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1 1 MONTANA CENTRAL RAILROAD. worth Ilicnind. South Humid. Through E.zprese.. 9.51a. w. 5.39 p. in. Local Preeenger 4:57p. tn. 9:M a. m. \'ELENA BOULDER 41.1.1:Y ik BUTTE TRAINS North-boutid, South-boutid. Pareenget 7.30a. iu. 6.25 p. en. ' The passenger trahi from Boulder arri vesat Ileitis,. at 10.05 a. in. and leaves there on the return trip at 4.014 p. in. Tuesday*. Thursdays, and Saturdays the train will will run to Calvin's. leaning lloulderat 4:25 p. w. and rturning • couple of boors later,. R EPUBLICAN ()OUNIY CONVENTION. The Montana Central will make • one and ene-Afth fare for round trip from ad stations in Jef- ferson county to Whites. account Republican County Convention. Tickets to be sold Aug. 19th and 20th, and on presentation of certificate signed by selling agent and secretary of convention return ticket, will be sold at one -fifth rate. Return ticket' not g ood later than Aug. Met. K NIGHTS TEM PI .A R. The Union Pacific will sell excursion tickets from Montana points to Washington and return for the conclave at one fare for the round trip--$76.65--any route desired. Tickets on sale October lit to 415, g ood going until 'Oetolier 9t li; good returning October 21st. T .15: MANITOBA AND MOSITANA CEN- trod railroad will sell excuriaon tickets from St. Paul and Minneapolis to Helena and return at S411.9a, one fare, for the round trip, on the following date.: Au g . Ilth and 20th, Sept. 10th and 24th, Oct. Wt. Good thirty days. Stop -over privileges will be allowed within limit of ticket. THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1889.* edrnil1V'.1'I4CIaraT. Wm. A. Bumby has been appointed postmaster at Comet in place of J. T. Parkinson, resigned. Road Supervisor Sweet this week refloored the bridge over the slough at the north end of Main street in Boulder. It is understood that a man was drowned in the Jeffersou river last Sunday. No particulars have been received. The Caledonian clubs of Helena and Butte, being the Scotch societies, will picnic at Lake Wilder on Sep- tember 12th. THE AGE is in receipt from Sheriff Lloyd, of Silver Bow, of an invita- tion to attend the execution of Harry Roberts, which takes place at Butte next Friday. - McPherson Post., Grand Army of the Republic, holds a special ¡fleeing to -morrow (Thuriday) evening Boulder. A full attendance of the Comrades is desired. - The Montana Stockgrowera Associ- ation meets in senii-annual session at Helena August 20th. The railroads will give a round-trip rate of one and one -fifth fare to those who wish to attend... A glees vane of white beans is dis- played on the counters at Percher* te Morris's drug -store in Boulder, and a $5 gold -headed cane is offered to the *Peewit who guesses nearest the num- • ber of beans contained in theVase. A charge of ten Cents will be made for for each gueas. The proceeds go to the new Presbyterian church in Boul- der. Petitions for the appe - iintrnent of a Connty Commissioner in place: of Mi. George Lambert, resigned, are being received by Probate Judge Fide-- - Among others who have been suggest- ed by petition for the place are Mr. Isom Preuitt, of Bedford, and Mr. I. N. Kelly, of PlaCe — P - ; It is not prob- able that any appointment will be made for a week or two. An agent for the Interstate Building and Loan Association, of Minneapolis, ham been in town a couple of weeks, and succeeded in disposing of about a hundred shares of stock. He 'organ- ized a local board, with Wm. Morris as president, J. J. McCay vice-presi- dent, P. H. Paradise treasurer, and J. A. Riedel secretary. The latter is also agent for the comPhjiy. • Samuel T. .Hauser, D. 0; Corbin, W. F. Sanders, and A. M. Holter have organized and incorporated the Spokane Farm Company, the object being to conduct a farming and stock- growirm business on the Spokane rangelh the northern part of Jeffer- son County. Each of the incorporat- ota has from oneto' three sections of land in that part of the country. et...Pleasant showers fell Saturday and Sunday lastqtnd dissipated the smoke somewhat, but the rain was not heavy enough to extinguish the forest !fires and the smoke is now as bad as ever. A new fire has broken out between Boulder and Elkhorn which is likely to do oonsid,a-able damage. There were indications Sunday evening that some person was trying to fire the forests southeast of Boulder. The case of George lambert, of Placer, about whose disappearance there have been .so many rumors, re- mains in Ptilln quo. The gentleman is still absent and has not been heard 'from, but Mrs. lambert does not seem at all alarmed at his disappearance or abeenee and thinks he is looking up a 'place where he can make more money han lie has been able to make at Placer or in his position as County Commissioner. • PERSONAL. H. C. Hunt, Esq., made a visit to Butte Sunday, retigning home Mon- day evening. J. J. Cronk, the well-known con- tractor, has been spending the past week in Boulder. Wm. Brennan, the sawmill man and railroad contractor, was a visitor to Boulder yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morrow, of Amazon, were visitors to the Terri- torial capital laid week. , • Sam Robertson, of the Sentinel, has gone east on a business trip, to be ab- sent two or three weeks. W. R. Gibbing's, the well-known mining man of Basin, has been in Boulder for two or three days. Mr. Terry Simmons,. editor of the Plaindealer, of Marseilles, Illinois, was a caller at Tux Aux oflice hurt week., Mr. J. D. Groesbeck returned this week from, his visit to Fergus county, where he has been for the peat two months. Hon. Wm. Thompson, Silver Bow county's •last zepresentative in the Territorial Council, was a visitor in Boulder this week. Hon. L. A. Luce and Hon. Walter Cooper, members of the Constitution- al Converition from Gallatin county, *ere in Boulder Sunday last visiting Capt. Geo. F. Cowan and family. Sheriff Lloyd. of Silver Bow, Sher- iff' Robertson, of Gallatin, and Under Sheriff Walker, of Lewis and Clark, were among the officers of the 'peace who attended the execution in Boul- der last week. Mr. A. LaPlante, of Berenice, was a visitor to the county -seat last week and dropped luto THE Acme office to subscribe for the paper. Mr. La Plante is about to add to hie facilities at Berenice for the accbrnmodation of picnic parties a large stone building part of which will be arranged for a dancing hall. He is going to have a pleasant and popular resort when he gets all his contemplated improve- ments completed. SOCIAL GOSSIP. Mrs. Bigelow has returned from a visit to her brother, Mr. David Ker- ley, at Bedford. The Congregational Sunday -school of Helena were picnicking at Lake Wilder yesterday. Miss Anna Sunderland, after a very pleasant visit no friends in Deer Lodge, returned home to Boulder yesterday. Mrs. Ida Brown, of Butte, is visit- ing her sister, Mrs. JaineeConcannon, in Boulder, and will remain for a month or two. A social 'lance at the Boulder Hot Springs under the management of the Boulder orchestra is announced for next Friday, evening.' The picnic of the Good Templar; at Lake Wilder last Thursday was quite well attended and was enjoyed by all who were present. Mrs. John M. Woodbridge, of »de.- na, is visiting with her sister-in-law, Mrs. T. A. Wickes. The lady is a daughter of Judge Hedges. The ladies of the Boulder Presby- terian congregation will during court - week next month hold a three-days' fair in the new church -building, at which time many beautiful articles will be placed on sale. It will be the best opportunity one can have to buy presents for friends and at the same time help a good cause. The Presby- terian ladies of Helena have already sent out a box of fancy articles to be disposed of at the fair and other ladies are hard at work making preparations for the occasioh. In addition to the bazar feature of the entertaimenta, there will be music, singing, declama- tions, recitations, readings, and other exercises of this character, and there will be dainty refreshments for the physical man as well. Don't forget to prepare fora pleasant time. BUSINESS NEWS. W. B. Gaffney received a ear of oats this week from St. Paul by the Manitoba road. P. H., Luddy, of Jefferson City, ha» bought the saloon business at the Boulder Hot Springs. The Windsor House in Boulder under its new management is receiv- ing a very thorough overhauling and repairing, and is being refitted and refurnished in a way to make every :citizen of the town proud of the hostelry. Frank Weimer opened a bar at the Grand Central hotel in Boulder last week, where he hopea to receive a share of the public patronage. He has a very neat place which he has named \The Gem\ and it will doubt - lees become a popular resort. MINING NEWS. Wilbur E. Sanders has become !su- perintendent of the Eue' Paeec mine at Placer. Five bars of bullion came down from the klolter mine at Elkhorn last Sunday. Two more cars of ore from the Ruby lode, Lowland district, go to East Helena this week. W. R. Gibbiugs oh' ped a car of ore from the Rode o, in the Cata- ract district, IaĂ4rcek. C. J. Kin , of Helena, has enter- ed an attachment against the Belief mine, Elkhorn, for the sum of $309.69. The Big Medicine mine, in the Cata- ract district, will ship s. carload of ore to the East Helena smelter this week. The Mae mine, near the Louisville, is advertised tu be sold at Sheriff sale on the 31st of August, at -the suit of Meyendorf & Wells, of Helena, against P. J. McGowan. A carload of pipe Came in by the Northern Pacific yesterday for the Elkhorn Mining Company, and eleven ears of machinery and supplies for the same company are ou time road. The Currin brothers have another 'car of 011ie ore ready for shipment. They are expecting H. F. Brown out to expert the mine for eastern partied' who are proposing to buy the proper- ty. The deed of Dan J. Welsh and wife, of Helena, in settlement of the diffi- culty between the owners of the Major Budd mine, has been filed for record in the County Recorder's dike of Jeffer- son county.. A premising strike has been made recently on the Hailey mine, up the Little Boulder, owned by Thomas Caiu and others. The ore assays $73 in gold, seventy-five ounces in silver, and twenty percent lead. John Edmunds, of Butte, was in town last week and went to Elkhorn after some specimens of .Sophia ore for shipment east. Mr. Edmunds is quito confident that the sale of this prop- erty will be completed and that when »old it: development will be pushed forward vigorously. Recent strikes on the Burlingame lode of Berkin, Sander's, and others, in the Lowland district, are very promising. The owners have sunk a shaft fifty-five feet and will begin cross -cutting this Week. It is proba- ble that the ore taken out of the shaft will be shipped to East Helena for treatment. George Benjamin is in from the Elk- horn mountains, where he has been doing representation work on the Montana Centra/ and other mines. He says there is a group of fine mines in the vicinity of that property, the leads 'being very wide. On a new location which he made while there, he run a cross-eut twenty-five feet without find- ing the second wall. The ore is prin- cipally brown hematite. FINE POTATOES. THE Aux is indebted to Mr. J. S. Bell, agent in Boulder for the North- ern Pacific railroad company, for a bucketful of new potatoes raised by him in his garden near the depot. They are Beauty of Hebron potatoes, the seed for which were gotten last spring from Mr. Frank Hoopes, of the valley, and the potatoes range in weight from six to sixteen ounces. They are a smooth variety and very handsome of appearance arid of ex- cellent quality on the table. They prove two things: That Boulder will raise fine potatoes as early as any other section of Montana and that Mr. Bell is a first-class gardener. RELIGIOUS NEWS. Rev. E. C. Finley, of Boulder, has gone to Butte to attend the Annual Conference of the Southern Methodist church. Rev. H. W. Currin will preach at the Methodist church in Boulder next Sunday morning and evening at the usual hours. Bishop Brewer will' hold Episcopal services in the Baptist church in Boul- der next Sunday morning at eleven o'clock. Everybody is invited to be present. - SCHOOL TAX ELECTION. The election on the special school tax in the Boulder district hint Mon- day was one-sided, forty-eight votes being east and all in favor of the special tax of two mills. The Trustees have niece then let the contract for fitting rip the lower part of the 'school building, including the 'additional. room, to the Simpkins brothers, and the, furniture for the new room has been ordered. Till: BRYSON HANGING. Last Friday morning Gene Dun- can Bryson suffered thus death penalty for thè murder of Annie Lindstrom, of which crime he had been duly con- victed in the District Court of Jeffer- son county. He retained hope of a oommutation of his sentence up to that morning, but at eight o'clock Goy. White telegraphed that he could not interfere with the mandate of the law, and in leas than three hours af- terward Bryson was a corpse. A few days previous to the date fixed for the execution,. Bryson evidently concluded that there was little hope, and he sent for Rev. T. A. Wickes to administer religious consolation. Mr. Wickets' and others promptly respond- ed to the call and before the execution Bryson claimed to feel divine akitillr- mice that he would find happiness af- ter death. He manifested no -irartic- ular dread of his fate, and he spent the night before his execution in sing- ing, praying, talking, and preparing in writing a speech to be made from the scaffold. At midnight he went to , sleep and rested well until six O'clock of the morning of his death. Shortly after half past ten he was marched to the gallows, he goiew - with a firm step and without any assistance. Taking his place under tile rope, he read the manuscript which he had prepared - and in which hen protested his inn°. c4nce of the crime with which he was charged, distended sonic of the evi- dence in an effort to prove his inno- cence, assailed a detective who had been active in working tip the case, and claimed to be a martyr to the popular demand for a victim. The paper, which was quite lengthy, was read in a clear, distinct, and forcible tone of voice, without a tremor, and the speaker emphasizing special points by a -change in toue, by -motion of the body, and by raising the eyes and resting them for a few seconds upon the audience. Upon the comple- tion of the reading, Bryson handed the manuscript to the Sheriff with the request that it be given to his (Bry- son's) fathar, and then said: \Officers do your duty!\ While the officers were binding his limbs, Bryson mut- tered: \May God have mercy on my soul!\ but there was no other sign of emotion, not even a &urge of coun- tenance. In a few moments the black cap „as drawn over his face and in another moment George Duncan Bry- son was launched into eternity. - After hanging twelve to fifteen min- utes the physicians present declared life to be extinct. The body was then lowered and placed in a coffin and the remains were then conveyed to the undertaking rooms of H. C,,,Hunt 81 Co. As the wagon passed the Windsor House, the poor old father of the dead man stepped to the rear of the wagon and with uncovered head followed it to the undertaking rooms. The >My remained at Hunt's until four o'clock in the afternoon, when it was interred in the Boulder cemetery, quite a number of citizens sitowing their respect for the old father by ac- companying the remains to the grave. RAILROAD NEWS. J. D. Finn, superintendent of the Nörtlierri Pacific division from Living- ston to Helena and branches, spent Monday night in Boulder. Col. P. P. Shelby, general manager of the Montana Central since time completion of the road, has been ap- pointed general traffic manager of the Manitoba road with headquarters at St. Paul, his successdr on the Montana Central being Harry C. Ives, assistant general manager of the Manitoba. It is intimated that Mr. Hill, of the Manitoba, intends to push the con- struction of the Montana Central to Anaconda and Missoula and also of several branches in Montana, includ- ing some in Jefferson county. 23traixeratatige zozoct.a.maimp. Wolter es Maxfield, the well-known butchers of Boulder, respectfully in- 4ite the attention of the people of Boulder and vicinity to the excellent quality of fresh meats always kept on hand and which can not be surpassed anywhere. They also keep on hand all the staple vegetables, fresh eggs, and other household supplies. Special attention is called to the factthat with their steam sausage machine they make fresh ¡sausage every day. The patronage of the public is solicited. Riedel, at the Little Casino saloon, has fine summer sausage, three kinds of cheese, and other good lunch to eat with the cool Milwaukee beer which he serves out to customers. He also keeps the best whisky in town. Be sure to give him a call. PLACER PICKINGS. •-• Ittpes:iel Correopenidenee nee AO* PLacica, August l2.—/l,'. Albreeles has resigned BS superintendont of the Agua Frio mine. Mr. J. W. Dodge takes his place. Mr. • J. F. Winston, one of the owners ,of the ERA Pacific mine, as out here from St. Paul last week look- ing after his mining property. Our neighbors are inclined to be quarrelsome; there were four eases in the Justices Court this week. Candidates fur county officeis are springing up ,on all sides. hopa to see the County Conventions( nomi- nate good, trustworthy men for all the important county tame, meu whose interest» are the county's in - terries; not these carpet-baggerm who can shoulder their turkey and light out when they get a chinas to make a haul as our late7 , County Commis- sioner humus done. 'We know men who are itching to get the domination for important county offices whose little personal property_ i» ' in their wife's name to dodge their creditors. eitich political scalawags are unworthy of the consideration of the Convention and if nomiaated are sure to be de- feated at the polls. READY WORKERS BAZAR. • The Bazar of the Ready Workers of the Presbyterian church will be held during the day and evening for four days, September 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Each evening will have a new programme of, entertainment, and family tickets, bringing these pleamiree within the means of all will be issued. Further particulars next week. . MARRIED. VILLINAIEZ —1.Awrut.—In, Boulder, Montana Terri- tory. on Thursiday, August N. 1549. by Probate Judge John II Fink, Mr. Louie It. Villentaire and Mrs. J. N. Lanclui, both of Butte. CARPENTER—RYAN—AI the residence of the bride's parents. In tbe Boulder Valley, Montana Terri- tory, un Tuesday, August 13, late by the Rev Posiher Pollet, Mr. Win. Carpenter and Mimi Mary 'Ryan, both of Boulder Valley. RICPUBI-ICAN CoNVE1NTION 'The Republicans of .fellh.reon «away, Agnotana Territory. will meet in Convention sit Wreltes,ln «SS onuntY. on Tuesday, Magnet at, it», -at twelve o'clock noon, fin the purpose of electing twelve (12) delegates and attenuate to attend the Itepubliton State t ‚omen, lots to le held at Manmade, on Thurs- day, August 22, 111$11. sud also to place in nornituuton candidates for the various calkos in Jeffenion «amity, and fur the transaction of such other bushier as way be brought before Kahl Convesition. . The different precincts will be entitled to the fof• lowing repreeentation: ritumey 2 Basin 4 Jefferson City 2 Ten Mile e Boulder 12 Gregory 2 Whitehall 2 Corbin . 4 Fish Creek 2 W0441111, 4 Lower Boulder I Mitchell Guts+ 11 Comet 1 Grace I (!ardwell 1 l'igfoot I Jeffenvon River I Amason I itudersburg it Evening Mier I 1 R St 'Amt. 2 Calvin Bedford 2 Alhambra, Placer 8 Peon Placer g Wickes 20 Elk Park 9 Elkhorn It (told Flint I Nort Made Boulder 1 fleapit 1 Total number of delegatea, 125. „, The Republicans in the different precinct, will hold primary meeting' at the usual voting plates en Saturday, August 17, heel, between the hours of four and nine o'clock p. In. to elect the number of dele- gates and isitermato to which they are entitled aa above mentioried. Ti,.' rules ‘.1 , the State (*olive:t- aws will prevail for the stoves omelet of this Couven- tion By order oit the t ' nee. W. M. BULLARD, Chainssan. Casa. E. !STEVEN.', Secretary. irURN ITU It E I o - EALERPI. 1. CD. IX1171•T'X' sib CC). have opened its BOULDER, - • - MONTANA, lit Use old Barn, Coe' A Co. It191,Dipto, at the north •nd of Slain street, or the east side, a fine line of :Old Rh. 043III)11 te »tot* ut CROCKERY. GLASSWARE. AND TIRWASS. Ilemrermonessieo Cl000* or AL L ILNLO« AND EcAuTts« Do not buy any more bower -furnishing goods until yon have examined the new stock at Hunt's, where you can buy a single pieee or a complete outfit. This is an ad- vantage which the peo- ple of Boulder will appre- ciate. MR. HUNT will curry a full line of UNDERTAK- ING GOODIS, and having had much experience in this branch of butanes* he is prepared to marantect satisfaction in this /Me WIIITEIFIZAD at Kumul.r. Weever Ilireammarecstlx. PURNITTIR, E STOUIZI To TEE Primtc. We are now prepared to furnish any sire house or hotel with any style or priced furniture just as cheap aa any bouse in Montana, having over $40,000 worth of furniture In our warehouser. all new geode, receiv- ing from Ave to seven carload\' a week. We ship all over the Territory; special attention given to wall orders; goods peeked and delivered In first claw style. ('all and nee ourstore when in town. Order week, picture framing. and repairing a specialty. Groessbeck et Simpkins Block, Opposite Sentinel egilee. Whitehead /c Kuehn, BOULDER, - - - MONTANA. `i RAND ARMY ENCAMPMENT. The ontana to Milwaukee on August 21st and zki al i Union Pacific will P.m. exeureion tickets from SS 60 for the round trip—linated to sixty «lay• re- turning. Continuous posesage going but stopovers allowed at any point within the Anal limit returning. ,-- The Untsgit‘ 11)s. or via their own line to suit the Pacifie will eds., beep thew tickets good J gORIV atomens °Mee. Give Usa call when tan* Centro{ PRINTING executed with nerttnese and die 'organelle Northern Tactile or the Manitoba át Mon- yon want any work done. purehasern.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 14 Aug. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.