The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, September 18, 1889, Image 4

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PROFESSIONAL CARDS. TatiOXAS JOKES, .45I\PORNEY AT LAW, Ofikie in the Paruhen k Morrie block. BOULDER. Jrmermsos Coormr, HONHNA COWAN A. PARKER, o ATIO34318 and COPIIIRLLOU if LAE, Boulder. - - - Montana. WEI peratice in all the court. of Montana Territory. Geo. V. COWAN. M. H. Pasant. • luir L. HAT, • YY • ATTORNEY -AY - LAW. ••• Oilier in the Court-flouee, BOULDER, : : : MONTANA. „. (3 r, I 100. D. GIKEEKIC. ATTORNEY -AT -LAW. Office in the Bach, Cory At Co. Bieck, BOULDER. Izttineou COUNTY. MONTANA. T A. LEIGHTON, 111. PHYSICIAN 4XD SCE0 EON, Itt WILDER, MONTANA, Dirks, In the Jeffentost County Baulk building. PHYSICIAN TO Betmoin HOT SPRINGS LEAVE ORDERS AT THE LIVERY STABLES. LI I. PLETCHER, M. D.. g -4 • PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. BOULDER, MONTANA. Eir-Ofilos and residence -South of Boulder river. - iell wss. rsistitev, M. D., Pbyetic•ion rtnel Stoneman, HELENA , : : MONTANA. D R. W. M. BULLARD, .AND SI/BOZOS WICKES .... MONTANA. I ) R. A. R. ROBERTSON, 1)ENTAL SI'S° EON. .‚II Dental work done in a thorough manner and Antis/action guarituteed. Gu Administered and Teeth nestled Without Pain. Oftlee Over Jefferson County Bank, Boulder, M. T. - - - SOCIETY MEETINOs, of P....BOULDER LODGE, NO: 19, MEETS e every Tneeday night at ló. G. T. hell. Mesas bens of deter lodges are cordially invited to attend. F. S. Wobrgter, C. C. Ws. Urinate, K. of R. S. gr'l A. Et. -.1. 11. 31ePHEIII4ON POSIT NO. 13 holds It. regular camp -fires on the butt Thursday eventing of each month at the I. 0. O. T. hall, in Boulder. Comrade* veiling in this vicinity are in- vited to camp WWI OS. WILL KENNEDY, Post Commander. Gao. F. COWAN. Adjutant. BANK OP JEFFERSON COUNTY. BOULDER MONTANA Director at Ir. It. G A FFNILY. D. »NEILL, - F. c. BPREN?Es, a. BELCHER, LEtiroLD E SCHMIDT. PRESIDIeST. VICE -PR Pi. CASHIER. B. F. more% DO A tiENEUAL 313 se 2:1 1.a. mcs. MI uin.e,. EXCHANGE SOLD On all the Principal Cake of the World. COLLICCPIOINTEC WILL RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION • ------- THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. Entered at the United Staten Postotlice of Flouldrr Montena Territory, an neeond-clans mail matter. The circulation of Tua Aux thim week in 800 copies. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1889. Hosster Frank Lindsay is the man whom the people of Jefferson county ought to elect for their next Sheriff. They will never regret such a move and he will prove that he is Worthy of their fullest confidence. MAJOR Geo. O. EATON, of Park county, has been appointed by Presi- dent Harrison Surveyor General of Montana, General Greene's term hav- ing expired. The Major is a promi- nent Republican politician who merits the reward which has come to him. He is as well a thorough business man and prominently identified with the mining interests of Park county. NEWSPAPERS are springing up all over Montana and one has to have a good memory to keep the run of all of them. Among the latest to reach \ the -sanctum of THE AGE is the Picket, of Red Lodge, Park county, published weekly by S. Eli Dillard and C. Eli Harris. It is ne4tly gotten up and will doubtless make its mark in Mon- tana journalism. Then comes the Montana Labor Argux, a small weekly published in helena in the interest of manual and trade labor. Properly managed, such a paper should be of great influence in the Territory and be nb.r) a fineneial Sue/some. Th e a r di v edition of the Butte Mining Journal has come to hand, aud finally there is a daily edition of the Billings Gazette. The latter probably contemplates something moreQtlian a campel i gn daily, and the enterprise of the Bil- lings people will probably make it a success. A arerrea CHOICE for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court could not have been made than the nomination of Henry N. Blake. The great import- ance he attaches to that high position could not be better shown than in his refusal to make any political speeches during the canvass. His learning, his pure moral character, hi» high sense of justice, all fit him well for that, the highest and most important office in the Territory. Never in the history of the Territory have the duties of the position been more ably performed. IT 15 IMPORTANT that Montana should retain on her statnte booksi the present election laws which guar: L antee fitieelections and et secret ballot. The laws may need some amendments in the interests of convenience and economy, but the principles involved are correet and the laws should not be repealed. Nearly ell the Democratic speakers in the Territory have de- nounced these laws and it seems to be undoubted and undenied that if the Democrats carry the Legislature these measures will be repealed. To prevent such a disaster, the Republican Leg- islative tieket should receive the hearty support of . every man who wants to 'see free and fair election. The pledge of the individual Demo- cratic candidate for the Legislature . that. h: will oppose the repeal of these laws is of no force. If his party taucus demands their repeal, experi- enc . .° shows that he will yield his in- dividual right to the wish - of the party managers. Therefore, vote for the Republican Legislative nominees, even if you vote fur no other Repub- lican on the ticket. judgment rendered for plaintiff in accordanee with prayer of complaint; McConnell, Carter 8; Clayberg for ‚plaintiff, County Attorney for-defta. Baeh,,,Cory & ffel. et al. tv. Hugo F. Hammer; demurrer 'overruled and judgment rendered for plaintiff accord- ing to prayer of complaint; Joyce, for plaintiffs. S. C. Ashby et al. vs. D. O. Larson et al.; trial by court and judgment for plaintiffs aceordingja prayer of com- plaint; Chuinasero & MeCutcheon for plaintiffs, Craven Bros. for delta. • Malay D. Shed, admiuistrittrix, vs. John H. Shober et al.; motion of de•• fendant to strike out part of com- plaint sustained; Carter, Clayberg & Maddox for plaintiff, Shober for de- fendants. Ryland R. Crumb vs. Bigfoot Mill- ing and Minirg Company et al.; de- fendants given 'sixty claret° answer and cause continued for the term; DISTRICľ exiuRT. Among the priaceedinge in the Dis- trict Court the pet week were the fol- lowing: Truman Hopkins and Joseph Du- puis were excused from service ou the trial_ jury - The - regular panel of the trial jury was composed of the following gentle- men: Patrick Fenton, R. J. Guthrie, Wm. Channel), Henry Braun, E. Hosts- feld, Wm. Davis, Jr., W. P. Kayser, F. G. Givens, J. R. Holt, Jr., J. J. Holmes, C. J. Kenck, W. H. Dickin- son, John Brady, John Hazeltine, P. B. Ingalls, Lee Haggerty, Thomas Hall, J. D. Groesbeek; - 1. R. Holt., Sr., Thomas Dunn, J. M. D. Green, Chas. Hammons, Gavin Johnson, and H. B. Bailey. - Territory vs. Emanuel Lees; assault; the prosecuting witness failing to ap- pear, the cause was dismissed by the County Attorney. . Geo. D. Greene. Esq., was appoint- ed as counsel to defend John Linberg. .Territory vs. John Lacy; appeal; de- fault of defendant entered and appeal Louis Planson Vs. M. C. R. R. CO.; continued for the term. Oscar A. Sparta es. El Capitana Mining Company and Geo. H. Weston; judgment for plaintiff far $385 and costs; Cowan & Parker for plaintiff. Oscar A. Sparta Vs. Silver Plume Mining Company; judgment for plain- tiff for $403.45 and costs; Cowan & Parker for plaintiff. Territory vs. Walter Brooks and George Evans; burglary; of 'guilty entered and each sentenced to one year's imprisonment in the peni- teutiary. Territory Vs. Walter Brooks and Geo. Evans; petty larceny; case dis- missed by County Attorney. Chas. H-. Marshall et al. vs. Hugo F. Hammer; demurrer overruled and judgment for plaintiff for, $1,078.62 and costs; McCutcheon & McIntyre for plaintiffs. Harry W. Childs ta. County Com- missioners: demurrer ovefriiled anil y Cowan & Parker for plaintiff, Bullard and McConnell, Carter & Clayberg for defendants. Clinton Williams vs. Frank Huller el al.; default of defendants set aside; McConnell, Carter & Clayberg for plaintiff.' Territory vs. lingo F. hammer; contempt of court; judgment of guilty and fine of $1 assessed. Territory ta. John Dacey; burglary; plea 'of guilty and sentenced to two years' imprisonment in the peniten- tiary. Terriiory vs. John Cratvford; assault; plea of guilty and fined $5 and costs. The grand jury returned indict- ments against henry Winters for setting fire to grilse and timber, Eruest Benson for assault with deadly weap- on, and John-Dacey for petit larceny. Frank Showers, Esq.: we» apfroint- ed to defend Ernest Benson. Thornas'F. Murray vs. Theo. Biner; trial by judge and judgment for de- fendant for costs; Cowan & Parker for Joyes for defendant. Territory vs. Henry Winters; setting fire to grass and timber; demurrer overruled, plea of guilty entered, and fine of Si and costs assessed. . The grand jury reported no true bill against Louis Constantine, made final report, and were discharged. Mary Donnelly vs. Michael Donnel- ly; divorce; default entered and decree - issued; Duffy - for plaintiff. Michael Quinn vs. E. G. Brooke; de- murrer overruled and defendant giv- en thirty days to answer, and leave granted to defendant to survey the ditch in question as to its capacity and grade; Joyes for plaintiff, Bullard for defendant. Territory vs. Ernest Benson; assault; trial by jury and verdict of guilty with a recommendation to merc. Charlotte Knapp vs. Geo. Knapp; divorce; decree granted; Duffy for plaintiff. Mabel J. Axtell vs. Geo. M. Axtell; divorce; decree granted; Duffy for plaintiff. Elkhorn Mining Co. vs. James E. Porteaus; trial by court and judgment for plaintiff; Shober and Sairders, Cul- len St Sanders fe plaintiff, Chumaeero & McCutcheon for defendant. S. L. Hobden, assignee, i's. Elkhorn Mining Co.; settled and dismissed at plaintiff's cost; Sanders, Cullen & Sanders for plaintiff, Cowan & Parker for defendant.. Jacob Switzer vs. R. A. Allen el al.; continued for the term. Stephen L. Hobdeu, assignee, vs. Daniel McNeill, Sheriff; trial by court and judgment for defendant; Sanders, Cullen & Sanders for plaintiff, Cowan & Parkçr for defendant. Helena Lumber Co. vs. Board of County Commissioners; demurrer over- ruled and defendant given thirty days to answer. J. R. Holt, Sr., was excused from further service on the trial jury. • Territory vs. John P. Freeman; manslaughter. This ease carne to trial Wednesday, September 11th, with J. M. D. Green, II. B. Bailey, John Hazeltine, Lees Titylor, W. H. Dickinson, R. B. Wallace, J. R. Holt, Jr., J. D. Groesbeck, Jas. F. Leighton, I Jas. Perkins. Thomas Dunn. and W. I P. Kaiser as jurymen. County At- torney Hay was assisted in the prose- cUtion by John H. Duffy, Esq., while E. W. Toole, Esq., weir counsel for the defense. The examination of Witness- es was completed Wednesday even- ing and during Thursday the jury was addressed by the counsel and re- ceived the instructions of the Judge. At 10:30 in the evening the jury re- turned a verdict of guilty but, with a recommendation for mercy, and Fri- day afternoon Judge Bleke sentenced the prisoner to one year - s confinement in the penitentiary. Malcolm Morrison, John E. Pickle, aud Adolphus W. Smith were granted their final 'naturalization papers. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. OFIFICIAL NOMINATIONS FOR Jefferson County, Montana. POE Tux CONSTITUTION. AGAINST TilE CONSTITUTION. Per Illfflemistative in Congress: - Ttionaa - R. Cures& MARTIN DIAGINICIIL For Governor: Tames C. Poulin. JoNF-PII K. Toobx. For Lieutenant Governor: J01111 IL itscuarme. JOHN H. CoNRAD. For Secretary of State: Lon. Ilioratrr. Juencrit A. liaowee. For State Treasurer: RICDARli 0. 1111.111AN. Jenne COLLINs. For State Auditor: Fames A. Emirs% Tuonwe G. FITZGERALD. For Attorney General: Halm J. HASKELL. WILLIAM Y. Prmazirrom. Poe Superintendent of Public lentruetion: Jens GASZOS. JANDi R. Itrsam.L. Fur Chief Justice of the Supretne Conrt: Mesas N. BA.Age, STIdPIIEN DILWOLFE. For Asenciate Justice of Supreme Court -7 -year term: Wile-tenH. DetWrrr. WALTER M. BICKFORD. For Aamochate Justice of Supreme Court -5 -year term: EMILIE N. H.AZWiroD FRANK K. AINESMION17. For Clerk of the' Supreme Court: WILUAR Kunst -or. GEORGE F. Corr. For district Jed*, Fifth Judicial District: TRIOIlla J. GaLsaLtirrn. Taws» Jovm. For Joint Representative: JAS» E. Jacasoot. Wituan C. 'Knauer. Fur State Senator Roams norms EDWARD CAEDWELL. For Representatives: ' J. J. CISONE... Prrma Hems. Aturns L Lora tits. E. Poem.. rianem. A. Ste iamaer. Veit» C. Tumor. For County Treuturen Deena. MeNgiu- Enwenn P. Dritesx. For Clerk ot the District Court: Fate( HARLOW. Z. Poxu. For Clerk and Recorder CIRAIELLS E. amass. At.r_xaenr.g S. Veer. For Sheriff: Fa•ag K. I.Ixinu.v. DOOLEY IIALYORD. For County Amemor: Vsinm; A. Come ALEXANDER GILLIAM. For County Attorney: Wila.out L. HAY. DlonirtioXERY II. PARKEIL For Public Adutinietrator Ammer P. sawn'. JOHN ITERKIN. For Superintendent of Salted,: Itcaerwr K. itanneolue. WiLLIAX E. DEAN. Fur Coroner: ALFRED F. Rerun. Eat; t a .4. FRooKE. For County Cummins -bittern: Jams R. titeaurr. JOHN J. Me' AY. WILLIAM V. Limos. • ADM Menefee. .t acute Mc - Mite -as. SHERMAN F. Turn.e. For County Surveyer: Re BAND M. \KAI Li. For Judie, of the Peace, Ileulder Precinct: Albert S. Kellogg. Rielta 41.1. Dougherty. William O. Dacia Dorie Warner. For Constablee, Boulder Precinct: Wallace Hope. Zechariah N. Thompson For Justice' a the Peace. Rtuleretturg Precinct: Heber J. Clayton_ William Wylander. For Constables, Radernburg Precinct: Benjamin Le Mean. Jouira Wilder. For Justice' of the Peace. Placer Precinct: . John N. 'Kelly. (\laced Reynolds. For Constable., Placer Precinct: Heney J. Baker. Rom E. Dregaii. For Justice of the Peace. Wiekm Precinct: Wm. Bartle Territory of Moidnee, s/ Jefferson. ro.: I, Charles E. Stevens. l'ounty Clerk and er officio Recorder, in and for said County and Territory, hereby certify that the above anti torueg g is a true, full. and correct copy of the Cer- 'T ¡Iterates f Nomination now on file in my e-e-e• °Mee. Wisner* my hand and the ewal of said county this 10th day of September, A. I). Imal. CHAS. E. STEVENS. County Clerk and er °Price Recorder. Xr0TICE OF SCHOOL INSTITUTE. Notice is hereby given that the .1 nnual School bunt - tote for Jefferron couuty. Montana, will be held in the new sthonl house at Boulder. September l, 1540. All those holding inertitientee, to teach in the public MMOOM of the county are requested to he present. Efforts will he made to furnish ample aceolumoda- lion* at reduced nitric to those in attendance. The public are conically invited. W. F.., DE.t Supt. Public Schools.. Boulder, M. T., August 28, 18/D. ALIAS SC1IONS. In the Dien -let Court of the First Judicial District of theTerritory of Montana in and for the County ot Jeffeneun. Owen Gillogly. Richard Shaw. and P. A. Corner, Plaintiffe. es. Thomas M. Rees, defendant. The people of the Territory of Montana send greet- ing to the above -named defendant: You are hereby required to appear in an action brought againet you by the shove -mimed plaintiffs in the District Court of the Firma Judicial District of the Territory of Montana. in and for the County of Jef- femme and to answer the complaint Sled therein, j within ten day* texclusive of the day of nervier) af- ter the perviee on you of this summons, if Nerved ' within this county; or, if served out of this county, but in this chstriet, within twenty days; otherwise, within forty days, or judgment by default will be I taken against yen. according to the prayer of said complaint_ The said action is brought te, recover the , judgment of this Court. against the defendant and In favor ot plaintiff*, adjudging and decreeing to the ' plaintiff* the right, title ',eel interest in and to en much of the Neer Ern quartz lode mining claim, situ- ated in Park ipametimes called Mountain) mining district, Jefferson county. M. T.. as is in conflict with the pretended location of the Jaw Bone inill site, by 1 defendant deperihed as follown, to wit: Beginning at the northeast corner No. I. of the said pretended Jaw mill site; thence non' It 315. IF east 496 feet; thence S. dr wee= feet; thence north 35°19' went 535 feet to northwest nosier No. four of mid pretend- ; etTJaw Bone mill site; thence north 53° 41 eibt5.10 I feet to corner No. I. She place of beginning, contain- ' ing an area of 5.9 arree, and that plaintiffs he entitled I to the pemeretion thereof; and that the pretended lo- cation of the Jaw Bone mill site by this defendant, in conflict with the mid New Ern quartz lode niining claim of plaintiffs. be adjudged and decreed to be void and unavailing, and that the defendant has RIO right, title or claim thereto. And Sur costs of suit. And you err hereby notified that if you fail to ap- pear and answer the said complaint, an above re- quired. the said plaintiffs will enter your default y bike judgment against you for costa, and apply tb the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. Given under my hand and the seal of the Dietriet Court of the First Judicial District of the 5 , Territney of Montana, in and for the I Ounty O m \ Jot Jefferson, this 29th day of Angled, in. the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine. W. F. PARKER, Clerk. =Plume HARLOW, Dirty Clerk. M nell.O It arter flay nr. Atty'e for plaintiff.. Poblieatb-n Yu -member I 1,1..e RAILROADS.. FericrEt mtg.:tom. S outh Dakota, No - rtla Dakota, illenatana, Waskthrartost. On February 22, UM, the President signed the bill reciting South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Waelsingtota Staten of the Union. B007I1 DAR01 A. -The great Prairie State, to which the tn. Paul, Minneapolis k Mitatitoba Railway has three main lints. reaching F.Ilendale, Aberdeen, Huron, Watertown, and Sioux Pall.. Go to South Dakota ea tire $t. Paul, Minneapolis k Manitoba Railway and paas through St. Paul and Minneapolis en male. No/c7II DAKCITA.-Where is grown the No. 1 liard Scotch Fife Wheat; who» healthful climate nurtures the moot vigorous and brainy civilization on earth; where single coutities rai» more wheat, oats, and barley than entire States; the' mail of whose fertile prairies is richer than the valley of the Nile; where the Turtle :doted/tin, Minot, and Devils Lake laud districts invite the homeseeker to secure • free home. Magnificent daily train service to Fargo, Grand Forks, Grafton, Devils Lake, Bettina», and a other imi r et ant 3 . . 0OLDEIL-Treateunre in her mines of precious meals; wealth in her 4,000,0015 head ot lire stock; meal in her fertile fields, producing • larger yield of crops than any other State or Territory; the richest country per inhabitant on earth; where pro. - pertly is universal; which has the best-paid labor ist the world; a balmy winter climate, aimed by »MIS winds front the Pacific. The St. l'aul, Minneapells • Menitoba Railway in the only railroad passing through emilinumuseygrieufteral country from St. Paul and Minneapolis tn.the Rocky Mountains. It runs through the great reservation of 15,000,000 acres of land, free to mettlens, In the Milk River valley. Wood, water, and coal in abundance; no irrigation required; the only line panning through Great Faile, with its 1,000,000 horte-power cataracte, Immense coal velum, and surrounding funning °country of free lands; through Helena, the capital city and combiner. Hal center of Montana, and Butte, the richest mining camp on earth, to Stan Francisco by the Columbia river voilley, Portland, and Shasta route, or Ogden, Utah. to Califonda pointy.. Remember this he the only line runuing dining rare, sleeping ears, and free colonist sleepern of its own from St. Piaui and Minne- apolis to Oreat.Fallit, Helena, and Butte. It la alga the shortcut line to Butte. WAsHINOTON.-The country of tall timber, indented by Puget Sound, the Mediterranean of the Pacific-. Do not forget that the St. Paul. Minneapolis ik Mani- toba. Railway is tlàe only line which offers a choice of three route\ o the Pacifie coast. The Manttoba-Pa- elite route is the only line by which pemengers eia route for.Tacenua, Portland. and than Francisco can pass through Port Townsend and Seattle. Free col- onists teepees run through without change or delay. Dietetics, to the Pacific coast is name as by other lines, but prices of tickets are five and ten dollars lam. Take the Seattle route. For further information, maps, rates, and publica- tions in regard tu the resources of the four new State., write or apply to F. 1. WHITNEY, °eel Pass. and Ticket Agi.. At. P., M. kM. liy., St. Paul, Minn. • - 1;11C MONTANA tacarrEt.a.r. AND itC.A.1•TiT033..A. 1=2.A.M1,17CTA:Y\ The NEW AND POPULAR SHORT LINE Between Helena. Wicket, Boulder, Butte, Marypville.St. Paul, 3Ihuteapolip, Chicago, and all points East. I 0 I Now open for Pateenger Traffic with Solid Through Trains Daily between BUTTE. HELENA. ias ST. PAUL Mau Seeping are, lanriens Din's' Cara Ilapilkent Dor Coa h.,. Ind free Sleeping Can hr leond-Itis hungers. The attention of the Penile of Jefferson county Is especially »tiled to the fact that bv the Montana , Central railroad they' can retch Helena be- fore DOM1 reel' day. have needy six for the trameet ion of their business in the ‚'1h». and on the way home in the evening can get • fine eupper in the megnilltent dieting e• aches of thin COD/puny. lie sure to answer tio, MD of the porter: \Supper Di Now Ready bathe Disalna ('art\ Safety. comfort, and Courtesy far All Our Patrons. - Follewing is tin: 11iiii 7 ediieval and departure at trains at Bundler un'the new schedule, bikini( egret , May 22, la119: ' o. I -Helena and Butte Exports, fur Butte and the month, 9.51 a. m. No. 2-Iteletta and Butte Expire. from Butte and the south, 4.57 p. in. No. 3-31ontaita Pacific Express from Si. Paid and the emit, t.36 p. No. 4 -St. Paul Atlantic Ex. from Butte and the mouth, 9.51 a. tn. No. 5 -Marysville ,Exprese arrives at Helena 10.00 a. m. No. 7-31aryriville Express, arrives at Helena 4.40 p. m. No. 6-31aryevIlle Express, heave\ Helena 7.30 a. m. No. 8 -Marysville 'Express, leaves Helena 4.10 p. nt. Trains Noe. tonel 4 connect at Butte with Union Pacifie. a For further information call on or adder** any 'gent of this con.putty, or F. C IV11 4- , General Ma B. H. LA NO LEV, Gen. Fr'ght and Tkt Agea l erna. 174 THE rrortrrat iitrz N pAcuris, Railroad. , • r elict 3Z11.32..13:Ag CUits- 11.cetitc• AND Great Short I.ine to Ettatern Cities+. 1E00 mallow The Shortest Route to CHICAGO AND ALL POINTS EAST. And the only THROUGH CAR LINE. Low Rates. Quiek Um, 71usagb Can, Maus Pelee Remo NORTHERN . PACIFIC TIME TABLE. The following is the time of the arrivals and de - mu -Dermot train' on the Northern ?setae at Helena by the latest schedule which took effect March 31st: •II.S.OPALII A? »LENA No. 1 --Through Watt -bound Limited 2:50p m No. 2 -Th rough 'East -bound Limited 7:20 p su \ te --Butte. 3141.0111n, Mid Ilelenu Expreas 12:20 pm \ 10 -Marysville Pastenger el:40 am \ 12 -Marysville accommodation -r..zio p nt \ 22 -Rimini »cor,., Mon., Wed, It Fridley-5:00 pm \ 5-W iekes and Boulder Pam 10:05 a m DMOIMURIN FROM NILIEN•. No. I -Through West -hound Limited .3:15 p m \ 2 -Through East -bound Limited 7:SS p to \ 7 -Helena, Hotte,and Mimoula Exprem 7:45 an' \ 9 -Marysville Pnamentrer 3.30 pm \ II-Maryseille accommodation 10:00a rn \ 21 -Rimini EINMITI., Men., Wed., k Fridayet:15 it nt \ 6 -Wickes and Boulder Pass 400p nt A. D. EDGAR, General Agent. (' - Q, FEE, Helene. YDNIt ,1 It si f ,, .0. Pa-e Ind Thitet %gem, ' 4 1 P. ,, T • • e

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 18 Sept. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.