The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, June 26, 1889, Image 3

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e B s:pu1e:1er 33tabe-d-ovitz- c> C>ca J. J. lloC,ay, Prop., Dealers in Shelf and IinavyriKard w are, COOKING AND HEATING STOVES. Granite, Iron. and Tin Ware, • • QUEENSWARE AND GLASSWARE. 9eaxri2aTi:3- •AND WATS11 Malt . 1SSINO «OODS. • J. J, MoCAY. • 1191.e■ I Have Added to the Above Stock a Complete Line Of Als.ariCtl21tu.1.rges31. OF ALL KINDS, Farm and Sprirt* - 2 W . atro net. J. J. Mc•CAY. -LUMBER MERCHANTS. BOULITICR PLANING MILL - Sash Door Manallietory, ENOCH 110DSON, : PROPRIETOR. BOULDER, MONTANA.' The Boulder Planing mill i now in constant oper- ation and prepared to furnish every description of 33xxi1climm.e 151/Iixt<sriga1 . in any quantity and on short notice. eq . :attracted' and Builders will wive thne and money by making their purehames in Boulder. I also curry In stock and um prepared to mope Mining Tlinlars, Bridge and DItnrinaon Timbere4 . Lath, Shingles, Ali.1 every deecriptiop of conetruction material. ,An inspection of my mock and prim% is respectfully . • MILL AND OFFICE AT RAILROID DEPOTS. • ••• 13OULDILIt LUMBER 'WARD. MASILDOOKS, 1IOULDINGS, CF.DAU Shingles, and a/I kinds of Finishing Loat- her, Building and Tar Paper, constantly on hand. Yard opposite tine Court-llouse. Convenient fur teams. Also, plans fur- nished for houttea, bridges, etc., and con- tpating and lantern; of same. GRODSBI'X'K .Sc SIMPKINS. MEAT MARKETS. WOLTER dc MAXFIELD. BOULDER, MONTANA.. Wholesale and Retail 33 1Zr exi mt. Es Of Deer, NIuttetn, IettrIc, Veal. ALL KINDS OF SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY.* Salt Meats of Best Quality Always on Maid. FRESH FISIt AND GAME IN THEIR SEASON. Market at the old MURRAY STAND. - FOR SALE. FIFTY HEAD of Fine Work Homes and Mnlee; also Barnett. and Freight Wagon', and everything pertaining tu freighting. Enquire of . 1).-lic:NEILL, Boulder, ou E. R. Wickes , . THE AGE - • - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1889. THE BOUNTY LAW. killed; provided, that this act shall not apply to any :skins of ally animals which may have been killed prior to 'etruary 20, 1889. SiEc. 3. Any person raisenting to the Probate Judge of ti e county, the skiu_or sliest' any such animate for „the purpose of obtaining the boenty thereon, shall at the time, file with such Probate Judge his affidavit set- ting forth, that amant killed the ani- mal or animals from which the skin or skins were taken, that the seine were killed within the bounds of the cannty in which the application flip the certificate is made, which certifi- cate -shall - be subefautially in the foi e lOwing form: BOUNTY CERTIFICATE. -of Montana, ) ss. County of , ProVate Judge of - County, do hereby certify that has exhibited to me this --- - day of -A. D. 18-, the skin- of- of - and has filed- with me his affida- vit that lie - killed, within sixty days from this date the animal -from which the ab04'0 mentioned skin,- - taken, arid that the same - killed in the above named county. And I further ce examined and punched the ears of the above mentioned Skin-' according to law, in the presence of - -- County - , whose name is here- . to subscribed. Witness: Probate Judge. The following is the text of the bounty law enacted at' the last session of. the Legislature of the Territory of Montana: An act to provide for the payment of bounties for the killing of 'certain stock-destroying anim'als. • Be it emitted by the Legislative Assembly , * of the Territory of Montana: SEcTrosr 1. There shall be paid out of the Territorial treasury for the killing of animals hereinafter men- -timed which hive been killed in said Territory the following bounties: For. each mountain lion, two dollars; for each bear, two dollars; for each wolf, coyote, two, dollars; wildezat y -lynx, or bobcat, fifty cents. , SEC. 2. Any person killing any one of the above -named animals, for the purpose of obtaining the bounty thereon, shall within sixty (60) days from the date of killing of said ani- mals, exhibit the entire skin of said animal or animals, including the tail and the skin from the forehead, em- bracing the ears of each animal, to the Probate Judge of the county in such animal or animals were , has evaded any of the provisions of this act, or seeks to obtain the bounty thereon unlawfully, it is hereby made his duty to require from such person' or personseatieffictory el/Ilene() of the time, place and manner of the killing of said animal or animals. SEC. 9. It shall be the duty of the Territorial Auditor to take all certifi- cates presented that .have been' issued under the provisions of this act, aFt he shall give the person or persons presenting - the certificates a warrant ou the Territorial treasury Tor the amount, as specified in section one of this act. Any person \preaenting the certificate shall receipt, upon the back of it the full amount received, and the Auditor and Treasurer shall keep an account of all warrant -8.10 issued and paid, which shall appear in their annual - reports to the Governor. Sic. 10. Any person who shall falsely make, alter, forge, or (minter - fejt any of the certificates mentioned in this act, shall be deemed guilty of forgery, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished byimprisonment in the Territorial prison for a term of not less than *one (1) year, nor more than tee years. SEC.'] I. A ny person or persons who Connty -- SEC. 4. The Probate Judge' shall before - issuing any certificates to any person or persona > for the killing of any of the above mentioned animals, require the affidavits of two . respeet- able free holders, residente of said county, that they are acquainted with the person or persons exhibiting the s'.:in or *him, that to the best of their belief the animal or animals from ,which such skin or skins were taken, were killed within the linqta of said county. SEC. 5. The Probate Judge, with the County Clerk or County Treasur- er of said county, whose duty it shall be to be present, shall miritftely ezz' amine each skin presented in order'to prevent fraud, and should said °Mears after careful examination, find that the scalp am] ears belonging to each skin have not been severed, patched, or punched, the Probate Judge shall then, in tile presence of the officer or officers named, mark each ear ,hy punching e hole one inch in diameter in the same and then shall deliver said skin or skins to the owner or owners. SEc. 6. Tho Probate . .Judge shall then and there make out and deliver to such earner 'a certificate tinder his official seal, showing the number and species of skin or skins 80 punched; such certificate shall be duly signed by hint in his official capacity, and s o hjk be attested by said County or County Treasurer, who shall Witness anftsign his name in his offi- cial capacity. The Probate Judge. and officer assisting him shall -receive from the party to whom the certificate is issued the sum of twenty-five cents for each and every skin 80 punched, which shall be in full 'compensation for all services rendered by such offi- cers under the provisions of this act, including affidavits and certificate. Of the said fee of twenty-five cents the Probate Judge shall receive fifteen cents, and the assisting officer ten cents. Sic. 7. It. shall be the duty of the Probate Judge to keep a record in bound book kept for the purpose of all skins so punched,showing date,ntunber and kind -of skins so puedhed, name of owner or owners, and the Witness, end said book shall be transmitted to his successor at the expiration of his tenn of •oftice. Sac. 8. Whenever any Probate Judge shall have reason to believe that any person or persons present- ing the skin or skins of any of the above mentioned. animale for the purpose of obtaining bounty thereon, hey have them made lt - y the milliner hey Prance all over ! the town an ad about and read nov- els, and do 't do a blessed thing to • • • ; intention to defránd the Territory, or who shall sign any certificates herein provided for, without first counting the skins, or shall intentionally evade any of these provisibus, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be lined not lees than two hundred dollars, nor more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not lees than two nor more than six -months, or by both such fine and' imitrisonment. SEc. 12. Any person or persons who shall swear falsely as a witneSs, or procure the seine to be done by an- ther, forthe purpose of obta in ing or pro- curing from any Probate Judgeor this Tertitory a .certificate inj-a's act mentioned, shell be deemed gun' of perjury os subordination of perjury, as the case may be, and upon convic- tion thereof shall be, punished by im- prisonment in the Territorial prison for a term not less than one nor more than ten years. Sue. 13. This act shall take effect a?t.1 be in force from and after Febru- ary '20, eighteen'hundred and eighty- nine. Approved February 20, 1119. • • THIS FOR GIRLS. [Bill Arp lathe Atlanta Ciniatitution.] \What 'about the girls,\ says a friend. Let the girls quit their fool- that the true remedy for poverty is to ishness, as Sam Jones eye. If they make the land common property. can't make money, let -them quit They do not, however, propose - to spending it. I _know young ladiee in dimmer the occupants of land, se long this town whose fathers are on a as the occupants make tuft use of strain, and yet they won't make their their land. They propose, on the own dresses. contrary, to allow the possessors of the soil to continue to buy and sell and bequeath it. But they do propose to take all the rent by tixati(Di. To help their father maie t tain the family. , do this would make the otaailpant of À girl whose father is on a strain ' the land a 'tenant paying relit to the ought to make her own clothes and 'State. some more besides. If she doesn't ' This proposition which\‘ate first know how she should learn. Every known under the name of \land ;a - member of the temily should at least tionalizatiou\ has einee, by the com - earn their salt and pepper and pickles mon consent of its advocates, become nd chewing gum. A girl of eighteen known as the \Single Tax\ movement, THE SINGLE TAL • trouth's Contention.) . We hear much nowadays of the 'single tax'' agitation. There is a \Single Tax\ league, which has a eon- , siderable -rnembership throughout. the ! countryapublle• meetings in the in - teret of the \single tax\ are held, and several riewspapers and many' books advocating the \trine+ tax\ are published or have been.' published. What is this \single tax?\ It is, in brief, a proposition tó abet- ielt all taxation , except • that upon land. It does not propose that event buil&ings shall be taxed, but that all the.taxatio5of the Nation, the State, and the inunicipality shall be laid upon the land alone,. exactly in the saine meestire, whether it be - built upon or vacant, but in proportion to the value which it possesses from nearness to, the cetares of population Or business. The \Single Tax\ theory • is based nixie' the doctrine that the 'hied right- fully belongs, to all the people. That the exclusive possession of land by individuals is not, right, and that the separate ownership of' land might be merged into a sort of joint-stock in- t who• can't make her own clothes is not tit to be a wife, much lea's a mother. Rich or. poor they ought to tie something 'useful. Get up early and fly round and sweep and dust and look after the dining room and lamps. After breakfast go to the sewing machins and make it burn and june like your grandmothers did. the spinning -wheel. In the afternoon put on your nice home-made dress and go to see somebody you want to see, somebody who wants to see you. and talk sense when you get there. 0h, for more model boys and model girls to raise the next crop from. Young man, don't you marry a young girl who ie too proud or too lazy to make her own clothes. Young lady, don't you marry a man who drinks or spends all that he makes. If following this advice stops the breed, let it stop. justice, was first suggested, in En: 'gland, by the social philosopher, Her- bert Spencer. The doctrine received a much fuller statement ill this country at the hands, of Mr. Henry George, in a book called \Progress and Poverty\ first published in 1879. Mr. George is accounted the founder 'of the \Single Tax\ system, and is the head and front of the agitation. Mr. George and his followers main- tain that, under time present system of private...on'aierstip of land, the burden of poverty resting upon the lease of mankind grows heavier as the world makes material progreas; that in spite of the inert -ase in the world's ,productive power, wages al- ways tend to a minimum which will give but a hare living. They hold that private ownership of laud,- with' the 'privilege of holding it for specula- tive purpoacs and forcing up rents as population and industry advanc.:, has the effect to put a monopoly of Hahn - - al opportunities into the hands nf the landowner. The . trAturdl opportuni- i ties being thus monopolized, laborers are étnitfielled to compete with each ether to such an extent as to force wages dc wit to the lowest possible point. As they hold that wages of all classes of laborer.; depend upon the productive cultivation of the soil, lifr. George and his followers: maintain the efforts of its friends having been directed more specifically to the abo- lition of all other forms .of taxation. They hold that the reinoval of taxa- tion from industries in general weuld stimulate manufactures and business, at the seine time that eft destroyed speculation in land, to such an extent that the general prosperity would be immensely increased and wages great- ly raised. They • Wahl that the` revenue from the Single Tax would be so large as to enable the government ie maintain schools and college«, build and oper- ate !roads and telegraphs, and do many things which it does not now engage in. cl omm ENeiNt; SUNDAY, JUNE Sirs, anti on each succeeding Ss 'slay until rther notiee, lhe Mon: tanaCentral Railway will fell round-telptleketafrom an Motion* bet ween Suite and Helena al • 'tingle fare. Tickets girrril f'r re turn on snow day 'ad ' v. e THE MARKETS. Errere.-Town Iota la Moulder are -In fair &mini:A with tict.o. I melee. ilumineisi Iola ta ritreet range isi prise from weg.\ in sumsx ether streets from lo Ego. Ideadenoe lots rutt been till) to Van at:cooling to lunation; itere Iota are held at from Minn to SAO. Fan', prolerty in the Moulder valley ranges front $10 to ale per at -re, ateunting to hat la and the distant., trout town. Unim- proved land without walet is worth tit to eq. llitursati -.sugar, I le for 'cumulated to 12 1 4 for eut Its\; 3Usear; tem dilefeel.Ult 130,15ii; Iritoort. it; 'Wooed Vegetétitlert. $2.75W3.75 per twee; ea tttttttt fruit. Ite; heana, teeny; flour ea° per ‚'w', l'or 114.011 for eastern; and,. .-;r1... 26 .e t'llk:{èlMAIN..--lemie mhay, 40441Mllac baled, Sleek', mils, al.tooi.11.0., pr' -\wt; Must, wheat, 1 3 41(2e. Fe esit rArs---Hest sirloin steak, 114e; round wink, 1 1. 2 'ir it( r . . ; ww iti t u r ti. 12 . : , ,ters u l le t okre.;apl vi ork, llt*15c renso . 124 caressa. a I s tk l Ilk'; pork, 12 heirs e itv ter,Weber; mutton is by th ( glien 17 got Kit vw-Applen, realer > e1.73 box; Itivereide oranges, Ilt.• IS dos.; Navel oranges, 'et dos.; lemons, Niels dos ; strawberries, 115'- 1,0,',;- ; green beam., tic vb. : new rout., 'Ob.; new eat. bage,:b.1.• elk; new beets, • 1.1t..; sweet potatoes. as Irk ti; old potatoes, tv... 2 4 e lb; new potatoes. te M.; Remind* teatime', tce lb.; rands eggs Be dug • it hir r r i as . n i t . .11 ,h hist u te . r 4 31.1ta an mer squash, Pre pet 111.; green eon', ter dog. 'AVM Slim - BI - - Ilea% y work-W.1We*, 11754u MO earl.; light work-Inms...,• baba 7N; t•arriattr mot twiggy houses, 501.e250; saddle hot *ere, 11.904 he; pottier.. &Me bons*, tetw;e. Milk cows, elawar, beet tattle. What; edoek.cuttle, three -year -olds, 812.50e15. Sheep, ttritta:i.uu, Hogs, elan' growl. t„ % ,, V ., .: ustm am t• r tou . Z i t y l ers, ghat; mione-iniumnut Nina; blacksmiths, 3.30a4.110; -cook ..*11...140'11 month; waitomena6.1; home servants. I.,. ' el girls, Man; fangs Inuote., Sea.% milt Sènren; slay laborers, t'2.10.43,01 -p a tt y. 11411:11.1•I WO Msriatist c --1; ttttt 1..r. dimension, ‚II to ‚IN\ ; flonring, MOO; Sthei; telling, No. I. gisl; linielaing, geed°. $1.2.1 e M. rlithiglew. -$4.50 - 0 M. Brick, SIU M. Lime, gbegtte bush, Nails, f1,50 per k.-g. Ft\ ItN1TUlt E I; EA LE104. II. CI. manzemr CIO. have opened CI ItOr 1.t)Eit, - - • MONTANA, In the Mal Mho, Coat , & Co. at the north en.1 of Mainh »el on e the east side, Ilne line of 1NT I r. TI It „MI Ide••1 ilailiph•tc.doett ..f CROCKERY,. OLA1331VARIC. TINWAttli. How at rinienumireo Gonna or ALI Kirin» sun Ovmerrilir not buy tiny more homes furnishing goods' until yid; iinVir examined Ilse i...w stuck at Irwin's, where.O . ,:ou mi. buy ir single piece or a etatiplete outfit. Thlw ‚PUN ad- ' Valltade which lb. lece pl.• of Boulder will sumo,- \ ‚-‚‚le. - - UT D 'I' IC IG. Iii•NT will elirry a full line 1•NDERTA K - 1st: ensile', and hat tog bel mach rape -enter In this brotorli of bumlbesa lie is pi. pervil tu guarantee ratisfaetion rldir • W.111'1'1 4 ;11 Mir N. Nees:sr lhdretzca.222.cbtla F'T.712,1•TI'X P IT I' Ii evroitml Ik1Ve 011 barn! one of 11... finest amentmenta Furniture that war ever shown lit We carry itt•tt beige WWI itt. e a stork wlf rur n itur e ytletIMUI nllIl lui Monitions. Ke Mae MI. .;Ji.p.,(1 'tweet from the mama- Letureee, ;diode arriving wreLly, conehelhog of P.wlor simlIs, I lu,,,\ bet imitie,wliteli • are cd BEAUTIFUL DESIGN AND A ALL PRICER Curpets, filthy ll'iwriagest. Elegunt ( 'enter 'fables. Writing Desk., pilitrest Ki Own Cupboarde. titules 1 'rabbis of all styles Mid pri l'aintink, , s, Window Slim:hie 4 Cur- tains, Poles. 4 'an furnish as\ sire» dwell- ing ilsiliS•• or hotel will. Pert *lint b. needled, l'oine and eve our store and judge for yenned/. ‘11-* erninerdiur% We der Osera WoRtt PICTURit PILAW». MID REPAIR:PO. ad -NO TIt011111..E TO 14110W (10011/4 \as tiro. -\beck it Simpkins ItIce.k Opposite Seedbed sake. waitai.esa & 1{,141111/11, 1-i011.1)Elt, - - - MoNTANA. • (M)Nl'it.A' 'l'(lltS ANIS BUILDERS. T S. MeKENZIK, t.../ • C 0 N 'I' It A (''t 'O It IST I) /3 TJ I D 14 , lioulder, Montana. ' ESTIMATE/4 GIVEN ON ALL K /NM OF WORK . • ----- liADEREIBURG POSTOPPICTS 1111. 3PCOC)X.d4 • DULA Uri In Drugm, Cigars, Stationery, Books. Cutlery and Notion,' Al,\ the /Meet and large.« aenortment or birthday sad Otier Prorate ud fancy Goods Generally ever ill the town. ls. 'Ytit - • % em e tn 5 blistil : t W rIl i g N Iel M na A ll (liN imi i rta, e«..rr by pia'-- itig our machines alld goods where the people can taw then', we will send free to one pereon in each lo.. culity,the very beat mewing machine smote in Oh world, with all the al tow/intent«. 1Ve Will oleo genet free • complete line of cuir costly and valuable art mingles, lu. return we ask that yolt show what we tend, to those who may rail at yotar home, and after two months all shall beeome your own property. ; This rinuid machine in made after the Singer patents, which hnve run out; before patents run out it 'sold, , for ard, with the arixellittettiri, fUld now erne for Pa ! Best. Mrtentirent, most inseltine in the world.. All im free. No tunnel required. Phan, brief ifs etruc4ions given. Those who write tone at once can 1 secure free , the heat mewing machine in the world and th.• finest Hoe of work* of high art e'er shown to- gether in America. \t RUE & COt, Box 740, Austria, Maine. - ‘7 . 13TrIllt OURS OMIT hi et TIE 014u F n •inet »tin.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 26 June 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.