The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, September 25, 1889, Image 2

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4 1) os 1_ o REPUBLICAN STATIC TICKET. - For Congreasman T. II. ('ARTER Of Lewir and Clark County. For Governor T. C POW ER Of I aoria and (lark County. Fur Lieut. (invert...v. J. E. RICK ARM in Silver Bow County. For Secretarv ,1 (late 1.11r IS ROTWIrr . • Or ass e ts, tstito n ty. Fur State Tresourso R. O. 11:CKNIAN Of Medium County. Fur Mote Author E. A. Kismey Of Mhuoula County. For Attorney (WWI 11. J. HA)lKELL of Dimon. Comity. For Suporinteusk'a of Public Ina* ruction TORN GANNON Of Deer tmdge County. For Chief Josthe G. N. BLAKE , Of Lewis and Clark County. Fee Ansesciate JIM« ier . 11. DuW ITT Of Silver how County. For Aorisciate /wake E. N. HARWOOD Of Yellow/none County. Tor Clerk of Sup. Court W. J. KENNEDY Of Missoula 'co tttt y. REPUBLICAN JUDICIAL TICKS/T. For Judge of District Court T. J. i'.A1.131tAITI1 Of Ilesiverhemd County. _ KKPUdLICAN COUNTY limier. ROBERT FISHER For State Senator Of Wicket.. ...............S.71 A . MWIUG ETT f ‚Vick es. Of Rualensbune ,J. J. (HONK Of 'Fish Creek. For Joint Representative JAS. E. JACKSON Of Whites. R GILBERT Of Writhe.. For County Cone w.. V. MYERS 131i881011CT5 Of Itsulershiarg. tlICIIIEMcMILLAN Of Placer. • For Repnrie•ntativea. For Clerk and Recorder CHAS. E. STEVENS kef Boulder. For Sheriff FRANK LINDSEY Of Wickea, For Treasurer DAN MNNILL Of Bottler. For Supt. Public Schools% • R. E. II A515REND Of Elkhorn. For Public Adu • Odor A. P. 1041TH Of Elkhorn. For Aseessor V. A. COOK Of Boulder. For County Attorney W. L. HAY Of Boulder. For Clerk of District Court FRANK HARLOW Of Boulder ' For Coroner A. P. REDO Of Jefferson City. TUE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1889. IT WAS A graceful thing for the Democratic managers of Boulder to give up the, court house on the 20th to the Republicans for MessrseCarter and Mantle when they had it engaged for a meeting of their own. A SELF-CONFESSED • FALSIFIER is not to be believedat any time: The Dem- ocratic party theough its speakers and newspapers inform us that their declarations last fall were not true. Don't that take considerable of the weight from their present declara- tions? _ will Punish the Democratic party for this silly and unjust act. THE REPUBLICAN Legielativó ticket for Jefferson count); is one of which the party can boast with pride and there 8110(11(1 be no question . of the election of the solid 'delegation, not onle\ for themselves but on 'account of alie principles at stake. With five such strong men in the Legislature this winter, Jeffereon county ought to take front rank in political matters.' We WOULD PERSIST in calling the attention tif 'Republican voters to the fact that the >Big Four seem to be do- ing everything they possibly can to secure the election of a Democratic representation in the Legislature from -Jefferson county. It is reported that they are willing to trade every other candidate. Watch well, there- fore, every precinct, where. any of them are suspected 'of having undue influence. to the end that their schemes may be frustrated. • Their henchmen are wRling to promise anything and everything to gain their porpoise. Re- member their talk about free wool and free lead last year and protection this year, and give their promises consideration accordingly. They at- tempted to dupe you last year and failed, see that they are so cOntleinned at the polls this year that they will never again attempt to carry our elec- tions by falsehood and misrepresenta- tion. Eye:Rye:use iseleseres the success / the entire Republican ticket in 'Jefferson county. If a' fair vote uit . influensted by Contractors ind the next to the biggest of the Big Four were bad, there could be no possible gees . - tion but the Republivans . would win. What. influenee the paid agents of the Big Four, who haunt every impor- tant precinet in oar county with their pockets full of money, will have, diflieult to deterniine. What influence the protnise enade to do this or that for e..rtain )(jet ions - promises they never will keep—will have, we do not pretend to say; but we have au ahid- ing faith in the freedein of mind and firmness of purpose of the voters of every section of our county and firmly believe that on October 1st they, will go to the polls and vote their convict ions uninfluenced by blarny, money, or promises of favors,. :tad that. they will . relmtVister a well - deserved rebuke,to these who assume to own them and control their [ethn- ical action by rolling up a large Republican ma jo ri t y, MONTANA is the only one of the Territories soon to become States which will elect county officers neat Tuesday. Why is this? Because Montana is the only Territory which had a Democratic Constitutional Con- vention to turn the Republican coun- ty officers ont. It was a very poor start toward Statehood to turn out this officers who had been elected for two years, especially when there was no excuse whatever for such an act of injuistioe. The people next Tuesday wm. II. DEwrrT. THE LEGI,SLATIVE TICKET. Too much can riot he said of the importance of electing the Repubfican Legglatite ticket from Jefferson coun- ty. That the first State Legislature should be Republican is evident to all who believe in progression, who want to see the industries of the new State developed,•who want te set our Sel. - atom in sympathy, wit/h the adruinis- ' tration and the' party in control both Houses of Congress. Montana will want numerous favors from Con- gress during the next ‚eat. or tees and it will certainly be making the granting of such. favors more sure if the representation of • the State in Congress is 'in synipathy with the party in power. There are questions of local impor- tance which deicand that the Legis- lature should • be Republican. The purity Of ele leais demand it. We now have election laws which prevent frand, bribery, and intimidation, and other undue and unlawful influences. The Democratic party through , its leading speakers has practically placed itself in opposition to those laws, and to make sure that they are not repeal- ed it will be necessary_ to elect a Re- publican Legislature. The Republicans do not claim that the laws are perfect, but they' do insist that thé Principle of these laws shall renutin in the statutes and that only slick amend s ments as experience shows to be nectsseary shall be made. The ticket nubmitted by the Repub.- limns is one of which the people of Jeffersim eounty may well be proud. Every man upon it has ixtade Jus mark in the world and has proved himself capable and worthy. For the Senate, Mr. Robert Fisher is premi- nently fitted. - Jute repr•ese Jeferson county in the Territori. Gamed, and in that body 'showei himself to be a man of force mid in- fluence, itoesessing inept adunco of mind and character which would not permit ltint to vote contra, y to hie - convictions of right and wrong.. At the Itead of the list of Representatives is Capt. S. A. Sveig,gett, who ably rep- resented Jefferson county in tin' Meuse of Representatives last winter, Wilt; IS rapidly taking a leading place ie tini councils o t itt epu man par [Helena Journal, Septendor O!th.1 For Associate Judge of the • Su- preme Court the prime of Wm. H. DeWitt, of Silver Bow county; carries with it integrity and learning. Mr. DeWitt (was graduated from the -Columbia Law school of New York in 1878, end came to leetana the following year. He was first known at Helena as a practitioner in the offices of Chumasero Si. Chadwick. By his talents he soon gained a repu- tation, and in 1880 he wee the Repub- lican nominee for District Attorney of the old Third Judicial District. An overwhelming Democratic major- ity in most of the counties which composed ‚lue District, necessarily re- sulted in the election of the late T. J. Lowry over Mr. DeWitt, although Mr.- DeWitt made a most •creditable canvass and earned many friends. - In 1881 he left Helena to open an office for himself in, the great city of Butte. With most commendable zeal he applied himself to his laborious profession and rapidly stepped to the front of the bar in that county. President Arthur appointed him United States Attorney in 1883, in which position he served with much credit until 'superseded by R. B. Smith; under Mr. Cleveland. Mr. DeWitt was elected County Attorney of Silver Bo* county in '1886, and conducted his office with marked ability and satisfactiete Backed by an excellent record as a painstaking, diligent lawyer, we confidently expect to see • Mr. DeWitt elevated to the very dignified position of Justice of the Supreme Court of the State. • 1U Montana, a4101 is a leader of men wherever he goes, and who is fully identified with the interest,: of Jeffer- son county: His personal character is such as to recommend hint to the respect and regaM of every 'tiniest and upright citizen of Jefferson coun- ty. Following him, comes Mr. A. L. Love, a thorough) business men as is proved by the important trusts he has held in banks and other business in- stitutions, a man who is now engaged in the farming and cattle -raising busi- ness fn tilts county on an extensive scabeand who is therefore fully com- petent to show to the State Legislature what laws are needed for those im- portant. industries. He is resident in the Crew Creek valley, and therefore fairly represents that important sec- tion of Jefferson county. Again we have Mr. J. J. Croak, who in the im- portant enterprises in which he has been engaged in this county shows himself to be a man of business and financial ability, a man who has the faculty of controlling others, .a man whose personal qualities are 81101 as to make him friends and thereby. add to his influence. The electors of Jef- ferson county can not make any mis- take in casting their ballot for him. Finally, as Joint Representative with Gallatin county, we have Mr. James E. Jackson, of Wickes, a young man who has shown his ability and capaci- ty by growing into the management of one of the most important mines in the county, alto before (towing' to Montana showed his strength in other lines of life, who is energetic and in- dustrious, and who will bring 'Credit to the county in the first Legislature of the State of Montana. Certainly the ticket is one of which Republieans and Democrats of this county may alike be proud, and there should be no question of the election of every man upon it. The interests of the county and the State . alike demand their election. - REMEMBER! ! THE REGISTRATION. - C . \ \ i • .. ‘ 1 ' . I Remember tbat : a vote for our State ticket is a vote for protection to industries of Montana: That a vote for Til muas J. Galbraith for District Judge of, the Fifth Judi- cial ,Distriet is a voto for an able lawyer of mature years, in • eseary• manner qualified to perforiu the duties of the office: That a vote , for Jantes E. Jackson! for John RepresentatiVe with Gallas tin comity and for- Capt. S. A. Swig- gett, J. J.' Cronk, and A. L. Love for Repreeenta • iives is a vote for men of ability and integrit} , as kell as'for two Republicans for the United States Senate: That a vote for Robert Fisher is a vete for a. mane of much legislative exeerience . whom 'the people can al- ways &pond upon to • dethe right thing at the . tigluttime: That a vote for J. R. Gilbert, Wm. V. 'Myers, and Arehie MeMillan fur County Commissioners is a. vote for ectieonly and e strict business principles in the mauagement of the affaire of the county: That a vote for Charles E. Stevens is a vote for one of the truest -hearted men in the county and the best Clerk and Recorder in the Territory of Montana: That a vote for Frank Lindsey for Sheriff is a vote for as brave, honest, and competent a Wan as ever run for the office of Sheriff: That a vote for Dan. McNeill is a vote for honesty itself and for absolute security of the county fluids: That a vote far R. E. Hammo I nd for County Superintendeet of Schools is a vote for a thorough educator, a man of pure moral charneter, who is livieg example for children to follow to become good worthy citizens: That a vote for A. P. Smith for Publie Administrator. is a vote for a solid. substential citizen who will, if sslecoel, perform the duties of what may heeonte a most important office in ‚lie county, with ability and - fidelity: That n vote for Win. L. Hay for County Attorney is a vote fer one or the brigittee yeung lawyers in the weet who has well discharged every s devolved upon him in the past end will continue to do so in the future: The following table shows the num- ber of registered voters in each 'pre ciuct of Jefferson county, the number of votes cast in those precincts at the eleetion last fall, and the guio or loss in the respective precincts, t gether With the vote cast in each pr. &ant for the Republican and Democratic non' - for Delegate to Congress. Pied OCUL Reg. Vote. G'ss Los Rep. Dem. Dietriet No. 1-:- „ Moulder 332 34 '134 197 t »011 - , 6 Z. 16 9 13 i 1111 ortbaide Bender 13 2) 15 6 e2 r l i e .ee horn_ E$s 276 • • 'W.: District No..- Wicke; 7 .361/ me 11 234 GrvIturY- 31 36 5 22 Comet 71 e 3! 3o; Evening Star Of 15 13 10 District No. 3- i t 'o nrs000sion.. 36 71 30 Jr e lily__ 69 99 iii L 4 1 District N'o. 4-- I Alhambra 56 46 12 29! 16 Clancey .0 66 17 15' 51 31ositana City-.... 45 5 44 I ki 16 Distriet NU. 5 - Mitchell Gulch 28 30 '' 22 a Placer 2111i 122 78 86 34 Bedford- 43 54 II 18 36 1Distriet Nu. 6 - St. Louie_ 44 27 14 19 it Radersburg - 313' 197 36 96 99 set ?to. 7-•• --- - Jefferson River t 18 6 12 District No.11- ''.- ..-' Lower Boulder._ • 33 a% 10' Cantwell 18 21 3 2 District No. 9 - Mph Creek 34 30 4 13 Whitehall__ 131 31 RIO 17 Gold Fuze 25. II 243 12 Grace 15 19 4 11 Magnet No. 10- Penn Pleore_ II 31) 19 29 I Basin__ me 96 11 , 44 1'0 Cal Ti II 79 22 57 3 16 District No. 1 l- Woexlville , 92 $it Elk Park , Its 1M Total I 2.841 *2.5Z3 11 170 145 14 10 so 36 17 14 8 48 33 15 102 61 IS l3) 1,170 *No pulls were opened n this precinct lain fall and no mien., registered to vote there this year. The uf tin. precinct oefer to yule at Boulder or W titetur s o of the regi.trt lion have nor yet been re- ceived. Ilia probable the vote will be about the name as hint year. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. For Congressman 111 A ICTIN MA G INNIS Of Lewis au'.!tiare For °overtime J. K. TOOLE Of Lewis and Clark. For Lieut. Governor..... ....... JOHN II. CONRAD lfellowstocre County. For Meretary of grate JOS. A. BROWNE Ileaverhead County. For Male Tresolurer JERRY COLLINS Of Caeca e County. For State Auditor T. D. FITZGERALD Of Deer Lodge Comity. For Attorney General • W. Y. PEMBERTON Of Miter Pow County. For StopeOntendent of Pulsate Instruction J. R. RUSSEL Of Silver MAU touuty For CiOef Justice OTEPIIEN DcWOLFE Of Silver Bow County. For Amociate Justice W. M. BIG•KFORD 'Of M:1601111\ it 'ouist y Fs.r Anoseiaté Jio the • P. K. Alt5IRTRONG - Of ciallatin Comity. For Clerk of 5n'. 0.'.,\ ...... G. F. COPE Of Madloom county. DEMOCRATIC JUDICIAL TICKET. Fee' sed g e Distriet Court TIIDWA111 JOY Ett Of Jefferson County. DEMOCRATIC coubrr TICKET. FM. State Senator ED. CARDWELL Of Ccad Springs. - J.\ - 'MORT Of Gold Flin is t IlKEN For Representetives Of Wfelcso • . • (I. E. POOL Of Rasierehorg. F o r joiso Representative W. C. WHALEY' That a. vote for Frank Iferlow is a or Bedford. vote for an accompliehed gentleman, a man of large experience, and who acceptably fills the office Of Clerk of the District Ceurt for which be ià now a candidate, and who s is making 'a gentlemanly canvass without any un- kind word for his opponent, who re- ciprocates with uncalled for personal' abuse: That a vote for Dr. A. F. Rudd for Coroner is a vote for Jefferson coun- ty's oldest resident . physician whom every one knows - and holds in the very highest esteem: That a vote for Vining A. Cook for Assessor is a o r vote for one of the truest gentlenten and most impartial appraiecre who ever occupied the office, amid for a man who has most acceptably served the people in the three yean past which is a guarantee that he st411 continue to do so in the future: That a vote for the entire Repub- lican ticket is a vote for good govern- ment; fidelity to pr - onSisese and a firm settled policy. WHENEVER a candidate is put to ' such straits as to attempt to secure his own election by vjlifying his op- . ponent he is in a desperate state and confesses' that he can not fairly win. Whenever you he:ir personal attacks made on a candidate by his opponent you can depend upon it that the 'attack is mostly More(' by a personal desire to . wit' at any cost and you should investigate before believing. _ MONTANA'S interest demands a Re- publican United States Senate. A vote for Republieui State Senator and . Representatives is a vote to re- tain that and don't forget it. 7 J. J. Met.7.4Y Os Boulder_ t For 'motto Commie- JOHN MURRAY Of Redford. R. F. TUTTLE Of Fiat ('reek. For Clerk and Recorder ALEX T. VF.14T Of Ruin. For Sheriff DODLEY IIALFORD Of Boulder. For Treasurer E. P. DUR;siBN Of Placer. For Supt. of Public Schools W. E. DEAN Of Elkhorn. For Public Ado *strats.r JOIIN BERKIN Of Boulder. For Aseemor ALEX GILLIAM Of Elkhorn. For County Attorney M. U. PARKER Of Boulder. 1 For Clerk of Distriet Court CHAS. Z. POND Of Jeffemon City For Coroner EDGAR BROOKE Of Elkhorn. For Surveyor R. M. CIRALLk (if Boulder. w ournit IIIASFIELD. BOULDER, MONTANA. Wholesale and Retail 33 'CT sr CI 33 XI R. la Of leeef, Mutten, Pork, 'Veal. ALL KINDS OP Aarsaot A SPECIALTY. Salt Meet. or Seal Knolity Alvaro ma neorsd. FRISH FISH AND GAME IN THEIR SEARON. Market at the old MURRAY STAND. II-IFIA.13 TJ M T- II ITF Metzevir ildraux.2.1x..cstla. FITIZ:1•_TITTIRM T s , THE Pormic. We are now prepared to furnish any size house or hotel with any style or priced furniture just as cheap as any house in Montana. having over f..-10.91 1 0 worth of furniture in our wan -homes all new goods, reeeiv- ing from five to *even carloads a week. We lob* all over the Territory; special 'attention Riven .to mall ordene guiais peeked and delivered in first clam style. (Sultans' see nor etore when in town. Order work, picture framing, and repairing a specialty. Groesbeck k Simpkins Block. opposite Sratiosetotilee. Whitehead Ot listehn, BOULDER. - - MONTANA. RADERSBURG POSTOF'FICE STORE. el-. r e C)Cbi..a, DEA LEIR IS Drugs. Cligans, Stationery, Books. Cutlery and Notions Also the Surat and largest amortment of tirthday sad Wier Premsts sed Pansy Gods Grionily ever in the Puce. , 4 e T I . 4

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 25 Sept. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.