The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, September 01, 1921, Image 3

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:LOCAL NEWS BRIEFS:' • 0 1. 00 0 • 0 t • • Friy Maulding returned • Tuesday night from Winnet where lie was called on account • of the bringing in of the Oregon- ** • ' ) e• ') • • • • • • • • • , Montana well. He reports a fleins made a trip tu wide spread interest lii the Havre yesterday. Fred C.11ins was a business visitor at Chinook Tuesday, Mrs. Ethel Yocum left Friday for Rochester, Vashington. • Wanted:—Kitchen and dining toom furniture. Dr. Shroat. Mrs. Billings of Lewistown is visiting at the Eleanor home. Fire sale Bargains the entire 'stock included. Brende Bros. Hardware :See Farmers Produce Co. for good feed oats. We also handle Blue Pony coal at $10 per ton. Clarence Mills returned to Dodson Sunday to assist the Dodson band during the county fair there. Emil Pfeister of Great Falls • arrived here last Friday and vis- ited over Sunday with his sister Mrs. Bertha Ashton. English Lutheran Ladies Aid will meet at airs. C. I. Jensen's place Wednesday, SeptemberT. Everybody welcome. • The city is witting in a new Tnent crossing south of the h‘lontanit hotel which will prove an excellent improvement. Misses Honora Hough and Helen Mills were shoppitee and seeing the \Powder River' pic- ture show at Havre Monday. Referring to the Big Sandy community fair if there is any one who said it couldn't be -done, he owes himself an apol- oey. K. MacKenzie and Archie McMillan drove to Mapleton, Canada, Sunday to meet Mrs. James Quinn, Mrs. MacKenzie's mother, who will visit the Mac Kenzie family for some time. Paul Pfeister returned yes- terday to Great Falls after a e•eeks stay with his sister, Mrs. Bertha Ashton. While here he did the carpenter work on 71 11 S porch :eel othe-r improve- ments On Mrs. Ashton's resi- -d•nce property. Fire destroyed the residence property of Godfrey Hurd in the west part of town Tuesday evening. The house was unoc- cupied but contained some household goods. The origin of the fire is unknown. The fire department was at the fire , in quick time bat the fire had such a start before discovered that it was not possible to save the house. C. T. Hansen will leave Sat- urday for Minneapolis where he will visit the Minnesota stale fair. He will take with him his invention designed to elim- inate the side draft on the har- vester pull and expects to meet parties who lie expects to inter- •est in the invention. Mr. Han- -aen had his invention in actual test and severai Big Sandy par- ties observed it working and believe it will meet the demand for which it is designed. In some way the rumor rot started in the country west of here that there was going to be a charge made at the communi- ty fair exhibit. Such a rumor was without foundation what- ever and was probably starte.1 by some one who had more time to grouch than to raise • some of the excellent products that were on display. If such were the case there is more room for such one somewhere on the desert than there is on the fertile land around Big San- dy. bringing in of this well, both from the fact of its proving an entirely new territory and be- cause of its being the best grade of heavy oil. This oil tests !'10 percent lubricant', 20 per cent gasoline, 14 percent kerosene and the rest residuum. Geologist Stone located the Oregon- Montana and in speak- ing ot the strike says:its being found in a flat or wave forma- tion and in the quadrant sand will give an immense impetus to oil prospecting in Northern Montana. Geologist Stone lo- cated the- Hopp structure and says the Hopp structure from a geological standpoint is a much better one than that on which the Oregon-Montana is located. Mr. Maulding brought with him a sample of oil from the new well and it naay be seen on display at the Farmers National Bank. He left yesterday on a business trip to Oregon where most of the stockholders of the Oregon -Montana live. The Mountaineer otlice wants your job printing. mrs.C. II. Laker and daughter are visitors at Havre today. Arthur Carssow left today for his home in Seattle after a visit here with his brother E. J. Carssow. Lost —Grey vest containing fountain pen, between Big- San dv anil hop p. \yard. Dr. Shroat. A. G. Hurd of Colony Bay was in town yesterday to at- tend to the insurance eu his house that burned Tuesday night. L. J. Anderson and family and Mrs. John ElYerson are visiting at Kalispell with Mrs. Anderson's parents 51r. and Mrs. A. Flack. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Greene of Chicago are here visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Newhall. They arrived here Friday after a frit> throueli Glacier park. Mr. Greene will leave for home this week, but Mrs. Greene will continue her visit for a month longer. Mrs. Greene is a sister of Mrs. New- hall. The schools of District No. II will op 'n Tue.sday morning, September title Following are the schools open and teachers in charge: M. P. Moe --Superintendent HIGH SCHOOL. lichen McComes—High School Principal and Eaglisl. W. E. Walters—Agricultural Instructor. Myrna E. Booth—History and Science. Ceeily Illackford—Mathentat• ies and S -it- rice. Mary Magee—Commercial. GRADES. Carrie N. Schurman Barrie'. Moe Ines Hoop Ary Audrey Hibbard Pauline Pierce Laura Larson RURAL Anna Novieski—Coal Creek. Christine Hope—Only Place. Leona Wall—Rusta Canna. Alverta Linn—Coal Mine./ F Rose B. Coleman—Verona. Blanche M. Sheehy—Moun- tain School. Bertha Wilson—Bridges School. Children from Prairie Home, Prairie and Sunny Shope AC.11001m will be transported to the town schools for the first three months after which other ar- rangements will be made. M. P. Moe. Attention! Ex -Service men. \clean up drive\ Sept. 30-0:t 1 at Great Falls. Applications for compensation, training or hospitalization com plc ted. Chouteau co. chapter Red cross will be glad to help you obtain transportation and informatieu. Box 349 Ft. Benton, Mont. CARD OF' THANKS, We wish to express our sin- cere thanks to the many friends and to the members of the American Legion posts of Alta, Iowa, and Big Sandy for their kind offices and sympathy dur- ing the death of our son and brother. mr, and airs. H. Moja miss Alice macFarland NOTICE. Sea,led bids will be received until 5-:00- P. M. Saturday, Sep- tember :1, 1921, for transporting children for three months to the Rig Sandy school beginning September 0, th-irdt, as follows: 1. mat Roe iIOMIi SCI lOOlc An- drews, McClintock, Geyser and Green children. 2. PRAIRIE SCHOOL • Dailey, Chamberlain, Livers and Dyr- land children. 3. SI - NNY SLOPE SOOOL.- Lund - born, Coleman and Cline child- ren. Instead of 1 and 2 the (oh - lowing arrangements may be made and bide will be received as follows: 4. Andrews and McClintock children. 5. Dailey, Chamberlain, Li V ers, Geyser and Green children. The above bids are open to all patrons of District No. 11. Successful bidders will be re- quired to sign contract anti I or- nish'bond to carry out the con- ditions of said contract. By order of the q.f Trustees of Sehool District N. IL Chouteau County, Montana. M. I'. Mote Clerk. Coal Land NOTit'ill PIM PUBLICATION. Dep o rt tool,t of the I IltC1 . 101 . S. Land if, lie at Havre, Mont. .140F 2+,1721. Notlee la hereby given that Mao .1. Eliot. Eledel.Montrola. all. en ler armor, 2ctli. WM, , It1 , 1411 0 1101111.4MMt npplico•tion. aerial No. liii for h t I seetIon 2. SW1,NE'.. N' SE!.. SW 1 / 4 . SEINW 1 / 4 , Iota I and 2. sect t ..vottltIF 25 North. range It Katt. Montana Me khan. I no tiled a.. ive of inten Ion to make 1111111 ihr,r Fear proof to ettaldlth 0111111 4 1 the to id tho‘e di -- Aerated before Health r Levy; '.- rat ILaIre, Montana, on the Rth dot or September. il021. tv two of the tolloe hli Wit nearer E :ward r. ATI11,14114.11. f Bia Sand, Montan, Barnette A14144111.14.011. or Big Saud, NfonIntoi Churl,. A. Sicoo.tiow. of Ellgl.t :do I Ina Hain , e. Niehien. of PC Itt'ettoo. M. W. lit\IVHINS ,, I:• t. • S Farmers Produce Co. for good feed oats. We also handle Blue Pony coal at itt0 a ton. \Why SoLthpaws.'• 1111. word - soutlipaW,\ us0.1 tre- quelitly In Ilie ewirse of references to b:Igebl.t1 cite -i's I. , 1.'d of slang which olach has crept Itilo the language dor In:: the last few tears --a colloquialism which hug behind It rather more of a IsAli,;cre th ii most simig worf's can claim. That the lettter may not have to fnee the rays of the setting sun Pt ally trine of the year, a basehap tlin- a,.iud Is usually laid out so that the batter's box faces doe east. TM therefore, (neeo want. while his right hand is 1,m :it'd the north and his left itahd Is toward the south. As Ito: , majority of pitchers tire right-liatideil, It was only natural thm an exception to this net,. sienna hit sherten out for it certain speclfic title --and the ttttttt \siiiithpaw\ wits niti•pted on ace t of the usual points of the compass In Connection with the diamond itself. The eecete :xi...Wes of Rube Witilitell 4111(1 other \southpaws\ 11121(le Ilie name sy lllll vinous with \errittle so far as hasehall language is .smeerned, tl gh there Is no medical support for the theory that left-Initobs1 persons. are more peculiar thim those olio UM. their right Moots. Aerial Time Tables. So Important has become reuniter - Chit at Litton iii France that then, Is being published ii thly time table of all the air seniees operattm in Franee aml allied countries. This time told.% IIII4Mn is L'Itelletitenr Aerlen. gives stub Inform:Hum as the time or departure :list arrival, routes, iYI , e if Willie woighl of hip - gage allowed, ratem. and so on. Thflt little publication appears on the first of every ninth..-- :tclenlific American. Call for Much Shelf Room. Fit.' Milt, ..!ielN Mg will Ii' ereet- ed in 11 I'm% building IPA RE hy the Fret,, It ge%erfariellt, for the filIngof 1114-1, 01 ,4 4 100,0011 volume., and Mapco no inntly twimphlets, ele,. which they hate colleeted. The col. 11.:11111,elipts, photographs and war records It appltIlIng, 115 tO handlers, and there , seem,. to lie no limit to the gills of dsilleetors. Ex -Convicts Hold Reunion. There Is one news story In Nett' Tork that the newspapers kindly tlipprerot eaeti yenr. At least they do not mention any names. In 011P of the big hotels there Is all mutual dinner in I, prhitle banquet hall. Well. dres•ed igen In evening elOthe. I.. tlan nuinher or forty attend. There Is nothing about them to Indicate that they are anything hut what they 111 ,4-- guippssfIll 1,11.41111eSti 1111P11. They Ills - , 11M/4 over their meal the topics of the day and till know each oilier by nen natives. Hut when cigars are lighted, waiters and bus boys are driven nun nitil the (Nora IIre itiekeil. Then they discuss the past. All tire ex- einivIcia who hove served terms In Slog Sing. Two or three fernier ward- ens are initially the guests of honor. They have proved that an ex convict coo make good. The elk ere h. r of ealerintns. Trying to Save the Elk. Mon. 103100 bead suptima,s1 to he in the Iretioe,.totte having disappeared. 'rids ;Went. Ill Ile by cattle men grill - Ito: their herds on areas formerly tie. copied by the elk. ultich perish la great 'mothers win',, Ihre tlild their Old pastimes dennileil. Ha nelitnili it III1Ve fed tipai, hay toil of pity and the federal atrtbori les have hought and stored hay It - . the hope of oresen lug the breed. Cattle Men are Dot tomb Interested by these splendld examples of animal life. so that the goverrinent should do some blint nfl a large scale to presene thent.—delen. title American. • Quirks cf ChtittrAn'y Ming A eon c:.ponilt-iit Informs iis that We did not quite complete our story ghoul the little girl otiose xerslou of the tuitional atithem %%Is -my eonatry leases me.\ Ile teis she fop., ed It out, \Arthur of liberty.\ lie oltis: \And a close second to Rik is the following quotation from the ZIrl Psalm by another little miss. 'surely the g I film. Mtirphy will follow IOW MB the dU)11 of my Rio.'\ Girds of 01,tcther Order. \1 have heard to, it\ said Senate, Sorghum, \discotirs.hig most eloquent- ly on the AmerIcan when what iL•dr minds it en,' really on ous qua • \ _ Arup.-ie-vAi. ,, . • _ _ . ....\\f • 440 - , 444• s • it, , 4 641 r4 , 44;4: t..14.4444iuf. 4 ., ‘ • •Ylosea.filt Why neglect to pro:t when traveling? nie enjoyment of a trip depends on el- s y •• trnvet f -----'a. riaat is why incre.asingly fare...none !•; ;se Are carrying their funds in Americ:! ,, P “A R A\ Cheques air th , readily wOCtittte.1 hy hovel., • . ' ' eetoldOvet,o1,1..te. 41014.4i 1,4 Sf Ctttlettarst,t114 , „ NORTItEEN MONTANA STATJE BANK LId SANDV, .k,MNIAN.‘ es rallkirte 1 Strong Conservative DEPOSIT W1111 US Von draw the Checks te ao the BALANCE TILt Fir -1 National Bank Itt!; Sandy, Mont. Sound Progressive THE iAP PAW CAFE - --7 - Tracrater=-1,mcsiines C. H. KONO, Prop. Day and Night Service 77iMOIPPYSIM 1111=01111SIIINC.. HER MAJESTY, MONTANA ...M\rmats - ,eammeenesvery-..eimeentrutra-rarmwmateLagegeza. stx.marida awe Let's Boost \The Treasure State\ Let's take meeount of st wk. as shareholders in this imperial :ommonwealt h. It is doubtful if one -tenth of us actually know what kind of a 'state we live in. In a series of advertisements. this Company will publi,11 ENCOURAGING FACTS about Montana. They - will apiwar in the newspapers published in the t ies we serve. We hope that these messages will add to our eommon hind of knowledge; that they will breed State pride, stimulate optimism and help speed the corning of universal prosperity. If there's any selfishness in this, it consists merely in II desire to get our share of the inereased business which will mark the return of \normaley.\ Meanwhile, as stakeholders in this incomparable empire, We shall try to show that. \It Means Something to Be a Montanan Hydroelectric Information: The U. S. Cemmieeinner of Co7 - ,oretionse in a report dnted March 12, 1912, gives Mentana's water :,:ites i total capacity ef 2,749,000 horsepower. No. 1 Cl this total, 293,000 horsepnwrr has been developed by 14 private com- panies, operating in the central and western parts of the state. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY R. If. Kerr, ie.,. and I1eneral Manager.

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 01 Sept. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.