the Peseta •. • . e -W. Story. Shoot • hundred dues, tbe quarry lives and we. - I Tat HARRY G Attie Co Wry Tom J. R. cAWIELOIHIURY. Ideaegrer. um Wallowb. Chime. IL . . 1

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 24 April 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.