The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, May 22, 1889, Image 1

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1;7c>1. la. 1•Teza. 1. 33 onkicier, IV/ o t nazi re. 9s , c ri-iReCier'ea WelaterLealliedidalr, MVI et y 22, 11300. Visa rmebr a. , creuir dB CIO., t Limited.) Whtileusolie and Rstail. DEALERS IN C31r14.C1C111M.I3.31111, I-Iat.s and Caps, '?... 4 ) Flootoit and Shoes, 1 124-FiNTS* FURNISHING GOODS, AND FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. —to: - 3D 32 - Cgr CZ.b C:P as AND' csr..°T . FlIrr( . Piave recently been added to our large and varied stock and a Full and Fine .,. / .tirsortnnent Of these lines of goods will . hereafter be found on our shelves. —)o(— Foi a MA roOrK14 , .1. ea eCer CI C> X' Hercules, • A PS, ALL BLASTING, AND Spoi•tina. FUSE LITERARY NUGGETS, [Gathered for Tan Atig-: Man is in loss except ifee live aright. And laelp his fellow. to be firm and brave,. , Faithful and patient; then the restful night. —Peoria of the Math. If there were more thinking behind workingmen's brows, there would be lees sweat for them to wipe off, Wee. Lloyd Garrison. What valor were it, when a cur ‚loth grin, For otte to thrust his hand between Itin teeth, When he might spent him with hht foot away', • —elhakespeare. We think in yords: and when we lack fit 'words, we lack fit thoughts. -- ‚Vitae. There is no death!' What seems su is laureation; This lite of mortal breath Is but a ii . tibuth of the life elysian, .— • Whose portal we call death. —Loan/el/me. The generality . of mettexpenel the early partot their lives In contribut- ing to render the latter part miserable. —La Pellyere. The heart of man's like that delicate weed Willett requires lobe traimpled on boldly indeed Ere it gives forth the fralittanee you wish hi permit. —Owen Meredith. —)0(— Some men put me in mind of half- Feartex Butter and sr. g ram bred horses, which often grow worse —Ave— in preportion as you feed and exercise them for improvement.—Greeille. ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are 019(10 at 9peeimIty by this Image. Highest, market price paid for EGG'. AND ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY PRODLICI \ 13OULDER HOT SPRINGS AND HOTEL. WM. TROTTER, Pnerairrea. Theme Swinge have moat Wonderful f'lleative Pr o perties In all forms of D.12.crtzkricatic, 'Ili-ecea.s.1:›14Des AND IN Lead Poisoning and General Debility. —tee The Npringe is a - 1st oerr PLEASANT ItY.S0 Ifror Choose who arc overworked and weary and who desire a few dues' relief from toil mil Mimi- nes, and watial a few days' creme . --;0:— tier. le always Lao Best of Medical ittesdants and Baths are Free le ill Petrone of . tie Hotel. RACE TO AND FROM ALL TRAINS olit.1C3131‘ Y=MG)•1 1 313r.• and - RESTAURANT. O EUROPEAN PLAN. II.A . Yerin der PROPRIETORS. IN rem Omni& Kamm mum BLOCK one door n o rth of J. R. warren's livery stable. t 't t t t t Meals at all hours. BOULDER, .Nicely furnished rooms. ilFr• ligTATI A. TIMM ‘717X1V131111/01FIL 1-10 T BO U LD ER, MONTANA. Under the new management . the 'WINDSOR • ie the ONLY - FIRST GLASS HOTEL in Boulder. Til E finest table in net ut the a is runt' litld emanate., all the substantial« In he &Mod in the market. tioisl rootlet well furnished, find having muiet comfort/41de beds. 0 - 01-11•T PROPRIETOR Marriage islike a flaring candle Placed in • window of a summer night; Attracting all the inseetti of the air TO coOlt. and singe their pretty wingleba there; Those that are out butt heads against the pane. And there within butt to get out again. —PnitHeros. Life is hardly respectable—is it?— if . it has no generous, guarantying task, no duties or affections, that eon s stitute a necessity of eXisting.—Enter- sen. THE LAWS. Among the laws enacted at the re- cent session of the Legislature of Montana was the following: An aerto provide for the appointment of a private secretary to the Gover- nor. Section 1. That the Governor of Montana is hereby .- authorized to ap- point a private secretary who shall hold his office- until his removal by the Governor, and who shall receive ! an annual salary of twelve hundred dollars, payable as other salarieh are payable. Section 2. The secretary shall per- form such duties as may be required of him by the Governor.' Section 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after January 1, 188*.f. • An act giving costs in certain canes. Sec.!. Costa shall • be awarded by the District Court to the plaintiff in an action to recover damages for tres- paes upon real property brought in t-hat court without respect to the amount of damage recovered. Sec- 2. All acta and parts of acts in conflict with this act be and the same are hereby 'repealed. Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. THE MANIFOLD CYCLOPEDIA. The fifth volume of the Manifold Cyclepedia, which has just been pub- lished, more than sustains the good reputations of the previous issues, be- ing, espêèially, more full in its vocab- ulary, and the entire workmanship, both literary and mechanical, appar- ently being of a higher grade, It is certainly not only a wonderfully cheap, but • a thoroughly excellent., Cyclopedia for almost any conceivable use except that of a \trousers' press.\ The publisher will aend specimen pages free to any applicant, or speci- men volumes may be ordered and re- turned if 'not wanted. Reduced rates are offered to early purchasers. John ! I B. 'Alden. publisher, 393 Pearl street. New York: 2Is Clark st.. Chicago. I. snopFLY MOUNTAIN. IMontanst Mining Review, Helena.: Develonmenta of a veri satisfactory nature are reported as having lately taken place on Shoofly Mountain, at the,.head of Cataract, in the Three Buttes and the foothills surrounding them, and, on Eureka and Basin creeks, flowing at, the base of the ntains mentioned above. The Lvly Leith has fifty or 'sixty tons of silver -lead ore and carbonates of an excellent vnality in sacks await- ing shipment to the smelter, which will probably happen as soon as the roads are passable for wagons. In this connection we would suggest to the miner's 'Of this particular locality that it would be an excellent scheme for them to call the roll some .finb . morning and all take hold and open tto a good wagon road, or at least one that can be driven over without the aid of a balloon, either down the creek' to Basin City, a distance of about twelve miles. or acmes the divide to Rimini, a distance of about !'seven mike. The road to Basin City. it seems tó us, would be preferable for two reasons—one of them 'because it is practically already built, with per- haps the exception of a couple of miles, and another reason, it would he all down hill with very little grade. A good siagon road in that country would increase the value of prospects very materially—almost as much as a good strike of ore woidd do, and when so little exertion is necessary it is a little strange that Miners will go . on from year to year and let the roads to their property take care of them- selves. If a capitalist should happen to take a notion to viaisa locality like the one in question, after he had once been over * the preaent road, if he was fortunate enougW to get out with his life, the chances. are that he could never be induced to go in again, much less invest his _money there. This idea of waiting for something to turn up, or for somebody with a little \gît up and gît\ in them to come along and turn something up, is, to our way of thinking, poor policy' ou the part of the miner:. One of the first things he should do, after having developed the fact that he has a prospect which will warrant it, is to turn in and help, at leatt towards making a road that can belra.velled without the necessity of having a pair of wings. On the Lady Leith Wed, owned by Wilkinson 8 Glover, about - a foot of ore has been found at s depth of 100 feet. After sinking the shaft to a depth of 105 feet a drift was run on the vein, which had not proceeded far *hen some high grade gray copper pre was found which ought to pay well. Some wonderfully rich mays have been had from ore found in this property, and there stems to * be but little doubt that when the mine Cornea to be systematically handled good pay can be taken out of it. At present the water is master of the situation, it having been found impossible to keep it down with one shift of men and one horse and a Common Sense whim. Two lideses have, however, been secured and work will progress. It is the intention of the owners of this property to put up a emir; of sufficient capacity to handle the water. s Several important strikes have been reported from the Three Buttes, in the Russell tunnel location. and by the Alpine Mining Company, and dur- ing the past week there has been con- siderable excitement in consequence. Some very rich lodes are known to exist in the Three Buttem, and there is nothing at all wonderful that a tunnel driven across country to cut them hhould make some big strikes— if the•tunnel is driven far enough. The Lad , A tom is beginning to show of what stun . she is capable of producing, a strike having been made in the tunnel., which eneountoréd the lode last -week, shiewing, when our in- formant left, about three feet of ore of a very fair character. Samples from across the vein have been assay- ed during the week, averaging about e - e per ton. Tho foot wall of the lode has not yet been reached and the chances are good that the ore chute may be eight or even ten feet wide. , Work is being vigorously pushed on this property and we await . develepments with interest. We are informed that a strike east_ just been 'made _on the. Barbara lode, located a shirt distance front the, /hodeith, and about one mile south of Eureka creek. It is said that some high grade ore has been found in the shaft on this property, though we haveireen unable to gather the parti- culars. THE OVERLAND MONTHLY.. The Overland Monthly, of San Fran- . cisco, has undertaken an enterprise . which ought to give large circula- tion itt Montatte lk ., perieg the coming sunueer it will Publish three artielea upon Montana which will doubtless have great influence in bringing capi- tal • and population to the Territory. The first article will be descriptive of Montana topographic:0,11y and geo- graphically, and will be prepared by Rev. M. L. Streator, the general supCrinteedent of the Christian sect in Montana. a ith headquarters at Bozeman. The Keene artielb will consist of'historieal sketches of Mon- tana, by Iron. Granville Stuart, of Fergua county, than *Wan no 'citizen of the Territory is more qualified. The ) ,thied article will relate to Mon tana's growth and resources and will he 'prepared by Hon. Leo Mantle, of • Butte. The articles are ninv in eetu-se of preparation, and Mr. W. F. Cutionins,. of Helena, manager of the Montana department, assisted by Mr. F. E. C9rnish, as field manager, are gather- ing material for the fine illustrations which . will appear with the articles. The plan has met the approval of the Helena ftoahl of Trade, ad express- ! ed by the following: WHEREAS, the Overland Monthly, a 'favorite maga;ine of the Pacific coast, 14. M. 3301irCIEI 134zsvilcicer. McsmktinN187/4 \ co 6' e t- . n.t O Ei s • LI7M HE it NI ER( 'II .A I 01ILDER PLANING MILL Saab and Door Pleaineleruidedy, ENOCH ileospx, :, MONTANA. - The ulder Planing m it cooli Iii ill le now e:It tiler - Bo ahem a n d ibrepered neridsh every acuam lid iota mm\ Material aiidjai ia,'' «lilt's', ULF. ante on mliorl nadir... t'ont ruche d liaiders *ill save time and money m n . by akig . t 'r manhunt.* in Boulder. . also terry In stock mot ant prepared to aupply Mintng Tintbera. Bridge and Dinfénelon Timbers, late h, Shingles, And every deseription of ronerttetion material. A m i t at i z reti 4444 of nay sitoeleami respertrulle , . MM. Ani5 OFFICE AT RAILROAD leieroTs tier LDEIt LI' M YARD. Mel - LOINGN, CEDAR 141iIngle9, and all lanai% of Elilhddng Lam- ber, Building arittelner-Paper, on hand. Yard oppeatte the Court -Home. 'Convenient for teems». Also. plana fur- nirehed tor bonus., bridgea, Pie., and . ease- traeting and Building «if %Mlle. (iRo»IIPA'K k PUMPKINS. II ELENA ADVEILTISEIO ENTS. L , , r .. il .\+. ssIA'Y Cilrlelt 'F, , A Ni, , 11 Mil ICA I. LA Hir)ttercnor J. ‘2 - .. .-csrls7•10, HELEN.% . : NItiNTANA tiold and Silver,, II 10 Zhu. ..... gl le s proposes; to publish in 18,» at least . 4 Silver, gold and lead 2 00 Tin t on Antiniony etc 5 ue . 1 I Se Asenie . 5 0(1 three articles on Montada by well- i : 4 ;11\ ' I 50 Iron - I !id i informed and intelligent writers, one of whom, the Hon. Granville Stuart, will write one or more historial' sketches 'of Montana; another, the Rev. M. L. Streator, will write topo- graphical and descriptive articles; and the Hon. Lee Mantle will write on Montana's growth and resources; and WHEREAS, the Helena Board of Trade learns with satisfaction of the forthcoming articles by eitizene et' our Territory whose eminent abilities are a' guaranty that lhe work will be well done, therefore, be it Rexolverl, That the Helena Board of Trade heartily approves of the said undertaking and commends the game - te the favorable consideration of the people, believing that it .will be of great benefit to Montana in,attractiag unmigrauts and capitalists' to our ne* State. R. C. WALKER, ,! Sec. Board of Trade. The expenses of the articles and:the illustrations will be considerable' nd will be met in part by contributions from prominent citizens who, are pleased to see Montana's resources and advantagea so well shown. • PUT LAND TO ITS BEST USE. [Eagle -Pa.', Texas, Guide.] If Texas sheepmen cannot cómpete with Mexican sheepmen without an import tax—why not? Because Telas lands are costlier—are more valuable for some other purpèse? Then why should they not be put to the more valliable» use? rri C. POWER &BRO.. -a_ • HELENA. k. T: rek.e.res Mining Machinery and Minet'' ettpptienie.; mo•TAN• Any.yrr• .0* ÉLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMP. — STEAM HOISTS— • Ain) COMMON SENSE WROUGHT fRoN Safety Nitro Powder, Caps Fuso. Etc. tertAXIMAT Banes. : : M. T. THE TiloMAS CRUSE SAVINGS BANE Hir,.1.}.:NA.. idureerpo - rated .1.1ader the Law. of Montane: PAID CA PITA L, as 3. 0 Q, O Q Q. THOMAS CRUSE, Presidenll 4. H. CARTER V We -President. C. L. DA HIER Treasurer, E. J. CARTER Secretary. Allows six per cent. interest on dirthiga emu,. led January and July. Traumas. a g eneral banking intarineee, &ors de; change on the principal cities of the United Bate« and Eampe. Win make loans on County end City h oo d., and' real r•date mortliszer d •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 22 May 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.