The Age (Boulder, Mont.) 1888-1904, October 09, 1889, Image 3

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t e • MONTANA OENTRAI RAILROAD. north 'Sound. South Bound. Through Express- in. 6.1e p in. Local a..enger '57p. m. 9:51 a. in. H RNA. BOULDER VALLEY & BETTETRAINS North -bound, Routh -bound. Passenger 7.50*. su. 6.31 p. m. The is•ssetiger train from Boulder arries. H v Sena at 10.05 a. ai. and leaves tin re on the return trip at 4.eru To lays, Thursday», and Saturdaye the train vrill will ru to Calvin's, leaving Boulder at 11:45 p. m. and returning a couple of bom. latęr. SPECIAL NOTICES. CWII ENCINC; SUNDAY, JUNE 9ru. and on each morecedinirSor el ay until further not lee, the Dien - tenet t'entriel Railway will sell round-trip 'tyke* from all stet Mini bet ween Little and Helena at seiner are. Tickets 1/0041 for return ott saute day only. cosm,Ort srroviizne. A home, light bay, branded reversed R on left shoulder, collar marks, eltod all around. weight about 1,000 pounds; woo seen last about March Ist On range of Boulder. A suitable rewart is offered for any information that will lead to the recovery of the horse. Address W. Brent. Boulder, M. T. CAIA SlilItVICE: on the 15 Union Pacific. We take pleasure in annoancing that ELEGANT. DINING CARS are now run daily on the Union Pallie R. R. The \DINERS\ are models of ezoidlenee, the meals served will bru' the beet the market afford», add the prier charged will be only seventy -live cents per meal. They will be operated by the Pullman Palace Car Co. which tea guarantee that the service will be strictly Ann class In every reaped. E. L. Lösitts., Gent. Paw.. Agt. •2/31:10Cli REWARD for the return of my child ep which so, mysteriously disappeared from Lake Basin, Fergus county, over a year ago, or for infra , ma ion that will lead to her recovery. I will pay the above reward questions asked. Information should be left whit the Billing,' Gorette. JOHN sm.ANDICR. WOODW le WILL BE TAk• IN PAYMENT FOR subscription to Tag Aug. Bring in a bad or two now. 10110 EgNIN'S SHORTHAND which be taught in the Remus ilusinesa College. ran be learned by snail as well am in the school -room. A seholarabip embracing tuition by mail for thirty -el x weeks. nee - «weary books, etc., mn be oweured at Tile Aug office for $27.50. 1 - 011 PRINTING executed with nesierterea and dis tur puts* at THE Anus oilier. Give us • eau l when you want any work done. FrIHROCUIL LINE EASTWARD via Union I.. Pacific and Chicago Alton R. R. Through Pullman steepens are now run between Cheyenne stud Chicago via Denver and Kanaaa City. C ORR ESPOND ENCE Polkited for Tut AGE from every school district ite ..reffenion county. All correspondent« will receive the paper and enough -be- sides to more than repay them for the cost of these stationery and stamps. Selemel-teweliers especially are Invited nusand in news Renee from the districts wherellsey ar teeehitig. THE AGE - - BOULDER, MONT. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 9,1889. C, AS.1.0 ZWEIBLI\Ter'XC,1\7\. The public schools of Boulder have been temporarily closed on account of a few cases of scarlet fever in town. Two children of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas . Hall, living across the Boul- der river, are down with the scarlet fever buts they have not serious at- tacks. The number of registered voters in Jefferson River precinct was last week erroneously reported an sixty-one. Forty-nine is the correct number. About forty votes were polled. Con Smith last week drove his cattle up the Boulder to the Lowland coun- try, where he will range them for a couple of mouths; hoping that they will get fat enough in that tinte to carry over the winter without taking them off his old range. MINING NEWS. The Elkhorn Mining Company is applying fur a patent on the SifeertStar lode- and mill -site, in the Elkhorn district. Five bars of bullion came down from the Holler mine at Elkhorn last Thursday; Thist indicates that the mill has resumed work in good shape. The Sheriff is advertising for sale the Silver Plume and Silver Herbs lodes, in the Park mining district, at the suit of Oscar A. Sparta, the sale to take place on October 17th. The iedications now are that the silver -lead oro question, as far as it concerns the importations kom Mex- ico, will be decided against the lead miners; the existing ruling of the Treasury Department being allowed to stand as it is at present. Thus the poor owners of the rich lead mines will be compelled to du without the extra bonus. BUSINESS NEWS. Tom Ba.sye this week rented the Grand Oentral hotel in Boulder and has moved the furniture of the Oriental Hotel into his new place of business and will rechristen the place the Oriental. Tom has succeeded in PERSONAL. Miles Cavanagh, of Helena, %yea registered at the Windsor in Boulder Monday. 'Mr. Charles Bruce, of East Helena, was a visitor to Boulder yesterday and subscribed for Tux AGE. Senator -elect Robert Fisher came over from Wickes to see the official canvass of the returns made..., Mr. John Flaherty, of Cold 'Spring, was in town this week, having just returned from a visit to the Judith country and other sections of Fergus county. Wm. Neill, of Jefferson City, Geo. Mueller, Jr., Corbin; A. C. McLeod and G' Johnston, of Elkhorn, and W.I. Lockhart, of Elk Park, were among the visitors to the county -seat the past day or two. H. G. Hunt has moved his stock of furniture and notions to Elkhorn and Will engage in business in that place. He ought to anti doubtless will suc- ceed, and he certainly will be popular wherever he goes. . Mr. W. A. Bumby and family, late of Comet, are stopping in Boulder at present.. Mr. Bumby will start out in a day or two looking for a location, his family remaining here until he has decided to settle. Mr. J. B. Cain left yesterday for Bozeman, having secured employment at his trade in that city. It is to be re- gretted that such good workmen and enterprising young men as Mr. Cain are obliged to leav.e Boulderfor lack of employment, but THE Aux hopes that times will improve shortly and that he and others have such a regard for this place that they will return and make their permanent home here. Goad\ hick be with him while he is away. SOCIAL GOSSIP. Miss Clara Riedel is visiting her brother Otto in Helena. Mrs. Geo. Pfaff went to Glendale this week to make an extended visit to her moth Mrs. Dodley lalford left last Sat- urday to make a visit to her mother, Who is reported to be (elite ill. The little granddaughter of Capt. S. A. Swiggett, -of Wickes. went to Iowa this week to attend school for a term of years. Tic Asses Ellis, sisters of the pop- ular Jerry Ellis, who have been visiting friends in Boulder for some weeks, left for their home in Lewis and Clark county this week. Mrs. T. T. Nicholson came down from Elkhern Monday, having ac- companied Mrs. Sam Brown, who left that evening for Salmi, Oregon, where she will make her future home. Mies Ida Berendes, of Wausau, Wis- consin, arrived . in Boulder ten days ago and will in future make her home with her brother, Mr. F. C. Berendes, cashier of the Bank of Jefferson County The young lady will be quite an ition to Boulder society and will be very welcome. ‚Wallace Hope and Miss Maggie Right,enonr were married in the Baptist church in Boulder 'last Sun- day afternoon at four o'clock, Rev. T. A. Wickes officiating. A large number of friends were present at the cere- mony and many good wishes were ex- tended to the yoting couple who have innumerable friends in town. The young folks began -housekeeping in Mr. Hope's residence in Jeffries addition immediately after the ceremony. Mr. Arthur G. Preston arrived from the west last Sunday, bringing with him a bride, formerly Miss Rose May Hatton, to whom he was married in Tacoma, Washington, last Wednes- day. Mr. Preston rather surprised his numerous friends here, but they building up a good business at his ,are delighted to extend him their con- former stand and combining it with rgratulations. The happy couple will the Grand Central business will make probably make their home in Boulder a good trade. He is a popular land- or Elkhorn, but Mrs. Preston left Mon - lord and certainly will bring the old day to make a brief visit to her Grand Central to its former greatness, mother in Kansas. RELIGIOUS NEWS. •• . ; 41 Rev. C. B. Allen, Jr., of Helena, will preach at the Baptist church in Boul- der Thursday evening at the ti,u;s1 hour. A cordial invitation is ext,.,1- ed to all. The ordinance of baptism will be administered Thursday. afternoon at the Boulder HotSprings by Rev. C. B. Allen , Jr., of Helena. Teams will leave Boulder at 2 p. ni. Ad are wel- come who Wish to observe thiS rite. •Believing that the' greatest pre- cautions should be takeii . against the, -further spread of scarlet -fever iii the town, the Ministetsf''Association \of Boulder at the meeting last Monday evening decided to recommend to the Sunday school superintendents of this place, the closing of their respective schools for the present. It would seem that to continue the Sunday schools now would be to nullify the action of the Trustees in closing the Public schools and the.. above action was taken accordingly. • The minister.. of Boulder at the. in- vitation of Rev. and Mrs. T. A. Wickes, met at their residence Monday even- ing September 30th, 'and in thecourse of a very pleasant evening it was de- cided to form a Ministers' Association of Boulder. The object of this organ- ization will be the advancement. of the Lord's work in the coannunity. Regular meetings will be held on the first Monday evening in each month, when different plans and methods of work will be considered.. It is hoped that large results will flow front this joining of the several religioitel in- terests of the community. A meeting will be held next Monday evening at the residence of Rev. T. A. Wickes . for permanent . organization and trans- action of other business. FROM WILLOW CREEK. (Special Correspondence ra' \ AHLI WILLOW CREEK, October 4. 1889.— The new line of railroad running 'through front Gallatin tu Butte put on the first passenger coaCh on Wetines- day,for Pipeatone Hot Springs. Find- ing it to be a litICCeris, they have in- creased the number ecoaches anti are making regular runs. This makes the valley lively. We are anxiously 'waiting for elec- tion returns. Three Forks is enjoying a boom. The surveyors have been busy for some dive there; titis, ill connection with the fact that all of Lite land hue been bonded at that place, looks like' business. And we have vague rumors. 0f' second Swansea being established; also a plant made by Marcus Daly pr . the Anaconda Mining Compeny .and others. Located right at, the headwaters of the great Missouri, with the Matiiiton raised so as to give a fall of sixty feet, this place cannot help being one of the largest cities of the State, if, indeed, it stops there.. We are having beautiful fall weath- er and every one looks cheerful; crops light, but far front 'being a failure. Cattle mostly driven out; it is to be feared that the cattle interest is a thing of the past, for it is getting harder and harder every ,year tu winter them, I am told bx old timers. Mining interests kinking up, there having been valuable properties ex - Changing recently. Pee is lively and prospects brightening eolith/m[11y. By the way; have been honored by tying the matrimonial knot once since here, the parties being Mr. R. W. Mansfield, on this new line of rail- road, and Miss Maggie Stewart, of Tennessee formerly, but recently of Washington Territory, the ceremony taking place on Sept. 2d. We do wish them a very prosperous and pleasant voyage along Tfitte'e tempestuous wave until they reach the , harbor of eternal life. THE COUNTY BOARD. The Board of County Commissioners was in session last Friday and Seim- tirday and transacted the fo/lowing business: It was ordered that Richard Dunn I be given opportunity at some future meeting to show why his appraise - ment of property for tiogition should not be raised. The appraisement of Ed.. Ryan was eleereased$870 on horses and cattle. The • appraisentent of Jtihn Brady was decreased $1,000 on stock cattle. . The appraisement of A:•C. thaint- on e» ‚val.; depeeasud $1[;,Ik6 on the Hot Springs prebiaerty. II;d of J. W. Kahle for forty tons of Saud Coulee Innip . mid, at $5.75 a ton was accepted, - Bid of Kirkendall & Halford for R y k COH1 at $7.85 it ton was rejeeted, The following claims' were allowed: B. F. Shreve, registry agent, $125.50; G. W. Stein, registry agent, $101,50; Charles Z. Pt wet, registry agent, 872; Ilurssee Tayliir, moving wood, $7; Paulsen Me Connell, traveling. ex- penses. $.20; A. 11 Meitilton, survives and mileage, $20.80; Macomber, servives and mileage, 8:12; A. H. Fos- ter, ser\ ioes, $16; E. M esorley, stamps, $21.70; -('ieorge E. Hale, reg- istry agent, $111.• The Board then adjourned without a day set lb,' the next. meeting. A special meeting will be held during the coining month, however, to close up r ,t he enterprises of the present Board and leave things in shape for the new Beard coming in with State- hood. WICKES - I )(JET. (special Corrempondenee of Tit KAUK1 WieNEtt, Oct. 6.—Every one is anx- iously awaiting the official returns of the election, before paying bets. Mention was madeiii t4te last issue of Tun :toe of the - sickness of Miss Gable. Since tue publication of the paper, Miss Gratte, the foil rteen-year- old daughter of Mr. Joe 4 liable, has passed into the She was buried at the'Catholic cemetery itt Helena, the funeral being hugely at- tended. Mr. and M Fri. (iti ll, have the sympathy Of . all in their sa( bereave- ment. Mrs. J.' R. Gilbert it s teen sick for the past week, but e are glad to know she is on the way to recovery. Among our arrivals in town this week are Mr. and Mrs. John Buren, from Philipsharg. Mrs. Iturgan has recently arrive* from Cornwall, and the lady finds this a little different from the old country. She is a very pleasant lady and will be agonit addi- tion to the society of 'Wicket. • Mrs. Nixon, wife of our express agent, arrived home this week after a• three -months' visit in New York. G. Wickes, - F. S. MeMalion, J. O. Matthews, Helena; J. B. Oliver, Liv- inettots; Ily flammill and W. Ham - mill, St. l'an); D. McLane und James Maddon, Dakota, were ,registered itt the Wickes Hotel this week. C. M. Hill Miel .1. o'Neil are doing it good business at the Wickes Hotel. Bach, Cory & Co. have received a new supply of goods this wéek. It has been stated , that. .when one gees, another fidlows. Such is life. This is fully shown at this place. Dr. and Mrs. Bullard are preparing to go to . Ponv. We hear also that Mr. Harry iVassnian is removing to Butte to take a posit ion as clerk in :a store. Mrs. Wassman will spend a few weeks With her mother at Helena [-be- fore joining her Ittishand at Butte. MI's. J. Harris is also preparing to leave, that she may join her eon at Sin/Italic Mille. We are sorry to -part with thexe, but the good wishes of all go with them to their new homes. Thomas Graves and John Finnerty have gene on a hunting exeursion. Revs. S. J. Hocking and J. L. 'Gui - ler have been conducting a series of services kt Jefferson City this week. - Services at A. O. U. W. hall next Sunday maler the auspices of the M. E. society. Subject bf 'discourse, \Self Flattery.\ Sabbath -school at the Presbyterian church Sundayafternootne. Everybody. invited. CIVIC OPINIONS. Among the opinions expressed con- cerning the mw election laws are the following: Major E. G. Brooke, Whitehall— The registration law should be amend- ded solliat a registry officer might be appointed at each precinct, who shall proceed to register not' more than one day prior to the day of election and not close the registry list until Polls close. II;e should make an emirate descriptión of each elector regiétered, giving color of eyes, height, weight, and age, giving the elector a copy of the same, which the elector shall hand to the judges before voting. The Australian system in all right. W. W. Porter, Cold Spring—The Australian systeffi worked well at our precinct. . 1 see' nothing to object to in it. It is an adtuirable law, though there may be some minor amendments necessary, Robert •Fisher, Wiekee, Senator- elect—The Auestralian system • Of voting is bound to prevail all over the land. It cannot be surpassed. IN MEMORIAM. Ethel Etta Maud Moffett was born in Carroll county, State of Iowa, December 27, 1879, and died in Boul- der, Montana Territory, October 4, 1889, aged nine years nine months, and seven days. s Ethel was a very affectionate child and well liked by all who knew her intimately. To us it seenta.,strange that one so loving and geettO should be - cut down so soon by the relentless hand of death and not permitted to live and : cheer and comfort those of the now -broken family circle. But we have no doubt, as to her present state, for she has gone as a forerunner to her final home from whence she looks anxiously to those in whom her happy spirit will have an ever -abiding In- terest. Almost one year ago she gave hertelf to the Meader, and on her death bed she said to her veiiping !nether, \Let me go home\. And when her mother said to her, \Ethel you are athome\ she replied \Let me go to my sere home\. And . she bite gone to her sure home, where no sorrow can come. H. W. C. 't.' BIDED. ------- IrOPE-IttUitTltri OEii. In Boulder, Montana Teethes:v. on Sunday, I ‚rioter 6,11 1 00), Rev, T. A. Wickes &hating, W MIA«. \lope mid Mom Maggie ItIghtetiour, all of Boulder. •Bglakete---In Boulder, Moemm. Territory. Wednete Sae, Geuther 2, ben, to au sod Mo.. lobo Der - kin. Non. DIED. Isfultorts—Ii, Boulder, Muntenia Territory, mi s lay, Orbiter, it, IMO d , yrtle, daughter 'ut „„ii • Vainly Morris, aged seven month. wad rdateen slay.. The remains id the little (Me were taken to Helena Timidity mourning for internieu it in the femily lot ha the Ilelerew cemetery. Afr. 1111.1 Mrs, Morris have the teenier sympathy of their roues friends In their deep Wilke • . Poste— In Jefferson city, Territory, Most - day, September 3u, 11410, the infant atilt oat, daughter of Mr. and Alm. Char. Z. Pond. N F:W A OVERTIMES' ENTB. FOR, 1 7 2,1•T I A tom( rtobla Femme Dw•IIIIng la Ube western part et town. Apple la tt HOPE. ‘V i•T HOBBES TO HERE. , Or they will be wintv_71 st two dollars per bead per lb. PLENTY OF GOOD GRASS ANIS WATER. iltd - Ilay fed if neremary. - ‘11 or further particular' &dike». BROS., Jefferson City, Montana. o e o e 5 A. LA_ PLANTE:, 1--LOTED and DAR.. BERNICE, MONTANA. Exeollent Aceomniodationei Provided for TRAVELERS. Thia I.. most pieaeant plane for picole parties, being on the line ef the Montana Vented rehheaid, and tee the anoortunotlation of much parties the proswietor hart Mat envied a commodious arol subsitantial D A. 1•T C I 1•T C3- I—I A_ D • • a

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