The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 19, 1889, Image 2

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C/ I f El et net AL rmT 4111.. IZEI 716' laasmaroace omempsoy of New York. ERMIIJSMID IMO Agates s 4,( po0.000.00 Surplus I , I oo,noo.On Pald tO Polley ffoldent. 21.500.000.0D Amount. of Insurance In FOrct• r,o,000,000.00 12 YOUR UPI INSURED ? A Duty Every Man Owen to Ills Family The GerametiaigLtek laseranee Copapasir OF MEW YORK Ham Opened • Local Oahe for Jefferson ty at BOULDER, MONTANA. Where all forms of policies will be issued, Including A.13€101.17. 4 eln -BOND PoLic I } CS. Which ale payable In 10, 15, 20, or 25 year's! , Or in cane ot previous death IMMJEDIA'I'EMIE\ I For information and ratee, eall on or address F. S. DOICEIMUSI, Matunter for Montana, Ilelena, Montana, ow PIERRE DURYEA, !ipecisl Agent for Jefferson County, OfEce with Time As Jor», Esq., Boulder, Montana R. M. PAulteN, WM. Mintlini, Boulder. Pctecktog:k. cfb WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ID R la C3 , z --lut--- We carry all goats lases I y carried by DRUGGISTS. ALSO' 12tT Ze -0- elbrOar, Prices Are Iteasonable. - e• ?try a Gloats of Thar Bodo NV n te r THE AGE - • - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNEaDAY, Juarn 19, 1889. THE FOURTH OF -JULY. The committee ‚having in charge the arrangements for the Fourth of July celebration' are moetng along in good shape and the great day promis- . between them and the Board _.aMring es to be one of much pleasure and 1 the construction of the building, and . 1 entertainment in_Boulder ànd should wished them prosperity in the future. be the means of bringing to the coon- Mr. Lambert then requested Rev. J. L. Guiler to dedicate the building with prayer, which was done. Speeches Abel followed by County Attorney W. L. 'Hay, Counsellor Geo. • D. Greene, District Clerk Harlow, and numerous others. The exercises were closed with the benediction by Rev. Mr. Guiler. During the evening the Boulder Cornet Band enlivened the exeeelees with swelling strains of inn sie. will be a success seems certainly as- sured. The ladies are doing their work nobly to make the celebratien a suc- cess, and it is hoped that every man will do as well. The thirteen origin- al States are to be personated by ladies on horseback, with escorts. Montana will lead the calvacade, and all ladies in the county who ride are invited to join the cortege, either with or with- out escorts, to meet at the court- house on the morning of July 4th at nine o'clock. Ting ME lies heard some dissatis- faction expreseed by some of the con- tributors to the celebration fund at the rumor that part of' thecelebration is to take 'place at the Boulder Hot Springs. It &earneittly to be hoped that the celebration can be carried out unitedly *about any division or difference, for Boulder is too small a place to permit anything of that kiwi, and it is only by complete union that her people can hope to accomplish any good *for themselves as a com- munity. BASE-BALL NEWS. The base-ball chit of Boulder does not seem to be prospering, though there is no good reason why it should not be one of the heal' the Territory. The new suits of the club were received last week and the boys made quite a neat appearance at their practice game Sunday afternoon. That game, how- ever, developed SO many captians on the ground that some of „the officers at once resigned theiè positiatter — Mier members of the club were dissatisfied with the free-for-all, go -as -you -please style of the players in running the gaine, and it is probable that unless* the members can agree to play accord- ing to the necessary rules governing such associations, it is probable the organizatimi will lose its prospects of success. The club bas some eicellent material and could -Make a position for itself in butte -ball circles in the Territory if the members will acquiesce in the well-known fact that a nine can not effectively carry wore than one captain at a' time: . The directors of the club had made airangements for a game in Helena with the club of that city next Sun- day, and this would probably have been followed by the enclosing of the gremuld here and the Helena club coining out to play a return. game. The Butte club was also expected out on the Fourth, but the condition of the club at the present writing is such that nothing certain can be said in re- gard to the games. THE NEW COURT -HOUSE. ty-seat many of the good citizens of the county. As will be seen by the advertisement in another column, 1. Miles Cavanaugh, Jr., of Helena, and Geo. D. Greene, Esq., of Boulder, have been selected as the -orators of the day, and they certaitily will be worth hearing. Mr. Cavanaugh has quite a reputation as a rising young man of oratorical powers, while Mr. Greene has at various times given to the people of Jefferson county evi- dences of his ability as a speaker. Then there will be a grand procession such as Boulder lias never before seen, and in the afternoon there will horse -races, foot -races, base-ball, and a variety of other amusements to entertain the many who are expected to be present, the day to wind up with a. ‚social ball: That the celebration Last Wednesday evening a meeting of citizens was held in connection with the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners at the new court-hoase to receive that institution audio' dedicate it to the use of the public. A goodly number of people were present, and the meeting was called to order by George Lanibeet, Chairman of the Board. Contractor McKenzie called '7 - tapón Architect McConnell for a report on the charac- ter of the building. That gentleman responded by saying that he had given the building a thorough from cellar to attic and that there was not a bad piece of work about it; that while the contractor may have lost money on the job, the people could rest assured that he had done his work honestly and faithfully. Mr. McConnell then asked that the Board receive the building and relieve him- self and Contractor McKenzie of fur- ther responsibility. Chairman Lambert on behalf of the Board Publicly accepted the Winding at the hands of the architect and con- tractor. He thanked them for the ex- cellentMirk they had done, expressing the fullést confidence in their work in every particular,. He spoke of the pléàsant relations which had existed BUSINESS NEWS. W. B. Gaffney received a carload. of Dakota flour by the Northern Pacific this week : Mr. J. D. Groesbeck is doing.con- siderable tin-eoofing and other work of that description. He has all the tools necessary for tin -work of veil:. . • ous kinds and keeps his shop in the north room of the Groesbeck & Simp- kins block. . The Boulder Hardware Company, J. J. McCay proprietor, received a carload of hardware the past week by the Montana Central railroad.•• ' • A man named Graham left Monday with a carload of horsed for Glasgow. He expects to> return next fall for a train -load of cattle for which he has already contracted. ''he only liens filed against the new court -house• on account of debts of the contractor is one of the Boul- der Hardware Company for $83.19 and another by Albert Ayotte for 875. II. F. Hammer is making an effort to give bonds for the stock of goods now under attachment, he believing that he eau dispose of them to better advantage than any one else. It is supposed he will be able to secure the bonds and that the shtick will be on sale shortly. Dr. -A. R. Robertson will return to Boulder from Madison county on the 21st but will remain here only a day or two when he will go to Wickes:for a week's professional visit, aftee which he will return to Boulder and open his office here for the remainder of the summer. Mr. Shannon who has been keep- ing books for Wm. Brennan for the plea two or three years, is about to etaet a store at Brennan's Lump on the new railroad, and left yesterday with two or three wagon -loads of lumber and supplies, A. H. Foster doing the freighting. WICKES BUDGET. iSpeelsi Correspondence of Tag Aug.' A ' ICK ES, June 17. —Scarlet fever has invaded the homes of Jerry Kuhl- cke. and Fred. Meyer. Dr. Bullard's children have recovered. The town has been pretty thorough- ly cleaned. With the good work carried a little further, we will have a town to be proud of. Geo. D. Greene, Eel. of Boulder, spent Saturday here with friends. Bach; Cory & Co. have received a splendid line of eastern goods - - the past week. July 4th will . be celebrated in Wickes by public installation Of the officers of Eagle Lodge, I. O. O. F., and Schtiyler Colfax Encampment, I. O. O. F. Charles Powell, who has been un- der treatment (fie. IRMIS weeks, is rapidly recovering and will soon be \himself again.” At the hospital we were flown a valuable and handsome set of appara- tus and instruments for the prepara- tion and administration of oxygen gas and compressed air. A case of ‚nue was relieved by its bite last week. The Doctor is experiment- ing somewhat in its applicability to various diseases. The event* of the Reason was the visit of the Comet Band, last Satur- day evening. A concert was given at Odd Fellow's hall, the band being as- ' sisted by ladies and gentlemen from 'Comet and Wickes. All did them- selves credit, but the work of the baud deserves more than a passing notice. Hard study anda' skillful leader are the two elements showing out strongly. The music was by far the best ever heard in Wickes. The selections were many and varied, giving the combined effects of or- chestra and band. Prof. Barnacoat has done a good work. He the men and instruments well in ha d, so that a response is had from me look or the least movement of his hand.. We have only one criticism to make, and in this we,are not alone; it is that there is too much bass drum. This instrument is well managed and in time, but so much of, it detracts from the effectiveness of. the other instruments. • If Prof. B. will keep up the good work so ably begun, he will have, in time, a 'band equal to any one in the State. We wish them success and hope' for frequent visits. The proceeds will be devoted to the use of the Methodist church. The net proceeds amount to about $75, the gross récélpti being $93.75. Mr. Chas. Sfarrett is home on a flying visit. Peter Breen is expected home' in about a week; his errand east was a sad one, caused by the illness and death of a sister. Our people extend to our friend the deepest sympathy. Dr. Rudd, of Jefferson, has been in town several times the past week, looking hale and hearty. Hank Wilson has purchased the livery business formerly owned by Chas. Koegel. Among the visitors this week we noticed J. P. Dailey, H. O. Johnson, W. A. Bumby, from Comet; Win. Neill, N.' Merriman, John Hall, JaA. Culver. Ed. Culver. and Pat. Lnddy. from Jefferson; M. Jensen, Milt Canby, and H. B. Holt, from East Helena; Prof. A. Raht, Hop. Joe Davis, Chas. ,Woodinan, and now Hughes, from Helena. Harry Farley was brought to the hospital, Sunday evening, from the Alta mine, with a badly cut foot. The prompt attention he received will en- able him to be at work in a few days. All the hotels are full, and doing a good transient basiness. Mine host Bush is developing into a first clam dairy farmer. Twenty to thirty COWS is a good starter for any man. George H. Merrill has all he can do beautifying homes and business houses with paint, calsomiae, and wall papei. Hank is au artist in his line. Happy Jack McFarland has been with us for a week or tee,days, al- ways busy and happy. McFee and Tullock have a promis- ing prospect near Kaufs Blizzard. Assays have shown ore valued at $150 to $200. The next few weeks will bring to light a number of good prospects, concerning which the own- ers are very reticent at present. There are scores of first-class claims in this district lying idle for want of money to develop them. There is enough good ore in the Penn -Van and' the Blue Bird mine to rim a good sized plant, but they are both shot down for some unknown reason. Great hopes are based upon a sale of the Minah property. Such a deal would bring new life into the camp and dis- trict, and such enthusiasm as has never been known here. It can't come any too soon. OBSERVER. RADERSBURG ITEMS. [Specie/ Correspondence of 7glt AGRI RABE/MUM°, June 15.—The un- usual dry weather is the continued topic of conversation. The creeks anti springs are all dried up. Grain and hay fields nearly all burnt upend the prospecte for the future year are very serious. Several farmers have given up their crops as they have not had any water this season, not even enough to irrigate their gardens. na- pkins rains must fall and that immedi- ately or great loss will be, the result. Mr. Robt. E. Hammond, of Elk- horn, and Miss Ltiella Ritchhart, of this place, were married Wednesday morning, June 12, Rev. Shannon, of Townsend, officiating. The wedding was a very quiet affair, only the rela- tives of the bride and a few friends being present. Mr. Hammond is a rising young man, a teacher by pro-. fession. He is one of the most popu- lar men in Jefferson county, having just been elected as Delegate to the coming Constitutional Convention, while his bride is one of the most popular and lovable young ladies in our valley. Their friends (whose name is legion) unite in wishing them a long life replete with joy and happ- Hess. Immediately after the cere- mony the groom and bride left by way of Helena to Elkhorn, where they will permanently reside.' Drs. Harris and Robinson, dentists, have left for a few days to Three Forks. They thoroughly understand their business. Them wishing their teeth repaired can not do better than to give them a call. Joe Wagner has rented his shop to Messrs. Skinner and Powers who will continue the business. Joe is going to turn his undivided energies to his garden. he spring cattle round -up starts to -day. Messrs. Wells and Pool have just ornamented their respective places of business by large and substantial awnings. - The Sunday school picnic is in full blast at Rosedale Park to -day; it is an immense success, a large crowd being in attendance. Mr. Marshdon, of St. Paul, in visit- ing Fred Temple, an old friend of his. A 'Way -up time is anticipated here at Radersburg on the Fourth. Races during the day, fireworks in the even- ing, and a grand ,ball at night. Car- penter Bros. will furnish the music. Let everybody turn out and celebrate and help make the Fourth of July a bigger man than St. Patrick. UNOME. . • . JEFFERSON JOTTINGS.. [Special Correspondence of lira Aug. JEFFERSON, June 16.—The festival last evening was a grand success, both socially and financially. The people turned out, young and old, and had a jolly good time. Total receipts were $39.60. Mr. Smelzer, Jefferson's eld resi- dent., now residing near Helena, is sojourning in town. • Conductor Kept has been called to I Livingston to take a position on the main line. He is a man that attende strictly to his duties and we are sorry to see him go. Conductor Hogan and wife have arrived. Mr. Hogan will fill the vacancy of Mr. Keys. Road Supervisor John Hall has been having some repairing done be- tween Jefferson and Alhambra. The road is now in good condition. Wm. Torrence will begin work ou the Katharine to -morrow. The speci- mens of ore taken oat last week look very well. Prof. J. B. Patch placed a hundred - pound bell on top the school -bowie yesterday. It will be for use when the State normal school begins. FURNITURE idr,ALarag -'---... . WIIITIF.111CA.D • New Ibirobricarica.cstla. I m IZTRINTIT TT i E1STORE1 Have on hand one of the finest arsortrnents of Fonitture that was ever shown in lituntana. We carry just,. large and nice a stock «of Furniture as you en 'Ind in Montana. Our goods are of the latest style\ shipped direct from the manu- facturers. Goods arriving weekly, consisting of Parlor suits, Cham- ber suita,which are of BEALIMPUL DISIGN AND AT ALL PRICES. Carpets, Baby Carriages, Elegant Center Tables, Writing Deets, patent Kit- ehen Cupboards. ('hairs and Tables of ail styles and prices. Oil Pa • qrs, Window Shades and Cur- tains. Polos. Can furnish any sire dwell- ing house or hotel with just what is needed. Come and see our store and judge fur yourself. In connection we do ORDER WORE PICTURE PRAMI/0 AND REPAIIUMG. - X 0 I -- Ea - NO TROUBLE TO SHOW 000Ds. - res Groesbeck &Simpkins Bieck, OppoariteSenbeet °Moe. Whitehead ar Kuehn, BOULDER, - - - MONTANA. H. lErt:TWV de CO. have opened In BOULDER, „ MONTANA. in the old Baca, Cosy It Co. Beitinen, at the north end of Main street, on the east side, • tine line of 1P 1:7 rt. 1%7I rir T.7 rt. 3E1 . and also • complete stock of CROCKERY. GLASSWARE. TINWARE. a-D ficimm-/Maximarros 3oorm or Ar.i. Lam son Rumania. Do not buy any more bouse-fundshing goods until yon have examined the new Mock et limit's, where you en buy a single piece or a complete outfit. This is an ad- vantage whieh the peo- ple Boulder will appre- ciate. e -: 0 : 1:71•TIDERT.A_ KIN Gr.. MR. HUNT will carry a full line of UNDERTAK- ING GOODS. and having had much experience in this branch «1 businese he is prepared to guarantee tritisfection in this liable. LUMBER MERCHANTS. BOULDBR PLLNING MILL Beak amid Deer lihaaalbetory, ENOCH MODSON, : PROPRIETOR. BOULDER, MONTANA. The Boulder Planing mill is now in constant oper- ation and prepared to furnish every description of ihiratterz-iirel in any quantity arid on abort notice. Contractor and Builders will wave time and money by making their purchases in Boulder. I also carry in stock and am prepared to supply Mining Timbers. Bridge and Dimension Timbers, Late, shingles, And every description of construction material. An inspection of my stock and prices is respectfully solieted. MILL AND OFFICE AT RAILROAD DEPOTS. B OULDER LUMBERYARD. SASH, DOOMS, MOULDINGS, CEDAR Shingles, and all kinds of Finishing Lum- ber, Building and Tar Paper, crerunantly on hand. Yard opposite the Court -Bootle. Convenient for teams. Also, plans fur- nished for house*, bridges, etc., and con- tracting and building aniline. Gle0Fli3ECK k SIMPKINS. CONTRACCORS AND BUILDERS. T S. imarmizir., to • CO N TRALCICOR AND 13 IT 1. DID ' Flt .; • Boulder, Montana. EuTIV TES‘ GWEN :t LI. KINDS OE WORE

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 19 June 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.