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sin eial seesion to-ekrys • • The Supreme Court will render an opinion in the Bryson appeal next SatuedaY. Dr« Leighton' has been repapering and refined:king his offices this week and is then -fore temporarily a honte- leee wanderer. Anuis Calvin lost a 8250 mare at liis ranch up the Boelder cation last week from -pink-eye\ and. lung troubles. It was quite a severe km as the animal was a tine breeder. A fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. K.rdinand Wehr died of diphtheria at Corvallis, in the Bitter Root valley, last week. The many friends of the family in this county extend their heartfelt sympathy. Dr, Faker Brooke, of Elkhorn, writeefeFthe Udine' Indej)esuleid that the recent deaths Of half a dozen chil- dren in Elkhorn 'were due to a malig- nant form of scarlet fever, and not to diphtheria, as had been reported. THE AGE household is indebted to Mee. A. H. Sloan for a bucket of fine currants from the lady's ranch near Boulder, Mrs. Sloan has a large quantity of currants this year and she is offering them for sale at thirty cents a gallon. Three men, one named Jensen, one John MeIsaacs, and another, were ar- rested last week in the PiPe$Q1)e. Pass for selling liquor without a licetese, brought to Boulder, and placed under 8500 bonds to appear at the next term of the District Court. A foot-race in 'Boulder the past week between Fred Ott and an \unknown\ - passing by the name of Miller. result- ed in Ott's defeat. It is understood that some of the local Sports took the \unknown\ to Butte yesterday with the intention of cleaning -up that city but that they got cleaned-out instead. McPherson Poet, Grand Army of the Republic, had a pleasant meeting in Boulder last Friday. It was de- cided at - that time to hold a special meeting on Thursday evening, Au- gust ltith, to consider matters in rela- tion to the National Encamp:nee and other business, and it is hoped there will be a full attendance at the meet- ing. Tut Aug bad a pleasant eel] yester- day from Capt. Cook and his grand- daughter, Mise Maggie Pollinger. The Captain brought with him a gift of berries—red, white, and black raspber- ries, and immense gooseberries, and all finely flavored. These were all raided in the Captain's garden here in Boulder and are tangible proofs that the Boulder valley ima garden -spot for small fruits. IONTA NA CENTFtAL RAILROAD. North Bound. South Round Tbrirogli Expel -ea_ —\Ma. in. p. tn. Local Famenger . 4.:317 p. ru. 9:51 14. M. IILLLEI. MOULDER VALLEY It erne TRAY», North-bound. South -bound. Parmelee,. 7.3o a. in. 6.2Ii p. tu. The pamiorger train from Boulder arrives at Helmut at 10.011.. tn. and leaves thc re via the return trip at 4.f» p. In. Tuesidayr..Thisnidaye. and Saturdays the train will Will nun to tnIvin'te. leaving Boulder at 6:10 p. in. and returning a eotiple of limns later. Bin WANTED -To team the Printing Trade. APO,' at Tug AGE Ante. E MAN IThe A AND Nit IHTANA CEN- j. railroad will sell exclusion tickets from St. Paul and Minneapolis to H lens and ‚Morn at &MAO, onodare, for the round trip. on the following d Meat Amt. lith and 57th. Sept. St bend 24th. Oct. Mb, Good thirty days. Stopover privileges will be allowed within Inset of ticket. K NI 0 H TS TEM P I AR. The Union Pacific will sell excursion tickets front Montana points to Washington and return for the conclave at one fare for the round trip-476.65-1in) - route desired. Tickets GO sale °outer 1st to 4th, good going until October lab; good returning October 21$. 1 3 4,, xx la ee x- earell‘lergalre OM«, J. J. IlIeCay, Prep., Dealers ia Shelf and Heavy Hardware, 000_,ING AND HEATING STOVES. Granite, Iron. and Tin Ware, • • QTEL.N*4WARE IND GLASSWAR . E, WIN C3- M..S.CirTINMei, AIM HOUSE PUR.InSHING GOODS. Respectfully, J. J, 1/.1'oCAY. • • • • lee. IS.... I Have -Added to the Above Stack a complete Line of .ate.tericexatxxxseel 332. /al laseiret OF ALI. KINDS, learnt and Spring Watternn. J. J. McCAY. PERSONAL. RAILROAD NEWS. Col. W. F. Sanders, the Republican \war horse\. spent Sunday night at the Boulder Hot Springs. Mr. James Simpkins made a Wei - nem visit of several days to Mitchell Gulch the past week, returning home Monday evening.- Dr. Steele and Chas. B. Lee, of Helena, are visitors to the Boulder Hot Springs and are much pleased, at the good effect of -the waters. Hon. Thomas Joyes, of the Consti- tutional Convention, came out Satur- day last to visit his constituents and returned to his duties at Helena on Monday. Capt. Wm. Trotter, of the Boulder Hot Springs, went Monday to Canyon 'louse the station on the main line of the Northern Pacific where the Butte branch starts, to see his wife, who is running a hotel there. The Captain and his wife are building a large house at that point and may make it their permanent abiding -place. SOCIAL GOSSIP. •Mise Maggie Blacker, daughter of Mr. Blacker, of Radersburg, is visit- ing with Mrs. D. G. Warner. Mrs. Frank McGowan has returned to her Boulder home after an extended visit to lierearents ia the Lower •Boulder valley. The Boulder Orchestra will give a social dance at Groesbeck & Simpkins' hall next Friday night, August 2d. Admission El. All are invited to at- tend. Mrs. Thomas Hail, of Boulder, has about recovered from a severe illness of two months or more. She was af- flicted with fibmid tumors which were removed by Dr. Leighten, and she is now much improved. - Miss Evie Morris started Monday 'TILE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT, for Nashville, Tenn., accompanied by her brother Adams, whom she will WeasestetY, JULY 31, 1889. 1 -BC) C % T Dry and smoky. The County Commissioners meet in, over the range last Week to visit her friend, Mrs. W. H. Parkinson, and family. She is mach pleased with the town, and the feeling is reciprocated by the people ot Boulder who have bad the pleasure of making. her ac- quaitaitnce. She will return twine in -.„. a few days. r. and Mrs. Joseph A. Green ar- rived front Bozeman last Thursday and have taken up their residence in Boulder, eecUpying for the present W. N. TenEvek's new dwelling -house near the Montana Central track. Mr. Green is Harry Smith's new partner in the Fulton Market, and be and Mrs. Green were married in Bozeman last Wednesday. In behalf of the people of Boulder THE AGE extends them a hearty Welcome to their new home. A most pleasant picnic party went - to - Calvin's, up the Boulder cation last Thursday and remained until Satur- day _night, camping out in most ap- proved style and having a very en- joyable time, as well as; getting a good rest from the earking cares of life. The members of the 'party were Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Will Kennedy, Mrs. W. H. Parkinson, Mrs. LaSalle of •Helena, Mrs. J. S. Bell, Mrs. J. D. Geoesbeck and little daughter, Mrs. James; Si m pk i n s, Misses Mary Parkinson, Anna Sunderland, Celia Berendes, and Dolla Bell, and Messrs. Fred McLean, J. EL Cain, and Tom Simpkins. • leave at an asylum and schOol for the blind to begin a several 'years' course ot, study and training. Mile Evie will visit friends for a few weeks be- fore returning. Mrs. Dr. La Salle, of Helena, came TIIE SINGLE TAX. All citizens of Jefferson county who favor the organization of a Single Tax Club, who fii'vor a change in the systetn of taxation now prevailing, who believe that the result of a man's \industry should net be taxed but that the revenues necessary to conduct the ! government Should be raised from those natural resenrcee belonging to the -whole people, who believe that if the Republic is to be saved, if ,society is to be saved, if free government is 'to be preserved to the end of time unjust taxation must be destroyed, are invited to meet at Tus AGE office next Saturday, ialugust 3(1, at two o'clock in the afternoon. If any citi- zen of time county can not be present but is in favor of the movement, he is invited to send his name and ad- dress by postal -card to Tus Aos office. • death pf one or more peritoue, through exactly the same CallISPS as resulted in the death of Capt. Coulter at the ,Winslow siding a few weeks ago. In that case the victim had no excuse for being in the way of the passing train. When the accident occurs at Boulder, it will be becanse the railroad cámpany practically tells its passengers to cross the track in front of the incoming train. The company should change its practice in this respect immedi- ately. It can without much trouble have the Helena train come in on one side of the depot and the Butte train on the other. Even if the change is inconvenient, it should be made. The company can not desire the odium of an accident which probably would be fatal to some htunan being, Boudler does not want such an accident to oc- cur within her borders, and the peo- ple who patronize the road have the right to be protected from -instead of led into danger. That the danger ex- ists, that the accident will happen. under the present system, Leas certain RA that day and night will follow each other in regular order.' FOREST FIRES. - 1 Montana is now enveloped in dense . smoke, resulting from the fires which prevail almost everywhere in the mountain female The loos to the Territory through these fires will be incalculable, through the destruction of necessary fuel, while some indi- viduals will be heavy losers in wood already cut and piled. During the past week two extensive fires have occurred in the Boulder cation, near Elk Park, and from 30,000 to 40,000 cords of wood are thought to be de- stroyed. Among the heaviest losers ! are Cowan &\Co. Black & McAllister, Lockhart & Casey, and Pollautt Bros. It is reported by some that the fire has gotten into the cord -wood of BUILDING NEWS. Brannagan & Co., but this is denied. I - Harry Smith will in a few days be- gin the erection of a frame dwelling- ‚ house in the Sweet & Warner addition to Boulder. It will be twenty-six by twenty-eight feet in size, with at twelve by sixteen foot L. and one story high. Jefferson county is no exception in the matter of forest fires. Mite:out*, Deer Lodge, Silver Bow, Beaverhead, and in fact all the mountain counties are suffering severely, and it looks as though nothing. but heavy raine will stop the terrible deetrnetinn. . MINING NEWS. . , y • Éour bars ot bullion came down 3! teem the Meer mine at Elkhorn last Weeliteaday. The owners of the Ruby mine, in the Lowland district, an. loading two ears of ore at ('alvin's, for shltewent to the Eatst Helena smelter. Tim I gold -bearing ore from this mine seems ' It, be a thoroughly decomposed quartz, While the silver -bearing rock is a po - roue white crystal quartz. It is understood that the Whites! smelter will shut, down entirely to- morrow and that the works will not be started up -again by the present own- ers. It is hoped - that some of the capitalists now contemplating invest- ment in some of the mining property in the vicinity of Wickes will pur - cheer the smelter and rebuild the fires. W. I). McIntyre was itt town yes- terday with a load of ore from the IV mine. in the Willow Spring!, dis- trict, lie sud Wm. Berkins are now operating the mine and will ship im- mediately twenty tons to Helena, have it thoroughly sampled, and then teed it to the highest bidder. These gen- tlemen have great confidence in this property and in the 'district as well, and they intend to do everything in their power in the way of development to prove that their confidence is not suittplaced. The development on the Ilif at present consiste of two tun- nel', one in about ninety feet and the other about seventy feet, together with some minor work. BUS1 N ESS NEWS. , Thomas Ke-aru has gone out of the management of Lite Grand Central hotel in Boulder. W. B. Gaffney has taken the agency for the Thomas Coil -Spring buggy and invites an inspection of the samples he has ott baud. . • • Mile( J. Mallory has decided to re- turn to Anaconda and lias accordingly packed her millinery goods and ship- ped them. to that city. A. LaPlante has started a hotel and *ahem at Berenice, the Montaita ('en- trai station near ('alvin'e, and expects to give satieFactory aecommodation to travelers who patronize him. Frank McGowan and Thomas Cain are about to open a saloon in .the room lately occupied by L. M. Boyce dt Co. They will also occupy the room used by Miss Mallory am a millinery store. • was killed. The accident happened in Jefferson county. John Moriarity, section boas on the Montana Central at Elk Park, was struck by lightning and killed bust Wednesday while at work on the road. He leaves a wife who is about to be confined. 'A cave occurred at the entrance to one of the tunnels on the Ilomeetake Pass route to Butte lent Saturday morning. Fortunately none a , the workmen were in the tunnel, all bar- ing gone out a few moments before to see a couple of the workmen who had been quarreling settle their trouble by a rough and tumble fight. The new Presbyterian church in Boulder will be ready for plastering in a day or two. _ 131:7031Z1N7IEIREUES C.11.1.ABle Fine new pickles at 2.3 cents a quart at Wolter & Max field's. Sausage made daily at Wolter & Maxfield'it. Fresh, aool lager beer, Swine cheese, and everything nice for lunch can be found at the Little Casino saloon of II. Riedel. New potatoes. cabbage, and onions at, Wolter & Maxfield's. The best of fresh meats are made a specialty at Wolter & Maxfield's. Fresh Lill kept on ice at Wolter & Maxteld's. 13111.Lnat Tug ‚ina and pm lip iamb- ist.. Tile Montana Central railroad com- pany unloaded twenty-three tsars of ties at the Boulder depot last week, se that the cars might be put to haul- ing wood. The Montana Central railroad a ill carry exhibits of live -stock. miueed and agricultural products. etc., to the coming Territorial fair, from points along its 'line and return, for a single . rate. Several miles of track on the Gal- latin and 'Butte branch of the North- ern Pacific have been already laid, and ; it is probable the road will be com- pleted to the mouth of the Boulder river within a couple of weeks. , The name of Central Park station,' on the Montana Central railroad, be- tween Boulder and Butte, has beau changed to Lake Wilder, the name being given in honor of the daughter of C. A. Broadwater, president of the road. The conipaity recently organ- ized, in Helena to improve the lake and to encourage boating and other sports, has been reörganized under the new name. Conductor O'Rourke, of the North- ern Pacific, running from Helena to Boulder, is one of the pleasantest and most accommodating and therefore most popular railroad men who has ever made headquarters in Boulder. Ile has made many friends here and will long be remembered. Ilia crew, too, are all eplendid . fellows and well liked here. May they run on this line for a long time to come. It is expected that work on the Boulder and Elkhorn branch of the Northern Pacific will be commenced in a few days and that the road will be completed within three months. The company has bought fifteen acres of land from Mr. David Hoopes at the point where the road turns up Elk- horn creek, and this would indicate that the branch is to. be extended down time Boulder to a connection with the Gallatin and Butte branch. There are also other reasons for believing that this branch will be completed im- mediately' after if not before the road, to Elkhorn is finished. The morning trains from Helena and Butte on the Montana Central rail- road meet at Boulder, coming up to the depot on tracks °illy a few feet apart. If the Helena train reaches the (h.pot first, its passengers cross over the track of the Butte train to reach the depot platform, and it is no infrequent, sight to see the Butte train Mrs. McDeariugh lias taken charge come rushing in at a rapid rate with a of the Basin hotel, at Basin, formerly dozen men flying acnwe the track in k ept b y H. S. J„yner. She w ill a i m front of it. The inevitable result ofto keep a firstchatat house and Impel( such a condition of affairs will be the to receive a (kir share of the public patronage. • ACCIDENTS ANI) ASSAULTS. A Placer mau named Charles Whitehead was assaulted and robbed in Helena on circus day a couple of weeks ago and ro severely injured that he has not yet recovered. - By a premature explosion in the rock -work -on the line of the Gaflatin and Butte branch of die Norther» WICKES BUDGET, plpedel Correspoittlotoe of TOM Mlle *ICED!, July 28, -Things are utrti very bright tat this time owing to the furnaces' being clueed down, there be- ing no water for operation, and a great number of meti left town for other parts during the week. • socially thinge are not dull. Oil , Wednesday the officers, teachers, and children of our Sunday -school spent a very pleasant day at Alhambra& Springs, and came home well pleased with their day's outing. Thursday a number of our Mire with their children had a pleasant time at Spring gulch, which is a very nice place about one mile front town. Friday quite a number spent a very pleasant day at Jefferson City. There was a dance at I. O. O. F. hall on Friday evening. At a meeting of Eureka Lodge No. -13, 1..0.0. T., the following officent were elected for the ensuing term; C. T., J. E. Fleming; V. T., M gam Smith; S. J. T., Mrs. Frank Kempeety; S.. Mho Carrie Potter; F. S., Mho Ida Maurer; T., Mr. Bassett; Chap., Mrs. Thos. Mayne; M., Thos. Kelly; G., Jack Riley; S., James Mayne; P. C. T., Earl Turner. Among our visitors this week we notice our old friend Mee. N. E. Church, Helena; Tom Knight, East Helena; Supt. A. Raht, See. Mkt', and G. Wickes, of II. & L. S. & R. Company; Mne. enlace, Walkerville, was visiting her son, Wm. Bartle, for a few days. Mrs. Eva Bailey, who for a number of years has been living at this place, left this week to make her Lowe at Helena. Mrs. Jack Bailey was at Helena for a few days this week. Dan Cronin has moved into the old store of Alex Street. Dailey & Myers have meld their blackstnithing busisseem. Rev. S. J. Honing _preached at the Ra e mine last Monday evening, the first service ever held at that place, and at Comet, Tuesday evening, and Was well received. He will preach at this place again on Sunday next. He is liked well; he is a good talker and preacher, one who will make his mark in Minàtatite a preacher. RELIGIOUS NEWS. The Methodist camp -meeting at Lake Wilder last week was not a very great success. There will be preacliing in the Bab- tist church on Sunday, August 4th, at the umual 1 , Rev. James H. Spencer. of New York. All are cor- dially invited to attend. MA It RI F:D. riatr_e-ItomarniON—At Bozeman, Montana 'Terri. gory. 041 Wednesday. July Li, Dee, by Rev. E. It. leu\.. Xt. Joseph A. Green, of Boulder, and Mho Magee A. Itobertrion. of Bozeman HORN. Gitmr.—tn , ..„.1,1milider Wadley - . Moodmia !ifeirriteem 'o. Frisia?: - July 26. ligeO. to Mr. nod Mre, T. C. ,ire Grady, a eon. NEW A DV EIrrl EV ENTS. OTICE Ti) marl ties. .sa Emlate id Patrick &teems. ememed. N Pacific railroade one day last week, irat\ t «,r re' the given by lhegned. Moranut..'eared. to Peter Reenumeen, a, swede labon4. tea ....d ...11411 I havt,sx clog.i the ...• against cleiv,sed e , t hens, with neceeenry wii bin four on -role after the tint public... - tine cif no. endue. to tile raid administrator at his reeidenee Boulder ce at the \Moe of the l'rubate Judge in the seal county of Jr -fermi,. Dated at Boulder. the. 2.ith day of July IMO. A. S. KEL1.00G. Publie Ailininietrator and administrator of the notate of l'atriek >14.1y81. 411“.41.•ed. j rind Publication July Met, Peal BOULDWJE 11.011811100. YAMS. SASH, DOORS, MOULDINGS, CEDAR Shingling, and all kinds of Flubbing Lum- ber, Building and lar Paper, eenatantly on band.. Yard opposite the Court -House. Convenient for team.. Alto, plans fur- nished for house., bridges. ‚'le., and con- tracting and building „teime. (attasinere e SIMPKINS F cara. El ..A.X.•7111. ONE ACRE LOT In Sweet & Warner addition to Boulder, with Lou» of four roomy, barn. and other smaller build- ings. en. bed with fence-, good well, good garden spot. with water -right. Also LOTB In Jeffries. addition to Boulder, with materiel en the ground for • large dwelling. Also one TEAM, II A R:i.ICIft. W A GON, and HOUSEHOLD FUR- / NITURF. Allof the above offered at very rem - unable - a • FOR CASH. For particulars apply to L.. T. MOlfrelCirl e , 111101ULIPIER., 1180/Il'All A. T HE UNION PACIFIC a a Aug. Kb and Intb, Sept. MS and 2155, and Od- nth, ran meuraions bum MMus City, Omaha, Council Bluffs, legvenworth, M. Joseph, and Kenton Ci y to UM* tana. Tare Se» for round trip ticket& geed thirty dam. Stopover* allowed elaggeimsDENcE is solicited for Tam Asa front every school district In Jefferrion county. All correepondenta will receive the poperaisd entregb Wks to more than repay there for the coat of tie& mation..n and atamps. School -teachers e. are invited to send In news items from the where they are teaching

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