The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, May 29, 1889, Image 3

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Trammis a gamend...beeking lanitieet draws ex- ne'przaeipat aids at Or Cleated »Wen and Eatrespe- mane Imam Olb Came anid flty Made, mid real elide mituldiwit. TIIE AGE - - BOULDER. mös - É. WEIEN fflDAT„ MAT 29. 1889. THE NEW Ell..E.CTION LAW: The • follenring is the text of the new electioa law fur Montana, enacted at the last amiss of the Territorial Leg- idatare. sad esnitaining the thief feat- ures of what is known a- the Aus- tralia* system of voting: , An act te provide fer printing and dintrainting ballets at the public otpense. and to misdate voting at Territorial sad ether elections. Be le t oincred bp tie Lryidatire Arsesably of de %Titer, .1Isataaa: • Somme 1. All ballots east in elec- tions for public officers within Mon- tana (except sehookdkitritt officers) shall - be printed and distrilested at .uWieezuenseas hmeimàler provided. The printing cf ballets and cards of instruction for *e electors in each county, and the defivrey of the same to the election eicers, as hereinafter presided. shall be a comity charge, the payment of which shall, be pro- vided kir in the same manner es \the payment of other county expenses; but the «prime of printing and de- livering the ballots ‚halt. in the case of municipal elections, be a charge upon the city or town in which Such election =hall be held_ SEC. 2. Any convention or primary meeting. as hereinafter defined . held for the purpose of making nomina- tions to public office. and also electors to the number hereinafter specified, may numin.ate candidates for public office to be filled by election within the Territory. A convention or pri- mary meeting within the meaning of this act, is an organized assemblage of electors or delegates representing a political party or principle. Sac. 3. All inations made by words the party or principle which s • such convention or primary meeting represente, and it shall be signed by the presiding °Meer and secretary of such convention or primary meeting, who shall add their signatures their respective Places of residence, their business, and business addresses. Such œrtificates made out as herein required, Shall be delivered by the sec- retary or president of such convention tar primary meeting to the Secretary of the Territory or to the County Clerk, as hereinafter required. SEC. 4. Certificates of nomination of candidates for offices to be filled b. , the electors ot thé entire TerritorY, or of any division or district greater than a county,shall be filed with the Secretary of the territory. Certifiçates of nomina- tion for county and precinct oflicers shall be filed with the Clerks of the re- spective counties wherein the ‘. officers are to be elected. Certificates of •nomi- nation for municipal officers shall be fil- ed with the clerks of the respective mu - n ici palcorporat ions wherein the officers are to be elected. The certificate of a nomination for a loint member of either branch of the Legislative As- sembly shall be filed in the offices of the County Clerks of both counties . to be represented by such joint member. Sec. 5. Candidates for public office may be nominated otherwise than by convention or primary meeting in the manner following: A certificate of nomination containing the name of a cándidate for the office to be filled, with such information as is required to be given in certificates provided for in section three of this act, shall be signed by electors residing within the district or political division in and for which the officer or officers are to be elected in the folloveing numbers: The number of signatures need not exceed one hundred when the nomination is for an office to be filled by the electors of the entire Territory; and needs -not exceed teu when the nomination is for an office to be filled by the electors of acounty. district, or other division less than the Territory; and need not exceed five when the nomination is for an office to be filled by the electors of à township, precinct, or ward; pis- ri.1 , 4. that the said signatures need not all be appended to one Paper. Each elector signing a certificate shall add to his signature his place of residence, his business, and business address.' Such certificate may be tiled as pro- vided for in section four of this act in the same manner and with the same effect as a certificate of nomination made by a party convention or pri- mary meeting. SEC. 6. No certificate of nomina- tion shail contain the name of more than one candidate for each office to be filled. No purson shall join in nominating more than one person for each office to be filled, and no person shall accept a nomination to more than one office. - SEC. 7. The Secretary of the Terri- tory and the Clerks of the several counties and of the several mtapicipial corporations shall cause to be pre- served in their respective offices for one year all certificates of nomination filed in their respective.effices under the provisions of this act. All such certificates shall be open to public in- spection under *proper regulations to be made by the officers with whom the same are filed. Sm.. 8. Certificates of nomination to be filed with the Sec . retiudY of the I Territory, shall be filed not more than sixty days and not less than thirty days before the day fixed by law for the election of the persons in nomi- nation. Certificates of nomination herein directed to be filed with the County Clerk shall be filed not more than sixty days and not less than twenty days before election; certificates such convention ci primary meeting for the nomination of candidates for : proper counties, the name and de- . shall ,te certified as fellows: The eer- municipal offices shall be filed with ; scription of the person so nominated ' ' ' 1 tificate of nomination, which shall be the clerks of the respective municipal to fill a vacancy, the office heis nemi - in writing. shall contain the name of corporations not more than thirty days ', nated for, the party or political pria - cseh person nominated, his residence, and not less than three day s previous ciple he represents, and the name of his bueiness. his business address. and to the day of election. . Prorilid, That : the person for whom such nominee is the office ifie which he is nanied. and the provisions of this section shall not substituted. . special elections to fill vacancies caused by death, resignation. or otherwise. - Sze. 9. Not less than twenty not : more than thirty days before, an elec- tion to fill any public office. the Secre- tary of the Territory shall certify to the County Clerk of each county within which any of the electors may by law vote for candidates for such of- fice, the name and description of each person nominated for such office, as specified in the certificates of nomina- tion filed with the Secretary of the Territory. SEC. 10. At least tell days before an election to fill any public office other. than a municipal office, the County Clerk shall cause to be pub- lished in ene or more newspapers within the county, the nominations to office certified to hint under the pro- visions of this act. The County Clerk shall make such publications daily until the election, in counties, where daily newspapers are published; but if there be no daily newspaper pub- lished within the county, two publica- tions in each newspaper will be suffi- cient. One of such publications in each newspaper shall be upon the' last day upon which such newspaper is is- sued before election. . In ruse of mu- nicipal elections such publication shall be made in one or more newspapers devoted to the dissemination of gen- - eral news and published within the municipal corporation in which' the election is -to be held at least three days before the election, the, publica- tion to be daily until election where there are deity newspapers; but if there be no daily newspaper públished within the munieipal.corporation, one publication in each newspaper shall be sufficient SEC. .11. Whenever any person nominated for public office as in this act . provided shall, at least twenty days before election, except In the rase of- municipal elections, in a writing signed by him', notifying the officer with whom the certificate nominating him is by this act required to be filed, that he -declines such nomination. such I nomination shall be void. In munic- ipal elections such declination must he made' at least two days before the election. ' SEC. 12. Should any person so nominated die before the printing - of the tickets, or decline the nomination as in this act provided, or should any certificate of nomination lie or become insufficient or inoperative from any cause, theyacancy or vacancies thus occasioned may be filled in the man- ner reqaired for original nominations. If the original nomination., was made by a party, convention which had del- egated to a•committee the power to fill vacancies, such committee may, upon the occurring of such vacancies, pro- ceed t . ,-) till the same. The chairman and secretary of such committee shall thereupon make and file witli the proper officer a certificate setting forth .the cause of the vacancy, the name of the person nominated, the office for which he was borninated; fife name - Of the person for whom the new nominee is to be substituted, the fact that the committee was authorized to fill va- cancies, and such further information as is required to be given in an orig- inal certificate of nomination. The certificate so made shall be executed in the manner prescribed for the orig- inal certificate of nomination, and shall have the same force and effect as an original certificate of nomination. When such certificate shall be filed with the Secretary ' of the Territory, he shaft, in „certifying the nomination to the various County Clerks. insert the name of the person 'who has thus I been nominated to fill a vácaney in place of that of the original nominee. And in the event that hé has already sent forth his certificate, he, shall forthwith certify to the Clerks of the before day election alter the printing of 1 to vute on the question so praarited thé tickets and any person is nominat- in the mintier hereinafter provided. ed according to the provisions of The County Clerk shall also prepare act to fill such vacancy, the officer the neosicary ballots whenever any whose duty it is to have the tickets question is' required by law to be sub - printed and distributed, shall there, suittedio the vote of the electors of upon have printed a requisite number any locality. and uot to the Territory of stickers and shall mail them by I generally. Provitted. however, that registered letter to the judges of elme» in all questions submitted to the vol. lion in the various precincts interested in such election, and the judges of election whose duty it is made by the provisione. of this act to distribute the tickets, shall affix such stickers in the pepper place on each ticket heftier it is given out to the elector. Sec. 14. Whenever a proposed con- stitution or constitutional amendment or other quastion is 'to le submitted to the people of the Territory for popular vote, the Secretary of the Terri- tory shall dilly, and not less than thirty d.lys before election certify the tame to the Clerk of each county in the Terri- tory and the Clerk of each county shall include the earnein theoublica- tieh'provided for ih section 10 Of this act. Quœtions to be submitted to the people of a county or municipality shall be advertised le provided for nominees for office by said section. Site. 15. Except as in this act other- wise provided, it shall be the duty of, the County Clerk of each county 'to provide printed ballots for every elec- tion for public officers in which elec- tors or any of the electors within the county participate, and to cause to be printed in the ballot the naine of every candidate whose name has been certified to or filed with the County Clerk in the manner provided for in this act.' lUllots other' than those printed by the respective -County Clerks according to the provisions of this act shall . not be cast or counted in any election. Nothing in this act contained shall prevent any voter ‚front writing or pasting on his ballot the name of any person foi whom he detires to vote for any office, and such vote shall be counted the same as if printed upon the ballot and marked by the voter, and any voter may take with him into the polling place any printed or written memo- randum or paper to assist him in making or preparing his ballot, except as hereinafter otherwise provided. Site. 16.. Elections for school dis- trict officers are excepted from the previsions of the preceding section. In all, municipal - elections the duties specified in the preceding sectir devolving on the County Clerk shall devolve o' n the Municipal Clerk. Site. 17. All ballots prepared under the provisions of this act shall be white in color and of a good quality of news printing paper and the names shall be printed thereon in black ink. Every ballot shall contain the name of every candidate whinge nomination for any office specified in the ballot has been certified 'or filed according to the provisions of this act, , a'ad no other names. The names of canèfidates r each office shall be arranged under the designation of the office in alphabetical order accord- ing to surnames, except that 'minis of electors of President and Vice - President of the United States pre- sented in any one certificate of ,notiti- nations shall be arranged in a separate group. Every ballot shall also con - \tain the nameof the party or principle which the candidates represent, as contained in the certificates of nomi- nation. At the end of the list of candidates for each office shall be left a blank space large enough to con- tain EIS many written names of candi- dates as there ere offices to be filled. There shall be a margin oneach side at least a half an inch wide, and a reasonable space „between the names to -be printed thereon, so that the voter may clearly indicate in the way hereinafter provided, the candidate or candidates for whom he wishes to I his ballot. Whenever the Secre- tary of the Terntory has duly certified to the County Clerk any question to be submitted to a vote of the people, the County Clerk shall have printed oh the regular ballots the question in «hall deeiguate in not more than live he 1104 to apply to nominations for Site. 13. When any Vacancy occurs such form as Will eligible the electore /\.*\.••nerywate,\21eesrs;Zalt\, ers a a municipal corporation alone, it shall be the duty of the Municipal Clerk to provide the necessary ballots. Sec. 18. Tbe r County Clerk of each couety shall provide foe each election precinct in the county two hundred ballots for every fifty or fraction of fifty electors registered in the preciuct. If there ie no registry in the precinct, the County Clerk, shall prtivide ballot» to the number of two ,hundreil ft:r every fifty or frac-. lion of fiftyylectors who voted at the last preeedinge4ection in the precinct. , Provided. however, that in isunicipel eleetions it Shall be -the du' Y if 'the Municipal Clerk to provide tickets as specified in titis seetiffl. .1- • Site. 19. Whenever it shall appear t;'_3 by affidavit that au error or (»Minion has occurred in the publication of the names or description of the can- didates nominated for office or in the printing of the ballots. the Prebats Coins of the county luay, upon ap- plication Of any elector. by Order re 7 quire the County or Municipal Cleirk to correct such error. or to show cause why such emir should not be correct- ed. sec. 20. Beene the opening Of the polls, the Comity Clerk of the county, or the Municipal Clerk in case of municipal elections, shall cause to be delivered to the judges of election of each election precinct which is within the county for within the municipali- ty in caee of municipal elections) and in which the election is to be held, at the polling ;dace of the precinct, the proper number of ballots as provided for in seetionn 8 of thin act. He shall deliver to the said judges a rubber or other stamp with •ink pad for the pur- pose Of stamping or designating the official tickets as hereinafter provided. Said stamp shall contain the words, \Official Ballot, - the name or number of the election precinct, the name of the county, the date of the election and iceanrcurnares scra eaue.'s ADERSSURG POSTOOVICE STORK • l ee C1107.0. 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The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 29 May 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.