The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, September 25, 1889, Image 1

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lincel. la. 1\T 213. 1 3.AL «MIER, CJ COWL - 1r tab (Limited,) Wholesale and Retail »time» Hate and Cape. Iloota . ! ..„ 0,ted shoe«, (*mirror IrTfRNISIIIPIC» 000138. a» rANCY NoTtorts or ALI.. KINID. --to:— • \Iir CI. C:1 C» .1191 AND Rave rternUy been added to our large and voided Um* and a Full and Fine Mao/ta- lent Of Mime lines of g.ods will licréafte ' r e und on our shelves. e 7 , 1 Mime Poe Oabliforma.isa. Ir e CVVE7Clie1' WORKS. Plerouleim„ CAP*, 10LAiTINO, AND Spotting. ' MUSE —me(-- Haneh flutter and egire , ALL ARTICUS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a - speclalty by this heivie. Highest market prise paid for %MO 1001. AND ALL KINDS Or COUNTRY PRODUCI — - %TM P. Mt AKIN X AI. Ma I IF NI latattramile Venapeuay et Neer Eerie; Assets »14,000000.00 Harping 1,100.000.00 Pala to Polley Holders- 21,500.000.00 Amount of Insurance In Force— 50.000,000.00 111 TOUR LIPS 11113URID DiltyEweiT )HISHHaeto Ms Family! The iliteruaaaita ZOO lagetrawee Ceurspniay OF :SPAT TORE Men Opened a Local OfIke for Jeffenion County at BOULDER MONTANA, Where all forme of policie will be W.W.II. Including ..A.13.01.strrE \toxin Poldennet, Wbieb are payable in 10, 125. 20. or 25 yeitrn ! Or in ewe of preview; death IMMEIDI.A. Pr For Information and rates, call on or address , ' P. 0.'DOREMUS, Manager for Montana, Helena, Montana, og PIERRE DURYEA. Special Agent for Jeffewon County. OM« with THOMAS Joys., Eim„ Boulder, Montana. 13OULDIER HOT SPRINGS AND WM. TROTTER. Paoreicroa. Three Springs hare moat 'Wonderful Curative Properties' In all forma of Rho - tames:tie> e l‘x - csu.1::.1.e. AND IX Lead Poisoning and General Debility. The liprinae ia a MosT PLEASANT TEP:SORT For thole who are overworked and weary and who dealre a few days' relief from toil and busk - noes and want a few days' recreation Rini is allays *ant of Bodied Woodburn mid loan Ira Free to ill harms of Go Iasi. RAM TO Auto now ALL TRAMS 0.1n.X.11134T e rALIJ JECCerlD.T.a and RESTAURANT o EUROPEAN PLAN. o .-/-1-x(Ds. BAY PROPRIETOR. IN YOE GANIA Kittett IMICIC ours ono door north of J. R. Warren's livery Middle. t t t t t t t Meals nt all hours. Nicely furnished rooms. MOULDER. , MONTANA. scri.a 1 43 ct ecru. t ea ex ea r iL l eztrir t ca try'. WoCRELHOICLOhy, la go rat cbatem.11t, ir 213. ROOD. a _ - 1 2o calr \roams. LITERARY NUGGETS. [Gathered for Tar: AGE.) Fee Hutson the mire is honored; though the bow - cane bendeth true. Let We stroined striA. crack in toeing, and what seryire shall it dot —Indio,. Wisdom. Things ill gat had ever bad success. —Sliakespere. I shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth, i knew not where; For so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not follow It in its flight. I breathed • song into the air. It fell tu earth, I knew not where; For who has si,ght isca keen and strong. That it can follow the flight of sone Long, long afterward. in an oak, _Mound the arrow Mill utihnuke; And the Song, from beginning to end. I found again in the heart of a friend. —H. W. Longfellow, A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face; a beautiful behavior is better than a beautiful form; it gives a higher pleasure than statues or pictures; it is the fittest of the fine arts.—Enierson. Breathes there a man with soul so dead. Who never to himself hath said, \This is my own, my native bout Whose heart bath ne'er within him burned, As home his footsteps he bath turned 'From wandering on a foreign strand? If much there be, go, mark him well; Fur him no ll i ll strel-reptures swell; High though his tithe, proud his name. Boundless his wealth as wish can claim; Despite !hone titles, power, and pelf, The wretch eoneenter'd all in self, Living. shall forfeit fair renown, And, doubly dying, shall go down To the vile dust frotta which he sprung. Unwept, unbonored. and unsung. linfIrr Neon. It -is so strange. We see a million faces, we hear a million voices, we meet a million women with flowers in their breasts and light in their fair eyes, and they do not touch us. Then we See one, and she holds for us life or death, and plays with them idly so often -as idly as a child with toys. She is not 'nobler, better, or more beautiful than. were all those we passed, and yet the world is empty 'without her.—Ruskin. Rut who shall ao forecast the years And finitin lone a gain to mateh. Or read; a hand in time to witch lhe far-olf intermit of tears 7 --Tetueme. 'Iii p - rivate conversation between intimate friends, the wisest men very Often talk like the weakest; for indeed the talking wittra---triend is nothing else but thinking aloud.—Addison. If love were endless'', men were rode; 'the that Doer counterba'ance travail, danger, pain,— Heaven's expedient to make mortals bear The light, and cheat them of the peaceful grove. —Young. The attainment of our greatest de- sire is often the source of our great- est sorrows. -- . Fourier. QUARTZ 'LOCATIONS. The following loéations of quartz claims in Jefferson county - were re- corded in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder during the month of June, 1889: poolurt/nreo rem( LANT \¡SUL] Cataract boy lode, three miles north- westerly from Basin, located Junai 10th, by Patrick Walls and, John Walls. Ponti« lode, Beaver Creek district, in -Kelly gulch, located June 15th, by Chas. Fitten and John McGinn. Silverglen lode, near Orofino district, located June 15th, by Thos. Bolling - broke, Ernest G. Preston, John T.• Kelly, and D. A. Morrison. Bruin lode, near Orofino district, located June 22(i, by John T. Kelly, Thos.Bolingbridge,and E. P. Preston. Litilentilly lode, two and one-half miles northerly of Pipestone Springs, loCated June 24t1', by John Paul, Thos. Pierce, and E. H. McHenry. Greenhorn lode, one mile south of Grace postoffice, located June 5th, by J. H. Conrad, II. Roudebush, W. D. Bartlett, and W.' H. Young. C,opperking, Beehive, and Silver/ox Pipestone district, locittãd April 23d, June 4th, and June 17th reap., by H. Roudebush, W. H. Bartlett, W. H. Yaung, and J. H. Conrad. Pane!, lode. Pipestone diatriet, lo- cated June 18th, by Emil S. Lando'', Sig. Hochberger, and Chas. Gaupitt. j Commerrial and getalfersts lodes, j Ilomestake diatriet, located June 24th; by J. H. McCarthy,' Jos. Cariney, Joseph 1Trown, and Dennis Farrell. Daisy lode, located June 11th, by Jas. Cassidy and Joseph Turner. Rosebud lode, Lowland district, lo- cated June 24th, by Ed. Fallon, John Fallon, To Killala, and Frank Fin- nigan. Spokane lode, Boulder districtlo- cated June 17th, by J. D. Pritchett and R. Fitzgerald. - - Littlejoe' lode, west side of White- horse creek, .half tulle north of N. P. R. R. survey, located June 14th, by Jas. Dawson, John Ferguson, and G. W. Fisher. • Baldy lode, Orofino district, located March 13th, 1888, by Jas. B. McMas- ter, Griffith Jones, Wm. Saulsbury, and Henry Tetrault. Silreeking lode, five miles from Ra- dersburg, an south aide of Crow creek, located June 11th, by W, E. , Dean and Chas. Frazier. Bettise lode, located June 18th, by Fred Kanzebach, Luge Lavalette, John Berk in, C. W. Vance, and Jos. Guano. Roekpoiut lode, one mile up Grizzly gulch, near Boulder, located Jane 8th, by Annie Betts. Skandiaextension lode, one and three- , fourths miles southeasterly from Woodville, located June 7th, by J. S. Eckstrom. SaintIonis lode, three miles from Woodville, located June 5th, by J. S. Eckstrom. Bullion lode, one and three -fourths miles southeasterly from Woodville, located June 7th, by Otto Anderson. Spokane lode, five miles southwest. of Pipestone Springs, located June 13th, by D. J. McGinley, Paula Manuel, and J. W. Jarard. , Littlehattic lode, on •north aide of Homestake Pasts, located June bit_ by F. W. Patten and Vete L. Cross. Lawn B lode, on south side Home - stake Pass, located June 4th, by F. W. E. Patten and Vete L. Cross. Blizzard west lode, Colorado district,' located June 22d, by Jacob Kant . Georgewashington lode, near Orofino district -located June 15th, by Patrick Delaney and W. W. Bush. Cedar lode, six miles west of Ra- dersburg, located .May 22d, by C. B. Jacquemin and John Rothfus. Lost buck lode, near Orofino district, located June 21st, by John T. Kelly, and Thomas Bolingbroke. Standard, amended location, and Mountainriew lodes, Lowland district, located June 7th, by John Hamilton, Henry T. Fletchall, and Con Breslin. Sonthsadie lode, one mile north of Boulder creek, located June 14th, by Ed. Fallon, Tom Killala, and Frank Finnigan. Blackbird lode, C'ataract distriet near Evening:liar mine, located June 2d, by Charles B. King and John Sheahan. Rosebudlode, nine miles west of Pipestone Springs, located May flth, by O. E. O'Hara. (OONTINVED NEXT went.) LITTLE ALMA BONDED. [Montana Mining Review, Helene.) The Lillie Alma mine, located on Shoofly Mountain in the Upper Basin country, near the confluence of the t t THE UNION PACIFIC t t Basin and Eureka creeks, in Jefferson county, has been bonded to 0. P. Chisholm, of Chicago, Ill., and Prof. Bartthart, of Cleveland. Ohio, both extensive mining operators of un- questioned character and energy, well known throughout the mining regions, not alone of Montana, but all over the country where the precious metals are found, being extensively engaged in building stamp mills and extracting ore from Montana - to the Pacific coast. E. Y. MAZE, Cite Ticket Agent The bond to these gentlemen én this property runs until September 1st, 1890,and is for the sum of $80,000. As soon na the bond Walt signed a. con- tract was immediately let for the rutt- ing of a tunnel, to be known as No. 2 tunnel, for a distance of 400 feét, or until it taps the vein, which it is expected it will do•in about that dis- tance:, Tunnel No. 1 is now in on the vein about 380 feet, the last 150 feet in ore along the hanging wall. A cross -cut has also been driven for the foot wall forty-three feet without yet finding it. This cross -cut is in ore the, entire distance. A second cross- cut haa also been driven about thirty feet, diagonally across the vein, in excellent ere, but without finding the foot wall. Samples made by Mr. Chis- holm and Prof. Barnhart from this immense body of ore ran as follows: Sample, No. 1, $38.71; Sample, No. 2, $47.56; Sample, No. 3, $7:3.74; This gives an average of a fraction over $52.00 per ton, and the option offored by the owners was immediately taken up by the parties mentioned. There have been several chutes of very high grade 'shipping ore discovered, and throughout the present workings, in the bottom of the levels, the indica- tions are abundant of a better quality of ore to - be diseovered in the lower leVels. Tunnel No. 2 will open the mine about 150 feet deeper than the present workings. The company now operating the property will erect ex- tensive concentrating works and put up such other machinery as may be necessary to conduct the mine on an extensive plan. THE AUSTRALIAN SYSTEM. (Helena Journal.) Mr. Wee Willie Wallace seems to think he can make votes for his party by sneering at Mr. Kennedy, the rep- resentative of the workingmen 4.1to introduced the Australian voting law. In his speech last night he declared that the voting law had only been in (reduced \to make work for the printers,\ and he 'added, \by the way, its author, Mr. Kennedy, is a printer.\ The workingmen for whom Mr. Kennedy acted will appreciate this insulting remark, and will make their appropriate reply to it on Octo- ber 1. H. M. PASIciii,. Bottiop e , Helena. Boulder. r.e..r.:311,0 12dke Wr4:77r711.113, WHOLESAL L E AND RETAI ? X> Xt. 1:1' Ca:C1- I IN 'X' IN . We carry all goads usually carried by DRUGGIoTs. A IOW Le i n, la 1 2 11. . del -One Priem, Are Reaaconable. - 611 —: 0 :— Trip a Glass of Oar lads Water. r ICIKEZ • 091 »e MAST, rŘ A TO ALL PR/NCI:PAX., POINTE - lc air WEST, sge NORTH and SOUTH, — AT -- o GIOIRTIAL RAIDWAY and STEAROONST Orrice 5 No. fa N. MAIN fhislarr, Iltrrpe, MoSr. J. I.F;WIS, General gént. WEI INTTITNI a — • Cio rolls I 1 inspection FROM EITOCK-BRIIDERs7 \mums. aim I Intone of Pt; MPI NG/ WINDMILLS oat 1 ,r WI]TDMi•TC3a2.TE8, TO OUR LAMM USE OR 00005 IN TRIM «Akin. Vi It «A Mir ACM*. Vora ems or PUMPING WIND Mills and five Mara of 1'0 W E W I N le N I N PA3 \I\.A.1\TIK/M1 FROM tO4r. TO TIINFIS %MUM bANcals 'Urn ok i.Akl4111 MOIlltrli, AND Writer. TIIINO ever rInITAININti Ti) THIN II.ANO Or ▪ te111/110t. (MK 1300I10 sae ram. se • wine icericier Or TraNITONT, AXE rt'LLT W A itnAstrm, A N DolatIMARANTIOL Resin. Limas Rained a Iressieriod Tarr Soy. Write for our large 72 rare Gialtrie. Mud tr.11rve • MI doier.ptso of our get. Wren V. II. riTICAREN O CO, Ftwirbwille, Isms., U. IL A. ilICLICN A ,il, DV Eiti''D;Rlif EATS= TALI A14/4AV t AN!) clIEMIVAL LAII0RAToRv J . . T. Ca•Calirla. HELENA, : MONTANA. Gold. and Silver Il SO '/in,. .. ME Silver. gold and lead 2 Ho l'in ‚N Lead I 10) A ntlittony ‚q Copper I no Aneedr II 00 Maim I Ill Irma 'I OD POIVIR et 81W. NELNNA, N. T. DIALS» IN Mining Machinery Otte' Minor\' Mg. pplioo. MoNTA At.F•Tt. role BLAKE'S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. • -- STEAM 110113TS - — AND COMMON BENI« WROUORT mom wanag- Safety Nitro Powder, Cape, Fuse. Etc. PiTILAIIIIOAT !guys. : : : W. T. THE THOMAS ClIVER miasmas malign tzict.exA. hasierpereMed Under Idee Lae» edIlleas•NDS PAID IN ITAL. *2. C3 0 O Q. - TII0MAS CRUSE, President T. II. CARTER.... a. • lee-Preeldent. C. L. DABLER • T ressearer. I: J. CARTER Secretory. Allows six per cent. intereet on Savinge Denudate. compounded January anti July. Trammels a general banking businem, drams te- amed!. on the principal cities of the United Mabee and Europe. Will make ImItift on County and city bonds, and real estate mortgagee. TWE liCIELICNA DAILY JOURNAL. 6 9 Per year, wm0111100 Om. mama.. If you want,. live daily - newspaper. . fluheerihe for the Ileum* Mims' Jammu - if you want good Republican doctrine, Subscribe for the Ilgi.gteA Mote „lecrestet.. If senis want a full Associated Preen report, Subscribe for the HELENA IYAILY Joresiat.. If yoii want all the news of Montana, Subseribe for the IIIILRNA DAILY Jorowst.. If you are already a aute scriber to any other Helena taper, dimeni- linue it and Maihoeribe for the A DAILY icnalw•i_ If yea weal a VIrel-amee Weekly Seers - paper, subarea, for tb. WEEKLY' Hubrecriptlön Priem, ea Per Annum. MONTANA ?ARVIN° AND BTOGE JOURNAL. THY. LEADINO PAPER IN TIIF: NORTHWROT. DEVOTED TO AORICCLTCRE, LI VIE STOCK FARMING, HOUSEHOLD INTERPOR4, AND FAMILY REA DING. Stibeeri pt ion Prjoe. $3.00 per Year. vinnis•-asa SOLID OOLD WAICH 21:T ic isire F Mold for IM u MA O until lately. Beat Lhe' world. Perfect timekeeper. Warranted. Heavy Solid (told Hunting Comm. Both Indira' and genie' alum with worka and \aires of equal value. One pertain in each locality ran werare one free : together with our large and raJuable line of DOI «BOLD SAMPI.F.S. These wimples se well ea the watch, we send PRF:E, and s 'et yes have kept them in your home for two .nonthri and ens wn them to INN,' wise may hay • called, they become your own proPorlY• .7>err who write at mare can be sure of receiving the WATCH and FIAMPI.ffl. We pay all expert», freight. etc. Address STINSON it CO., Box 1112. Portland, Maine. _ rstrrut CUE !mint storm fti, bat one 111tart • •10 . 1. ra -4

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 25 Sept. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.