The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, September 01, 1921, Image 2

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••••••••••.....W•an-IIMI/11111•1,••••••= 1 ..01........1. /014••••••••. ...1011•011.• NOTICE We Wish to Announce That Will be in Operatio yr If c.....94 ....) aria ‘ C:11€1 SeAember 1st, 1921 And Can Fill All Orders After That Date The PROCTOR MINE is located in the C. C. MACK coal field, and the new TIPPLE is located near the old C. C. Mack Tipple. We are just completing a new and up to date TIPPLE, all coal will be double screened with our new screening device, which will eliminate all fine coal and dust. We also have a new loading Hopper which will load a wagon every three minutes. We wish to particularly call your attention to our new Mine. This mine entry has ben driven 600 feet back in the main body of coal, which has proven to be of a very high quality and contains no bone or rock. We also are installing new air compressors and mining machines which will increase the !um! t out 50 per cent. This will make our coal a grade known as domestic lump. This grade formerly cost $6.00 at the mine but on account of our new plant and mining machines we will be able to increase the tonnage to a point where we can sell the coal at the mine for $5.00 per ton which is a dollar cheaper than last year, and about $7.00 cheaper than you can get any shipped in coal of the same quality at your local town. When you compare our prices with the shipped in coal of the same quality, you will see where YOU can make a saving of $12.' 0 to $15.811 per load or $6.00 to $7.00 per ton by hauling it from our mine. We eish to call the attention of you who live in town to our prices on coal delivered in your bine at Big Sandy. You will see where we can save you from $4,00 to $5.00 per ton. WHY NOT GET YOUR COAL FROM US and save from $50.00 to $75.03 on your coal bill at your residence this winter, and a much greater saving to you who are in business and have a Large consumption of coal. We are building new barns for our customers horses, so those th :t come from a long distance can have free barn room is they wish to stop over night. We also are fixing up a bunk house which will be equipped with a cook stove so that those bringing lunches with them may make a cup of cot fee and warm up their lunch if they wish to do so. There will be a board- ing house at the mine for our customers who wish to patronize it. OUR CaAL PRICES AI E AS FOLLOWS: DOMESTIC LUMP, from 1 1-4 inch and up, $5.0 per ton at the mine, $7.50 per ton delivered anywhere in the city of RIG SANDY, and $8.00 per ton deliverd anywhere in the city of BOX ELDER. We also have a small amount of PEA COAL, 1-2 to 11-4 inch which we w:11 sell at $2.5) par ton at the mine. ALL TERMS CASH. Judeine from the orders we have already received we feel sure you appreciate the effort we are making for a larger output, and better grades of coal at lower prices. We have arranged for free telephone service for everyone from Big Sandy to the Proctor Mine. Phone in your orders and they will receive our prompt attention. 'WE SOLICIT YOUR TRADE and thank you for any order you may give us. THE PROCTOR COAL C Mt] Sandy, kicailana .10MIIMMENNIONME.. , ••••••••••••.1••••••.•••••••• , 0 1 11 1 400..• P.m ^-••• ano••••••=•••••••111•1•11=1........ ,e1 NS 4 a , as Ta .1111•MMIMIIIMIN.W..••••••••••••••••• ...11,11.1.11. - ••••WOMM•••••4411111••••ft ••••••••••*4 1 / 4 . 4.0./0•1100/••••11 1 • 1 •1001.4 1 0 41 re The Bear Paw Mountaineer PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY C. C. MILLS, Morcott tow Pt•ni.tsineat. 4 uNierIpt ion, yearly in nitrate., 11.(in To Foreign tkiiintrie• C 51 , YOH' Apelient ii, intoie for telintsec , ii .• rial. nuttier under Act .0 March - I. is:4 ;An Coe Macfarland Al Rest. SC4)1101111(41 front page 11 obich itaclearland Caine to his oteatti occured about one mile from Winnet about 12 o'clock gont:tty night, August 21. He wain company with Ray 'Pierce and they were ieturning o Winnett in a Ford sedan. lite lights on the car burned 'out they decided to drive or to town, being only about ova mile out. They met an- other car the lights of which :s4ii•ded them and before getting WW1( into the road the car t -:‘0.k a culvert, the approach of ob51:11. was not tilled. This catrAd the radius rods to buckle A Del one of the front wheels broke, but the momentum car- ried the car on the culvert. A heavy 3 -inch plank had been laid on the culvert for heavy •Irucks which in some way raised and caugnt the rear axle, A AA:1..1.0w the car instantly. 9 Tlets•tbrew maclearland forward driving his head through the lop part of the windshield. The- Dower glass of the wind- abiek1shattered and in falling on this it made a gash in his throat which severed all the blood vessels connecting one side of the heart. macloarland got out of the ell- through his own efforts and walked 5 or 10 feet behind the car where he met two boys who had just driven up in, all the time holding his throat. He was hurried Into the car that had just driven up and was to the doctor in a f.w minutes, but died within three hours after the accident occured. Deceased had many friends who extend sincere sympathy to those left to mourn his death. BOPP MIMS Fred Krumsir is quite ill. Mrs. Roy Yocum returned to Washington recently to teach school this winter. Joe and John John Gasvoda and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wad- dle spent Sunday evening at C. D. Ensleys. • M. E. Champion and wife of Chouteau, Mont.. were visiting in the Kagleton and Hopp neighborhoods last week. All who attended the commun- ity fair, report it a success. The exhibits were exception- ally good. A movement of this sort will always have the sup- port of the best people. Here's hoping for a bigger and better one next year. Eagleton News. Mrs. Mary King visited a few days last week at the Park home. A number of farmers around Eagleton are enjoying ripe can- taloupe. John Storedalds of Hopp, ex pect to leave soon for their new home In Minnesota. lra Kessler and mother and Mrs. Mary King spent Sunday at the R. J. Mckinley home. Ira Kessler and mother, Mrs. Ida Kessler, and Mrs. Mary King visited Thursday at J. C. Kesslers. Frank Maurer of Hopp, left last week for the Judith Basin. where he expects to work for a few months during threshing season. I E. E. Blake of Sand Creek ! was in this vicinity Saturday hunting horses. Mr. Blake ex- pects to go to Denton for work through harvest. 1 /1 . •••••••••••••••••• THE armers DIED Mrs. Elizabeth Tyler died at Big Sandy, Montana the St. Clare hospital at Fort It-nton Thursday, Aug. it) at Capital and Surplus 4:15 A. M. after a lingering ill- 0 $30,000.00 though she had been in poor ness of cancer of stomach, al - State and County health her death came unexpeco Depository j Di il I. 11 LIS2.52.525Z57325252527-1=SESTS:_77 p I : ,. (' . • . iazaism , • VP W 506cocilci6are?s for !Oc one sack at GE.NIPME u DURHA?'! TOBACCO ! Alfas Summons. IN TfIE DISTRICT COURT OF 'IRE STATE if Montana. In and for the C Andy of CII.-11 COO. T Maar., itis L , O111 flOI Trust Condainy. a C , Irporation. Plaintiff. , vs. is,1- F. Crandak EMMA Crane's!. Ids wife: and Cleaner., Count). a Municipal Certain, t .Defersinnts Tin -State of NIontana &OHIO tiresongs to the Ahoie named Defendants: 'COO Pre he , eby 4linimon.- , 1 arativer the e /m- id:dot in the. licit .0, wlecli i• ht..,1 in tl,e °Mee .if the Clerk of thin, a cop, - of whieh is herewith ...rv.• I lln.Ohi Intl. tthl to hie Pair .nnol e JOY there•d the attorney h ;thin Merito 4ty• after the seri of this Saltine of 'lay efservi,•e: i•,• I ,t or answer. judgment alit taken ia,t you hy ..efah!t fo. the lelie1 el the caalt,hunt_ t the:1,u, and oloic-t 1.1 the aliove en. r ,e1 .irtenoile the o: r,.. .! .1 .1 moat, 3rd. I and iicHr- . Crawl ii and lie .ralon. VIA • : i 31111ca,•11 of II.cni. and • ,lanona , any Inter, at In or lien no o n it, \0 neigh ti if01111 (11,11. or, filter tI and to the fohowinu I ..1 .• I L,„„Thre,• 131. Foor it. and the Nail h Half of lilt (.:wirter I N!JSEI: i. the East ' Ralf of the So it hice•t trzer II', . of i Section Eighteen I IMI: Lot One (I). the North- east Quarter of the Northwest Qnarter (NVA NW. 2 1 , , clein Nineteen (19). all in Townahlti Pit' -Av., (:a) NOrtb. Of Irt71Og, Twoce Ott. F.ast it Montens Mereliat,. C41,1111,10 CountY I Moot Ana. Whiles, my hand and the Steal of wild Chart . 1111,19:Ad.., of August. 1921 lint. O. Dattcr—a C •rk fl-ory E. Met Clerk 7.14•iienzio .t rush'. Attaracc• r .•, ntqf. Ili, a: Fails. Montana. --It-9 1 on G. Steiners Sunday alter noon. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mair spent Sunday last with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stack. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stack enjoyed a nice supper at the Braun home Sunday. Mrs. Arganbright and Mrs. L. F. Ray spent Sunday night with Mrs. C. L, Ray. Pete Paulson and sister, Olga and Miss Pearl Marta spent Sunday at the Enguin ranch. Mr. and Mrs.Joseph Mair, Eth- el and Hubert Ray called at the Mosier home Tuesday evening. Mrs. Ed Braun and children spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Engum home last Sun- day. Mr. L. Jackson, Joe Mosier and Wm. Hanes went to Big Sandy Wednesday where Mr. Jackson proved up on his ad di• tional homestead. Inga Engum, Ada Mosier, Ethel Ray, Ben Siebrasse. Gus Bohner and Hubert Ray were entertained at the C. L. Ray home last Sunday night. Mrs. Ed Braun was called to Fort Benton last Friday on re- ceiving the sad news of the death of Mrs. Tyler. Mrs. Ella Chipman accompanied her. Hubert Ray took them down in his car. Mrs. Ed Braun and family and Joe Brooks wish to thank the people in the Inga and Big Sandy community for the kind• ness and also the beautiful ilow. ted. her remains were brought to Big Sandy Friday where LI they remained until Saturday when she was laid to rest ITt the Big Sandy cernetary. Quite a large crowd of relatives anti I friends attended the funeral. Funeral services were held by Rev. Thompson. She was Gfi years i mo. and t! (lays old and leaves to mourin her sad departure, 1 daughter, 1 sister and 2 brothers and I I grandchildren and a host of' friends. Two sons preceeded her in death. She was a kind and loving' grandmother and sister and al good neighbor and to know her was to love her. This world is full of sorrow Full of trouble and pain Yet to me 'twould seem like heaven if you were here again. We must part but not forever There'll be a glorious dawn We shall meet to part no more On that resurrection morn. Dear grandmother how hard to give you up You whom I loved so well, How can 1 drink this bitter cup And say the word farewell. ' Bank There ne . was a time Or:a THRIFT PAID LARGER DIVIDEND than it daes now. Start sayirg today ity buying one of oar later - es! -Bearing Certificates. Let us explain the advan- tages of this plan to you. This bank is mernher the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM r.5252.5 - 0.5252525\ 6 DR. LOREN G. SHROAT PHYSICIAN & SURGEON BIG SANDY. MONT. PHONE NO 23 al Yr rt ii. !ME nki rata CI. OF 4101;110F, '1 1 WRATH AYr• B;G SANDY. .1. A. KAVANEY Atty. At Law EVE ZY THURSDAY Office Over Asal's Drug INGA ITEMS (Too late for last week.) era at the death of Mrs. Eliza - God reserve for her a crown Ith Tyler and also the Miss Infra Engum spent Sat!, P e ' kind - Let her with Angels wait urday night with Ada Mosier. ' ness of Rev. Thompson with Till I am called by death to go Mr and Mrs. lid Braun called • the services. And meet her at the gate.

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 01 Sept. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.