The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, July 03, 1889, Image 3

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• s •••••••• MOM'ANAIDENTRAL RAILROAD. north Boned'. South lesntid. - 'Through Enemas..' a m • 5.:et se a t trol • ••• •• Peneenge.r., p. tn. 9,51 a. ea. E[ EtEN Dout.pLa. ALLEY & BUTTE TRAINS North -beund, South -bound. I Paatenger 7.30a. nt. 8.25 p. in. o Taw promenger train from Boulder angers at Helena at 10.trl R. m. and leaves there on the return trip at eel p. tn. Tuesdays. TuredaYe, and Saturdays the train will will run to Calvin's, leaving littulder at fie p.m. and returning a couple of hours later. FOR SALK. FIFTY HEAD of Fine Work Horses and Mules; alto Herne« and Freight Wars, and everything pertaining to Er T I r i e lgEILL, Boulder, on E. R. Dame Wickes. - 1.7101-1 8.A..1,13.'..—THE PUBLISHER OF THE r AGE Ints for sale a scholarship in the Helena illumine« College. This college is unques- tionably the best of lie kind between tat. Patti and Portland and any youth or man who desires a bunt - nevi education cannot do better than attend it. Any 011é wishing to attend should call at this office end • secure the scholarship. N ATION IL IIDUCeflOWIL 0300111011 111111155. --For this meeting to he held in Nashville, Tetin_,. the Northern Pacific will make a round-trip rate of 568.40, the tickets to be purchased between June Ejti' and July 141h, inclusive. For further information apply to the agent. C oRREspoNnElleE is solicited for Tut: Ana from every school district in Jeffereon county. An correspondents will receive the paper and enough be- add« to more than repay them for the cord of their stationery and stamps. Sehool-teacherm especially are invited to oend in news items from the districta where they are t teaching. rr n leMONTANA CENTRAL will sell excursion tickets to the Teachers' National Educational Association to be held in Nashville, Tenn., July next at 160,40 for the round trip. Tickets on sale June 301h to July Ittli, inclusive. (rood to return to September 12th, inclusive. Limit going and returning six days:, .F OURTH OF JULY—Tin:MONTANA CENTRAL Railway Company will help the people of Montana celebrate the coming Fourth of July by ticket\ >tweet' all Illations on the line at a single fare for the round trip. These tickets will be sold July 2d, 3d, and 4th, and will be good to return until and including the 5th. -F m — s85 SEWING MACHINE—Pre. To at once establish trade in all parts, be platt- ing din machines and goods where the people can see them, we will send free to one person in each lo- cality, the very best sewing machine made in the world, with all the attachment& We will alert send free a complete line of tan costly and valuable art samples. In return we took that you show what We send, to threw who may cell at your honte, and after tteo months, all „ball imecome your own property. 'Flits grail d machine is inicie aft« , the Singer patente Which have run out; before patents run out it sold for $93, with the attachments, and now hells for SIO. Best, strongest, neat useful maehme in the world. All is free. No capital required. Plain, brief in - renter given. Thee\ who write to us at mice can se.cure free the beet sewing niaeltitie in the worldand tie, finest liae of work.; of high a'rt ever shown to- gether in America. h RUE & CO., Brie 740. Auguries, Maine. TIIE AGE - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, • Ig89. • 2: 0 •C) .1N., Z.. /VI 1NT Still warm and dry. To -morrow is the glorious Fourth. Mrs. A. H. Sloan this week sold a band of eagle of seventy-five to a hun- dred head at $18 each. The Coe, Good:ear, and Wilson minstrels gave an entertainment in Oroesback Simpki:,s hall last night, iwobably to a full house. E'enorn will eeleL• ate the national holiday to -Morrow in good etyle. Quite a supply of - fircworks have gone up for the occasion. A dance will be given in the evening. The salary of the Boulder post - mister Was last week raised from $1,000 to $1,100, while the salary of the Wickes postmaster was cut down from $1,100 to $1,000. The entertainments given last week by Miss Lottie Wade were not very largely attended but were very pleas- ant . to all who were present. The lady deserved . a better support than she received here. E. Fairchild, formerly of Boulder, met with quite a lose in Missoula county last week. A planing mill which he had leased was burned to the greand together with 35,000 to 40,000 feet of lumber belonging .to Charley. KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. At the regular meeting of ‚Boulder Lodge, No, 19, Knights of Pythias, last week, the following officers were elected to serve the ensuing terin: C. C.—F. S. Wolpert. V. C.—W. D. Northrup. Prel.—W. P. lApopes. M. of E.—Col. Graham. M. of F. -V; A. Cook. K. of R. and S.—Wm. Morris. RELIGIOUS NEWS. Work on the roof of the new Presby- terian church in Boulder is making good progress. The Annual Conference of the Northern Methodist church begins in Helena to-rnorrow. Rev. E. C. Finley will préach in the Methodist church, in Boulder next Sunday morning and evenipg. SOèIA.L — GP. Mr. and Mrs. John Gillie, of Butte, were visitors in Boulder last Sunday. , Captain and Mrs Geo. F. Cowan, of Boulder, left last week for Deep Creek; Meagher county, to spend a few Weeks with Mrs. Cowan's mother. Me. and Mild. James Simpkins have commeuced housekeeping in Wallace Hope's dwelling in the Jeffries addition Boulder, recently occupied by Jo Street. Miss (vie Murphy, who has been teaching in the public school of Ana- conda, expects to spend her ‚acation in the Thunder Mountains, in Jeffer- - Lson. county. - - Miss Sarah Thornton ca - me from Butte Sunday and will remain in Boulder until after the Fourth. She will then return to Butte for the per - pose of. attending the Catholic school in that Mrs, D. O. Dickinson, mother of W. H. Diekinson, of Boulder, and of Mrs. D. A. Cory, of Helena, is expected out from Chicago to -day or to -morrow and will spend the rest of the sunt mer in Montana. Mrs. Win. Rain, for a number of years a resident with her husband and family of Boulder, came from her new home in the Flathead Lake coun. try in Missoula county last week tand is visiting friends here. Miss 011ie 'and Master Paul Currin left for Fort Benton last Sunday; they joined at Helena their grand-parents, Mr. and Mr. Daniel Searles, who were returning frai» the Press Association at Missoula. The little ones' joyous laughter and merry song will be misted by those whom they became endeex- ed to. Mr. James Simpkins arrived home. last Saturday with his bride from Minnesota. Nr. Simpkins is well and favorably known in Boulder t;nd we pay our respects to the fortunate young lady, for fortunate she is, in- deed, in .capturing one of Montana's most promising young man. He is entitled to the sincere congratulations of Tut The wedding of Major kleinTltIn and Mr:. Mary Swart in Boulder last Wednesday was quite largely attend- ed, and a number of handsome gifts were presented to the bride. The newly -married couple were very happy and . the guests enjoyed the occasion. Major and Mrs, Farnham have com- menced housekeeping in their Main street residence. The ball on the Fourth' of July at the Boulder Hot Springs promises to be a very pleasent affair. A great at- tendance is not anticipated, but it will be all the more enjoyable for not being crowded. The supper of course will be of good quality such as Host Trotter always provides. The music will be under the direction of Mr. J. H. Miller and will be satisfactory to those who like to trip to music,. RAILROAD NEWS. Nothing definite can be stated as to the building of the Elkhorn branch, but it seems to be the general opinion that by the 1st of August a full force of men will be at work on the road. Conductor Jimmie Hogan is again back on the Boulder run and his many . friends here hope he will stay a good while. He and Mrs. Hogan n,oiv make their home at the Boulder. Hot Springs. Deeds have been recorded with the Clerk and Recorder of Jefferson ednInty for the right-of-way for the Gallatin and Bette branch of the Northern. Pacific railroad and aiso for the Boulder and ElkhOrn branch of the same road. Frank B. Kyes, a freight conductor on the Montana Central, slipped off the top of the cars near Berenice—or Calvin's-4ast Friday morning, the fall &act - tiring his skull and causing instant death. The body was taken to Helena anil buried there - Sunday. Kyle left a young wife 'and infant. 'child and eke a sister who bia teacher in the Helenapublic schools. MINING NEWS. Three cars, of Mollie McGregor ore went to East Helene by the Nothern Pacific the past week. couple of 1,800 -ounces moulds for silver bullion oante in for the Elk horn Mining Company yesterday. P. J. MeGowan this week shipped a car of ore from the Big Medicini mine in the Cataract country to the kast Helena smelter. It is understood that work on the Weddingring lode, near Amazen, has been discontinued and that 'the bond will be allowed to lapse. The LadLLeith property has . been gold by Stferrff Halfora - On an execu- tion, Geo. D. Beattie, of Helena, being the _purchaser, at $2,399.51. An engine and boiler is being put 'in the Evening Star concentrator se that it will not - have tredepeud en- tirely on Water to be operated. Other improtrements are also being made and the concern will 130011 be among the paying institutions of Jefferson county. The Btu-linen lode . of Berkin, San-. ders,and Benson, in the Lowland dis- trict, where the rich strike was made a week or tee days ago, is likely to be closed up without further develop- ment, as Benson has sold his interest to several other parties and these new men eau not agree With the old own- ers as to the proper development of the property. The Montana Mining Review of Hel- ena says: 'The C. de If). mine, Dear Elkhorn, has been bonded to Downs & Allen for $100,000. The bond will expire in October. This property has been workte for the pant four years. The smelter near the mine ia not in - eluded in the bond. The mine is owned by Helena parties of whom A. G. Clarke is the principal owner. It is developed by tunnels and a 200 -foot shaft, and is rich in gold and silver bearing ore. An election of officers of the New Park Mining Company was held one day last week and the following were elected a board of trustees: A. J. Seligman, W. G. Paine, J: W. Kings- ley, George W. jW;son and B. F. Forbes. At a meeting of the hoard A. J. Seligman was made president, W. G. Paille vice-president, George \V. Jackson secretary, and J. W. Kingsley treasurer. The stockholders were jubilant over a telegram just re- ceived from the mille saying they had lu the long tunnel \four feet of solid galena.\ The former Offer to the public of stock at thirty cents per share was withdrawn, and the treas- ury stock cannot be had at less than $1 per share, and not much at that price. The stockholders present sub- scribed for several thousand shares of the stock' and there will be not much effort made to induce subscriptions. The entire width of payehute where galena appears is about nine feet and all of it good. BUSINESS NEWS. The planing mill of E. Hodson, in Boulder, has been shut down for the present. W.., A. Bumby has 'sold, his general merchandise establishment at Comet to H. O. Johnson. Prof. Carleton, late of the Helena public school, is in Boulder as agent for school furnishings and euppli ‚'The Boulder Hardware Company, J. J. McKay, proprietor, received a carload of Pittsburg coal by the Mon- tana Central rliroad yesterday. Arno Hammer is about to open a dry goods and furnisug store, in the TenEyek building, tposite the old court -house. The store -room is being refitted for the purpose iind a large stock of goads is now on the road from Chicago. The stock -of goods of H. F. Ham- mer were sold by the sheriff last Sat- urday, a representative of the Chicago house of Marshall, Field & Co., buy- ihg in the whole stock for something , over $2,000. Since that time he has _Toft_talnifie executed with tlettittelot and ,«UR I been nelling out the goods at coot. \ -Pen at TM* Arm office. lye • CAW when , want any work done PERSONAL. Mr. W. B. Gaffney is out this week though he is uot fully recovered &es» histe ' recent attack of tousilitis. B. 1. Shreve, Esq.. of Wiekes, was a vasitor to the 'county seat yesterday. Mr. Shreve is registration agent for his distrieL B.O. Skonnard, of Helena, was in town yesterday, being on Iliti way home from Elkhorn where for the past ‚week he has been fighting the forest fire. Mr. Patrick Joyes, of Lou ievil le, Xy., , 114 in Boulder, visiting his son, Thomas Joyes, Esq. It is to be hoped he can be persuaded that Montana is it good country for him as well as for the younger gentleman. Ed. Nelson, Ma ryes- i I le; G. W. lin ff. aker, Helena; J. Paquin, El klitau; 711. G. McIntire, Helene, and S. L. Hobden, Elkhorn, were among the well-known gentlemen registered at the Grand Central during- the past week. Among the guesta.reg . istered at the Wiadser Hotel, Boulder, th week e ,,,,, were C. S. Pierce, St. Pau,y Cook, Goodyear and W uso» Minst reis, thirty in all; J. 11. McKay, Bearmouth; H. J. Marsh, Whitehall; S. Critett, NVa 1 k erv jilt.; Dr. M. Rockman, C: L. Whitehead, Helena. Prof. J. B. Patch, of Jeffereon (2,4, favored TILE Ans . office with a call last week. The gentleman is an old educator of this Territory and is much interested at present in the probable course of the comifig State in regard to the school landa and the location or distribution of the State schools. CENTRAL PARK LAKE. [But« Miner.] Major Dawson is more than ever enthusiastic over Central Pnrk. He visited the place yesterday and Kays that the dam will be completed to- night. The lake thus formed will be 4,000 feet long and 25a wide, with a beautiful little island ià the center. The „titer at the deepest place, near the dam, will be seventeen feet deep, and in five days more the entire lake will be covered. All the brushlIas been cut away and no obstructions exist to interfere with boats. John O'Neill, superintendent of the perk, is now in Milwaukee and telegraphed to Mr. Dawson that he has purchased fifty row boats and a Meant launch which will arrive at the park J 7th. 1E11:7113X>TIO11011» Go to Whitehead & Kuehn and buy your furniture. They are selling out mostly at cost in order to make room for three cars of : furniture. Stammer sausage made fresh every day by the steam sausage machine of Wolter tSt, Maxfield. Peaches, plums, Pears, apricots, and cherries cheap by the box at Fulton Market. \Arno Haminer will open on July 4th in Wm. Ten • Eyck ' I , building, op- posite the old court -house, .a fell line of dry goods and furnishings. Received this morn- ing, the largest consignment 'of fruit and watermelons which ever 'came to Boulder. Get your fruit at Fulton Mnrket for the Fou rt h. Beta fresh meats in the county are always to be found at the Boulder market of Wolter & Maxfield. • Iowa corn -fed fresh pork at Fulton Market.' THE TiiINGUE, (Mining and Scientific Pirelli! The following filets about the tongüe may interest some peoples A white tongue is said to denote febrile dig- turbanet; a brown, moan tongue, indi- gestion; a brown. dry tongue, depres- sion, blood -poisoning. typhoid fever; a red, moist tonglie, ihlflallimatorv reV er; a red, glazed tongue, general foyer, lose ot' digestion; a tremulous, moist, and flabby tongue, feebleness, IlervotiStlesA, NI !CHIN!). ir.flariftAle-k4WART- Iteulder, Montana Territory, on M'etineelay, June tki, Putt, by Probate Judge John IL Fish, Mr. Frank J. Fandiant and Mrs, 51dry Swart, ell of Boulder„ liAZIvriNe-Pemati.v- -Al the M. it. Pero -map., in houltr, NIontana Territery, on the morning of T ier Ay, July 2, Mae, by the Rev. E. C. Finley, Mr Jae, Hazeltine„d Mrs. Elie* Peugilly, both of Elkiterti. May the elioise-i bit -seines ever attend them. Get your fireworks, flags, and Fourth of July goods at Pfaff's. Fine stall -fed Uta- h beef just re- ceived and on the hooks at the Fulton Market. Fine green peas raised in the Boul- der valley just received by Wolter & Maxfield. Strawberries, blackberries, and rasp- t berries; at Fulton Market. Ranch butter at . Wolter &Maxfield. Watermelons at Fe- lten Market, I Fresh vegetables always on hand at, Wolter & Maxfield's. DIED. DULAMIty—In Kuniller valley,%lontitim Territory, on Sunday, June ;Ità. 1500, of spinal Edith May, daughter of Mr. mid Mrs. Wm, Dulaney, aged two years anti or months. N EW It” EllTISEM ENTS. NV I.: ,s( No -ace ntirairixisx.,..tu ITUE Erroe,m1 To vex Wean. now prepared to turnieli lr any Wm hones or betel „Mt :my etyle ter 'wive.' furniture jute tut cheep as re> house in !Simnel«, heeling over $40,0110 worth of furiiiture in our warehouser all new goodie, receiv- ing bourn ve to seven cerloutis wt etc. We eddy over the Territory; stweial „Beloit» given to well orders; goods packed and delivered in tired Ouse idyls. l'alleutl see \Ireton. st lien in town. Order work, pieture frautilig, 'and releariog tiroesibtick & Simpki Block, I imbed« eterifirtel °Ole& rot. TiO 17 L1111: It, - - - MONTANA. M MON S. t 7 Lu the Distriet Court of the Find .indletal District ef lh\'1;e n r ..n.. ro itr n of Montana in ando fr the Count y j Mary Dei.nelly, plaintiff, ra. Michael Donnell) , defenda\. The people of the l'erritory of Mnithitta »end greet - Y it'igat«re\..hlieértn.11\)7(r..-..emunrivedtidetereenl«'tInsi''i r in an net 1 \n brought skulked you by the above-iumael vi a b i lity' in the Distriet Court of the Find Jusliciel District «(lhe Territotty. of Notate*, rind for the County of Jef- (\iko)' and to „hewer the complaiet, tiled therein, tea dart (exclusive of the day of serene.) af- ter the riervietson yeu „f this ttttt mime, if ‚creed thin this county; or, If weed 'ad \t• this county, I,» Ili« district, within terentv ‚Lys; otherwise, with forty days, or Judgment ity default will be taken against you, atesarding to the prayer of add tompleint. The radii aetitat is brought to recover the Judgment and decree of this «run Mr...solving the lertule mairi ttttt ity now and heretofere existing be- tween yeti and the said philsitiff on the grounds of cruel' end ithumive treatment and desertion to wit; 'that sigh teen. and sundry nines and while idur. and defendant were living in Montana Territory, arid de. resident heat, etritek mid kicked plaintiff with hie betide and feet gising to plaintiff a pair of Mack eye. and wo ttttt ling and bruising pion „tiff'. body in « vend place& that on or about \list day of May, lattP, and et and in Silver Bow comity, Montana Terri- tory, mild defendant without ranee or provocation knocked plaintiff down tied Farm k her the face with his 111111(111 slid kieited ber about and on her body, rill of whieh eetirtea ednitiliir great nuirering and pain. Mal à eason of the erne' treatment afore - mid by defendant the plaintiff al, af\rea.tid la afraid 10 lire WWI /Old 11Ial piebald' is afraid that defendant will either kill her or ‚In hit greet bodily injury end that on er about 31e1 due of May A. D. lee, said defendant miter toned> , t»»' lug pleintid and leasing her 11111 . 011Ol• , 101 from the effeete of wild beating left plaintiff ttttt t of support, and as plaintiff is informed awl verily believem and ao states the fuel to ta, 111/ItIlell from 51..ntaita Territory without an intention_ to o turn thereto. And you are he' eiry not i tied il's'. tt yet' fall to ap- pear fool enotwer the «id complaint, tut *they, re. «pureed, the stall pIiiintiff , leke th•fotilit »gaited you and amply to the o er the relief demanded in her gm\ eseoplidat fer end, other relief se may be Plat. hives, under my hand end the meal of the Medea Court of the Fire' Dietriet of the Terni' M iee ter ./Ill .1111I, Ill Malta the cosies I' lz *- fur rern.i.s., tlaí. 2111.1, day of June, in the year of our Lord one thuirearid hundred and eighty-nine. W. P. PARE ' ER, Clerk, By FRANK Iloilo« Deputy Clerk. U. Dudes', .Atty. for plabitiff. iliest Postal«. aion July 3, Dare.' • 1,7 In the District Court of the Fire Judicial 1/istrie4 of the Territory of Muntetta in mid for the county of Jefferson. Mabel J. Axtell, ea. George M. Alden, de- Tl i i .t e n p d tro nn t 'le of the Territory of Montana send greet- ing to the above maned defendant. You are hereby required to appear in an «Darr ageinet you by tlàe ateuvenauned plaintiff in the District Court et the Fleet Judicial Ihstriet of the Ter, dory of Montana, in and for the county of Jefferson and to answer the complaint filed therein, within ten days (exclerive of the day of service) ee vice it at. ter the service on you f this wi. within this 'county; or, if rerved out of tide county, but in this district, witisità twenty days, otherwise within forty days, or Judgment be default will be take., ‚Kelm.' you, arsooling to tile prayer of «id complaint. The „aid wet' is beniglit to recover the judgeneet and decree of this court dissolving the bonds ef matrinuary now and heretofore existing be- tween you stud the said plaintiff on the grounds of desertion and notesupport to wit: That for more than -two yen« immediately preceding; the com- ineneement of the above reuse said defendant Ilan willfully and wit bout tiny 4 -resettle ble cause ores\.\ at all on part of the plaintiff deterted plaintiff' and aleeoted himself front plaintiff: 12d) that f a more than two years insmehately preceding the com- Mencement of this action mod while plaintiff wan • resident of Montana Territory the defendmit has wil- fully neglected to supply the plaint ff or provide plaintiff with the cominon rind ordinary neeemarier cause the plaintiff geea eutal suffering and comity; of life he having the tey-- - So to ‚lo all of which that def ndant tat or „bout the day of October A. D., lee, and while plaintiff and defendant were living together ats huitband and wife end at aid in city and comity of San Francisco, State of California, requested plaintiff to \orne to Montana and that he, defendant would follow that by enema of defendant's request ROI aforesaid plaintiff tame to Mont. T. and ar- rived therein on the 29th day of Or:name A. D. DOI and ever since said date has been an actual resident of said Territory but defendant refused and still refuse. Will V1 . 1111011l any eau« on the part of plaintiff to come ah\ live with plaintiff all of which caused her geed suffering both in body and mind; 14th) that by reason of the willful neglect of defendant as afore- said plaintiff hu\' been compelled to make tier own living, to support herself by her own personal earn- ings for the period aforeroid all of which caused plaintiff great suffering both in body and mind, And you are hereby notified, that if you fail to ap- pear and answer the issid complaint, as shove re- quired, the said plaintiff will take default against you and apply to the court for the relief demanded hi her said complaint, and fur such other relief as may he Just. Givén under my hand and the seal of the District Court of the First Judicial Dietriet of the 1 Territory of 5lontena, in and fin the coun- \'' ity et Jeffernon this 29th day of June in the year 't our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ,eighly-iiine. • r. PARKER, Clerk. By ?tetra Ifentow, Deputy Clerk. J. 11. Duffey, Any. for plaintiff ¡First Publication July 3. mUni H rt..a ) .. i' ,.. TH .t,tec k N . a r lI A L IF iLi e ai r9u n i n ite tri o P r banches at a ‚tingle lens on July 2.1, &I, and 4th, good to return includinr July Mil. Tickets to Oarrieou i Will bregood to return to and ngluding July 7th, et e * Wing irreons t,, mien\ the finite rates half fare. ' •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 03 July 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.