The Bear Paw Mountaineer (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1911-1921, September 07, 1911, Image 4

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iiueij from front page) The Spokane House Everything Mzclernr..'nd Up-to-date ,f.4 I . . ' 7 ' Far 4 La Venga and. /LA...Tan Cigars C. B. Van .A.,1sErIc:9 Prop. ma..1.111111.11111111M1111M7IFTESEMS Lor a No, Clean Shave, hair Cut, Massage ie Shampoo Go To SPOKANE BARBER SHOP Elmer Bushong, Proprietor 3iIIINIMEIREZNWEEMEVM=TREIL 7 0,; 1 i E. K. JOHICS.011, Kennilworth, Montana Dealer in General Merchandise and Maehin- ery. Relinquishments for sale. Free Homesteads Located. Write Inc site Big Solely, Mont, EAVAilaatiEF;IA\Figr.S.N 7 ;I: 4 .:'...F 1 7.==ffligra2M1.111111. Some OT: The Attractions To r e Seen At The Fair In !Plena A PRIZE WINNING PEN. A group of Montana bred Iiimpshire swine to lie seen at the Montana $tata Fair In competition for the loving cup liffered by the Amerienn Hampshire Swine Reeord association. A valuable cup Is also offered for the liest exhibit of BeAshlres. and a sliver cup Is offered by Prottident Elliott of the Northern PacItte Hallway company for the best exhibit of Nieto:ma bred hogs shown by one exhibitor. SOCIETY PARADE il I I t. nuxlistes to have the new raiment a- breast of the season's styles. The society mat Ions are there, the AT STATE FAIR belles, and their beaux. Back and \Talk about Peacock Alley at the II ‘Valtiorfr\ exclamed an eastern man 1 in attendance at the State Fair last yearaminting to the grandsiaml, I ever saw a (TOW(' 011tSide of New - laid put lin So much `dog' as this crowd.•' It was an apt iemark, and a true one. For the State Fair atlords the only thin. and the only place during , the year when society folks of Helena, Bente, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Billings, and other Cities can get together. For weeks they anticipate the event by getting complete new cost ii tiles, HI Which they blossom tort II at the Fair. Some of the smartest society folks even ;mike special trips east to New York tint h they promenade, t 1.1 u the ex- hibit ion halls, and into the grand- stand. Much as the actors seem to enjoy it, it is the ordinary spectators Who derive the most pleasure and amusement fr the society show: the costumes of the se .11, the emitted ry of tile' belles, and the' grand- eur of the beaux monde. It Is one of the real attract ions of the fair wild' is never advertised. . Keen is the rivalry a it the women of the society set of the state to appear in costullles more chic than are possessed by any one else. And it the whisperings are true, the rim' - t)' is even more bitter this year, and the last week in Septenmer will sec Montana's society world blossom forth at the Fair in the Iatests crea- tion ii the mialiste's and milliner's arts. products and exhibiting them at the fair, th‘ y have not only won substan- tial cash premiums, but as well, have advertised there respective comunit- ies,achieved a reputation of being progressive and wide-awake, and have enjoyed& weeks vacation with - oat cost, their premium money pay- ing all expenses. Now there is keener competition. More counties will display this year than in the history of the institution and there will also be nu:re in livid- . L A. Shoemaker, Secretary Montana State Fair. wet displas. Soo e has already Leen reserved for the fair- —the last week ill September—by twenty-three of the twenty-nine counties. Displays will come from Lewis and Clark, Brined crater, Meagher, Beaverhead, Madison, Gallattin, Park, Yellow- stone, Carbon, Rosebud, Sweet Grass, Custer, Dawson, Chouteau, Fergus, Musselshell, Teton, Cascade, Flat- head, Lincoln, Missoula, Granite and Deer Lodge If you have some likely looking stock, farm products, or any 01 the things listed in the State Fair eittal- og,ue, it would b.:: a wise thing to send it to the fair. It' it wins no prize, it will at least show tha. owner where it needs improving, and then the quality can be bettered which means more dollars than the inferior article would bring. Intending exhibitors should con- sult or write the member if f the .t itt fah advisory board from ther..c way. Mr. G. II. W'illinan whose yoloflice address is Chinook is the. member from Cheauteau county. Special Train for September 13 Special train will leave Great Falls on the billowing schedule on September 13 only. Leaves 6:30 a in Great Falls. 6:14 a nt Rainbow. 6:53 8 ill Goodale. 7:07 a in Portage. 7:13 a in Floweret.'. 7:17 a m Carter. 7:1.7 a m Tunis. 7:39 a ea Kershaw. 8:10 a in Benton. 8:11 a in Liscum. 8:19 it ill Teton. 8:40 a tit IMIna. 8:51. a m !Alward. 0:06 a ni Sayre. 9:10 a ni Virgil I. 9III ) a m Cairo. 9:38 a in N'erona. 0:51 a in Big Saialy. 10:15 a tie Box Elder. 10:38 a in I.aredo. 10:5-1. a m Assinniboine. 11:11 a in Havre. 1 I :15 a in Toledo. II: 1. a in Yant Arrive 1'1:00 noon Chinook. Returning a special train w ill lea% e Chinook at 0:30 p. in. on Sep- tumber 13 only; for Great hills and intermediate. points. Automobile Livery Day or Night WE UN LOCATE YU EN THE BEST OF LAND Al REASONABLE RATES I Handle Relinquishments J. A. MAHi OD \Here's to Your Health\ I Get It At CGwans — 0 nei S LiQUERS CIGARS Everythirig Brand New - COWAN'S SALOOli .mia•..a• •••11111111.m. - The Bit Sandy Tovt,fr site Are you going to bulk! new or in the fut- ure? Buy your lets Lew whitepriecs are rrinv Johannes Lettfefdt, Prop. Hans IL Leldt, Agent Agcal The 03iver Typell. Hier ; Horse-Shleing Ivitast 15e. Right to Protect Feet Long experience at it makes it possible for me to guarantee my work. row work and Genet -al Etacksrnithing Hiram Day, Blacksmith Round Trip Ali Year Tourist Fares From All Points in Montana on Great North- ern Railway to Alhambra and Sun- nyside Hot Springs Hotels at Alhambra, Montana The following arrangements are authorized few the sale of round trip all year tourist tickets to Alhambra and Sunnyside Hot Springs Hotels, Alhambra, 'ilontana: Territory ri k t in w... be SO.L front nil Wilda OH the Great North- ern Itaike ay in NIontana. Fare --A tare and one-third o. the low .•st one way first class Iuiiit cal fare phis i.:3.00 will artily on CX14'11- WS at the Hotels by coupon at on ticket. Tickets will be sold daiLe ian n - meneing July 18, IPI Going inissage must commence on date of sale. Limo return limit will be thirty (30) days from date of sale. Tic-kets will be limited to continu- ems passage in each direction. No stoporers will be allowed. Retard passage must begin on date al vali- dation. For children of five and under 1.2 years of age the round trip fare will be P3.00 plus one-hidf the fare end one-third to Alhambra, adding suffi- cient when necessary to make fare end in 0 or 3. Children under five years of age, when accompanied by parent or guardian will be carried free. Tickets will not be good for ret uat passage unless validated at the office . ot the Alhambra and Sunnyside Hot Springs hotels. Under no circum stances will tickets be validated by ticket agent at Alhambra. The hotel coupon of ticket which is good for hotel accommodation to the value ot'3.00 will be d; tached by the proprietors of the Alhambra l and Sunnyside Hot Springs hotels. 1 The same rates may be had to ! Boulder. Montana. j For further particulars call On C. L 1 Jensen, Big Sandy.

The Bear Paw Mountaineer (Big Sandy, Mont.), 07 Sept. 1911, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.