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* Vou; 37, THE BOULDER AGE. F. EB. Cornish, Editor and Proprietor. “PRATERN AL SOCIETIES. Masons Boulder Lodge No, 41, A. F, and A. M., meets on FIRST AND THIRD THURSDAY EVENING of each month at Temple Hall. Visiting mem, bers are cordially invited to attend A. T. Schoolfield, Sec. A. L. Warp, W. M@ Odd Fellows, Boulder Lodge No. 44, 1.0.0. F., meets on the SECOND AND POURTH*-THURSDAY EVENING of each month, Temple hall. Visiting menibers of the order are cordially tovited to attend. Wa. Witson, Noble Grand. W. L. Bearps_ey, Secretary. ‘ Knights of Pythias. Boulder Lodge No. 19, K. of P., meets on the FIRST AND THIRD TUESDAY EVENING of each month at Temple hall. Visiting Knighte are cordially welcome. W. W. Wroxes, Chancellor Commander. Gro, W. Fox, Keeper Records and Seal, F. M. Hops, Master of Finance ~ PROFESSIONAL CAKDS. ATTORNEYS, Guo. F, COWAN COWAN & COWAN, Attorneys at Law, Boulder, Montana. Office, second floor of Maxfiejd b sildlug. CrR: Stranahan, ATTORNEY AT LAW, BOULDER, MONTANA Office a. Cour, House, Cc. FRED COWAN PHYSICIANS. _ == [. A. LEIGHTON. M. D., Physician and Surgeon. Offices in the Bank of Boulder Building,-front rooms second floor. Night calls at residenc east of Presbyterian chuorel Boulder, Montana. = = ———— POOP Bank of Boulder ? BOULDER, MONTANA. $ ~ Jesse PATTERSON, ® Eow. Ryan. Vice-Pres. ' F.C. BeRenpgs, Cashier L.Q. Sxerron, Asst Cashier ‘ E.R. Dean, Ben. Wable. Officers and Directors: President feneral Banking Business. EXCHANGE Sold on all the Principal Cities of the World COLLECTIONS will receive prompt attention DS BOE DODO MO te LS Office hours 9 A. mu. to 3 em, Fs oenaise e MISS MARIE THOMPSON, i Instrumental Music. Will give moet Careful Attention to the Musica) training of pupils by latest and best methods. At Catholic Parochial residence Boulder Mrs. Dora Wild, Boulder, Mont. UNDERTAKER Successful Embalmer, And dealer in UNDERTAKING-GOODS, «x HOLLISTER'S Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets A Busy Medicine for Busy People. Brings Goklen Hoalth and Renewed Vigor. A specific for ee Indigestion, Lite, and Kidney Troub) mupees, Bocsane, lmoere Blood, Breath, Sluggiah Bowels, Headache and Backache. It's Rocky Mountain Tea in tab- let form, 35 cents a box. Genuine made by Howterer Deve Company, Madison, Wis, GOLDEN NUGGETS FOR SALLOW PEOPLE ey s . ’ . Sheriff's Sale. Antone Butier, Piafntiff, va. Pan) Germolgez and M. P. Stoppel, Defendants. To be sold at Sheriff's Bale on Saturday, Jeanmeary 14, 1005, at 2 o'clock p. m. at the front door of the court howe in Boulder, County of Jefferson, eof Montana, to the highest and beet . for cash 'f hand, the following descr property, to wit All of the right, tithe and/tnterest of the de- fendants, Pau! Germolges i M. P. Stoppel, in and to the following di , kewl The Saint Agnes lode gnich on nimed about 244 miles sou of Bik ak. as fo the county clerk oe is hereby made to anid reo definite and complete deseription of anid | claim. Given onder my hand this 20th day of Decem- ber, 1904. A TREO ’ N, Sheriff of Jefferson Oounty, Ry BR. MoOart, Deputy Sheriff. A. 4. Violett, Attorney for Plaintiff Firat publication Dee, 21,1904 —-w4 Montana. | — | ago, bas now ‘been settled, Sage BOULDER, M LOCAL NEWB. Mrs, T. A. Wickes is expected home this week from her eastern trip. Mr. and Mre. John Wickham fare parents of a daughter, boro Dec. ‘28d. Miss Janie Concannon who was brought home from Butte quite ill is now improving. Will Sweet of Butte, after many hunting trips, finally succeeded in killiug a deer this week. Mrs. Cralle and Miss Elizabeth have gone to Granite for a holi- day visit with Mrs. Showers. Messrs Murray and Zembsch were the guests of Miss Mary Dunn of the valley on Christmas day. at interesting serial ‘story, the Cetinguent Tax List,*is ron- ningin several papers of thestate. Mr. and Mrs. Whetstone spent the home of her par- ents, Mr-dnd Mrs. Jno. Berkin, in Butte. A.J. Holloway and family have removed from their town resi- dence to the ranch a short dis- tance east of town. Capt. Cowan has been in Town- send during the past week trying a case involving’ the ownership of aninterest in the Toston mines. The Rev. Mr. McClelland: bas gone to Idaho Falls, Idaho, to perform a marriage ceremony for a couple who were friends under his former pastorate at that place Mr. and Mrs. Con Smith of the valley entertained a large com- pany at their hospitable home on Christmas day, there being about 35 relatives and friends around their well filled table. Mr. and Mrs. Paradis, Mr. F. Wable and family ‘spent Christ- mas at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Rech of the val- ley. On New Year day Mrs. F. Wahble will entertain Mr. Ryan and family, Mr. Ben Wahle and family and Mr. and Mrs. Paradis. At the Chrismas mass in the Catholic chureh the Rev. Father Thompson delivered a fine ser- mon and the musie by the choir was of unusualexcellence. Mem- bers of the choir are Miss Marie Thompson, leader and soprano; Mrs. F. Wahle and Mrs. Paradis, Newspaper Consolidation. On Jan. lst the two newspa- pers of Boulder, the A@e and the be known henceforth as the Age Seutinel. A corporation is or- anized as the Boulder Publish- ing Company with Boulder par- ties as officers and directors, the prineipal stock being held by the proprietors of the Age aud the Sentinel, and thedirectors forthe first year, as named in the arti- cles of incorporation, are F. KE. Cornish, C, B. Robertson aud Dr, I. A. Leighton. Consolidation is the tendency of the times in all business enter, prises. While two newspaperscag do fairly well here and have been reasonably prosperous during the past sixteen years, vet the town is not growing, and in fact has not so large a population aud probably not so much busi- ness as a few years ago: As to the future of the town_it is of course hoped that there may be a growth, but there is no present indication other than that it will be slow. One paper can serve the interests ofthecommunity better than two. In many instancesit will be a saving to business men Orisubscribers who pow patron- ize both. The combined subscrip- tion lists will place the Age Sen- tinel far in the lead of all other papers in the matter of cireulk- tion and enable advertisers to reach the people of Jefferson Co. to the advantage of all concern- ed. It is hoped that the Age Seb- tinel will meet with the approval and support of the people of this community asd county. It will strive to merit soch support, and the people of a town or a locality can dg nothing more to theirowh advantage than to be loyal to the local newspaper whieh cham- pions aud advances every good interest of the section in which it is published. As to the Boulder Age the pres- ent proprietor bas published it for nine and one-half years; it was presented entirely. on whatever merit it may have bad as a clean local newspaper and -inei doing what itcould for the repub- lican party. It bas never can- vassed for business. No person soprano; Misses Kriger and Do- land, alto; ©. B. Robertson, tenor; Thos. Murray and Lawreuce Zembsch, bass; accompaniste, Miss Thompson, organ; Mr. Mil- ler. cornet; Lilah Halford, violin. The teachers from here who are | of the district school, Mr. | | | ~ | ¢iation. Instractor in Vueal and | | the matter, the dollar. in Helena attending the state as- sociation of teachers are Mr. Toan | and Miss Foudray of the high | school; Mr. Fox and Miss Doland Mc- Aloney of the stute school, and | Miss Kriger, Co. Supt., who is also secretary for the state asso- No doubt most of the teachers from other districts in the county will also attend. The business of Miss Maude Filcher, which under an agree- | ment by the creditors, went into | the hands of a trusteea few weeks | The indebtedness aggregated $709.- 11. The stock of goods was turn- ed over to Lees Taylor who made a sale to Wm. Wolterfor enough, after taking out the expenses of to pay 36 cents on | A’social dance will be given in | Simpkins ball on Friday evening, | to whieh a general invitation’ is | extended. Music by Mr. Whet- stone and Miss Hungate. Removes the microbes which im- poverish the blood & circulation. Stops all trouble that interferes with nutrition. That’s what Hol- | lister’s Rocky Mountain Tea will do, 35 cts. Tea or Tablets. Rie- del & Burdick. Well Work. We are ready to attend to well work of all kinds, either in sink- ing or repairing. Leave word at Maxfield’s. Resp’y, TrieLerr & WAGNER. Business for Sale. My stock pf goods with good business location én Boulder is of- fered for sale, and I would like to dispose of same before Jan. Ist. Respectfully, Gro. PPAFF. | } | Rev. C. F. Richardson of Great Falls, Presbyterian Sy nodical Missidnary of Montana, will preach in the Presbyterian chuoreh next Sabbath morning and even- ing. Sabbath schoo! will be held at 10a. m. and Junior endeavor at3p.m, All are welcome. | to its subscribers each | among friends in Whitehall. was ever asked to-subscribe or advertise, and yet it hus done fairly well. Whileit has not been a large paper yet it is as large as ithe town is and as large as the business would warrant. It has fulfilled its pospose of conveying week the news of the locality in a clean and readable form, with some editorial and miscellaneous read- ing, but it has been principally what may be called alocal paper, and has doubtless given good value for the business it has re- ceived. The accounts due to the AGE, for subscription, advertising and job printing, to Jan. 1, 1905, ure to be settled with the publisher. All. back subscription accounts will be collected by the, AGE to (or near) Jan. lst, and that will be your date of beginning sub- | scription to the Age Sentinel, ex- cept in the case of advance-paid subscriptions which will be car- ried out by the new paper. > Miss Lillian Wade is visiting M. L. Hewett of Basin has re- turned from a business trip to Philadelphia. Another severe storm is raging in the eastern part of the coun- try, very much worse than any- thing in the west this year. Frank and Agnes Wickham of the valley were here Monday to meet the Misses Flaven of Helena who will visit there for a few days TheCo. Com’rs will be in session next week beginning Tuesday to finish the work of the December meeting, including the checking up of the several offices Miss Julia Murphy was herefor a visit with ber sister, Mrs. Me- Kinnon, and expected to remain about two weeks but was called back to Butte by the illness of a relative. The first severe weather of the winter came On Christmas night when the records kept by Prof. Toan for the weather boreau showed 17° below zero. Since then the temperature has moderated and it is now good clear, erisp winter weather: # livht snow in this locality but not enough for ONTAN Sentinel, will merge into one, to | A, DecemBer 28, 19 society will meet at the parson- age on Friday evening. Clarence Preston was herefrom Anaconda the first of the week to | see his mother, Mrs. HAll. A brother of Miss Brown who | is stopping at the Benjamin home is visiting bere from Wyoming. The girls who have been plan- ning a leap-year ball for the end of the year have given up the project. Andrew Hall has gone to Ana- conda where he expects to find employment, and will probably return to Boulder in the spring. At @ recent election in the I. 0. O. F. lodge these offivers were chosen: Noble Grand,—G. W. Fox Vice Grand.—A. J. Locker Secretary,—W. L. Beardsley Treasurer,—J. B. Maxfield Officers elected by the Order of Pendo are: Mary Taylor,—counsellor Mra. E. 0 nt counsellor C. B. Robertson ,—secretary Miss Karm,—chaplain E. Thom as,—treasurer Ww. Gerlach --warden Miss Thom pson,—organist At the meeting Monday even- ing the Order of the Eastern Star elected officers for the ensuing year: Worthy Matron,—Mrs. Knowles Worthy Patron,—Lees Taylor Associate Matron,—Mrs. Leighton Cond uctress,— Mrs. Stranahan Associate Conductress,—Mrs, Ward { | { Secretary ,—Belle Parkison ‘Treasurer,—Mrs. Hammer Warder,—Mrs. Skelton Chaplain, —Mrs. Filcher Adab,—Mrs. Robertson Ruth,—Mary Sweet Esther.—Mrs. Burdick Martha,—Mrs, Berendes Electa,—Mrs. Tindall Judge Tarnley was here from y winter trip which will include E fornia, Arizona, other localities. Guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Robertson on Christmas were Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dailey, Alabaina and Gt. Falls, Mr: and Mrs. Will, Dai- ley and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dailey from Wickes and Roy Dailey from Gt. Falls. A company gathered at the home of Mrs. J. H. Murphy Sat- urday evening to coutinue the HF th os were Misses Lucille and Ma rence, Robertson, Cowan and Henderson. Among the visitors here for the holidays were Mr. and Mrs. Beck- with and children at W. T.Sweet’s home; Edua Taylor was home from Butte; John Meban came from Anaconda; Willis Hallfrom Spokaue: Willow creek; Mr. Sheehan of Wickes was in Bonlder for the day; Mr. Middlemas of Helena spent Christinas with his family atthe ranth in the valley; Mr. Christianson was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Madsen; Hildebrand were at the Boulder home fora few days; John Fleming and Miss Weber were here from Basin; Mr. and Mrs. Manning of Wickes were guests at the home of Mrs. Flem- |ing; Jas. Beard came back from Hope, Idaho, to spend the holi- Hdays with friends in Boulder; | Stanley McDonald was here from | Basin; Butte; Mr.and M.s. L. Vogel of | Basin were with Mr. and Mrs. Pfaff; Miss Maude Filcher came home from Helena for a few days. Reduced Prices on Dentistry. tion. the Boulder date appointments must be made so that work may be finished at the time specified. Very respectfully, city, former Judge Alton B. Par- ker received two commissiover- sbip Appointmentsin thesupreme court. Justice O’Gorman named him, with others, to assess the value of property. to be acquired by the city in connection with certain piers on the Wast river, two separate commissions being named and each paying from $5,- 000 to $7,000. . Judge Blake of Helena bas been appointed as a member of the su- prethe court commiasiot® to fll the vacancy cauned by the resig- sleighbing. Queen Siding recently and ex pegts to start soon for an extei Mrs. Dailey recently coming from | ‘ivities of the Christmas trée; } rtha Menefee, Saunders, | Brownand Foudray; Méssrs Tor- | place until March 6th. Sehoolfield, | , | | Leta Thompson from | Mr. and Mrs. | and Mr.- Maskrey | Miss Marie Maguire and | Miss Anna Smith were bere from? One day after banging out his | shingle 98 a lawyer in New York | | nation of Judge Callaway. At the Court House, Judge Callaway will be bere on Jan. 9th to open bis first term of court for thiscounty. Jodge Par- ker in laying down the duties of the bench on Jan. Ist does so with the good will of the people of the entire district composed of the three counties. He has been district judge for two terms, eight years, and has conducted the af- fairs of the court with a high de- gree of judicial abilitv, and has been especially solicitous in the line of the economical adminis- tration of the courts, so that the expenses which aresometimesand which may very easily become burdensome to the tax-payers, have been kept at thelowest pos- sible amount, and it is believed that. Judge Callaway will in the interest of the tax-payers con- tinue along the same line. Judge Callaway comes to the bench thoroughly equipped for the work, having had ample ex- perience in practice and also on the bench, as he resigned from the supreme court commission to take the judgsbip of this district. It isunderstood that Mr. Mona- gzhan will be retained as court stenographer. Mr. Pfaff will take up his duties as clerk of the court on Jan, 2d. It is reported that Fred Cowan will be his deputy when one is is needed during the sessions of court. In the sheriff's office Mr. Gib- sob continues and no announge- ment is made of a change of dep- uties, Mr. Huber being under sher- iff and Mr. McCall, jailer. Chas. Scharf continues in the office of clerk and recorder, with Mr. Hope retained as deputy, Thos. F. Smith goes into the office of assessor, but there is not much work to be done until, Feb- ruary. ©. R. Stranahan continues in the office of attorney. Mrs. Turrentine will take the office of Supt. of schools and has removed here from Basin. R. M. Cralle continues as coun- ty surveyor, and Dr. Denbow suc- ceeds Mr. Less as coroner. The change in the treasurer's office when Mr. Burdick gives way to Mr. Morphy does nop take re Dr. Lyman Abbott, inawermon to Harvard students, has an- No. 41, The state legislature will meet next Monday. The republicans will have a majority on jointbal- lot and therefore a republican will be elected (0 suceeed Senator Paris Gibson of Gt. Falls; that it will be arf eastside man is expect- ed, as the west side. bas Senator Clark; it appears altogether like- ly that former senator Thomas Cartenpiwill be the choice of the party caucus and they could choose none better to represent Montana with credit and ability. It is hoped that the republican members in the legislature will carry out the pledges of the par- ty appearing in its platform.* This county is represented in’ the senate by H. L. Sherlock; id the house by M. L. Hewett and D. J. Sullivan of Basin and Angus Teskey of Wickes. According to a writer in the Minnea polis Journal, a queer cus- tom prevails in Denmark and parts of Switzerland, whereby arents exchange their children. Janish children are exchanged for the holiday season through the medium of newspaper adver- tisements. This writer continues: “The yoangstersfrom the villages g0 Into towns and become the smarter for their knowledge of city life. The place of the young ‘hayseeds’ on the farms is taken by the little city folks, who come back to towu, after a spell in the fresh country air, with rosy cheeks and robust ‘constitutions. In Switzerland parents exchange their children for a much longer period—sometimes for a year or the ‘children’s- edueation. ‘hree Janguages arespoken inthe Swiss cantons—German, French and Italian. A child born in a French canton will be sent in due course of time, to to live successively in German and Italian cantons, and vice versa, so that practically every Swiss speaks the three lan- guages of his country perfeetly. He usually speaks English, too.” mnclinitalik cn Helena papers report the seri- ous illness of “Buck” Hadnall. As an old timerand in bis travels | about the state as state exami- ner he has possibly as many ac- quaintances as any other man in | the state, and his many friends nounced his belief in a religion | | founded, not on the Bible, but on | | science and-the vutreachings of the human heart, says a recent | dispatch from Cambridge, Mass. “I wonder,” | will understand me when I say | that I no longer believein agreat | first cause. My God is a yreat |and ever present force which is manifest in all the activities of men and all the workings of na- | ture. “T believe in aud through and of everything— ;}not an absentee God, whom we have to reach through a Bible or some other outside aid, but a God who is closer to us than hands or feet. Science, literature and bis- tory tells us that there is one eternal energy, that the Bible no longer can be accepted as ulti- copied from other religions, that the LU commandments did not spring spontaneously from Moses, but were, like all laws, agradual growth, and that man is a creé- | ture, not acreation. No thinking | man ‘willsay there are many ener- | 1 will be at my office in Boul- | gies. t . der until Jan. 10th; after thatat | Basin for ashort time, and will |,past. make special low. prices at this|'That energy has always been | time; quoting crown and bridge | working. work at one-half of the regular | ergy. rates and otber work ip propor-|it was working “The days of polytheism are No scientist can deny it; before Christ’s To secure these rates for | time, even as it is now.” a leaiicietiins Public School Number 188, cor- | ner of Houston and Lewis streets, | New York eity, isthe largest. pub- | Dr. A. R. Roperrson. | lic school in the world. It bas! that you will find our prices rea- 94 class-roonis, and 4,500 pupils, 2,500 boys and 2,000 girls. They are of many races, and comefrom | many countries, Austria, Cana- da, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Rov- mania, Rossia, Servia, Switzer- land, Venezuela, the West Indies, and still others, This school is a miniatnre United States. It is training these children of many nationalities, teaching them not merely certain branches of eles mentary learning, but patriot- ism, love for the flag, for Ameri- ca. There are no more enthusi- fAstic patriotsin thecountry than these children of alien lands. They There is only one energy. | It is an intelligent en- | a God who isin | mate, that many of its laws were | he said, “if you | | | grow up good Americans, | tition, at least we will be will regret to learn of his illness. ]90 5 The coming of the new year is a time for considering briefly the past and looking hopefully for- ward. The business of the GRAVES MERCANTILE CO. in volume during the past year bas grown and expanded in area. The cause of this we be that we bave carried an unusually large stock of goods in our several de- partinents, and have endeavored to serve our customers faithfully and well, both in the goods sold and in prices. On rer 1905. cxmemapseinigi paint During the coming year we hope to deserve and to receive your patronage. Our depart- thents are varied, as you know, our stock is large, and we belive sonable and satisfactory and that we will fairly meet all fair compe \ glad if you will give us a chance to fry to do so. Extending the compliments of — the season and beat wishes for the coming year. Yours very respectfully, Graves | Mercantile Go. Call and see us. two. The object is to improve* 2 pe a 7 3) Y of * ae < i

The Age (Boulder, Mont.), 28 Dec. 1904, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.