The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, September 18, 1889, Image 1

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I e , ,J AGE • 1STc. 117. MigCnalclen r Mcm t ita:1414, r i e sanritc.rir, NIViscranieniclaty. IneiptelontmoirZ., 3.880. 1Per `et e, air J) C7CRIER:lir cis CIO., Lunited. Whislostale anti IZOTWIl DICALICIO. IN - 4:3/./91.0C7311111FILIMINIO, Hate anil rune. Ilootar and Skoes. CIIC>rnd IrUnerIRIIIBICr Ci -00138. AID ' FANCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. 11:11 \Ilr GI- C:11 , CD> 3D JI3 A/CD C I. O T II I TIM Have recently been added to our large and varied stuck and • Full ami Fine Assortment Of them lines of geods will hereafter be found on our shelves. Aeriers Foe CMdrallYcri - sAida. IF'crwcIl err W()I21{S. Hero tiles., CAPS, BLASTING, AND t-tpe.rting. FUSE flatten Plittterr end Ettgis -AND- ALL ARTICLES OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made • specialty hy this home. -:O: - Highest market price paid for Hernia Boom. AND ALL now or COUNTRY PRODOCI CI MI it ALM' .4111. 3Ca X 3, 1 311 latararnaber rantipaair or New Work. ESTaLLSIID A user, .314,000.000.00 Surplus 1,100,000.00 Paid to Polley Holder,' 21.500.000.00 Amount of Irieurancr in Foree 50,000,000.00 IS TOUR LITZ INIRIRED t A Duty Every Man Owes to lita Family! Vise akarmatata Istetarseess cainssieue, OF NEW YORK Iles opened a Local Office for Jefferson County at ItoULDEI:. MONTANA. Where all (onus of polieica will lair horned. A.111 , 40Ist - UP:', I »0 N I) VO I .4( 1 11 , 11- 1 , Which are payithle in 10. 1, 20. or 25 yearn: Or la moot previous death M M 3E1 3.\) IA. 'I' 3E1 1., « Y\ For information and rate*, cell on or address; F.'. DOItEMUS. Manager for Montana. Helena, Minnow, Oa PIERRE DURYEA. Melia/ Agent for Jefferson County. Oftlee with TuentAs JovEs, Esq., Boulder, Montana. • 130ELDICIA HOT strientcoo AND 'HOTEL. WM. TROTTER. Pompeii -roe. Them Springs have most Cu eat ive jelt In all forms of FiLlaceux222.88,tic, Tz - Amiialblepos AND IN Lead Poixoning and General Debility. -101- The Springs; is a M ()HT' PI .1F . : AIA NT rr For those who are overworked and weary and who desire a few davs' relief from toll and busi- mead, and \suit a few days' recreation -In:- flirt ‚.always et hest a( Inual inert:in tad Bello ue Pros tie MI Purim Of th4 Istel HACK To AND FROM ALL TRAINS sarounisx.' RESTAURANT EUROPEAN PLAN. 'I' I-I 0 S. -- FLA it N\ Ir., PROPRIETOR. IN TKOS IfIANN tIc KIKI' am( K nio. one door north of J. It. Warrens livery getable. t t t t t t Ideals nt all hours. Nicely Atrial/theft rooms. : • BOULDER, MONTANA. LITERARY NUGGETS. [Gathered for Tint Anal Eme and health, ohediént children, wisdom, and a fair -voiced wife - Thus, great King are counted up the five felicities of life. -i4ian II „dom. That life is long which answers life's great end.- Young. 'Tie but a narrow line divides; the zones Where mina tire w.unt front those where suns are coki. harnionies divine as chpnis can hold And torturing discords., lie but rienntonee. -Helm Hunt Jnekson. If thou weguldge please the ladies, thou must endeavor to make them pleased with themselves.- Fuller.' Conceit in weakest bodies strongest works. -11Itaksepere. If you can not avoid a quarrel with a blackguard, let your lawyer man- age it, rather than yourself. No man sweeps his own chimney, but employs a chimney -sweeper, who has no ob- jection to dirty work, because it is Ilis trade.- Colton. As unto the bow the cord Ls, So unto the man is WODIDU; Though she bend, him Me Obey* him; Though 'he draws him yet Sim follows; Useless each without the other. - Longfellow. Women detest the serpent through a professional jealousy.- Victor Hugo. 'Ti. not a net of feature' or complexion, The tincture of a skin that I admire; Beauty Noon grows familiar to the lover, Fades in his eye, SUM palls upon the scene. -Addison. Every man taker care that his neighbor shall not cheat ,bim. But a day comes when he begins to care thab he do not cheat his neighbor. Then all goes well. He has changed his market -cart into a chariot of the 81111.-Emensou_ QUARTZ LOCATIONS. The following locations of quartz claims in Jefferson county were re- corded in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder during the month of June, 1889: P/ogopantoei.”. 1- 1 , seen a .tri.ostrio.... trict, located May 22d, by Daniel T. Lewis and Hannah F. McCaffrey. Eorteralda lode, Big Pipestone dis- trict, located June 22d, by Ernest de Grenier, Abe Heyman, and G. H. Fitzgibbon. Elsie lode, Big Pipestone district, located June 22d, by Ernest de Gre-- nier, Abe Ilexisan, mid G. H. Fitz- gibbon. O K lode, Beefstrait district, locat- ed June 19th, by S. W. Walker and S. E. Strickland. Goveenor Carpenter lode, Beaver Creek district, three miles northeast- erly of East Pacc mine¡ located May 15th, by Thomas Moran and John W. Myers. Spokane lode, Beaver Creek district, adjoining Eas(i'aeifie mine, located May 10th, by II,'Louis Zickler. Columbia lode, Mountain district, on Eagle creek, located May 8th, by Valentine Van Vleck. Summit lode, one mile north of Day's placer diggings, located May 29th, by Moses Manuel. Humboldt lode, near Rocky Moun- tain divide, located May 31st, by Fred Manuel. Easter lode, two and one-half miles west of Gre,gory mine, located April 21st, by John Murphy and James McClusky. Henu , stake lode, fourth mile' west of ,Mollie McGregor mine, located May 16th, by Warren Wallace and \V. T. Graham. Lynch lode, half mile southeasterly of Elk Park, located May 27th, by John Lynch and Frank Lynch. ,Silverbelle lede, ,Beefstrait district, located June 3d, by _Alonzo Smith and Chas. Otuo. Jessie Smith lode, fourth mile from Gregory mine, located May 28th, by Moses Manuel. . ' Alberta lode, half mile northeaster- ly of Alta mine, located June 15th, by Albert Lohrer, Whippoorwill lode, one mile south of Tonton smelter, located June 6th, by Chas. Thorn and Geo. Webb. Standard, Sophia, and Ruby lodes, tive miles southwest of Placer, locat- ea May ea, 26th, and 27th reap., by Chas. M. Humphrey and Brady Han - SOIL Schiller lode, four miles from Bed- ford, located A.prll 28th, by Chas. Wassen berg and Margaretha Linden. Hoosick lode, Mountain district, six miles west of St. Louis, located May 27th, by John D. Ripley and Emory Herrick. Gopher lode, Mountain district, one mile northwesterly from St. Louis, lc- cated June 1st, by John Neville, Al. Morgan, and F. H. Bullock. Corry lode, Mountain district, two and one-half miles southwesterly of eirk mine, located June 6th, by John Neville, Al. Morgan, and . F. H. Bul- lock. Irongueen lode, HOldfiust district, lo- cated May 31st, by W. A. Sherlock, J. W. Sherlock, T. P. Sherlock, Henry Sherlock, and G. K. Sherlock. Cutie and Little Missouri lodes, Bea- ver Creek district, one .mile north of ECIAI Pace mine, located June 5th, by P. C. Montgomery and S. D. Mont- gomery. F 31 lode, half mile 'southeast of. Ereningstar mine, located June 1st, and Redprince lode, in Basin gulch, three miles above Winter's placer mine, located May 25th, by C. W. Honacker. Jenny Lind lode, Basin Gulch dis- trict, located May 27th, by Frederick Manuel, Frederick Lehman, Henry Stahl, Joseph O'Neill, Geo. W. Leary, Chas. Groneweg, Thomas C. Powley, Henry Hansen, John D. Braytnan, John M. Peterson, and F. A. lionne - berg. r v ' south o Pacer, roca May 28th, by E. C. Albrecht and S.' Carruther. Baldyking lode, Elkhorn district, one mile north of C ok D mine, located June 12th, by II. We.sity, John Col - berg, anti Peter Johnson. Baldeagle and Jacksonalanding lodes, three and one-half ‚and four miles northwesterly of St. Louis, located Mine 8th, by E; Brown and - Hoisfeld. Littlebear lode, on road from Wickes to Cataract concentrator, and Moun- tain rose lode, half mile north of Boul- der Chie/ mine, located June 17th, by John McMahon. . • Gould lode, Cedar Plains district, south of Jewell's stamp mill, located June 17th, by John Ritchhart, J. F. Ritchhart, aude.D. S. Zimmerman. Mineralhill lode, Beaver Creek dis- trict, one ;tile southerly of East Pacific mine, located June 3d, by Frank Ash- ley and Dave Cannon. Iroquois lode, five miles north of Placer, located June 17th, by E. P. Durnen and J. M. Durum. Highland lode, in nwqr sec 13, t 9 r 3 w, located June 17th, by 4. P. Durnen and J. M. Durnen. Miner lode, in Basin gulch, located June 4th, by Jacob Wagner, Albert Coneat, and Nicholas Wagner. El/chora, Atlanta, and Bluebird lodos, in Basin gulch, located June 16th, May 31st, and June 6th reap., by Jacob Wagner and Louis ‚Vaguer. Mishap lode, twelve miles northwest of Wickes, located June 17th, by Henry C. Willard, John Bassett, and Samuel B. Cornick. Grate quartz lode, three miles north- west of Huntley &Clark's sheepsheds, located June 6th, by C. P. Woolfolk and Wm. W. Hamden. Kinderhook lode, three miles north of Trai) Springs, located June 15th, by Oscar A. Sparta. Goldkeep lode, Beaver Creek district, fourth mile east of Ironage mine, lo- cated June 9th, by John H. Titnou, Jae. Tinton, and Chas. Kitten. Eureka Extension north lode, Cedar Plains district, located June 22d, by Chas. P. Grove. Parnell lode, Beaver Creek district, f airth mile north of /ronage mine, III> CRUM' June 18th, by John H. Tifiton and Jas. Timon. ' Nountainriete lode, Cataract district, southeast of Eveningstar mine, located June 15th, -by Frank E. Richardson and John H. O'Neill. Goodhope lode, Cedar Plains district, located June 22d, by Tidal fiellebrant and Chas. I', Grove. topersnuate wart wisit.1 DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE. The following' iot the Democratic Central Committee for Jefferson coun- ty: Clancey, Dan Halted; Jefferson éity, Chas. Z. Pond; Boulder, J. J. McCay; Whitehall, 'E. G. Brooke; Fish Creek, H. Jordan; Lower Boul- der, Pat. Wickham; Comet, J. F. Fil- cher; Cardwell, John Flaherty; Jeffer- son River, Cite& Crouch; Radersburg, G. E. Pool; St. Louis, W. H. Risk; Bedford, D. D. O'Connell; Placer, E. P. Durnen; Wickes, Ed. -Cooney; Elk - born, Jas. Mitchell; Northside Boul- der, Ed. Ryan; Basin, Jos. It. Brien; Ten mile, Chas, McCauley; Gregory, C. Anderson; Corbin, John Klein; Woodville, W. J. Ward; Ciasoil, Thos., Durnen; Bigfoot, J. M. D. Taylor; Amazon, Ben Almon; Evening Star, J. Briscoe; Calvin, Amos Calvin; Al- hambra, W. Redding; Elk Pat*, W. II. Lockhardt; Gold Flint, J. C. Two- hy; Mitchell Gulch, Bony Broy. Mr. Will C. Whaley, of Bedford, is chair- man of the committee. A SUITABLE VERSE. [Enterprise (Kansas) Independent.] One of our Sunday -school teachers, on a recent occasion, told, her pupils that when they put their minims in the contribution box she wanted each one to repeat a Bible verse suitable for the occasion. The tine boy drop- ped in a dent, saying: \TheLord loveth a cheerful giver.\ The next boey...grnreeeiL, lendeth to the Lord.\ The third and youngest boy dropped his penny, saying: \A fool and his money are soon parted.\ 1 - 11Lic • PcnijacA31 Jefferson Comity, mait.aidik. W. M. DULLARD, M. D., Wickea, Chairman. J. E. FLEMING, Wiekes, Secretary. M. Wickes. Treaaarer. Clancey-Cnse. (ILA/0. Jeffereon City -J. A. isinévitia. Boulder -T. A. lincerni. Whitehall -H. J. MAIM. VIM Creek -J. W. tittatgr. (Hope P.O.) Lower Boulder -A. C. QUAIIITAIICX. Comet --J. J. ‚lounge.' Cardwell -R. Dotnnitlare. Jetfersion River -R. MiLtdo•rt. Rademburg-.1. N. A NOILIM.X. Louie -C. W. Morrenr. Bedford -lone Paerirr. Placer -I. N. K MALT. WICk0/1--ROMERT FISHER Elkliorn--Oscaa Scalar, urn. Nortludde Boulder -B. F. IROOPICA IlAusierra. Ten Mile -J. McCautite. firegory-J. K. Taylor. Cortiln--ago. Mretwor, J,. Woodville -Wet. NOONAN. Ttigfool-Jales WiLLIAmens. Ontoe-0.1I. Diver. Ainazon-Fagn PA - mime. Evening Star -D. F. Itusits. Calvin -H. N. Hoettirros. Alhambra -R..4. ALI.Par. Penn Placer -Tem. M. Rego. Elk Park -Trim. WRIGHT. Gold Flint -J. H. noreroari. Mitchell Gulch -D. C. Ttaitca elation- TIOIK3ErriElt ON PALI TO EAST, he air ALL P0131\115 NORTH and SOUTU, - AT -- e WEST, t t THE UNION PACIFIC t t o GEIRIDAI. RAILWAY and RTLAMINIIT ORTIC - R No. ION MAIN PITZEZT, Berta, Motet' E. V. MAZE, City Ticket Agent. T A TERI*. fiertend Agent. smeirierrai Care (‚al I sompeottois POOH STOCIA-BRUDIR8. PARMA. AND User* of' PUMPING WINDAIL11.1.1111 on Power WIND 2CNCII/sTES, To alen LARGE Wit Or GOGD• iN rota rum. We nairrwrmut rove mum or Memo vow lima and ire Ware of POW Elt WIND ENGINES. T.4LeYMICI ---.0 , 114.11 °Ng To TIMMS» 3411113311.11 11.“:11 on LA kisru Ir DIRNHULD, AND vex, r_tatc rrerranneti To Tnie Magner ItArHINIIN 0001111 ARE DI A %lot /CRT.ENT Or TNIIBITOBT, AMR IIPVILLT W ANNA *Tan. • s nor nova ealiTIMR800000. litinabk &pals Nutted is Ilasespel wry. Eno tor ser Imp Temp fatilsges. flask Magee • NI tinenpue eif ear soda Minas P. U. STICARNS a vo, iwa.„ 11, IL A. HELENA A - DVIIIITIBEIIENTs. u'rAH Ant:NAY 01PIPICYG, AND CHEMICAL LABORATORY Z. 'T. 431.00 9 1ZMI. HELENA, . Gold and Sliver II 30 Zino gold midland 2 00 Lead Iii) Copper 1 rie ....... t So Iron MONTANA. Ne. Tin • Ott A nIfiaimay a\ A reenie.....-...... I 011 ‚e. 91 C POWER & BRO . A.. HELENA. II. T. PEALE» IN Mining Mitettittery and Mineral' feuppllotle, )10F•T• roa BLAKE S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. STEAM HOISTS AND 001dhION SINS' Warn:Kurt lane wining. Mime. TIER TEMA. aims SAVINGS aunt OF HELENA. liseorperated Cutler Use Lawe elf IlImetenit PAID IN CAPITAL. • Z 00,000. TlitMAS CRUSE, President 7.11. CARTER Vice Pyriiident C. L. DAHLER Tremens, E. J. CÁRTER. Korretari 'Allows six per cent interest on Scorings Depoetta, compounded January and July. Transacts a general banking bunions, draws on the principal cities of Oho mitra States and Europe. Will make loam on County and City beside, and real estate mortgagee. Tuz HELENA DAILY JotrilLTTAI.... Ay Per Four% NS atsobtstoomella Mane nwoutha. - if you want .the daily newspaper. Subecribe for the Iletre• DAILY Jorarar- If you want good Republican doctrine. i40141Y11bc. for the lietae• Dan..v Jet - turn. If you want a full Associated Preas report, eubseribe for the IIn.esa fes.n..v Joette•L If you want all the news of Montana. Stibecribe for the ITET-ENA DAILY JOILWAL If you are already a sub- scriber to any other Helena paper, discon- tinue It and Subscribe for the Ilmarra DAM` JoreerAt.. -:o:- If yen want a Ftnet-Chue Weekly News- paper, enbeertbe Iller lb. WE3Y.13ZDIE JOITRZT-AL. Subscription Prtixi, $3 Per Annutn. MONTANA FARMING AND STOOK JOURNAL THE LEADING PAPF:R IN THE NORTHWEST. DEVOTED TO AGRICULTt; ,Rr. LIVE • STOCK FARMING. HOCSEHOLD INTERESTS. AND FAMILY READING. Subscription Price. $3.00 per Year. 1.--fe s SOLID GOL e, eb D WATCH Mer ]P lit trold for MOO until lately. Ben INN watch in the world. Perfect timekeeper. Warranted Heavy Molid Gold Hunting Came. Both ladles' and gent.' %Ism, with works and mare of equal value. One person in each locality can secure one free, with our large and valuable line of HOUSEHOLD SAMPLF.S. Thom samples. as well as the watch, we send FREE, and af er n a have kept them in your borne few two months mid so. un them to thous wha may have callsel, they become your m• - s 1 boar who write at one. can be sure Of receiving the WATCH and SAMPLES. We pay all expellee, freight. de. Address STINSON t CO., Box 813. Portland, Midas. Cam T ea b.ici ‚m ow ae.

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 18 Sept. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.