The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 26, 1889, Image 1

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teir NITecsl.. S.Pfc.. MO. Mecres.lcier, INZIosat (exact. 'roes -1 tCsx•-e. laresoliza to sect ray-. Tura ca 20. 1.000. Melear '1r emeer. 134‘.4zeielc, CPOIFt - v- c,Cbe e (Limited.) Vbrholerfale and Retail DEALS» IN 17.1911.43C/XMLX1Cliii, Hats and Cape, Boots and Shtoetu, Gpicceircir GOODS, 'asp FANCY 7105101118 or ALL KINDS. 73 ]Fl «3 AS AWlS C 1...OXILIIIgGi Nave recently been added to our lar g e and varied stock and a Tull and Fine Assortment Of Mase line, of g eode will hereafter be found on our *helves. a r t — Aoesni You OM Mai re> rzsiair 31Fecs - va:rciaz• •vv - ciFtins. iteretileo, CAPS. BLASTING, 4,4 - Sp . orting. FUSE Ratieh Butter arid --AND- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Ara made • specialty hy this house. - Highest market price paid for Rates. Bee.. aim Au. Kurne or COUNSRT Paotacs HOTELS. 03FILX:1133,17TALX» RIBTAURANT. e ISTIROPLAN PLAN. BAllneY: . h, EARN, paipPldgroRs. iv 1111K Gave* Ku l a, sunlit 1111.041C au. ‚se' meth of J. It. Viarreis's livery stable. t t t t Meals at all hours. Nicely Dien:shed room.',. 130c1.01C11t, -ea ffte' MONTANA. T3I131111 ‘MITZ1\77Z1031::»IlL MOTEL. EV - euLD.vIt. • MONTANA. Under the new management the WINneent to- hi the OILY rimer CLAMS 14011i1. in Boulder. TIIE Sliest table is rim at the wienena multwuree all the Kubistentielm le be Mend in the market. Goori well furniehrd, and havin g moat enenfortable JOIrIN PROPRIBTOR BOULDU ROT SPIIINGS AND HOTZL. WM. litOTTER. Pnornirrom. These Sprin gs have moot Wonderful Curative Properties In all forma of Ret.laceuxbaiebtlen AlrD Lead Poisoning and General Debility. —bot --- Tb. Sprin t s > is • Nicierir PLICAI4ANT RESORT ree them who are overworked and weary and who desire • few days relief from toil and Masi - news mid waist a few days' recipe-M.4mi. SI« nalways Ike Ilei Id Ilabeil «coda« aid Istia we Pre' LS hems silk. bad. *Fr nos: ALL TRAM LITERARY NUGGETS. [Gathered fur Tun Ans. j The ton g ue la Ilttle, but how stron g - 'Duly at most three inches lon g; But when foul words its rage aelpp:r, Woe to the man that's six feet hi g h. —Japaneae Proeerb. Take heed to avoid all those games and sports that are apt to take up thy time or engage thy affections. He that spends all his life in sports is like one who wears nothing but fringes and eats nothing but sauce.—Fuller. When women be g in to feel youth and their beauty filip from them, they count its sort of a duty To let nothin g else elip away unsecured Which these, while they hutted, mi g ht once have procured. —Owen Meredith. Afoot cannot look, nor stand, nor walk like a man ofsense.—La Bruyere. Be g ood, dear child, and let who will he clever ; Do noble thin g s, not dream them all day lon g , And en make life, death, and that cart forever One g rand, sweet son g — Kilter> The animal with long ears, after hiving drunk, gives the. bucket a kick.—Front the Latin. \Whet bait do you use?\ said a saint to the devil, \When you fish where the smile of nie\ abound?\ \Well for special Mutes,\ said the Kin g of Evil, \Gold and fame are the test I've found.\ \Suitor general uric?\ asked the m int. \Ah then,\ 'Said the demon, \I an g le for man, not men. And a thin g I hate la to chan g e my bait, So I flak with • woman the whole'year round.\ -An«. Little impression has been made on the rate of wages and profita by the universal industrial progress of recent times. * * The large addithine to the wealth of the -- e - ounfi'y (Ea - gland) has gone neither to profit nor to wages, nor to the public at large, but to swell a fund ever rowin g even while its proprietors sleep —the rent - roll of the owners of the aoiLI,J. CkBERSP. Better lbw sad chotien !tighten+ tilan of 'shaven -crowns • ban, For in headlon g fli g ht confounded with the base the brave are lost. Wiadow. What is it that makes the true Knight? Loyalty to his thought. That makes the beautiful' scorn, the elegant simplicity, the directness, the ,eensmanding port which all men ad - 'mire nnd which men not noble affect. --Emerson. Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose That you resolved to effect. 4 , —8hakearree. If thou hast a loitering servant, send uhu of thy. errand just before dinner. ---.Futter. • THE GAME LAW. Beside the act creating the office of Game and Fish Warden, printed OH the fourth page in this issue of TIIE AGE, the only amendment to the game laws of the Territory made at the last session of the Legislature, was as follows: An act for the better 'protection of game and fish. Be it enacted by the Legislatire Assembly of the Territory of Montana: Secnox 1. That any person who shall wilfully shoot or otherwise kill, for the period of ten years from and after the passage of this act, any bison', buffalo or quail, pr who shall wilfully shoot.or otherwise kill for the period of six years, from aid after the passage of this act, any moose, elk, or beaver within this Territory, /shall be deemed guilty of a ictele- meanor, and be fined not less than two hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or be imprison- ed in the county jail not less than two months nor more than six months, or both such fine and imprisonment for each offense committed, in the dis- cretion of the court, and the posses- sion of the skin or meat of any of the above Mentioned animals killed during said period shall 'be preaump- tive evidence that - the person, having either in his possession, killed the same in violation of this section. Thel prevision/4 of this, section shall /not i be deemed or held to apply to persons who raise or own buffalo. Sec. 2 . . That any person or per- sons who shall wilfully 'shoot . or otherwise kill or cause • to be killed. any white tailed deer, black tailed deer, mule deer, mountain sheep, Rocky mountain goat, or antelope, between the first day of January and the fifteenth day of September of the same year, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon convic- tion thereof shall be fined in any Mtn not less than twenty dollars nor more than fifty dollars for each offense com- mitted.' Sec. 3. That _fishing - tackle con- sisting of a rod or pole, line and hook, or spear, she'll be the. only lawful way that fish eau be taken in any of the rivers, streams, lakes, or ponds of this Territory, that this hook . ' eliall not be baited with any poisonous drug or substance, and that it shall be unlawful for any person' or persons to Make any darns or use any fish traps, grab hooks, or similar gleans for catching fish, or to use any drugs or poison or giant powder, or other explosive. compound, intending to catch, kill, or destroy fish of any species, but nothing herein contained shall prevent -the use of any seine or other catch net, used to catclifieh in any river or stiedin below two hnn- dred miles from the head of any eiteh river' or stream; provided, that stieli seine or catch net' shall have a mesh • v • 14. aior.. Mawr:iv= lib COC). • Moulder. le 1111tesaatabaaab. e o e i o o •-<' a a› • .s , o ov o ; II Iv( AI.. me\ 7...X ire tuteurante company et aim manse ipa Juliet* $ Surplus 1,100,000.0U Paid to Polley Holden'. 21,500,000.00 Ainount of Insurance In Force IKkOW.000..00 12 YOUR LUII 11181111321 A Duty Every Man ()nano His Pam ily1 Tar aierneanta Leib Insuaranee Lawapasay (IF NEW etOnit Um Opened a Loral Onlee for Jeffers« Ounisty DOW; with the portions of the lines of , noci,pee, motcra ea, any such railroad which shall not be where all 1....-/aa „f pawl« will be bieued, completed at date of this act, is here. not less than one inch uare, and by gxed at 81.25 per acre. any person or persons, corporation or Sac. 5. 'f hat any homestead settler company offending against this sec- tion shall be deemed guilty Of a mis- demeanor:end upon cow/deli% there- of shall be fined in any sum not exceeding two hundred and fifty dol- lars, or shall be imprisoned for a period not more than six months and shall pay the costs of prosecution.. Sac. 4. All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this act be and the same are hereby. repealed. Sac. 5. This act shill take effect on and after its passage. '- Approved February 28, 1889. made to appear to the regiestec and re- ceiver of any public land (Ace, under such relations as the Secretary of the Interior may - prescribe, that any settler upon the public domain under existing law is unable by reason of a total or partial destruction or failure of 'crops, eicknese or other unavoid- able casualty, to 14ePUF0 a support for himself, herself, or those dependent upon him or her upon the lands settled upon, then such register or 'receiver may grant ta such settler a leave of absence from the claim upon which he or she has filed for a period not exceeding one year at any 'one time, and such settler so granted leave of absence shall forfeit no rights by reason of said absence. Provided, that the time of such actual absence 8111111 not be deducted from thé actual residence required by law. 4. That the, price . of all sec - time or part orseetione of the public lands within the limits o(the portions of the several grants- of land to aid in the construction of railroads which have been heretofore and which may hereafter be forfeited, which were by the acts making such grants, or have since - been increased to the double minimum price, and, also, of all lands %%bin the limits of any such railroad 'grant., • but not embraced in such grant lying adjacent to and eotermi- Includin g A I380I.I 'TIE BONI) POI .ICI KM. Whirls ere payable In 10, 15. 20, or yrturn (Ir In ram of preview* death For information and rotten, mil on or giddiness I , Is lancEt s, 3tatte ir er for Montana, Ilelerm, bloom«, PR:RIO: DURYEA ; Special Ag ent for Jefferson (*.'unt > (Harr with Telonaii Jove». Esu., Boulder, Montana Augmaallaa inirabsateacif --XXOYCLOP ¡IRMA PRITANNIf 'A --- Porn.* a Arras:Yr. Ta en y-Fota Volumes will complete 'Ida litticarir \f the are We has.. now ready for delivery r rTvi 0 t 'lime. at fa 8.00 izee3x- '27 - c)1‘a »a 45 DELIN'ERED FREE'. ! ! isit \Has nat.,' THE Plies of the ori g inal, wklek reprodunsi• FAGnIMILE by our new gelatine and at about half the price of the other two edit J , We are also the authorized publishers of the AMERICAN SUPPLEXEI4T To the Enryelopredia BrilannIca, in Five Volumes at $aw era Voftitx, Endomed by the hi g hest audirritiee in the I filled Stake SÉ -A 11.,tavrwr roe e.4 gy.tewute. \MO t Tam Hamer G Anew eo. Ns* Yogi J. R. t'4,04E1,14111:HR , Manager, IN Washin g ton M., Chica g o, Ill. _ __ _j0113 PRINTING. Snermie I. I hat from and ' after who shall hereafter comply witIrtÉe \ 0- TIIF. AGE Onnor the passage of this act, no public conditions of said laws, and who ii now prrpared to do ail kinds of ' lands of the United States, except shall make his final proof thereunder Jon e INTING— — --..--JOB PRINTING those in the' State of Missouri, shall for a * quantity of land lees than 160 And *Odell* ' n ànwe 0( the patroness et tbo people be subject to private entry. . ot Memos Comity. acres and receive the receiver's final Sac. 2. That any person who has reeeipt therefor, shall 'be entitled un - not heretofore perfected title to a der said. laws to enter as a 'personal tract of landoef which he haernade right and not assignable, by legal entry under the home:Mead law, may. subdivimion . of the public lands of the make \a . homestead edry of not ex - United States subject to homestead TIME ceeding one -quarter ‚section of public entry, so much additional laud as laud subject to such entry, such pre- added to the quantity peevioudly so vious filing or entry to the contrary entered by him shall not exceed 160 notwithstanding; but this right shall acres. Provided, that in . no case ! in Its Irtimetondiparioarw(e. theere eiworsicapre not apply to persons who perfect title shall patent - issue for the land cover- !levee it ( \ e mu guarantee ..ortuniton to all pa betrnns. to lands under the preëmption or ed by such additional entry until the 7 ------------- • homestead laws already initiated, of testimony for final proof within person making such additional entry Provided, that all settlers upon .the ten days following the day advertised shall have actually and in conformity public lands whose claims have been with the homestead aws ided as upon which such final proof shall l initiated prior to the passage of this upon 1111(1cuttivated the land so addi- be made in cares' where accident or act May change such entries to home- unavoidable delays have prevented tionallv entered and otherivise fully stead entries and proceed to perfect the applicant ár witness from making complied with such laws. Provided their titles to their respective claims also, that this section shall not be 'such proof on the day specified. under the h construed as affecting any ' rights to' ec homestead law, notwith- S. 8. That nothing in that act standing they may have heretofore the location of soldiers' certificatesshall be construed as suspending, re- had the benefit of such law, -but such heretofore issued under section 2,406 ' Marine or any way rendering in - settlers who perfect title - to claims ' operative the . provisions of the act of the revised statutes, a 1 under the homestead law shall not Sec. 7. That the \act to prov id e : entitled, \an act to provide for the thereafter be entitled to enter other additional regulations for homestead disposal of abandoned and melees lands under the priénytion or home- and premption entries of public military reservations,\ approved . July stead laws of the United States. lands,\ approved March 3, 1879, shall . ; 5 / 1884 - • Site. 3. 'That whenever it Wien be 'not h construed to forbid the taking1 Approved March 4, 1889. THE NEW' LAND LAW. Se many inquiries are, made about the land law enacted by the recent Cougre,se that it is here given *entire, viz: An act to withdraw certain public lands from private entry, and other purposes. Be it enacted by - the &nate and Holm of Representation of the United States of America in Congress assembled: who has heretofore entered lone than one -quarter section of laud may en- - tee - other and additional land lying contiguous to the original entry, which shall not, with land first entered and occupied, emeed \in the aggregate 160 acres, without proof of residence upon and cultivation of the original entry, When' the additional entry is made, then the patent shall issue without further proof. Provided, that this section shall net apply to or for the benefit . of any Person who, at the date of making any application for entry hereunder, does not own and occupy the•lande covered by his orig- inal entry; And provided, that if the original' entry shall fail for any reason prior to patent or should ap- pear to be illegal or fraudulent, the additional entry shall not be permit- ted, or, having already been initiated, shall be cancelled. Sec. 6. Tilt, every person entitled., under the -'provisions of the home- stead laws, to enter a homestead, who has heretofore complied with or lama Rase. Nora /IRA na. ant Raaae. EnVILOPPX, Rtaliirliali PAPUA. VialTIV9 rtlittes, Sweeten TAGS, Pnetrtuo, Demerits, Bs -Am' Women or ALI. KIND«, Will be executed with neatness and diapatelf

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