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• MONTANA CENTRAL RAILROAD north Bound. South Bouud Through Express. _.31a. m. 5.39 p Loral Pitmenger 4 57 p. es; • m. I/ELENA.BOULIIER VALLEY L BUTTE TRA INS Northrbotuad. South -bound. Pamenger 7*). w. 4!5p w. The pamenger train from Boulder ant es at ilciena at 10.05 a. ni. and leaves there orr the return trip at 4 , 0 p. so. Tuesdays. Thursday c, and Saturday* the train will will nin to Calvin's. tearing Boulder at 6.d5 p. „J. and reunifies • couple of 'minister. »EPUBLICAN CO1YN1 Y CONVENTION. The Montana Central will make • one and one -fifth fibre for reined u-in from al Minima in Jef- ferson county to W tam, account Republican County CODVPIIii0II. Tickets to be add Aug. Pah and Wilt, and on presentation iif certiBeate signed hy selling agent and secretory of convention return ticket, win be sold at onc-lifth rate. Return tickets not good later than Aug. 21st. Boy WANTED—To learn the Printing Trade. Apply at Ttth AGE utrice. R ACES AT BUTTE. On amount of the races at Butte the Montana Central will sell round trip tickets from Boulder for tee. On sale • Aug. 19th to 24th inclueive. Good to return until Aug. 25th. CUM MUM PERU cm bs kid at 921 Mega ea art Naga T HE MANITOBA AND MOMTANA CEN- tral railroad will tell eiteu , Mon tickets from AL Paul and Minneapolis to H lena and return at 3411.10, one fare, for the round trip, on the following dates: Aug 6th and 20th, Sept. 10th and 24th. Oct. *th. Good thirty days. Stop -over privileges will be allowed within limit of ticket. li rOOD W11.1. EZ TARE\ IN PAYMENT FOR subscription to Tint Aug. Bring in a load or two now. T HE GOOD TEMPLAR'S of Butte give their annual picnic on August stir at Lake Wilder, where they will be joined by the Good Template of Boulder and Wickes. The rate of one fare for the round trip hm been sectiffl... for all who may wish to attend. K NIGHTS TEMPLAR. The Union Pacific will sell excursion tickets from Montana c--.1asinta to Washington and return for the conclave at one fare for the round trip-476.65—any route desired. Ticket. on fade October bet to 4th, good going until October 9th; good returning October 21.e. O NE , FARE FOR ana nitOU3..;D TB.Iickets .P n lelens sale t,- *tli to 3Ist, good to return until Sept. RI. account of Me Montana Agricultural, Mineral, and Mechanical Amociation Exporition. IAA.L..—THE PUBLISHER OF THE J2 AGE. luus Itir sale a scholanthip in the Helena • iltudnem College. This college is uncitleb- Molubbly the heat of its kind between St. Paul and Portland and any youth or inan who desiree • burli- ness oduestion cannot do better than attend it. Any one wishing to attend should call at tins office and tmeure the scholarship. •B 11.1.11EA DS printed proniptlj and pm up in lab. Ista ot THE °Mee. larr.W C.A.Ett›TO. anum.—PROPREÉTOlt • ilastrolgt; • .• Illambier, Meat. The mile« placti town to spend soei;\ hour. Pore White, Rye Wiii•Ity, Itsven-year-cidd McBrayer Whisky, Imp , rtud Old Torn Gin, Jamaica Rum, Scotch k Irish Whiskies, and /Phillip Best's Milwaukee Beer, 'deity's on hand. • B. Mire to eall if you wont to enjoy a good drink and a pleasant time. THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. VrEDNEISDAY. A.CGCBT 7, 1889. :LOCI AS.X.a 21‘3111.1%TrIeZtal•T. The Good Templars of Boulder will piceic at Lake Wilder to -morrow. Smoke still fills the atmosphere, though the forest fires are not as prev- alent as a week ago. Drs. Leighton and Robertson have handsomely refitted and refurnished their office's the past week. McPherson Post, Grand Army of the Republic, meets in special seseion Thursday evening of next week. A full attendance of the Comrades is hoped for. The men arrested a week or two ago for selling whisky in the southern part of the county without a license have been discharged for want of prosecution. Jack Moriarty, a brother of the section -foreman at Elk Park killed by lightning last week, is a resident of Glasgow and a deputy sheriff of Dawson county. There will be preaching in the Bap- tist church in Boulder to -morrow (Thursday) eyening by Rev. Dwight Spencer, general missionary of the Territory. All are cordially invited. There is a possibility that the tele- phone company will soon put up a direct line from Helena to Butte by way of Boulder, in which case it is likely a station will be made here. It would be a great convenience. • It is alleged, with apparently good reason, that Mr. George Lambert, sehairman of the Board of County C,ommisiiiiitérs of this county, bas disappeared from his home at Placer. The cause of his disappearance is as yet an unsolved problem. Walter Brooks and George Evans, two men confined in the county jail on -a - charge of burglary at Wickes, sawed, their way out of one of the windows last Wednesday evening about seven o'clock and made a run tor the brush along the Boulder river. County Clerk Stevens fortunately hippened to notice them getting out of the jail and gave the alarm and a large number of citizens immediately gave pursuit, with the result that the PERSONAL Sam Merrill was over from Jefferson City yesterday. Ben Maxfield made' visit to Elk- horn Saturday last. Geo. Pfaff' made a business trip to Glendale the past week. • Mr. Chas. Starrett, of Wickes, was a visitor to Boulder yesterday. Territorial Auditor James Sullivan was a visitor to the Boulder Hot Springs e suuday. Mr. FA. Ryan, of the Boulder val- ley, made a Visit to the Territorial Capital last week. Al. Hossfeld, one of the popular young gentlemen of Radersburg, was a visitor to the county metropolis the past week.. Al. Frowin of Wickes, was in the county capital yesterday to attend the meeting of the Democratic. central committee. Messrs. Davis Turner and J. J. Doyle, two well-known citizens of Mitchell Gulch, came over to the county -seat on a brief business trip last week. Z. T. Burton, Esq., of Helena, right-of-way agent of the Northern Pacific, was in Boulder yesterday and made a trip to Wheliall and the line of the new branch. 1 J. B. Brien, of Basin, Chas. Z. Pond and P. H. Luddy, of Jefferson City, and W. C. Whaley, of Bedford, were among ‘ the prominent Democrats of Jefferson senility who were in attend- ance at the meeting of the central committee yesterday. Messrs... John Schreiner and J. li. Loeb, of Wickes, and W. J. Ward, of Woodville, were in the county me- tropolis yesterday, in attendance on the meeting of the Democratic county central committee, and while in town they favored THE AGE office a call. Mr. J. J. Croak, the popular rail- road contractor, has been a visitor to Boulder several days the past week. His many friends will be glad to know that the reported destruction of a considerable quantity of hie wood in the Boulder cetion by the recent forest fires was a mistake. SOCIAL GOSSIP. Mrs. C. W. Barger made a visit to Helena last Saturday. Miss -Mary Ryan was l'i 4 ivisitor to the Territorial capital the past week. Miss Anna Sunderland went to Deer lodge last Thursday to visit friends for a week or two. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Simmons are occupying their new residence in the Jeffries addition to Boulder. A very pleasant little dance was given at. the Groesbeck & Simpkins ball last Friday evening by the Boul- der orchestra. Mrs. Dodley Halford and Mists Belle Parkinson have returned from their visit to Mrs. Halford's parents in the Missouri valley. - A well-known and popular young lady of the Boulder valley is reported to be making preparations to enter into the matrimonial estate with a gentleman more or less well known in town and a resident of lower Boulder valley. Miss Shelby, of Cleveland, Ohio, sister of Col. P. P. Shelby, general manager of the Montana Central rail- road, is spending the summer in Mon- tana end is so well pleased with the 13ouldér Hot Springs that she spends most of the time here. Miss Lizzie Kennedy, of Jackson- ville, Florida, arrived in Boulder Saturday on a summer's visit to Mon- tana. She will spend part of the time in Boulder with her brother, the editor of Tits Ana, and part of the time in Deer Lodge with her sister, Mrs. W. H..Trippet. She will make her first trip to Deer „ Lodge to -mor- row. By reference to our marriage col- umn it will f ee seen that Joseph A. Green, of Boulder, has been joined in marriage to Miss Maggie Itoberteen, a popular young lady whom everyone knows and likes. The wedding tot* place at the Episcopal church at Boze- man on Wednesday afternoon last, a few intimate friends of the bride at- tending. On Thursday the married couple left for Boulder where they will make their future home. Miss Robertson has been a resident of s Bozeman for ten years and is a young I lady of charming personality and rare excellencies of mind. For the past two years she has; taught the young est children of the west side school at : Bozeman, and none but they will re- gret her new relations in life. The.' groom is a prosperous and solid young man who resided with his prisoners were recaptured within halt parents at Willow Creek for several an hour after their escapa. yeah.- -Rozenen Chreniele. MINING NEWS. Messrs. Meader and Lorenz have just brought in three wagon loads of $100 ore from their King -mine that is lo- cated in Jeffersson county .—Butte Min- ing Journal. J. O. Brisco has made arrangements \jut the Corbin concentrator so that a considerable amount of the Hindi ore of the s.econd class is being con- centrated at Corbin. The Assimaboine, May n u nabonton, Gray- faleon, and Wickyup quatrz lodes, in the Vaughn unorganized district, Jef- ferson county, are advertised to be sold at Sheriff sale on the 26th of this month. The Boulder Sampling works will probably be started up next week and promises of ore have been made which will keep the works steadily in operation during the summer. This will be a good thing for town and mines. Messrs. Albright 8t Uayhizer have resumed operations on the old Silver Wave mine, located south of Eagle creek, in the Park mining district. This mine was given tip as \petered out”, but further developing has shown up a rich body of ore.—Mon- tana Mining Review. B. F. Forbes, of Helena, .1uus secur- ed an option on the American Eagle and Good view mines, located about one and a half miles east of the Park mine, in the Park mining district. The option runs for forty-five days. It is the intention of Mr. Forbes to place these properties with a Helena syndieitte.—Montana Mining Review. From tests made by practical miners we are told that the bed and barn of the Missouri river contiguous to Townsend—above, alongside and be- low—will pay to work, and pay well. We know that men come along every year and make pay by rocking the sands of bars, and everything uni - cates that the bed, of the river will pay better when properly handled by modern machinery.-- Townsend Tren- chant. RAILROAD NEWS. Engineer Haven of the Northern Pacific, has resigned his position on the road and is succeeded by a gentle- man named Merritt. Four big boulders were ishiped by the Montana Central rant Theradsv from Boulder to Omaha, in which lat- ter city they will occupy a .place of honor in the front-yard of the resi- dence of a prominent lawyer. There are rumors abroad that the Montana Central company. is attempt- ing to buy the Northern Pacific right- of-way to Elkhorn with a view to building a branch to that peint, the Notthern Pacific» abandon its proj- ect. The deal is not likely to be con- summated. It is more probable that both companies will send branches to the camp. Last week the Northern Pacific en- gineers began looking over the country between the top of the range north of Boulder and Elkhorn, with a view to finding a practicable route to the late ter point. There is hardly any prob- ability of success, but it is discou rag- ing to Boulder bemuse it delays the beginning of the work on the only practicable route. The Montana Central and Northern Pacific railroads, will sell round-trip tickets to Wickes from all points in Jefferson county at one and one-rifth fare on the occasion of the Republican county convention, Purchasers must pay full fare to Wickets and take a re- ceipt from the agent from whom they get the ticket. This receipt must be endorsed by the secretary of the con- vention, and the holder can then buy à return ticket atone -fifth fare. BUSINESS NEWS. Nye Bros. packed up the unsold goods of the Hammer bankrupt stock this week and shipped them to Iowa. Dr. E. P. Hayes. a dental surgeon who is a member of the faculty of the University of Maryland, is temporar- ily located at the Windier House in Boulder and is ready to be professión- ally consulted. He brings excellent *credentials, which can be seen on ap- plication to him. His advertisement appears in the business locals. John Berta this week leased of A. C. Quaintance the Windsor hotel in Bonlder, he having heretofore been subletting from Thos. F. Murray. Mr. Barta has refurnished s the house throughout., Messes. 'Whitehead St Kuehn, the polrular furniture (healers of Boulder, taking the contract to furnish the house complete, furniture, bedding, and dishes. This is a good stroke of business for Whitehead & Kuehn, and shows what the business; Men of Boulder can do when they }MVO the opportunity. THE 00UNTY BOARD. At the special zueetfisg of the Board of County Commissioners last Wed- nesday, Messrs. Macomber and Molli - ton were present; Mr. Lambert absent. A voting precinct was establiathed at Mitchell Gulch to IA known as.No. 32, and G. A. /Chem, Hiram Perry, and B. Bruy were appointed judges for the October election. .Win. Campbell, Registry Agent for District Nu. 3, having declined the position, Charles Z. Pond, of Jeffer- son City, was appointed to the plates. Truman Hopkins, Registry Agent for District No. W, having resigned the position, A.. H. O'Neill, of Basin, was appointed to fill the vacaney. Dr. E. I. Fletcher, of Boulder, was appointed a member of the Board -ut Health. It was provided that the judges of election should erect or cause to be erected the necessary voting booths in their several precincts. The bond of J. W. Gilkey as Road Supervisor of District No. 5 was ac- cepted. The following bills were allowed: Helena Lumber Uo., plate ease, ate mom Win. T. Sweet, transporumon of pauper 41.49' G. K. Rogers, roadwork, etc Erie J. R. ‚Varreu, tramter of furniture Is 00 Dodley Hefted, tees in Bryson awe Si A. Ideemnber, per diem and mileage outuou Groesbeck it mpkine, rent of butlinug A. II. Moulton, do. do. ketin Felix Ballard, guard for Brynon MOO The report of the Treasurer for the quarter ending June 1, 1889, was ac cepted. The Board adjourned Friday even- ing without making any settlement with the builder of the court -house. Friday morning the resignation of Mr. George Lambert was received by Clerk and Recorder Stevens. It gave no reason why the resignation was sent in, and in fact did not specify what office was resigned. It was dated at Placer July 29th and poet - marked at the same place August. let. The following are the liens which have been filed against the court- house: Boulder Hardware Co Albert A yotte 35,00 F. Poyette Mao Parcnen & Morris - $1,46 Hain. it Hanson >ism A. H. Fatter Janice Innis, Yomu Helena Lumber Co Poynter Drug Co • 3.3g..1 50 o Total $4,179.24 It is said that some of these liens were filed too late, that others con- tain claims that are not warranted under the lien law, and that some are disputed by the contractor. The Commissioners decided not to settle the matter for the present and it is probable that some of the claims will go into court. THE BRYSON CASE. The Supreme -Court last Saturday decided adversely in Bryson'a appeal for a new trial and he is to be hung' in Boulder next Friday morning. Sheriff Belford is remodeling the old enclos- ure so that the prisoner can pass from the jail -door to the scaffold Without being exposed to general view. Other necessary preparations for the awful event are also being made. Bryson continues to protest his innocenceand bears himself .very coolly. Last Sun- day Sheriff Halford stripped him and gave him a new suit of clothes, the idea being that he might have some poison concealed in his old suit. For a while Bryson refused to dress in his new suit and afterward he talked ugly about the Judge, the jury, the Sheriff, IIM'CraiX2PaT111111/141/ XaCleCtik.,7411/. Fresh ranch eggs in good supply at market rates at Wolter & Maxfield'.. sir s H a ca mites t ewe at Whitehead & Kuelei's Buy' them for next mau- l» t' r . Dr. E. Pattcrson Hayes, • member of the Faculty of the Dental Depart- »It'llt of the f..iiiversity Or Maryland, will be it the Windsor Hotel In Boul- der for the next five ''daya, during which time he may be - professionally consulted by those whose teeth are its bad order. The I hbetor elm last year awarded * prize lby the Vaivereity of Maryland for having made the two beet gold fillings, one with adhesive gold and 011113 with non -adhesive gold. He has all the latest improvement, in the science) midis confident of giving amid:act' . 11e invites a thorough examination of his emir» t jai*. From Boulder he will probably visit Elk- horn and %Vickie, and partimain them , towns who want any dental work doue should await his coming. Wolte i & Maxheld have just re. °elves! supply of the best Jard ‚ad bacon which they offer to their elm - teasers at the lowest rates consiateut with good business The coolest, freshest, nicest only Milwaukee beer to be found in Boul- der is at the Little Casino waken, op- posite Bach, Cory & Co.'.. The best of fresh' beef, pork, mate«, and veal are elways to be fuund at Welter & Maxlield'e market. The place to buy your furniture ia where everybody else buys, mad that is at Whitehead X. Kuhn''. • 1)111M4CO. rdbbite, nod other vegetables always kept on timid at the meat market of Wolter %la %Mehl's. 11 , bit>: 11•1, rusnut—In Boulder. Monism& Torrisuey, um %ramie,. day. July At ISM, te Mr. and Maw A. U. Pessor, • It I Eli. Itcasstem-ln Boulder. Monte.* Townie'''. ea Ilea - day, Miguel 110., Me. the intent me of r C. and Annie Hercodce, aged seventy.aine days Th. funeral aervtim were held Meettley asornlar arid were conducted by Kee E. par- ent. have the sympathy of tier »may trisada te ‚hei NEW ADVERTIS SETE. It IKPUlitLICAN CONV EN - 1'1() N' The Repubiicans of Jefferem county, Montana Territory, will meet in Cosecrentim at Wickes. In mid county, on Totedey, Augur* lii, IMO, at twelve o'clock it.en, fin the i nirpoor of electing twelv• (12) delegium and alienates to mired the Idepubiima Mate Ciotti -Mtn. to he held at tome:ado en Thum - day, August =, lee, and also to plate in nominalist% candidates for is». tartnua °Meath' Jefferenn county. end for Ore trenosai.« of noel' oilier buisioese m nosy be brought Wore mid Convention. The tall'areal preeineta will be entitied to the Sol • lowing repeametation, , l'Iancey 2 Flentrt. t Joircnton City— It Ten Milo ' - I •Whittfiall— . 2 Cortats 4 Fish ( reek 3 W...deille 4 Lower Moulder 1 Mitchell (kik '...........2 Comet 3 Grace 1 Cardwell 1 Ftgf...t à Jeffenon River. . I Ammen • Raderaburg it Evening Star 1 Ut Louie.. 2 ('.l'In .....--... ..... , 1, Bedford — 2 Alban...We • e Placer a Penn Planer 11 Wickes JD Elk Park • Elkhorn 16 Gold Flint I Northeide Boulder . .__... 1 Clamil I Total number of delegates, lilt The Republican* in the different prmineta will hold primary merting• at the umal voting places ma Saturday. Amnia 17, Iota, between the boon of four an d nin e o chick p. in. lo elect the number rd deice gates and afternoon to whit* they are entitled as above mentioned, The rule, of the Male Venetia, - Um will sleelM11 tor the government ot this Coulomb- ttott a 7 order et the ( kmunittee. W. M. EUI.LAIIID, Cltairaura. CMS*. E. nricvszo. Secretary. . Pt /IMMURE 1.11tALgiga. and everybody else. 'I lie Ci. 331Z71\TP The following communication from Bryson appeared in the Helena Inde- pendent yesterday: \There seems to be an impression abroad that if I am not the guilty man, I know who it is. I wish to deny that assertion most emphatical- ly. I did not kill Annie Lundstrom, know nothing whatever as to how, sue when or where she was killed, nor in what manner._ 4 mid oleo • oomeollo Os& el - - ------- -- \I have studied the evidence calm- amouglity, '0 ly, and while there are some circum- stances very unfavorable to me. the most prejudiced must admit there is great doubt as tai My guilt. \In conclusion I must state that, should the sentence of death be cur- ried out, this Territory commits a judicial murder. Yours truly, \Geo. DuNcsbr BRYSON. \ In the Helena Journal of yesterday is a petition to the Governor asking that the sentence of Bryson be com- muted to imprisonment for life, it be- ing signed by a considerable number of citizens of Howiek and Ormstown. Province of Quebec, Canada, where ‚Bryson was born and raised. They state that among them Bryson was a straightforward, honest, peaceable, up- right, law-abiding citizen, sine of the favorite young men of the place. Governor White's sentiments in re- gard to capital puniehment or in re- gard to this 'particular case are not generally known, so that it would be difficult to say what effect the petition is likely to have. BOULDER, have opened In - MOSTA)!\ In the old Lice. ('os' It co Sonoma. at Ms rssetb ends! Main street. es Moe em% /de, • a ear line of 311. lar ra , *Ph Revue lectuname• Game or ALL limeam1611•1#1111b. Do not buy any more hoese-fuenialtImi gee& mill yon have exaerithed the new Mork al Hans'e, wherey i euh1yee f eiseseea a complete ran buy in.e ta 7 .hlethtpu r pi,4Rou will et a tt pre- . UNDER e i %.«) Cilq .1 3. MR. HUNT vitt carry • full line of UNDICItTAIK- ING (40011e. and having had mow* eirmalenes lai this braneh humtbeee he to prepared I. gannwills• ,aotietattion in ti... W itIrrvinFreAn ar XITICII7I. ree1017 MIXameas.ziaolna FURNITURE EVI•033331 To Tut: Prottic. W. are now prepared lorurnioth hity shoe hems er st hotel with any' ele re prieol furniture jest as of furniture in our warehouses allure goads, resele- ing from live to seven earloada • week. Ws slap •11 over the Territory; ‚pedal attention given Se mall ordene goods packed and delivered in Sal elm» Mp1e. • aced see our More when latosa. Order meet , picture framing. and repairing • sprehbity. Groesbeck di Simpkins Meek, Oppealtoketritaid White.heiliei 14 uehn. porLpER. • -

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 07 Aug. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.