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The Mountaineer —OFFICIAL PAPER OF BIG SANDY— CoeNook Ike Bur Paw Movolai000r Vol. 11, No. 34 BIG SANDY, NIONTANA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1921 FOOTBALL GAME HERE FRIDAY BIG SANDY VS. FORT BENIGN The local high school football tam will meet the Fort Benton high school team in their tirst home game of the season here Friday October 14, at 3 p. m. The local boys have had the whele game to learn, no mem- ber of the team having had pre- vious experience, and consider- ing this handicap, have made rapid progress in rounding into strong opponents for any of the four teams they are to meet. The game lost to Havre Satur- day was not as one sided as the score of 31 to 0 might indicate. Some of the players played a real cool headed, hard hitting game, while others failed to get into the game, probably due to lack of experience and train- ing. Hard practice this week coupled with more experience and the fact that they will have the support of the home crowd should place the team in condi- tion to give Benton a real tight. Following is the probale line- up for Friday: Left end, Donald Shultz. Left tackle, Marvin SriOW. LAt guard, Earl Schilling. Center, Howard Bartlett. Right guard, Marion Lund. Right tackle, Clifford Flattneiss. Right end, Homer Campbell. Quarter, Herschel! Hurd. Left half, Dosia Shultz. Right half, Warren McClintock. Full back, Neal Turner, Capt. Subs., Herschel Smith, Cecil M a c k, George Hofsommer, Waine Hofsommer,. Bruce Mc - Cowan, and Charles Cole. This is the first football game ever played in Big Sandy and a large crowd is ex . pected out to support the home team. Do It Now. Motto for pesAirtilsts—Never put off oo aii ailments, BPI' CAN OFFER TO till tomorrow what you can rue today. 6IANTS WIN WORLD SERIES. The world series baseball games ended today with the New York Giants victors over the New York Yankees, the games standing five to three. The Yankees got off to a flying start in the series, I winning the first two games 3 to 0 each. Hoyt proved to be the best pitcher for the Yankees, winning two out of three games pitched and holding the Giants to two runs in 27innings he pitched. Today's game rasulted in a score of 1 to 0 in favor of the Giants. GOUNTY AGENT NOTES. til . N1 MEI?. FALLOW. A good deal of misunder- standing has resulted regarding the effectiveness of fallowing caused mainly by certain theor- ies being over emphasized in MORE THAN TO INCREASE IIIS CHANCE OF SUCCESS. In this region of limited and uncertain rainfall where the normal pre- cipitation is near the critical point so far as payable crop production is concerned; where literature and lectures on dry it is never possible to depend farming. A great dal has bet n on the seasonal distripution of written and said which is con- rainfall; the dry farmer must fasing if not misleading. It is therefore essential that those who are inclined to urge fallow- ing make sure of the dependa- bility and practibility of the advice . they quote. THE NEC- ESSITY OF KNOWING WHAT SUM- MER FALLOW MAY AND MAY NOT ACCOMPLISH IS OF GREAT- ER IMPORTANCE THAN A STATE WIDE ADOPTION OF TIIE PRAC- TICE. With that understanding we may practice summer fat - lowing intelligently wherever and whenever it seems desir- able. It should he kept in mind that summer fallowing, like any other practice is not a cure for . —Boston Maser' pt. TIIE DRY FARMER NOTHING seek methods whereby he may offset t'iis nncertainity through the efficient utilization of what rainfall he does get regardless of when it comes. Such a method, fallowing is believed by many to be, and to a large extent is, but as already stated it merely increases his chances without insuring it. (To be cotinued next week) %.0 Spanish National Hero. \Cld\ was a title given to Roy or Rodrigo Diaz :le Biwa, who lit-vol In the eleventh century. Ile wits rim °onto hero of Spain famous for lois exploits In the wars with Ow Moors, and a CW11111)1011 of Cloristianic. The name Is pronounced as If spelled and to ell:minion of Christianity. The Meth. with a long \e.\ ir - =111111111111•1 I WASHINGTON APPLES AN ENTIRE CAR LOAD 682 BOXES Do you know that the Washington apple is the best apple obtainable? We do, and that is why we are handling them instead of some cheaper, and conse- quently poorer ones that we could get. The Washing- ton apple is not to be compared at all equally with apples grown east of Washington state for the Wash- ington apple is infinitely better. It tastes better, cooks better and keeps better. Prices are lower than we have been able to oiler for live years. EXTRA SPECIAL JONATHAN, unwrapped, per box WAGENER, unwrapped, per box [These prices are guaranteed for this week' $2.50 2.50 JONATHAN, wrapped, per box WAGENER, wrapped, per box ROMAN BEAUTY, wrapped, per box STAMEN WINESAP, wrapped ber box OTIS SPITZENBERG, wrapped, per box DELICIOUS, wrapped, per box, $2.95 2.95 2.95 3.10 3.25 3.85 IF YOU WANT A BOX OF THESE APPLES BY PARCEL POST ADD FIFTY CENTS TO THE PRICES QUOTED FOR CARRIAGE CHARGES MeNAMARA & MARLOW INC. \Everything For Everybody.\ Ii PLAN HIGH HONORS FOR UNKNOWN SOLDIER The name, rank, organization, record anti place of battleeleath of the unknown American sol- dier who will be buried in Ar• ling-ton Cemetary on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, while President Harding and the hig-head officia Is Vol. 1, No. II SENATOR KNOX DEAD Washington, Oct. 12—Senator Philander Chase Knox, senator from Pennsylvania, died sud- denly Wednesday, his death be- ing caused from a stroke of paralysis. Knox was consid• ered our of the great statesman of the United States. He was att./rate general under presi- dents McKiuley and Roosevelt, and was secretary of state un- der President 'raft. Senator Knox had just returned from a trip to Europe. He was f0+ years of age. of the nation stand by with bared heads and millions the country o,•er opserve a two - minute period of silence, must remain forever unkown. The selection of the fallen American hero is to be made under such circumstances that the secret of his indeutity and service never can be benetrated. This was made known yesterday when official orders relating to Armistice Day obmervaace were issues from the office of Major General Robert Lee Bullard, commanding the Second Corps Area, Governors Island. AGREE ON DIVISION OF MILK RIVER vVATER Ottawa, oct. 6.—The agree inc lit reached by the members of the joint international corn mission for tl e division of the. waters of the St. Mary and the - Milk rivers between th • 1 States at d Canada, calls for a - rest.' voir at the outlet of St._ Mary Lake near Glacier Park, and the im you:tiling of the ti oil waters of the region, to be di- vided between Canada and Montana. The cost of the pro. posed reservoir is to he borne jointly by the Canadian and - the United States governments and not chargeable against the reclamation projects in Canada and in Montana. The settle- ment, it is understood, is sub- ject to the approval of the two , governments. - How to Succeed. Orleon So 1.11 Marsden. well Comm. as so apostle of the cult of optimism. dieerfultioss and hominess ellieleney, 1:1Ves the following formula for sue- cemt : \Exactly In proportion to the ilt•gree in utile!) you Increase your eelr confidence it) the affirmation of ultat pot ale determined to lie and to it, )our tuttilli y wilt titerrase.\ \Millions Now Living Will Never Die.\ The regeneratiou of the hu- ing shall kAine• from the ores - man race has been the I ope of Christians for centuries, which hope is based upon God's prom- ises. To Abraham he said: \In thy seed shall all the fam- ilies of the earth be bless 4:1\. (Genesis 12: 3; 22: Is) 'hos ence of the Lord; and lie (God) shall send Jesus Christ, whu before was preached unto you, whom the it must retain until the times of restoration of of all things, which God bath spoken 'by the month of ail - his pomised blessing is life ever holy prophets since the world lasting-,— Romans 6: 2, begae. Yea, and all tLe proph- The opening ill ipters of the ets irom Samuel and those that Bible tell of the creation of follow after, as many as have the perfect man in the spoken have likewise foretold image and likeness of God, and of these days.\(Acts 3: 19•21,24) his habitation in a perfect This statement conclusively home, Eden: of Lis violation of proves that at the second coin the divine law and his sentence lug of Christ and during his rei- to death. By inheritance all of his offspring have been born imperfect, therefore sinners and in a dying condition. (Romans 5: 12) God made promise to redeem man from death (Hosea 13: 14), this re- demption to be accomplished only by the willing sacrifice of a perfect man. God sent his Son Jesus into the world for that purpose. (John 3: 16) He came to ransom man from the power of the grave (Matthew 20: 28), that the people might have life (John 10: lo) He died tor the benefit of all men (Heb- rews 2: 9), which testimony must be given to all men in God's due time. (1 Timothy 2: 5, 6) At that due tint. every man shall hear the truth tanght by Jesus, who promised: \If a man keep my saying he shall sever see death\. (John m: 51) There must be a due time for all men to hear these truths before they can be kept The first six verses of reve- lation 21 tell of a time coming when there will be no more dea- th, and which time is stated to Le during the reign of Christ. \He (Christ) must reign till lie bath put all enemies under him feet. The laid enemey that shall be destroyed is death.\ - 1 1 Corinthians 15: 25, 26. It is evident from the fore- going Scriptural proof that there must come a time when the people will have an oppor- tunity for life, peace and hap- piness. The question is, When? St Peter answeres this ques• gn the olxlient ones of human race will be restored to exactly what Adam loml, viz., perfect manhood and a perfect home. Twenty-four of the holy pro- phets of Jehovah foretold the comil.g time of such restoration of mail. These prophets spoke with divine authority. The disciples of ..iesupe knowing of the testimony of these holy prophets and of the coming time of restoration propounded to Jesus this question: 'Master, tell us how may we know of the time of thy premeence and of the end of the world'. (Matthew 24: 3) The answer of Jesus to this question was clear and conclusive, understandable by men when the events mentioned by him should be fulfilled. The answer shows . in connection with other Scriptures, that the end of the world and the setting up of Messiah's kingdom will mark the beginning of the res- toration of man, and from thal time forward millions of peop;e living on earth will never The first important question. then, is, What is meant by the world war, famine, pestilence, and rev -obit ions in various parts of the earth, making the begin- ing of the world's ending. All t hese (iii ngs ha ye been Intl filled since 1914, and the famine and re volutions are still in progress.. lie further stated, and this is corroborated by many of the —that the return of the Jews to PaTAITne• Wollid an additon- al evidence of this great time of the world's end. This fact is also now accomplished. Additionally he maid that during the period of the end of the world there would ue upon earth distress of nations, with perplexity, men's hearts failing them for fear of what they see coming upon the earth. This is now in progress. As a further evidence he Stilt' ed that his followers, loyal and faithful Christains, would be hated of various nations for his name's sake, and would be. persecuted. This was also full - filled during the World War,: and many t Iiristains in Austria, Germany, Great Britian, Canada, the United States, and other places, were severely: persecuted. The greater por- • tion of this persecution was because of the publication of \The Finished Mystery\ which explains the hook of Revelation, written by St. John - while he was serving- a term in prison on a false charge of sedition. Hundreds ()i of copies of Finished Mystery\ are now in the heels of the people. Another important date - God has made clear through the. prophets. When th.• children of Israel . entered the land of Palestine in the year 1575 B.C., God required them to count the end of the world and when does time from that date for -card, it occur? World means social and to keep every fiftieth year and political order enduring for a Hine certain. The lease of gentile dominion began, accord- ing to Bible chronology and history, 606 B. C., was to con- tinue for 2,520 years, and neces- sarily ended in 1914, which marks the end of the present order, at which time its disen- tegration should be expected. Jesus stated that when that as a jubilee; and commanded that these jubilees ghoul(' be kept for seventy peridds, which woud be equivalent to- e total of 3,500 years. St. Paul shows that these thing's were tyws or shadows. The jubilee period typifies the thousand - year reign of Christ, which would begin at the time of Ids second presence and at the end of the world, during which the - (Coati nued on page 8) tion, saying: \Times of refresh • time arrived there Would h. a

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