The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.) 1921-current, November 03, 1921, Image 2

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The Bear Paw Mountaineer PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY C. C. MILLS, Eoerott at•In PUBLISHER. Inbacrieleon. Yearly in advents.. et. , \ To Foreign (\umpteen 93 50 the Year. Enter, t s , e Let el II. I11.11 rIo It Act of M•trel, 9 1e79 • iliort Community Endeavor in Folic Hea!th Nursing and lir Ex-So:diets Shown in State. lIfer 221,040 member. of the Ament • imam V.e - 1 Cross nt Moutolut are bring- • fMeg ..Sta 1111111y del.:1111111.111 a of IL -ti • • 4111haele adivIty in the elute to tbe jam- , Or 2111, Hot rural rotnitiltnities as well MID 1.2 einem Sitter I he pressitil 1•11t- 41P111Wa at the orgni, tie I loll is especiailly • adapted to aparaely settled . it Is meeting a istiedutill) sg heed. the past year II total of • -..eriiee men have beim served 14 Red Cross Chat - t-rs here iit Au...kamai.. Many of these Ineu hail mlooe problems of living settle stlaar breadwinners were under- e,sairg 'oettiltel treatment or ...; ,txusal red at mini help. total of 113011,1910 w as ex- f oliated by Chapters In this work for sissi-iatmer• 11.eli during the past year saki is half shows Ike extent of this messitue Much of tills work was ear- gebsel us In the linger titles where SlInvordsly there Is greater need be• SALM/. if the numbers of Men atieklits: tresp.i.r.Metit. Equally important II ii' IPA smili in Chapters situated nest Net Lamutulitous 1111M - iota where bay thatese. Paha% needing 11 lent Ion were .at traight to the government's at •wwitemet through the NM Cross, The U. S. I'. II. S. Hoepitill, at tillebews has three Red Cross workers •eitrittic foe the needs of patients. In eahltaist the same service given the eighetig mien daring the war Is ex. essistel la disabled Voirious gaimdbeIri um) no,vesit les not provided ▪ Sibs government are supplied from Sal Beam' fonds. b. sailition to thim moldier work a - wend hg progreint hos heen pre- 41111111eie 'ca critter parts tie the state. thIlmsses 101110 ilyglepe to tIte num Sow vf mt: were held ity Red (U - 0,41 In. . and Public HenIth Nurses illustic ate past year. 'Mere are '240 saga , 1•-•., ,111rat•fi l'011ed fr011t the draft Within the imst year 14 Pub- Ilekr.haszati nurses lisie been tantaloyed Au - •Tt ors. Mae 14 I he linport tint 'dimwit of Red (Sawa •ork has 111011 !he 11111 V01110441 1111r11111011 311111101VIli 111 S11111111111, 01 Mar 110141 where the tt ..... I ham been NAM 1 1. 31141.4 from national head- upegeters hove beam used III addition to dialaw• tat the local elialttera In earrying motto eork. -1 111EILe thin hag lawn confined to :Au triatintenItiee where drought line . Virliesssifsg, - ilti• good work 111.'11 the IOW. Irmae has aecompl [shed has been debtelessiaterl throughout the st•te. • TWA Jr 'If''. hat e proved eitinelant in ierwries •-io Iles, localities there to still liefsiem v Ark 10 td• nocompliehtul. Red °me a - tempters plan to oontlitue this .0Am es Jong es there Is any emergent ▪ hw this work. teibi ond, the fifth riming! Roll art_ .inch npen: on ArtnletIce Day, g/iiefelle ervery letretal an opportuity to Red Cross mentherehlp for the 111111111111111. rear. Title will enable each ulf Chapters to Illsoliarge their ememisseity obligations attit expantl Mir VMS 1...e. livery metultership dol- w ar g g 11 . 'oyes' !Dent lit e0IIIMUIllty WS/Y r arat work es well as in relief isetOsigibesi locolly and nationally. Chiralumin Motor Boat,. gsgtg.i i .1' 'b_tI net PII If 1111raln - waft Ivse ri.01,1011 to titaddite extraordi • new Trhtn.. , x tt illt great strength 1111111. WeamIrrittn alloy ie it olite netteler /Iwo Winne n rim It-t , lf stud a third as 111WWIntrata brus-.; It corrosion rind . -1 1. 1 411/frehr , olumees. The 1101v hibilt ansfgrecr espeelally for Ilfo 1Insigt paiwripi in requiretl, nnti it 4-eylln ging, Illigerae power engine eirives at - limeem, no ft 1-4 potinds of gasoline ...ggwiwor, a cabin miser 3:1 feet inns ....agallTlar feet bean'OrIth a draught of 111 JUNIOR RED CROSS AIDS CITI- ZENSHIP IN MONTANA, That the boys and girls if ma n y II ere 10 be tbe Inch HMI ta omen of tomorrow are learning the value of Nisei eltixensthip not only in their owe contain:111es but throughout the world In Witt/W11 by the 10,025 mem- ber.: enrolled in the 295 Junior aux- in:tries of the American Red Cross In till'. state. Junior., have 'limed on many prue- tient netIvItles heir In 51tediina in elnilleel Inn WWI Mel: efurilee 111 eivIce and other projects, Title hag been eepeelaile along health Mies. In both Ilarlowfon •rol White Sulphur SprIrgs tmisit and .114iennid operations mid elin• los have been thtnneed by the Juniors. To vont 111110 I lila work amid to h- - , rense its !rope ns fig the many tiler ettultianity servItme which , lie lied roes chapters are rendering n their communities, le one of the 1.1erilves of the Annual Roll eall Welt Opella on ArtnIsilee Day, Noven•-• !tor it, mid continue through Thanks - 1110 KENIWORTH AND vimrtv Earl Haire started Wednes- day oil a trip to the Mackton Mine, Messrs. E. K. Johnson and Archie Itessette made a busi n •ss trip to Guilford last week. Merle Nelson was present at the Hallowe'en party held in this neighborhood, and he was not without a partner. Turbert Laulo was still able tog° to town Tuesday, after visiting half the night with ghosts and witches, Harold Thompson one of the boys who formerly lived here and whose home is now near Laredo has b_en a guest at the E. K. Johnson home for a few days, he returned Tuesday. Grain grinding was going on Vie other day at Burl Miners. The bread made from the rye is not unpalatable. Mr. and Mrs. .1( e Drew and three little boys, who have been in Great Falls are now established in the neighborhood of Kenilworth. Welcome home. We are glad to observe that Sonic people are returning to the Prairie, though others are departing in haste. Many friends congregated at Burl Miners Sunday, but wheth- er the irenh roast pork that was on the menu was one in- ducement we do not know. During the afternoon the scales were brought into requisition and everyone was weighed. However, some were not entire- ly satisfied with their weight, they expressed themselves as skeptical. Why? Mike Mohr manipulated the scales. Mrs. Allie Henderson and little daughter Ardath are again visiting home folks. Earnest Johnson departed recently for Havre, where he hoped to tind work. Mr. Drew and son Joe made a trip Saturday to Joe's home- stead, briliging back some of their horses. Clarence Bible has been en- gaged for Some time at the rather back breaking job of husk i ng corn. Judging by the wheat laden wagon passing rather fre- quently enroute to Big Sandy, we pelieve a large quantity of wheat must have been raised here without any rain. A program was given by the pupils of Miss Zelda Bibles school at Sunshine. Quite a number of the patrons were present and all declared them- selves wholly pleased with the entertainment. Miss Billies success as a teacher is well known. All members are now it's toasted, of course. To seal in the flavor-. intensely interested in the work in the Sunday School. The rotation system is being pur- sued in the work in the Bible class. Mrs. Johnson was the very capable leader Oct. 31, Nfiss Maude Macon was a welcome over Sunday visitor in this neighborhood. November is here and still we are favored with good weather at thi4 (late. Here's hoping it will be prolonged until Christmas, for our winters are long enough at best. Were we to be allowed the proverb tat three wishes, the above mentioned would probably be about second, for unquestion- ably our first would be for Moisture with a capitol M. So, Mr. Clerk of the weather when you deal it out, don't for- get to shove a goodly portion of it this way, and believe us, it will be gratefully accepted. R. G. Dixon is now industri- ously plowing. Pound:ng them on the back. Evelyn and Edward Anderson were entertaind at the Johnson home Sunday. The children of Kenilworth school gave it play \A Hollow - e'en Adventure\ at a party on Monday evening. Boxes of good things were brought along for supper. The ladies and little girls' shadows were sold to the gentleman (large and small) all this amid great mer- riment. All were generous in contributing for this occasion, and a nice little sum for school use was netted. IN BANKRUPTCY NOTICE THIS IS TO DIVE NOTICE: That in The District Court of the United States for the District of Montana, Earnest Miller, of Big Sandy, Montana, has been duly adjudged a Bank- rupt, upon his own petition, that the payment of any debts or the delivery of any property belonging to said bankrupt to him or for his use, and the transfer of any property by him is forbidden by law; that the first meeting of Creditors of said Bankrupt, for the purpose of filing and proving claims, and to choose one or more Trustees for the examination of Bankrupt under oath, and to transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting, will be held at a Court ot Bankruptcy. to be holden before A. H. Gray, Referee in Bankruptcy, Room 1. Dunn Block, Great Falls, Montana, on the 12th day of November, 1921, at 10 o'clock, a. m. A. H. Gray, Referee A. G. Waite, Attorney. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF the Twelfth Judicial District of the State of Montana, In and for the County of Cliutl- Ivan. IN RE APPLICATION FOR DISSO- LUTION OF ILLTAD COMPANY, a corpotation. Notice is hereby given that Illiad Trading Company, a Luc- poration organized under the laws of the State of Montana, has presented to tile TY:strict Court of the Twelfth - Judicial Distriet of the State of Monta• na, in and for the County of Chouteau, an application pray- ing to be allowed to disincor- porate 'and dissolve, and that Tuesday, the Hth day of Nov- ember, 1921, at 10 o'clock A.M., or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, has been appoint- ed as the time, and the court room of said Court in Fort Ben- ton, in said County of Chouteau, State of Montana, as the place at which said application is to be heard. WITNESS, Hon. John W. Tat - tan, Judge of said Court, with the seal of said Court hereun- to affixed. Dated this 20th day of Sep- tember, 1921. IsEat.) Geo. D. Patterson, Clerk By Gladys Crane. Deputy clerk NOTICE NOTICE OF ADDITION OF TERRI- TORY To !wan DISTRICT NO. 15. styrien IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the:th day I f September. A. D. 1921 at 10:00 o'clock A. 51- a bearing was held by the Board of County Commiesinners of Cheutenu County. itiontstut, on • petition for the edoition of territory to Herd District No. Iii, heretofore created: and there being no Protcats to the addition of terri- tory hereinafter described to the eforeseid Herd Diet, Let. and the board having found lion to be regular and fulfilling ell nsinfrements of Chapter 167 of the Sixteenth Logislittive Assembly Sesteien Lees. allot the territory em• braced within the following described boundar- ies. to -wit: Commencing at the NE corner of Section 3, Tow nslop 25 North. Range 10 E at..1 running thence due a est on the noult Moulders , of Township 23 North, Range 10 E. a distance of four HI miles more or less to Ott NW corner of mild township and running thence due south on the range line between ranges Sand 10* di, - lance of six (6) miles more or less to the SW por t er of %anti°u oship and ru fling thence due cast on the month bolitidary of township 21 north BrUnreslo and 11 E. a distance of nine IV/ miles niiire or less to the SE owner. Secti in 33. Townahtti 26 North. Renee II E. and runnIrm thenee1111l. North a distance of two 13) nines more or leis to the NE owner. Section 23 same township and range and running thence due west a distance ,if five 15) m its more or lesa to the SW corner 8, -thin 21. toenship Se North Range 10 K and running thence due north a distaiwe of four 141 miles more or less to the point of beginning Al of said territory being included in Toenshis, 29 North. Ranges to go d 11 K 21.21. be added to and mmIe alert of Herd District No. 16 heretofore created, and all rules and regulatious relating to Herd Districts will be In full Imre and effect from and after 'Shirty 1301 days of the date hereinafter set forth. and such rule, and regulations will be in fall force and effect /or the months of Januere. February, Match, April. May, Jitne. July A ag- o.,. September. October. November and De- cember. Created and setabliehed this 7th day of Sep %ember. A D. 1921. BOARD OF Ct)CNTY COMMISSIONERS Choutenu County. Mentene HARRY C. DONALDSON County Clerk and Ex •ofilcio Clerk of Been' of County Commissionera. Choutean County. Montana, NOTICE Ole CONTEST. Department of the Interior -U. S. Land Onlee. Havre Montana. October 24. 1921. T., CAI - L 1:ARDOLA of lit In., Montana Conteatee, You are hereby notified that Henry A Oster- man who gives Hot p, Montana. as his post °Moe Wiese. did on I letober 22,n1. 1921. file in this 11111tV hie duly corroborated nppliealir.o to contest and secure the runcellation of your Homestead Entries Set Inl No nz en an d (1420.4 made May itth 1913 and Merril 2210. 1916. for the SW'. and NOV. Seeti .11 9, - township 25 N., Range 14 Sent. Montana Meridian. and as Iremitals for Ms e.intest he alleges that \ - 011 are not a citizen of the United States. That you have arholly•bandoned the ttnnl land for more than three years last part and left for partu un- known, that to,, Cave faded. sin, the submis- sion of final proof. to el11111•te any portion of James I , Thule. /with of Eaglet's t Mont the said land. nor Moe no., caused to be eultl. N. W. IICTI*IIINSON, Register. stated any portion 01 ,1,. said land during any year ‘inec dna: proof. Tb.t paid default still en.,,. That this default on your part mita rot Coal Land due to your em: loyment In the army. navy. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION 111111101.,1 1 11'. tiathm al guard or other military Department of the interior, U. organisation of the United States during any Idind Office at Havre 3:fontana. war In which the United States may have been . n:toN, enisceed. nor on otrount of operations In Men Ntit ice it hereby gi thflt o'er along the borders thereof or in mobilize lien ramp+ elsewhere RUTH GOA'S You are, therefore, further notified of Hopp. Monten.. who on Aug 1. 1917 ne,de that the said allegations will be taken as confeseed, and your entry will be cancelled witli mit forth., right 10 be heard, either before 1 hie office or on appeal. If you fall to file 111 till. of - fire V1 ithin twenty days after the FOCHTH publication of this notice. as shown below, your answer. tinder oath, !pet If renpontlIng to these a lle- tzu Ilona of contest. together with tine proof that >ou have served a copy of your answer on the said contestant either in person or try registered mail You should state in your answer the name of the post office to which you desire further notices to be sent to you. 111. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Dose of Ong publication OckAer T7. HSI. \ sewed - November & \ ta NM. \ ff. RIM THE UNIVERSAL CAR NEW PRICES (F. 0. B. Detroit) Chassis $295 Runabout Tou6:g Car Truck Chassis Coupe Sedan 325 355 445 595 660 These are the lowest prices of Ford cars in the history of the Ford Motor Company. Orders are coming in fast, so place yours promptly to insure early delivery. GIEBEL & MAHOOD BIG SANDY, moNT. Coal Land NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, C. S. Land Office at I t1Irll.Mi,illa.ia. OM 9. 192t Notice in hereby given that Stel'a A. Blilen of Reidel. Montana. who on J111V 5th. 1021. made atialitional homestead entrt, No. 044124, for NW quarter SE quarter, NE quarter SW quarter , Section 21:501 quarter NW quarter. SW quarter VI NE quarter. W had' SE quarter. E half SW L - iiusr1er. &salon 31, Township SS N. Range IS E., Montana Meridian. lies filed notice of Intem lion pi make prted under Act of Dec Kt, 1916 to establish elaim to the land above described before Heflin E. Thompson, it U.S. Commitsion. Cr, at Male!. Montana. ow the 15th day of Nov. 1921. Claimant names us witnesses, Ksit. L. McLean, Bert S. 11:.:nrully. George S. Kennett,: and Ho) Slow, all o.fltiedel. Montana. Sf. W. HUTCHINSON. Rezistee. (Coal Land) NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Office at Havre. rotitana. ()M.8. 1921. Notice I. hereby given that Elsie L. Mclean. formery Elsie L. Lovering. of Riedel. Montana. wha on July Ott.. mi. made additional homesteld entry No. 044822. foe lots 2.3. 4 Set. 9:101 I. Ni SEA. section 11. Township 24 N. range IN K. Montane Meridian. has tired [iodise of Intention to make proof tinder Act of Dee. 29. 19:6 to establish claim to the land above deseribed. before Hellin E. Thompson. a U. S. Cominiesioner at Riedel Montana. on the huh day of Nov., 1921. Claimant names as wit nestles: Bert S. Kennedy, Stella A. lioldon ri , j - 25a5 - 03 - 252_5 - 25 - 217L525 - 2S - c52.5 - g5252 - 1.0 George S.Henomly au,' Roy some. all of Riedel.' Montane I , saszs2525art52525257.7252525252-'7' THE Farmers Natiwial Bank Big Sandy, Montana Capital and Surplus $30,000.00 State and County Depository There never was a time when M. W. MITCHINSON, Register. I Coal Land, NOTICE FOR PUNISCATION Department of the ilitertor, L'. 14 Land Office at Havre. Montane. • OH. R. 1921 Notice ix hereby given that William E of Hahn. Montane. who eu November Mb. 19.11).. made homestead application. No. ,144481, foe WANEN. SENNE'.. Let 10 See. to T. 23 N.. range 17 E.. and additional homestead epplica- . lion No.044464 for the SANW. lots 2 and 3 bec• lion Ti. tos nnItil. 23 North. range 17 Fest. M. • has that nolic• 4 Intention to ntek• final Threo Year proof to mtaldials claim to the land aliov• described before E. N. flarreat. tr. S. Conimissioner at Big Sandy. Montane. on the 1411,1.1 , if November, 1921. by tn.\( the following wawa/mat Fred Krumsick of Iliad, Mont.. Arthur Lolise. Ilitate p. Sehlag and John Hughes. all of Nab,. Mont M. W. HUTCHISSON, Register. Land Non Coal. NOTICE PON PUBLICATION Department of the Interior. C. S. Land Off tot at Havre. Montana. stet P. 1921. Notiee is hereby given that. John It. Onaroda of Etgletnn. Mont.. whn on March 11th. 1916. stale homentend entr). No 04=33 for NANEN. SENNEI. SENSE; Sec. I NANWS. SWINWN. NWISW. see 2. 'fee. It, N.. Range II Reed Montana Meridian. ha• filed Noticeof Intention In make final three year proof to estaldiah claim to the land above described before E. N. Barrett. U $ entemiiiiiinner at Rig Sandy, Montana. on the 15th day of Nov.. 1921 by two of the following tattne , .. , a , Earl IS More. field. of Big Sandy. Mont . C* rue Schwenek. If litmp. Mont.. and Jionph M. tlas•otta and homn mend entry. No. 040400 f • the.- iCW,SW. NE'SW - 6. SCISE's Sc, Sin -tins 14 Townahlp 34 Ninth-. Range 13 East. Mon.. , ey M, rali tn. heft flled notice of intention to eneke final three- year proof, to establish claim to the land above described before F.. N. Bar- rett. U. S. commissloiter. at Big Sandy. Montana on tbe 0 day of Decenther. 111111 by two of the following witnesses: Frank E Chaffee Harry Giles. Joseph retook - Met Harry Giles all of Hopp. Montana M. W. Ht. - TCHINSOS. Register. St THRIFT PAID LARGER DIVIDEND than it does rn. St.trt sn:rg today by huving one of our Icier- est-Bearing Certificates. Let us explain t! - .e advan- tages of this plan to you. This hank is member the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 1 DR. LOREN' G. SHROAT PHYSICIAN & SURGEON BIG SANDY, MONT, PHONE NO. 23 ilflTIU$Tt:1 SI II IL Lill IMAM. CI, OF EI1511141. H. J. WRATH AGENT BIG SANDY. MONT COAL LAND NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, IT. S. Land Office at Mere, Montana, Oct. 2.R 1921. Notice le hereby given (Nit LEo. L MITCHELL Sr. of Esker. Montana who od November M. 19'9 made homestead application No 041986 for WA • NE!4SW'i. NWL4SEii, SnIs1W'd. WI'. NEN.Soctio SI, Township 24 North, Range 17 Eyed Montana Meridian. has tiled noticel f intention to make Mot three year ernof to es- t•blieh claim to the land ah lye derrt tted h•tere • N B ten -It .11, C /1T11111.11111111 . at Bit San .IN. Montana. on the fith day of flee.. 1921. lip two of the ddlowing William W Brown of Lehigh. Mont . Howanl I-Ilea-cr. of Eekey. Mont A. H. Donnell a nt Frank la mien both of Winoett. Mont. M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Non -Coal \orrice: FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior -U. S. Land Office at Havre, Mont., Sept. is, 1921 Notice is hereby given that Este A. Flerififmn. new 5eblee5 ntVirelie Montana. who on Jo!). Sib. telt made homentemi entrs No 033*96, for W half SW gunner section 2. SE titterer NE aearter section 19.5 half NW quarter. NW wiener NW otiarter. NE menet SW and Into 4, seetion U:anithip SON.. range 11 Eyed 51,totsey Mee ditto, tise filed notice of intention in make final three year proof to establsh clair. to the Ind I strove described before J 1111 Chat cellor. U. S. Cammi , aioner at Virwe It. Monktrak on the feta day of October 1921. reel Schlnek Evan 4fre Onreiner CI , trrant names a• wItneeses. ; A W Schleck. all of Virselle. M , ntana M. W. HUTCHINSON, Register. Why. Se Many Reformers/ Reforming tbe other fellow Is sot only exciting, tun it la so macs mere romfOrtobift than contemplating eile's sirs 0010111110‘011.-Boaatos Pad. Would lamp Off Most Anything. In Turkey Ile moment the roof ha built over S Dew house It to customary to Agog trois the most prousinent Sam a string of priie. with aa aid oho% to keno eif the red 070.

The Mountaineer. (Big Sandy, Mont.), 03 Nov. 1921, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.