The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, September 11, 1889, Image 1

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' r\ . O rFE AGE. Mt. 1•Ta. a. lee cstilcIleir. TWEcrsatilartat e rica - x - 1 toirp. ‘71743c1ageraacilatey, leirpertcrucalcrebr 1.1.. MUSD. *GI POT' \Iir eat r. BaliKEZ/334 InICSiet.lE nd e d.) C/CiSep Wholesale and .12.stall newt» la arMILCIICMICIFILMICIMS. Hat.. and. Capa, Boot is find Shoots. CIFINris • P`IIFtisTISIIIN0. 0-0013S, ALP FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. 3C1 1 I. T1 1M ALP CI.OTIALIBT 1 0 Have recently been added to our large and varied stuck and a Full anil Fine Assortment Of these lines of gano\ will hereafter be found on our shelves. AGENT% Fon Chr&Afecsx-xiAni Jeco-evciolr WORKS. CAPS. smarm», AND Sporting. FUSE Ranch linttér érigs,,,.eags -AND- ALL ARTICLIU3 - or 00UNTRi r prioDucE Are made • specially by ans -:0:- IliYhest market prier paid for Bvrrsa. Boo& AND Au. Harm or Clourney Nome ( 31E1 Rol 21.1•1\ X AI. • Xa X W • immigrant, company of New Teel\. 1171.11.1SIED .A mete . Surplus Paid to Polley IToblont 21.St10.000.00 .A mount of Insurance in Nome._ 60,000,000.00 -- IS TOUR LITZ INSURED? - A _Duty ICvory Man Owes to His Family! ire. Germania Lib lawsusetee Compamyr OF NEW YORK Ha. oproe.1 • Lora/ Office te Jeffersem County at DOCI.DEIL MONTANA, . Where all fence of polieinjwill he homed. 'minding HSOLVTIC IscuNru rozAcimit, Which are payable ho \ - let. - la's , . 20.4 for -1.1.1t-yeacoad - Or in ettair of pri•viona deigh L It I For Or011111,1i011 and reles. etell on Or ieldrels 1101tEMVS. Manager for Montana, lhIr\a. Montana. PIERRE DI' KY EA. Special .kgent for Jefferson County, Office*with Tuunis .10v». Eau . Boulder, Alosarna. HOTELS. 1301ULDER HOT SPRINGS MID worm - W311. TnorrEn, Peorazertat. Theme Spring. have moat torrid Curat ive Properties . In all forins of M e th. emu= rot 1 co %Alma go no AND IN Lead Poisoning and ileneral The lapringt‘bh a MOST PLEAltiA.NT • Fariteme wile are overworked nod weary and who doggie. a few days' relief f toil :old nest and want a few dayW reereation Thor. a always tit Est of liddral Montt/lab tad Bair are fire te III Palma of the lot -I. HAM TO AND nos su. TRAM 0.19LIMINIMAL.X.o 31MICCIPPMIXA and RESTAURANT EUROPEAN PLAN. o THOS. BA5ľV11. enomurron. IN TN fits, & KLEIN »WA nixtric one door north of J. H. NVerren'a livery stable. t t f t f f t Meals at all hours. • ,•* - LITERARY NUGGETS. (Gathered ' for Tea Act.) The untainted virtue ot your yews Rath not yet dived 'Mott» world's deceit, Nor more can you distinguish of a man Than of lino outward show, whieh, bed be knows. Seldom or never punprtli with the ',oast. ste -Sliaérapeare. To understand the common things of life is the prime wisdom. -Milton. I would, God knows. in a poor woodman's hut Have spent my peaceful days, and shared my crua' With her who would have cheered me, rather far Than on this throue; but being what j en, I'll belt nobly. Jonalia • Equity (hies not permit property in land. It follows that, if the land- owners have a valid right to the earth's ourface, all •„'ho are not lands owners bave no right to the earth's su rface.-- . --Herbert Spencer. Who hall not proved how feebly werdetway Tceelx one spark of beauty's heavenly ray? Who dot)' not feel, until his failing sight Faints into dimness with its own delight. Ilia changing \heck hie...inking heart confer The might -the nutit sty of loveliness. -Byron. He that knows a little of the world, will admire it enough to fall down and worship it; but he that. knows it most, will most despise it. -Colton. Magnet concealed Is °Mimes proof of wisdom, when the (auk Is obetinate. and cure beyond our reach_ -Cowper. The law is: To each shall be ren- dered his own. As thou sowest, thou shalt reap. Smite and thou shalt smart. Serve and thou shalt be served. If you love and serve men, you can *ot by any strategem escape the re- muneration. Secret retributions are always restoring the level, when dis- turbed, of the Divine justice.-Easer- 8017. One wise eon makes glad hie father, forty fouls avail him ant: • lenhen silvers all that darknnee which the silly stare did «lot -legion Wickes. You may fail to shine, in the opin- ion of others, ,both in your conversa- tion and actions, from being superior, as well as inferior, to theon.-Lord QUARTZ _ The following locations of quartz claims in Jefferson county were re- corded in the office' of the County Clerk and Recorder during the month of May, 1889: tcosertarge emit taw wam.1 Granite quartz lode, Big Pipestone mining district, five miles northerly from Pipestone-Springs, located May 15th, by C. A. Sloan. / Auburn lode, Homestake district, lo - (sited May 9th, by J. J. Egan, James Kyle, John McEvoy, and John Dude. Hunter lode, Cataract district, two miles southwest of -Basin, located April 20th, b ohn Gendrou and Alex Mildred lode, Orofino district, located April 21st, by John Farrell, C.,Bowen, Patrick Connolly,,and Patrick Frawly. Orange lode, Orofi no district, located April 21st, by John Farrell, C. Bowen, Patrick Connolly, and Patrick Frawly. R. G. Ingersoll lode, Beaver Creek district, three and a half miles from Placer, located April 16th, by E. H. Hazelton and John S. Harris,„ Monitor lode, Mountain district, 5Ve miles westerly from St. Louis, located April 23d, by Owen Gilloogly, P. A.2 t'orner, and John Smart. Sunset lode, five miles westerly from St. Louis, located April 23d, by John Smart and P. A. Comer. Willothewisp lode, five miles westerly from St. Louis, located April 18th, by John Smart and P. A. Comer. , Bigehief and Riverside lodes, in Jef- ferson canon, five miles below Card - well's ranch, located May 3d, by D. A. Morrison, Geo. H. Casey, and F. T. 'McBride. Columbia lode, one mile northwest- ioely furnished rooms. erly from Boulder, located April 22d, by John McDermott, Patrick A. Beal - Ion, and Thomas Joy«. MOULDER. 'lit 561' ywNT s , 41/1H14 . 151/1 , 0504 lode, St. Louis mining district, located.April 26th, by Joseph' . Rabdau. Ironical lode, temilets west of St_ I Louis, located May 6th, by W. S: Thompson aud Thomas Keating. Viola lode, half mile west of the l'enyan mine, located April 30th, by Isaac Ross and rave Betts. Inhibitl lode, twelve miles southeast of Butte, ' , seated April 19th, by II. W. Moneymaker and Vilinda Jones_ Silterore lode, Homestake district, located May 8th, by Frank Shultz and J. L. Switzler. • George Washington lode, at head of St. Louis gulch, 2,300 feet southwest. of Jawbone mill, located May 5th. by New Park Mining Company. Mountainbosom lode, Beetstraight dis- trict, located April 26th. by Peter Brown, John Hubert. and Robert Crowe. Strasburg lode, in Slain gulch. near Boulder, located May 2d, by F. John , son and John Petterson. Jodandyfradion lode, four and _a half miles from Placer, located April 25th. by John S. Harris andT.. H. Hazelton. Highte,s1 lode, Orofino district, one mile southeast of Champion mine, lo- cated April 17th, by John T. Kelly, James Dwyer, and J. E. Van Gandy. Legaltender lode, Pipestone district, located April 18th, by Frank It. Heardt and Jacob E. Michaels. • 1'ashentry lode, Pipestone district, located April 27th, by Frank B. Heardt, Peter Brown. and Jacob C. M ichaels. A /bion. lode,nstariiit district, adjoin- , ing EtraingAter mine, located April 14th, by Neil Mamie. Warner lode, two Miles west of Am-! azon, located April 27th, by Mourne Dunks. Stoekholm lode, one mile north of Boulder, located April 9th, by C. A. , Petere_o», Lan' - Larson, and Gust. Nordlund. Parkhill lode, located May 2d, by Carl lijornstad and Gust A. Erickson. 18th, by Vete L. Cross. • I'oll run and ireobleaequeoa lodes, lo- cated April 18th, by Vete L. Cross and W. fi s Sinis. Jumbo lode, located April 17th, by W. S. Sims. Mounthoreb lode, one and a half miles north of 'Botilderchief mine. located April 29th, by James Thompson. Highlandehief lode, half mile north of Boublerehisf lode, located April 30th, by James Thompson, Mike O'Brien, and John McMahon. Litikpitteberg lode, one and a half miles northwest of Donahoe's ranch on Boulder creek, located April 291b, by Morris Gainer, J. H. Passkey, J. C. ' Wheeler, F. W. II. Fisher, E. Rooney, and F. F. Mosburg. Redbird lode, one mile west of Ra- i ! dersburg, located , April 27th, by D. s.! Zimmerman. Wm.. Moffett, Wm. Wy- lender, and M. Freeman. Grandmanan lode, Dry Creek district, located April 15th, by Alonzo Smith and Charles Omo. Neural , » lode, Big Pipestone district. located April 11th, by Mrs. Juieephine McBride and Alonzo Smith. Calais lode, Dry Creek district, lo- cated April 15th, by Alonzo Smith and Charles Omo. Saintehotes lode, located April 2d. by Çhárlea Eberly, Charles Rinda, Gus Anderson. Fred Anderson, and Charles Messenger. Goldenbelle lode, Big Pipestone dis- trict, located May 2f4h, by A. McBride, D. T. Lewis, and A:Smith. Ironehief lode, one mile west of Ra- dersburg, located April 9th, by Benj. Townsley, L. A. Vawter, J. E: Love, • and J. W. Sherlock. Iltóvo lode, at head of Basin gulch, located April 15th, by J. E. Byrne and Henry Gilbert. Lookmit lode, Homestake district. lo - ailed Ape1l_23d, by John J. Egan, J. McEvoy, John Dude, and Jas. Kyle. Sidetriper lode, Homestake district, located April 234, by John J. Egan, John McEvoy, John Dude, and Jas. Kyle. Mreridoerem lode, northwesterly from Elk Park, located April 29th, by Charles J. Lowe and George Zink. Elkerk lode, northwesterly from Elk Park, located -April 28th, by Chas. J. Lowe and George Zink. Maryann lode, at headwaters of cen- ter fork of Little Moose creek, located April 271h, by George S. Lewis. Jimmie lode. on Little Moose, ocated April 26th, by George 14: Lewis. Howard lode, on Little Moose creek, located April 22d,. by Frank B. Hearth, Jacob C. Michaels, henry Müntzer. and Charles H. Nickel. Sampson and Biddle lodes, in Inning° golds, located April 24th, by J. C. Spangler and W. M. Reeves. Boos lode, three Wiles south of Placer, located May 21Ét, by Wm. G. Filson. Eisdpacilie No..2 lode, six miles South of Placer, located May 23(1, by E. C, Albrecht and S. Carruthers. Granada lode, .on Basin creek, two miles northwesterly from Basin, lo- cated May 6th, by John N. O'Brien. Mountaindude lode,Monntain district., loccted May 22d, by S. L. Wyland, O. J. Collopy, and Z. T. -Vincent. Cabe, lode, two and a - half nines west of Basin, on north side of Basin creek, located by Thomas Donnelly and Douglass Watson. Harrison lode, one-third mile south of' Gregory, located January 801, by Feliz Sanders. Hiasenlha lode, Park district, two milts south of Park mine, amended location by B. F. Forbes. and W. G. Paine. Ben Franklin lode, three -fourths mile west of Gregory, - located May 2901, by J. A. Cook. Blasi* lode, one and a half miles west of Montana City, located May 1st, by Arm. - WolaitaWk - and II. J. Vander - beck. H Iran lode, Holdfast dis- trict, half mile east of Blarkhaivk lode, located May 20th, by E. F. Nave, J. T. Jennings, anel Charles S. Harris. Warengle lode, Cedar Plains district, one and a half miles south of John- ny's gukh, located May 16th, by F. F. Nave, J. T. Jennings, and Charles S. Harris.. Pilgrim lode, in Katy gulch, one and a half miles south of Basin, located May 29th, by k J. Monroe. Bleak lode, near 'head of Basin gulch, located May 28th, by S. A. Hagerty. - - TICTIC-11F1431 ' EAST. ON SELZ 'TO • • ALL (-) • WEST, thr NOOLTU and SOUTH, - AT - THE UNION PACIFIC t t o tirNY/Al. RAILWAY And STIKAIngille OVVICZ No N. MAIN !+ , rarer. UrTTIL, MoNT. E V. MAZE, City Ticket Agent. .1 1,EW1- 4 . lieneral Agent. \V zNITXTUID • UM& VOW/ 8T0011-BRZIDIRS. - FARMERS. AND User's ut' PUMPING WINDM ILLS on Power WIND 3ENCIIIVES, ro ova 1.41/10E LANE - ON 00055 IN TIM WE MANIYVACTUISE NOCK mum er PUMPING wuns aims .....11117 - edue• et POW ER WIND - ENOINIS, 7r.111.1t+T - 3MAII ritos ONE TO THOUESI RIVIRDARn BASILIC KAell OR LA 111OKI le Inionagn, AN'. „VEST- TUI Uljot PUNTA, 311110 TO Til In cLARA or NAVIIINI0t. Ora At00011 Alt Vain, is • wtoE 'IV TWITOBY. ARK „‚IL' ANIIOVItorAlt•ItTfuliettooD. basalt ions Load Catcoopiod fen try. VMS Ion our lop 72 awl:salter ‚II ‚vi a NU drear.¡A‘on of our port arm, F. H. STICAIINS Hooshi.111e, IaN., U. S. A. Ilk:1.11:NA A 1./V EICIRElifENTS, U • 1`..1.H 41141.4.11 . AND eliF.MICA I. LABORATORY CZ1117313, MELENA. : : : . 1110 NT A X A. Gold and Silver II 50 'Zinc IN OS Silver, gold and lead T 00 Tin .... ... ....... OD Lead III) Antinomy OW' :err I 50 eu I 110 Irma 1.11B T.°' POWSS & BRO.. HELENA, Ml'. 101441.Ents ix Mining Mrie•lainery 11I i114 . 1 • 1•0 I\'' pplesii. Mos.... Atirsvs roe BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. - STRAW HOISTS - - AND 005505 . 8/1511g WROTIOHT moor snow Safest y Nit,ro Powder, Caps . Fuse. Stet Situ sooty BLO(.1É. ; : : Two Tummies CIRVIIE SATIRES 1111/111SK IIICIACNA. Iswerperaled Under Sb. Laws et Niesteaba l'Ail) IN CAPITAL, THOMAS CRUSE .......... ......... President T. It. ea ere:a Vb-e Preiglebbot. C. L. DA IILER Too/corer, E. J. CARTER Reerelar7. Allows six lion rent. interrot 011 »ItV theleoutta, eotztpoondt•t1.1 ..... odry and July Trgooffleté. gt ic•Ilerml banking/ looftinefui, draws ea- eltange II,- intio.1114 rill., or II,. (...1.+4 Boa.. atal Euri4e. ‚'‚III make 11..114 anil ('Ily bonds, and reel estate nhortaillinto. SCI2.1 A DAILY JOURNAL. * 9 Pee 7 ,66 .1 BS eislallowthaa; S3 lime aawelhe. If you want a live daily newspaper. Subscribe fur the Ilei.geh• Diner Jemutii. If you want good Republican doctrine, Subscribe for the IINI.ItuA DAILY Jetillill•L. If you want • hill Associated Pow report, Subteen». for the HELEN,. Name Joyau'\.. If you want all the news of Montana, Subscribe for the IIRLENA DAILY JOUILIIAL. If you are already • nub - scriber to any other Helena paper, dhieon- tinue It and Subscribe for the If EMMA DAILY Jorawit. -jot- If y.. want a Pleat -CLAM Weekly Newer paper. mobseribe der the \‘KTEIGICI. JOUR,r1rA.r... Subscription Price, $3 Per Amman,. MONTANA FARYINO AND STOW JOURZAL THE LEADING PAPER IN THE NORTINWEST. nEvarEn ro AGRICULTURE, 1JYR srrocx FARMING, HOITSFH. OLD INTERESTS AND FAMILY Rid DINO. Subscription Prig:1..103.00 per Year. 1, - men--eso sours 001.,D WATCH Irree. r Mold for $IM until lately. Beet 11116 watch la the world. Perfect t I niek eepCT. Warranted. Heavy Solid ¡hold Hunting Cases. Both lading' and gents' alien, with work, and .fflea of spud value. One pernon in each lotclity isin weenie one tree, tt with our large and valuable line of 1101 SItHOLD SAMPLES. Theme maniples. as well as the watch, we ‚tend FREE, and after you have kept them in your home for two montha and alsown them to time, whe may have called, they become your own property. 1 lime who write at once can be sure of reoehrhog the WATCH and SAMPLFA We my all exec», freight. de. Address kruidofi & co., Boa IIEL Portland, Maine. an NM MI. at be hod nine Moen Villin can &en, e

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 11 Sept. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.