The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, May 15, 1889, Image 1

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e • .e 1-1E AGE. 17ca1• sq7Nrcs.e. lacw.ida or, 'I' urn tc•try. \VP o c - t y . y 1.13 . r e ribir 1 r saes% B4Lezrze,/cec:»itrir cc <Do., (Limited Virtnelerale and Iteetail DEAL -Lb Ilt 11311-14.C>CMEERS.3.1114 Hat. and Capri. Boots and blisnea.,1 Trinawmairt>tarc,cbdixt.1 AIM FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. IFIL \r\ GI- CZ» CO I> la LED C Ira 0 Sava reasediy beet s added to air large ard traded Moe, em4 a .and Fine Assortment LITERARY N uuorrs. r c Gatbered for THE AGE.] Patient is Allah. and he lmeth well The patient, drab \Om Souk,\ and such as dwell la kindness, larking pardon of their en* Eat* dawn and pardoning the hliuneable. -Peoria of the Faith. A wOman who prete .nê., to laugh at love is like a child who s* . s at night , when he is afraid.—J. J. Roudee4m. TbeNktirate mimeo lay on the shore; The bobbies a' the latest wove 'Finn morn to their ememel gravo. . I wiped away the wrild feim- felehod ora -burn trembarre home; BM the poor. unsightly. noisome things Had left their beauty on the shore. Wish she suls. and she rand, end the wild uproar. -E'Mersõ - W.\ - Never build after vou are frve-and- o Of thesellnee Of goods will hereafter be foes* ••• our ‚helve& forty; have five years' income 114 hand --(Y— earns roe CiablifCiritsior 1Leecz.wd z - WORKS. Ilereulea, ceps, F./sort title. larela ‚Ranch Butter and Ezra -ANIL- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made • rpeetalty hy ‚ha house. ----:§§:- Iturhe.t roan., t prise sold liven.. Bees. ere Az: Kane se Orenerer Panama HOTELS. wirrzymaier, IOIL SOU 1.1) R: MONTANA. Uncic r w management the NY I NT)4Olt Cei1.7 In Boulder. THE finert table ir wet at the ‚‚'„ruts and embrace, all the muleittutt•al* Lo be found in the market ri.rid well furnished. and hanng mat comfortable .7» ojei•T before you lay a brick, and always . calculate the expense at double: the estimate,—Kett. bewone thy duties wait thee; Let thy whole otrypgth go to each; Let ow future drumbeats*. thee; - Lama thou trait what.tbeae can teach. -A. .A. PrYelor, The last in always the best.—Hood. Ober! rase without se word‚ -ty, 5w laie .hould dm it cannot speak; For Muth balk better deeds, than words, to gram it. .-836keepeure. .4%, bands that were silken once are apt to become iron fetters when we desire to shake them off.—Haer- Monet. Llama of great men all remind . We ma mike our liver sublime. And departing. leave hehind Footprint. un the manda,.' time. - LuAtfeilmo In conversation, humor is more than wit. easiness, more than know- ledge: few desire to learn, or to think they need it: all desire to be pleased, or if not, to be easy.—Sir Inn. Temple. Ihr in brace whom tongue ia Idlest etthe trophies ad his :monk • Mela grebe wine.. quiet hearing ataxia his great. arra well aware& - inn Wisdom. EMBEZZLERS. - rcontrilosted to Tat AGE. j I Honee•ty is the hest policy, but I'd I ta.ther cheat than be cheated,\ is an old saw everybody is familiar with. There are embezzlers end embezzlers. . In the March Chastauquau John nab - 1 berton telle tis some things about one I kind of embezzlers. . :-Old industries often reãppear un- der new names_ In every generation and every country stealing has been a prominent though reprehensible method of getting money and proper - PROPRIETOR tv. It is as common now as ever, AND iggniry. but its larger developments are parti- ally secreted under new verbal ex- pressions. The man who takes a dollar or a loaf of bread which is net his own, is still a thief; he who de- liberately takes a few hundred dollars out of a' merchant's cash -drawer or a few thousand from a bank safe is a burglar: but the trusted clerk or other official or agent who disappears with half a million in cash is an em- bezzler or defaulter. The titles have not exactly the same meaning, accord- ing to the dictionary. To embezzle means to filch; to default means to fail or be lacking in 'something; but the practical result of both operations is the same as that of common steal- lug—it Is the forcible appropriation of the property of auother, no equi- valent being left in itst`place.\ What is there in a nettle? Much, every way. When some men, for the . _ sake of a -home market\ are allowed to charge two prices for one article the system is called Protection—with a big P. But if we should call it em- bezzlement would it seem so fascinat- ing' The definition given for stealing land embezzlement is equally true of 'protec'tion': , \It is the forcible ap- propriation of the property of another, no equivalent being left in its place.\ That this definition is true may readily be seen by seeking ails\ ers to 1 the following questions: --If we make coats and exchange them for foreign hats, is it not true , - that the cheaper the foreigner works , the more hats we will get for a coat, .or put it in another way, is it not true B 0vD11211. HOT 311113316111 WM. TROTTER_ Pa0IPUIFT0a- Thane Spring; bare moot WonderDal Curat i ve Pr,opert in all tonne of WILluteihumasti.«, Troubles AND JuG Lead Poisoning and (ieneral Debility. The Spring'. tr an at °err r N 'I' RESORT Tor timer who are overworked and weary and trim Amite a few days' relief from tail and lami- news and want a few days recreallien. Than is always lea dished numb» and bin roe b DI Patine ef ne .,/ RAGE TO AIM FROM ALL Timms t igoimtime lgtTenen.tercl: ENCYCLOP,EDIA BRITANN1CA Port - Lea Brno vr. TwayrY-Ferva Volume. 'iii) onenplete ‚br. berrary marvel of the age. We have now ready tor detrrerv _ - Twevry-Two Volumes at rbem- crolumae.: DEL1V ERP:D FREE'! • Iran TOAI HALF TIM PEWIt ird the original which izz produce in FAC-R11111.f.: 17 our new gelatine and at about half the pnee of the other two edition*. We are aim the authorized pahlutheris Hie AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT To the Encyclopedia ftritarmico. in Fi•-•• Volga,» at Men Pen Vebia - wir.. Endorsed by the high... ens Iso-ines in the Canted mad.* et. A Heavesse von Carve...Lae -- a* • Ter Hewer G. Aunt Ce Nee Yom , J. R. C dlefISELHERRY. Mr. 828 WdshihrUleor EL. Chien\ nt. Fit= 9112 . 1 imam T;este ;te h Seto and Madam Cinema Itailwayerafter May les When coal advances in 'rice, do llw wages of the miners also advance?\ Habberton Kays:, \Complaisance free -handedness, hearty liking for everything pleasing, and reluctance to say 'No' will5 make a good fellow out of a man who „bas little or no moral character; so with' a general willingness to oblige the person near- est at hand, regardless of rules, laws, or the rights of others. Yet the good fellow often is trusted when „better men are suspected.. Astalrettily etated, however, a man need not be destitute of moral character in order to become an embezzler or defaulter: that the cheaper other people will ,. POLIT 1 t L P01 N \I' E RS„ work the higher will be our wages?, If other people would work for with- The Democrats of Madison county ing and give us goods, would it not be a good thing? How can a tare . have nominated S. R. Buford and T. on goods 'benefit an American Work- S.'Staffurd.for the Constitutional Con- ingman if it Only raises his wages inlarent.ion. The Republicans have placed proportion to the increased \trice of in nomination R. 0. Hickman and gOods? Does a tariff en goods Jetties' E. Callaway, two -gentlernen or lower the pries of goods? If it' Well known in the territory and,both lowers the price how can it proteet?rof whom have had considerable legiW If a tariff raises the price of goods, lative experience. •_ • , who gets the benefit , the employer or I The Democrata in 'the,Sixth the workingman? if the elaftio.Yer ' tri et, embraving -Amosinda and otits.r is protected (gets an extra price), will precincts of Deer Lodge cotffity, have he divide his increased profits with placed in nomination for the Consti- his employés? If high Prices of tutional Convention- John R. Toole, a -goods . mitan-Itigh—wageitell\t • min t in, the employ. of. the sugar trust inerease • wages .when Anaconda company and who was a they ads -unite the price of ugar Representative in the 'Legislature two years ago, end G. II. Winston, a law- yer of Anaconda. In the Eighth bistrict, which takes iit the town of Deer Lodge and otherprecinent, the Democrats have nominated J. C;Rob- Men' the well-known laeyer. who has been a mentber of the Legislature eumennis terms, and Edward Burns, a business nian of Elliston. - • * * * The effect of his punish- ment as a warning to others is not distinctly visible, and some business men wonder whether there is such an. effect, for defalcation q and embezzle- ments do not decrease in 'limber.\ That is said of the thieves elminonly called embezzlers. -\If society would puttrin end to the roguery of individu- als it Must undo its Own gigantic rob- bery.\ Underneath may be seen- the truth which Paul wrote to Timothy; they that will be (dÊternitite to be) rich fad into temptatheand a snare, and. into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown in destruction and per- dition. For the' loV43 of moneY•ts the The Democrats of Lewis and Clark county, - nominated for the Oonestitu- tional Convention the following get- tlemeie Twellt h District, W Maygar, business man of Marysville, and R. S. Ford, a rancluntan of Sun River; Thirteenth District, C. W. -Turner, zi'7 he needs only a single, weakness that Helena lawyer and present Adjutant ma' be gmtified by free use Of money. General of Montana, and Vim. 'Muth, a real is.tate, man . of Helena and a member . of the Territorial Meuse of Reprcatentatives two years ago. Four- teenth • District, Jos. K. Toole and Martin Magiunis, two gentlemen *ell known throughout the Territory, the former of w lit no recently etuipletedfonr years'service as Montana's Delegate to Cong d tue otter serving in the same posit on the twelve or fourteen yeane:provious to Toole's election. Fifteenth District, John S. M. Neill, a Helena real estate dealer. and A. F. Barnes, an East Helena business man. The Republieans of Silver Bow volley have made the bellowing nom- inations for t he Constitutional (‚oui - root of all evil: whidt while emne ve \ ti \ : tb ..e n Twe \V -in- \ nut Dis- trict, Hiram Knowles and • J. A. coveted after, they have, erred . from Rickards; Twenty-third District, Wm. the' faith, and pierced themselves Dy-er and George M. Bourquin; through with many sorrows.\ • Twenty-fourth I)istrict, (ice. Ilaldtern It is the love of money that leads; and F. E. Sergeant; Twenty-fifth Dis - meri to do,. theite thine). But what Dis - breeds and fosters the love of moner? trict, Charles S. Warren and Thomp- son Campbell. Knowles is the prom - Is it not the. \fear of want\—of pee- • ment lawyer, ex -Associate Justice of erty? If every person could he sure the Territorial Supreme Ceuta, and of securing a comfortable living with- tut' candidate for Delegate to out extreme exertion; if there was no ' danger four years ago. Rickards is danger of the lowest class of lairrers a dealer in oils in Butte and two years falling i ‘ nt'o pauperism, either through ago was a menuiser of the Legislative occasional sickness, failure of crops ( •onnei I. Bourquin is a young clerk or other things all are liable to, who at Walkerville who has been quite would worship wealthle Abolish in- active in Knight of Labor councils. voluntary poverty and the love of lie was the Republican candidate for money will die a natural death. But Clerk and Recorder of Silver Bow until we do, it will be \a root of all kinds of evil\ (revised version). There is but one Way to abolish pov- erty; that is to \do justice to the afflicted and needy: deliver the poor Land needy; rid them out of the hand f the wicked.\ This cam only be t done by following the spirit of that I document which declares that all nien are created \with Certain equal and inalienable rights.\' The equal right to the use of the earth is necessary to \life liberty, and the puesuit of hap- . 14. nŒ. 33c..telclor, • IhIrma.teera... 4 9 g -14 t .1 9 4. P:t -t•,a % Nt ESP A N'TS. 13 OULDKR PLANING MILL bask amid Door Manesasetory, ENOCH 1101.)soN, Pie WEI ETOR. IM LDF:1{, iNTA - The Ileolder Flailing mill toe now in eunalant opines Miami mad prepared to ruritida every dearription elf ^ 31:31.‘11clina.; Ibleeteswial h. any l i va_not and en *bent Coot rardor and Ito den will save time and matey hy snaking lima purchase. in Idossider. 1 also carry in mink sad ein _prepared te.auppis Mining Timber., Bang. are; Dtmentdon limber., lath. Shingles. And every deneriptlon et ....eiettee lemeeries. .Au i t e rsrellon of my Mork and prima b empeattally MILL AND 01 , 7ICE AT RAILROAD DEPOTS. BOULDER LEW WEAL TARO. NASH, DOORS, MOTLDINGS, CEDAR Ma -mho. and all kinds§ of Vhslabhig Lim- ber. Building and Tar Pier, constantly on hand. Yard opposite the If 'ourt-Hossae. Cunsenletit for teams. Mao, pianos far- . county- last fall and was one .of the very few Republican nominees in that comity who got left. Haldorn is- a lawyer of growing prominence. Sergeant is a banker. Campbell is a lawyer. Warren is the great Repub- lican leader who was so badly beaten last month in the race for the mayor- alty of Butte. 'He is the Montana representative on the National Re- publicou committee. SUDDEN DEATH. piness.\ The syntent of embezzling 1 called retection is in itself a denial , . of the equal right to the use of the A Eureka Gulch correspondent of : , .i• - ••ty Nitro Powder, Cain Fuse. Etc. : earth. w. E BRoKAw • the Helena fnebseendent writes as fol- „,,,„„„,,, „,„.. lows: \An old-timer by the name of , PLACER PLUMS: Q .1% sseph Miller died suddenly at Brown Tins TWOS\. ClIF5 11 LIVINGS luau & Winter's claim on the 25th ult. He 1 Or it lEfACNA. (Spevial Corrempondenee of THE AGE.) went to work in the diggings with the . PLACER, May 7.—Frank Laeka- balance of the crew, but shortly dis- ' wick, who has been superintendent appeared, 110 one paying any attention of the Raet Parifie mine, ha*vesigned, : to the fact, supposing that he had re - Mr. Albrecht taking leis place. • , r turned to the house. But at dinner nirhed for Moores, bridges'. etc., end con- - trantng and building of saine. OROEstflerlt k .011IPK1N14. il ELENA A DveirrisiatENTR. U '1.111 AMMAN.' OFFICE, AND Cid Ell Iced. LABORATORY e. Ci -01770, HELENA, : : . 11SONTAISA •_ thikil and Milree....-S1 Zirre if/ Si gold aridimall 2(5) Tin OS Lend I 03 Aotimony—...- Z SI (ater I :a Arsenic. SaS *10 trots l . 1 IS. rIP O. POWER & BRO.. • • mum.. IN Mining ›ittohinery and HELENA, W. T. • Minors' Stipplients. M.iNT%NA Ahcanir roe BLAKE S IMPROVED fif1'EA14 - --STEAM H01818— , AND COMMON SEEM WROUGHT me W1111011 111.2.earA. IL T. The old Iron Age mine is panning ofit well under the management of Mr. Ingalls. fiad air drove the miners out of one of the tunnelit this week: Harris & Hazelton have thirty men in the Agua Frio mine and they are shipping one car load of ore per day to the East Helena smelter. , The fine residence Mr. Lambert is having built here is nearing comple- tion. He \will - Move into it this week. The Northern Pacific railroad com- pany lias had a large force of carpen- , teem at work for the past two, months building new Widget in the vicinity of Placer. , Quite a program of athletic sports - was gone through here last Sunday including foot and horse 'Acing., JERRY. hy a small pool of water about six inches in depth. Here he was strick- en with heart disease or apoplexy and fell with his face in the water. When found he had been dead several hours. À grave Was dug back of the old town, alongside of that of another unfortunate who was killed by a fall- ing tree and buried there some twen- ty years ago. Tenderly he was placed in his last resting • Place, and a pine .tree was planted at the head and foot of the grave to mark thospot. Peace to his 'ashes.\ . time lie was net to be seen and a search was at once instituted result- ing in the finding of the body. Feel- ., ing unwell, doubtless, Miller had walked a short distance away from ¡ THOMAS came., where he was at work and sat down • T. II. CARTER. Incorporated alder the Laws erf Moatautus. PAID IN CAPITAL, *3. Ch Cr • 0 0 . President Viee-Prerident, C. L. DAWLER. Treasurer. E. J. csaTER, ....... ......... Ineretary. Allows Mx per tent, interest oneminae Depreits, compounded January and July. • Trammels; • general banking brahrem diem ea - change on the prineipal edam et as. Vapid Nab» and Europe. Will make leads on Sanity ea/ Cllyheirde,m1 reel estate mold . WWI , :•••• 4

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 15 May 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.