The Boulder Monitor (Boulder, Mont.) 1907-current, September 14, 1907, Image 1

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Vol‘urtm-I- J? mates N'O'rldu The 81.1110oldbif ~'iil'io'“ ‘ ~ lpleconallan Church Inn 11 1.:me events; is“ Inga: _fiA.’ Hector. thaw-kwm papils arrived the day previous. The _ cs ,w e 'a on opening day in s history of urns: £1.00 .. nos.» 11 1 1 W‘gcmethou 1111111111111”;wa do 1 \‘ a.» I”. departments 10112112 BRUCE HOWE, Pastor. building material,tcr which Dr I. A. Catholic Church B“ C. HARRINGTON not' quite’completed. FRATERNAL socIE'rms. . A..' F. and A. M. Boulder . No 41A F d A.M., wfiemple Hall on “the fluzt'lfd Mrd 'Thursdn rsdny of each um Masons s sl- w‘sys welcome ting m . B. E. To AN. w 1111111 Da-HBDALWA 0\ N am: ry. and occupied stew weeks later. completion with a large force of man. your. _— Orasr Eastern Star. Forrester, Hollychgeer, No. 38. Order Eastern Star. mailbox“ second.“ such hornblende t mouth. lsitl $3.413“ swag-(indie. M1111 shew I1:1” ' 111111 “m\ ’l ‘1 Odd Fellows School ”for the Blind, Jacksonville, ‘Ill., 0nd and fourth Thprsday of each month. Visiting meni- are cordial invited to meet with us. DE TUTTLE, Noble Grand. HARRY FOX. Secretary. rend remains as matron, Mr. Smith, School for Knights of Pythlus ingots-ohmonth. Mem- have charge of the school department The attendants in the school for back- - ward children will be Miss Thelma Oil-margins“? Pmberg. who was ' h as last year, and K '5, 3'13”” 111.. 311111111. The pson of Boulder. 1.11113 TAYLOR. Master-oi Pinon nos. e1 Good Toms-11ers. ensurlmdne. No. l. erlus 3;\ makes; Dr. A. L. Ward ss physician science. Mrs. Leantha Postal ls cook, and Miss Marguerite Scott is assistant cook. Mr. V. J. McKinncn and Mr. John P. Finerty remain an engineer and night watchman. Miss Nellie Hart is head laundrsss, and ' Miss Ella Daily is assistant laundress. The house girls are Miss Edith William and Miss Selma Johnson. On .the ranch are Mr. and Mrs. James Spaur and-Mr. George-Marleen. . In the annual report of the superin- tendent to the state board of ethical ion we find that the school is governed by the following rules and regulations: The Montana School for the Dent andtlte Blind is open to all the deaf and the blind children of the state, he- . tween the ages oil! and 21 who arstoo deal or too blind to be educated in the common schools. No child who is idiotic, or afflicted with an olsnsive or contagious disease, or who is an invalid so confirmed as to prevent study will be received This institution is in no sense an asylum, nora place of refuge for those who cannot occur bear. It is not an almshcuse, an orphan’s home or s hospital. It is conducted strictly as oatmeal institution, and sci?boncnaa. .r 0111 (T 1 mug nimrman .1111. s's‘sumy ° ”m” \ , PROFESSIONAL- CARDS. - DR. LA. LEIGHTON, Physician and Surgeon BQUIQEB, MONTANA 1 DR. A. L, WARD, Physician and Surgeon BOULDER, MONTANA the state wherein these who 11111361: or blind may receive an education as amatter 0! right and not of charity. Application for the admission of pupils must be made upon regular blanks ol the institution which will -. 'be tarnished upon request. All quee- ,;. my . tions upon these blanks must be i answered in full. ' ‘ Chase 81 Sanborn’ s . N°°‘*“\h°“'db° 1...“... «noon 1' ' as a pupil until the proper application :4 l I ‘1 High Grade 'bssbeeutlledwlt'lr. sndsoted upon by the superintendent and due notice ' comes-1...... It may set be a... cook’s isult. WILLIAMS BROTHERS Watchmskers sod Jewelers BOULDER, MONTANA ALL worm GUARANTEED. sent ey'liimtc the _spplicaut. In the cone of indigent pupils, dependent upon county aid. snorder or court to that edect as provided by the law (Edition 68“) must be filed with When £311 'brss‘klsstis assailed.» the superintendent before 1111; ad ‘ \ ' £53311 arm}. pupils. ' 3\“ ’9“. nd‘elesourlt's ”N Hid 9' The institution will provide for each pupil regularly sdmittedr board, dd; {WILM- fla’ theoo ; lodging, laundry, va. sttsudsnce, I! tied the lault. is with ' we“ your bread made. the car Chase 61. sahbcrn' s , Deaf and Blind. ' 'The fourteenth session oi the Hon- tsna School. tor the Deal and Blind and , the State SchooHer ”Backward Children “dbl!” Tuesday, Sept. 3. Most of the the thOol. The superintendent is. confl- dsnt thnt‘the enrollmont will run 'well over one hundred pupils in the three Owing to the didlcultv in securing Leighton and other members of the As- * Barricee heldln 11181. Catherine's church is 111-1111 from Jean-son county secured an Boulde t. J . r. . 31111.8?ncy‘l‘s'3i'w1. twang]? “H.110\ mm appropriation, the improvements are The fourth story of the building for brckward children will be ready for occupation by the end _g of the month. The industrial building and the gymnasium will be equipped Con- tractor wagner is rushing the worlds Quite anumber of changes occur in the stat! of teachers and odioers this in the deaf department the Mailers will be, P. H. Brown, '1‘. C. ., Miss Sadie Lillard, Miss Edna Shirley ”of Gotham, Maine, and Mr. E V. Kemp. In the blind depart— moat, Miss Georgie Hutchiecn of the Miss Lela G. Nicholas, School for the ‘ . mum“ 0-“ 111‘ Blind, Gary, S. D., and Mr. Adam dmndatlm r “€11,922: Morris of Helena. In the school for backward children, Miss Caroline Weh- T. A. Feeble Minded, Faribault, Minn., has charge 0! the beys, 11111111111111 Russell. Miss Lucy um“; 0. “$3.... 1” Gear 01 11011111111111, 1111111., and Miss fidflnm “1 W033“: Bessie Clark of Clarksville, Mo., will Inthe domestic and industrial depart- mt, Mrs. A. L. Harris remains as ' M), Fred Low 01 Ogden, Utah, is boy‘gl 5?; supervisor, and Miss Bertha Meyers is £1111“!!!de vkitorl girl'ssapervisOr.Krs1 11.1111 Sweet alcome 11 sh . . 13::11'goodo orthe Angeli-1: :ri “1133;311:0338? is baker and teacher of domestic school. Price and samples can be gem It! W to appoint one raid- lw U the Annapolis ssvsl seed- : comm-issue 115 or 11111111 ,. owns-urn» --¢~-N s\... .‘_ 1-1.... ..... THE M'KINLEY MONUMENT IN annals dedicates a noble monument to his memory. moat marble and stands in Niagara square, in the Phlmlster Proctor. The cost, 8105,.000 was defrayed BUFFALO. It was on Sept. b.1901, that the late William McKinley made his' famous speech, advocating reciprocity with all countries and especially friendly relaq tlons with the countries or this continent, at the Pan American exposition in Budale. The next day he was shot down by Caclgoss. 011 Sept. 5 or this year It is of pure white Ver- central part or the city. At the base are four lions, the work ol the well known animal sculptor,A by the legislature. in proportion to the amount furnished. The session Maboubtorty weeks. P'arents sending us' fltty (50 cents) may hear from their children once -.a week, ta'n letters and twenty-five post- sls. Those who do not tarnish post- sgewill hear once a month when the monthly report cfthe pupils' standing in rchoolis sent home, except in case otillness when a report is made daily until the child' is out Manger. A. Wallet-heretical; ’be depisnteu‘ in every case to pnrchasesuch articles so clothing, shoes, etc, likely to be aided (birnfi* this“ session. 5' strict account will- bekept stall expenditures and an itenuasd 'dstenient made at close 0! the school year. Clothing andshoes may be sent from home or or purchased by as here, but nothing will be furnished without the cash beforehand except in the ease of county pupils. The annual session“ 0! school begins the second Wednesday in September and closes the secoml Wednesday in ”Tune No extended holiday will be giVe1'1 at Christmas, and pupils are 'not allowed to 'go home unless there are excellent reasons and conditions justifying special permission. Prompt- ness of attendance at the beginning of the session is of the greatest import- ance. 'Ihe superintendent shall have power at any. time to discharge a pupil from the institution for inability to receive instruction, “729,. sickness or other cause or continued misconduct and disobedience. The institution is non- -seotarian. but thorn moral and religious instruction will be given, especially on the Sabbath, the nature of it being as general that itis accepted by all churches and crssds. All business letters. letters of inquiry in rega;d to pupils or their concerns, . or in regard to new pupils must be I addressed to the superintend- ent and not to subordinates, other- wise no attention will be paid to such letters All money shprild be sent by express, ‘ money order or registered letter directly to the superintendent ‘who will ’at once ac- knowledge receipt ot the same. , All boys attending school are ex- pdoted to wear the uniform of the last moment to settle the d' The score stood 4 to 4. man to first. twobase hit silair and ac mufl’s of easy teams. Hubs ....... third base; first base; stop; H. pitcher .-/“/ second base; is about to their own for hadon application to the euperintend- ent. ' In the industrial department alter a pupil has boon assigned a trade to learn such pupil cannot change to another trade unless in tajudgment would be tor the best interests ot the WP“- hs‘s just been enterprise, un transportation rsilrosd will 110111111. Boys liarsChance. visa-lo... 3.1.1 beam: Dim 'Boulder 'Loses'To The Hubs. \close To dulhl Railroad Lines It was late Sunday afternoon when the ball game between the -fiubs and the Boulder team was called but there was aelair sized crowd present to wit. theexhibrtion. Brown, the Helena battery, appeared in the Boulder uniform, filling the places of the Boulder men who at the George M as: 111 and found they were unable 111' Ellis. Hard. the East Helena pitcher, was in the box lorfthe Hubs and suc- ceeded in sending sixteen men to the bench. Muennacrsditedayrith strik- ing out thirteen. It required 10 innings repute. at the end of the ninth During the tenth inning the Boulder boys failed to take advan- tage of an excellent opportunity to win the game. With one man out they sent s The next batter got a and advanced the runner to third. From all appearances the game belonged to Boulder but the next two men struck out. During the last half of the game the Hubs succeeded in sending one of their men around the rcircuit bringing in the winning run. The game throughout was a tiresome companied by continued balls by members of both The routers furnished the most interacting part of the program. Following is the score and the lineup: Boulder ...... . 1000003000~4 0001020101—-5 The lineup of the teams was: Boulder—Ludwig, second base; Fox, catcher; center Brown. 1‘11 ttls, Kelly, field; J. Bridges. lett field; Quaintance, short- ”ridges. right field; Mason, Hubs—Mason, tirst base; Golder-head, third base; Guthrie, center ileld; Hater, Lane. shertst 1p; Butler, center field; Hellman, right ileld; Stod- Mien lleld Hurd.p1tnher Montana D1119 i‘d.‘ The Chicago, Sept. A~Augustus Heinze, the great copper king, it is announced, launch out into railroad building. Not satisfied with the service the established, roads in Utah are 'ex- tending to his mining enterprises, he is preparing to equip them with outlets of their output. The Bing. ham Central Railway company, which incorporated at Salt Lake City, is authoritatively stated to behis dertaksn tor the express purpose 1‘11 solving the Bingham ore problem. It is announced that, this. proiecbd enter Salt Lake City and is addition will connect up all the Bing- ham mines and smelters in which Mal 'Hninnsisinterutod The Binghsrn Oen trslrosdwillbulldatonceabcutdo milesot em, which 11111 be operated ml- m n'yeleotrieity. I'llisnse road will carry 1... ”an... «film... it“ If both pauseg'rd and height, and is .‘r-ri: will has keen oonpetitu dance Western ' ll ~1 as“!!! ‘; sad Electric Railroad t6 Corbin District. ' From reliable ices it was learnild today thgko’lffflcm be new electric road, mesh of whie was made in The Record recently. from Helena to theOcrbin 1111111111; field. mnybestarted this fall. Several tie contractors have e ' . -twn rival syndicates. to rtaiu it it would be possible to axe this tall enough ties to build a road from Cor- bin to Helena, with a branch to Hauser lake connecting with the main road at East Helena Thieistaksn to mean but one thing; that the smelters at Lake Hansel- are a certainty Oue syndicate which has been figuring on line is stbliatod with the Amalgamated, while the other is independent. \he importance of the Corbln'district is fast being realised; its future is assured and for thin reason ahanti'c effort is being made to reach ' the district first. sacks. The mail car was r“ While it is true the (whip district systematic 11131111058110! the “is . has transportation luoulties by the tsining registered mail halogen .. \ Great Northern, the promoters of .the and the letters and W W electric line believe that such a line, sacks. While they were - . touching every mine or importance, robbers placed the alps. would be a paying proposition, both andmailolerks 1!: DW; from the are carried and the freight were under surveillm sad and passenger business which would makeamove. ' spring pp between Helena and the dis- Alto! bran hour. trust it a rapid and economical service tow mill tee, fio were inaugurated. ‘ orders E) the season it” Both the syndicates have ample .csp- the trainaudpullmm ital to carry out their plans From Hel- Will! charity, and m run to Corbinisonly 22miles; it is not Jenninll. 'hbfl “R my. on expensive stretch to build and the DOM country along the route is a promising As soon as the story of on mineral producer —'l‘he Montana Daily ruchedWhitefish- and ' i. .. Record. were! formed. which Milli m hreakfor thcsc-eotfib ' ' continental flier. the No.1. west bound, w- content. or the bsuus‘ and oamsmapsd withouttrcufls‘i 11 2:15 onions; as 1% in the darkness, ths'pslr': showsdup 111111. _ltgfithcfi' and 011111.11 the cum\ ConcerningCor-bin Orr. take the trail. Ano'fierv -L— . formed at Innings tow That Great Falls is- to haveasisma um point. moth smelter for the treating oi copper, silver and zinc oresin thence: future now appears to be a fact that is beyond doubt. The interests of F. Augustus Heine and his associates have so shaped _ themselves within the psit year that \ such a plant has become a usually.- 53“” at and once construction werko'n - it will doubtless be rushed to “plotter: with the least possible dnlsy. Ltd! common gossip in Butte that a 88.00),“ plantis tobe erectedby Reissues the ' propertyseeured byhirnlastyssr,lo-'-' catedst theGreat talk, and tbegaieral Rocky belief is 1111: the preliminary work for ' the plant will commence very shortly. - .Msrtin Mulvshi'll, who is heavily in- terested in mining property at Corbin, i spent yesterday in the city Ind treelv expressed his firm belief that Heine is going to make a favorable move for 3mm...“ '11de “l\ I experimental treatment 61' ores at the Corbin plant at the United Zine comps- nyst Corbin hasbsen entirely success- ful}: said Mr. Mulvshill yesterday, “and Ibeli'eve there is no doubt but that Great Falls will hsvea smelter torre- .ducing the ores ot the company as soon as such s plant can be constructed. Those who are in touch with the coin- pany’s sflairs state that a plant using at least 60,000 horse power is to be built, and they are authority for the statement that the company‘s plans provide for an expenditure of $3,000,000. \The experimental work at Corbin has been carried out for the company by J. L. Malm, one of the best known instal- lurgi'sts of the country, who has per- fected a process for treating the Corbin ores that has been entirely successful, and he will doubtless have a large part in planning the construction of the big \9“” .... . “Great 1.1111' prospects never looked so bright, and I don't believe the city will recognize itself in another live years. Not only is the Heinse plant going to make a big diflerencs, but the Boston «I ‘Montana company is planning an en- largement of its local works that' is hard- ly realized in Great Falls by most of the people. The big stack is significant of what the company has in view. Byth time the Milwaukee road gets into this country, the elapsed ot the smelter will bedeublsd ~Grast Falls Tribune cash bonmsrecooo .111 [I built in Helena. asssh saom is given by fieOfl lodgesthsrs. , 111111. mestingoflth day afternoon at m visitation or the mists! ‘ suitable The “in. d“ the Lichwsrdt, Millsgsu d! 'p‘lsoee, wilfllt by the full board; Cb \ 1 Great Tunnel Canal. Washington, Sept. 6,—A report has just reached the state department of «modal-mum unsustai- . _ scoring work of the kind yet shsulpted ‘1 «mumps. continent. Itis tube a canal under fie Rove mountains to » mneot thepcrtct Men nonmfi; rest}; with the Bivarlhue. Quit K1!- “that W

The Boulder Monitor (Boulder, Mont.), 14 Sept. 1907, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.