The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, July 17, 1889, Image 1

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o E 17c)1. S. 111rcs. 1811. 13 c> lbŒcsmataarae. Terri *cm - ye 9 00rascizadanictialr, ?tall,' Z.7,18139. .0 *SI leer Irafflia-. B.A.1117M. cm=b 11 111Leite .) CICIes. LITERARY NUGGETS. Wholesale and Retail IABALS/Ia II ellr104::)emesirtswass. Plate and Cap., Moots and Shoes, 01•IfT111. FURNISHING GOODS, awn FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL nine. —;0:- 3r) wt. 'sr Elr 01 D 1.1 •irn C L 0 1' H I N Mare reeently been added to our large and varied etoek and a Tull and Flue Assortment Of these ham el geode will hereafter be found on our shelves. —lot— Mutters Foe CJA.4.1rcssitAlab c1wc1.4. WORKS. • Hercules, CAPS, MOD Sporting. , NCI= — )0 (— Ranch Futter and Unlit , -AND- ALL ARTICLE'S O' COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a specialty by thin house. Prigheet market priee paid for Brerva Ems AM) Au. KINIXI or Courrar Pasoan 110/MLR. OX..X.Iii•r e rodLig larCri•MXn sad RESTAURA o member -a« Pi. 11 AIXYE k HEARN. pkontrsiorea 111 TPIE Ostia A Kum tau zsupra ems door Borth of J. R Warren's livery stable, t t t t t t t Meals at all hours. fUrnished room& 1 MOULIIIMIL Air MOINTA N A. TIMMS 101TX:03 - 1fflOC)10 leCYTET-J. BOULDER, MONTANA. .der the new management the W1713012 I. the MT MST CLUB IlarIL in Dcadder. THE Omen table is set at the wieners mad embraces all the eubstantiale Is be found in the market Geod rooms \ well furnished, and haring moet comfortable beds. JOHN 13 A 1 = 2.\PAL PROPRIETOR 130V1.DIM 1101' SINAINCH AND HOTEL, WM. TJOYTTER. Paoranrroa, These PlySings hare most WonderRil Curative Properties IVI all forme of 1 7 1.1a araasaaaatica r ri - cs‘a blew APO IC LIMA Poisoning and General Debility. -10(- Tire @prow. ia • M )1 1 cľ Pt./CASA:ter R F01-21` Fee thrse who are overworked and weary and who field» a few Stye' relief from toil and hum- mers and want a few dart — 2 0 : ---- Han is *Imp lb. lei it leibeal inseams mil Ink en roe n ill Putties tif Me NAcii Tl AWT` Ferns At.?, TRAMS [Gathered for THE Aux.] Hew oft the eight of means to do ill deeds, Make deeds ill dane. -Iihateap:re. The essential principle of property being to assure W. all persons what they have produced by their labor and accumulated by their abstinence, this principle can not apply to what is not the product of labor, the raw material of the earth.—John Stuart In hare what's best ot us denied. The need» God gave ne diealluwed, Till death comes piteously to hide Our unkimed fates in the shroud, This is to bee woman. -Atice Carey. He who knows the most, he who knows what sweets and virtues are in the ground, the waters, the plants, the heavens, and how to come at thew enchantments, is the rich and royal man.-- Emerson. The good are better made by ill. Ao odors crushed are sweeter still. -sums/ Vipers. Bodily labor alleviates the pains of the mind; and hence arises the happi- ness of the poor. -.--La Rochefoucauld. We may do without poetry, music and art, We may do without consciente, we may do without heart, We may do without friends, we may do without books, But civilized MAUI can not lire without cooks. -Owen Meredith. Receive no satisfaction for premed- itated impertinence; forget. it, forgive it, but keep him inexorably at a distance who offered it.—Lavater. To hide your tracks w here'er you go, ' Be careful not to walk in snow. -Chinese Saying. Thou oughtest to be nice, even to superstition, in, keeping thy promises; and therefore thon should* be equal- ly cautious in 6aking.them.—Fu11er. CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION Monday evening of last week Pres- ident Clark announced the standing committees as follows: On preamble and bill of rights -- Bickford, Hatch, Whitehill, Buford, Hartman. On legislative departments -J. K. Toole, Loud, Winston, Aiken, Has- kell, Muth, Cardwell. Rights of suffrage and Irlualificati9n to hold office—Rotwitt, E. Burns, McAdow, Cardwell, Bullard. On the executive departments— Maginnis, Kohrs, Witter, Browne, Schmidt, E. Burns, Carpenter, Hick- man, Marshall. On judiciary and judicial depart- ments, including pardoning power Dixon, Robinson, Carpenter, Luce, J. K. Toole Burleigh, Knowles, White - hill, Kanouse, Callaway, Stapleton, Middleton, Bickford, Goddard, Joyes. On military affairs—Eaton, Magia - ais, Warren, Hobson, Hatch. On the finances of the State, public debt, the indebtedness of counties and municipalities, revenues, expen- diture.s and taxation and the restric- tions to be placed on the power of legislature in respect thereto -Collins, Hershfield, Conrad, Gaylord, Chess- man ' Sergeant, Marion Myers, War- ren, Mayer, Knippenberg. Education — Rickards, Parberry, Craven, Maginnie, Hammond, Durfee. State institutions and public build- ings—Myers, Hartman, Muth, Win- ston, Rickards, Canby, Gibson. On city. county, and town organi- zations—Browne, Joy,- Gillette, J. R. Toole, Rotwitt, Dixon, Joyee. Apportionment and representation —Cooper, Brazelton, Joy, Webster, Stapleton, Collins, Dyer, Cauby, Bu- ford, Courtney, Mitchell. Corporations (other than munici- pal)--Stapletou Marshall, McAdow, A. F. Burns, Loud, Collins, Eaton. Miscellaneous subjects and future amendments—Hershfield, Parberry, Winston, Watson, Courtney. On schedule—Knowles, Luce, May- ger, Hickman, Kanouse: On mining, water and water rights --J. R. Toole, Gibson, Knippenberg, Sergeant, A. J. Burns, Gaylord, Eaton, Braielton, Hogan. Agriculture, manufactures, com- merce, and immigration- -Kohrs, Hob- son Chessman, Schmidt, Gillette, Parberry, Marion, Conrad, Graves. On ordinances—Robinson,Burleigh, Reek, A. F. Burns, Durfee Fields, Hammond. Privileges and elections—Haskell, Graves, Breen, Dyer, Ramsdell. Engrossment and enrollment—Mid- dleton, Kennedy, Courtney, Mitchell, Aiken. ,Boundariem. public lands, and home- stead exemptions—Callaway, Goddard, Kennedy, Cooper. Revisions, phraseology, and adjust- ment —Warren, Craven, Du rfee, Web- ster, Ramsdell. Reporting and printing and mileage and contingent expenses — Conrad, Middleton, Watson, A. J. Burns, Bickford. On labor—Breen, Fields, ' Hogan, Craven, J. R. Toole, Bullard, Witter. Tuesday of last week the Conven- tion devoted most of its session to the question of clerks and their pay and routine matters of like character. Last Wednesday more business was accompliated through the introduc- tion of various propositions for in- ,sertion in the Constitution and the reference of these to appropriate committees for consideration. Rickards, of Silver Bow, presented a memorial from the Methodist Con- ference recently held in the city, praying the Convention to incorpo- rate a clause relative to the strict ob- servance of the Sabbath, making it compulsory upon persons to observe Sunday as a day of rest, and that no work other than that which is neces- sary or merciful should be done. The memorial also prays that there be in- corporated a clause prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors or stimulants except for medi- cal or scientific purposes. Bickford, of Miesoula, chairman of committee on preamble, presented a long resolution embodying the subject matter of the whole preamble. • Luce, of Gallatin, presented a re- solution to the effect that none of the lands granted by Congress to the State of Montana for school purposes shall ever be sold, granted or in any way disposed of other than leased Nor shall any moneys accruing from said lands be used for any purpose other than the support of the public schools of the State. Callaway, of Madison, submitted a resolution in substance .that no cor- poration or employé of any corpora- tion shall give to any member of the General Assembly, State, county, or city officer a free pass for transporta- tion or to any member of his family. Any corporation violating any provi- sion of this ordinance shall forfeit $1,000 for each violation hereof, and any officer accepting any free pass shall forfeit hie office and the emolu- ments thereof. Joy, of Park, offered the following resolution: Resolved, That every male citizen of the United States above the age of twenty-one years, who can read and write the English language and who has never been convicted of treason or felony, and who shall have resided in this State one year and in the city, county or, district where he may offer to vote for six months next prior to any election, and no otheN person, shall have the right ter vote in this State, provided that nothing herein shall disfranchise any one who qe a legal voter at the time of the adoption of this Constitution. Hogan, of Silver Bow, submitted a proposition in substance that the State shall not have the power to contract the labor of anyone convict- ed and confined to any individual or corporation. Whitehill, of Deer Lodge, moved that all the article; from No. 2 to 17 inclusive, of the Constitution of 1884, be referred to the appropriate stand- ing committees, and they were so re- ferred: Kennedy, of Missoula, offered a resolution in regard to the establish- ment of new counties that they should be named in regard to mountain ranges, rivers or any natural feature in the vicinity of said proposed coun- ty. Toole, of Lewis and Clark, offered a resolution pertaining to exemption from taxes of United States lands and taxes on mines of all descriptions. Hartman, of Gallatin, introduced the following ordinance: The perfect toleration of religious sentiment shall be secura, and no inhabitant of Mon- tana shall be molested in person or otherwise on account of religious views; that the people of Montana declare that they will in nowise ap, propriate any unappropriated public lands that are within the limits of lands,held by any Indian tribe until such title shall be extinguished by the United States; that such lands shall remain under abholute control of the United States; that property owned by parties outside of the State shall never be taxed higher than the lande of those residing within the bordem of the State; that noné of the land owned or to be owned by the - United States shall be taxed; that the land of any Indian or tribe of Indians will be fazed , tut are surrounding lands when- they may be obtained otherwise than by government grant and specified as such; that the debts and liabilities of the Territory of Montana shall be gummed by the State of Montana; that provision shall be made for public schools, to which all the children of Montana shall have access and shall be free from sectarian control; that this ordi- nance shall be irrevocable without the consent of the people of the State of Montana. , PARK DISTRICT SHIPMENTS.. [Montana Mining Ihniew, Helena] The following shipments of ore were made from the Park mining dis- trict,laat week to the smelter: One ear from the Gold Dust, Allen & Thompson. One cár from the Proridenee, Mr. Bond; netted $90. ,One car by Harper & Silvers; net- ted $70. One car from the Forest Queen, Jos. R,abdau; netted $70. • One car from extension of Litde Giant, Sutor & Thompson: netted $90. HELENA ADVERTI8EMrarra. UTAH ASSAY OFFICE, AND CHEMICAL LABORATORY Z. 'II. HELENA, MONTANA. Gold and Silver II 50 ZIne 5 00 Silver, gold and lead 200 Tin 600 Lead 1 00 Antimeep 5 00 Copper I 50 500 Silks I 50 Iron I 50 riC C. POWER di BRO . IlEI.RNA, Id T »CALMS 11A Mining Machinery and Minera• Supplies. Mo. At.z.:cr• rot BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. —STEAM HOIWIT-- AND COMMON SINtill WROUGHT IRON WS11011 Safety Nitro Powder, Caps Fuse. Etc ferr.aandrier /Roc«. : : Sa.serii. M. T. THM THOMAS MINIM /AVM» BMW OF HELENA. lisserperated Oxides .tbe Lawn ef Meistams. PAID IN CAPITA • M. 0 Q • 0 0 0. THOMAS CRISE, -• ...... T. H. cArrEa. ...... . V it e- Proude u t C. L. HAULER:. R. J. CARTEL. Treaeurer. Secretary. Allows air per cent. interest on Savings Deposits, compounded January and July. Transacts. • general banking huainees, draws ex - Stange on the principal cities of the United States and »worm. Will make loans on County and City bonds, and real estate mortgages. THIN HELENA DAILY JOURNAL. $11 per year; $5 st: ansesithim LI three immatia. If you want a lire daily newspaper. Subscribe for the suns. DAILY JOCIAJIAL. If you want good Republican doctrine. Subscribe for tbe Hai.ZNA DAILY Jer1111,41... If you want full Associated Press report, Subscribe for the IIELEXA DAILY Jot - anak.. If you want all the new, of Monts ea. Subscribe for the lIrt-zse DAILY J01.'1111,11.. If you are already a sub- scriber to any other Helena paper. discon- tinue it and Subscribe for the FIELEYA DAiLy --;0:— yea want a Irtret-Clam Weekly Newry paper, subscribe ter the WEEKLY' JOITIZZTA.L. Subscription Price, $8 Per Annum. -10f- YOUMANS FARMING AND eroex JOURNAL. THE LEADING PAPER IN THE NORTHWFAT. DEVOTED TO AGRICULTURE, LIVE STOCK FARMING, HOUSEHOLD INTERMITS. AND FAMILY READING. Subscription Pilots. ROO Per Etter. ClOgIEWING SUNDAY, „tree Mr, and on arch manteedInglienday until further notice, the Mon- tainaCentral Railway will sell rotind-triptiritetsfenm elatations between Butte and Helena ai a ‚Innis. fare. Tickets good for return on same day only. BOT WANTED -To Sane the Printing Trade. Apply et Tort nos L. Bar. 3:so - Ir.:pm C740b. . Sic) aa 1 cl co r. • Mona tabus a.. 4 Etc,. n•el • sks ' 4 t • • e It atal Caleb\- XX at z - claraura, ga J. J. MrCay, Peep, 'wedeln. le Shelf and I leaVy Hardware, COOKING AND HEATING «OTIS Granite, Iron. and Tin Ware. Ul:EEN•lt t RE AND 81C WING MACIN, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS Reepeethtil y, J. J, M.CAY. • • • Xe. -.- I Have Added to the above Mask a Complete Line of figx . 1. I.alt morsel Maaseipattaffl pasiematan OF ALL KINDS, Icarian and Spring Waggon«. J. J. MCAT .I• (...; 10 X e t. 110E 71/11 X Alb. IL. X MP lisniulames Ceempamy elf Veer Teri\. IVA Assets - -el On0.000.00 Surplus 1,100,000.00 Paid to Polley Holders- 21.503.000.00 Amount of Insu ranee In Force — - IS YOUR LITZ INSURED? A Duty F.rery Man (tweet , . His Family? Tb. Gieriumista Li* Imeeraisee terimpasp OF NEW YOKE HON Opened • local Oahe fur JMIssess Caunly at BOULDF.R, MONTANA. Where all forme .4 Policies will be immed, Including Ansor..t7r noseio poi.ICI ES. Which are payable In 10, 15, 20, sr 25 years! Or in ease of prima death IMME I A. 'I\ M L I For Information and rats., call un or edema T.5. DOREXUS, Manager for lfsertesa. Helena. arso....., Oil PIF.RRE DURYEA, Fserhei Agent for Jedirrson Comity. Oface with Toone» Jorra, Sett ia.time. Boulder, TX 4:730C-112 • TOV Ow sail TO • • AM. • • • i r 1 2 2.11•TCIZE'..e.1.• 1\0120\1 1 01 MAST, 041 - Ate NORTH aced nerria. -- AT - THE UNION PACIFIC t o OrsgsaL ead lereumsur Orri.. No. 40 N. Mats Srarev. BCTTZ, Meer. E,. V. MAZE, City Ticket Ageel J A. LEWIS. Gemini labs.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 17 July 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.