The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, May 01, 1889, Image 1

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I e ) Mee THE• fa. 2Vcs. 7. 3:3c)I.alcietr, 3511Ecmterott.ea erelorri tcstr3r, rteigu•77\ 1. /BOO - *la Ye:bear. celetlr 1 - 3, 416 1 ::$3E1E9 CI (Limited.) lArlarlensalre and Retail OKAleXith IN erR.C,C1113TLIZIOD, Hate and ca n ., corder, during the month of March. Br°w°• ranch, located March 15th, by Ferdi- \ FAWN . * NoTioNs or Krins. by David P. Schultz, Tom Austin, ,of and Emory Herrick. Chrysolite lode, half mile south of Jeflersoir county were recorded in the Gold Flint mill, located February Me -r lode, Boulder mining district, • by I). Blatt, Robert Cromer, and Peter one Wilt+ northerly of J. n, Nelson's I office of the County Clerk and Re- rsoote and rzIkoes, 1889: Bouldtrking lode. half mile northeast nand and Reinhold Lindner, • vviiNisniNci ¡loons. Gener i t . m. Inde, in m ecie n na gulch, ot Boulder, located March tith, by rreekbend lode, Iitte miles west of located February 14th, by J. C. Lees Taylor and Louie Planson. Calvin's. 'twitted March 28th, by John I land. ; Helena limerock claim,lecated Mar. sharp and D. McKay. • . v ai e r be, lode. m a i ns ' tith. by T. C. Power, F. J. Shaffer, and mg district. three mtles southwest of .•Halni. MINIM. NEWS. et, ezr • Radersburg. located February 14th, ifdri:onlif°\! , lOde , ipestone AND • li •i 1 t .1 ---------5th b • There were sixty-nine quartz loca - by W. .1, I .remt. ›ti et, °eaFebruary. Morrison. (ieorge a . it. 12 tains in- Jeersen county filed for . . Redraw lode, fourth mile northeast A. e (..) r N record in the office of the rouut • et' Boulder, located Mareh 5th. by T. McBride. Hove recently been added 'to our large and varied Minsk and a -k --- Pull -44,4- ..Vnto -Assor-tatent- or tile.; line. of Ir W t,ods, „ill hereafter be found on Oltell1heiVCP. • . - -A I f V , • e.• leca-ogrci.e.r. Cletliforlexieb vet • I' A PS. e BLASTING, A NO ittaiin.11 'Butt er antl Erie« ALL ARTICLES 01? - COUNTRY . PRODUCE Are made a spevialtY by thus house. lliglimet market prier paid for B\TE-v1t. AM, A! L KINDS Oľ COUNTRY Pitnnte:e 11(YrEls' 4 . . ;0LUEli, 111.17 - itiPPLINGS AND WM, TitOTTEit, Paoratcrott. T4ire Sioriiir-• hare 'we \‘,1}d<-1•i'‘II. cur:41 Pre,rosvties • f.ten.s of 1`31.1.7TY1.:Att Ite relroli.xlm!less . I. rt Pter.....ilit4::.1t(1 4 net:A liobilit• • t N't' ut• t• I • .-•• atol ‚Uni „'ii\ .t • 'nil caul tiled- ii. .e .tad %%aid a sew .1a;•,t . Oren altos, - • • e . !1\ A- . ).; +.11.1 R. t'tà, t. , ‚.1: ni L i;Acn rl AND MTh/ A1,1, Temp:- ( ;RAND CENTRAL ROM. ‘y, /SA E ippletew, e... tt(II'Lt8'R. - - - - MONTANA. re Lord &Mel in e v y. Tare -story lintel in tlii-City. Conducted throughout on atrictly first -clam Pe; pritteiples. si.a.o.m.x Room ON sae FIRST FLOOR \ts0 'The Claud Cantnd !Intel has reeently been %horoughly repaired_ retIttetl, and re- furnished, and patrons can la. teeured moat eon)- , Sortable guar- t at r il ' e The t will will alwaym he the best the market affords. 'The best of intent\ and prompt service given to all guesits. (\Inc and we witl do you gmal. CARRTAfflit TO - ÁNO Pane TaAne.. • TM= ICIPIMMIDMISCUM. BOUM).. I. MONTANA. Under the new nianaizenient the , WINDSOR ' I thit CNLY FIRST CLAUS Wen in Boulder. finest table ir ret tat Ihe wiNlirott and el - Winker all the nulattantial. to lie funnel In tise kel. (int.! rirans furninherl, end having most (NMI f444101 lied:, J01 -11•T ' PROPRIETOR by David . Schultz. t Lie» sT. PAUL_TO WWI,DER for Twenp'five Tomauetin lode, one mile Borah of i Townsend and Ironntowsdain lode, Dollars Ho Manitoba and Montana (entra' . + 0 . e.,11,erm. after 'May 1.4 nnny'sgule,located Febinary2Sth. í four and one -half -miles southwesterly QUARTZ LOCATIONS. The following quartz locations in Clerk and Recorder durin the mouth lawN Taylor. '-, • Saleation lode, eight wiles nor herly. g March, 1881b. Irishmansfle lode, Beaver c ree k from Pipestone Springs, located Mare • miiiiiig driariet, Tecated Marelf -- M, : Y fe. e: effara' - Ateeee-Reberte-lete -been dowe_flom by Frank G. Basett' and B. II. West. H ome u e l o d e , e i g ht mil es nor th er ly the Cateract (country for the past days. returning to -day.. He in engaged Hors -shoe lode. Cedar Plains mining &um PiPeatetto Springs) located March' district, one and one-half miles west 9th, by B. F. O'Hara and Margaret in rnnning the -tunnel on the Little of Radersburg, located March 4th, by Ann O'Hara. -1/ma lode, which he claims will soon James II. Knight and Thos. Lanyon. Seaural lode, six miles northerly be producing plenty of ore• -2— Mmd“ ,,,, , i Slint/eitiz 191.1e, located March 11th, from Pipestone Springs, located March - fining Review. by George-e. Haskins. Barhelor lode, on the north, slope . of WOMB Springs creek, 1-1 miles from Alhambra Springs, located March 12, by E. W. Goudy, A. Ferguson, and Wm. Sellars. • Nora lode, on Dutchman. creek . , a t dilute ry of CI a petty creek, located March 1st, by John Osterholm, Math. Aitderson, and John Warmbo. Huppyjaek huh., Elkhorn district, î wile west of Elkhorn, located Feb- ruary720tb, by G. W. Gearhart and E. S. Banty. Addie lode, on Dry creek, two miles southeast of Simins's ranch, located March 11 *1. by F. -S. Flanders and 5th, by Mrs. Lorena A. Lainbotte and A. B. Landmtte. Abraham! ineoln lode. Nil miles north - Charles Lee and I'. J. McGowan, of Dinkier, have the contract for dig- ging two niileti of ditch to bring water erly from Pipestone Springs, located. to the Little Boulder placer diggings, March 4th, by Mrs. L. A. Lambette, Jefferemi meet). The boys are Charles R. \Hawley and Mrs. Anna. pushing the work rapidly and ai» Hawley. . going to make 1308I10 money out of the Themaier . eneon 'lode, six miles north- et el - tract. erly from Pipestone Springs, located ti eorg , an d l une , a „,i J as. March 2d. by Charles R. Hawley, A • Mahan . have eommeneed developing B. Lionbotte. Frank Peters, Victor F. their Lake lode. about. miles east Hollinitit and Mrs. L. A. Lambotte. of. Elkhorn, and wilt put in the sane - • Clarieiell lode. seven tuiles north -- titer at the work. The lead is opened west from Pipeetone 'sprin gs , located fifteen feet Without finding the foot - February 21st, by Patrick Herntu and wall.' A shaft of twenty feet was sunk J. M'. Pattee. last year and the - ore from the bottom Boulderriew lode, one mile north- I assaiml ninety 011netet Or silver and Doneld McIntosh. - weetedy from Boulder, located March I eeventy-three peréent lead.. The boys Parad;sclost lode, Cedar Plains dis-' 18th, by. Lars Larson- ' think they have a splendid property. triet, one mile west of Radendiure, lo- cated March 12th, by Thomas F. Ward, W.. S. McLaughlin, and A-. M. Barker. , Mire lode. four miles from Northern éacitie bridge over the Missouri river, located - March 4th, v Frank W. Rich. )e i jii . Sit - main lede, in Lump gulch, lo- cated Mai-x.101th,\ bonnie f'aesidy, Harry Cassidy, Michael O'Brien, O. Wherrity. DI Blewitt, Jake Grubb, and MaAin McKenzie. Litf!, , f(olix9 lode, in Lump gulch, 'by M.J . L'mdelmsh , w• H• Young and - , half feet of this ore in the mine. . lot•ated February 28th. by Th08. CAS- J. H. ulontd• Articles of incorperation were filed sidy, Owen Wherrity, Harry Cassidy. Harrison lode, Little Pipestoue min- '. with Territorial Secretary Walker last Michael O'Brien, Ed. Bk\ itt, Jake ing district, fourth mile north of . Friday for the Humboldt Conreolidated t . ountain, Ot..I RTC I. - . . ' Mining Company,neith .1. J. Maybe. by D. A. Morrison, Gm). li. Casey, \11 B • 1 t '. M. Williams, Win. M. Ca troth a ut Grubb, and Martin McKenzie. .1 ' , middle lode, located March 7th. by Patrick Wiekliam. • • • • iode , \fliontan Mayne as incorporators. Tile ( oc hale, two miles northeasterly Ereningstar and Morningstar • ' frtno Wickham 's ranch, located fourth nine west of Gold kind mill 19th, by Patrick Wickham. located 'March •fith. by . Albert S. sd rer t erre y lode, one m il e eas t er ly Congdon, - *Win. P. • Wall, and Phil!) front Elk Park station, located March Bailey. 11th, by John Lynchant M. Welch. Maggie lode, Boulder mining din - Fraction lode, one m il e nor th of tejet, extension of Belle lode, hamtcs1 Wickes, on the Grrogery.. road. located, February 201h, by John Goldbrand March 23d, by John W. 'Russell. and John Johnson. Germania bde, Clancey district, le- Josephine lode, Elkhorn mining dis-' elite' February 12th, by Fred. Kropp, trict, one and one-half miles easterly ; F. W. Kuphal, Huge Harold, and from Reiter mine, located March Eth, Henry Peterson. by Charles Couch and John Vajk'.' ',enema'', lode, two miles south of Rhineland lode, Colorado mining Toston, located March 27th, by Chas. - district, located March 7th, by Fred Thornund M. S. Perkins. .F;fig/e lode, four miles southwest of the mouth of Indian -reek, located March 23d, by J. R. Mtrrks, \V. E. Tierney, J. E. Kanouse, and J. L. Moore. Cyclone lode, near Corbin. located March 28th, by 'Hugo Freyler, Gott- leib Wickersheim, Fred. Lawrence, and Theo. Freyler. Harrison and Manitoba lodes:, Willow _Springs district, half.mile south of the springs, located March 4th, by Edward - Maguire, John McDonald. and J.B.Sey. March 23d, by G. K. Rogers. by the Anaconda company for $300,. Atlantic lode, on east slope of Alta Atlanta lode, three -fourths mile 000. and abandoned last year. Mountain, 'one mile from Wickes, lo- cated February 14th, by Charles Huer and John W. Rowell. westerly of Boulder, located March • 23d, by John Anderson. 1 ' POLITICAL POINTERS. Hobo lede one Mile westerly of Buford hide. Whitetail district, 1100 Boulder, located March 23d, by Felix , The Republian Central Connnittis . . feet easterly from the Bigfoot mine, and Ballard and Chas. Stith. , the John an extension of the Buford, Summit lode,twelve miles met of Butte, located John, 21st. by John B. located March 15th, by H. W. Honey- 'Thibodenu and Frank Batelle, maker, Mrs. Vilinda Jones, arid' Mrs. 1 Original lode, two. miles westerly . • Catherine J. Lowrie. froM • Radersburg, limited February - 11th, by Chariest Ferguson. , Crystalite lode, half mile south of Gold Flint mill, located March 4th, by Robert Cromer, I)aid Black, Piter I EiderPrL 9 e lode, one mile imutft ot , . . . prnimpal plaee Of business is Wickes. Capital stock, 81,500,000; 8250 shares. The compita\ orga;:izul to uork the Humboldt. East Ertension. Fro deis Joseph, and Harrison qual•tz lodes in Colorado district, Jefferson county. beaden conducting a general • mining, milling, and smelting busi- ness. • 1 4 • ne• 1:3 1 CeIr CIM Ca\ C/C:). • WX t eat Xe. giA 4 4Y\ , Idle. .SIGAUt:111.1elltlt 'ii Le 1 Al I I wdl 1••• Itt 1:•,•oider t.t thi• l'iTrlot• of tlei N1'INit-•tER loth, and wel t the il m oit .d. t i ott. :-. .. i. , : • m r , to r t i, .. i .t .. o .ni i . t ir‘ f d > irt i .u i . s .i .. .i i.d ui f: a ;.: t ., li t : . H . » Indies'. I Sonar jtelt reeelved e heavy ever ritown in ' , gadder and ut merit reduced stuck fewer the east wed the idieett. as Wilt inirerlae and ',lease l'hildl•en's trimmed aim Hut no eta. trirruaorl Stun Hat / eral. liar, ..911ally (licap. • '1111.: • ladies (4 It..oldcr and vleiullx well do melt to 1•NAIIOOM Or , Mock beroee purchasing elsewhere. !PO fort I•erbgrt the ditle IVI.11. -n r . 43, D. 1.C), 11.. NI 1,-. 1. - 1.., r, entromey. FRIED POM ELL, 3E11 - t. As» dealer In Jewelry, Stationery, Notion., Tobacco and qgoorse RiTO7F1rT E. IV /UDDER. 'I A it VE HT . 'S Ell <NJeN ett WI ' • It :le.. AND ell EltWA I. LABORATORY cz•orvua. HELENA . : . MONTANA. Gold and Silver et HI Mite 31 00 Silver, gold end lead,2 00 Tin It 00 The Butte Miner of a day or two Lead ....... ...... 00 Antimony 00 ago said: Duncan MeRae,'-ef Butte, (kepper I 'N)neenie IS 00 100 Iron I 10 lessee of the Columbia lode, m the ril O. POWER & Lewlands or Upper Boulder district, H t»:.»,,..-. ELENA, M. T. has struck a rich vein of ore carrying Lawreum. and Gottlieb Wickeritheim. ,au uyerage of 9150 in gold and silver, at-a—depth or 80 feet. They struck water at eighteen inches in the vein and were compelled to stop sinking until pumping machinery can be placed in position. This claim Was bonded by the Anaconda last year for 865,000 and ..abandoned at 'forty feet t on account of the irregularities of the vein. It is located near the Rudy mine..Which. working only three men, - has produced 860,000 worth of ore in six months. The latter was bonded Mohawk lode, one and one-half miles . The Helena' Indepemle Id of last from Legal Tender mine, located Octo- l'hurstlaY said: \nos. McKenzie ber 1st, by Caleb S. Sears. , . • brought in a specimen of ore y enter - Ajax We,. Imlian Creek ea u .ng , day from the Forlorn Hope, two and district, located March 141h, by Tim \ ont . .. -half miles from Bedford and a McCarthy. .4 , mile and a half from the Nortlfern Iiieleuiretws\ lode. Indian el. \' ' Pacific railroad, w'isich is on exhild- mining district. located March 14th, . tion at the Cosmopolitan hotel. It hi by J. R. '3.1.1eUrtigin and J. B. White. I a galena and carbonate ore, and aie .. Aldebrosi and nano 'Mee, Bedrock 1 snvs from 875 to 8 .- 5 t i per ton. Mr. mining district. located March 18th. ; . ‘{ -. K • says 1 . I three and I Stanley lode eight Miles north of Butte, located March 9th, by T. I). Farrow. Calumet lode Beef_ Straight mining district, located March 5th, by Albert S. Congdon, Wm. P. Wall, and Philo Bailey. ,, Reellck lode one and one-half inibes westerly of Boulder. located March 23d, by Geo. H. Montgomery.' Redrirer lode, one and one-half miles westerrY • of Boulder, located Milton lode, three miles south of Placer and one, mile west of Ague Frio lode, located March 11th, by Charles M. Humphreys. . Placer loca' ted March 8th b Charles Brown, Patrick Ducey, and John R. , , y Murphy. .. , M. Humphreys and Sam Carruthers: . Bluebell lode, Little pipestone die- Hamburg and Knigphilip lodes, fdur trict, 100 rods southerly from the and one half miles southeasterly of Halfway House. located February Helena, located March 9th, by NV. J. 27th, by Justus Rosenstock and r'S. Ammo - McCall. 1•\ Nellie lode, four and one-half miles southwesterly of Bedford, locate Iron reef lode, three miles south of Johnny'sgulch, located February 26th, March 25th, by J. E. Kanotiee aud J. P 1 L Moore Bedford. located March 22, by ,I R.. Marks, J. E. Kauouse, and J. L. lac , mact Moore. • of Meagher. county has nominated L. Rotwitt and J. V. Stafford as Delegates to the Constitutional Con- vention. Retwitt is County Clerk awl Recorder. Stafford ie a ranehumn and ha.s been a County Commissioner. • -7-The Custer county Republicans have nominated for the Constitu- tional Convention Dr. W. A. Burleigh and C. H. Loud. Dr. Burleigh is a prominent lawyer, once a Delegate to Congress from Dakota and two years ago a member of the Montana Legis- lative Council tiering the special session. Loud is a cattleman. The Democrats of the same county have nominated -Hon. C. R. Middleton and Dr. R. G. Redd. Middleton is a law- yer and the present member of the Legislative Council from that county, and Redd is a practicing physician in, Miles ('il\. M.itting ttrelil nery and never' er pp' ices. MONTANA raCSTA eojt BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. —STEAM HOISTS— it LSD 00BUON 8I0133 .WROUGHT IRON WHIRS Safety Nitro Powder,,, , Caps, Pus'-. Sta. STEA11/10A7 Rupee. : : : I I cr.r.x . M. T. THE THOMAS CRUSE SAVINGS or 7Fir..1.1:'NA, BANK loseerporated Under the Laws of Montano: PAW /N HITAL. 4,,C, O Od THOMAS CItt7SE, Pr . exident T. H. t'ARTER Vice -President. C. L. D'AilLyit Treanurer, E. J. CA RTElt, Secretary, • Allow» nix per cent. interest on devises Depositto,• compounded January and Transacts • general bunking businees, thews es- ehrhige on the prineipul cities of the Craned Mates and Europe. . ‚Will make loans. on County and City bonds, aria reel estate mortgagor. •• A OVERTIME in Tim won—It will reach every £1, school distriet in Jettereowcounty

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 01 May 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.