The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, September 04, 1889, Image 1

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moor 174D1. 13. 1\t. SEP. IVIEtzsa.3. - tzti1.ts, Irforri tory, \Waz.clittspalliciaa3r Olicu.›tapi.13.1„,c.\- 4.. 1000. lirel>4111Per. B.11116.CŒre CHCOZL ( T hu r d.) Wholosseale anti Retail DEALERS IN C.71.10 , 03Cligainga, Haste and Cape, Boots. and Shoes, GOODS, AND FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. -1 0 1 - I'\2\ O 0 X> AND C I... O T 1 I N a Have recently been added to our large and varied stock and a Full and Fine Assortment Of these line, of goodie will hereafter be found on our shelves. -)0(- Artrave Foe Cialallrg, remise Meow GI z- ORKEi. Hercules., CAPSA BLASTING, AVID Sporting. FUSE Haneh Iluttar and Eggs. -AND- . ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a spry:laity by this hinee. Highest market price paid for Perm. BAWL AND ALL Kurne Or Courtin' PaoDuce - Ma %meaner Company of New York. ' lidTiliL13212 IS50. Awiets 514,006.000.00 Stamina 1.100,000.00 Paid to Policy Holdors.. 21.500,000.00 A utunnt insurance in Force._ 50,000,000.00 IS YOUR LIFE INSURIID1 A Only Ev , •ry Man Owes to Ills Family! The fdarmanta 1.114- Inattra , ce Company OF NEW YORK LITERARY. ' N UGG E'rs, (Gathered for Tun AGE.] faritice while she winks at crime, Stumbles nit jii,loc'flee ermaretimes. . -Butler. Wit will never Make a man rich,' but there are places where riches will always Make a wit. -Juvenal. What is beauty? Not Hie show 01 shapely limbo and feature». No. Thee are lint dowers, • That have their dated - hours To breath their momentary tweets, then go, 'Tie the stainless soul within t That outehines the fairest skin. -.Sir A. Hunt. God has lent us thé earth for our life. It is a. great entail. Itbelongs as much to those who come after us, and whose names are already written in. the book of creation, as to us; and we have no right, by anything we de or neglect, to involve them in any un- necessary penaltiee-;or to deprive them of the benefit which was in our power to bequeath. -John ieuskin. When love is strong, It never tarries to lake heed, Or know if its return exceed Its gift; in it' sweet baste no greed, No strifes belong. -Helen Hunt Joel:eon. It is ,withy nations as with individ- uals, these. who know the least of others think the highest of them- selves; for the whole family of pride and ignorance are incestuous, and mutually beget themselves.--,--Coiton. What profits us, that we from heaven derive Ami ,u1 immortal, and with looks erect Survey the stars, if, like the brutal kind, We follow where our passions lead the way? -Cloudion. I find the gayest castles in the air that were ever piled far' better for comfort and for use than the dun- geons in the Air that are daily dug and eaverned out by grumbling, contented people.-Enterson. I am not proud;.1 hold niy every breath At nature's mercy. I aui as a babe Borne in a giant's mime he knows not where; several heart -heat, counted like the coin \A miser reckons, is a special gift As from an unseen hand. -‘-f). Ir. MA men. \Ill blows the wind that profits no- bodv.-Skakeepere. QUARTZ LOCATIONS. 'The 'follawing locations of quartz claims in Jefferson county were re- corded in, the office of the County n..openm Wire Jefferson County at Clerk and Recorder during the month - of May, 1889: SOPI.DElt. MONTANA., Manhattan lode in Holmes gulch. Where all (minx of policies will be homed, ' Inclaiting located April 3d, lode, Mark Brayerton, A itsoLtrrit 130111.13 H. W. Steveason, and O. C. Rinker. : Which payable in Montana lode, four and a half miles am 10. 13, (+, m- 25 yen r+4 ! west of Townsend, located January ..\- 15th, by D. Ames, W. T. Deadmond, Or in owe of previoure death l\GE fr z - £r t - enfl - entuk - bttrw. - Horse , 4<hoe lode, cline and one-half For information and rates, rail on \or address mile west of Calvin located April 19th, by David Corbett and W. J. Hieber. - Monte Christ° kale, two miles north of Clancey, located April 19th, by Emanuel Redding. , Grandrepubtic and Prid£ of Montana lodes, in Redrock gulch four miles; R F. S. DOEMUM, Manager for Montane. Helena, Montana, OR PIERRE DURYEA, Special Agent for Jefferson County. °dice with TINIUMAA Jov» , ,, Eno., Boulder, Montana. t B OULDER HOT SPRINGS AND HOTEL. WM. TROTTER, Psorainrott. These Springs have mood Worteer PO1 Curer ti Ve P e roprties In all forms of Is • • - awn. rat' 42. erzoSElicol0 town as Frisea lode. located Febru- y 11th, by . Win. S. Cooley and 'rank Warner. l'irginio lode, Bashi gulch district, located May 6th, by G. II. Carrow. - Eureka lode, Cedar Plains district, two miles south of, Johnny's gulch, located May 13th, by J. I:. Parkhill, S. T. Porter, and Chas. P. Grove. Gracealice lode, two milts westerly of Basin, located May 1st, by John. McDonough and W. R. Gibbings. Irondnke lode, half a mile south 'of Clark's creek, located April 27th, by Samuel Seekels and Ed. MeConville. Shayhorse lode, Beaver Creek dis- trict, one mile cast of East Pacific mine, located May 13th, by Frank Ashley and Dave Cannon. Decker lode, Cedar Plains district, located April 29tb, by Arthur\ L. Shepherd and Joseph Lethlein. . Yukon lode, \Mountain district, lo- cated May 4th, by Frank Bassett and B. H. West. Goldenheart lode, Beaver Creek dis- trict, . located May 17th, by Thomas Durnen and' Jas. Dunne. 'Ontario lode, Mountain district, two miles southwest of Pork mine, located May 8th, by John Neville, Al. Morgan. and Frock Bullock.' Buffa/o lode, Mountain district, three miles southwest. of Park mine, located May 8th, by -Fred. Bullock and Al. Morgan. Cleopatra and Nipsie lodes, McClel- lan district, located May 2d, by John II. Taylor and John B. Taylor. Florence lode, sec 3 and 10, t 9 r 3 w, located May 13th, by Frank E. Read. „ Yerkville lode, one mile west of Basin, located May 23d, by JosephL. Murphy and Jas. Walls. • Omaha lode, Cedar Plains district, located- May 20th, by John D. Ripley and Emery Herrick. America lode, Colorado district, two and 'ene,lialf miles west of Gregory, located 'May 23d, by Jas. Hooch tied Harry Bombough. Peter Jackson lode, one mile north of North lioulder creek, located May 23d, by Henry Pankey, Nelson Mos - burg, and Morris Gainer. Blaine lode, near head of Clancey creek,- located May 17th, by John Fillippi. Vanzucla lode, at head of Indian creek, adjoining Park mine, located' May 11th, by Grant Snell ; Mitt lode, two miles north of Boul- der, located May 23d, by Lars Larson and Michael MeGilvary. International lode, on Clerk's creek, located May 9th, by J. M. Brynjolfson. ) Goldenera lode, Boulder district, lo- cated May 29th, by John Barry and Peter Cleary. ' Garfield lode, Big Pipestone district, four miles northerly from Pipestone above Boulder river, located April Springs. located May, 14th, by A. B. 16th, by Philip M'iller, Chas. Orth, munbÖtte aml Chas' P.'-Hanby. Ch and as. W. Rhule. US A lode, Big Pipestone district, , Acadia, Midnight, and Diamondstar seven miles northwest of Pipestone Iodes, Cataract mining district, ad- Springs, located May 21st; Garibaldi joining Ereningstar mine, located April bile, six and - one-half miles from 13th, by Neil Mclsaae. Pipestone Springs, located May 21st; ANo IN ' • ... 9pitOi lode, Big Pipestone district, Bruiser lode, on north side of Whip- C Lesa pow:no: it and General Debility. cracker gulch, located April ;30th, by five miles northerly from Pipestone -.. i, • ___„(____ II. H. Menor and L. R. McGuigan. Springs: arid HaPPYdaY lode, Big Pipe - The Springer t..I Mayday lode, one and one-fourth stone district, six miles northwest of ? ' Pipestone Springs, located May 20th, wiser 1'1.1.:ASA.Z4'17 RESORT mile from Missouri river, opposite Jeerliaone who are overworked and weary mid who . Pointed Rock, located May 2d, by by Gus J. Lambotte, Paul F„ LaM- - deelre a few days' relief from toil elnd hued- t Wm. Davis, Jr. botte, and Elmer A. Young. IIIIIO1 and want a few days' recreation. Marchfourth lode, on divide between Lillian G and /Amin -entice lodes, on --:0:- Monitor and Basin creeks, located apex of Alta hill, near Wickes, beat - %,n ;s dwayt the list of Solioal ittlada4oe and Baths are rm a March 20th, by Jesse Wilkinson and cd April 29th, by John W. Russell: id Patrons of do Rote RACK .1.0 AND FROM Au. TAAnta, owtmiarep.a..xa zrzcsiratax, and RESTAURANT 11 EUROPEAN PLAN. er 1-108. IBAStYP. PROPRIETOR. IN THE GANA k KLEIN ARICA FtLocK one door north of J. It. Warren's livery stoble, t t t t t t t Meals at all hours. BOULDER, '• • bit Sit John C. Woodruff. Alpine lode, two miles westerly of Cerbin, located May 7th, by Hugo- Freyler and Roy R. Crumb. Clifton lode, one mile from 'Wickes smelter on road to Beavertown, locat- ed May 4th, by E. II. Smith. Mollie lode, four miles southerly of Clasoil, located April 24th, by Chas. Offord. • Trailspring lode, half a mile north of Trail Springs, located Aril 20th, by John H. Patterson. St. Charles lode, four and one-half miles northeast of Radereburg, locat- ed April 22d, by Gustave Anderson, Louise Anderson, and Edward J. Hickey. Emma lode, located Mai‘‘ch 16th, by A. Huseby, H. -Greseth, L. Valdon, Otto Johnson, and John Sowdee. Õreenhorn lode, Cataract milling district, located April 20th, by James E. I3arta. Nicely furnished rooms. Ohio lode, in Grub gulch, located May 6th, by Alfred P. Sweeney John W. Eddy, and Wm. L. Vinson. , Ken» lode, one and one-fourth mile MONTANA. northerly of,Beavertowu, formerly Luellarichhart lade, Cedar Plains dis- trict, near Johnny's gulch. located 'April 29th, by J. F. Richhart, Bruno Stratliman, and Jahn Rich hart. Reservoir and J I C lodes, Basin Gulch district, located April nth, by Henry Gilbert. Rneingsun lode, four and' one-half miles west of Townsend, located March 19th, by JolirN. Barber. Mountain Spotter lode, Homestake district, located May 9th, by J. J. Egan, Jas. Kyle, John McEvoy, and John Ducie. Hoboo lode, Colorado district, 2,000 feet west of M. C. tunnel and on /min- mit of hill, located May 11th, by John Mott and Henry Mott. • Apollo lode, 900 feet west of Evening Star mine, and Portland lode, Cataract district, located May 14th, by Charles B. King and Chum. Vance. Windsor lode, taro miles west of Amazon located May 15th, by Geo. Ham and Ed. Bowrons. Benharrison lode, Lowland district, located May 6th, by A. H. Grose and Mrs. A. S, McIntyre. Oklahoma and A ineriertnexelionge Iodes, up Boulder creek, located May 13tli and April 2'.1th reap., by Edward Fallon and Tom Ed and Lillian lodes, Elkhorn dis- trict, foui• utiles south of Elkhorn, near paint of rocks on Boulder road, located May 17th, by H. C. Shepherd. Vent lode, one mile south of Woe:O- vine, located May 13th, by John S. Shaffer and M. A. Donahoe. • Fairview lode, Si. Louis. district, half mile south of St. Lanni, located May 17th. by John W. Kelly, J. F. Spires, and F. Sipe. Belmont lode, Big Pipestone distric,t, seven miles northwesterly of Pipe - stone Springs, located May 2e1, by Jas. Ketchum, Ben Cayier,ed C. A. Sloan. Man lode, located May 18th, by Mr.' and Mrs. Frank Coll and Ed. Sharkey. Maybe& lode, two miles Southeast of Woodvi4e, -located May 13th, by S. D. Mills and Louisa' A. Thornton. IVONTINEIOLNEXT area.] - . JEFFERSON C\iit.TNTY MINES (Montana Mining Review; Helena.] Another car load of ore from the Big Medicine mine, in Cataract district, Jefferson county, was' received at the 11 elena smelter this. week. Two care from the Ruby lode, Lowland district, were also shipped in. M.'ork has been suspended for a .shprt time oui the Hope min,e, in the eaSin distriet, for the purpose of get- NN. a Carentil 1 neepreet101111 rims 81'001t-BitHEDEREt. FARMERS. Users ol\ PI. , M PiNG WIND hi 1.1.4...M eat AND Power wirr MU - GI - IN - ma, ro nett LA ROIL LINN Or MAIDS IN TIIND visas. W/C MANI:FM-LEA 6 1 , 01/11 mom Dr PuhrilIGMIND gnus and five sines ot POW Eli WIND ENGINSH, w1 1 .43‘.1\TX2ZOM FROM ONIC To TIIALE ter minim lllll la Earn ('Ii LA ittiKi. II\ AND EVILIIIT- THIN.. MAX toorrettoste iro int. cLAPIII or ItAcIIINE_A. OVA (Mol)\ ARK 17550 IN A WIDE EXTANT 01 , TIKIIIIrroltV, Axe ru t s.? ANDollittèl'AVANTWEIIII:000. , Reliable drat' Wasted in Unieculiird NIT tory. Wrier for en bop 12-psto fat/loot whirl Tingly* kV desor.phdt of our iddrnis P. It. »TEA UN' IL CO It inaltiv tte, Ewa., a. A. II El .1 , \. NA AI ›V EitTlidEid ENTS, I ‚'V 01 4 `14 . 1(2.114 AN!) . Çtt EM ICA I: * LA BORAFORT e. Pr. IM , Cr1731D. • HELENA,. : MONTANA. Gold and Silver e 50 Zits $11 041 marts. R014411.4 lead 94%) t„. OU I 50 silk% I let Tin Anniston.), Arsenic, Iron .. ‚OS, .0 SI OS so ting ill SU dies, etc. This property is rr C POWER és BRO ni.RNA, IL T. now under bond to Briscoe who • report development work very midis- . factory, and work will again resume in a few days. 'Information was received to -day that the 300 -foot level of the_etkhorn Queeirmine had struck theJedge at a distance of about ninety feet, and ,:that all indications point to a large body of good ore. This mine is lo- cated in Elkhorn district, and is own- ed principally by Whom parties. It is the iutention' of the company to erect a steam hoist and prepare to treat their ores. MINING NEWS. The Helena Indedendent one day last week said: \The stockholders qf the Boulder Chief -Mining Compady held a meeting for the porpoise of de- vising the future plans of the corn- y- It was cb sl to-ailvertise ten days for bids for leasing the prop- erty to some responsible party, who shall give a satisfactory bond to the company. One thing agreed upon is that whoever shall lease the mine will not have any connection with the Amazon mill. There are several per- sons anxious to lease the- mine who, if they secure the / contract, have de- termined to ship -time ore to either the \Wickes Helena, or Great Falls smelt- ers. The company shall keep one man at the mine to .guard their ill- kerests.\ r' , MIL`'.1-131 TO EAST, ALI, z>carru.-a '08 WEST, NORTH and 140111111, - t 4 THE UNION PACIFIC t t 0- GENERAL RAIGWAY and fITY.AX/SUIP (Wring No. 50 N. MAIN Kramer, Breit, MONT. E. V. MAZE, City Tieket Agent. J. A. mravis, General Agent. 1[111E MANITOBA AND MONITANA PEN - J, trai railroad will sell excursion tickets from Mt. Paul and Minneapolis to Helena and return at 045.01.1, one fare, for the round trip, on the following dates: Aug. fith and 20th, Sept. 101h and 24th Oct. 8111. Good thirty day.. Slop -over ¡Menefee will be allowed within limit of ticket. • ',AM.,» IN NI aarad Mistere' Supplies«. • 1.1..NTANA AMUR% roa BLAKE'S IMPROVED amuit Puma. -STEAM ..monyte-- AND COMMON Stertag witotiawr ME VIM Safety Nitro Powder, Cap«. Puna. Ma STEAIIIIIOAT Bilai'. : : THE THOMAS CHIME SAVINGS MANIC or 11 MI.ICNA. groorporitted Under the Leas of Mosatema PAID IN t A VITAL. • TII0MAS President T. II. CARTER, Vice -President. C. L. DA IILER Treasurer. E. J. C.% TITER itieretary. Allow!rn nix per cent interrat Deposit., comp deeyienuary and July. Treenail% it general bank Mg bunnies., drones ea - 'ti Ilie principal citing§ of the United States anal Europe. Will snake loans on C ty and City bonds, and real rotate mortgages. Ell I IIE IIP:A.PINA. DAILY' .7 0 U RINTAL. SO per year; $3 sir months ; $3 Ham ussentaw. jot it you want a live daily neveliptiper. Subscribe for tire r.r.setia Dattv Joutorat.. If you warrt good Republican doctrine, Subscribe for thé lismtwe DAILY Jscasrst.. If you want a full Associated Press report, ibehrieribe for the Ilgimoi DAMN' James. If von want all the :revisor Montana. Subscribe for the °Ana' Jot:1mm. If you are already a nub - scriber to any other Helena paper, discon- tinue it and Itiebsecrilxi for the HZI.IttlA DAIII.T . J01,111111AL. It you want a First...Claw Wesel\ tee. - paper, imbsertbe tbs. the WEEKLY\ JOURINTA.L. Subscription Price, $8 Per Annum. MONTANA would» AND Irma JOURNAl, Ten: LEADING PAPER IN TIIE NORTHWEST. DEVOTEI) TO AGRICULTURP, LIVE STOCK FARMING, HolT8RHOLD INTEREffrit, AND FAMILY READING. Subscription Price. $3.00 per Year. utitEtt•-•ss soLID (s)1,D' WATCH Were°. F Sold for 5100 until lately.. Beet NI watch he the world. Perfeet timekeeper. Wamented. Ileavy Molid Gold limiting (Mien. Both ladies' and gente' sizes, with works and onmen of tm.1.11 value. One person in etal 104011ity ran secure one free, together with ewer large and valuable line of 11(1114E1141LD HA :EPEES. These samples es well as the watch, we send FREE, and after viol have kept them in year home for two moot Its Mid shown them to threw who may have tailed, they ',creme your own property. 'finer who write at onee elm be %ore of receiving the WATt'll and SAMPLF:S. We pay all exproni, freight. rec. Addrese STINSON k CO., Pox 512. Portland, Maine. -‘ Tannic cent Muni Rum ton be bad stn. da v OD dort •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 04 Sept. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.