The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 12, 1889, Image 3

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\PIMIMPPII• I; I. fl le 1-• Il - le de. ‚ne t: HELENA ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 1ERBERT URA/IDLER Kitt pit> ylitent Age Ill • 0 Ir liPtertalialkets Help of AU Kind*. - it* Be. 24, Bayamon »rarer, TIM -IA - NA, MONTANA UTAH .A.81 . 1A.1.7 AND CHEMICAL LABORATORY a's • 1‘.. Ci/r01711111. HELENA, : : : : MONTANA. Gold and Silver II 50 Mee ............... .........113 00 Starer. gold and lead 200 Tine: 6W Lead 1 00 Antimony 500 Copper.............. 1 50 Arsenic 500 150 Iron 150 T.° POWER & BRO.. e HELENA, M. T. tucausatis IX Mining Machinery and Miners' Supplie. MONTANA AceENTa von BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS, --STEAM HOISTS— AND D OOKIWN 55582 WROUGHT IRON WHIMS Safety Nitro Powder, Cape, Fuse. Etc. firgasanar Mere: : : : Hi. M. T. Tun THOMAS cams sevuros BANK cnr Incorporated Under the Laws edi Ittledetarea. PAID IN CAPITAL. * 1. 0 0, 0 0 0. THOMAS CRUSE, Preeident T. IL CARTER, Vice -President. C. L. DAHLER ..... Treasurer. E. J. cairran Mecretary. Allow» ilia per vent interest on Sayings Dopoeirs, eompounded January and July. • Transacts a general banking btutinere, draws ex- ehstige on the prow:pal cities., of the Unilcd States and Europe. Will make law on County and City bonds, aad Pea1e/0er mortgagee. Tug 1-11E1.111N A. 1)A ILY JOURNAL. 411 Pro\ /mime de seunalIbie 43 tiara maliattlaaa If you want alive daily newspaper. Subscribe for the lIat,.tt MOLT Jot attar - If you want good Republic -eat doetrine, kroperty, removing from one county, town, or district'to another, between the first 'day of April and the first day of September, shall - beraseeseeibin ei- ther county in which he is first called upon by the Assessor. The owner Of personal property moving jute this Territory (or State) from another Ter- ritory (or State) between the first. day of April and the first day of Septem- ber, shall list the property owned by him on the first day of April of eacW year, in the county, town, or district in which he resides; provided, if such, person has been assessed, and can make it appear to the 'Assessor that he is held fur the tax of the current year on the same property in another State Or Territory, county, town, or district, he shall not be again assessed for such year. When the owner of live stock, or other personal property connected with a ranch or farm, does not reside thereon, the seine shall be listed _and assessed in the county, town, or district where the ranch or farm is situated; provided, if the farm is situated in several towns or districts, it shall be listed an(l . assessed in the town or district in which the principal place of business of such ranch. or farm is situated. The followittg • de- scribed property shall be exempt from taxation, riz.: First—All lands and lots of ground with buildings, improVemen ) ts, and structures thereon belonging to the Territory, a,pciall lands and property belonging to the United States, or to Territory, or to any municipal corporations or to any county of the Territory. Second—Court-houses, jails, town, halls, houses occupied by fire and mil- itary companies and their apparatus, and other public structures and offices, and all squarestand lots kept open for health or public uses or for ornament, belonging to any county, city, town, or village in this Territory. Public libraries, colleges, school -houses, and other buildings for the purpose of ed- ucation, with their furniture, libraries, and all other equipments, and lots of land thereto appurtenant and used therewith, SO long, as the same shall tikabourjrx , for the Iira.ast Daum Jettaxat.. be used for that purpose; provided, If you want a full . Arreociated Press report. that when nay of the property men- ›gulmeribe for the IletrNs DAILY JacaL tioned in this subdivision is private property, from which a rent or other valuable consideration is received for its use, the same Shall be taxed the same as other property. Third—Public asylums, hospitals, poor -houses, and other charitable or benevolent institutions for the relief of the indigent or afflicted, and the lots or lands thereto appurtenant., with all their furniture and equipments. All grou nil and buildings belonging to agricultural societies, so long as the 'same shall be used for that purpose only and without pecuniary gain. Fourth—Churches, chapels, and equipments, and the lots of ground ap- purtenant thereto and therewith, not office or place of business of such cor - exceeding in value ten thousand dol- 'poration or person is located in the Territory;' if there be no principal office or place of business in the Territory, then at the place in the Territory where any such corporation or person transacts business. The personal prop- erty pertaining to the business of a merchant or of a manufacturer shall be listed in the town or district where his business is carried on. The per- sonal property of express, transporta- tion, and stage companies shall be list- ed and assessed in the county, town, or district where the same is usually kept. All persons, companies,\and corporations in this territory owning steamboats, sailing vessels, wharf - boats, barges, and other water craft shall be required to list the same for asseesment and taxation in the county, town, or district in which the sae h e you want all the news of Montana:. Subscribe for the IIELENA Itsum Jove:sat- If you are,already a etub- ‚critter to any other Helena leper, discon- tinue it and Sleeve, line for the ill LANA. DAILY J 1:1INAL. — yon want a First -Claim WswlQjr Braves paper. subeert be ter the 'VT Subscription Prioc, $.1 Per Annum. -- / 0 4- 140\‘TANA FARMING AND STOCK JOURNAL TIIE LEADING PAPER IN THE NORTHWERTe DEVOTED TO AGRICULTURE, LIVE STOCK FARMING. HOUSEHOLD INTERESTS. AND FAMILY READING. Subscription Price. $3.00 per Year. THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. ' WEDNESDAY, JUICE 12, 1889. 7TIIE REVENUE LA*. The following are the amendments to the Territorial revenue law enacted at the last session of the Territorial Legislature: An act to amend an act entitled \An act to provide for the levy of taxes and assessment of property,\ ap- proved September 14, 1887. Be it enacted by the Legielatire Assembly of the Territory of Montana: • SECTION 1. That section three of said act be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows: SEC. 3. All real and personal prop- erty in the Territory (or State) of Montana, except such as is in this sec- tion expressly exempt from taxation, shall be Hied ande4issessed with ref- erence to iti value and location on the ! first day of April preceding the as- sessment. Provided, that the provis- ions of this section shall be construed , to apply to all- taxable personal prop - I erty within the exterior limits of the' Territory (or State), including all property situated upon Indian and military reeervatioirs; and provided further. that. the owner Of perlonal lars; provided, rent is not paid for such grounds so long as the same is used for that purpose only witheut yielding rent.. Cemeteries and grave- yards set apart and used for interring the dead. Fifth—The property of widows or orphan children, not to exceed the amount of one thousand dollars to any one family. • Sixth -Growing crops. Seventh—Mines and mining -claims, except those held under a patent from the United States, the surface of which shall be taxed according to its value, as other real estate; provided, that all machinery used , in mining -claims and all property and improvements appur- tenant to or upon mining -claims which have an independent and separate value, shall he aubjent to taxation. Tools of mechanics; farming -tools of husbandmen, ali libraries of profess- ional men and private citizens, house- hold furniture of families or house- holders which does notexceed in value the sum of two hundred and fifty dams; and hay and feed sufficient to feed work -teams and three cows' for the pellet' of six months, and seed - grain stitTirivitt to seed one hundred._ and sixty acres of land, the amounts hereof to be determined by the As- sessor; also fuel for !mine use, be and the sanie are hereby exempt from tax- ation. SEC. 2. That section five 4if said act be and the same is hereby amend- ed so as to read as follows: SEC. 5. All personal property shall, be listed in the manner following: . First—Evéry person of Tull age and mind, being a resident of this Terri- tory (or State), shall list all his or her` moneys, credits, bonds, or stock, shares of attack of joint or other companies (when the property of tuch company is not otherwise listed ir assessed in this Territory—or state), moneys \loaned or invested, annuities, fran- chides, royalties, and other personal property. Second -He or she shall also list separately and in the name of his or her priheipal, all moneys and other personal property invested, loaned, or otherwise controlled by him or her as the 'agent or attorney or ou account of any other person or persons, corepany or corporation whatsoever, and all moneys deposited subject to his or. lier roder, check, or draft, and credits' due from or owing by any person or per- sons, body corporate or politic. Third—The property of a minor child shall be listed by his or her guardian, or by the person having such property in charge. . Fourtli--The property of an idiot or lunatic, by the person having charge of such property. Fifth- --The•separate property of a wife by herself, or by her husband, w- hy the person in charge of such prop- erty: • Sixth —The property of a person for whose benefit it is held in trust by the trustee of the estate of a deceased person, by the executor or adminis- trator. Seventh—The property of a corpor- ation whose assets are in the bande of a receiver, by such receiver. . Eighth—The property of a. body politic or corporate, by the president or proper agent or officer thereof. , Ninth—The property ef a firm or company, by a partner or agent thereof. • Tenth—The property of manufac- turers and others in the hands of an agent, by such agent in the name of his principal. &sc. 3. That section six be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows: SEC. 6. Personal property, except such as is required in this act to be listed and assessed otherwise, 'shall be listed and assessed'iti the county, town, or district where the property is sit- uated. The capital stock and 'fran- chises of corporations and persons, except as may be otherwise provided, shall be listed and taxed in the_county, town, or district where the principal may belong or is usually kept. personal property of gas and water companies shall he listed and assessed in the county, town, or district where the principal works are located. Gas and water mains and pipes, laid in roads, streets, or alleys, shall be held to be personal property. The personal property of street railroad, plank -road, gravel -road, tuilipike, or bridge cow - pumps, mhall be hcted and ansesFied in the cOunty, town, or district where the same or any portionihereof are located, and the track, road, or'bridge shall be held' to be personal property. The property or corporations or companies constructing or oweing railways, tele- graph and telephone lines, and similar improvements, shall be assessed to each eorporatiwi or company, and their interests are to be taxed ‚in , this territery in the county in which each railway, telegraph line, telephone line, or Mahler improvement is located; and to the extent of - such improves ments as may be found in each county, and to thiirend the *wiser is direct- ed to require the secretary or clerk, or other proper officer or agent, of such corporation or company within the county to render, under oath, a list of of the- number of miles and:ivalue of such improvements as may be in each eepagite county through , which the samemay be constructed, or in which the same may be situated; and provid- ed, that in case the secretary, Ailerk, or other proper officer fail, refuse, or neglect to furnish to the Assessor such list under oath, it shall be thé duty of the Assessor to list such property and value the same according to his best judgment and information, and add twenty per cent thereto ou account of such failure, refusal or neglect; and pro- vided, further, that if the Assessor shall be of the opinion that any person mak- ing a list or statement has omitted any property that slantld have been em - braised therein, the assessor may make a separate list and assessment of the property so omitted, but shall lu no cafe add such omitted property to the. list returned by the person making the same. SEC.. 4. That section fourteen of said act be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows: See. 14. nvery person required by this act to list property shall make out and deliver to 'the assessor, when required, a statement; verified by his oath, of all the real and personal property in his possession or wider his control, and which, by the provi- sions of this act ; he is required to list for taxation, either as owner or holder thereof, or as guardian, parent. husband, trustee, csr.cutor, adminis- trator, receiver, accounting officer, agent, or factor; but no persom shall be required 'to include in his state- ment any share or portion of the capital stock or property of any company or corporation which such company is required to list, or return as its capital or property for taxation in this Territory (or State). Provid- ed, that upon all personal property when the owner hats not euffieient real, property which is not exempt from taxation,eilï of which his entire tax could be collected, the Assessor shall report his assessment on such personal property forthwith to the Treasurer of the county, and if there be danger that any of such property will be removed from the county, the Assessor shall have the power and it shall be his duty, to seize a euificient amount of the property to pay the taxes and costs. He shall forthwith report such seizure to the Treasurer of the. county and shall cause the property so seized to be held until Buell taxes are paid, or the property Bold by the Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer, immediate- ly on the receipt 'of the assessment, against any personal property men- tioned in this section, to levy the tax thereon, and if such tax be 'not paid within ten days from the time such assessment was made, he shall . , pro- ceed to sell the property so seized by the A.ssiseer, and shall sell the same in the manner provided by law for the sale • of personal property on exe- cution. SEC. 5, That section fifteen of said act be and the same is hereby amend- ed so read as f-dlows: SEC. IS. It shall be the duty of the Assessor -to determine and fix the trite value of all items of propere , ed in such statement, and epter or cause Co be entered, the same opposite much items reepectively. ra that when completed, sich Statement shall truly and distinctly set forth: First—The postoffice address of the person listing thé Second—The number of acres of land, giving full description, location, and value thereof. ' Third—A description of the im- provements thereon and value there- of. . Fourth—The number of town and city lots, giving the description and value thereof. . Fifth—The _improvements ott awl§ lots and the value thereof. : Sixth --The -.number of . miler of railroad, telegraph or telephone linen wholly in the county, and the value thereof. Seventh—The number of depots / station grounds, shops, buildings and gravel beds of railroads in the coun- ty. Eighth—Wagon or turnpike toll roads, value of, in county. Ni nth —M ining, manufacturing, or irrigating ditches and the value there- of in the county. Tenth—Toll bridgea or ferries and velum thereof. - Eleventh—Toll bridges or ferries connecting with another cotinty, one- half to be assessed in each county. Twelfth—Mortgagee, trust deeds and other obligations upon land to se- cure debts, giving a full deetrip on of (stela and the amount thereof. Thirteenth—Gold dust onhand or o %h i oin. depéesit, and if on deposit, with Fourteenth — State, Territorial, county, city, municipal or other tan. able bonds of any person, firm ot cor. poiat ion. Piftecath—Fra ise(deseribe them in detail). The stsitemetit shall also ionicci.unisn on mieltT deal. FURNITU .1c. KUEHN. 1•Tow notes,inommitatla evrioltart Have on hand one of the &heel easortménta elf Furniture that tout ever ' , bows, In Montana. We carry Just as large and nits a Meek of Furniture as von eau Ind in Montana. Our 'goods ire of the latest styles, chipped direct front the manu- facturer,. Goods ardving ce Parlor cult., Churn - her euite,which are of BEAUTIFUL DESIGN AND AT ALL PRICEE. Curpete. Baby Carriarcw, Elegant Center 'fable*. WritingDesks. patent Kit- chen4 uptroards. chain. and Tables. or ch ciyiric and prime. Oil Paintings, Window shades and Cur- tains, Pule*. 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The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 12 June 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.