The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, July 03, 1889, Image 1

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rr E A_ G- • Irai. M. Mec.. MO. ]Et 'Z'errl tcry, Vli7\ c, cil \iota c1et3r, 1800. r'es 2- Ireds BIL.Cgrair, GICMFtir in e . Wholesale and IptniI »CALERA 11 4:3-2 , 11.«>C11112111.13111.314 Ilists and Ilootts and ethoes, efric>rrie IcITIVNIMilINGIF 0-00PS, •ED , FARCI NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. - 1, rit \Ir lek t::› CD> D Eh AND (.' I. 0 T 11 I N . G• • Have recridly been added to mir targe and varied litock and a Pull atol Fine ARsortmeni Of th«. Unes of aeo.t. will liereafter be found Mg our ‚bel ven. —)M— Ac.nrm Foe Et1ifox1eli 7Pcswcile.1 - e 1 - 1eiroulen, WOlt Ifs% BLAIIT1NO, AND Ranch liut ter and Ittrgs —AND -- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are JIIAlle a deptsci1111) by I tu- - :11: - Iliglitemt market prier liait! for POITIa. ZAMA AND ALL KINDO OF COuterRY PRODOCII - • l{ś/ľIt$. MS\» INTINICHNOIElt. Jr„ MONTANA. Ir inter the new management the WINI/etOIZ and emloweee ail the enbetniitials to be found in the market. D...1 rouni. • furrilahed. and having most comfortable .701 - 11•1 • , PROPRIETOR both such fine and impris mutent, and may be adjusted to pay the coats of prosecution. Sc. 2. The every person who mutilateS, disinters or removes from the sepulcher the dead body of a human being without authority, or law shall be deemed guifty ()t'a felony and upon conviction thereof' shall be imprisoned in the penitenti- ary for a period of five years and tined in, any sum not exceeding one thouaand dollars, or both sud fine asid intprisonutent and pay the C0818 Or prosecution. But the provisions of this section shall not apply to any person who shall upon due notice given to the authorities'of any mute- tery, retuove the demi body; of a rela- tive or friend for reinterment. SEe. 3. That every person who disinters and rentoves, or who know- ingly receives aller any disinterment and removal the dead body of a human being, frota any grave or other place where the same bas been buried, or from any place where the monthly license is taken out); for saine - is deposited while awaiting every eiretne ineinding side-shows, &trial with intent to oeil or dissect bac hundred dollars per day; provid- the sanie, without authority of law, cd, there shall be no licenses collected or from malice or wantonness shall be from any amateur exhibition or con- deemed guilty of a felony, and upon cerf for school or charitable religions conviction thereof shall be imprison- ed ia the penitentiary for a period not purposes. Approved Match 14, 1880.. exceeding five years and fined at any sum not exceeding one thousand dol- lars and, ma'y be adjusted to pay the An act to provide for the care 'and nutietenance of feeble minded and costs of prosecution. imbecile children. .! SEC. 4— 'Thot the superintendent, Be a enarted by the teliettie , Aseembiue Manager or any other person in of the Territory of Montana: charge of any cemetery in Montana .SEcTioN 1. That the provisimis of is hereby authorized to arrest forth - sections 994, 995, and 996, of chapter with any person Wminitting any of 57 of the_ Firth Division, General the offenses specified in titis act, and bring such person before any court of Laws Compiled Statutes of Montana, relative to deaf, mute, and blind competent jurisdiction for the purpose ehildren he . and the saine are héro , v of holding such person - to answer for amended so as to include feeble mind _ such offense or offenses, and then and cd or intheeil ehildren. between the there 'Otan make complaint in due ages of eight an eighteen vents'. and forum ' in case of any application - the' étire SEC.- 5. • This act ••• shall take efteet • of any such imbecile or feeble minded from and aller its p assa g e ' \ child the - Governor 'and Superintend- Approved March 12, 1889. ‚ho vat of public instruction of Montana ELKHORN ECHOES. • CLASS shall promet to selmt a suitable asy- CM.Y ?DM HOM. lum for the care (if such feeble mind- (Spatial Correspoindence of Tue Aux. I iii Itouitler. \ cd child, according 'to said sections ELKHORN, Jute 25.—As there are hereby atuendel and the Auditor of happenings, both wise and otherwise, the Territory simili pay by warrant in this little city, it may not be amiss THE any certificate certified to him for the to present tuent to your many readers. fines! table transportation of any imbecile or After a roygit, though otherwise pleas- i...A at the WINDerni feeble minded child in the manner re- ant, rideln thai most agreeable com- pany of Mrs. J.—one of Elkhorn most popular matrone, on lier own ne - count as well as that of her two most - ,charming daughters—, -we arrived safe- ly and in good time climbed out of the jerktest of jerkies to be greeted by our kind friend and sometimes hospi- table host John Andrew, one of the most prosperous young merchants in the city. We' were disappointed to Iliid his better half away in Helena where . she is visiting friends until lifter the session of the M. E. Confer- ence. We were, however, met by our old friend and brother ' Jas. Dunlap, who would not take no for au answer ând conducted us to bis most delight - fol home. On Saturday evening we. were invited by Mr. Martin to be present at his daughter Miss Jane's, birthday. We were told it was a most pleasant afiltir, as it could not be otherwise with such beauty and grace to grace it. There was a string - band and the usual tripping of the light fantastic toe: Gallantry and beauty thus blending in sympathetic harmony presented the attractionsof the evening. A most bountiful sup- per was then spread and in trpe west- ern cordiality all were invited to \help themselves.\ On Sabbath we attended cherch, both morning and evening; also Sunday -school' in the af- ternoon. It was with sadness that we heard of the death of Mr. Robert's little of the Territory of Montana. girl. They. have our hearty 'sympa- . SECTION J. That every person who thy in this their sad loss. wilfully or maliciously defaces, breaks, destroys, mutilates, pets, injures ot - removes any tomb, monument., grave- stone, or other structure erected to any deceased person or memento or memorial or any tree, shrub or plant, ornemental' or otherwise, apPertain- f ing to time place of burial of a human being, or who shall deface, break, de- stroy, cut, mutilate, remove or injure any fence, post, rail or wall of any cemetery or graveyard, or grave there- in, shall be deemed guilty of a mis- demeanor and upon conviction thereof \ifs Ire shall be fined in any sum not exceed - • Ti OULD11111 ROT SPRINGS AND siternri.. WM. TiZOTTED Picorait:rom. These Springs bave omet Tertyperlfren In all fornis or wt.z.: 40 '12.ria i Cs \X e X\ 01..1 . 1::›1 et Ni AND 111 Lead Poisoning and Ornerai Debility. —)o(— Tb. Springs le a 1110fer P . I.1.1.A.t.32%. NT 1WOflT For thooe who are overworked and \-cary and who desire a l'ove /laye' relief from toit and 10151 - and want a few deys' reereation. Dm tg largo tag kat of Medan' Attendanat oad Bada us fris I. All Patrons of Un HoteL RA« To AND l'AMY( ALL TRAMA and RESTAURANT. MUROPEA /g PLAN. SIMON 11ASirleIC Ac 1{1EAUN, pROPTBICTORS, IN THE °Amr , dr K cris mari( RIA( K one .or north of J. It. warren'n liver stable. t quired by section 996 of said act. Ssr. 2. This act shall take effect from and after its passage. THE LAW'Sing fifty dollars, or imprisonment itt ! any time in Elkhorn, ne large as six 1, ner. mice . ircum t Menin nt all hours. Nicely furnished ocans. 101eLDIER, MONTANA. The following were among the lotes enacted at the last session of the . Territorial Legislature: An act to amend certain sections of an act entitled, an act taatuend an act concerning licenses, approved September 14, 1887. Be it enacted by the LegislatirS Asiemply of the Territory of -Montant* SErrioN 1. That sub -division Sec- ond of section 1 of an act to amend an act entitled an act concerning li- censee, approved SepteMber • 14th. 1887, be amended so 1 • follows: \From the manager or lessee of every theatre (not a variety or I concert theatre), one dollar per day or fifteen dollars per month; from each variety Or concert theatre, lifts' dollaris per month; frein - each single exihibition of opera or concert sing- ers (not exhibited in any theatre where a monthly license paid, two dollars; for minstrel, legerdemain, or (aber shows not herein provided for, four dollars for each single perform- ance (when not in a theatre where a An act to add a section to chapter one hundred and two of the Fifth Di- vision Compiled Statutes of Mon- tana, relating to toll roads, toll bridges, and toll ferry b)ots. • Be it enacted by the Legislatire Assembly of the Territory Montiaue SEcrioN 1. There is Itereby added to chapter one hundred and two, Fifth Division Compiled Statutes of Montana, a section to be numbered 1860 A, which tamil read as SEC. 1860 A. Any person or per- sons, company or corporation, who shall charge or cause to be charge! a greater amount or price than the rate or price made or established by the Board of County commissioners of any county in the 'Territory of 'Mon- tana for any toll road, toll bridge, or toll ferry boat, shall be guilty or a misdemeanor, and shali be fined for each and every ofitnese so committed in a sum not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dol lars. SEC. 2. This act shall take effect from and after March 31st. 1889.. Approved March 13, 1889. An act relating to the protection of cemeteries and ' , cumins of the dead. Be it enacted by the Legislative Asaembly We had the pleasure of calling . upon our pleasant and affable, friend and his highly accomplished and beautiful bride, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hammond. W m e wish the all the happiness at niant « rt po married r --(el life. May eirs be indeed unsullied peace in t1 is lite, and in the life to come. Our County Superintendent seems radiant with cheer. He han just re- turned from a circuit of his arduous duties. By the way, he seems a con- noiaseur in . henology, he tells us of an egg which he says can be seen at thé county jail for thirty daYs, or by ordinary hen -fruit. Our trient' Prof. Rallumant suggests the propriety of hatching it, am it will be a great im- provement on the slow old-fashioned mode. Eggs flint at once produce fried - chicks would command a hie market price. It may be, however, 'Republican egg thus elated at its party's success, common -sensed Dent- ocratic hens never do such deed of enormity—.but then the question of tariff niay have somewhat to do witlt that, you know: On Sunday night there was a meet- ing of minera in which they organized themselves into a utlion with sixty members as a protective meíasure. Fire is raging. Health improving. - CADMVS. \BRAVO YEA, BRA ‚'1551 MO ! \ The sixth volent° of Alden's Man- ifold Cyclopedia extends frein Bravo tó its 635 nicely printed pages including 120 illustrations. Along w it h its manifold entuber of words and topics treated briefly, there are many extended articles, as for in - 'stance, Brazil, seven pages; Breach loading guns, eleven piges; Bridge, eleven pages; British museute,' ten pages; Brooklyn, five pages; Buddhism, fifteen pages; and California, sixteen pages. The Cyclopedia well deserves the enthumiststic conmiendation it is receiving from all sides; it is certainly the Cyclopedia for popular usa Rev. Dr. Wright, of Milwaukee, evidently voices the thought of many when he says: \I may in all truth and sober- ness quote its first word na expressive • of my sentiments in regard to - your wonderful wiirk, it -eomprehentove- ness ils cheapness, — 'Bravo', yea, Bravissimo.\ Its small andy volume, contrasting BO greatly with the usual bulky, unwieldy volumes adopted by publishers of Cyclopedists. is a very pleasant characteristic, and undoubt- edly adds greatly to the usefulness of the work, as stated by Dr. Hardy, of Iudiaaapelie, who gays: \I have the A tuerie:in Cyclopedia, but reference is made to the Manifold MO' 11frns I have it, tett times to one in the former.. It is a marvel of compactness and cent- pleteness.\ The publisher *ends spec- imen pages free to any applicant, or specimen volumes, which may be re - 'turned if not wanted, for 60 cents for cloth binding, 75 cette for half moroc- co, post-paid; the better \binding is particularly commende'. John B. n, publisher, 393 Pearl street, New . York; 218 Clark street, Chicago. 1.1 • 111 BER 11E1{011 A NTS. BOULDER PLANING MILL Sash and fouir mmaermetes7. ENOC1t 11015405, : PROPUIETOR. BOULDER, MONTANA. The Boulder nilll I. now ln colletant °per - at and prepared to furnish every description of am.1.1c1.132./g XVICett .Driza.1 in any tounitity and ethort notice. lrontractor and !Wilder* *111 nove time and inoney by making their purchases in Modeler. I also carry in stock and am preplred to auppip M'oing Timbers. Dridife dent i Mrhengiton Timbers, I .at ShItigleis, And every description of construction material. An inspection of n'y stock ami prie.... Io respectfully solitited. M11.1. AND OFFICE AT A11,110A1) DEPOTS. LlUMISHR YARD. NARD, DODUS, MOI:LiDINCS, CEDAR Mine«, and all kiwis of Finishing Lum- ber, Building and Tar Paper, eenetantly on hand. Yard opposite the Court-flome. Cons -calant for testas. Abe, plane fur- 4tished for homes, bridges, ele,, and cots. trading and building of same, DIROESAF.CK k SIMPKINS, M.ARK RTS. W OLTE111k MAXIPSELD, BOULDER, MONTANA. Wholesale and Retail i.T r i e ICI ISE elt. ER •+ - 1:5C nerf, >turion, l'ork, Veal. ALL KINDS OF SAURA . Ot A SPECIALTY. lacb‘alcictir, e lhif Ott. t osa Me Q' 0 » 0 7 limb‘a.lci 3ECe‘IrclMargiee) J. J. McCay, Prop., I Watt nt lit il yv f • t y COOKING AND HEATING STOVES. Uranite, (roll, mol Th, ‚'J „r.'. AinitiNSWAKE AND Iii,ASSWARE, SICWII•TC3r HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. ite.p...t full y. .1..1. In. OB.» 1 Have Added to the Above Stock a Complet.. Lino of Xararslabs axa tous. t OF ALI, KINDS, Irara ai ami Flgering J. .1. 3fteir FCIrtriVILUIC 4::»31° eizrzelr. Ilnul'Ier and Jetflernon Connt y Win Celebret() the Clorions Annitronsary Independenee with a Grand Demonstration AT BOULDER, -- hűILESCA. V\ A.1\1• A. ITC3-1-1, of Il ELENA, Guo D GREERB, ESQ. o.BODLDIN. Will he the ()rature' of the al& U BI , BOULDER SILVER CORNET BAND AND Tex COMET SILVER CORNET RAND. • IMPOSING PROCESSION la Us ca ta rir Liberty Car, CAR OF STATE, Alletgoriertl ii-roupre, *No CAVALRY sgrADROlg. i=2• A C IC E3 Ia te errasse. SOME NOTED FIXERA HAVE BEENSFATRED AND RARE SPoRT IO ASSURED. • THERE WILL ALI«) BE AN EXHIBITION OF THE otteAT NATIONAL (imam 13 A. em-aEt.A.Ln. larOther Fratrie?* of DisDoyiedihe a MIrelered rairi- - 6111 IsT IZEC/UP'TION AND sein occur in the evening. EltrelOttoN RATFA DIT ALL Rsaito.r* AND TEE Testes *ILL A Battre AND Dersar Ar MOOT Oak »imita of Boat {legality Alwars on Hand. cosvustErr Tram. raffle FMI! AND GAME IN TIIEIR SEARON. B° 1 - . \'\ grARA\ Z \ A (+ L ) au\ TT\ Market et the old Aft , RRAY fVAND Pre ‚ rt r .terrreoree rtneers TO Tlta • t t t

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 03 July 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.