The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, October 27, 1921, Image 3

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lan • S. tt. be er he r. at. PIla he ej. be ee et. re ee. aS • • • •••••••••••••••••• People wao have been heipe inriai • orw , nn: .... 7s : by T.tnlac are always; anxioe v . )01 v hil and wiLiai; to tell oilers ab.).. • it. Asal's ir a icy. -- adv. • ••••0••••••••••••• Fraak G:arkoa J.ivre vial let la Havr the home folks here Thursday. 'ceereelay e. ........_ _ .--- 7 . Berle -- to Mr. Mr: .Martain - - - — Sorenson 0:t. 25fh a sin• Mrs. Joe Collier waa a pass- eezer to Cabin )!r Monday. Misses Ana and Genes Hurst of Gat F.1is, sisters o Mrs. Will Collins, arrived Sun day night to attend the funeral of the little CAllins girl. Mr.and Mrs. Steve O'Mal'eY _Tliei_ football gaine_Octobei made a trio to Fort Benton 27 between the nig . Sandy ant: Thursday. Ford roadster for sale for $125 cash. Inquire at the Owl pool hall. Chinook In,en scaool teams i: is the last game the lo:ad boys will have at home. Tae town people should give the team a good turn out—show the boys K. McKenzie was a passenger that you want them to will. to Great Falls Thursday, r e . Athletics in the schools is a mighty tine taing for Young America but without the sanc- tion and encouragement of the town it's mighty hard to keep up the necessary \pep\. turning Friday. Ben Dagget was a business visitor in Great Falls the latter part of last week. Mrs. A. 0. Brende was a hostess to the members of the R. • N. A. at her home on friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ross left this itt k tor Los Angeles, Cal; where they will make their home. Mrs. McNabb retuaned to Loma Monday after a few days visit with her daughter, Mrs. Joe Collier. NOTICE - I will do feed grind- ing for the public on Sheep Coulee evcry Wednesday. r 2t -pd Arthur Butler. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hanson -accompanied by Mrs. C. R. Wall made a short business suit to Havre Wednesday. Fire sale Bargaina the entire stock included. Brende Bros. Hardware Mrs. Louise Lovequist enter- tained Thursday evening at Ii o'clock dinner the members of the Bachelor Club with Mr. and Mrs. Shroat honor guests, the event being Mrs. Shroat's birthday anniversary. For Sale: — One La Cross 12- 24 tractor, threr stubble and two breaker bottoms, $700, tf Pratt & Englund The marriage of Miss Ella Hanson a farmer Big Sandy girl to Mr. Harry Moller took place in Seattle in Sept. They will reside in Olympia, Wash. Miss Hanson will ae remembered by many Big Sandy residents who will join with the Mountaineer in congratulations to the young couple. The City Feed Yard is open for business under new manage- ment. Accommodations with or without feed. 2t James Wallace. Farms for Sale:—Three 320 ac- re farms Warrick. Miss Esther Keist enrolled in the Big Sandy high school Wed- nesday morning and will make her home withJ ,Mrs. Bertha Ashton. Lutheran Services at Riedel Sa'urday Nov. 5th. Ladies aid sale in tile afternoon. Lutheran Services at Larson schoolhouse Shuday Oct 30th at 11 a. m. and Box Elder 3:30 p. m. EAGIETON ITEMS Mrs. G. B. Parks has been very sick the pdst week with e severe cold. ' Hall Beebe made a trip to the Judith Basin Monday. Frank Maurer returned re cently from the Judith Basin wuere he has been working. • R. J. McKinley was hauling coal Monday. H. P. Nielson and C. Whitscn are diggfug and selling coal. Earnest Benner of Washing- ton has been visiting his sister Mrs. N. Bush for the last week. HOPP NEWS Fred Lehman and .1. F. Brown made a trip to the moun- tains for poles one day last week. Mrs. Hugo Berg, Mrs John Rickle, Miss Parks and Mr. and Mrs. Waddle and son were din ner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs Fred Lehman, Sunday. • A fire Thursday night de- stroyed the blacksmith shop at Hopp, this being the second I time the shop has been burnt. A new one is to be erected. ; J. F. Brown went to Big San-: dy on business this week. The Misses Gladys Sturde- vant, Jenny Weller Margie Harshe and Ray O'Brien drove' out to Hopp Sunday with Roy l O'Brien and Mr. Harshe. Will the party who cut out the window and broke it of the Hopp school kindly return the for near things they barrowed as they Will be sold all to- are being watched. gether or separately. At least Herb Miller was a business 200 acres on each 320 tillable • visitor in Beg Sandy this week. land. Price $10 per acre, half The men of this vicinity are cash, balance terms. For in - busy getting up their winters formation call at this office. supply cf coal. 6-10 Harold Brown left for Helena sale located in fitting spectacles and eye- glasses. All styles of frames and mountings to select from. Shs DR. WORSTELI, According to the Great Falls Tribune 3,:e00 car loads of cattle have been Ikipped over the Great Northern in Montana this year, of which number 1,400 care were shipped from points be- tween Cut Bank and Williston, N. D. The season of eye -strain be- Wii :e he expects to work and gins. Twenty years experience attend Wesleyan College. George K tlunda made a busi ness trip to Great Falls Satur- day in his car, Ben Dagget went with him. On Oc:ober 14th the pupils and patrons of Hopp and Can- tigny met at Tuscania school for a joint fair of the three schools. The blackboards and walls were ci mite covered with exhibits whizle consisted of needle work, maps, drawings, cut-outs, weaving. illustrated Tatilac is made of roots, herbs language, pasted objects, and and barks and contains no non manual training objects. erals or opiates. Asa is Pharm- At noon a bounteous dinner acy, 134 Sandy. Nfontana.—ad v. was served from one large table in the yard. A program English Lutheran Ladles Aid meets at the parsonage Nov. 2 at 2:30. S. Theo. Thompson Pastor. HER MAJESTY, MONTANAI. Informatto . n: The Story of Ten Years. • 1910 Number of Farms 26,214 Total Farm Land Acreage 13,545,603 Improved Farm Land Acreage 3,640,309 Value of Farm Property $347,828,770 Farm Horses and Mules 308,283 Cattle on Farms 860,521 Livestock Products Marketed -------..., $ 12,749,555 (1909) 1920 57,677 35,070,656 11,007,278 $985,961,308 693,721 1,268,516 $ 24,823,415 (1919) 99. assalree Per Cent Increase 120. 158.9 202.4 183.5 125. 47.4 The greatest contribution to Farm Property Values was made by Implements and Machinery, which rose from $10,539,653 in 1910 to $55,004,212 in 1920, an increase of 421.9 per cent. \It Means Something to Be a Montanan Sti No. 8 Hydroelectric . v ez ea rawezroseast (The above information Is from the U. S. Department of Agriculture.) For the year 1920, The Montana Power Company furnished service to 32,035 residence lighting c7istorne•rs, living in 55 cities and towns. For this ser- vice, It received $673,171—about 9 per cent of its tothl gross revenues for the year. The cost of furnishing this service was $027,841, leaving a gross surplus of $46,530, or on ni.!roge of 12 cents per customer per month. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY *4•••••••Mpfr .6111••••ecen NI. Kerr, Vice President arid Griner:II NI.,111;•. , 'r EQUITY CO-PERATIVE EXCHANGE hailer's Om StIiA Ayuy St. Paul, Minn. is operating the elevator owned by the Farmers Produce Co. of Big Sandy The Equity Co-operative Exchange is owned and controlled by over twenty thousand farm- ers in the northwest and has a paid in cipital of over one and one-half million dollars. Operates one hundred co-operativa elevators and the only Farmer's Co-operative terminal elevator. Safe and Sound Your patronage will he appreciated. =P—r=\7. teachers having charge. Next followed the athletic stuuts. James Cikrit and Joseph Blazelc won the two sack races and two dashes. The girls of Tus- cania won the potato race. The relay was won by Oldrich Herodes. Candy and peanuts were given all the children present. At sunset the coffee was boiled and, atain the large lnncle baskets ivere unpacked. The evening was spent in danc- ing and a number of people who were not present for the day came in for the jazz. Ev- eryone present seeme4/4 have a good time and the fair of 1922 is looked forward to with pleas- ant anticipation. Mr. and Mrs. Alcide Fisher and two sons were guests of Miss Ruth Giles from Friday until Monday. They drove over from Norbert. Mr. and Mrs. George Elk - worth and baby of Norbert made Miss Giles a visit last week. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neiple a daughter. Mrs. John Cikrit visited Mrs. Frank Neiple and baby Oct. 19, Mr. ChofTee has the plan of a fine cattle ranch in his mind. He is expecting a registered calf soon. Mrs Rockwell and children of California who have been the guests of Mrs. Walter Brow, Mrs. Brock well's sister, will visit Hans Lehfeldt before their return. WI a Nuval. Among the few royal pilgrimages recently reptwled from the presently depleted royal circles of Enrol- I., ma visit of the king and queen of Den- mark to their expnnalve depettileticy of Greenland. Greenland le the closest connecting hmular link tiet‘c eon the aPlt nent and the out. and tine a definite geographical Interest for the [wows of America. The king of Denmark slows happens in he a monareh of 1.41M• mendably demorrntle quall•lea. Greenland ham an area of over Atr.- MO square miles, five times that nt oln. But providence In it. %vie. uio, hmuR PPM) At to aupprImpose glaci- ers over 7(0.001) of those square mile& Therefore It endures none of thorsa menaces In respect of undentrahle migration that occesionally fret the eitisens of this and other states.—Bas resseisco Chronicle. , • 42 1 nZleafECUb*- ens weer,\ _ Why to protect your ras::-..,y when travehrg? The enjoyment of a trip depends on the lefty of travel funds. is why inereae;;.,.. %fee biw• v rs each year Ilrc cat ry ing their funde in .\..-ee -.. er.u . Tier. Cheekier. \A 13 A\ Cheques at, the fattest possibls way to carry hinds, ithd they no readily accepted by hotels,, atersionhip corneal, es and rierc:larda the world over,a srecashe.1 by 10.0)0 banks Idersificatiol , s by trio ample ic.othod of countershpurig. • NO:(THERN MONTANA STATE BANK Will SANDY, .1405TANA Strong —NMI • Conservative DEPOSIT WITH US You draw the Checks IN\ do the BALANCE The First National Bank Big Sandy, Mont. Sound Progressive THE BEAR PAW CAFE C. H. KONO, Prop. Day and Night Service Can Curve Torpedoes. A new 1vietil of redo fire con- trol by which the flriog ,,f torpedoes in a curved eriiir•e Iv nvitntnntlenlly rontrolled trapbeen pi -I• reefed by John flays Itammond, Jr., he announced Ily thenos of Mk system. he void, n bottlevIdp or sulininrine co,mI,i tire n torpedo at a forget In any cll. - petits) without rdintirdng the rourSe of the vessel. Siihniorltiev equipped with the ayetem could titlark two targets at the nein. time. Among other Inventions of Mr. Item mond are the wireless controlled mm - pc -tin. a projectile that scatters molten nevi, a rndlo-enntrolled warship 'mil a radio airplane control. CLOSING OUT SALE All Millinery and Trimmings, Feathe: Flowers, Ribbon. D. M. . thread 3c skein. Must go in next 30 d:: s regardless of cost. Paris Hat Shop Mrs. F. W Collins. or. was riven by the pupils of the three schools, Miss Park, Mrs. Yocum and Miss Giles, the •

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 27 Oct. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.