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IAIONTANA CENTRAL RAILROAD PERSONAL. MINING NEWS.; sees Bound. South Bound. local Pea/wager .... 4:57 p. ni. J. W. Gilkey, Esq., of Hope. was a The owners of the Mollie .1kGregor Through Ez ... .9 5le. 3.3U p. ta. IIELENA. BOULDER VALLEY BUTTE TRAINS North -bound, South -bound. So.-bound. 7.30 a. in. 6.2.1‘ p. tn. The paesanger train from Boulder ri vee at II drum at ‚0(5s. to and leaves there on the re' urn trip at 4.00p. in. Tuesdays. Thunolaye, and Saturdays the train will will run to Calvin,. leaving it:raider at lee p. in. and returning a couple of bonre later. . THE AGE - vis,r to the eounty-seat last week. were out inspecting that mine Sunday. Harry Smith, of the Fulton Market, J. O. Brisco and other Helena men was a visitor to the Territorial capital have a dozen men at work developing yeeterday. ono of the prospects in the immediate W. H. Dickinson, of Bach, Cory & vicinity of Basin. • . Co., spent Sunday in Helena with his Jo McNally has bonded the (Mee mother and sister. mine, two miles below Basin, for $15,- - BOULDER MONT Comity Clerk and Recorder Stevens ; 000, an'd the parties who have taken , . made a flying trip over the range to ; the bond ; have put on a considerable Jefferson . force, of men to develop the property. Torn Tom Basye, of the Oriental Hotel, The well-known Sophia mine; at visited Helena ,v•esterday on business Elkhorn,. has been bonded to eastern connected with his claim to part of parties, of which Mr. I. H. Chase, of the Boulder Hot Springs. Maine, is the representative, for $75,. Win. WeIter,of Wolter & Maxfield, 000 . The property was leased a visited Beaverhead county last week short time ago for one year to John and bought a flock of sheep for the Ediunuds, of Butte, who was chiefly Boulder market of this enterprising instrumental in bringiqg about the recent transaction. The placing ; of Hon. W. R. Ramsdell and Hon. L. the property gives general satisfaction among those who are familiar with it. D. Hatch, members of the Coustitu- as they believe that a reasonable amount of development will make it One of the most valuable mine; in Montana. As is well known, it ad - loins the famous Hotter mine, which as now yielding $35,000, à month and which would yield for many yea re to come twice a nd three times that amount if the owners. Would take out the ore. By some experts the Sophia is regard- ed as the maio Vein of which the Holler is - only an offshoot, and there can be no doubt of its richness. For the _past year Tua AGE has had in its cabinet a silver • nugget - of consider- able size which „ was produced from two ounces of Sophia ore and this is an indication; of what the mine prom- ises with development. There can hardly be a donbt that a large stamp - mill will be erected ou • the property within the next year. With the coni 7 pletion of the railroad .to Elkhorn, that camp may expect a rapid devel- opment or its many rich prospects. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1889. • A slight shower Sunday. cheered people up somewhat, but there is little hope for grass now. One hundred and ten civil cases are already on the District Court docket for trial next September. The regular meeting of McPherson Post, Grand Army of the Republic, will be held in Boulder Friday evening of next week. Forest fires started up in Galena and Boomerang gulches last week, probably from lightning. The Elk- horn fire seems to have been about extinguished. Michael O'Donnell,,, of the Hope mine, near Basin, had $300 stolen from his cabin one day last week. Up to the present writing the money has not been recovered nor the thief arrested. Wm. D. Cartwright., sent to the penitentiary for one year last Septem- ber fromJeffersen county for killing his wife, was pardoned by Governor White huit Monday and restored to citizenship. It is said that below Con. Smith's, in the valley, there will be little or no hay cut this year. Also that the potato crop will be a failure owing to a frost which fell about the first of this month. John Luutiburg, of Elkhorn, tried to get out of the country last week with some horseflesh that did not be- long to him, but was overhauled at Woodville by Alex. Gilliam and is now languishing in the 'county bastile. The Philipsburg and Granite clubs played a gaine of base-ball un the 4th at the former town, resulting in a vic- tory for the Philipsbing boys by a score of sixteen to tour. F. B. Smith, formerly. of Elkhorn, was in the bat- Wry of the wineiug club. • The farmers who are located on Muskrat creek, near Boulder, are' having sonic (hifli•rences in regard to their water -rights, and, in order to avoid going to law over the matter several have agreed to submit the question to arbitrators, • ami yesterday the chosen board , arbitration, con- sisting of Messrs. Ed. Ryan, J. M. I). Green, and A. Belcher, was in > session and listening to evidence. •The grand opening ; of Central Park last Sunday was quite a success, a thousand or more people from Helena, Boulder, and 'Butte being in attend- ance. Owing to some cattle cars go- ing off the track just the other side of the Wickes tunnel, the return train to Helena was delayed in Boulder five hours, getting away about eleven o'clock. , Several parties stayed in Boulder all night and returned home next morning. Last week a man Was found lying on the ground near Bernice in an un- conscious condition. Ile was cared for by the agent and on Saturday was sent down to the county farm, where he died Monday night, Dr. Leighton pronouncing hietrouble paralysis of the brain. The Montana Central agent at Bernice reported his name as Henry Dikeman; that he had a brother named .George Di keman, at Meadville, Crawford county, Pennsylvania; that he had worked:for Mr. Brooks, at Fish creek; that he was a member of the Methodist church and had belonged to the Lutheran Dutch Reformed church in Pennsylvania, and that he was a Mason. The man never became con- scious after reaching Boulder. His remains were interred in the Boulder cemetery yesterday by Mr. W. T. Sweet. ACCIDENTS. FA., - the oldest eon of Mr. John Flaherty, of Cold Springs, was ; thrown from a horse one day last week by the horse stumbling, and the boy's 'shoulder was dislocated. Last Monday Mrs. Wm. Morris, of Boulder, slipped and fell at her resi- dence and sprained her right ankle. The injury will keep her confined to her chair for a time but is not as severe as it might have been. While loading horses at the Mon- tana Central depot Monday evening tional Convention' from Missoula county, were in Boulder Sunday, re- turning to their duties in Helena Monday morning. They ¡livered Tun Ana .office with a call town:. The gentlemen were quite well pleased with the appearance of Boulder and regarded the future outlook for the ) place as very favorable. Mr. Charles Powell has been spend- ing a couple of weeks in Boulder, un- dergoing some•dental treatment at the hands of Dr. A. R. Robertson. Mr. Powell, who was, formerly a- resident of Jefferson county, has recently had a remarkable recovery fronra, sérions. illness. He was laid up for ten months at his home in the Judith Basin with heart disease and other troubles, and had about given up all hope of recov- ery when he came to Jefferson, placed himself under the care of Dr. W. M. Bullard, of Wickes. and in teu weeks had fully recovered bis health as well as his flesh and strength. SOCIAL GOSSIP. The Ladies' Aid Society, of Butte, will picnic at Central Park next Tues- day. Capt. and Mrs. Geo. F. Cowan and family returned last week from their visit to Meagher county. • •Mrs. John Andrews, who has been visiting friends in Helena for a time, returned home yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. - Frank Harlow visited the lower boulder valley Sunday last, meeting numerous friends. Mrs. H. T. Engelhorn, of Helena, came over the range Monday morn- ing and is visiting Mim Clara Belcher. Mrs. 1).'. Warner and Miss Lottie left Saturday lastfor Radershurg o11. a visit to friends. They will be gone about a week or ten daya Mrs. T. A. Wickes started out ves- terday with her liu•dgind on his bUsi- 'less trip through the _county and will be absent three or four weeks. Remember that the Dairymaids' Festival takes place next Friday even- ing, July 19th, and not July 26th as - hes beeii advertised by irresponsible' parties. • The Dairymahre Festival next Friday evening promises to be one of the pleasantest social events which have taken place in Boulder for a long time. Mrs. W. II. Trippet and children retnnied to their home at Deer Lodge last Monday, Mrs. Will Kennedy ac- companying them to Helena and re- turning to Boulder that evening. Miss Julia C. Kellogg, who has been attending ,school in Michigan for two or three years, returned home last week and has been receiving many cordial. greetings on her return from her very numerous friends. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Gaffney went to the Warm Springs of Drs. Mitchell and Mussigbrod, in Deer Lodge Coun- ty, last week on account of Mr. Gaff- ney's had health, and in order to get away from the business cares which surrounded him • in 'Boulder. They returned home last evening, Mr. Gaff- ney being much improved by his trip. DAIRYMAID'S FESTIVAL. ; • • Great preparations are in progress for the Dairymaids' Festival, to take place at the ptTbiischoul building in Boulder next Fri ay evening and a very pleasant time is assured to all who attend. The exercises will con-' sist of tableaux, singing; declamations, ' readings, a grand march of the Dairy- ' maids, Mother Goose quadrilles, and other pleasant sights, and after the exercises of this character are over ioe-cream and other refreshments wi 11ľ be served. The young ladies who are undertaking this entertainment are endeavoring thereby funds to purchase an orga -N.RK MINING DISTRICT. [Special (orreapondence of TH. Ariz. l ST. Loris, 8. ---=Park Mining District is looking more favorable as each 'day's development progresses. Operations have been again resumed on the Silver Wave mine, owned by Otto Albrecht and Adam Gerhauser, of Helena. Progress is rather slow at present, the hoisting from the shaft of over a hundred feet deep. having to be thine with a hand windlass, but steam hoisting apparatus will be put on in a few Weeks.' The old difficulties between the owners of the Iron -Wm& mine have been settled and operations on that property will be resumed in a few days. . Sam ; Wise.miller reported yesterday that he had encountered a body of iron pyrites several feet in thickness in crosscutting in the,. Jaudione mine. He considers it an important strike, as the iron will carry a high percent in g The Park mine is looking wonder- fullY)e wll, -there being a body of galeria four feet in thickness in the cave tunnel. In the lower tunnel which is crosscutting to drain the mine it is expected that the largo body of ore encountered in sinking the pump -shaft will be tapped in a few days. The drainage of the mine will n he necessitate t, employment of a ccinsider oable crew Of me and will furnish water for the nevi concentra- tor when completed. The 'drainage will extend to 'a depth of 360 feet. The American Rolle still improves. At a depth of fifty feet the ore bialy of carbonate and galena is four feet in thickness. Mr. Joe Rabdau, the Owner, Will in à few days begin to ship his first car load from this mine. BUSINESS NEWS. Winslow & Moore shipped a car load of lumber to Butte the past Wolter & Maxfield supply the Mon- tana Central dining -car with meats these d • The accounts of H. F. Hammer & Co. were sold by the Sheriff Monday to Nye Bros. Cass Taylor has gold his interest in the'Windsör Livery Stables to G. W. Huffaker, late of Helena. * 1k. Goodwin., of Whitehall, this week took four cars of horses east and Will dispose of them in Iowa and Illinois;. • Messrs. A. Belcher, Leopold F. Schmidt, and.B. F. Hoopes have been made directors in the Bank of -Jeffer- son county. Deputy District Clerk Harlow has taken the 'agency in Boulder for the Liverpool, London, and 'Globe. I nsu r - for the • Imen Company. Mr. H. Goodwin had his hand caught Episcopal Sunday school. Tin in of I Maurice Shea has opened a black- in the gate of the cattle -pen and it itself a worthy object but those who ' smith shop in the stand on upper was so severely injured that it may delay him two or three days in the shipment of his Imrsf.s. • attend will find that they get the , worth of their money regardless of the ; Objeet for which the Festival is given. ' Main etreit ftirmerly occupied by .Wm. Rain. The young man has an .excel- lent reputation as adiorse-shoer. RAILRO.AD• NEWS. The survey and cross-oectioning of the Northern. Pacific branch from Boulder to Elkhorn has been com- pleted and the engineer went to Hel- ena last week to report. It, is prob- able that grading on the line will bu - gilt the course .of two or three w The Rea Rryider, of St. Louis, says: \It is •cret that at least three, more of the great systems eon - template reiebing out for a share of the immense traffic generated in a Territory which has more acres of good farming laud than Illinois, more thither than Michigau,suore iron and coal than Pennsylvania, and precious metal sufficient to pay the national debts of the world. Coupled with this is a climate so healthful that exis- tence is a continual physical delight.\ The Deer Lodge New North -Wed last week stated that two surveying parties had in the past few months been looking for a railroad route-from Calvin to the new Oro Fino mining district but that that was not the natural outlet for the district, and that last week the Union Pacific offi- cials were examining the country be- tween Deer Lodge and Oro Fino with a view to Mating in a branch and that surveyors would he put ou the line innuediately. While not con- curring in the opinion that Calvin's is not the true outlet for the Oro Fine district, THE Aom is glad to see that the Union ;Pacific is taking steps to cross the main range, for it indicates that that road is going to Helena and going .thereby way of Boulder. The Move will also stir up the Northern Pacific and the Montana Central both to extend branches to the Oro Fino and Lowland districts before the Union Pacific can get there'' RADERSBURG RAYS. [Special Correripondence of Tug Anal , R A DERSBURO, July 12 - :•—•Tlie Fourth of July was duly celebrated here; the ball in the eVening was an immense success. Those who attended from a distance were especially pleased and' returned home the next day satisfied that Radersburg never does anything by halves. s. - - The round -up is ;over. The boys report the cattle as looking re- markably well but that the range is literally burned up, and the belief is general that cantle • can not live the - coining winter on our rangs. Thos. R. Moore accidentally cut his fi.tot with 'an axe last week. Ile will be laid up for a month or more. . We netice Archie Macomber carry- ing his arm in a sling from au acci- dental cut with a knife. The river is so low at Tostou ferry .that loaded teams ernes with...great difficulty. It 's feared that if it gets l lower the ore -t tiling froin Clarke & Morse's iron 1line will be compelled to stop. This would be a misfortune. John L. Parkhill has rented his barbershop and billiard hall to D. A. Moore, lateof Dakota. Mr. Parkhill contemplates visiting the coining fall - in Arkansas. The Boulder photographers have pitched their tent in town and are .'prepared to do artistic and beautiful I work. Now is the time to get your \picture tuck.\ Will Gardner, who has been so long sick here, left this morning for his father's home. May he there soon regain'his lest health. H. F. Galen is gathering up his horses to ship a car load or more east. Huntley & Clark intend to ship over 1X) bead to Nebraska to winter and probably sell the next spring. We understand G.. T. McKay sold his range cattle this week to Win. Quinn 1.`, $18 per head. Some are offering their cattle still cheaper. Scarcity of hay and no grass is the cause. It .never looked so serious for stockmen in Montana as it does to -day. Geo. Webb, our stage driver, drop- ped an envelope containing $100 on the road between Radersburg and Toston. Happily Mr. Berg, of 'Poston, came along and found it. Honest men are not all dead yet. The school will give an entertain- ment at the hall here on•the 19th inst. Admission fifty cents. 2317•121\TIEURtail X.JSZSCi.A.Zia1131. • Wolter & Maxfield still hind the van in the meat business in Boulder. They have same remarkably fat and tender beef on the hooks this week. Hunt says he is busted and is telling out at lees than cost. Now is the time to buy of him. Fresh ranch eggs, freeh vegetables,. and other necessities of the household,' are made a specialty by Wolter & , Maxfield. THE JOHNSTOWN SUFFERERS. • When the terrible Johnstown caw& t rophe occurred, two,, little daughters of L. - T. btotn•tt, or Boulder, mama L4ila May and Etta, made and sent to the pommaster at Johnstown, to be given to parties needing them, three small dresses .for children. A few davssinœ the little girls received tho following letter from the 'pontman ter: Jo H NSTOWN, Cambria county, Pa.— Yours received, also the little dreamt I gave them to Mr. Albert Moffitt. This will look strange to you, being the seine name.. Mr. Moffitt has. a girl named May, also a girl named Fata. Mr. 4offitt is a plumber by trade. He wits washed entirely out, loot everything. He 17› fouir or five children. He told me he would write to you. Thanks. HERMAN BACMER, Postmaater. .Although of the same name, the re- cipiente are not related to Mr. Mellen, of Boulder. RELIGIOUS NEWS. Reis Helt•zer, the superintendent - of • the American, Bible Society, will'a preach at the Methodist elnirch this evening. Rev. It P. Eubanks of Helena, held religions ;services in Boulder last ev- ening according to the Episcopal per - :suasion. ; The geetlemattp will proba- bly remain in town several days. The Northern Methodist camp - meeting for this section of the moral vineyard is to be held at Central Park and will begin Thursday of next week and continue until the .follow- ing Sunday evening. A large number of preachers will be in attendance, including of coarse the pastors of the Helena, Wickes, Boulder, Butte, and Anaconda churches. POLITICAL NOTES. • It is intimated that Hon. J. R. Toole htts a sure thing on the Demo- cratie nomination for i;overnor. Hon. Thos. II. Carter and Hon. E. D. Weed Were out from Helena last Sunday rusticating and tightening up the wires of their political fences tu some extent. The California judicial system seems to be in favor vilth the legal fraternity of Muntanaiuiuj will probe,- bly be adopted by the C,ónstitutiosual Convention. This giv a judge for each county and will dispense with the Probate Judgeship. It is quite reliably stated that a count of noses in the Constitutional Convention shows a enneideralde ma— jority of the Delegates in favor of a new election of the county officers this fall. That will make thjugs a. little lively to compensate fur the dullness resulting from the dry weath- er. •NMY - i - A.ÍNEHTISEMENTS. tedth..T...213. ONE ACRE LOT in Sweet it Warner addition to Boulder, with h al ms of four rooms, hero, and other «mailer Intild• inga, encloned with fenee; good well, good garden aput, with w.der-riglit. Ala, POOH LOTS in Jelfriee mddit ..... to' Boulder, vi ith A uaterial on the ground for a lar g e thor...1, Sing. Also one TEAM, II NESS, WAGON, mind II v /1\SE-1101.1) FUlt- , BEMIRE. All oft he alone offered at very MHO - enable prices FOB, CASH. For particulars a ls o to L. T. n()Ieleicer, srxxoNs. • L the Dietriet (',‚irt of the Ebel Judicial 'battle of the Territory of Montana, in and for the ...minty of Jefferson. Nettie E. McCall, grleintar, ra. David E. McCall. defendant. The people of the Territory of Montana send greet- ing to the above niuned defendant: You are hereby required to appear in an action brought againat you by the above named plaintiff in the District Court of the Vital Judicial Diritrict of the Territory of Montana, in and for the county of Jeff - (mane and to &newer the complaint filed therein, within ten days fezeliodve of the day of pervicet af- ter the service on you of tine aummone, if 'erred within this county; or, if served out of this county, but in this district, within twenty days; otherwine within forty 'laya, or judgment by default will be taken again'« you, according to the prayer of said ectnplaint. The maid actieit ia hmtight to recover the rudiment and decree of this court dineolving the bends of matrimony now exerting between plaintiff and defendant upon the ground. of detention and cruel treatment. And to recover the control and melody of plaintiff's and defendant'a minor chit dren—Eldah F., Emily M., and Basel D. Mreall--all of whie will more fully and at lar g e appear by the plaintiff'. complaint on file herein, reference to which is hereby made ; plaintiff > asks for such further relief.' the court may were meet and proper. And you are hereby notified, thatif you tail to ap- pear and answer the mid complaint, aa above re- q uired, the raid plaintiff will take default against you and apply to the court forth, relief in her mid complaint demanded. Given under my hand and the seal of the District Court of the First Judicial District of thr I Territory of Montana, he arid for the noun- {\\\ I ty of Jeffereon this IZth day of July In the year et' our Lord one thousand eight hun- dred and ei g hty nine. W. F. PARKER. Clerk. Dy PILANK ILtaLow, Deputy Clerk. Cowan * Parker, Atty. for plaintiff. [Ping Publication July 17. 11129.1 re tEleCLUT1 Milwaukee o *1 round. trip ticket. at one fae;)5.60. Ticketed, gale Auxin«. 191h to 251h 111ClUill VP. 000d to return until Septem- ber 7th which may be extended at Milwaukee t8 re- turn up to September MM. P ELNIN'S SHORTHAND which in tau g ht in the Helena Moaner* t can he lear n ed by mall MP well an in the school -mon,. A teeltolarchlp embracing tuition by mail for thirty -giz week., nee- easary Wedge, . ran lo• r.reiired at ref %ow Mlles fro •e

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