The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, October 27, 1921, Image 2

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The Bear Paw Mountaineer PUBLISFIED EVEIZI\PlIURSDAY C. C. I1LLTJS, EinTr , it AND Pi - nusiitnz. Subseriptidn, yeerly In it.1,111‘ , ..t: , ' 7r , 711.'S ( • the Yew. Mar e 3 1 , 79 1•66 , ••••0 1 1•MIII.SSM rnnn9 1 0 Ex p L r r. 3 %, 1 ro PUPLIcAnon of the Interior, U. 8. . r at Havre, !fontana, temente IS, KM. Eappenin g s in Life Stranger y, gi,o, that Than Ficti filITti on. of lidrr. St , noma. wt o on Aug 9. 1917 made oil, y. N 040129e fr SEirtNEA.NEM 1,; .........a V, e 44,N Se,. Odd Coincidences of Wrecks, and In the Careers of the Ex -Kaiser and Emperor Napoleon. Coincltienves in life are stranger than anything In fiction. There used to he t wo RI mers Milled the Romulus and the Remus. A few years bock the former was lost ' lit the English channel. Within three weeks the lientini Wtiff wreeked ii I housand tulles awity from the scene' of her sister shIp's dIsaister. Alany reliable authorities regard the its the most tomizing coinci- dence on record, says London Ale4Weee, More then 200 years ago, Dee. it, 10414, U iii nit crossing the Menai straits with eighty-one passengers encountered a terrific gale and foundered. The otilv num to escape 11(51111 Wits 11 Hugh WIJ More - him 100 years later, Dec. 5, 1 7410, tint he,- Vessel, With It large num- her I)t it iesengties, slink lit the manic Mete, and tll the same spud All the ',inswingers were drowned ix - 1 1111'. Ills mime wits Hugh %VI. Mims. Again. nee. 5, 1'120. a boat carrying thirty people, sank In the same spot The pole surthor was a Ii ugh WIIIIIIII1R The figure 11 hits ft peetillar con w.ct ion wIt . it the enreer of the ex l, lair, Ile wits born In the fifty-ninth year of the rentury, tattered the tinny In I'M and completed his university career In Is7a. 'nip Oates of Ills birth iiitti unirringe -.Ian. 27 and Felt. 27 !anti mince nine. If two and soVell ire added together. And the seltie timelier figures In lila defeat end exile. That occurpti in 1914, tt'111(.11 (.0111111114 0111. fittlIPP '1)\ end two figures that edited together Millie ''9.\ Also. he was fill years old when his career us ruler ended. It has often been pointed out flint the letter M. for better or worse dogged the footsteps both of N1111011.1111 1111. 1:11.:It and Napoleon the Little. In the or Napoleen I. It was Mar - Mimi( who first recognized Ids genius nt the militstry college. Marengo wits his first great victory, :Burlier wile lite best generitl, Stollen' betrayed hits. Marin died for Min. Illarie Louise shared lila fortunes, Moscow marked the turn In Mose fortunes, Metternich bent hint in ilipititmicy. Ills first bottle Watt Montenottii,ins last NIont St. dean. Ile stormed Mont- martre, took Milan; :Stormont deserted hint. Ills right-hand tenet was Mont. t•squIeu, his hist rt•sting plate in France, httilinalson. Ile surrendered to t'optniti find Ids compan- ions itt Ft. Helena were Illontlation and Murclantifl. Ills marsh:11s were Mns. sena, Mortier. Murniont. Mnelbanalti. Storat nod Ilioncey, soul no fewer Ham twenty-six of his generals Mid nettles begetintng With NI. Nottoleon III, iiiii titled the countess of Montijth and kis most Intimate friend wits Slortiy, mid his tutor Morelthe of Montellmnr. Ills greatest ttillitory successes tt eret 1 ee capture of the Nialitkoff mid the ,Slititscliiti !IMO' Illst biggest battle wits Montebello, end litneMnbrai won Mngentn for him. Ile drove the Atli:letting OM of Mari guano, and mole Ills triumphal entry into Milatt. Ile was repulsed before Moulton, In his last war driven back I,. the Moselle mill hits fate settled by Nitiltke at Metz. Octogenarian Pedestrian. Viscount Itryee. lit elghty-two. Is ale - fog Amerlenns in the Iterkshlre hills an object lesson In pedestrianism which our auto -bound anti front porch loving Mee wititlth 110 with to heed, a writer Stated recently in the Chicintinti Times-Stnr. 'rite illstIngitished %h.:nor seldom uses n motor enr unless the distance to be el1Vered Is tot) far 10 negot in te 1111 foot. or unless speed is a necessity. Viscount Bryce prefers to hoof It. Ile IS covering the hills and dales of the Berkshires with a Stehle So rtilirt its to tint dietellet3 MOM Of Ids emelt:intone. Ills health Is excellent and Ms appetite perfect. For thefts blessings Lord Bryee gives walking, constlint. dolly walking. the credit. Ile is it living exomple of the virtues of using one's legs for the purpose which nature intended. The English are great petlestrInns. Even In the !urger cities where trans- portntlon Is frequent mid comfortable, they dock along the patements from the sheer delight they find In using natures first means of locomotion. In America we go In n great tient for sports. and find much pleasure nnd health In these diversions. But we are not it walking race. We are pass- ing up title of the shoph•st. ca-dest and cheapest firms of exercise htiown, find onr digestions nod tempers are paying the price of our pedal laziness. e • . I. NV. NI, ie Seetien 14 , 1 o , Annl.ip 24 Nuurib. eiviatt le g itt, Moisten:, Meridian, has etrtice of intention to make final three- ytar proof, to entablish claim to the land al.ove deserlbed before 1,1. N. Bar- rett, U. S. commissioa , r, at Big Sandy, niftee en tee S it. of ilei-clatier. by two Of the following witnesses: Frank Sf, Cleirce, Hurry Gera J. ph Ba tee a, er t .„ feet, (41,s, .11,ej. fit. imam W. 111.\I'eli ii:ei Imettter. 11S TO LEARN HIS DUTIES West African Monarch Is Not Born to Throne, as Are His More Fortu- nate Brothers. If nnyenn Wit'lles to MP a real -fm , mire king in thls world, which Is swift- ly coining to democracy, perhaps the best pinee to go Is the Interior of the Afrivan west cough For there, in the bush, dusky royalty is seen nt Its most Interesting begt, writes Temple Miming In the elm eland hitimi I )1.1I ter. 1....111.11 ...Immunity of buts is ruled by a chief. This chief has powers which , ometintes extend to life and death without the need of a court or ii .111dgfe In Ids own little village he Is lirilieNt look, as 11141 SS Ills least word. Is law. These chiefs, for there Is one for 0, fifty vii le :I. have It fillitif stir This tiaramount elder Is king. Ile rules not tail/ his own village, lint the vifinges of all tht• elders In his particular tribe. When n parninount chief tilos, the le , ,er clilef's begin to talk uhout electing a new paramoititt chief. lint in west Africa It Is HIS thing to talk mid 'mother thing to net. At last, however, ii parainitunt chief Is chosen. Ile is sent into tile hush to prepare for his high cnifing. Suuiiii'- titus 11111t11119 are eonsumed In I11 1 5 firt.1111111ilittl. 'rlie lessee chief's visit the future king and instruct him In his IllItlett, /11111 \tellell 111111 RPI1Re.\ As the future ruler Is not ye( king, his person is not stirred. So, If the future chile? Is slew la learning, the leaser chiefs thrash him, just as you might spank a bockward Sell , '14110V. It's painful learning to lie • king in west Arrive. On a day appointed, the king IR 1 / 1 . 111101t out of the 1.11Mli and is In- trotinepti to Ills subjects. The plains are literally black with people. Not S sound Is himrd. 'rimy look iii their king In nbsitinte silenee. One of the lesser chiefs, wearing n miter nml %%living a roll, walks op down before the king, blessing the various villages In the retain. Then the king steps forward and bows, :Ind the silence Is rent by wild yells of fealty. The remaining ceremonies are those of denying end ..r rejoicing. The king usually Is so tired lie finis nsleep while Ills subjects Out Itint honor. Toil may be sure he lit glad It's all over. Kor now no one may touch hittl miler penalty of death 51111 be Is the favored king of all the land. Make 011 From Rubber Seeds. It Witt 110111410SM ettlitt. 118 a surprise lo inetly persons 1112If an till tipproxl- mating linseed In its (mantles can be made by crushing the seeds of rubber trees, its will the further fact that. \nee the oil is eStrftetell the remaining cake may be used for cattle fishier. These illscovt•rles were :mole 11 long time ego by the Dutch 'Imperial Insti- tute. but It has only been In the last year or two thin the use of this oil has iinssed the experimental stage. Now, however, at lenst one mill hail helm established In Nfidays for crash- ing the seeds. and small commercial vonsignments of the oil have been sold In Forms. at gotel prlees. Whether It will pity the planter to supply the seeds to in oil mill depends very largely on the cost of their col - Met bin, a point Olt which experts differ. There are however, large quantities of the seeds to IS` 111111 ill the DlItCh EitSt nu,1 In vIt•w of the pres- ent need of ex.sreising strict et enmity in connection with rubber plantations mid the big demand for oils and f l- stufTs, serious efforts will be mode to mIlIze the seeds In the way mentioned The Oldest Donkey. A cat I. said to have aline lives How many has a donkey, According to Sam Weller, \nobody ever saw n dend thinkey.\ but donkeys 'lit die, ntill the claim of a c am i a . rwa ii roster MIN his donkey, need forty: Is Ii',' oldest donkey in the world may be trite. Only one centenarian donkey Min ever been recorded. He Is stated In have lived in Cromnrty for 108 years, end then died from a kick of it Itoree, There Is another story of a man who • mce expressed n desire to live to tom hundred. \Two hundred!\ exclnimed his corn• pinion. \You must be an ass!\ But that, of course, wns a different kind of an ass.-Loodee Answers. • it's toasted, cf course. To z -e^1 in the 2avor- , 1:* ye , Traelp IN THE Dts'rRic.rf coutrr OF the 'Twelfth Judicial District of the State of Montana, In and for the County of Chou- mblitt intil horilf,t7/1 esti ry No (41:124. far NW t • Other eecurities are: If S Cent 11 -Mee 51terana. t J illy 5th. 1721. Inner teati. IN 1;;; t.pi,leATioN Foit Disso- 4. That the CAP parnoraphs rext above,gunner SO queerer. NE itt.arter SW quarter if . 1 LI 'T ( , 1 0 I I.E.] Aft T RA Di N(1 to l neleveIrn soil euctirht.' Tm 3 g e l l , w r r „ er;t i eeetion ee- 2E3 ,11.7,/ ter NW , 'ester, ritt,,rter C(17.; NV, It ti 'rpm ation. any. contain not ore), Cot Ile: of r ie ote- N metre,. Ve bed' SE evarter. E halt SW r Notice is lier, by given that Ill laul 'Trading Company, a cor- poration org.ariized un d er th„, as trustee or in any other fiduciary re- lief. We of the State of Mon', liolice Lir ru:ilication-lsOlated Tract Pahlic Land Sale Pcparts•cet !Mel jr,s 7 , U,:•• •• Land Offiet. ttt . etre eth. Notlee i -*dirtier:1 by the Commit • et applie-item of relle.51eetana. et :1 . t • : Ili 1. flit ' elk title. to the! 'set ei hut et not ! !ens Ran ei pea e • tee lea t tiny featatible tmet t N.. N. uut : 7 cord:, tee m.i. ti :andr b . 1.. , Met. 1 t. 5 le el, mull ei .1 1 e 41, rye Cl 'gel it be '1, t • na.. have reteci Leelete I .e 1 are eet. bel nib he d. ste I e pay to tee r p iflffaS c'..!edti., a.: tie letel land are ati:1-ed or • i oldeetione. (nor Puler 1 for *ale. 15 W. 11 7. A r IL II. II ..e. r ipp 14. 1 -- i t ir - N - •Li la --A (P. 0. B. Daro:_t) Chassis Runabout TOLIf P . Car Truck Chassis Coupe Sedan f••• .1)03 5 5 9 5 660 These are the lowest pi - kes of Ford cars in the 4 history of the Ford Motor Company. Orders are coming in fast, so place yours promptly to insure elrly delivery. GIEBEL & MAHOOD BIG SANDY, MONT. . 'era C ! • - iitti ; ' - 75 - 0-51..212.5 1 .M..7252.705 - 87.57.17_5757 , 0 1;1 - 1 the 1i., Court of !it 31,,H 1/r , iriet tIH: • .• of NI na, in and ior !how :tut pray- d Vt.. It III or as soon therea i ter as counsel can be heard, has been appoint- ed as the time, and the court room of said Court in Fort Ben- ton, in said Coutity of Chouteau, State of Montana, as the place at which said application is to lie heard. WITNESS, lion. John W. Tat' tan, Judge of said Court, with the seal of said Court hereun- to :till xml. Dated this 20th day of Sep- tember, 1921. 1sEALJ (eo. 1), Patterson, Clerk By Gladys Crane, Deputy clerk NOTICE NOTICE OF ADDITION OF TERRI- TORY TO 11E111) DISTIIICIT NO, 15, NOTICE IS 111,.:111..BY GIV1•:N that on the 7th tiny of Septeruher. A. D. 1921 at Mot) o'clock A. M. a hearing ,,u,s held by the Board of County Commimionere of thaemeau County. Montana, on petition for the addition of territory to Herd Mulct No. in. heretofore created: and there being no protest s to the addition of trete- t try hen -hastier di'Srtibat uo t he eforesnel Herd Itistrke. mid the hoard hat leg found suld net i• lion to he regultir reel all Dieuireteents of Chapter 167 of the Sixteenth Legislative A seinibly Session Laws. ell of the to ritery em- braced eithin the folltorIne dm erthed bounder- let-. to,. It, Commencing at the NE corner of Section 3. Toe - m.11P es North. Renee 10 E. and running thence e e est on the noch boundary of Township 28 North. Range 10 E. a dintanCe of four ell 13111•S More or lees to the NW corner of sold toenship •nd running theatre due south on the range line between ranee, ft and 10 tills. tem•e tit' six (6) miles more or Ice, to the SW corner Menet township and ni sing thence due ,•est on the south boundary of township 25 north Rangea lit and 11 E. distance of nine (V) mites more or leas to the SE owner. Section 33, Township 222 Mirth. Renee II E.. end running thence litre North a distance of II) milt, nior• or lens to she NE r,•rner. Section 28 same toa nship and range and Dentine thence due me a dietetic* , of Me m•les mere or les. to the SW torner Seetion 21, township 2. North Renee 10 K. and running thence due north a test mice of four Ill miles mote or lees to the ' , t ont of leiginning Ail of mid territory Meng included In Townehip 30 North. Bangor 10 nod II K MM. 111` 19141.A t it nitd Made a t art of Herd Dintriet No. is heretofore ,'rented. and all rules and ,17SISiitSIS relating to Ilent Districts will he In full force and effect from rind after Thirty eel dayn of the date hereinafter set forth: anti such rules •nd remulations will Is' in fall foree and effect for the months of January. Pelmet:try, March, April. May. June. July, s ma. Septtenher. October. November and De cember. and etenblintied this 7th day of Sep mother. A 11, OM. Ill 'Alt11 or c:n•sTy commissioNEns C 41 ,ty. HANNA' C. DONALDSON County Clerk anti Ex onleto Clerk of Mord of Count t Ceuentedoners, Chotitean County. Montana, STATEMENT Of tee Ownership, elentagement. Chem- intlern. ere., Required Ly S, Act of Cougrems. of Angered 24, MEL of 11 he el eintainter, lettleith , d weekly at Dig Untidy, Montana. foe Oc- t - km:1e r. 1921, elate of. Montana, County Of ChOuteau, as: Before me, a notary public In one fo- the Mate and county aforenetd, perm,- elle aches , id c. c. %to ii., mm, been duly ci.vorn according to hoe, de- poses end 15 5 t tnut he et the publish( r of The Dteentaie , ,,r end te,t the f °floe I\'.is t•• the h --,t of his kiloolt,s,4e a MI, belief, a true statement of the ownership, man- meement (and If a daily paper, the circuletifee etc., of the nOteee - tm:u''l pelt:Met Ion for the Mite shown 1,1 tee ahoy, eaptien, rot:Weed by the Act of Atmuet21, 1 21 2, emborlieel in nection 4 4 3, Puelal Laws and Reemla- 'Ions, printed on the reverie side of Oils form, to -wit: I. That the names and adldreserm of the publisher, editor, mana ;Mg \;!tor and business manager,. are: Publisher end editor. CC. Milis Mannoftee eettor--None. BusinesScetnitera, none 3. That the known bondholeers, mortgagees, end Other seehri'y hoieties owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of tiOnds, mortgagee, or Su San, the name or It e person or or- ! th ation for whom Lovett trentee 14 S.A.. IS , t' -t In• , rap', :Pt, i•Lin slat .1117,1tS (\ - riffle:W.2 full mom'.e and enpt the tenon - tie:en-tee net t eoe 1 , en ter with stocithoidere an I e s110 do net roper r • e books of the cot 'eery Imi tee ' eft). k and reetirlifee in;, eat , . tr. than that of a bona fl :o out mire itetl this effete' to,, rut reason to imil ore that eny other person, asomelatIon, or rt , orir , ri t tlan, has any interest direct or idl y r o in the acid stock. bonds. Or other securl ties than as no stated by him. CC Mills Fiworn and subecribed to before me tel e te t e d t , (if tober. 11221 it N Myren. Notary ruMic My bosenheion exeires March erd. 1921 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that bids will he received for the building of a barn for school district No. 90, Chouteau Coun- ty, Montana. Plans and speci- fications for said barn may be secured by applying to the Clerk of said school district. Bids will pe received up to and including October 51, E.121. Bids should he :ealed and marked on outside with only \Bids for Building Barn.\ J. J. Blazek, Chairman Fairy Giles, Clerk of School Dist. No. U6, Hopp, Montana. NOTICE DE CONTEST. Department of the Interlor-U. a. Land OMee, Havre Montrone. (hit iher 22. te2i. To PACL KARDOLA of IL pp. Montana Contest ee: You are hereby notitled that Henry A. °stor- m.n whe give. Hot le. Mot:tante at Ms post. office :Metres, did on October :Ted. 1921, illte in San °Mee his duly cent:berated erotic:Mon to content and secure the caneehatian of your Hottehtead Entries Serial No. O0n47 and 032006 Simi, May lilt, 1913 nntl March 22nd. 1916. forthe SW', and NWet Sectien 9, Township 25 N., Range 14 East. :Montana Meridian. and as ground, for his contest he alleges that you ere not a citizen of the United Stares. That von het, %holly abandoned the sail land for more then three yenta:not past and left for parts um known: thet you have Neel, sinee the selinthe Mon of final proof. to cultivate ary portion of the said land. nor hare 3'0:1 caused to be cult'. voted any portion of the SSW tiltIti daring ens year since final proof. That sale default still exists. That this default on yOur tort was not doe te your em,1 , antent in the army, navy. marine con., national gutted or other militate' organization lute United States during tiny war in it Melt the linked Steles nmy hat e been e.magol. nee on necient ef t mom!' mit In Met iret or along the earders thereof or In mobiliza- tion camps elsetthere. You are, therefore, further notified that the said allegations will be taken as eonfessed, and 3 -our aalli entry will be cancelled without further right to he heard, tither before this office or on appeal. If you fall to file In this of- fice within twenty clays nfter the FOURTH petilieation of this notice, as shown below, your answer. antler oath. specifically responding to these alle- gations of contest, together with due proof that VOU have nerved a copy of voile snswer on the said enr , emtent either in person hr by registered mail You should state in your answer the name of the post office to which you desire further notices to be sent to you. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Date of first publicatfon October 2'7. 1921. e second e NovNovember 3. 7. 101. M 1 1921 \\third \ . 1921. iot,tertu as t lucy ar noon ties i • :el 7 - ' h7hie: - CATION Li Oct. 8.1921 , Notice is hereby given - that eeella A. leilden of the corrretny but (deo, In ce MS 54 the atoeltholder or eectirlty hotter ap- fltflhtt ',,\ • lisp '\ of pears upon the book e .of t COmIf'y ifon I 2 nome poof toile...tot of Jee 21. tele, t n ie 1..nti 21S1Ve (emelt:tee es to hilsh beam' • e 13 Thomeson. 21 11,6. COI11111;SISII- e• nil i If h .1,1v et 12 ie. T.9119.8 11, witnesses: Sole I.. ,. 1, 105-, y. ocenetly • , Nt. all f Montana, 31, W. 111 tee MN. ON, Re Mace. Wm.! Toed) NOTICE ION PLe311.11:1-ITION De e m:in:pet el' the I'll -else, I.'. S. band office at 11.otro. :le llet.S, 1921. Notice is hemity given that Elsie L.. Mclean, f tresery role L. Lovering, of Riedel. Men: ante oa July eth. Pea suede 119 ,- liti4,. 1 hnineete 441 entri No. 044522, for lets 2,9. 1 1 evetion C. Tee reedit 21 N. rat • ! ' et, eletietnn 'has teed node.- ..t -, i!il• proof talderAet of It fi ea et:AMA einim to the land ali ire lee rthea, latbete ilellin E. Th enpaon. a L' 3 C St RI i lit Montnee, to the T H Farmers National Bank Big Sandy, Montana Capital and Surplus $30,C00.e0 State and County Depository Thire war was 3 LIS when TIIRE , T PAID LARGER DIVA DEN!) than it docs ra. Start saviag today by buying one of our Mar- est-scariag coiticaies. Let us explain the advan- tages of this plan to you.. This hank the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 15,11 day of N in .1921. Caton:en neme3 as wit- nessesi le at S. Kennedy Stella A. IMO n, G - 52.SUEUESE„.7251.1.52525ZSt_52525E525 nnetiy sill Roy Soow, allot Riedel.' Roman, M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. C Dem, i.• : Si', 1.1:•.sur, S Land ICoalLanti. NC ;ICE 'ron PIIIILT.CATION Office at liters. Montana, Oct. ft. Mt Notice is he-eite given that William E. Luttre, of Kahn, Mt - interne who on eLmemher ISM. 1912. I made luinteatoad erPlication. No. 144101, fec We NE', SEteNE'l, Ltd 10 See. 19, T. 22 /7.. • range 17 E . nod athittional hotnestesd applies- h Gen No. 011164 for the SI1NW. Mae and 3. see • Bon 10, t mot:hien North. ranwe 17 Enst. M. et. hes Cie I me of he ention to milk t finel - heee Three Year rroof to entaldith Haim to the land slime deseribed before E. N. Baerait, U. S. Commimientr at Sit Montana, on the leth dee of November. 1421, by moot the feeneine witnessesi Fred KrumeIck of Iliad. Mont.. Arthur Loiter. Illtatn p. Schlagen,' John Hughes, all of Nebo, Mont, •••=Sa-1•011a.M.MMISI... -•-••11•10 DR. LOREN G. SHROAT PHYSiCIAN & SURC37.30N BIG SANDY, MONT, PHONE NO. 23 IL IV. HUTCHINSON, Regieter. Non C. v.'. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Deteettnieet of tho Interior. U. S. Temd (MD ft at Havte, Montana. OH, 8, 1921. Noties is herchy given that John P. Casettes of Eagleton. Mont.. who OS March Itte. 191e. made hoses , eaf1 entry, No. 04.= for NeiN We. SE::NEL NEt.SEI See. a telsNWL SWINWit, NWISWI Sec. 2. 'lam. 23 N.. Range 14 East. Montena Meridian. leo tiled Notice of Intention to make final three year proof to estaitlish claim to the land above described before E. N. Barrett. U. S. Commintioner at Bit Sandy. Ilentans. on the 18th day ef Nov.. 1e21 hy two of the following witnatees: Ems' F. Mom. held. of Big Sisley. Mint., Cyrus P. Schwenek. of Hopp. Mont e sad Jost-ph H. Calvoda and James E. Tuttle. both of Faeletnn. Mutt. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Notice Of Sheriff's Sale Tn the District Collet of the Twelfth Judicial Dietriet. State of Montana.. in and for the Coon. ti of Chouteau. The Federal Land Bank of Sm\nksne a Ceepora- time Plaintiff. vs. Net. Blank and Mary Blank. et al... Defendants. To be will at Sheriff is Kale nn the 26th tiny of October. A. D. 1921. all o'clock le SI . tit the front door of the Court House In the said Ceun- ty of Choi:ten. :he followinc described proper- ty, The South east queerer of aa.i m Six. Leta Three anti Four, end the Sooth.hell of the No'. st t t :etc- of secion Fire in Town, ship Tat nit eieht North. range Eleven Pant of ire Montaim Men,t,:in, tom eontatninz 311.35 acre.. mote or less. together with nil and stngu- lar the tenemenis, hereditnments and 'prune- nenees Mt -mete belonging. sal the reversions. remainder., Tents. ileum, and profits, thereof. Deted this 27th day of Septeasber.A D. 1221 . W hfrnnuumik.'r,. • e BY G, o Brundage. Deputy Sheriff A. a. Waite. At tortrey for Plaintiff ..avam/m•••ff , •••=1•41•!••••• SORTIliUgniti MUTUAL LIT. LiStRANVE CO. OE 4113;11101: H. J. WRATH AUNT BIG SANDY. MONT. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Isolated Tract -Public Land Sale. ile;,artment of the Interior, United States Land Office at Havre, Montana. September 9th, 1921. Notice is hereby given that. as directed he the Commiseloner of the General Lend oftlee, under provision% at See. teal. R. S. earstiant to the implication of Mere T. Burgess. of Big Sands. Montana. serial No 04604. we offer at {abbe alit, to the highest heeler. but at not lean (b i n sten per nem. at la cieloce A. hf,, on the 290 (lay of October, next, at this niece, the fol. lowing tract of land, SEl.SWIe Sec. 13, T. r: N. it iSE,,M H. The sale wIll nnt he kept open, hut witi be declared closed when those present at the hoar mimed haveeeased beeline, The per -.on teak. ine tlae highest led will be required to Hume diately pay to the Receiver the amount therenf. Are person catimIng adversely the nheye described land ere advised tn Me th tir Maims, or objection.. on or before the time iltsignalfill for sale. • • Ile W. HUTCIHNIMN, Register. R. N. FULLER. receiver. Non -Coal NoTICE FOR Pt112.1CATIOM. Depertment of the tett- rfor-1J. 8. Land Office at Havre. Mont., • St pt. IS. 1421 Notlea Is hereby given that e Beda A. Pereemn. nee Stabler* of Vireelle. Mentaes who on Jae,' 6 h lag male hotneeteed entry. No 4225ffee. for W ha • SW toorter section 2. SE quer( r NE memo r section 10.S hall NW port , r. NW quarter NW quarter. NE mincer SW mad Iota 4, section 11 tewnehip 2f. N. range It bus', 'on' tr a Mer di -en. hits Iflol notice of InteatiOn to snake floe three year proof to uyosb ish claim to the land eeeve Maeribel bee no 1. h- caiet. r s. Cemnatesioner at Vire etc. Menefee. on the 5111 day of Den:diet. Mt. Claimant names as wItntanss. Fred aenlaele. Ivan Leonard. IMP 9111.111111111P. A. W. ashiselt, an of Timone. Montane. K. 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The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 27 Oct. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.