The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 12, 1889, Image 2

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<•-• ,. - 74?err 1 are mathe• it conies to o C $3 a day, though why a large propor- tion ofséhern should• receive more the: one day's * pay is hard to tell. The salary of ten registry agents is put at $2,250, which is paying dieu' $5 a day fer thirty registry days, and also for the - fifteen days between the eloaing of the registry books and the opening of the poils. The rent of polling - places, erection of booths, de. is es- timated to cost 81,750, though as a matter of fact the cost will be extrav- agant at an average of $20 to the precinct, ‚ra total of $820 for the forty- one precincts. The Journal gives eighty-two special officers $400. but no such officers are required under the laws. Of course the* electiou laws can be made the means of bleeding the public treasury, but to do no will require the existence of Corrupt ejt- ezens and corrupt offices, who it may fifirly be presumed will not be round to exist, or if. there .are such men they will not be able to control the finan- cial affairs of the county. THE GRAND 'JURY SYSTEM. o o ic o ;cf ce ; XI. XVI 1%7* X 4%. X.• X Lisiosnatte Company of New York. 118I1/111111 iNt • Motets -814.000,006.00 Surplus eloo,ono.oe Pala to Polley Holdent. 21,500.000.00 Amount of Inouranoe lu Force 50,000,000.00 - tS YOUR 1.1711 INSURED? A Duty Every Man ovresto Dis Family! Wise lifermassia Life hamareinee Corispousy OF NEW YORK II•• Opened • Local Office for Jeffenein Comity at norepee, mos - rass', • Where all forme of policies will he ineued, Inelnding ..eatsoLirre lan•a - n rÉia.ietwAs, • • ' • Whieb sue payable in 10, 15, 20, or 25 yearoo ! Or in que of previoue death For information and rates. eall on or addrem F. S. DOREMICS. Manager for Monismes Helena, 31outalui. ot PIERRE DERYEA, Special Agent for Jefferson County, Office with Taurus Jolis», Eau.. Boulder, Montana. THE AGE •- BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY, JCNE 12,1889. 1 Tas NEW COURT -HOU« will be dedi- cated to the cause of justice and the use of the county this evening at eight o'clock. There will be short addresses by gentlemen of the legal fraternity and others, music by the band, • and other exercises. Everybody is invited to be present. THE HELENA PA PERS maties' prodigies whe making estimates o esitts of carry- ing on a law, especially it is Rome - thing to which they have notiven a very . hearty support. The''Journal last %tek estimated that the State electidn next October would cost Lewis and Clark county $10,266, white the Independent placed the cost of the Australien system at $3,000. The Journal's estimate is an itemized one and therefore most easily handled. It puts the cost of printing ballots, names of registered electors, and elec- tion notices at $2,500. But the cost should not reach one-liethat amount. If 40,000 tickets should be needed under the ballot law, the- , should not cost over $200. The tickets required to be published in the papers should not coot more than $200. The cards of instruction for voters ought not cost • more than $50. The advertising of the registry agente should not cost more than $50. The only other print- ing included in this estimate is the lista of registered voters and $500 will be a very good price for them. This makes a total cf $1,000. The estimate of $2,250 for the books and blanks re- quired under the registry law is more reasonable, but still is doubtless very extravagant. The Juin -na/ gives 186 judges and clerks two days m'eh at Y. In replying to the article on the grand -jury system in last week's Ace., the Helena Ind#pendeHt attempts to create a prejudice against the system without eargument by calling it the relie and reminder of the star -chamber epoch of history. The ladepeadent evidently trusts that its reader, will not distinguish the difference between indictmeht and trial, ana that it may not discover this difference to them le does not attempt to show in what re- spect the course of procedure to be followed by the prosecuting attorney would differ froin that now pursued by thé gnuid jury. If the grand jury is abolished, the prosecuting attorney will have to (to the wórk of the grand' jury and in exactly the same way. He will have the power to summon and ex- amine witnesses as to their knowledge of crime cominitted. .11e will have the power to do this without notifying suspected parties or hearing theireid-- of the case. Otherwise, the prosecut- ing attorney would be an officeteleeted by the people to enablé criminels to escape frein justice. If thé prosecut- ing officer must hear evidence for the defence as well as for the prosecution before bringing an indiettnent, lie is practically made judge and jury as well as prosecuting officer, a combina- tion which would hardly further the ends of justice, hoW-eversatisfactory it might be to citizens who want, toavoid their necessary political duties. So much for the \star chamber\ bugaboo. The Inelependent says the proposed reform \would bring the control of criminel prosecutions several degrees nearer the people,\ a statement only supported by the argument that the prosecuting efficer is elected by the people and lucid responsible by them for the performance of his duty. while the grand' jury is selected by the slier - ill other °Meer, and a corrupt offi- cer may employ sixteen pliant instru- ments to do his will. The lisdependent does not seem to very clearly under- stand the method of seleàing grand juries. Further, THE Ami believee that as a general rule grand juriez are fairly representattve of the people from whom they are chosen, and when a prosecuting officer attemptato throw on the grand jury the blame for any neglect of duty on his part, he will find that sixteen tongues are better than one, especially when the sixteen are fairly reliable and influential and the one is supposed to be trained to do special pleading for a price. The /a s de -pendent must have a very queer idea of \centralization\ when it thinks the prosecuting officer nearer the people than the.grand jury. The Independent does not seem to want the grand jury en tirely abolished, No. 4.-0. W. SteinY ' agent; office at Alhambra, salary, $3 a day. No. 5.-J. W. Rogers, agent; office at Placer, fees, twenty-five cents per capita. , , No. 6.-J. E. Dougherty, agent; of- fice at store; salary, $3 a day. - '+' No. 7. -Geo. E. Hale, agent; office at residence; salary, $3 a (Jury. No- 8. -Con Smith, agent; office at residence; salary, $3 a day-. - - No. 9.--0. H. Davey, agent; office at Whitehall -and Gold Flint; salary, $5 a day; Monday, Tuesday, and Wed- nesday of each week agent to be at Whitehall; . Thureday, Friday., and Saturday to be at Gold Flint. No. 10. -Truman Hopkins, agent; office at Basin; salary, 83 a day. No. 11. ---Peter Hanson, agent; of- fice at Elk Park; salary, $3 a day. . It was ordered that Mitchell Gulch precinct be discontinued and that a voting precinct be established at Clasoil to be known as No. 22, and that it be attached to Registry Dis- trict No. 5. JUDGES OF ELECTION. The following judges - a election and polling places for the' October election were appointed: No. 1. ' Clancey, at school -house - H. M. Hill, chairman; George L. Harvey, J. M. Ellis. No. 2. Jefferson City, ai Merri- man's hall-N. Merriman, chairman; S. B. Shellady, Frank S. Putnam. No. 3. Boulder, at court -house - Jesse Patterson ' chairman; .J. G. Smith, Frank •McjGowan, Wm. Morris, Win. T. Sweet. No. 4. Whitehall, at hotel -.-E. G. Brooke, chairman; H. H. Houghton, A. A. Marsh. No. 5. Fish Creek, atschool-house -Harrison Jordan, chairman; J. W. Gilkey, J. I. Winslow. No. 6. Lower Boulder, at school- house-A...C. Quaintahce, chairman; P. Wickham, John Smith. ` No. 7. Comet, at school -house - Win. Bumby, chairman; Sam Mackey, -H. O. Johnson. No. 8.' Cardwell, at school -house - John Flahert•y, chairman; Robert Do- herty, W. W. Portel.. . No. 9. Jefferson River, at schoolhouse -F. J. Parker, chairman; A. P. 'Nevins. Clinton Williams. No. 10. Radersburg, at old court- house -Geo. T. McKay, chairman; James L. Wood, A. E. Kiinptou, Win, L. Copeland, W. U. Williams. No. 11. St. Louis, at school -house -James S. Smith, chairman; E. John - (iro, L Frank Lowery. . No. 12. Bedford, at school -house -Henry Raymond, chairman; Ben Kimber, John Dethridge. , No. 13. Placer, Lambert's hall - G, M. Filson, chairman; T. H. Pauley, PP P. Tucker, H. H. Squires, A. McMillan. No. 14. Wickes, at hall -E. R. Dean, chairman; H. O. Nash, Jacob Loeb, Thomas Graves, J. Kuhlcke. No. 15. Elkhorn, at schoekbou e -R.. E. Hammond, chairman; James Gay, Ales Gilliam, R. S. Kelley, Gus. Erickson. No. 16. ' Northside Boulder, at school -house -E. Ryan, chairman; I. N. Puck, B. F. Hoopes. . No. 17. Basin, at Brien's hotel - J08. B. Brien. chairman; H. S. Joyner, C. W. Sanford. , No. 18. Montana City, at McCau- ley's house - John G. McCauley, chairmau; James R. Wilkinson, L. C. Ilarris. - No. 19. Gregory, at school -house -John T. Britt, chairman; B. F. t Nattes, Peter MeCluskey. I No. 20. Corbin, at school -house-- Jell, I John Ienvell, chairman; Geo. Muel- ler, Jr., Wm. Aslibrooke. No. 21. Woodville, at school -house -John Floyd, chairman; W. J. Ward, I James Cheuoworth. No. 22. Clasoil, at section -house No. 5. -Mitchell Gulch, Fue l._ i -Thomas Durnen, chairtilan; D. C. Bedford!. .. ' Turner, John Doyle. 7, 4 io. 6. --St. Louis, Radersburg. -Nb. 23.. Bigfoot, at company's of - 'No. 7.-slefferson River. lice -J. M. D. Taylor, chairman: John No. 8. -Lower Boulder, Cardwell. Williaintion, .1. A. Erhart. No. 9. -Fish Creek, 'Whitehall No. 24. Grace, at school -house- j Grace, Gold Flint. e James Galusha, chairman; T. N. No. 10. -Perin Placer, Basin Ca -1- McCall, R. T. Courtney. The following is the of the arrivais and de- but would have itcatiedtogetherwhen \ in \`• , No. 25. Amazon, company's office parturea of trains on the Northern Pacifie at Pleleua P m n; chairman; or. D. nit. by the latest schedule which took effare( March 3111.: deemed necessary try .certain officers. • No. 11. -Elk Park, Woodville. sesonua AT 111111.ATA That is the method by which a free REGISTR Y AGENTS. ellett, red. Imig. No. 26. Evening Star, at company No.i-Throu g hWent-boundLeneed 2:Sflpns people can gradually be destroyed. The following Registry Agente were office -C. B. King, chairman; L. V. .e..).2---r i r es s tient-4)011nd Linitteq , blimoula, and Helena Exprem 12:20 pm 8:40 a tu 7120 pat appointed, for the respective Districts Swiggett, Wm. Morrow. \l0 -Marysville Passenger Firat, a disagreeable though necessary created as above -mentioned: No. 27. Calvin's, at Calvin's house \ 12-Mariaa menin , Mon., Wed. Friday...1610 p m ville accormarodation .2.30 p en political duty which protects a right. is partially transferred, then placed in abeyance, then entirely suspended and finally the right is lost and ont} revolution can restore it. It is well for the people to keep in mind the maxim that Eternal vigibuice is the price of • •. THE COUNTY BOARD. •• The following business has been transacted- by the Board of County Commissioners since the session be- gan last Monday week: Reports of Probate Judge, Sheriff, County Clerk and Recorder, and Jus- tice of the Pesos S. II. Pauley were received, accepted and filai. The bonds of the following road supervisons were accepted: B. F'. Hoopes, district No.. 6; Lawrence' Ri- ley, district No. 14; T. L. Widdowson, No. 15; S. B. Vaulbart, No. 21. The resignation - of O. H. Davey as, Super;isor of Road District No. 5 was received and accepted, and J. W. Gilkey appointed -to fitnie vacancy. It wae ordered that the County meut at Elkhorn be extended from its present terminus to the south aide of Kinna street-, along Main street, a dis- tance of about. 3,000 feet and the same was declared a county road. George Wilkinson was appoirited a Justice or the Peace for Jefferson City. J. D. Jenkins, J. L. Wood, and A.' E. Wells were appointed viewers on a road asked for by Win. V. Meyers and others, to meet at the southwest quarter of section twenty, town five forth, range two east, at ten o'clock in the morning of Tuesday*, June 25, -1889, and the County Surveyor wax directed to be on the ground at the (lame time to survey the road. Petitions for.a road near Woodville and for a road from Calvin's to Low- land were laid over. A petition to condemn part id Jef- ferson street, Boulder, was refused, as was a petition for thtreppointment of a constable at Jefferson City. Petition of Wm. V. Meyers and others for a county road was granted, as follows: Beginning at the north- west corner of the southwest quarter, section twenty, township five north, range two end, running thence due south alongelii; west lines of sections twenty. twenty-nine, and thirty-two, thence over unsurveyed lauds to the base of the mountains. Also a road beginning at the southwest corner of section thirty-two, township five north, range two east, thence due east along the south lines of sections thir- ty-two and thirty-three, thence due north to the northwest cerner of sec- tion thirty-three. ' Road District No. 24 was establish- ed as follows: Commencing at bridge at the north end of Elk Park and running down the cailon to what is known as . the old sawmill. A. Clunie was appointed Supervisor. The County Clerk was directed to call the attention of the Justices of the Peace and Constables in the county to See. 965, Fifth Division, Compiled Laws of Montana, and to notify them that the bills not filed in compliance with that. section would not be allowed. BFILSTET DISTRICTS. In compliance with the registration law now in forme, the county was divided into the following registration districts: No. 1. -Boulder, Amazon, North - aide Boulder, Bigfoot, Elkhorn. 43 .(:) . .2.- Wickea, Gregory, Comet, Evening Star. No. 3.- Jefferson City, Corbin. No. 4.-Alliambra, Clancey, Mon- tana City. office at -Jefferson City, salary, iS day. No. 1.-J. C. Kerley, agent; office at Boulder and Elkhorn; agent .to spend Monday and ,Tuesday of each week at Ukhorn; fees, twenty-five cents per tapis. Ne. 2.-B. F. Shreve, agent; office at Wickee; tees, twenty-five cents per eapita. No. 1. - Wm. Il. Campbell. agent: offiee--W. H. Lockhart, chairman; Joseph Runyon, George Wesson, John Yank, Herbert New. j Nt. 31, Gold Flint, at company I office -J. H. Baxter, chairman; Chas. 'Flagg, A'. S. Congdon. The following were among the ac- counts audited and allowed during the 1 session: -J. D. Allport, chairman. H. S. Houghton, Wm. Martin. • No. 28. Alhambra, at school -house -Wilson Redding, chairman; J. H. King, M. A. Haynes. No. 29. ,Penn Placer. at company office--Thornats M. Reed, chairman; J. T. Walsh, J. L. Griffin. No. 30. 11k Park. at Loci:liai-Ca Dan McNeill, freIght on furniture i 4141.33 J. S. McKenzie, court -home couine -1 ......... 715(.95 Win. Brennan, taxes refunded 20.80 ' F. M. Smith, viewing Keeling road 5.00 James Sinter, \ \ \ 5.00 James L. M'a:0d \ 5.t0 Oeo. Lambert, canvaraing election returus 8.00 A. H. Memnon, \ \ toxi J. Il. Flat, 810 W. L. Hep. salary as county attorney 2871» S. A. Ballant, attorney . feets 3.5.(0 Wm. Wallace, Jr., ' 1011(.10 Thomas Juyes, \...-. rhu.ou J. H. Flsk, free a» probate judge 219 20 Frank 51e0owan, cleaning court -boum grana 210.00 John Rash, rainait...hie fees 100.60 Win. Deareey, bailiff 50.00 Wan. Clerbach, janitor 40.00 J. H. Eaustridge. janitor 401M I. H. Shope, janitor' 103.95 C. B. Nolan, stenographer 96.12 Jerry Ellis, jailor 215.00 Frank Harlow, clerk of court 83.33 A. E. Wells, \ 133.33 Dan blePleill, treasurer 3811.65 W. E. Dean, superintendent of tu:Imola - 412.50 W. T. Sweet, bailiff. .... 42.50 Ales (»ilium, deputy sheriff ken 70.74 Chas. E. Stevens, salary, plate, and abstracto- 1,113.ou Dudley Halford, sheriff's salary and tees - »Lut V. A. Cook, ametwor W. I,.. Hay, attorney foie 316.15 Journal Publishing Co., supplies 619.1X) C. E. Stevens, express and freight 54.70 - 3: J. McKay, supplies 67.30 S. A. Robertson. printing and supplies. 619.08 C. L. Whitehead, supplies 16.00 A. Carlisle dr Co, supplied 27.53 Dudley Milford, board of prisoners.. ....... 631.00 Win, B. Webb, certified copies of laws. Mie , I. O. (l. T., rent Schmidt dr Wahle, relit 60.00 Jiunes Simpkins. verte 31.50 E. O. Dougherty, guard for liryson 54.00 Townsend Tranchas., adv., bridge contnact 25.00 Bach, Cory & l'o., supplie....., 71.75 W. T. Sweet, cane of poor res.47 I. A. Leighton, cc ty physicien 150.00 C. I.. MeCauley, road supervisor 59.50 T. L. Widdowson, \ 82S4 W. 11. Pierce, tomber 53.02 J. F Smith, road superviser S. B. Neubert, \ \ 1.6.ii0 T. C. Power dr Co., scraper 13.25 Smith Brus., tomber 37.15 R. H. Estee, road supervieor 22.10 M. Small, bridge at Placer 80.00 A. (lamie, road superviaor 18.00 Lock hart & Casey, road work 35.00 S. W. Merri,I1, lumber 41.03 0.11. Davey, road supervisor 53.50 A large number of accounts of jus- tices, constables, juron\ witnesses, and judges of election were allowed, to- gether with other minor accounts. The Commissioners will continue in session until this evening and will en- deavor to elme up the court -house business and receive the new building from the hands of the architecte and , contractors. CARD OF -THANKS. To the Editor of Thot Atm. We desire through your paper to thank the parents and friends of the school •foe their patronage - of the entertainment last Friday night; the musiciens of the orchestra for their good music so kindly furnished; the two ladies, Mise Donna Bell and Mrs. McCall, who accompanied the chileiren in their singing;- the menu - bers of the dramatic club, who so kindly assisted during the evening; and especially do we thank the boys and girls for the respect shown us during the entire term ami white pre- paring for and giving the \Caetata.\, T. A. Bnowsr. THALIA BROWN. Teachers: Therb seems to be an impression that the road law was changed at the last session of the Legislature. Cotin- cilman Kennedy introduced a bill amending the law in various particu- lars and it passed the Council, but the House (lid not pass it, so .that the law is unchanged. 2111.41.0111T VIA THE ToTORTIIRRIII PACIFIC Railroad Pue, CIOOL\ ei.aDlate• • AND Great Short Line to 'astern 121813 rica.ilebas The Shortest Route to CHICAGO AND ALL POINTS EAST. And the only THROUGH CAR LIRE. Lev lem, Quick tira, Tthrough Ohn, Mau han Illoopon. NORTHERN PACIFIC TIME TABLE. lime \ 5 -Wickes and Boulder Poo. 10:05 • su IIIPARTIIIMA TROY ABLAPIA. No. 1 -Throu g h West -bound Limite(' A.15p na \ 2 -Through East -hound Limited 7:35 pet \ 7 -Helens, lieitte.and Mi/moula Liprens- 7:45 s ina \ 9 -Marysville Pa...mer pm \ 1 1 -M arys% ilk' ace. ‚ dation 10:00a m \ 21-Rinnni Net,111., M011., Weil., k Priday8:15ans \ 6-Wickea and Boulder Para 400 p m A. 1). EDGAR. General Agent. ('.5. FEE. Helena. Montana. (+eu. Poss. and Ti. k.1 %geai. ri. rani

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