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Just at the time when everybody is analyzing the Fargo Farming demon- stration, figures which show that It cost the prize winning team $20.005 to prepare a ten -acre Seedbed with horses and that it cost only $8.97 to do the same work with tractors, the U. S. government has issued n report on tractor depreciation which throws some interesting light on the esti- mated life of the tractor. This gives nearly ten years as the life of the traetor--an oceurate esti- mate backed up by four and one-half years owners' actual experience. On this basis, depreciation on a $1,000 tractor would lie less than $100 per year, to which, according to the government report, would 110 lidded a repair item of Mout if it). making a total of less than $1 lo to cover de- preciation and all repairs for 11 year. Another government report, issued early In J11110 on \Horses Situ l Tractors on Corn Belt Farms,\ shows that on an average each tractor owner dis- posed of 2.1 horses when the tractor was purchased, anl the same report slums that It cost on an average of WO a year to Ls isich head of av st Usis ;l •• • of a trne , c. t rerore, Ttitt I a saving Of $318 a 3. ,,r I , y ill' the re- venge of is sews, iv, it borta.s. FignrIpe: tract,r depreciation and re. pairs at alsolt $1.1;) per year. 1 , 11 the basis of the eovernment retort, and stliitraciing this from flIOS per year Paved by seliing two horses, figures also hartst on government r. - port, Dhows a net savIne of over 1173 per year In favor of the tractor. Tito Fargo Demonstrail•et showed that this :7178 snalms will many times cover the cost of kerosene, ensollne and oil to operate the tractor and take care of all the farmer's power re- quirements not only In field work but In belt work and ninny odd power jobs. So It is not surprising that reports everywhere Indicate new Interest to tractors and a new idea of l'ower Farming as a result of the Fargo Farming Demonstration auppletnenting these two Governn., nt Helmets. C tooe It WINS FIRST PRIZE -IN FARMING CONTEST H. R. Jones Takes $400 Prize Money With Six Horse Team. Geo. E. earlier, Idarta.. oi the Pow:r Farming Bureau, Coograttoattw H. Jones, Winner of the Farrnin2 Cootest at Fargo, Best Team in the Northwest - t Is the clean non nsitie is II. Jenes, who won the first p0 of $4 ,. s 11 (r,s11 In the recctit Fargo farming demon. titre t ;on. This claim Is based on the records Of 11 of the best isms in the North- west originally started hi the re -.','et Fargo f retire demenstration. Ic these, sit teams were compelled te withdraw after starting the work ef plot% ing and seeding 10 -acre plots: one of these was a team of thorough- bred Percherons-ami ii Oct were seasoned horses, well luonuned by c,qii pet out men. In spite of this. it is re- ported that five horses eonapsed and died. The record of the Jones outfit, there- fore. stands out as a surprising achievement, as he completed the job of plowing 10 acres, tiVe inches deep. lii . .!1) hours and 42 minutes -and be disked and harrowed this in 12 hours mid •In minutes. While Jones was is inning the prize for the hest horse outfit, 3b1 tractors were competing against each other in similar work, and the average of the six hest tractors shows that they did the same work as the horses In 8 hours and 43 minutes -one-fourth the t Every ounce of feed for the horses anti fuel for the tractors was care- fully welched by an observers' com- mittee. and the reports show that the Jones fl -horse team ate 21's) pounds of hay and 12 1 ,41 bushels of oats. With tiny at $13 per ton, anti oat. at 40 cents per bushel, which were the Far- go prices, and figuring Jones' time at SO cents per hour; his total cost for plowing mai preparing ii seed bed of 111 neres wits couiparss the cest. S't.I.7 for the with tractrs, figuring itcr“setw at 11.S cents per gallon. gssoilias 2::.i cents ter ;slam), Wiwi , ming oil GS cents per then. and talon at 10 eons ts•r hems These costs elo nut infinite - - - It' -'hilt-ti or rei-alrs for tractors-- ,Aol Ito (11:111 , 0 IS made for imrst? shed 1..• or , litires No effort was made to have horses compete with traitors in this work, but the etentiarison between tiw cost of hor.e power rod tractor power nn der actual farming conditions in Da. kojni is interesting, not tidy because tractors d!,1 tile work so touch tin -nil. or and quit - her, lint because tractor expense stops with the engine, where , as, her' es must be fed and sheltered througheut the entire ys ar. regardless of whirl!. r or tel tim Imrscs are %%urg- ing. The Jones aeldeartnent at tlaa Fargo farm demonstration Is a reetird witteh 111011snliiIS of horse farmers In the Northwest will \shoot at\ next year In summer fallowing where It is nee- essary to turn under weeds before they have gone to seed and after they have attained considerable growth. The record of tin' tractors, which altili% it they did the work in one-fourta the time, and at less than one-half the cost of horses, will niso be a gauge to measure tractor performance, though ninny tractor owners will far surpass the Fargo tractor records by plowing 12 or 14 hours continuously a tiny instead of limiting themselvea to the 10 -hour Say provided toUt ran!\ U. S. COVE E7 REPORT GYPSIES FEEL WAR'S El ECTS M*. SHE'S EO1S LIFE Fon In Rumania They Are Said to Staiving--Slaves to Ancient T P,A;TORS. Superstitions. Of the dozens of diffi•retit races In Rumania, none is noir, picturesque than the gypsies. Like their prototypes In other lands they rove the country; In great 1111'101111S, 011111111g stray pese l flies by begging, dancing, playing and telling fortunes. In the Mlles they sometimes earn , their \bread 111111 olliolis\ loy shining sliono , ,, peddling lemonade or acting as porters. • \I lie high cost of living, which has drawn tight the at of every purse, hats brought double hardships to these wainicrers, No matter how welh they play their violins, no matter ' what good fortunes they see In tie l stars for those about them, they find It hard 1,i 0011X pennies fr thei empty pocket a of the war -oppresses!, Rumanian people. Ninny of them' hale starved to death. Among the gypsy women and girls are to lie found a striking types of beauty. !work of complexion and hair. with shining, long -lashed black eyes. they are it delight to look upon. They have not yet acquired the art of using cosmetic its their sisters in other eountries do. Superstition plays a large part In the life of the gypsy. One of the ninny ancient customs which at Ili stir• elate among the women Is to heat them- selves frkilitfully If OOP of their chil- dren tiles. They belieVe thnt the death; has been caused by no evil spirit havitut entered the body of the 0111111 nit well as the mother. 111111 Botta if they chastise themselves the spirit will &part. Be Otie IiIII11/1111fin gypsy woman whom a relief worker visited was apoarent-1 ly idiom to die from pneumonia. Thel doctor found numerous bruises n11 over her chest. and these had seriously agent anted her condition, On , miestlimIng her he learned her bruises were tine to a beating she had givem herself beenuae one of her eight chili -1 dren tool died. No End to Them. \A tunti can live down n nilstake.\ 'Trouble Is at bridge. I make 'em faster than I can live 'mu down.\ And In These Times! The Iloss-\Ilase you it huge Dim- ity to support?\ The Ittioh-\Oh ROI Just my wire and six children.\ WOMAN PREFERS AIR LIMOUSINE Owns Ranches and Uses It in Preference to Trains and Automobiles. PLANS TRIP TO NEW YORK 'tali/on:de Woman Invitee Her Friends Out for Air Flight Just as One Would for Rude in Motor - Makes Record Trip. -- San Erancimeo.--I'lle day of air limousines le here. If you suddenly make up your mind you want to hop off for anyeAtere within gitsolt•tie range, merely tall up your air ellauffeur and tell hint to have the oh' beat ready. That is what Mrs. W. A. owner of it string of ranches In Nevothi, did the other day when she (Melded to fly to Reno. Mrs. Keildie, who purchased the WHOP Solne time ago, Merely ral'''d up 111.r pilot not, Wild, \Let's go at two o'elock.\ Then sle• sailed up her friend, Mrs. :111tZli• San ler:incise° and asked her to go along. Mrs. \'milk iteeepteil pronto Great Convenience, W. It', %Villianis, formerly of the Royal Flying lamps of Conada, aim acts as pilot, had the motor turning over when the two woltlell, dressed In flying togs. re-m . 110d the Marina. As soon as the a•oineti had taken their seats lie stepped on the throttle and the big Standard .11 plane, with a Curtiss K-11 motor, waS on Its way. Mrs. Keiltlits Who HOS its manager for her ranches 111111 Calls ration, Nev.. her honie, purchased the machine some time ago to fly bet weer) her vitritms ranches. She found It so successful !lint alien site found It nec- essary too return to Reno ifl fl hurry she telegraphed to Fii111111 for the ma- chine and stayed another they in San Francisco, finishing up lousiness affairs. Landing fields have been built tot each ranch anti n system of lighting has been illatilllefl so that night land- ings can be made. She loom aottempted only a few night flights, but she says she manias them quite its much as day Keddie expects to letIVP ItOn0 SOOn to Make a uptick loiir of her prop - turtles. Latter title summer she expects to take a vacation - all aerial vaention In Slie 0Xpects to fly by easy stages front San Francisco to New Ye irk. First on Record. The trip Just made is the first on record in which two women tlew over the stiltiltnit of the high range between 'follfoortilit and NevatIn. Only onne other woman is known to have taken the same trip by air. \Like It?\ Said Mrs. Kedille. \Of course I ilo. Who wouldn't? I would not go hack to railroad trooltis nod their fussy stoops at tank towns for water, or automobiles with their habits of getting stalled for anything-Utiletia, you know, 1 could not go by airplane.\ PROVED HE WAS NOT YELLOW Jumps From Williamsburg Bridge on Dare -Later Saves Drowning Friend. -• New York. -There- Is no doubt now In the niltuls of George Korach's friends its to Ilia courage. Ile has satistled them beyond need of further proof that be leis no \yellow: streak.\ A month lig° ono of thelti uuiiitititigiy dared hint to Pinlp off the Viilitimq- i-hing bridge and Korach Jumped. Now be has saved another of his friends from drowning In the East river. Kortieli, who is twenty -nee yetirs old, started on a swim with Frank Pospiek. They set out from) North Fifth iareet, but had gone only a little way Clown Ow river %%hen Posnick got it cramp and was swept by the current miller one of the Brooklyn piers. Korach found him and swum with Ills friend back to the North Fifth street dock %% here friends helped them out of the Walter. BAN AUTO TIRES AT BEACHES --- Atiantic City (N. J.) Officials Say Buoys Are Dangerous When They Deflate, Atinntic City.--thwe again the ban has been plawed on tio• use of onto- iires as floating maltresses • for bothers by Clilef Beach :surgeon Charles Itossert. Several near-olrtm lags were itso•ribtool to.them, tool they have 11001 banished front the beach iii etonsequetwe. The tires net as to perfeet buoy as long OS they remain Inflated. but once the air begins to leak out of them they tense the bather at the merry of the' waves. \Experience has tnught us that they Invite bathers to venture Into peril, S aid StIrgeon Ilosteert. \If they were permitted. the use of them %%mild In- crease, end It would Impose Just so mush noire responsibility on the guards.\ Farmers Demand Barley Deer. Washingt on\ - Itepresem till Veit of groin dealera and ferment of the state of Nlitinceota. Representative Vol- e tenit's home, have deninntled that con- gress legtillze 2.7:t per cent barley omit beer u nieett• siding the barley growing dist, la. Putting Houses on the Market. In an attempt to stop laublords from refusing to rent houses in order tnat they may be sold at inflated prices 11 , 1t- Ish got erument officials have intro- duced it bill in parliament whloli would set horize local authorities to rent these houses. If a house has remained unoccupied for three months. aceortling to the ion, Men! authorities may [alike an order ror compulsory hlring. The building must Ii, suitable for letting without recon- struction and, apart from the rent pay- able, no landlords will be entitled to any cempensation ter the houses that ure emnpulsorlly hired. (Non Coal) NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior -U. S. Land Mire at Havre, Montane Aug. 25, 1921 Notice IR hereby given that .1 lin Raymond Ile I of Big Swede. Montana. %II, on A uit um 21. 1917. made ndilitional hoine2tead eatrt No, u2.23.7. for Sou• beast gm:trier .rt. wrist quarter. 0,','- (1,5. t NI.S1110 20 north. 1,1120 12 C.d. Non - oft& meridian, Los filed notiee of inteetion to woke final th,e yeor proof to estanlish claim to the land above described before E. N. Barrett, U. S. Commi,sioner at It; Ssndy. Montana, on the 5th day of Oetober. 11.2 1. by two et the talon ire; 5110ea,ei: Friel Mdler. .1 .ssph A. Si, C nt tb. Ca•I Holden and Mat Ii., J Hold , n.:.1! of BIA Sanly. Mont. M. IV, IIETcHINSON, Register ((Intl Land) NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION. Departmeot of the Interior ---U. S. Land Office at Havre, Montana Anti. It,, 1921 Notice is hereby given that Addie Green. f 'utterly Wollace of Wurriek. Itiontana. a Ito on Nove.1 1.0f 19th. ein9 :111aM. 1101111 stead ent rY..No. 014105, for SO SW! , :. SW !ISE , : a. etIon 32, township 25 N. It 17 E. ond It I. meet ion 9 aid lots 2.3 and 4,uu'etton 9. township 24 N.. ranee 17 At it. has Wed notice of intention to make final three year prox2f to eetaltlish chtien to the land above deseril.ed before Fred H. Scott, S. Com- missioner, at Spero:co, Montana, on the 5th day of October. 1921, by two of the follow- ing witnesses: . 1 / 1 1170aWallnee. Charles ti nen. Roe On anti Thomas Hanniphiti. allot Warrick. Montana. :11. W. HUTCHINSON, Register, Coal Land. NOTICE FOrt PUBLICATION Department of the Interinr, U. 5, Land Office at Havre, Montana, Att. 55, 1921 Notice is hereby given that Carl 1'. Christenson of Great Falls, Mont.. o on July limb, 191il. made homestead entry, No. 0,7,506, for S half. SW lotarter NW 'twirler, see 4, W half SW quarter, SE winner SW 'porter. sec. 3. NE mower ROO inn 9, township 25 North, rang , ' 17 East. 51tintann Meridian. has filed notice of intention to make final prod under Act Dee. 29, 1916, to establish chitin to the lend above described before E. N. Barrett. C. S. Commis- sioner tit Big Seemly, Mont.. on the Oh day of 11etober, 1921. Chilment mmes as witness., Henry A Stnton, Elmer Nielsen. John Hueb- echwerlen and Albert Hueliselio erien. all of Warrick, thintana. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register Coal Land NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Lana Office at Havre, Moto:inn, A. g. e5. 1921 Not ice is hereby given that 1 JAMES WALLACE. of Warrick. Mioit. who Olt November lab. 1919. made lamest rod entry, NO. 012441. for 1.1.101 I and 2.8 half NE quarter fie 2, T. 23 N. range 17 E and W hnl* SE quarter. NE itunrter SE imarter, SE quarter NE iinorter. 'calm' 35, townnhip 24 North. fringe 17 East. Montana Meridian, hag tiled not tee 4 intention to make final three proof toeqtobligh elnlm to the land srote dc• scribed before Fred II. SAM, hi. S CO11111161 , 1011- e.- at Bennet,. M ,nt . 101 the fth day ef Octet' , r. 1 tn. by two of the foil it ine nit essw4 Cherie , Green. roe 11.1n, AMR,. 0 reen and Tlioniae lianniphin. all of Weer'. U. :vent M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Non•Cos I. NOTICE FOR PUBLYCATION Domirtment of the Tatorinr. S Load Office at Havre Montrrot holy It, 1.12 1. Nab., is hereby eii tou 'too Cal T Rea of 421 Sib Ave S 4r:teat InC Ix, Montana. who oti Meech 29th. 1921. and July 6. 1 oe I, nople Tinmesteall 1.'141 liounee,otd en vi\' 01,1227 and otal 1.1 for It half of NW tar - 512 mine. of SW one, Si'-' to ao,1 NE mine of NE near. Section II. l'oe 27 N ti-s-eli r. if M. h.n filed nal., of intention to make final three year veto( to establish .•1 to ho land above 'le , We'd before E. N. Itarrett, U. S. Commiqqloner at lit Send•. Mont it,,. on the 27th ny Sep- tember. 1921. Claimant name, as mil nesSee : Henry 51. Qiiillhot, Fart King, C S. Miner, Clifford Miner, all of TIM& Mentnne M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. NOTICE OF CONTEST. Department . , f Ilte rotted States Land Office, Crest Valle. M ootamt. Au,o 5, 1 9 21 To isha Stott,. deceased. bis w blow. and dev 'ores. of Floe erre, Montan Confes,oe: V011 are hereby naific.1 that Mini., Voon It., eines tire 1 , Fall , Meal ol a, I , '(ft. nildre , oi. !lid on Noy tool-- 1 O 1 ol o in thiq e her od a • e. tion to contest ned qe •.•rt , 1 . 1“ of your Ori ?loaf nod 1.1,11 -, Home, e entre. Serial Noq tv1 -,, 13 uo02out •41 1011 nod in' o f (N -n coal) NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of tlo• Interior -U. S. Land (Wise at flaVro, Montana. August 17. 1921 Notice is herc , o, given that &Jot in 13. Kulbeck. B4f Sandi'. Montana, who on July 17th, ISIS. noke additional homestead entry. No. 040te3, fer NE% see. 22. township 29 N.. range II. East. Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to irake final three-year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before E N. Barrett., U. S. Commissioner at Big Sandy. Montana. on the 29th day of Septeruher, 1921. by two of the following *aneroid,: David E. Stroup, Frank Silvernail Martin Bakke. Jsmes Morrimm, all of Sig Sandy, Mont,, M. W. HUTCHINSON. Regkier. Non•Coal, NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Havre, Montana, July 21, 1921. Notice is hereby given that Henry M. Qoil hot of Iliad. 51ontana, who on April 911i, OM, made Homestead entry No. 039030 for SE quer. of NW quay, SW quar. of NE quer. N half of SE quer of See. 23 T. 23 N. It. 15 t.. and who on Jan. 10th, 1914. made addi- tionti h,roeslead entry N. ',193 t for the S half if SE gear See. 23. SW soar of SW ,;,. r of Se, 24 NW qua. it NW qoar. of See. 25, Township 23 N., of Ilan .te 15 E al. m. has filed noti -e of ietention to make Three year oreof to establish to the &on.: ileacribed 1,efore IN N. Poo -loot L'. S. Commissioner at Hip Sandy, Montrina. on the 27 day of Septomber. 1921, by two of the following witnesses: Cononloey S. 21:ner. 51 illage G. Lidstone, Clifford Miner all of hind, Montana, and Cal T. Rea of Great Fall., Monte oit. N. W. HUT('HINSON, Register. 80\sser. too PUBLICATION Deno. ron't of t le , I t'. it. Land Office at Hay re. Moonien..1-.-1 II. 1!.2 1. Noti, e is hereby given that St.:line* M. Nar- vesen, heir of Kriete of Montane, who on Marsh It, h. 1(20, matte additional homestead eetry No 0 4 4956 for E half of SE quer. Sec. 7 anti W half of Si',' quer. rection C. 'I'. 25 N. Ranee 15 11, N. M. has filed notice of intention to mak• three year proof to establish elnitn to the land above described, before Hallin E. Thompson a U. S. Commissioner at Riedel, Montana. on the 27th day ef September. 1921. Claimant nameo an witnesses. Everett Wortman, John I*11, George Sin -'lair, George S. Kennedy all of Riedel, 5fontano. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Ttegiater, N-111 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION 1){1 ,1/ri1111.111 01 the Interior, U. R. tend Office at Havro. Montour., July II. 1921. is hereby given that Aliee Gregory ITendersoo. formerly Alke Cregory of War rick, 51,,Mana, who on July 27111, 19 16. mode Original Hoinestinol Entry No. 033 4 1 4 and on October 241h. 1:119, made additional home- stead entry No. 041934 for E half of W half. Iota 1.3-4 See. 7. Lot 1 Section 10, 5 half of $E emir Se , . 7. N half of NE gear.. SE tour. of NE qua,. SF. guar of NW guar Sc,, 1$, SW quer of NW quer Se,. 17. NE quer of SE quar. of Sec. 7, Township 26N. Renee 17 E. N. N. hex filed notiee of intention to make three year proof and proof under Act Doc. 2.o, 1916. to establieh elaim 10 the land above deseribed. before Hallin E. Thompenn, U. S. Commissioner at Riedel. Montana. on the 27th day of September 1511. Claimant names an witnessee: Steven C. Royce, Wit bert it, Henderson, Nels Ilankeimon, Don Keeleh, all of Warrick, Montana. N. W. HUTCHINSON. Regixter. Coal Land NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Havre, Montana, August II. 1921 Notice is hereby given that Willinni .1. II -Odor(' of Leroy. Mont ona, who on May 3rd. 1920, merle original homestmol entry. No. 013161, and on CkttoNo 12th, 1920. mode additional homestead entry Ni. 044526. for lots I and 2. E half SE quarter Seetinn NE quorter . See: 15. W half SE quarter. E half SW quarter section 10; SE quarter M. -Chinn 15. township 24 N.. range DJ E. Montana Meridian. has tiled not lee\( intention to moke three year proof, and proof tinder Oct Dec. N. 1916, to establish claim to the land abov• ilostribeit before liallin E. Thomoson. a United Stales Commissioner nt, ilir,lel, Mon. Cana, \en the 20th day of September. 1921. Claimant names as witnesses', Eilaar fleeting. John Volknon, Curl Miller and Colvin E. Atkinson, oll of Lert,t• Nlantnna. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register (Non Cent? NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Depertment of the Interior -U. S. Land Offit e at Havre, Mont, Allem'? 11.1921 Notice in hereby given that, Anthony W. Sloth,, Oh 21,01? it'.-., who on November 140,. min, mode hornet:tend entry, No. 035196, for tho West half Section 21. township 26 N., range l8 E.. Mont in Meriolinn, has filed not 'coif intention It, make three Near proof to establish anti,' to the land IiINIVe described before Hellin E Thompenn. a United Stoles Con mbusioner at Montona. on the 20th day S Mt- 1921• Creimant names,,, oltneqsew Henry Nonlen. of Riedel. Montana, Willinm A. 'Irani). of Rie- del, Montana, Stephen C. Boyce of %%Nortek. Montano. John .1. Moore et Warrick. Montana. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register, Coal Land NOTICE FOR PUHLTCATION. Deportment or the Interior -U. S. Land Office at Havre, Moot, Amt. It 1921 Notice is hereby given that l'Ioreree E former', roron, E. Voe. en, aterny, Mont who on Nov. 21. 1,119 made woostend en , ry N 01! - .:7 for laq W h If 2 , . .ioar'cr , o 1 S o n 9. Town- Montnna arshibm. sod ,,.. or, •.. f or %Lip 24N . 0 n, I , E. N -elan, Oteri him. Its, son.i, he alleo.q that t`o , 1 I 1.1 Wed neliee ef eirproor Sib. 1 , !. , ;..1 Mel I I, II I. 1,', 4 , \ • I : ! • of Noveei!•er lot\. et., 0 ie. 1 'est r ' '\\ \ \ ' qerviviws boir or r ,,,, I :h.,' ear-',,.' F: • 'i• . United Slid ( ' les o id „.. , tO\ nee, - 1 .11 , • the slid mtion to' to. th of Ike in }mettle a•, • , o , 1 luo. • vi -b. , t' , ss • in, either • thlq • ..t.oe von fell to We in tlii. `• 3 in ft am, dare after 1he FOURTH settee. na shoo -n voos --\'h-- n,'!,. r\ , ally fneet1o\.• Red lin? to 'ham elle settee, of 0. if sou Ili , within VIM time tn Ws in fhl. cilia ter ' , roof tint Yen he.. I...reed a efav of ynor stereer on the naid rontastant either in Imo ion or It reeig•ered fe•11. If thin serviee i. male Tv the delivery at a rory of yonr an e wer to the rentesseet in person, proof of inch 1,1,1, lallat 14 , Other the nisi eon Sen , an 1 's written aeknowledsement of his Ye (viol of the eons. ',howl\ e the date Of It ire• relpt. or the affidavit of the F14.11011 1', whuteni thn dOli, was made. stattnt ',hen and where lb. eery was delivered: It made he ye.1..ered mail. tomtit of nnrh jervIre renRixt of the affibtylt of the person he who, the eon? root mallet!, ofntine she', anti the ono of five to which it s.., maik-t, not f h:t ▪ '1.111.11 el st ic arent,,n1^11 iiy . the rest maeree reoeint for the leoor. You ennui,' state In Yfe , r nu• the name of the poet office to whiu h v i , t desire your biter* notices to Ise s eot.,, J S el 1 nvFO n•-toer 'MOS entinAt.t.T. Receiver. Date of first pnblicetlen. Ante Ii. 1921 rwo nf raNW`11110a. An 1 11 . 1921 c' \h „ s he -Noss aas. 75 Pate of (north publication Sept. 1, 193L r 1.1 111 , 1 , 1 Nfl, in,,, ,1 is s :on n r. o i•nr c.o.: MI I'm I.hi V ,'1,n E'zar Fostiog tind Ca', in F. Al kl, 0. ell of Len,. Montana, M. W. IlUTCIIINSlON, Register COAL LAND NOTICE' Iron PIRLICATION. Department of the Interior -U. 8. Land Office at Havre, Mont., Site 11 1921 Notice Is hereby elven that Carl Miller of Letsw. Montane who. on Jenne',\ neh. tNt made himeteeld en . me. No. 0441n), Pr NW guar, ter W half NE quarter. NE gunner NE quer. ter See. 22: NW quarter NW wiener Seed on 93. 'Nen:111024 N. Renee Is E. Montane Meridien, hna ttled r t: lee of imention tn mole three yeor proof. tort•tablish claim to the Inml nbor • (If' scribed. before Bailin F.. Thennoton. • United 5' ate, Conon issiencr at Ilic lci. St tele ut. on 111.• Neer of Sept., 1021. Claimant nemes alierenemuele (Wein E. AM kirson. Wtlli,m flohl.,rf. John V.Okman and Non -Coal NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at lIttt - rr, Aug. 25 Noties is hereby givom than CHARLES GREEN, of Riedel. Moot, who on May 28, 1916, niade homestead entry. No. 633694. for StsSEI.. 8 • SW I, sect. it, township 26 N.. range 17 E. :dont Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final three Teor pro,l t,a establ sit claim to tar land above describe 1 befuure Frei Scott. Itnited States Commissioner at Bearraw. Mont., on the Sib day of October. 1921. Claimant names re witnesSes: John Norton. 14. Christeson. Albert Hoetaschweries, John Huebsehwerlen, all of Warrick. Mont. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Non Coal NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Havre, Montana, Aug 15.1921 Notice is hereby given thi.t. • HENRY C. JOHNS. of Vintelle. Mont., who on Sept. 25. 1916. mad,• Aeltil homestead entry. No.034132. for SE:eSW:, sect 1011 25, township 21%.. range II in: Mention has 01 d notice of intention to took - Cure yeir prmf to establish elaitn L./ De had above de •oribeo before John 11. chanoullor. U S Commissioner at Virgelle. Moat., on the Mb day of thlub,r, 1921. Claimant MIMI'S on ustit• ness,si Lieellyn Jecknou, Lied:to Steiner, H -ratan 5Iartin, ail of Ingo. Mont.: and Erect Schlock of V irgelle. Mont. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Coal Lan I NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of tio‘ interior, U. S. Land Office at Havre, Montana, Aua. 25. 1021 Notiee is hereby given that CHARLES M. NARVESON of Riedel. Mont., oho on Juty 27. 1921. made Additional homestead entry. No, 04195e for lots 2.3, 4 and ES. WO, sretion 7. township 25 N. range to E.. Mont. Meridian, has tiled notice ot intention to make l riot uotler Art of December 29th. 1916, to establish claim to the land above desbribed before Halite E. Thompson, United\ States Commissioner. at Riedel. Mont. on tin 5 day of Ovother. 1021. Claimant names as ,vi t • nestles: Ceorge Sinclair. Ch is W. Devlin, Her- rieon N. Knight. Albert A. Sehmbit, all of Riedel, Montan I. AI. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Non Coal. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Depart moot of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Havre. Montana, doly 2), 1221. Notice is hereby giy en that Ethel M. Pat- rick, of Big Sandy. Montana, deserted sift - of William E. Patrick oho on Apr. 12, 1.117. and Jan. 10, 1919 made homestead entry No 039122 :tall 039123 for the S half of NW quar, NE soar. of NW quer., and the NW guar of NE quer and the NE quer of Ni,, quer, and the SW quer of NE quer See. 22, tool tho S half of the NE quer of Sec. 21, Township 23 N., Range 15 E.. N. M. han filed notice of intention to make three year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before E. N. Barrett, U. S. Com- miesioner at Rig Sandy, Montana, on the 27 day of S 'member. 1921. Claimant names • witnessex: Senate! Donnell, Oscar Rash, Mileage G. Lidatone, Harry King all of Iliad. Montana. N. W. HUTCHINSON. Register. (Coal Land) NOTICE FOE PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior -U. S. Land office at Hater, Montana, August 11. 1921 Notice is hereby given that John Boehmer. of Eskay. Montana, who on Joie It. 1,21, made additional homestead entry. No. 03249, for E half SE quarter section 12,55 ,eu,rterS E quar ter section 13. township24 N.. It. 16. lots 7, i 3 and 14. election 7. lots 3, 4. 5. section is, township 24 North. range 17 East. Montana Meridian. has filed notice of intention to make final proof, u der Act of Dee. 29. 1916.1,0 establish claim to the land above described bere E. N. Barrett, 0,5. Counnissioner at Big Sorely. Montana, on the 20th duly of September. 1921, by two of the following witnesses: Charles Oren. of Werrick. Mont., Harry Urreu. of Si, Sandy, Mont., John Norden of Warrick. 51ont., Harry Ring of lino]. Mont. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Non -Coal NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Deportment of the Interior -U. 8. Lanui ()rm., at Havre, Mont., Aug. II, 5>11. Notice Is heroby given that Early Oliver Coopo. of Riled. 5Iontianst. who on April 17th, 1916 made homestead entry, No 032310, for S half SW quarter section 15. N half Ni', Ituarter /WO iOIl =. township 23 N.. range 16 E . M. 56. and who oo July 5. 1921, made additional homestead • entry Nn.032351 f• - r the NE quarter SW mailer section 15. N half BE quarter. SE utatter NE quarter section 22. township 2.1 Norio. range le Eatd. Montane Meridian, has tiled notice of in- tention to make final three year moot to estah- lleh chilta to the land above denerlbeel before EN, Barrett, S. Commiesioner at Big Sandy. Montana, on the 20th day Sept.. 11121, by two ef the following witnesses: • Columbus St, Miner, Clifton! Miner, Ortcar 11 Rash. all of lined, Mont... and Hiram Selling of Kate, Montana, M. W. HUTCHINSON. Register, Non -Coal NOTICE FOR PI BLICATION. Department of the Interior -U. S. Land Office at Ilavre, Mont., Anir 11, 1921 Notice Is hereby given that Lillie Beatrice Hose] of Big Sandy. Montana, whO on September 20,1, 1917, made homeste el entry. Ni. 040917, for E half NW quarter. NE quarter section 6. W half NW uenoter Sec 4, Top, 2:,14., R. 16 E. Mont meridian, ban filed notice of intention to make final three-yesr proof to establish claim In the land above deoribed before E. N. nerrott. LI. S. Commiasioner at Big Sandy. Montaua, on the 29th day of Sept.. 1921. t.t• Ion of the following witnesses: S. A, Miller, Jolun E. 5/tolueson. Rogna Mad- ison end Arthur Honor, allot Big. Sande. Mont. NI. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. (Non•Coall Norton SOB PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior -U. 8. Land • Office at Havre. Mont., August It, 1921. Notice Is heady' given that Andrew M. Murphy of 'Meg/mule Montana, who rue October 6. 1916 made oduittionel 1101•11...11,11.1 entre. underAet July 3.1. 1916, Na. 034064. for SW quarter SW quarter. section V. E half SE quarter and SE O diner NE qterter See 29. Twp 27N, R.16 E Montana meridian - , has filed notice of burn tbun to make final three year proof to estab- lish clot's to the lemd above described before Fred H. Scott, U. B. Commissioner. at Be.d.. Pita. Montana, fn the 20th day of September. 1921, by two of the following witnesses: Emll H. Ntei•en, Nelse Holtanoon. Herman J. Welter end Stephen A Hord, all of Big Sanuly, Mecum If, oltlort. ell of Louse M01.4.11a, Moaanall, AI, W. Iit:TCIIINSON, Register. M. W. HUTCHINSON'. Reeister. • • man enn •;•ati by Mag. Married Life. \Do you share your husband's sor- row ..?\ \Yes: f bleeles ei..

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 01 Sept. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.