The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, May 29, 1889, Image 4

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B ometticieerler esercitssersarseCta J. J. Illeray, Prep.. ;. Dealers In Shelf and lieu y liard vc . are. OWNING AND }MATING STOVES. Granite, Iron. and Tin Ware. (JUEENSM'AltE ‚Ni) (d..‘ ARE, SEWIl\TC3- A SU HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. Respectfoll), .T, lticCA.1\. • Have Added to tin, Above; Stork a ((minion. Line of 41Lerictu1tuirco1‘t OF ALI. KINIS4, • ran= and Spring: Wastem J. J. Mt( AY. if I 111012Clit: mum El Fruits, Cuidectionery, Nuts, T . tibaüttus eye Cigars and Notions of Various Kinds. •LL VARIZTIEW OW GEMS (OOK1CRIEIL FEUIT* A50 Bouguino wita. as Karr IN Taus Samosa, IT Wiia. earns AIM ru Karr Tub./nt Farms Axe IS arrytessar QtAN- TITY ru St - rri.v ALL 11£111ANOi. Bekaa) Books, School Books, Sehool Hooks Kept etwastantly on hand. tlds being the Boulder Agency for the nuthorin;d THRBITORIAL TEXT -BOOKS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS CjoNTRACToRki - AND BUILDERS. :jr O. itialilENZIB, 11 • CONTRACTOR ..ANDB U f - t -- rr - Frn Boulder, Montana. lb ESTIMATES GIVEN ON ALL RINGS OF WORK THE AGE - • - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY, May 29, 1889. THE F.LEpiTION LAW. troicrixingii moat THIRD WAOCI the naine and official designation of the clerk who furnishes the stickets. The judge of election to whom the stamps and ballots shall be given pursuant. to this section, shall be the same person who may be designated by the Commissioners to post the notices . required by section 1,013, Fifth Division, Compiled Statutes of Montana. But in ease it 'be imprac- ticable to àliver such stamps and ballots to such judges, then they may be delivered to some other one of the judges of election. • SEC. 21. At. the same time and in the same manner as judges of election are now appointed, taro additional judges of election for each election precinct in the respective counties shall be appointed. The said iddi- tional judges of election shall be paid in the same manner and at the'same rate as judges of election are now - paid. Provided, howev'stie, 'that in election precincts where the register- ed voters do not exceed one hundred ,the said two additional voters may not be appointed, and when such additional judges are not appointed, the duties devolving upon the judges as herein- after provided shall be performed by 'the regular judges appointed . to con- duct the election. And in making the appointment of judges of eleétion under this act and other election laws of Montana not more than a majority of such judges of election shall be appointed from any pne political par- ty for each precinct. Sac, 22. All the officers upon whom Ia Imposed by law the duty of desig- nating polling places shall provide, in each polling place designated by them a sufficient number of places, booths, or compartments which shall be fur- nished with such supplies and con - the ballot boxes or the places, booths, and compartments herein piovided for. The number of such .pheoes, booths, or'eompartments shaft not be, hews than one for every fifty electors or fraction thereof registered in the precinct. In precincts containing less than twenty -live registered voters, the eleetion may be conducted under the provisions of this act without the preparation of such booths or com- pel -Oman; as required ill this section. No person ether than electors engaeel in receiving, preparing or depositing their ballots, or a person present fur the purpose of challenging the vote of 'an elector about to east his ballot, shall be permitted to be within said rail, -and in case of small precincts Where places, booths or compartments are not required, ne persons engaged in preparing their ballots shell in any way be interferod with by any' person, unless it be some one autheriztel by the provisions of this act to . assist him or them in preparing his or their that the other booths or compartments are occupied. Sec. 26. 'Any voter who shall le accident or mistake spoil his ballet, may, on returning said spoiled ballot, receive another in place thereof. • !5w. 27. Any voter who declaeee to ' the judger; of election, or when it shall appear to time judges of election, that he (sin not read or that by blindness or other physical disability he is una- ble to mark his ballot, shall, upon re- quest, receive teestasistance of one or t wo of the election officers in the marking thee and such officer or Akers shall cc 'fy on the outside thereof that it ‚vajt,,so marked -with hie or their assistance • nd shall thereafter give no informa ion regarding the same. The juries; way in their dis- cretion require such declaration of disability to be made by the voter un- der oath before, them, and they are hereby qualified to administer the saine. No elector, other than one Who may because of hissihability .to read ballot. The expense of providing or physical disability be unable to such places or compartments and guard-rails shall lre public chargé, and shall be provided for in the saute manner as time other election expenses. On or before the first day of Septem- ber of each year in which an election hi to be held, the office's; now charged by law with the division or alteration of election prechicte, shall so far as necessary, alter or divide thü existing election precincts in such manner that each election precinct shall not contain more than four hundred voters. mark his ballot, shall divulge to any one within the polling -place, the name of any candidate for whom he intends to vote, or to ask or receive the assist- ance of any person within the polling - place in the preparation of his ballot. SEC. 28. No judge of election shall deposit in any ballot -box any ballot ;loon wpich the official stamp 1es- here- in's-fore provided for. does Pot appear: * Every person violating thé provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. See. 29. The County Clerk of each. See. 23. At any election the judges county shall 'cause to be printed in of election shall designate two of l arge typ e on car d s i n E ng li s h , i n _ said judges whoss duty it shall be to etructions for the guidance of electors deliver ballots to qualified electors. Before delivering any ballot to an elector the said jades shall print on the back and near the top of the bal- lot with the rubber or other stamp provided fie the purpose,. the desig- nation \Official Ballot\ awl the other words on te said stamp as provided for in section '20 of this act. Each qualified elector shall be entitled to receive front the said judges one ment provided for the preparation of ballot, ballots, and not less than three of such SEC. 24. On receipt of his ballot the mists -Isewlere in and about the poll - elector shall forthwith and without ing-plaees upon the day of eke' Tion.- can - leaving the polling -place retire alone Said cards shall be 'printed in ,large, or. time -name of the candidate or te one of the :lees booths, or com- 'dear type. and shin contain 'full in-, dulates Dmr whom he has marked his partments prov id e d to prepare hi s sosssions to the voters as to what lot. Ile shall prepare his ballot by should be done. First. to obtain marking across before or after the ballots for votings,eecond, to prepare name of the person or tersons for the ballots for deposit in the ballot - whom he intends to vote-- 1 Ter exam- J boxes; third, to obtain a new ballet in pie, X; or in case of a ‚allot contain- the place of tiae spoiled by accident or ing a constitutional amendment ‚n huistake. Said card shall also contain other question to lie submitted to the by crossing out therefrom parts of the ballot in such a manner that the remaining part shalt express his vote upon the question submitted. Or the elector may write in the blank spaces or paste oser another flame the name of any person for Whom he may wish to vote. In marking such a bal- lot any elector shall be at liberty to ese or copy any unofficial sample' bal- lot which he may choose to mark or to have had marked in advance of enter- ing the polling -place or booth; but no elector shall be at liberty to use or bring into the polling -place any unofficial - sample ballot , printed in, the exact style, manner, width, or character . of paper of the official ballot. After pre- paring his ballot the elector shall fold it so that the face of the ballot•will be concealed and so that the endorsement stamped thereon may be seen. He shall then vote forthwith and before leaving the polling -placé. ' Provided, however, that any elector wee desires to to veto for an entire group may mark a cress as above described against the political designation of such group and shall 'then be deemed to have voted for allahe persons named in such group whose names shall not have been erased. veniences as shall enable the voter ! conveniently to prepare his ballot for! voting, and in which electors m'ay mark their ballot screened from ob- servation, and a guard-rail so con- structed that only persons within such rail can approach within ten feet of, SEC. 25. Not more than one -person shall be permitted to occupy any one booth at one time, and no person shall remain in or occupy a booth or com- partment longer than may be necessary to prepare his ballot, and in no event longer than five minutes; provided in preparing their ballots. He shall furnish six such cards to the judges; of election in each election precinct, and one additional card for each fifty reg- istered electors or .fractiooal part thereof in the precinct, at * the same time and in the same manlier 'as he printed ballots. The judges of elec- tion shall pose not less' than ono of such cards in each place or coinpart- a copy of sections 'thirty-one, thirty- two, thirty-three. and thirty-four of this act. .There shall also be posted in each of the aliártments .or booths one of the official tickets, without the • official stanip hereinbefore provided for, and not less than three such tick- ets posted elsewhere in rind about the polling-placesulsnithe day of election. SEC. 30. In the canvass of the votes any ballot et hid' is not epeloneed, as provided in this act, by the official stamp, shall be void and shall not be counted; and any ballot or part of a! ballot from which it is impossible to deteenaine the elector's choice, shall be! void and shall net be counted. Poi- ! tided, that when a ballot is sufficiently P1 ain to gather therefrom a part of the -voter's intention, it shall be the duty of the judgeaof election to count such part - 1 SEC. 31. No person shall false- ly - Make, or make oath to: or fraudulently deface, or fraudently de- stroy, any certificate of nomination or any Part thereof, or file or receive for filing any certificate of nomination knowing the same or any part thereof to be fraudulently made, or suppress any certificate of nomigtion which has been duly filed, or any part there- of, or forge or falsely make the official endorsement on any ballot. Every person violating any of the provisions of ‚this section shall be deemed guilty of 'a felony, and upon 'conviction thereof in any court or competent jurisdiction shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary for a period of- not lese than one year nor more than five years. See. 32. No person 441, during the election, relieve or destroy any of the supplies or other conveniences placed in the 'booths or compartments for the purpose. of enabling the voter to prepare his ballot, or prior to or on tini day of election wilfully deface or destroy any list of candidates posted in accordance with the provisions of this act. No person shall, during an election, tear do'wn or deface the cards printed for the instruction of voters. Every person Wilfully violating any of Die provisoes of this Section -shall be deenied guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction shall be fined hrany sum not exceeding one tiered dollars. . Sec. 33: Every public officer upon whom any duty is, imposed by this act who shaft wilfully do or perform any act or thing herein prohibited or neg- lect to perform any duty as imposed upon him by the provisions of this act, filialt be deemed guilty of a misde- ine.anor, and upon conviction' thereof shall forfeit his office and Otani be punished by' imprisonment in the coun- ty jail for a terni of not lees thai on month . nor more than six month r by a fine of not lesa than fifty -dollars and not more than five hundred dol- lars or by both such fine and impris- onnient. 'Sec. 34. No officer of election shall do any eleetioneerineem election day. No person whatsoever shall' do any elec- tioneering on election day within any polling place, or any building in which an election is being held, or within twenty-five feet thereof nor ' obstruct the deers or entries thereto, or prevent free ingress to and egress from said building. Any election officer, sheriff, constable or other peace officer is herebyauthorized and empowered and it is hereby made his duty to clear the passage ways 'and , prevent such obstruction, and to arre k any iriOtou see doing. NO person shall ro- nmove any ballot from the polling place 'before the (losing of the polls. No person shall show his ballot after it is marked to any petson- in euch a .way as te reveal the contents therof, vote, nor shall any person solicit the elector to show the seine; nor shall any person except a judge of election receive (ruin any elector a ballot pre- pared fúr voting. No elector shall reeive a ballot from any other peewits, than one Of the judges of election having charge of the ballots, nor shall any person other than such judges of election deliver a ballet to such elec- tor. No elector shall vote or offer tb vote any lasilot-eiseepteeneWits he has received from the judges of election having chargè of the ballets.. No elector shall place any mark upon hie ballot by which it may afterwards be identified as the one voted by him. Every elector who does not vote a ballot delivered to him by the judges of election having charge of the bal- lots shall before leaving the polling place return such _ballot to such jud- ges. Whoever shall violate any of the 'provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding 6100 and adjudged to pay the cost of pro- secution. 35:' 'It shall be the duty ,of the Secretary of the T5ritory to cause to be published in pamphlet form and distributed through the County Clerks of the respective coun- ties a sufficient number of copies of this law, together with the registration law of the Territory, and such other laws as beer upon the subject of elec- tions, as will place a copy thereof in !the hands of all officers of election. ! Su% 36. Section 1018 of the Fifth Division of the Compiled Laws of Montana, and all acts and parts Of acts inconsistent with the previsions of this act are hereby repealed. Situ. 37. This act shall take effect and be in force from ad after June 1, 1889. , Approved March la, 1889: l'HE GERMAN STUDENT. (Contributed to Tait AGE.] [The following la the conclualutt id the article be- gun I\ THE .40:E loot week under Um title of — Thar Ruins« Itt-idei'erg.\—En.1 In the German student we recog- nize a strong, robust, intelligent -look- ing map, whose every motion, te - minds us of the vigor of youth. In dress he is neat and not usually ex- travagant: He foram close and lasting friendships, that,, perhaps, are as perfect anany we see or know. His almost.coestant companion is a large hound, devotedly attached to him and is his protector. The student is the mark of true politeness, wherever he may be;: never does he so forget him- self as to neglect the respect due to others, especially his seniors. The life of a student here is a gay one in its tbllest meaning. uakil the last year, when he goes theme a process of stuffing hi order to pass his examina- tions, Which are very severe. Duel- ling and beer -drinking are the chief amusements. A very small affair Is an insult, ti'rul a duel is the natural - result. , A sear obtained in, one of bete duels is a badge of honor. If the University authorities detect them fighting, the unfortunates are tried before the University judge, who sen- tences them to confinement in the University jail. The civil authorities have no direct power over the student; he is amenable to the University ei- bunals alone, except. in very grave of- fences. It is seldom that they have to appear and defend themselves be- fore justice. They acquire knowledge rapidly and retain it remarkably well. The people, as a class, are hard- working, especially the women—poor women !--who do nearly all the work, as farming, splitting wood in the streets, carrying it to the third and fourth Room of buildings, while their Map/lands are doing—it's hard to tell what. The wamiiing ia done by the *omen In the little t.mits .40Inine they.. ‚rive the soiled clothing 00. 1' a week, retunting it. In two or three days beautifully washed and ironed. To the porter Who hae done anything for you, you must.? futi;it politeness you would one of your guru station. When , you meet hint in the street, he will tom h II. Wit and will expect the mum :from you. • This paleness may be seen all through (lemony, and is front the heart and not superficial. Thete are may thing,* of interest in the Fatherland to trrAr upon, and volumes could he tilled and the subjeeta not exhausted. At another tinte we will re- member THE Am with details of some of the pile I.- ItIlleAL journeys its the Old World. Ortisravota. 711 X033.212•ME6 EAST, OK SALE TO • • . ALL \L.* WEST, • larr NORTII aud SOUTH, 'TA __ IT t t THE UNION PACIFIC t t O OENEBAL Rnit,wAv and STEAWAHIP OFFICE No. 30 N. MAIN STREET, BrITE, MONT. E. V. MAZE, City Ticket Agent. J. A. LEWIS, II:micro, Agent. Agebaatoo *71Ta l isotecit ---- , ÉNCYCLOPARDI A BRITA N NICA— . Porruàs REPRINT. TwEere-Forn Volumes will complete this literary tnarvel of the age. We have now ready for delivery Twinrry-Two Volume* at *8.00 reeer 1171uzzi.e: DELIVERED FREE! ! Li» THAN HALF TOE PRICE of the original, which we reproduce in FAC-8.1.VUE by our new gelatine pram» and at shout half the price of the other two editions. s We are MAO the authorized publinhern of the AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT . To the Encb-clopralla Britannica, in Fi\. Vollieen at MOO Pare /lemons, Endonord by the highest outhoeitien in the United Staten IlfeA Wormer voit CANyAmig».-&ii YOE HONEY G. Auto Co.. Ni' YORE J. R. CASSELHERRY, Manager. 128 Washington St., Chicago, Ill. A DVERTISIE in TiSt Aos—li will resets every - ( IL «ehool distfiet in•Jeffersonrounty

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