The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, October 02, 1889, Image 1

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MITAGE. N.T1. Ia. ?i c. SO. - - IREICossiserae• • I • e)i - wr1 tersz - EF. 4),(23 Rwealliciallr. C:P 4 DS 4 :«!ww 10 130 . 4 11013 e'awn - \ Ittnitalr. BAILWOOZE, CICRi e llir n er i.) OCR., Wholesale eau Retail DISALJIMIle Ca` 191.10> )031311t.Z3Clial, Meta and Caps, Boot.. and Sknien, IrUILNISIII woo taceprea„ ADD P.A..NCY NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS. XII MIL 11 1\ CI - CI) CI) 7:d all HIM reeestly been added to our large and varied stock and a Pull and Vine Assortment et aims aim geod.will hereafter be found'on our shelve*. -lot- Annenfron. CI stair:cox-12.1m Ir e csimwelie)s - WORICS. Itereulero. CAPE, sLAYrwwwo, Awn ttporting. Baneh Butter and eggs -AND- ALL ARTIOLES OP COUNTRY PRODUCE Are made a specialty by this house. -:0: - Highest market prine paid foe %west. Biwa. Ann Au. Knits ow Couirnew Pitoonci ( I Th. lha Ah. ear X AL 7...a X IF' IC Ihnsarenee Company et New ‚ark. ISTÁLUSEllà Assam * Surplue 1,loo,000.0o Pied to Policy Holders. 21.500.000.00 Amount of Insurance In Force.- 50,000.000.00 DI YOUR LIM INSLTRED A Duty Every Man Owes to Ilia Family! T. Iltsrbasiala Life Instars• - e• Company or muse YORK • Local Office f„r Jefferson Coma, nt BOULT1F.R. MONTANA, Where all forma of polleing veill be issued. Including 1FC BOND WI:loh are payable in 10, 1:`., nr 21\1 yearn ! Or in rape of previous dc -at?, IMMEDIATEI.. - Y 1 For information and rate«, eall on or gadder.* F'.'. DORENIU:4, Manager for Montana, Helena, Montana, OR PIERRE DURYEA, Spewial Agent for Jefferson County. Oftlee with THOMAS Jovre. Esq., Boulder, Montana. 11.1TF:f.S. 1 101CILDER. HOT SPRINGS AND HOTEL. WM. TROTTER, Paorturron. Thow Spring.. have most N`Vonciorrul Curative. Properties In all (Giros of 31Phla4.1ilmaitict w ritemolut.ble au ADD IV Lead Poisoning and (Milers' Debility. -1o(- The Springs ia • MOST P1.1r:ARIANT }estirt'r Far those who are overworked and wear and who desire* few days' relief from toil and hood - mew and want a few days' recreation Hon is neap Woo be of fetal ituadams oat talks art Treg ta MI towns of 110 fetal. NASH TO Mtn 121011 ALL TSAI» COMMEIZgerAli.I.a mccerzore and RB8TAURANT • EVIROPIEAN • THOE1. BAlgIr In. PROPRIETOR. re TIM Gam à Rims saw: arnre one door north of J. R. Warren's Beery stable. t t t t t t t Meal. at all hour'. t seoca.ezia, Nicely furnished rooms. LITEIIARY NUGGETS. [Gathered for Tam Aux.! The noise of worldly fame la but a bloat of wind, That blow, from diverse points and ahift• Rename, Shifting the point it blows trod,. -Dante Most females will forgive a liberty, rather than a slight; and if any wom- an were to hang a man for stealing her picture. although it were bet ia gold, it would be a new case in law; but if he carried off the setting and left the portrait, I could not answer for his safety.-Co/ton. To insight profounder Mane spirit may dive; Hia aye -rolling orbit At no goal will arrive; The heavens that now draw him With pereetnea. untold, Once found --for new heavens Ile spurneth the old. -EDnenpon. The essence of true nobility is neg- lect of self. Let the thought of self pass in, and the beauty of great action is gone, like the bloom from a soiled flower.-Froude. Every grace that plastic language knows To nmluelrea poets in perfection owea, The rough.liewit word* to simplest thought. confined Were cut and polished in their nicer mind. -O. W. Ileintss. The prayer of Lahire: \Godl do unto Lahire what Thou wouldet La - hire should do unto Thee, if Thou wert Lahire and Lahire were Thee.\ Lie stirring AA Me time; be lire with Ste; 'Threaten the threatener, and outface the brow Of bragging horror; so shall inferior eyee That burrow their behavior from the great, Grow great by your exemp/e, and put on Thedausitlem spirit of resolution. -Node/peer Good sense and good nature are not separated, though the ignorant, world has thought otherwise. Good nature, by which I mean beneficence and candor, is the product of right reason. -Dryden. Nut la the ...honor of (he crowded igtreet, Nut in the shout, and plaudit. of the throng, But in ourselves are triumph and defeat. --Lengleffow. An asp would rentier its sting more venomous by dipping it into the heart of a coquette.-Poincelot. QUARTZ LOCATIONS. The following locations of quartz claims in Jefferson county were re- corded in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder during the month of June, 1889: [CONCLUDIED room LAST WEEK.] Losthatchet No. I and No. 2 lodes, four and one miles northwest of Pipe - stone Springs, located May 28th, by O. E. O'Hara, Paul F. Lambotte, Gus- Lantbotte, and Chas . . R. Hawley. Hiddentreasure lode, one mile east of Woodville, located May 28th, by Robert. Wakefield and Mary G. Hans - worth. Happyboy lode, nine miles northwest of Pipestone Springs, located June 8th, by Gus J. Lambotte, Paul F. Lambotte, and Elmer A. Young. Littkjoe lode, one mile north of Sloan's horse ranch on Big Pipestone, located May 12th, by D. A. Morrison and Jam. Ketchum. Basin lode, in Basin gulch, located June 16th, by Louis Wagner and Nicholas Wagner. M N lode, on Boulder river, half mile northwesterly from M. C. tunnel, located June 15th, by Wm. R. Gib - binge and A. M. Hotter. Rattler lode, fourth mile north of Boulder river, located June 18th, by Ira Littlejohn and Jas. Blair. Gentleann lode, on south side of Moose creek, located June 14th, by Jas. Donavon, John F'ergualan, and G. W. Fisher. Blackbird lode, near Homestake creek, located June 14th, by Jas. Daw- son, John Ferguson, and G. W. Fish- er. Kegeguil lodo, one mile from junc- tion of Moose creek and Ilomestake gulch, located June 14th, by James Dawson, John Ferguson, and G. W. I Fisher. p ioNTANA . 1 Queen of the Mountain lode, two miles east of McIntyre'a ranch, located May 31st, by Richard Berryman. Fairpiay lode, two miles east of McIntyre's ranch, located May 24th,, by Richard Berryman and Mat Myers. Lastchance lode, between Lutapgulch and Clancey creek and one mile north- east of Daritucker mine, located May 24th, by J. M. Holt, Geo. B. R. Fer- rel, and Chas. Holt. Luella lode, one and ene-balf mile west of Goiciffint mine, located May 29th, by Oscar A. Turner. Rosebud lode, ou north ide of Jef- ferson river, located June 9th, by Geo. H. Casey, J. D. McLeod, D. A. Mor., tison, and Fi -T. McBride. Surprise lode, three miles aoutà of Woodville, located June 11th, by M. C. Lind and T. B. Murray. Brusher lode, Beefstraig trie', located June 3d, by J. H. rthy, Peter Brown, Dennis Farr , and Jo» Ca rrney. Burlingame lode, Lowland district, located by Jas. S. Benson, John Ber - kin, and W. E. Sanders. Sma//bonanza lode, Lowland district, located June 12th, by Henry Pankey, Morris Gainer, and Nelson Moseburg. Littlepiasburg lode, ou north side of Homeetake Paes, located May 25th, and Sheridan lode, one and one-half mile north of Homeetake Net, locat- ed June 3d, by Jos. Griffith, Lewis Llewellyn, and John Roach. Washington lode, in western portion of t 8 n, r 5 w, located June 15th, by E. M. Dumpily. Aspin lode, on northeide of orne - stake Pass, near its mo ocated June 2d, by Jos. Griffith wig Lle- wellyn, and John Roach. Mee lode, Willow Spring* dieteiut, located June 15th. by W. D. McIn- tyre. Fisher lode, three miles east of Low- land creek, located June 7th, by F. W. Fisher, Henry T. Fletchall, Con. Breslin, and John Hamilton. Mayflower lode, on north fork of Basin creek about half mile south of Tenmile lake, located May 22d, by N. Jenson. Minnehalia lode, Little Pipestone district, on north side of Bald Moun- tain, located May 25th, by D. A. Mor- rison, Geo. H. Casey, and F. T. McBride. Ophir lode, on Little Moose creek, located May 25th, by Michael O'Brien and J. F. Duffy. Teego lode, in Golconda gulch, three and one-half miles from Jefferson, lo- cated June 3d, by Samuel C. Ricketts and Edward Geiligan. Nonesuch lode, in Jefferson cation, half mile northeasterly from Jefferson river, located May 8th, by Dave Brucker, Phil. Ploop, and S. C. Ayres. Fre,dbrown and Butte lodes, one mile southerly from Fourth of July lode, lo- cated June 1st, by D. D. Budd. Grayeagle lode, fourth mile south of C and D smelter, Elkhorn district, lo- cated by A. A. McMillan and M. Birch. Helena lode, two miles west of Mis- souri river and one mile south of coun- ty line between Jefferson and Lewis and Clark counties, located May 23d, by E. M. Pollinger and J. W. Brooke. Glen/ca lode, half mile west of Little Moose creek, located May 20tb, by A. C. Russell. Mela/ím lode, on west side of south fork of Whitetail Park, and Mammoth and Condo?' lodes, on east side of south fork of Whitetail Park, located May 26th, by Peter Brown, John B. Rowe, and Chas. S. Warren. Fowler lode, twelve miles southwest- erly of Boulder, and Forsaken lode, ten miles southwesterly of Boulder, located June 8th, by Henry G. Gering, Louis Planson, and Charles L. Sham- baugh. Greatwonder lode, eight miles north- east of Walkerville, located May 27th, by Cyprien Siootte and Louis Ber- trand. Paehinka lode, located June 10111, by II. R. Bennett, W. S. Bender, and Jas. J. Hogan. Galeria lode, Cataract district, head of Rock creek, located June 16th, by John T. Kelly, Ernest T. Preston, D. A. Morrison, and Thole Bolingbroke. Pilgrim lode, four miles south of Radersburg, located June 25th, by Wm. A. George and Stephen Brody. G randeentral lode, Elkhorn district, one mile northeast of C de D wine, lo- cated June 18th, by H. Westby and Jolla Colberg. Kingoolomonniines lode, two MHOS northwest of Clancey, located June 22d, by Emanuel Redding. Moiset Iodes, tweand one-half miles northwesterly of Basin, on west side Been' crock, located June 12th, by; Camile Barnaba. Climax lode, located May 10th, by W. S. Sims. Annapolis, Guldengate, and Funda/ia Iodes, Big Pipestone district, three - fourths mile south of Deli:nee,' ranch, located May 20th, by Alonzo Smith and Charles Orno. Mary K lode, six miles westerly of mouth of Bison creek, located May 13th, by John Nagel, George 1)ecker, Chats. Kosauda, and Gustav A. Korn - berg. Carrie lode, three -Courtin! mile south of Whitehorse creek ' , located May 29th, by J. R. Reed and J. R. Silver. GI:par/Item lode, Mountain district, one mile northwesterly from head of Indian creek, located May 31st, by John Smart and P. A. Comer' Hawkeye lode, half mile north of St. Louis, north of right hand batik of Indian creek, located May 31st, by S. L. Wyland and J. T. Winsor. J I C lode, Orofino district, located May 19th, by C. Banem, Patrick Con- nolly, Patrick Frawley, and John Froll. SPECIAL NOTICES. LOST OR secor,EN. A horse, light bay, branded revenged R ma left shoulder, collar marks, ‚hod all around, weight about 1,0110 pound'; DM seen Iwo about March let on range of Boulder. A imitable reward is offered fer any information that will lead to the recovery of the horse. Addrent W. term., Boulder, M. T. IliICURSION TO WASIIINOTON. Oet1,- .1241 her tat, Id, and 3d the Union Pacific will 6.11 excursion ticket. to Washington, 11 C., at the rat\ 57665f», the round trip from all points in Montana. Ticket, will be good to reach Warghington wg late tia October 0th and good retu lll i ll g until November 11th. Mapco -cgs will he allowed at any point mid of Mi. souri river returning within anal limit. All tickets Mimed by the (\Mon Pantie will be made good to re- turn ria either the Northern Faddy or Manitoba R. Is. if ao desired. T IE MANITOBA AND MO/dTANA CEN- tral railroad la ill sell essential ticket. from St. Paul and Minneapolle to It lane and return at $45.90, one fare, for the round trip, on the following date.: Aug Stb mod 201h, Sept. 10th nod 2411', Oct. (iood thirty days. Stop -weer privilege* will be allowed within limit of ticket - - JOB pia r e g i ri al tfu, A ex a e:m orn tetl ee, witp lie gieatri g..... erag c.i an i when you want any work done. TX 02EICID7r11111 TO ILAIIT. 0111 CAL» • ALL 'be Sir WEST, NORTH and ROUTH, t t THE UNION PACIFIC t t o Ownrast Iltsnowsy and ilwrAnanir Orrice No.% N. Mane bloom Bt -rra, MORT. E. V. MAZE, City Ticket Agent. •I , A LEWIS, «towel Agent IWITXT.311 • Clore At I I nroper t inn ‚now 8T00N-BRIIIDERB. PARMIllta, AND Users of PU M PING . W- IN DM ILL oa I »ovr er wID M1T - CI - II•TIECE1, TO ova LARGE LINK OP 00005 IN TIMM CLAMS. WE M•NI'F- M-11 , 111 work aurae er PUMPING WIND VILtil and Ave sizes of POWER WIN I- , ENGINES, AR.I\TXX.1111 ^ _peen ovum TO THDRI nunnatto erotaeia 1115C5 Os Loitonot IF oaatain, •MD SIVIEM•- ?DING SIAN lllll I MING TO THIS CLAM OF ISACUINFM. Ora (molls •ait 1.111to Is • 'WIDE ItitENT OF TEMMITOMY, ARM PULLS WADALANTED, DOVMOV 150000. Reliable kgeota Nubile Unmet pt el Tarr; wry. Yew for .sr lap 72 -Inge Catalogs. vain vIllyn a fall dasonplaut if ear pate titian -- OP. 11. %TRAINER IA CO, ftwallav lbw.. ‚t,•. Á. EurNA A It VEItTINEVENTii. U'rA1 - 1 ASSAY 01 1 'FICIK, ANI) CHEMICAL LABORATORY Z. T. GI -01711D, HELENA MONTANA. Gold and Silver 51 SO Zino a a Silver, guild and !nut 2 00 Tin. 6 00 Iseaull I 00 A nt I m on y 6 Of l'opper I 50 Atwell° 0 00 1.'llon I 50 Iron. 1 Ill T O. POWER & BRO.. • net.ruct. M. WEALS» Is ltdroniltnery unit Mineros' >Supplies». AAAAA Auxins roa BLAKE ' S IMPROVED STEAM PUMPS. --STEAM HOISTS - - AND °DIDION Banal WROCHIHT MOH Winam. Bare t y Nitro Powder, Caps Te.. Ele. ferrettanor Kmiec. : : : Ifinurni•. M. T. Twit Tutougae CEIVIIIC savior« MAMIE Olr IIICLENA. lieweirperated Varier UN Lowe samema PAID IN CAPITAL, 111 O G, G 0 O. THOMAS CHOU!, Proodwit 'ere CA rim, • Vice-Pre•Ident. C. L. DAMAN ...... ..... J. CARTER itewetary Allow* six per cent. Interest on Savings Depo•Ita, compounded January and July. Teammate a general booking lounges., draws ea - change on the principal cities of th• United Rades and Euroie. Will make loa,,» on county and City bonds, and real notate mortgage). ------- j_ HE HELP:NA DAILV JOURNAL. 6 9 Per Yellin EN six flaielle114•4 $3 three enetatke. 1 0 ( If you want a live daily newspaper, Subacrihe for the 111[1.171 Don.Y Jorleorst. If yogi want good Republican doctrine, nobeeribe for the 'IDLED* DAIL, Jerinnt. If you want a full Amemiated Prone report, Ruhaeribe for the 11 ‚Lea A T,AN.Y Jovenut.. If you want all the newa of Montana, Subscribe for the figt.gage. Matte Jorinum.. If you am already a sub- aeriber to any other Helena paper, discon- tinue it and Subeenhe for the Ihrt.garà Dante Jorerna.. If rim want a lirirs e Clatee Weekly X....- pa p.'-, imbétrtbee fbr Á. JOIT12.1\TA.1.- Subaorlption Price, fa Per Annum. 11101)TANA PANNING AND STOOK JOURNAL THE LEADING PAPER IN THE NORTHWEST. DEVOTED TO AfiRICULTCRE, LIFE STOCK FARMING, 110VMETIOLD INTERYIKTY4, AND FAMILY BEADING. Subscription Price. $8.00 per Year. F INIEM-4111, SOLID GOLD WATCH ‚ewer 15› , Sold for 610111 until lately. Beet pa watch In the world. Perfect timekeeper. Warranted. Heavy Solid Gold Bunting lima. Both ladle.' and tents' sines, with work. and caws of equal value. One person in each locality can secure one free, together with one large and valuable line of HOUREHOLD MA 31 PLEA. These samplea, as wells, the watch, w• send EI1F.F., and 'O'er ye it have kept them in your home for two agontha and sh., wn them to Glom whe may hav • called, they begrime your own property. 7 [wee who write at nine can he aloe reeellving the WATCH and SAMPLES. We pay an expire«, freight. ek. Address STINI4ON It CO., Box 812. Portland, Maine. Villi RESI F51151, es be had at TO ill 41. rdart iota. is •

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 02 Oct. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.