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7 ' Far ihtpreientatives. o THE AGE - • - BOULDER, MONT. Wiratorsaair, Sneriarnsa 4, 1889. IRIZIPUBLICAN STATE Tiessr. For Congresernan T. II. CARTER Of Lewis and Clark County. Por Governor T. C. POWER Of Lewis and Clark County. For Lieut. Governor - J. E. RICKARDS Of Silver Bow County. Ter Secretary of !State LOUIS ROTWII'T Of Meagher County. IF« State Treasurer It. O. na-exas Of Madison County. For Mate Auditor E. A. KENNEY • Of Miseoula County. For Attorney Gang II. J. II ASK ELL • Ihternon County. Per Superintendeot of Public lout ruction JOHN GANNON Of Deer Lodge County. Fer Clete Justice H. N. BLAKE Of Lewis and Clark County. For Ansociate Jitstice W. H. DgWITT Of silver Bow County. For Amoebae Justice E. N. HARWOOD Of Yellowstone County. For Clerk of Sup. Court W. J. KENNEDY Of Misesoula County. IIIMPURLICAlif JUDICIAL TICKET. Fer Judge District Court T. J. (GALBRAITH Of Beaverhead County. .8uurvatt.iicAm COUNTY TICKET. Fee State Seatator ROBERT FISHER Of W s. ick.. ft. A. /SWIGGETT Of Wickes. A. L. LOVE Of Radersburg. J. J. CRONE Of Fish Creek. For Joint Representative JAS. E. JACKSON Of Wickes. Ter i f i lnty Com - J. R GILBERT Of Wicket. 'Va. V. MYERS Of lholeirdearg. ARCH! E McMILLAN Of Placer. Tor Clerk sad Recorder CHAS. E. STEVENS Of Boulder. For Sheriff FRANK LINDSEY Of Wirikee For Treasurer DAN MeNEILL Of Boulder. For Supt. Public enboolt...... R. E. HAMMOND Of Inkhorn. For Public Administrator A. P. SMITH Of Elkhorn. For Aaseastor V. A. COOK Of Boulder. Per County Attorney W. L. HAY Of Boulder. Fer Clerk of District Court, FRANK HARLOW Of Boulder For Coroner Of Jefferson City. A. F. 111.11.10 an indictment as he could not eecure a convidion. And no indictment was _ brought, and some of ,he parties to the atrocious crime areistill residents of Montaneand doubtless ready to east a month for \dear old Porn.\ If that is a fair specimen of his legal ability, Montana does not want him for Attorney General. THE EQUITY OF THE CASE. The action of the Democrata in the Constitutional Convention in turning out of office all the present county of- ficials, should receive the severest censure of all fair-minded men, These official's were 'elected for a term of two years. In other words, there was by their election an implied contract be- tween them and the people of their respective counties that they should nerve for that length of time. The Demoeratic majority of the Conititu- tional Convention is directly respon- sible for a violation of those con- tract». It is no excuse to write that the Act f ongress authorizing the admission of the Territories made necessary the election of all county officials, because the judiciary committee • of the Con- vention, composed of the ablest legal talent in Montana, decided that it was within the power of the Convention to permit the county officials to hold for the entire term for whiat they were elected. A simple clause inserted in the Constitution would have given them their rights. The Republicans stood solidly for their rights, but being in the minority could accomplish nothing. The Deniocrat•ic party placed itself upon record as violating the rights of hundreds of the county officials in Montana—all poor men; the Republican party fought nobly to preserve inviolate those rights. The Republicans stand openly and proudly upon their record; the Democrats seek to cast on Congress the ignominy of their contemptible action, and thus shift from themselves the responsibil- ity. Which pay, then,, is most worthy of your confidence and votes? REkBLICAN NOMINEES. THE HELENA ilidependeitt says W. Y. Pemberton ought to be elected At- tèrney General because he is a lawyer. The Independent must be joshing. A bigger reputation on a smaller capital could not be made by any other man in Montana. \Old Pem,\ no he was affectionately called at the convention in Anaconda when he was nominated last week, was not many years ago the prosecuting attorney of the judicial district composed of the West Side counties. During his incumbency, a man was drugged to death and robbed in Missoula. The officers there Worked up the cane, discovered all the perpe- trators of the murder and robbery, se- cured the confession of one of the par- ties implicated, and had all the per- sons engaged in the affair either ar - rented or under surveillance. The Missoula papers gave full particulars of the crime and the names of all who had a hand in it. When the next term of court came on and \dear old Pent\ went down to prosecute, he in;'' structed the grand jury pot to bring The following completes the sketches of the Republican nominees in Jeffer- son county: • Re' publican nominee as County Com- missioner, was born in Lafayette county, Ohio, March 24, 1839, and was raised in that county on a farm, receiving such education as was com- mon with farmer boys of that early date. In 1858 he came west as far as Iowa and in 1860 to Coliirado. that Territory he followed placer min- ing until 1863, when he came to Mon- tana. In this Territory he mined for ten years, then lie .engaged in mer- chandising for five years, and for the past eleven years has been engaged in ranching and stock -raising. He has never held any 'public office and re- ceived the present nomination con- trary to his expressed desire. He lost his wife in 1881 and has no family., ARCHIE hi'MILLAN. One of the Republican nominees for County Commissioner's; was born in the County of Glengarry, Province of Ontario; nearly forty years ago. He was educated in the public schools of his native county. In 1868 he moved to Pennsylvania, and in the following year came to Montana.. He lived in Lewis and Clark county until 1880, when he moved to his present location near Placer, where he has resided since. He has followed farming and stock -raising all his life, and is one of the most intecessful ranchmen of the Beaver Creek valley. He bas never' been an aspirant for public office, though always ready to see that the necessary duties for the conduct of local self-government were properly fulfilled. He is unmarried, DR. ALFRED F. \wen The Republican nominee for Coroner, was born in . New York in '1832. At the age of seventeen he began the. study of medicine with , a btother, remaining with him three years, and .‘ then attended lectures at Cincinnati. -After graduating, 'he practiced medi- cine at Quincy, Ill., several years, and in 1862 went to Penland, Oregon, practièred .there a short time, then went to Boise, Idkho, and practiced. In 1864 he returned to the States, but in 1866 again sought the Rocky Mountains, coming first to Montana but afterward drifting to Salt Lake where he engaged in the practice of medicinp until 1875. In that year he catn,e to Jefferson City, where he has since been an active practitioner and gaized a high standing as a physician. Dr, Rudd is always activers.ip local, drains and has a high standing as a citizen an well as in his profeksion. He was married in Oregon twenty- nine years ago and his wife is as popular as himself. DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. • Brief sketches of some of the Demo- cratic ,nominees for\flie offices to be filled by the electors of Jefferson county are herewith given: J. J. m'cAy, ' Democratic nominee for County Com- missioner, was born .in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1856., and received his education in West Nottingham Aca- demy, near Baltimore, leaving school iu 1873 and engaging immediately in the hardware business. In 1875 he came to Helena and for ten years following was in the employ of Clarke, Conrad & Curtin, of that city. and for the next five years was with the Butte Hardware Company of Butte. Last year he came to Boulder and estab- lished himself in the hardware bui Hess here, in which he has been very successful. Mr. McCay hair always been an active political worker, tak- ing part in conventions and like party work, but he has never before been a caedidate for Public office. He wail married in 1878 and his family resides with him in Boulder. • • M. H. PARKER, Nominee of the Demoerats for County Attorney, waa born in Fayette county, Ky., near Lexington, in 1856, and was educated in thé Kentucky University in that city, graduating in 1876. After reading law for one year in the office of Smith &Steil in Lexington, he en- tered the Law Department of the Kentucky 'UniveMtf - in the fall of 1877 and graduated in 1879. He taught school in Kentucky until the spring of 1881, when he came to this Territory. Here he resumed teaching, having schools in the Missouri valley and at Radersburg. • He began the practice of law at Radersburg, then the county - seat of Jefferson county, 82.,,tut_ uplu the remove-of—the county -seat to Benldei r \ he went to Meagher county and engaged in the practice of law in that county. In the spring of 1887 he came to Boulder and entered into a law partnership with Capt. Geo. F. Cowan. Mr. Parker was married in Radersburg some years ago, his wife dying in Boulder last winter and leaving two bright little children, who are now with their grandparents at Raders- burg. Mr. Parker is a member of the Masonic fraternity and has attained high rank in that order. ALEX GILLIAM, Nominee for Assessor, was born in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1857 and received such education as the coin - men schools had to give. Losing his parents when he VMS quite young, he commenced \rustling\ at an early age, leaving home when he was thirteen and drifting to South Carolina, Ten- nessee, and Texas, and from thence, by way of. the Pacific Staters and Ter- eitories, to Montana, arriving in Mis- soula from the west on the day of the assassination of President Garfield, in 1881. He freighted in that section a couple of years and in 1884 came to Jefferson county and located at Elk- horn, where he has since resided. He has engaged in contracting and in several lines of business, and for the past year has been Deputy Sheriff for Elkhorn, the only public position he. has ever filled. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias and Odd Fel- low societies. R. M. CRALLÉ, , Democratic nominee for County Sur- [ veyor, seems likely to be successful, as the Republicans have pitted no one against him. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, something over forty-five years ago, and was educated in that city, completing his scholastic education at Norwood College, from which institution he graduated. He i learned the art of engineering and I was connected with various Southern 'roads for BORIC years and practiced his -; profession in other lines. In 1879 he ; came west and occupied a position on the Union Pacific road, transferring .td the Northern Pacific in .1880. He • remained with that road until 1885, when be located in Missoula county, being elected County Sureeyor in. 1886. He did not entrer upon • the duties of that office, however, for 41 the fall of that year he resumed rail- road work and came to Jefferson county as engineer of the Helena, Boulder Valley and Butte branch of the Northern Pacific, and has been resident here ever since. In May of lion year he was appointed a Deputy United Statists Mineral Surveyor and in the fall was nominated by the Deu - ocrats for the • office of County Surveyor and was elected without opposition. W/CKBS BUDGET. [Special Correspondence of Ten Aoki Witatss, September 1. — Among those atten4ing the fair at Helena last week were Mr. and Mrs. James Melutyre, Mrs. Thos. Mayne, Mrs. Frank Kempsey, Mrs. J. R. Gilbe9t, Jas. Mayne, Ed. Fleming, Robt. Catty, and Mims Carrie Potter. Miss Kate Kellogg returned on Sat- urday after two weeks visiting friends.. She will again take charge of the primary department of the public school. Prof. Wiggens has arrived to take charge of the higher depart- ment. Rev. S. J. Hocking' lias been at Anaconda attending camp \ meeting this week. Capt. S. A. Swiggett was at Boulder this week. Mr., Mrs., and Miss Gable attended the wedding of Mr. Ernest C. Engel - hart and Milk; Mary J. O'Donnell at East Helena. Mr. Engelhart was as- sayer for the II. M. & R. Co. at this place, but is now at the new works. Mr. E. Picot and Mr. Heberline were also at the wedding. Deputy Mieing Inspector J. Tre- varthen has been around camp for a few days inspecting sonic of our mines. . Mr. Earl Turner came here from Helena very sick. Mrs. Berns has. Semoved from the Pacific Hotel to her old stand on Sec- ond street. The wedding of Mr. Edwin C. Scott, of this place, and Miss Clara S. Moore, of Iowa, was a great surprise to us all, but we wish the young peo- ple .a long, happy, and prosperous life. Mr. Seott is a very pleasant gentleman and respected by all who know him. Mite Moore is a stranger to us but we bid her welcome. Tho Comet Band serenaded Asst. Supt. J. R. Gilbert,. candidate for County Commissioner on the Repub- lican ticket, on Saturday evening. The Democrats had a very pleasant meeting on Saturday evening at .the Pacific hotel. The Republicans had a rousing good meeting /it the school house the seine evening and - ertned a club with 253 members. The Comet Band gave some good music. Ad- dresses were made by Robert -Fisher, Capt. Swiggett, Jas. Jackson, J. R. Gilbert, Dr. Bullard, and E. Fleming. The - following officers were elected: John R. Gilbert, president; Chas. Tur- ner, Minah, Robert Johns, Alta, and J. J. Hogan, Wickez, vice-presidents; Wm. Bartle, secretary; Thos. Graves, treasurer; Hank Merrill, sergeant -at - arms. A strong committee on rules and general work, ten members, with Dr. Bullard as chairman, was elested. A great number of men have already registered and the Republicans are looking for a great victory on the 1st of October. Thomas Williams, foreman of the Alto mine, has gone to the old coun- try to see his father whom lie has not. seen for seventeen years. He lately received word that his father is on the verge of the other world. Wm. and Harry Remind! Wive been in from the hills this week and report things looking well. Banta brothers and the Axe brothers are also in with giod reports. THE CiMSTY BOARD. The Board of County Commissioners has been in session this *reek, having put in most of the time auditing ac- counts and allowing bills. Mr. Isom Preuitt having declined to act as a Commissioner, Probate Judge Fink appointed Mr. A. H. Foster, of Boulder, to fill the vacancy occasipned by the • resignation of Mr. Lambert Mk. Foster accepted, qualified, and has been acting with the Board this I week The Board will continue in session two or three days longer. TIIE PICNIC. The picnic in the Boulder valley given by Misses Sarah Brady, Gussie Quaintance, and Mollie Dunn was in every way a mn s e t r i l et t i success. A large 'number from Bot drove down the valley with the Silver Cornet Band in the lead and were met at the 'ranch of Mr. Quinn by a reoeption committee of ladies and gentlemen on horseback and, escorted to the picnic grounds about two and one-half miles up Quinn's gulch. A high swing was put up and the crowd divided into groups and enjoyed themselves in conversation until dinner was an- nounced when all were invited to sit down and partake of * most bounti- ful repast. It was simply excellent. Nothing which could add to the pleas- ure of the guests was undone. On the table were all the substantiels and delicacies of the season. Fruits of all kinds were provided. It would be very difficult, indeed, to think of any- thing they had not provided. All who were _preaent, unite in pronoun- cing it one of the pleasantest occasions of their 1M:fps.' Misses Beak, Quain- tance, and Dunn will leaver fade from the memory of anyone who en- joyed their abundant hospitality on last Sunday. WOLTER dr. MAXPIMLIP. nouLnza, sorrim.A. Wholesale and Retail 13 icr ce ICI et 28 Of Beef, Mutton, l'cirk, Veal. ALL KINDS OF SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY. Salt Meats. of Best Quality Always en Maud. FRESH FISH AND GAM ' E. IN THEIR NE/SON. Market at the old MURRAY STAND. s - FURNITURE 1 tEALERS. WHITICHR.A.1) &RUKHR\. 3!irew IliCassaammacstis P - Critl•TIT - ITIZ sir oit To THE PUBLIC. We are now prepared to tarnish any site Proust or hotel with any style or prised furniture just as cheap as any house in Montana, having over $40,000 worth of furniture in our warehouses all new goods, receiv- ing from live to seven curloatiot`a week. We ship all over the Territory; special attention given tce orders; goods packed's:1d delivered in firet class style. Call and see our store when in town. Order work. picture framing, and repairing a specialty. Orribeek k Simpkins Block, Opporate Sentinel ogle*. - Whitehead At lixtehn, ROULDElt, - • - - MONTANA. H. M. PARCHEN, Wu. Mourns, Helena. Warroltsteme 211/Icsx-riat, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Boulder. 7a . 3E1L 17 CI- GI- zlei rr . We carry nil goodie usually carris' by DRUGGISTS. AIA0 ige As. X.. za . BrOur Prime Are Bea» ble.1111 Try a Ohm of Our Soda Water. c r icoreolic ae REALM XE Fruits, Confectionery, Wute,\\Tobaceode amid Cigars and Notions of Various Kinds. VAnumne or GREEN Giornitnte, Pavers AND BERRIEt; WILL BE Karr IN Tame REABONII. IT WILL nu Tut; Aim TO KEEP THEME FRIHIH AN» IN SUFFICIENT QUAN- TITY TO SUPPLY ALL DEMANDS. School It oka, School Books, School -Book. Kept constantly on hand, ‚him being the Boulder Ageney for the authorized TERRITORIAL TEXT -BOOKS POR PUBLIC SCHOOLS Timm zaTTI, CASINO. RIEDEL,—PROPRIETOR. 111.•hudreet, Boulder, Bout. The coshed place in town to spend a social hour. Pure White Rye Whisky, Seven -year -old McBrayer Whisky, Imported Old Tom Gin, Jamaica Rum, Scotch & Irish Whiskies, and Best's Milwaukee Beer, • always on hand. Be sure to call if you want to enjoy • good drink and a pleasant time. R•SBURG POSTOFFICE ST01131. ' • Gk. XL DEALER IN Drugs, Cigars, Stationery, Books. Cutlery and Notions Also the fined ami largest assortment of lliraday and Other Presents end Fancy Goods Generally ever in the town. LEGAL , ADVERTISEMENTS. L ()Fry OR Sr:COI:EN . A horse, light bay, branded reversed R on left shoulder, collar marks, shod all around, weight about 1,000 ptemdte *an seen bust about March 1st on range of Boulder. A suitable reward is offered for any information that will lead to the recovery of the horse. Address W. &nu., Boulder, M. T. it lEGrISTK.A.'1'ION 1\e01 ntat. ! i C et l 4 . N.. S. ‘, Notice. Is hereby given that the time for the Regia - Motion of the qualified electors iu District No. 2 of ffereon N county, embracing the precincts of Wickes . 14, Gregory o. 19, Comet No. 7, and Evening r No. IS, prior to the general e retido for State. 1edouly, and precinct officers to beheld on theist day ' of,Oetaber, A. D. 1,189, for the county of Jefferson. Mgartana. will expire alie,' o'clockp.m. on Saturday, th - 14th day of %Member. A D. 1049. Naturalised miens npplying for registration mt present their ; n mall:Anon paper*. B. F. 14IIRP.VE, Registry Agent.

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