The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, May 29, 1889, Image 2

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alb e o 5 o cl) o o H. M. PARCH 11..N. W Nloitst., lide,\'Boulder. Peers\ dh WC ems TR/ S. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL dG, fie Ei We carry all g ood. usually carried by • DRUGGISTS A 1..1 'VP I.a -eta. r• thi-Otur Pecos Are Iteisemaahle.-fill -Io:- Tay. a GIu.f Our Soda Witter. 4-) Gin IFIL We ‚AL la X Me MS Iniama k riCas t apany of New Reek. « Assets fino.utio.on surplus 1,100kuumio Paid to Polley Holders.. CA.500.000.00 AmountInsUranee I 50,009.009.00 YOUR LITS INSURED? A Duty Every Man Owe. to His Family! Mtn Germania Life lusarasee Censtimay OF NEW voitE Has Opened a Local °Mee for Jeffenson County at HOCLDER, MONTANA, Where all font» of polities will be issued, Includin g A.I1t2i0Z.T.71'1.: 130ND POLICIFf.8. Which are payable in 10, 15, 20, or 25 yearet! Or in case of previous death • I Mir ID I Y For, information and rates, call on or address F. S. DOREMl's. Mana g er for Montana, helena, Monjana, OR PIERRE DURYEA, Special Agent for Jefferson County. Offitc with Ttioace Joe». hey.. Moulder. Montana. THE AGE - - - BOULDER, »sr. WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, pl e . --- - winter went through the actounts for several years past and found no defi- ciency, and it is not probable that any person in thesoaunty believes there I one. So the fight is simply a waste of ammunition. THE Inter ..1Ladataat says that -there ought. • to be a searching party sent out to discover Bill Kennedy of Boul- der, the independent candidate for the Constitutional Convention. - Bin hasn't got any party bell onto bias and, consequently, he trill be rather hard to find in the brush.—B'eraana Itegiker. Should the editor of the Infer MA474417 . 1! happen to stray away at any time, he would be easily die - covered by the odor of the Mei.Jsitis Americana which tivotql prevai; around' his habitat • THE HELENÁ Jeffries! last Sunday aiiiinunved that Mr. John ti. Mills would take editorial « charge of the Deer Lodge Neie North- Wed. Capt. Mill finding that hie pew position of Collector of Internal Revenue de- manded most of his attention. Tux Xus is glad to see John Mills get back to his old love and home and trusts that he . will become a permanent fixture there. He is an able writer and enferprisiug news -gatherer. and under hit- administration the No;rdi- Wed will not lose any of its eerie or standing' in the newspaper and political field , in Montana. IT WOCLD SEEM that of late years such diseases as scarlet fever, typhoid fever, diphtheria, and others of like character, have been increasing in virulence and quantity throughout Montana. This might naturally be expected with the accumulation and increase of filth which follows popu- lation. But little attention has been paid to general cleanliness in most , the towns in Montana. the public de- pending on the dry atmosphere to get rid of the decaying matter and filthy refuse which was liable to breed dis- ease. That too mutth confidence has been so placed, is proven by the in- crease in cited above, and it is time that intelligent effort should be applied to midst nature in disposing of the refuse. Opportune at this time. therefore, is the able paper on fectants, - contributed to THE AGE by Dr. W. M. Bullard. of Wickes. which is begun in this is.sue and will be finished next week. . The Doctor is geed au- thority on this subject, having sup- plemented his medical training at the Indianapolis Medical College by a course at the University of Heidelberg. Germany. from which he returned to become Professor 'of Chemistry and Toxicology at his alma twer. That he stands well with the medical fra- ternity of Montana is show», by his appointment as a membeeef the Med- ical Examining Board of the Terri- tory. The article in question ments the careful attention of every person who *ants to preserve good hc--th in town or family. THE LITERARY CONTEST betteeen Mr. Dumen and County Clerk Stevens as to the county • bookkeeping seems to have subsided and nobody is seriously húrt. As long as the question was simply one of bookkeeping. the people of the county generallv take but little interest, and 'Tut: AGE ilues'ilot unde- stand that Mr. Durnen alleges an ac- tual deficiency in the treasury. Ex - ‚County Treasurer Berendes informa THE AGE that the error arose at the time of making the annual statement in December, 1887. -At this time 825,000 had just been received from bonds issuederedeem warrants. This ainotint was counted as cash in the treasury and at the same time the warrants it was to redeem were count- ed as no longer part of the net indebt- edness because the money was in the treasury to pay them. Thus the county received a double credit for the one amount. The expert employed by the County Commissioners last KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. The Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias of Montana had a very pleasant session at beer Lodge Wet week. The following offieers were elected to serve during the ensuing year Grand Chancellor, E. B. Lamine, of Bozeman; Vice -Grand Chancellor. John L. Sloane. of Missoula: Grand Prelate, James B Gallagher. of Butte: Grand Master of the Exchequer, H. Owings, of Deer Lodge: rand r of the Records and Seals, John G. Evans, Of Butte, this being his fifth election to the office: Grand Master -at -Arma N. J. Scott, of Walkerville: Grand Inner Guard, W. E. Thompson, of Livingston; Grand Outer Guard, Theo. Shed. of Marysville: Grand Trustee. Dr. E. Crutcher, of (irtat Falls: Supreme Representative to the Supreme Lodge arment - for the next four years. J. E. Rickards, School is open with J. C. Wiggin in of Butte. » charge and Miss Kate Kellogg as as- sistant. Mim Kellogg has been re- engaged for next year. WICKES B - UDGET. It was determined that the next grand lodge of the Territory be held in Livingston, the third Tiesday in May. 1890, ISpeeial Corremoundence of Tan Auk) WICKES, May 27. -- Our genial townsman, Lawrence Riley, has had a `tome of men at work, cleaning up, the streets and roads approaching the town. If the eitzieris - would now do their part and 'clean their back yards it would result in increased healthfulness. Katharine Bullard has been serious- ly ill with scarlet fever. The Doctor reports her as rapidly ttoprOHilig, without any complications. Politicians have commenced to in- terview our Delt-g,ates to the Consti- tutional Convention for office and various other favors. Our experience ia that we can obtain no promises. for Breen and Bullard are not inclined to give anything away and know how to keep their own counsel. George Haug has two children down with scarlet fever. Mrs. Ellen Barnes has moved to the Pacific hotel, where she hand- somely administers to the *ants of the inner man. Rev. Mr.. Barber, of East Helena. conducts a successful. bible ela.ei here every Tuesday and Wednesday even- ings. He has proven himself an ex- cellent teacher. The object is for each member to become familiar with the bible teachings on the vario subjects assigned. It is a good work. We are always glad to see T. A. Wickes in camp. He has a pleasant word of encouragement 'and cheer for all. His visita are looked for eagerly. The various secret societies seem to have acquired new energy. Nearly every week there are initiations in one or more of the various organizations. For some reason, unknown to us. there seems to b some unpleasantness 'in the ranks of Eureka Loege. I. O. G. T. All personal feeling should be thrown aside and the good work carried on in earnest. lar. Bullard tells us that the medi- cal law is faat gaining friends through- out the Territory, and that it is upheld in every instance with but two or three exceptions. The court» have decided in favor of the Board in the' first suit instituted. Regard- ing two threatened suits, *here the Board bas refused certificates, the Doctor is not at liberty to give any information, hut he has no fears of the result A strawberry and ice-cream festival is talked of in the circles of the Methodist church to supply a finan- cial deficiency. Auctioneer Sweet, the irrepressible, has been here the past week selling the stock of goods at A. S. Street's, preparatory to closure. S. T. H Knight and C. S. Poage attend the Grand Lodge of P. at Derr Lodge as represeqtatives of Bullion Lodge No. 17, of Wickes. Tom says he had a good time. Alpine mining stock is increasing in value. For some unknown reason the tunnel work is being done very slowly. The works are running, steadily, at their full capacity. Mr. Freeman, formerly foreman here, hm returned after a long ab - »née and is a welcome guest among his many friends. The. four patients at the hospital are rapidly convalescing. Fred. Meyer has been fighting matiam at Alhambra Springs. He returned a few days ago much benefited. J. T. Tullock, hospital steward. does not take kindly to the title of \Doctor - . The beys say that he takes goo l l care of them. Our new postmaster Judge ,Kellogg and his daughter, as assistant, have the postal affairs well in hand and are often complimented upon their man - District Clerk Harlow spent Mon - I day at ne Park. WOMAN SUFFRAGE. , TDB AGE has received a postal card containing the following, with a request to publish the sanie: , 4 _ gi / TO WOMAN SUFFRAGISTS. Not all people realize \ the.. at and growing sentiment in favor of equal suffrage. In order to bring the sub- ject before the Constitutional Conven- tion, it is requested Abut all adults, male or female, who desire an equal suffrage provieion incorporated in the new Constitution will write to at least one of the Delegates from their coun- ty requesting him to work for it. EVA WARREN COLLIER. '. Bedford, Mont, May 21, 1889. PLACER ITEMS.' • [Special Correapoupenee TOM AGE. I PLACER, May . — The » ' miners working on the East Pacifie mine made a rich strike a few. days ago. They found a new lead a foot wide, of galena' ore which goes 8400 to the ton\ in gold. Mir. Norris, who has the Iron Age bonded, discharged all his. men lait week. A misunderstanding between him and the owners of the mine is the cause of the trouble. Hazelton & Harris are erecting a building preparatory to opening a store of general merchandise at the Agesa Frio mine. It will be a great convenience to that busy camp. Mr. John McGuire has opened a saloon at the Arta Frio. That one, toget . Ltet: with two here in Placer, makes us well accomodated with sa- loons in this camp. Grain is looking well in the. Beaver Creek valley, but water for irrigating purposes will 'be Manse ',atilt Stminar if we don't get - some more rain. JERLY. MRS. FOL.a'011 MARRIED. adminstered only by an officer of the United States; hence, a notary public being a state officer. can not adminster an oath to United States officiate except I ; the statute specifically Watts the oath can be made before such state officials. This opinion, it is believed, seriously affecta the status of more than 100,000 cases in the mineral division» alone of the general land office. \'Deputy min eral surveyors have for years, it is said. sworn to the correctness of their statements before notaries public. I During the last four years a large number of cases under the general land laws have been received for pat- ent in the general land office where final proof was not made before the officer designated by law for that purpose. Where no other error was found, they have been allowed to go to patent. This poricy was first adopt- ed by Secretary Vilas. The opinion of the Supreme Court has created alarm and à request for the interpre- ,tation of Section 2,3e, Revised Statues, has been sent. to Assistant Attorney -General Shields with partic- ular reference to the supreme court decision and its effects upon pending cases in the general land office.\ JACKSON. Mich., May 20.—Great in- temst wasaroused in society circles yes- terday when the rumor became current that Mrs. Emma C. Foleoun . , mother of ex -President Clevelaters wife, was to be married to -day to Henry E. Perrine, a merchant of Buffalo. Mrs. Folsom came here on the 8th, inst- ead has been quietly stopping with her relatives since. Mr. Perrine has been at a hotel since Wedeesday last. The rumor was corroborated last even- ing by the arrival of Mrs. Cleveland. who preceeded to the residence of her aunt. Mrs. Codman. where Mrs. Fol- som is stopping. Extraordinary pre- cautions has been taken from the first to keep the affair quiet and very few were cognizant of it until the last moment. The wedding was solem- nized at nine o'clock this evening, Rev. B. Balcom. of St. Paul Episcopal church. officiating.. The bride was attired in a travelling costume. Mr. and Mrs. Perrine left on the niâht train for Chicago and the west for a trip before returning to Buffalo to reside. Mrs. Cleveland will remain for a few days the guest of Mrs. Cod - man, before • leaving for home. The groom is about fifteen yearn the senior of the bride, who is a well preserved woman of forty-five. • IMPORTA.NT DECISION. The Supreme Court of the United States last week rendered a decision in a ease, one point in which is likely to affect all mineral patents heretofore issued. The Court held that where an oath is required by a United States statute, the oath must be made before a United States officer authorized to administer oaths,' unless the statute itself expressly provides that another officer may administer the oath. The following is the telegraphic report of the decision: \The opinion of the Supreme Court in the case of the United States ta. John D. Hall, was to -day the subject of earnest discussion among the offiicals of the general lam; office. One of the points at issue WWI that Hall had made oath before a notary public. The. Supreme Court decided that where an oath is required by the I United States, a statute oath gin be PrHSIT,ITRE 1.EALEHM. 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