The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, August 21, 1889, Image 1

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1 1 1-1E 117.=.1. B.1\Tc.. SE*. 13c.salcasœ. lbecortatmaass Meemrsrli•Oare, 10174eclammaacasalr, SE1.. MUM- dir *SE Wiese 'Irebriar. cric:ramt.T imi er t, Whole:unit. and Iteetail 4L-1 . -11Cs IN Rats and Caps, Bootee and Shoes, GENTS' P'URN'ISHI NG Gr001.)S, AND FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS -W- I, Wt. \Ir C3) CD> TbO AND L' T IT I - s ( - 1 Have recently been added to our large and varied stock and • Full and Fine Assortment Of lhe.. line, of gsmis will hereafter be found on out shelves. ---Mt- Aortert Foe Cilal 11TC:brill dra M e ' OW CI Cir Reroutes, CAPS, BLASTING, AND Sporting. /FUSE Ranch itutter and Mace -AND- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are mude a spectalty by thus home. ,.. -to:- Highest market price paid for Perrin'. Be», amp Atz. Elena or Coinner PRovece Gin Ft- TUC 4S.1\1> ZAK 1.• X IP Insurance compezzey of New ?fork. là711L3lirD A stol`s $ Surplus 1.100..0n0.00 P.1 I•1 to l'• , 11 ley Holders.. 2 .54 S1.000.00 triou nt of Insurance hi Force 50,000.000.00 M YOUR LUTE INSURED? A Duty Ev 't'y Man Owes to His Family! The Germusiala Lille Insures es Cessapesny OF NEW YOLK pea Opened Office f.y Jefferson County at BOULDER, MONT A NA Where all forms of policies will be issue.). .4.131Sic>t,17.1 . BONI) IeCil2IC1.1T.S, Which are payable in 10. 15, 20, or 25 years! Or In eme of previous death TIGEMEDIA'I'EL - 2\ For heron - amt.,' and nett,. call on or address F. S. DORENI US, Manager Air Montana, Ileleria, Montana, On F.Rli E Dr RYE 1. Special Agent for Jefferson County. Office with Tatman Jovre, Esq., Boulder, Montana. stoTitis. 13 0tiLDMIIII. now SPRINGS' AND HOTEL. WM. TROTTER, Paoraienst. Those Springs lune most lerful Curative l'ropertiee In all forms of ME1114eu.m..s.tic, rivz-czesztsba4siss AND til Lead Poisoning and General Debility. The Springs is a MOST l'1,17.A8 A. N ioICT For three; who are overworked and weary atol who desire a few days' relief from toil anti bust - news and want a few days' recreation. -lot-- Bee is always the best of lIndical itteadsace and Rai ire ins ta ill ?street cf the Setel. RAM TO AND FROM ALL TRAINS, Ort.T.31121r7r.a.X.. MSECYX0EIX.. and RESTAURANT EUROPEAN PLAN. o er1.-1 . OS. 13 AV IC, PROPRIETOR. TPIE GANN A Elixir« saita'ilLeeR one door north of J. R. Warren'. livery stable. t Meals at all hours. 180C1.11E.Ill„ Nicely furnished moms. t t • le INONT A LITERARY NUGGETS. [Gathered for Tag Age] What is life? 'Tis • deheate droll Thrown up by eternIty's Sow On Time's bank of quicksand to dwell And a moment its loveliness show. Gone bat* to the element grand Is the wave that east it ashore; • See! another to washing the strand, And the delicate shell I.. no more. When the \sacredness of property' is talked of, it should be remember- ed that any such sacredness does not belong to landed properir. No man made the land. It il\lre original heritage of the whole pè'ople.-John Stuart Mill. He that upon his hack rich garments wears, Is wise, though on his head grow Midas ears; Gold is the strength, the sinew* of the world; The health, the soul, the beauty most divine: A mask of gold hides all deformities; Gold is heaven's physic, life's restorative. -Dekker. It is better that joy should be spread over all the day in the form of Strength, than that it should be concentrated into ecstacies, full of changes and followed by reactions.-Enterekon. A single human sigh may burn Till it the world shall overturn. -Peràian Protes'. Were there but one virtuous man in the world, he vvould hold up his head with confidence and honor; he would shame the world, and not the world him. -South. Like lonely sailors on a foreign sea, Without a common and without a thart, Unhelped by all their lore of seaman's art. Souls thift along in the vast enyeetcry Of love's companionship. There cannot be A solitude so pathless alertreart. No undiscovered isles lie mo apart From him who seeks, am lie the thoughts that we Forever yearn to head behind dear eyes - The dear eyes that we love, and love to kim. Ab, well! But one thing matters to our Wise, Su long as Love's sun goes not down, all skies Are clear; all shores are friendly; treasure lies On all; we „hall not one sweet harbor miss! Haul Jack...sow had I a dozen sons -each in my love alike -I rattier had eleven die nobly for the,ir oountry than one vo- luptuously surfeit out of action. - Shah -Imam There is no future tang Can deal that ,jinitiee on the self-enidemned Ile deals on Ins own soul. -Syron. That which we acquire with the most difficulty we retain the longest; as those who have earned a fortune are usually more careful than those who have inherited one. -Colton. QUARTZ LOCATIONS. The following locutions of quartz claims in Jefferson county were re- corded in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder during the mout'h Of April, I8S9: Robert Emmet lode, Hoineetake mm. ing district, located April 6th, by Michael T. Walsh, Nicholas Rogers, and W. R. Keithly. Lonepine lode, Homestake mining district, locuted April 20th, and Blue- bird lode, Big Pipestone mining dis- trict, three miles from Big Pipestone Park, located April 9th, by Frank Schultz and J. S. Switzer. Porcupine lode, near head of Alta gulch, three miles from Boulder river, located April 10th, and Campbird lode, in Boyle's gulch, two miles from Boul- der river, located April 11th, by J. Berkins, W. E. Sanders, J. S. Benson, and I. Griffith. Chautauqua lode, west of Prickly Pear creek, in t 9 n, r 3 w, located April 23d, by Lyman C. Harris. Strawberry - lode, three -fourths mile easterly from Prickly Pear creek, lo- cated April 24th, by Matthew Taste - viii. Bigdiamond lode, Lowland mining district, located April llth, ,by An- drew Nelson and F. W. H. Fisher. Grayeagle lode, Cataract mining dis- trict, adjoining Boulder Chief lode, lo- cated April 25th, by Jack Powers, Elizabeth Morrow, and Maggie O'Brien. Pipestone lode, one-fourth mile from Pipestone, located April 13th, by Wm. Huselton, S. W. Walker, and S. E. Strickland. Longbob lode, Cataract mining dis- trict., one-fourth mile east of Evening Star mine, located April 20th, by J. II. O'Neill, George IIarris, and Robt. Cain. Clinton lode, two and one-half miles southeast of Woodvilie, located April 9th, by S. D. Mills and Louise A. Thornton. Goa.enera lode, Cedar Plains min- ing district, one and one-fourth mile west of B,adersburg, located April 15th, by Wm. Hough, David P. Schultz, and A. W. Scharnke. Liberty tunnel right, Big Pipe -stone mining district, located April 10th, by Chas. R. Hawley, Gus Lam - botte, Paul F. Lambotte, A. B. Lam - botte, and F. A. Stuart. Sheincrek lode. Colorado mining dis- trict, three -fourths mile southwest of Beavertown, located tpu:il let, by Y. W. O'Connell. CfearrWie lode, on east side of Basin creek, three and one-half miles from Basin, and Lillie Giant and Mammoth Iodes, two miles from Basin, Cataract mining district, boosted by A. R. Por- ter, R. B. Porter. John McGilvary; T. G. Roberta, and W. D. Campbell. Kelpie lode, Bash mining district, located April 151b, by H. D. Winter, Morton W. Westfall. and Howard A. Dickerson. Shoofly lode, eight and one-half miles southeast of Butte, located April 17th, by I). A. Morrison, Geo. II. Casey, F. T. McBride, and Jas. E. Jacobs. eibolo lode, Cataract mining district, one mile north of Basin. located April llth, by John D. Allport. Shepherd lode, Cataract. on road from Wickes to Rocker, located April 22d, by Jas. Thompson.114n - wilt lode, on east side of Boul- der river, one-half mile east of mouth of Highore gulch, located April 10th, by G. H. Montgomery and G. K. Rogers. Sadie lode. Boulder mining district, near Boyle's gulch, located April 19th, by Ed. Fallon and Turn C. S. Rogers lode, Gillmore mining district, located April 13th, by ('has. J. Kelly, Chas. Lytle, S. M. Eccles, and E. W. Sprague. Nettie and Alice lodes, Pipestone inining district, located April 22d. by Terence Lennon, Ed. McGovern, C. A. Sloan. and J. A. Ketchum. Lidu lode, Pipestone mining dis- trict, located April 19:h, by Terence Lennon, C. A. Sloan, Ed. McGovern, and C. F. Booth. Nonantion lode, at junction of Basin and Eureka gulches, located April 6th, by Geo. W. Jones. Salem lode, one and one-half mile up Eureka gulch, located April 6th, by Geo. W. Jones. Copper King lode, three miles south from Missouri river and two miles southwust or liall's bay ranch, locat- ed April 4th. by A. J. Kelly and Jas. D. Anderson. Drexel, (' S. and Pauline Iodes, Fourth -of July mining district, two miles north of Boulder and Baden'. burg road, located April 6th, 16th, and 5th reop., by George B. Clark and Oscar Sparta. Borer lode. Colorado mining district, at mouth of M. C. B. IL tunnel near Wick -es, located April 17th. by J. B. Andrews, W. H. Hand, and Richard Waters. Parnell lode, Gillmore mining dis- trict, located April 1st. by Jas. Keat- ing. Thomas McManus, Chas. S. Rogers, and Michael Gillmore. Gillmore and Mary Aisne lodes, Gill - more mining district, located April 10th, by Jas. Keating. Thos. McManus, Chas. S. Rogers, Michael Gillmore. and Thomas Dawson. Aida Ketchum and Wilksbarre lodes Gillmore mining district, located April 13th, by Jas. Keating, Thomas McManus, Chas, S. Rogers, and Mich- ael Gillmore. Rainbow lode, in Boomerang gulch, located April 4th, by Geo. Benjamin. Dolly (bagel -on lode, one mile south- easterly of Woodville, located March 31st, by Henry Smith and James McClosky. Makina lode, Big Pipestone mining district, located March 30th, by Paul F. Lambotte, Gus Lounbotte, ad A. B. Lambotte. Galileo lode, Big Pipestone mining district, located March 30th, by Gus Lambotte, Peter Benjamin, Paul F. Lambotte. James R. Crayton, and A. B. Lambotte. Voltaire, Tàe 1789, and Benfranklin Iodes, Big Pipestone mining district, located March 30th, by Mrs. L. A. Lambotte, Paul F. Lambotte, A. B. Lambotte. and (ills Lambotte. Silteeproek lode', two miles from Basin, located April 10th, by J. D. Allport and Dan McLaughlin. Silver Phone lode, one and one-fourth mile southwesterly from Wickee, lo- aiated March 8th, Monareh lode, 600 feet north of Silver Plume lode, located March 18th, and Pears/ban lode, one mile northeasterly from Wickes, lo- cated March 4th. all in Colorado dis- trict, by John Clancey, Curtis M. Hill, and Fred. Baker. Johnson lode, six miles northwest of Radersburg, located March 18th, by John Johnson. Aprilfool lode, Colorado mining dis- trict, three -fourths mile northeast of Wiekes. located April 1st. by Harry Worisman, A. H. Djekenion, Henry Tubin, and Richard Powers. Criarat lode, three miles south of Raderaburg, located March 21st, by F. W E. Schmitz and Charles Silber - cast. Duchess lode, one mile northeast of Huntley & Clark's sheep sheds, locat- ed March 234, by 'Al. Hossfeld, Gel E. McKay, and John Parker. Billrom lode, eight miles northwest of Radershurg, located March 224, by Al. Ilonsfeld and John Sittou. Rattlesnake lode, eight miles south- east of Willow Springs, located March 20th, by Win. Berkin, D. W. McIn- tyre, and Geo. LaPointe. Monitor lode, one and one-half mile northeast of Willow Springs, located March 28th, by Win. Berkin and Ferd Timons. Boulder lode, three miles northwest of Trail Springs, located Mareh 8th, by Geo. B. Clark. Ludefere lode, Cataract mining dies- triet, three and one-half miles up Basin creek, located April 4th, by A. R. Porter, T. J. Roberts, R. B. Porter, Wm. D. Campbell, and John Mc -ad- vert , . Élly lode, Beaver ('reek mining district, three miles from Placer, lo- cated April 8th, by Frank Beluueh and M. Kelly. A ntoinelle lode, Clancey mining dis- trict. located April 8th, by H. Peter- son, Fritz Kropp, Hugo Herold, and F. W. Kuphal. Blackking lode, Cedar Plains mining district, located April 9th, by Geo. B. Clark and J. A. Keating. Freiberg Extension lode, Weard Creek mining district, located March 9th, by Henry Louis Zeikler. Littleben, Telluride, and Morton lodes, Beaver Creek mining district, five miles from Placer, located March 30th, by E. C. Albrecht, W. S. Dodge, and Sara Carruther. Mohawk lode, in Johnny's gulch, lo- cated April 11th, by John D. Ripley and E. Herrick. 00e/ieee:eas lode, Beaver Creek min- ing district, located March 18th, by M. Gleason and Frank H. Fowles. Northpacifie lode, Mountain mining district, two miles west of Indian Creek park, located April 24, by John Neville and C. E. Worden. Ottawa lode, Mountain mining dis- trict, located April 9th, by C. E. W or - den and John Neville. Canadian lode, in Johnny's gulch, located April 13th, by Arthur Pelle- tier; Z. Audist. and Louis Lord. Broadway mine, one -halt mile east of Paul's mine. near Radersburg, lo- cated March 10th, by Thomas Lang and James Lang. Milton No. 2 lode, Beaver Creek mining district, three miles southwest of Placer, located April 3d, by Chas. M. Humphreys. Hurricane lode, Beaver Creek min- ing district, three miles southwest of Placer, located April 9th, by Fred. Otaling and Brady Hanson. Silver Springs lode, teu miles Si south- west of Radereburg and on'ile east of Dogtown, located April Itth, by Geo. M. Fleming. . Genera/harriaon lode, Basin mining district, three -fourths mile southeast of southeast corner of Lewis .and Clark county, located April 13th, by F. Manuel and N. Jensen. Roekland lode, Elkhorn mining dis- trict, two miles northeast of Elkhorn, located April 12th, by Hugh Calhoun and Jas. Murphy. R. G. Ingersoll lode, Beaver Creek mining district, three and one-half miles from Placer, located April 16th, by Edmund H. Hazelton and John S. Denmark lode, Beaver Creek mining district, three and one-half miles southeast of Placer, located by P. B. Ingalls. Snotty/on lode. Beaver Creek mining district, at head of Spring gulch, lo- cated April 20th, by J. B. Jones and S. Geo. Thomas. Water/ao lode, Beaver Creek mining district, half mile from mouth of Weasel gulch, located April 20th, by S. Geo. Thomas and John B. Jones. Coppery/ance lode, two miles south- west of Hall's hay ranch and three mile« southwest of Missouri river, lo- cated April 4th, by A. J. Kelly and .1118. D. Anderson. Idaylenn quartz lode, Cedar Plains Keating and Ohio mines, located April 9th b George B. Clark and J. A. xrr‘zIrrni Ca renal 'flu- e's:sumo FROM STOCK- BREEDERS. WHOM A1111 LT megrim or PUMPING WINDIMIE1.1.41 oa l'oare- e WINLI1CM,T(3•Il•T To uUll LAMB 1111111 000ne Ill TWO OLAMI. rre ruieeenherraa roue masse, -a mom Warp and five eisee of POWER WIN\) 11.1gOINX8, e r e ediatar2EM neon ONO TO Winne arena» DA own. turn me LAIIMOOl nieenagn, mere OVILIIII- TOING MAP PItleTAINII0 TO TOY MOM OIP autumn. ore Goole mug use IS • wiles aiestrr or vrearroitv. •aa W • ILMANTILL., AS n oraoc• *TOO 150000. Seicshie irate Tung .2 Ihresaried Terr tory. Veda hr hereell-papi beam with ‚Alps a RD iswetet eif ear pale Mims Ir. IL It CO , otaleviiie, Dan., U. IL •. nataws spirairnazaterrs. - etel•JANi.\ AND CHEMICAL LABORATOMY a'. .r. CarCrer10. HELENA, . . MONTS NA . Gold aged River Ill SO Zinc. 0000 and lead 2 00 Tin ar Lead I 00 Antimony a 00 C. I SO A ramie 500 50 Iron .. I M T. O. POWER BRO., LIIII.ENA, M. T. 1141.» I -11W In Mining Machinery and M nerve Hu pptieeee. Auger. era BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. - STEAM HOISTS - - AID COMM» SCUM yeomen. haw Habib Satiety Nitro Powder, Cape Fuse ¡DO. te2AB.OAV .orz. : • : a. MI T. Tit* earamms saws latrines augur OF If ICIAPCNA.. Ineserpeasted Ceder Ow Laws elf Montaina PAID IN t'APIT,AL. di 1. 0 , 0 . TIMMAS ....... President T. H. CARTEIL. TherresIdent C. L DAHLER ............... E. . CARTER Secretary Allows sir per cent interest an Savings Depoatt•, compounded January and July. Trammel» a general banking banner, draws ea- ehange on the principal eitiee of the United Mate. sad Ituarepe. WE We loans on County and City bond& arid real estate mortgages TIME Di ./E.1...Elf A. DAILY .11) triesA.L. s. Per Town ER nix oweathis 83 three eamathe. If you want • live daily newspaper. Subscribe for the Haa.reo• Dotty Jovarst. If you want good Republican doctrine, Subscribe for the rtes. Jecruas. If you want a full Associated Press report, Subscribe for the DELOWA DAILY Jointents.. If you want all the news of Montana. Subscribe for the DILLJOIA DAILY JOCIOAL. If you are el/ready a sub- seriber to any other Helena paper, discon- tinue It and Subscribe for the Hxzex. DAitv Jocsurm... It you want a IllretsTbeas Weekly News- paper, embscribe Oar Use WMXCICIAY Subscription Priem, E8 Per Annum. MONTANA PARISI» AID STORE 30IIIteti.. 'THE LEADING PAPER IN THE NoRTHWEIrr. DEVOTED TO amucri.vcrur. rave STOCK FARMING, HoUSEHOLD INTERESTS, AND FAMILY READING. Subscription Price. 83.00 per Year. F IUME -4114 SOLID GOLD WATCH 1 :51 ,\ Mold Grir ROO until Besés. the world. Perfect timekeeper. Warranted. Heavy Solid Gold Hunting Cases. Both WSW wed gene' aims, with worts and canes of aqua vale. One panne ia web locality can secure owe free, wide ~Mare and valuable line of 110113eireg SAMPLER These 'simples, ari well as the watch, we send FREE, and after you have kept them la your home for two month* and shown them to those who, may baer milled, they become your own properep, mining district, one mile north of lhalw who write at .mer tan he in» of loottlehMtho WATCH and SAMPLES «preen, Bo: Pettlaad. Mabee. • Se. Ad4reis T Ce. Keating. arausauta MIMS ie bet NMI f•re - reet-ro \arc weirs 1 V ilir e alli e *MIN*

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 21 Aug. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.